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News - Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG, Marbach-Gruppe

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News - Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG, Marbach-Gruppe

Newsgrafik #122852

Marbach is expanding in the United States - New production site in Michigan City, Indiana  (Company news)

Marbach is on course for expansion. After Marbach has founded subsidiaries in the USA, Malaysia, China and Mexico in the recent years, a second location in the USA will follow this summer. Since 2012 Marbach is already represented with a production site in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "The packaging market in the USA is one of the largest in the world. After our plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, has developed very well in recent years, we want to offer our customers in the USA even more on-site performance. Our new subsidiary, which we will open this summer, is located in Michigan City, Indiana. We chose this location because it is an excellent place to serve customers in the Chicago metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest."

Planning is in full swing. A suitable building has already been found. Marbach is currently equipping the new company with state-of-the-art machines and materials. In addition, Marbach is already recruiting and training employees for the new location. In Michigan City, Marbach will concentrate mainly on manufacturing of tools for the folding carton industry. In addition, tools for flatbed die cutting of corrugated board are manufactured.

Fernando Pires, COO Marbach America: "We are excited to announce our new plant in the USA. Our business is running extremely well and customers are happy. Soon we will be able to offer more capacity, and shorter delivery times, especially for customers in the Midwestern States. To ensure that everything will run smoothly during the start-up phase, the new employees will be trained and supported by experts from other Marbach plants. Our team is looking forward to bring on board many new customers.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach is growing worldwide - Number of employees rises to 1,500  (Company news)

Marbach has been growing continuously. Since 2016 the number of company employees has increased from 1,300 to 1,500. Today Marbach has 200 employees more than 3 years ago. This increase of more than 15 % illustrates the positive development of the mid-sized family business. The trend continues.

Stefanie Schier, Commercial Managing Director at Marbach: "This year we have managed to reach the 1,500 employee mark. This growth is not only due to our German companies, but also to our foreign subsidiaries. In recent years we have extended and accelerated our global reach by opening new subsidiaries in China and Mexico. Over the next few years, we will continue to expand our existing locations and push ahead with the process of internationalization."

Marbach was founded in 1923 and has since developed into one of the most important global players in the packaging market.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #122698

Efficient blanking - With solutions from Marbach  (Company news)

Marbach has different solutions for the blanking process in its portfolio: the compact blanker, marbablanker (photo) and lightblanker. The latter two have quietly become the industry standard in recent years.

Automatic blanking is fully in trend. Compared to manual blank separation, it brings increased productivity to the entire postpress sector. In addition, it ensures precise stacking of blanks or paperboard sheets. These advantages mean an existing blanking unit in a machine should be used as often as possible. Even for short runs. This increases the efficiency of the further processing of packaging. It saves the operator time and as a result costs for the packaging manufacturer. In addition, it prevents possible health issues for the machine operators, as the physical work required to separate the blanks by hand becomes obsolete.

Sales Manager Bernhard Reisser: "For blanking, we work with a modular system similar to that used in the automotive industry. This means that our solutions are quickly available and we can respond very flexibly to customer expectations. Our systems are all ready-to-use, so that they can be easily and quickly installed in the blanking station. Without long set-up times. We offer a wide range of solutions. Depending on our customer's needs and technical requirements."

The Marbach lightblanker.
The lightblanker is a modular blanking tool. Its advantage: the base frame can remain in the machine. It can be quickly and easily adapted to the order-specific separating form for any application. Due to its quick-lock system, it is ready for use in just a few simple steps. Reisser: "Since the introduction of the Marbach lightblanker, our customers have increasingly relied on automatic blanking, even for small runs and simple layouts. In 2014, our customers did this in only 5% of cases, today in more than 30%. In other words, the rate of automatic blanking compared to manual blanking has risen sharply for short runs and simple layouts. And the strong upward trend continues."

The marbablanker.
For frequent repeat orders, Marbach recommends the marbablanker to its customers. The marbablanker is individually tailored to the customer's needs and is distinguished by its low weight and high stability compared to a comparable tool in full steel design. Since the tool frame is individually designed for each order and firmly attached to the actual separating form, the marbablanker ensures short set-up times.

Reisser continues: "With our different technologies for the blanking station, we can offer the right solution for every requirement. Providing maximum flexibility for our customers".
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #122552

Quickly and easily insert nicks - With the marbanick|2 from Marbach  (Company news)

With its marbanick|2 for paperboard tools, Marbach has brought a hand tool onto the market that convinces users with its flexibility and simplicity. Since its introduction in May 2018, Marbach has sold almost 200 of these hand-held devices.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "The marbanick|2 is very popular with our customers. It allows them to add waste nicks afterwards in order to optimally adapt the cutting-die to the local conditions. The positioning of the nicks is very quick, safe and controlled."

In addition, the marbanick|2 is characterized by its flexibility. It has three levels, so that three different nick thicknesses can be inserted with one device. Conventional systems available on the market are limited to a single nick size. Here different attachments or even three different devices would be necessary. Dost continues: "Our customers, who use the marbanick|2, only need one device with which they can flexibly insert nicks. This saves them time, space and money, and the purchase of the marbanick|2 is very inexpensive compared to the industry alternatives."

The marbanick|2 is available in a set with useful accessories such as a special attachment for the die-cutting machine and a second chisel.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #122244

Marbach expands. New subsidiary in Mexico.   (Company news)

Marbach expands further. After having opened die production facilities in the USA, Malaysia and China in the past years, Marbach will open a Marbach Die Supplies subsidiary in Mexico in January. From here Marbach will supply materials to Mexican and North American die and packaging manufacturers. In addition, training in the application of technologies will be offered. Marbach's goal is to support the Mexican market in its further development.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "In Mexico, the packaging market is growing strongly. In recent years there has been a lack of investment in new technologies and machinery. This is currently undergoing radical change. Large investments are being made in die-cutting equipment, and Mexican companies want to produce to top international standards. For this they need our support. In the tool technology itself. But also in the area of training and consulting. We would like to assist the local market with our materials and our expertise in order to develop it further and to accompany our large Mexican customer base step by step into the future. But not only our direct customers need our support. We also want to raise the overall level of die-cutting technology by equipping die-manufacturers with better materials. And all this with adequate stock availability so as to avoid long delivery times and high freight costs."

In addition, Marbach wants to attract new customers who have not yet imported our tools. The new branch will simplify significantly the import of cutting-dies made by Marbach USA or Marbach Germany and thus considerably reduce the barriers to the import of tools.

Brunner continues: "We are looking forward to the opening of our new subsidiary and to be able to support the Mexican market with our tools, our materials and our know-how."
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #122028

Embossing register system for embossing-dies - Marbach customer A&R is pleased about ...  (Company news)

... reduced set-up time

Marbach recently presented its new embossing register system for embossing-dies under the name PES IV. One customer who has been successfully using this system for several months now is A&R Carton in Kriftel, Germany.

The responsible department heads at A&R report: "In the past, we often had problems setting up embossings to the printed image. This process took a very long time. In addition, precise make-ready was very difficult. We spoke with our cutting-die supplier Marbach about the need to reduce make-ready times and yet still achieve optimum fitting accuracy.

At Marbach, the development department went to work and developed a solution. Marbach designed a system with which the embossing can be quickly and easily adjusted to the print image.

