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Spooner Industries Ltd

Spooner Industries Ltd
Moorland Engineering Works
Railway Road
Ilkley, West Yorkshire LS29 8JB, UK
Tel. +44 (1943) 609505
Fax +44 (1943) 603190
Air Flotation Dryers
Air Turns
HPC™ Dryers
Impingement Dryers
Web Stabilizers
Roller Support Dryers
Conveyorized Dryers
Through-Air Dryers

Gran BretañaIlkley

Dirección:  Moorland Engineering Works, Railway Road, Ilkley, W. Yorkshire, LS29 8JB.

Teléfono: +44 (1943) 609505

Telefax: +44 (1943) 603190



Propietario: Aegeus Industries Ltd

Director de fábrica: M. J. Brook

Director de ventas: S. P. Newell

Cifra anual: GBP 15 mill

Año de la fundación: 1932

Personal: 100

Programa de entrega: Air flotation dryers, air turns, ModuleDryer™, HPC™ dryers, impingement dryers, web stabilizers, roller support and conveyorised dryers, through-air dryers; Environmental systems which includes regenerative thermal oxidisers, recuperative thermal oxidisers, direct fired oxidisers and catalytic oxidisers as well as absorbtion systems, rotor concentrators and energy recovery systems; Technical Services Division offers equipment inspection and reports, advice on maintenance schedules, recommendations and supply of spare parts, plant refurbishment and relocation, in house test facilities and bespoke solutions