Henan JiangHe Paper Co. Ltd, JHE, China, Wuzhi: Details

Henan JiangHe Paper Co. Ltd, JHE


Zhansi Road, Wuzhi County,
He'nan Province 454950, P.R.C.
Tel. +86 391 7268861
Fax +86 (391) 7232888

Your partner for Multi-Ply and
Thermal Applications

high quality carbonless paper in rolls or
sheets for business forms
Thermal paper
in jumbo reels for POS,
fax, and printer applications
W/F uncoated white and colored in reels and sheets
Thermal Labels with TOP or ECO face
Cup Stock from Shandong Jianghe Paper


Adresse:  Zhansi Road, Wuzhi 454950, Henan Province.

Telefon: +86 (391) 7268861

Telefax: +86 (391) 7232888

E-Mail: rita.zhang@jianghe-paper.com, lisa.zheng@jianghe-paper.com, alice.zhou@jianghe-paper.com

Homepage: www.jianghe-paper.com

Bahnfracht: Wuzhi County, Henan

Hafen: Qingdao Port

Gründungsjahr: 2002

Maschinen mit Arbeitsbreiten: PM1 - twin wire paper machine 264 cm, PM2 - Fourdrinier paper machine 327 cm with online coating capability, PM3 - top former machine 325 cm, PM4 - top former machine 325 cm with online coating capability, multiple coaters for carbonless and thermal paper coating, multiple slitters rewinders and sheet cutters

Erzeugnisse: JHE carbonless paper in rolls or sheets for business forms, thermal paper in jumbo reels for POS, fax and printer applications, hi-bulk publishing paper; Cup-board and W/F uncoated from our sister company Shandong Jianghe Paper

Jahreskapazität: 200 000 t


  • Druckpapiere, Feinpapiere und Schreibpapiere (1082 Firmen)

    • Büropapiere, Formularpapiere und Selbstdurchschreibepapiere (239 Firmen)
      • Selbstdurchschreibende Papiere / NCR-Papiere (64 Firmen)
    • Schreibpapiere und Druckpapiere, sonstige (196 Firmen)

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