A&R continues: "The PES IV is not only easy to handle, but the set-up is much faster and more accurate than with our conventional method. This saves us a lot of make-ready time and allows us to begin producing our packaging much faster. Our thanks to Marbach for making production easier and increasing productivity."

With Marbach's embossing register system IV, the embossings are optimally aligned to the printed image by using special register pins.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #121792

Marbach 360° Service: Packaging services are now also available in the portfolio  (Company news)

The focus of Marbach is optimizing the performance of its customers. For this reason Marbach offers extensive services. In addition to training on the subject of die-cutting packaging, Marbach now also offers packaging services in its portfolio.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "Packaging must not only convince in terms of appearance, but must also in smooth functionality. Only then will it be successful. This is why we not only strive to offer our customers top tooling solutions, but also additional packaging related services. With our new 360° packaging services, we support our customers right from the start. For optimized packaging functionality."

In addition to individual packaging development, through which Marbach's customers receive completely new packaging designs – matching the packaged goods – customers can also order package optimization. Not only that, but Marbach also can create and provide CAD data according to samples as well as producing samples and small series.

Brunner continues: "In practice it can happen that a beautiful packaging design is developed, but in spite of experience and expertise cannot be technically implemented. Should this happen, a compromise must be found between design and technical implementation. This costs time. And money. But if we take over the packaging development or optimization from the very beginning, customers will have the great advantage that we can directly check the technical implementation of tools during the development of packaging or the creation of data. This ensures packaging functionality. And time resources are used to best effect."
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #121913

Marbach Academy enters 2019 - New training catalog now available  (Company news)

Marbach opened its training center earlier this year. Under the name Marbach Academy, the company now offers practical training courses for participants from the packaging industry. The new training catalogue for 2019 is now available.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "We are very pleased with the positive feedback from previous course attendees. The great benefits our training courses have had for participants has encouraged us to expand the Academy yet further. Our new training catalog contains some already established training courses as well as new ones. We have implemented trainee suggestions and extended our program."

Marbach presented its training catalog for 2019 at FachPack. Visitor interest was high with training registrations being received directly after the trade fair. Marbach expects there to be continued lively interest in training courses next year as well.

Dost continues: "The concept of the Marbach Academy has been developed in such a way that participants are ensured the greatest possible benefit. Because the training courses take place in small groups. With a lot of practice. But of course some theory too. The great advantage of small groups: the trainer can respond to the participants individually and can design the training individually as well. For the attendees, this means they can get the greatest possible benefit out of their training."

The training catalog 2019 is available at or You can also find an overview of the training courses on the company's homepage

Marbach's extensive range of services includes not only training but also packaging services. The focus of the Heilbronn-based company is always on customer performance.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #121668

Perfect waste nicks - For perfect packaging  (Company news)

Marbach presented its new hand-held tool for inserting waste nicks into cutting rules back in spring. At the FachPack in Nuremberg, this device became the absolute top seller. It was possible to purchase the so-called marbanick|2 directly at the fair and numerous customers took advantage of this opportunity to upgrade and optimize their production.

When manufacturing a cutting-die, a majority of the nicks are already ground-in. Sometimes, however, it is also necessary to insert subsequent waste nicks in order to optimize and adapt the tool to the on-site conditions. This is exactly what the marbanick|2 has been designed for. With it, the size of the waste nicks can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the operator. Setting the nicks is fast, safe and controlled.

The special feature of Marbach's marbanick|2: With conventional devices available on the market, only one nick with a predefined size can be inserted into cutting rules. For differing sizes operators will need an additional device. But not so with the marbanick|2: because with the Marbach device you can be flexible and will be able to insert three different nick thicknesses with a single device.

Marbach marketing manager Tina Dost: "An unbeatable advantage for our customers. This not only provides flexibility, but also saves time, space and, of course, money because three functions are possible with one device. Above all simple handling and high flexibility are what convince our customers".
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #121508

Pure edge for corrugated board - Marbach technology for dual performance  (Company news)

Marbach has achieved outstanding success with its product "pure edge". With this technology, corrugated board packaging with flawless visible edges can be produced.

Because this special technology has many other advantages, it is becoming increasingly popular on the market. Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "Packaging must be beautiful. We have developed pure edge to ensure that the visible edges of corrugated board packaging also have an attractive appearance. With this technology, angel hair on the edges of corrugated board packaging is a thing of the past. The use of pure edge has shown that this technology creates many more important advantages for our customers". The use of pure edge protects the cutting tips of the cutting rules. For customers, this means a significantly longer lifecycle for their cutting-dies as well as better cutting results. In addition, the rule joints are stabilized in narrow places or in circumferential die-cutting so that no unwanted nicks occur. This improves the quality of the packaging. Another application: pure edge can be used as a replacement for the functional rubbering of a cutting-die. Compared to a tool equipped with functional rubbering, it permits die-cutting using relatively low cutting pressure. This protects and ensures a very long lifecycle for the tool. Dost continues: "pure edge not only ensures visually appealing packaging at the point of sale, but also extends the lifecycle of the cutting-die. Thus, our customers benefit in two respects. They have flawless packaging and save costs due to the long life span of their cutting-dies. Marbach customers appreciate these advantages and increasingly use pure edge.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #121034

Every 3 years once again - Marbach presents its innovations at the Scanpack in Gothenburg  (Company news)

Marbach will exhibit at this year's Scanpack. From 23 to 26 October 2018 in Gothenburg (Sweden). Here everything will revolve around packaging. At the largest trade fair for the packaging industry in Scandinavia, Marbach will present its innovations at its 24 m² stand.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "For our visitors we have packed our cases with the innovations of the last months, with these our customers will be able to increase their performance. Digital zone levelling reduces make-ready time when setting up the cutting-die in the machine. The height-adjustable anvil for reverse cutting of packaging also reduces make-ready time. The lightblanker blanking tool is easy to handle, flexible and can be quickly converted to sheet delivery. In the field of hot foil stamping, Marbach has developed a way of archiving hot foil stamping plates for repeat jobs with the thinplate technology. This saves customers the set-up time of the plates. And last but not least, Marbach will bring its marbanick|2 to Gothenburg, with which pre-defined nicks in 3 different sizes can be inserted easily into cutting rules."

Marbach warmly invites all interested visitors to its booth G05:02.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120962

Rotary die-cutting of corrugated board - Marbach supplies suitable tool technology for ...  (Company news)

... Mitsubishi machines

There are many rotary machines for die-cutting corrugated board. The machines of the Japanese machine manufacturer Mitsubishi are currently making inroads in Europe. These machines place completely new demands on the tool technology used. Marbach has met the challenge and developed tools specially designed for these machines. For maximum productivity in rotary die-cutting.

Mitsubishi machines employ a different technology than conventional rotary machines. They have an integrated self-ejecting system in which waste is stripped using ejector pins. However, this also means that conventional tools are unable to meet the requirements, so special rotary cutting-dies must be used. These tools are complex to manufacture and must be extremely precise.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: "Over the last few months we have developed tools that are perfectly matched to the requirements of these special rotary machines. Customers who have already ordered the corresponding tools from us are very satisfied with them. They benefit from 100 % freedom from waste of their blanks as well as very high running speeds of their rotary machine. Die-cutting, folding and gluing are also carried out in a single operation. The productivity of this machine in combination with Marbach tool technology is therefore very high. For maximum performance in rotary die-cutting."

Marbach will continue to monitor market developments and will also in future offer the right solution for every requirement.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120940

Good start with the Marbach Academy - Marbach trains the packaging industry  (Company news)

Marbach opened its training center six months ago with the name Marbach Academy. Under the motto: "More knowledge. More skills.", Marbach offers practical training for participants from the fields of folding boxes, cigarette and corrugated board packaging. The extensive portfolio also includes individual training courses as well as training for board manufacturers. Since the start of the Marbach Academy, many customers and partners from the packaging sector have been trained at Marbach.

Tina Dost, Marketing Manager at Marbach: "After six months we can now draw the first conclusions. Our diverse range of training courses has been very well received by the market. So far, we have welcomed almost 100 participants to our Academy. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The participants were particularly enthusiastic about the competence of the Marbach trainers and the practical relevance of the training courses. But also the fact that the training took place in small groups was rated positively by many. Participants were able to take with them valuable information as well as the tips and tricks they learned on the die-cutting machine during their training sessions. They have been able to put these into practice in their daily work immediately afterwards. This has been our goal right from the start: to transfer content in a practical way so that customers have great benefit for their daily work. The feedback confirms that we were able to achieve this goal in the first months of the Marbach Academy."
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120908

FachPack in Nuremberg: Marbach presents its innovations  (Company news)

Marbach is waiting for FachPack 2018 to start. On September 25, this important meeting place for the packaging industry will open its doors. More than 40,000 visitors are expected in Nuremberg during the three days of the fair. Marbach will present its innovations at booth 612 in hall 7. Marbach has additonally a stand at the special exhibition "Packaging in Medical Technology and Pharmacy" in Hall 3A where it will present its products for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

At FachPack Marbach will present its latest developments in the fields of corrugated board, paperboard, special technologies and labels. But in addition Marbach will take along materials for packaging manufacturers. And information will be available about its new training center, which has only recently opened.

Marbach Sales Manager Silvio Gruber: "The performance of our customers is our highest priority. That's why we will once more be presenting a colorful bouquet of innovations at FachPack that will ensure maximum performance for our customers".

Digital zone levelling
The DZL|foil has been developed to level out machine unevenness on large-format die-cutting machines, as used for corrugated board. The effect of the zone levelling technology from Marbach is that it is not necessary to carry out a zone make-ready for each individual order. Instead a once carried out DZL|foil will last for months.

Stripping tool masterstrip|plate
When waste is stripped in the die-cutting machine, a smooth production process is essential. The masterstrip|plate not only smoothes the paperboard sheet to be die-cut, but also ensures that the blanks are waste-free. It provides a stable production process and in this way the highest performance in the production of packaging.

Blanking tool marbablanker
In order to separate the individual blanks from the paperboard sheet after die-cutting and stripping, a blanking tool is required. This should separate and stack the individual blanks quickly and above all completely separate from each other. With the Marbach blanking technology marbablanker the customers will receive a tool individually adapted to their needs, as well as a smoothly running blanking process.

The trend towards more refined packaging finishing is increasing. Marbach supplies the appropriate refinement techniques for sales-boosting packaging at the point of sale. In addition to pure edge for clean visible edges in corrugated board packaging, these include 2D and 3D embossing in various designs in addition to the hotfoil embossing technologies marbafoil and thinplate. But the reverse cutting technology for beautiful tear-open mechanisms also ensures flawless packaging. The new height-adjustable anvil developed by Marbach is used to make it easier for the operator to set-up the tool optimally and to save time during set-up.

Silvio Gruber continues: "This year we can not only welcome our customers at our main stand, but also at the special exhibition dealing with the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. At this information stand we will mainly inform our customers about hygiene and braille embossing. We see hygiene as a topic of the future. Some of our customers from the medical sector are already very well positioned in the market and rely on our special hygienic cutting-dies. Medical products such as plasters or bandages are die-cut with tools where hygiene is a top priority. For all customers to whom this topic is important, we have put together a package in which we offer the right solution for every requirement. The customers can decide individually whether they want to use the complete hygiene package or only components from it. This includes issues such as securing tool components, the use of special materials or additional cleaning routines in the production process. And optionally a disinfection of the tool package before delivery to the customer."

Marbach warmly invites all interested parties to its booth 612 in hall 7 and is looking forward to a large number of visitors.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120868

Small but powerful - marbanick|2 for paperboard starts with great sales success on the market  (Company news)

In May Marbach presented its new hand-held device for inserting nicks in cutting rules. Since then, the marbanick|2 – which is the name of the new Marbach product – has been an outstanding success.

Marbach developer Sascha Wormser: "We were pleasantly surprised by the interest in our new hand-held device. Even before the official sales launch, we had numerous reservations from customers who wanted the new marbanick|2 as quickly as possible. When it became available, this strong demand continued. During customer visits and events, the marbanick|2 was literally snapped up."

With the marbanick|2, waste nicks are placed in cutting rules directly at the operator's site. Wormser: "With many devices available on the market, only one nick thickness can be inserted. This is not the case with marbanick|2 which allows nicks in three different sizes to be inserted into cutting rules. And all with a single device. This is what I think makes the marbanick|2 so successful."

With the new Marbach hand-held device, the size of the nick can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the user. The insertion of the nicks in different thicknesses is fast, safe and controlled.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120677

New milling machines for the Werkzeugbau (tool manufacturing) - Marbach invests in two ...  (Company news)

... Huron milling machines.

Marbach Werkzeugbau has invested in two new milling machines to optimize its production. With the type KX30 machines from the Huron company, Marbach will significantly increase its flexibility in producing thermoforming and rotary tools.

Lars Schwarzmannseder, Production Manager at Marbach: "We have already been using a Huron machine in rotary cutting-die manufacturing for more than 20 years. A second followed a few years ago. These two machines offer us not only fantastic uptime, but also exceptional long-term accuracy. With Huron, we know what we get. The machine is delivered and installed. And then it runs. And runs. And runs."

This is exactly why Marbach has again chosen Huron when selecting its two new machines. One of the new machines will be used in rotary cutting-die production and completes existing plant. The second machine will be used in thermoforming tool manufacturing.

Schwarzmannseder continues: "With the two new machines we are increasing our flexibility enormously. Our goal is to cover a large number of manufacturing possibilities with the new Huron machines. This will allow us to relieve our highly specialized production machines during peak periods and to transfer various parts to Huron machines".

An improvement in flexibility that will further increase Marbach's delivery performance in the future.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120565

Hygiene and packaging - Marbach offers an extensive hygiene portfolio  (Company news)

The topics of hygiene and product safety are becoming more and more important, especially for food and medical packaging. Marbach has already presented its unique hygiene tool package under the name marbaclean in 2016.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "Many of our customers from the medical sector already rely on our hygiene die-cutting dies. Medical products such as plasters or bandages are die-cut with tools using special materials and technologies that ensure maximum hygiene. At the moment we feel that the topic of hygiene is always present in the food sector but what is still missing is the recognition that only a solution for the entire process is purposeful. There are approaches in some areas, but holistic implementation is still missing. As soon as the need arises, we are ready with our solutions and can show our customers how die-cutting can be designed hygienically from the tool side of things."

In addition to hygienic cutting-dies for the medical technology sector, Marbach offers a tool package called marbaclean, which is equipped with special materials for the food industry. During production, cleaning routines are performed that go beyond the industry standard. Furthermore, additional safety components and special assembly processes prevent the loss of tool parts during packaging production. The marbaclean tool package can optionally be disinfected and vacuum-packed. So that it reaches the customer safely and above all hygienically clean.

marbaclean is certified by ISEGA and is therefore suitable for use in the production of packaging for the food industry - especially direct packaging that comes into contact with packaged goods. The single marbaclean components can be delivered as a complete package or individually compiled for the customer, so that a suitable solution is available for every requirement.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120248

The new marbanick|2 by Marbach - For perfect nicks  (Company news)

Marbach has recently updated its handheld device for placing nicks into cutting rules. So far, this tool – that is known on the market under the name marbanick – could place a nick with a predefined width and depth into the cutting rule. With the new marbanick|2 version, width and depth of the nicks can now be varied in three steps.

Nicks play a greater role in producing a packaging blank. Because nicks ensure on the one hand a smooth transport of the board sheet through the die-cutting machine, and on the other hand freedom from waste of the produced blank. For packaging producers, it is vital that the packaging has small and as few nicks as possible, because they distract from the appearance of packaging. There are two kinds of nicks: transport nicks which have an impact on the speed of the producing machine. And waste nicks which are largely responsible for the waste-free characteristics of the produced blank.

Marbach developer Sascha Wormser: “Transport nicks should ideally be grinded by the die-maker during the cutting-die production. Also, there are automatic nick grinders available at Marbach, for regrinding on-site. Sometimes it makes sense for our customers to optimize waste nicks directly on the machine – matched to the local conditions. Especially for this kind of case, we have developed the new marbanick|2. Because with it our customers can place three different thicknesses of nicks into their cutting rules. So that nicks can be optimally adapted to local requirements. Placing a nick is very easy, safe and controllable. The cutting rule will not be destroyed in an uncontrolled manner.”

The new marbanick|2 has not only been equipped with three levels, but also importance has been attached to good handling and achieving the best ergonomic characteristics. So the follow-up model is not only better, but also easier to handle than its predecessor.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120202

Safety during embossing - With Marbach technologies  (Company news)

Marbach offers various solutions to ensure safe embossing of packaging. The Marbach standard already contains suitable solutions for many applications. In addition, Marbach has developed a further option ensuring even more safety in embossing.

If packaging is not only die-cut, but also embossed, embossing clichés are then normally positioned on aluminum blocks. This means that the dieboard of the cutting-die contains cut-outs into which aluminum bases for the embossing clichés are inserted. This has the advantage that the embossing clichés have a very even base during the production process.

The aluminum substructure can be divided using a so-called Memopin, so that the embossing clichés can be set up quickly and easily from the front of the cutting-die. The tool can remain in the machine for make-ready. Also for die-cutting machines with closed machine frame. A make-ready from the back of the cutting-die is therefore not necessary.

Marbach development manager Klaus Rommel: "To ensure that the aluminum blocks are placed securely in the cutting-die and to avoid interruptions in production, Marbach provides two different ways of securing the aluminum blocks. With our standard method, the aluminum blocks are secured in the tool with two grooved pins. This prevents the aluminum blocks with the applied embossing clichés from falling out to the front. This type of protection is adequate in many applications."

However, in practice there are cases with particularly high demands or special requirements in which securing to the front is not enough for the operators. Then it is necessary to secure the aluminum block to an even greater extent.

Rommel continues: "For this reason, we looked for a solution that would ensure complete protection of the aluminum block against falling out either to the front or back. Our development has resulted in a completely new design of the aluminum block safety. With this version, the grooved pin is no longer required. Instead, a cut-out is milled into the aluminum blocks. The dieboard is given a "nose" at the appropriate point to attach the aluminum block to the dieboard and thus to prevent it from falling out on either sides".

This special version of the aluminum block safety device is designed for demanding requirements and offers the operator maximum safety. It can be used in the paperboard sector with multiplex, marbaplex and duramar tools.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120174

Cutting plates from a specialist - Marbach offers contoured cutting plates in all variations  (Company news)

Marbach produces cutting-dies for the packaging industry. But that's not all. Marbach also offers a wide variety of materials for die-makers and packaging manufacturers. In a new catalog Marbach shows the variety of its products for packaging producers. One product which stands out in Marbach's portfolio is the contour-adapted cutting plate.

Head of Marbach Die Supplies, Marco Kraiss: "Many sell cutting plates. We however, do not sell them only as raw material, but also cut them to the contour desired by the customer. Completely individual. Our advantage: we are independent of machine manufacturers. This means that we can supply all sizes for common machine types, regardless of the machine manufacturer."

Marbach cutting plates are available in various designs and of varying degrees of hardness. Medium-hard cutting plates, for example, are ideal for use with the Marbach mpower technology. Here the hardness of the cutting plate is optimally matched to the rounded cutting tip of the mpower cutting rule. Unlike many other suppliers, Marbach does not rely on a hardness of 44 or 46 HRC for hard cutting plates, but on particularly hard 48 HRC cutting plates. The extreme hardness of these cutting plates is characterized by very long service life.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #120103

Marbach Joint Venture in China - Preparations are running at full speed  (Company news)

Marbach signed a joint venture contract at the end of 2017 with Masterwork (MK), a Chinese manufacturer of machines and systems for the packaging industry. After completing all the necessary formalities in spring 2018, preparations for the new Marbach production location in China are currently in full swing. Production at the Tianjin plant is scheduled to start in summer 2018.

Dominic Fischer, Assistant Project Manager China: "At the moment we are at the critical stage with intensive collaboration between Masterwork and Marbach. Our joint venture will be located in a large new MK building complex. We will have an area of approx. 1,600 m² available there. Of this area, 1,400 m² alone will be for our new production. The building has been completed and the Marbach area will be designed according to our requirements for a modern and efficient cutting-die production".

The production machines and required materials will arrive in Tianjin at the end of June, followed by immediate installation, so that Marbach can start production in summer as scheduled.

Fischer continues: "Of course we have expats in China who will be there and support us at the start of production and in the time immediately after. The local employees are already trained in advance in Heilbronn and in our subsidiary in Malaysia. And so we will be able to benefit from our experience of establishing subsidiaries in the USA and Malaysia. In addition, there will be regular visits from the project team to the location, so we will closely monitor the project in China to ensure a smooth start.

In addition to the new plant in China, Marbach has many locations around the globe and plans to further expand its international operations in the coming years.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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pure edge from Marbach. More than just clean visible edges. Multifunctional for corrugated board.  (Company news)

For some time now Marbach has been offering pure edge technology for achieving clean visible edges in corrugated board. Many customers are now using pure edge. It has been shown that this technology not only provides clean visible edges for corrugated board packaging, but is able to do much more.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: "pure edge ensures clean visible edges for corrugated board packaging. We have known this for a long time. The success of pure edge and the feedback from our customers confirm this. Since we are enthusiastic about the technology ourselves, we have tested it on other applications. We have discovered that it is very versatile."

Knife protection in the edge area
The material to be cut often pushes the long straight edge knives away during the die-cutting process. The effect: due to the lateral material displacement, the cutting rule tip wears out relatively quickly at these points. This impacts the quality of the die-cutting result. The use of pure edge on both sides protects and stabilizes the cutting rules at the edges. The lifespan of the tool is thus extended and the cutting result significantly improved.

Stabilization of rule joints
In two-sided circumferential die-cutting, on narrow slots or on cutting contours, it is possible that the material which is being die-cut may squeeze the rules apart. This results in unwanted nicks. By using pure edge this can be prevented and the rule joints stabilized.

Increased service life
Pure edge can be used as a complete replacement of functional rubbering. Conventional functional rubber absorbs cutting pressure. In order to achieve good die-cutting results, this must be increased. But not with pure edge. Here the material is not unnecessarily tensioned and thus no additional cutting pressure is required. Pure edge should be used above all, in places where increased folding-spring-back forces in the material have to be avoided, but at the same time where no unnecessary traction forces should occur. As with 180-degree package folding, or nearby cut-crease rules for yoghurt crates with little surrounding material. But also on rules with transport nicks.

Solution for narrow areas
Depending on the requirements, pure edge is possible in widths ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm. This means that the technology can also be used in narrow places where there is simply no room for profile rubbering.

pure edge is made of steel. Compared to rubber, this is very wear-resistant and has an extremely long lifespan.

With pure edge, Marbach offers a technology that can be used in a variety of ways and which not only stands for attractive optical corrugated cardboard packaging, but also for long tool life.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Smooth die-cutting of paperboard - Marbach webguides ensure stable production processes for ...  (Company news)

...inline die-cutting

Marbach is well-known for its customized solutions. Numerous customers rely on Marbach webguides which optimize the production process for inline die-cutting of paperboard.

Inline die-cutting (web-fed), is a printing and finishing process which takes place "in one line". The process means, not a paperboard sheet is die-cut, but a roll. The roll material is first fed through the printing machine before it is processed directly in the die-cutter. Inline die-cutting is used, for example, in the production of cigarette, liquid and direct packaging for food products.

Marketing manager Tina Dost: "The big advantage of inline die-cutting is speed. However, because the printing and die-cutting processes are directly related, it is of utmost importance that both processes run without interruption. To ensure that the further processing process is stable, the paperboard roll must be optimally positioned in the die-cutting station. If this is not the case, machine standstill can result in cost-intensive production downtimes. This is why our customers rely on Marbach's webguides. With this simple but efficient solution, malfunctions during inline die-cutting can be avoided."

Webguides are special elements by which the paperboard web is guided during the die-cutting process. This is necessary because with inline die-cutting, the carton roll is "pushed back" from behind at high speed when it is transferred from the printing unit to the die-cutting station. This may cause airflow under the paperboard material. Webguides are ideally suited to prevent this from happening. They are applied to the steel counter plate and ensure optimal positioning of the paperboard material during die-cutting. Because of the webguides, the paperboard lies flat on the steel counter plate at the beginning of the die-cutting process. This permits safe ongoing processing in the die-cutter which results in a smooth production process.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach Training Center: The Paper Centre Gernsbach visit  (Company news)

Marbach will soon officially open its new training center. Prior to this, participants of the advanced course "Corrugated board processing – flat die-cutting" from the Paper Centre Gernsbach had the opportunity to spend a day at Marbach‘s new die-cutter as part of a 3-day seminar.

The Paper Centre Gernsbach has been working with Marbach for many years. Marbach actively supports the seminars of the Paper Centre on-site with speakers from the areas of paperboard and corrugated board.

Seminar leader Holger Burkert: "When we learned that Marbach was getting its own die-cutting machine, we immediately contacted them. It is, after all, an enrichment if our training participants are not only taught theoretical knowledge, but can also experience a die-cutting machine live in action. This makes seminars even more valuable and practice-oriented. We are pleased that Marbach can provide us with this opportunity."

Twelve people from the Paper Centre came to Marbach in Heilbronn on 21st November 2017 and received a theoretical introduction to begin with. Afterwards they moved on to the die-cutting machine. There, the participants were able to witness live the setting up of an order on the die-cutter and to evaluate the results.

Burkert continues: "This first pilot event at Marbach served to show us how we could best integrate the die-cutting machine from Marbach into our seminars, which processes and what content would make sense and what can be done in the new Marbach Training Center. We have come a long way here. We are definately planning to intensify cooperation with Marbach in the corrugated board and folding box sectors."

Clearly Marbach and the Paper Centre Gernsbach will further intensify their cooperation in the future.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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New platen cleaning device - For even more productivity in the die-cutting process  (Company news)

Marbach Automation & Service now offers a cleaning device for corrugated board die-cutting machines: the mplaten|cleaner. With it, the platen of a die-cutting machine can be cleaned efficiently by the machine operator and the machine’s productivity increased.

The productivity requirements of the market for die-cutting tools are high. Ever shorter make-ready times are demanded. Important factors in minimizing these times are the technological equipment and the quality of the die-cutting, stripping and blanking tools themselves. For maximum output – in addition to the used tooling technologies and their functionality – the condition of die-cutting machines also play a major role.

Sandra Hemberger, Sales Marbach Automation & Service: “The die-cutting machine becomes subject to natural wear and tear during the packaging production. But that’s not all. Through increased soiling of the platen, unevenness in this area grows steadily. This results in increased make-ready work. And with that productivity declines little by little. With the aim of offering our customers the optimal solution for every requirement, we have developed a new platen cleaning device. The mplaten|cleaner is characterized by easy handling and is less expensive to purchase than conventional systems.”

With this tool, dirt and rust is removed from the platen. Through cleaning unevenness is smoothed out and therefore the work needed for setting-up a tool is reduced significantly. The tonnage can then be reduced thus extending the tool life span. Moreover the die-cutting results are also positively affected through a clean platen.

A purification process is not easy due to different machine factors. That’s why many printing and shops and cutting departments have skipped any regular comprehensive cleaning of the platen in the past. Hemberger continues: “With our new platen cleaning device, the upper and lower part of the platen can be cleaned with only one movement. The disassembly of the chain in the die-cutting machine is not necessary. The mplaten|cleaner is designed in such a way that even difficult to access spots can be easily reached. Cleaning can be accomplished by the machine operator and takes – when carried out regularly – usually not longer than one hour. Depending on the condition of the machine, the first cleaning can naturally take some more time. It is however worth investing this time in maintaining the condition of the machine. Because this time and effort for cleaning pays off quickly through a positive impact on the make-ready times.”

Marbach recommends cleaning the machinery every six months in order to maintain die-cutting machines in the best condition.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Flexibility in blanking - Marbach counts on the marbapusher|p  (Company news)

Marbach introduced its optimized blanking technology at the beginning of the year. Since then all upper marbablankers from Marbach are equipped with the new long-life component marbapusher|p. As a result customers are very pleased with the increased flexibility and productivity in their blanking process.

Earlier this year, Marbach re-defined its standard for blanking tools. In doing so, it changed to the presser system marbapusher|p. With huge success, reports Jan Brunner, Head of the Business Development department at Marbach: “The biggest advantage of the marbapusher|p is its special construction. Because with it, we can build a cost-efficient presser plate for every kind of frame. Since using a presser plate is the best way to fix the waste grid, the machine can therefore run at higher speeds.”

Another advantage of the marbapusher|p: the blanking tools allow more efficiency in space-saving because the pushers don’t stand out on the back.

Brunner continues: “Our customers are happy with the new standard. They report to us significantly faster machine performance than with conventional pushers and they achieve a major increase in productivity of their blanking process.”

The marbapusher|p is available exclusively from Marbach.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach stripping technology masterstrip|plate - Great for opening up the flaps of cigarette boxes  (Company news)

The masterstrip|plate is not only a powerful tool for high-speed dynamic stripping. It is also the perfect solution for making sure the side flaps in a cigarette box are cut through and opened up 100%.

Marbach sales director international, Bernhard Reisser: “Already more than half of our stripping tools are in masterstrip|plate design. The sheet can be optimally positioned and fixed to the tool during the stripping process, through a build-in presser plate in the male stripper. The female stripper is equipped with the sheet lifter marbafly. This results in a very stable stripping process and allows very high machine speeds, waste-free and best stripping performance. Also for difficult requirements.”

The option of pre-breaking flaps, that can be integrated into the masterstrip|plate, is used in the cigarette packaging area of application.

Reisser continues: “This additional option ensures perfectly opened flaps. And a smooth packaging process.”

With conventional techniques, automatic pre-breaking of flaps with the male stripper or blanker was often an uncertain process that could lead to interruptions during the production flow. Pre-breaking of flaps has become a safe automated process with the Marbach technology masterstrip|plate.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Highspeed for flat cutting-dies - marbaspeed tool for corrugated board on the road to success  (Company news)

Marbach has recently added a special high-speed tool for flat die-cutting to its portfolio: the marbaspeed cutting-die for corrugated board. This new Marbach tool has been catching on more and more in the market. It is characterized by its being equipped with a new type of rubber: Marbach flexpower. Initially only used for rotary tools, flexpower has been applied to flat tools for the corrugated board industry since earlier this year. With increasing success. More and more customers order their tool in this special version “marbaspeed”.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: “To begin with, we used flexpower only in the area of rotary die-cutting. There, we learned a lot about its technical specifications. Our acquired insights: flexpower unites many positive features that are important for die-cutting. That is why we decided to test flexpower also for flat cutting-dies. The success proves, that this was a good choice.”

The verifiable high rebound elasticity of the flexpower rubbering ensures very high machine speeds. It is also suitable for large quantities due to its durability.

Graham continues: “Our new marbaspeed cutting-die provides the customer with maximal performance through a smooth production process.”

marbaspeed tools are immediately recognizable: due to the white color of the rubbering and also its special structure.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Highest efficiency. With the thinplate system for hotfoiling.  (Company news)

Marbach presented to the visitors of the Marbach & Brausse Innovation Days its solution for a fast make-ready and archiving of hotfoil clichés: the Marbach thinplate system. Customers save the most of make-ready time with this system. This advantage becomes especially clear for repeat orders. A customer, who has already used this system for years is the company Tako Carton Plant Ltd. – that belongs to the Pyroll-Group.

Mikko Pihkanen, Product Designer at Tako Carton Plant Ltd.: “Setting up hotfoil clichés is very time-consuming. That’s why years ago we were already looking for a solution that reduced this time and effort and improved our efficiency in production. After a long search we became aware of the Marbach thinplate system. We have now been using this for more than two years. It is mainly used for packaging for the consumer goods industry with a high level of refinement. With the latest version of this system, we shorten the make-ready time of hotfoil jobs to a minimum. For purely repeat orders, it is in most cases a reduction of make-ready times of around 100%. We take the thinplate, on which the single clichés are archived, from our storage, insert it into our machine and start producing. Arranging the clichés to the print image is normally unnecessary for repeat jobs, because the clichés can be archived on the thinplate during the first make-ready. An unbeatable advantage. On a 10-ups tool for example, we can sometimes save 8 hours. Thus a whole shift.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Easy-fix S. Corrugated board tool securely transported  (Company news)

Marbach has a new system in place, with which cutting-die and guillotine for corrugated board can be fixed to each other for transport and storage.

Guillotines are used in the corrugated board division in order to separate the die-cut blank from the front trim waste of the sheet size. A guillotine is significantly smaller than a cutting-die. It has been common practice to screw the guillotine to the cutting-die, so it doesn’t get lost or damaged during transportation and storage.

This previous solution required that several plastic components be fixed with screws to the cutting-die as well as the guillotine. This was not only time-consuming but also ran the risk of losing components.

The new Easy-fix S is not only perfectly suitable for the secure transport of cutting-die and guillotine but also for an optimal storage of corrugated board cutting-dies.

Tool handling on the machine is very easy with the Easy-fix S. Tool and guillotine can thus be transported securely. Easy to fix they are quickly ready for use. And storage is also safe. The Easy-fix S consists of only one piece and possessing an integrated key function, with which it can be locked in the tool. As a counter pressure for fixation, rubber is used in the area of the balancing rules. So a constant distance between cutting-die and guillotine is guaranteed.

The Easy-fix S provides a solution that is characterized by easy handling and secure transport and storage.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Digital zone levelling on the road to success  (Company news)

Marbach launched its digital zone levelling technology at the drupa 2016 in Duesseldorf. Marbach has in the meantime equipped over 150 (and counting) die-cutting machines with it. At the beginning, digital zone levelling was only available in 102-106 format. Due to its huge success, Marbach can now offer it in the formats 76, 102-106 and 142-145. The formats 130 and 162 are still in progress.

Order-related zone levelling no longer applies
A die-cutting machine is subject to wear and tear during the production process. That’s why it used to be necessary to fill up worn-out areas with make-ready paper when setting-up every single order. With digital zone levelling this process has become significantly more efficient. Zone make-ready has only to be implemented once and then will last several months.

Functionality of digital zone levelling
The operator makes an impression of the machine using a standardized procedure. Marbach then produces a new, modified cover plate for the make-ready sheet. Individually for every machine. This levels out height deviations of the cutting platen. And so the area make-ready for every single tool no longer applies. In this way the performance of the packaging production increases.

Time-savings from 30-50%
Marbach developer Sascha Wormser: “We are very happy with the success of digital zone levelling. More than 150 customers have ordered it since drupa. The feedback has been positive throughout. According to our customers, the make-ready time savings through digital zone levelling lies around 30-50%. With this saved time, customers can produce other jobs. A significant increase in productivity.”

Some Marbach customers have already equipped all of their machines with digital zone levelling due to the high productivity gains. And thus they profit on every single machine due to its increased efficiency.

Make-ready free die-cutting is around the corner
Sascha Wormser continues: “When the customers use digital zone levelling and when supplemented with our mpower|+ technology the time-savings are even higher. Make-ready free die-cutting is now very close to possible.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach: New die-cutting machine from Brausse. For even more performance.  (Company news)

Marbach has expanded its machine park. Marbach has ordered a die-cutting machine from Brausse Europe. The Brausse 1060 ER will be delivered to Marbach in the summer.

Michael Münchow, Head of Sales at Brausse Europe: “We are very happy that we have found a partner such as Marbach that is market leader in the area of die-cutting technology. We have managed to secure Marbach as a partner through our top price-performance ratio. We are very proud of that and are looking forward to successful cooperation.”

The Brausse 1060 ER is a die-cutting machine with cutting, stripping and blanking stations. It processes paperboard between 80 to 1,600 g/qm as well as corrugated board up to 4 mm thick. The maximum sheet size is 1,060 x 750 mm.

Marbach marketing director Tina Dost: “We are looking forward to the Brausse 1060 ER and the opportunities that come with it. We were able to impress visitors at the Marbach and Brausse Innovation Days in March 2017, by showing how well Brausse machines harmonize with Marbach tools.”

Marbach will not only expand its training division with the new die-cutting machine but also test innovations on-site. This will shorten the time-to-market time-frame. So Marbach innovations will reach the customers much faster.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach modular system for corrugated board is established  (Company news)

For every requirement the right cutting-die package.

Marbach has recently introduced its new modular system to its corrugated-board-processing customers.

With this new system, Marbach customers can be more flexible in ordering tool packages than has previously been the case. Because up to now, every job has been produced according to standardized customer specifications. Independent of the operational purpose. Of course, the tools could be adjusted individually to the intended purpose. But that meant a significant time requirement per order. Ingo Graham, developer at Marbach: “This was often too time-consuming for our customers.” That’s why they frequently waived any required individual adaptation needed for a single job. In order to provide more flexibility to our customers and to save their time, we implemented the modular system.”

With this, Marbach customers can quickly compile the appropriate tool package for every order.

Three equipment versions: smart, performance and high-end
The Marbach modular system consists of three differently equipped versions: smart, performance and high-end.

The smart option is cost optimized. It is suitable for non-repeat orders. When “customers are unwilling to miss out on Marbach quality even with short runs,” says Graham. Tooling packages of the smart version are cost-efficient and have short delivery times.

Performance is the output-optimised version which is appropriate for jobs where production performance is the top priority. These tooling packages stand for maximum speed and minimal set-up time.

For long-term jobs involving very high quantities, Marbach customers can choose tooling packages from the high-end segment. These are designed for jobs with the highest demands on, as well as the highest requirements of, operational performance and tool life span.

Modular system comes out on top
Ingo Graham: “Most of our customers have already switched to the modular system. At the beginning individual standards are defined for each customer. Including all equipment attributes. It works like a configurator for a new car. The customers select which equipment features their packages - smart, performance and high-end - should contain.”

The customers that use the modular system can choose one of the three options when ordering. They then receive the tooling package that meets the requirements of their particular job. Ingo Graham: “If a customer wants for example a simple tool for a non-repeat job or a high-tech tool for a sophisticated order – this now works for them and without a lot of effort. Without long discussions. The customer simply orders the fitting equipment line.”

With this system, Marbach customers can save time and receive more flexible solutions compared to the former more conventional order process. Moreover the customers only pay for the version they need for their job. Not more. And not less.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Improvement of machine performance - Digital zone levelling  (Company news)

Marbach, launched its digital zone levelling technology at drupa 2016. The product’s success was almost immediate: half a year later, over 100 die-cutting machines worldwide have been equipped with digital zone levelling. A strongly increasing trend. Marbach offers its product currently in 76, 102-106 and 142-145 format. More are already planned.

But what can this product do? Jan Brunner, Head of Marbach Business Development: “Digital zone levelling, levels out the height deviations of the cutting platen. So now there’s no need for any conventional area patching that previously had to be made for every single job. Once a digital zone levelling is set up, it lasts for months. And provides best die-cutting performance and short make-ready times for the operator.”

The customers that already work with digital zone levelling are excited. From international manufacturers for folding boxes through trade finishers to family-owned companies. They have all realized the advantages the Marbach product implies. Many started with one machine. And equipped further machines on the basis of those test results.

A leading German manufacturer of folding boxes uses digital zone levelling already in different plants: “We are happy with this product. Time-consuming patching, that we had to execute for every single job, is no longer necessary. And that is why our productivity has increased enormously.”

Digital zone levelling has also convinced a traditional family-owned US based company: “We can patch-up less with the new vetronite plate from Marbach. And the handling is super easy for us.”

How does digital zone levelling work? The operator makes an impression of the machine using a standardized procedure. Marbach then creates a new, modified cover plate for the make-ready sheet. Individually made for this machine. This levels out the height deviations of the cutting platen. So manual area patching of every single tool isn't necessary. Digital zone levelling ensures, together with the Marbach innovations magic sheet and mpower|+ die-cutting, next to no patching-up. For highest performance in packaging production.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach: Innovation Days 2017 - Open House in s'Hertogenbosch  (Company news)

Marbach and Brausse Europe, together invite you to the Innovation Days in s’Hertogenbosch. Visitors can look forward to an exciting program with information and live machine demonstrations. According to the theme “reduction of make-ready times” visitors will learn more about efficient state-of-the-art packaging production.

During the demonstrations, Marbach will present its latest technologies on different Brausse machines.

Make-ready time reduction
In die-cutting, Marbach shows its new developments: digital zone levelling as well as mpower|+ and magic sheet. Equipped with these three components, the goal “die-cutting without patching” is getting close.

Smooth stripping process
In the area of stripping, Marbach introduces its technology masterstrip|plate. This special male stripper is equipped with a presser plate. This construction ensures a smooth highly safe stripping process with high speeds and waste-free blanks.

Efficient blanking
In blanking, Marbach will show its new technology lightblanker. The visitors will learn in a demonstration, how light and easy to handle a blanking tool can be. And that manual blanking is now a thing of the past.

Refinement to perfection
Also the topic packaging refinement must not be missing. “Extraordinary packaging at the point of Sale” is becoming more and more important. On a hotfoil machine, the Marbach technology marbafoil is being presented on a thinplate. In so doing, marbafoil provides beautiful embossing results with the thinplate ensuring highest productivity. Especially for repeat jobs.

Marbach Sales Director Bernhard Reisser: “We are looking forward to this event at Brausse. There, we can show the visitors what kind of performance is possible with the right machine and tooling equipment. A varied program together with much practical advice will make the event worthwhile for the visitors.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach: First presentation at the CCE Munich  (Company news)

This year, Marbach will exhibit for the first time at the CCE in Munich. The company will present its newest developments there.

Marbach is characterized by a broad product portfolio. And by solutions that meet demands. The CCE focusses on corrugated board as well as folding boxes. Marbach Sales Director Silvio Gruber: “These are our core competences. We will introduce different innovations at the CCE, that have all one goal: to increase the performance of our customers.”

Minimizing make-ready times
Marbach will showcase its digital zone levelling technology at the CCE. It is available in different formats. The product levels out height deviations of the cutting platen. Therefore a conventional area patching is no longer necessary. The operator profits from higher machine performance. Together with the mpower|+ cutting-die and the magic sheet, make-ready times can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Top speed
In rotary die-cutting, Marbach presents its tool marbaspeed|r for corrugated board. This specially equipped cutting-die ensures highspeed in the rotary die-cutting process.

Refined packaging
With Marbach refinement technologies, all packaging becomes art. Marbach not only offers 2D and 3D embossing, but also hotfoil solution marbafoil. All from one source. Marbafoil becomes especially efficient through the Marbach thinplate system ensuring highest time-savings in repeat jobs. The new embossing laser can provide even finest embossing contours. The pure edge technology allows flawless corrugated board packaging.

Efficient blanking
The new Marbach blanking tools marbablanker and lightblanker. They stand for simple handling. Flexibility. And efficient blanking.

Waste-free stripping process
The stripping process is very complex. The Marbach tool masterstrip|plate is characterized by smooth stripping with almost no waste.

Hygienic die-cutting
For high requirements to hygiene and product safety, Marbach offers the unique tool marbaclean. This extraordinary hygiene tool is equipped with special safeguards and materials for the food industry. Certified. So customers are always on the safe side. Also with high demands on hygiene.

The tension is rising
Marketing Manager Tina Dost: “We are looking forward to our first trade fair presentation at the CEE, which takes place between the 21st and 23rd of March 2017 in Munich. And also looking forward to many visitors in Hall B5, booth 1234.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #115867

Marbach: An exciting year 2017  (Company news)

Marbach looks forward to an exciting year in 2017. The company has planned comprehensively. Whether international expansion, new technologies or automation, Marbach will invest extensively in 2017 in order to become even better for its customers.

More revenue in 2017
Marbach was able to close the year 2016 on a successful note. And also plans for double-digit sales growth in 2017. For Europe as well as worldwide. In order to handle this growth, Marbach will restructure different business areas and increase the number of employees.

Head of Marketing, Tina Dost: “We will expand further. Because our products are in demand worldwide. In markets we’re already established in. And also in others. South America, Asia and Europe. We plan to build and extend our presence in many markets in 2017. How well this has worked can be seen in the newest members of the Marbach family: Marbach America and Marbach Asia Pacific. Both production sites were founded only a few years ago. After a short build-up phase, they have developed into valuable members of our company group with huge growth potential.”

Besides internationalization, Marbach will invest in the modernization and automation of its production in different subsidiaries. To optimize processes, increase flexibility and reduce cycle times. Marbach customers can soon look forward to even shorter delivery times of their cutting-die orders.

Research & development
In research and development Marbach will further strengthen its capacities as well as the know-how of its employees. Many new Marbach products are already in the trial period. And will ensure best performance for Marbach customers in 2017.

New building and re-building
An expansion at the Marbach headquarters will be completed at the beginning of 2017. A new floor was added to an existing building. This was necessary because the available premises had become inadequate due to huge growth in the company. This part of the building will now host the following departments: purchasing, accounting and Human Resources. So that these sectors will operate more closely. All under one roof.

Also the Marbach die-cutting manufacturing is being modified under the aspect of process optimization. To shorten delivery times and increase the efficiency.

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR is firmly established in the company philosophy. Sustainability is a core value of Marbach. Environmentally friendly products such as the greenplate are being used. Bio plastics are replacing material that contains mineral oils in tools. Renewable energy is being more extensively utilized. Moreover, the CSR report will be revised in 2017 and there will be new investments in energy and environmental measures.

Dost continues: “We have big plans for 2017. We look forward to the many exciting tasks waiting for us. We approach our new motto “Packaging. Performance. You.“ Consistently. Our world is the packaging industry. The customers are our focus. And we want to achieve the highest performance for them. For every requirement the matching solution. Not only in the high-end segment, but also in every price range. Worldwide.”

Newsgrafik #115638

Blanking. Efficiency counts.  (Company news)

Automatic blanking is trending. The advantage is not just productivity. But also an exact delivery of the blanks. For optimal processing. Marbach, worldmarket leader in cutting-die manufacturing, has completely reworked its blanking technologies this year.

The results are the two new blanking tools: lightblanker and marbablanker. The lightblanker is characterized by its light weight and cost-efficient design. This tool is perfect for orders that have previously been separated manually. For higher requirements, Marbach has developed the marbablanker. The advantages: it is perfectly tailored to the operator’s requirements and therefore allows a smooth production process. For very small blanks, Marbach has introduced the new special solution nick-breaking.

The light way of Blanking. The lightblanker.
The lightblanker is a modular blanking tool. Its advantage: the base frame can stay in the machine. It gets adjusted each time according to the job-specific blanking grid. Ultra fast. A few quick steps and the lightblanker is ready to use. With quick lock functions. Eduard Görtz, Marbach blanking expert: “The light weight tool will win you over with its one-person handling and high flexibility. Also with the easy conversion to sheet delivery. Compare manual blanking with the lightblanker. You will see – it's worth it.”

Simply efficient. The marbablanker.
The marbablanker makes blank separation child’s play. It has been perfectly developed for the customers’ needs. The blanking process is fast and trouble-free. Görtz explains: “Our customers choose from different options. They have an unbelievable variety. And also an unbelievable efficiency.” Blanking has never been this easy, so light, so stable and economical all at the same time.

Perfect blanking of small cards. With nick-breaking.
Blanking small cards with double knife – such as blister cards and creditcard formats among others – often cause problems.

That’s why Marbach has invented nick-breaking. Görtz: “With our nick-breaking tools, the punches in the male blanker are replaced by special pins. These are positioned in a way that the nicks can be separated in a focused and controlled manner. So the ups fall down vertically. Without twisting. Or tilting.” This allows significantly faster machine speeds in special application scenarios with small cards. Without time-consuming machine stops. The blanks can be separated securely. And stacked neatly.

Marbach has widened its blanking tool range significantly. And can now offer its customers the perfectly fitting tool for every requirement. For small quantities. And large ones. For simple layouts. And difficult ones. For automatic blanking, that’s worth it.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #112825

Implementation of CSR activities  (Company news)

In 2015, we published our first Corporate Social Responsibility report. Creating the report, the company intensively reviewed its activities regarding social, economic and environmental sustainability. In the area of ecology, Marbach already laid the foundation for a successful future a few years ago with its philosophy marbagreen.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: “For us, the CSR report is not only a report. It’s about uniting already existing measures and activities within the three areas of social, economic and environmental sustainability. It provides a guideline we can use as a basis for optimizations. CSR is firmly anchored in our company strategy. Every year, we plan targeted activities and transport those in our daily business.”

For the years 2015 and 2016, Marbach is focusing on the topic of environmental protection, especially the subject of saving energy.

In 2015, there already have been investments in different plants, which reduce the production hall’s energy use drastically. A central vacuum unit has been installed that is considerably more efficient than conventional systems. Furthermore, a ventilation system and a central chiller unit not only ensure an optimal climate for the employees and the machinery but also an optimized energy balance.

Tina Dost: „But that’s not all. At the moment, an energy audit is in progress, in which our consumption is analyzed by an external company. This analysis is used as the basis for recommendations in what areas an energy usage optimization is possible and reasonable.” Throughout the year, Marbach will take appropriate measures for an efficient use of resources.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #112802

Investment in rotation  (Company news)

The Marbach Group, global leader in die cutting technology, has been investing more than five million euros over the past two years into a new building and production equipment for the rotary die cutting tools. After expanding and modernizing the machine park in 2015, the project “New rotary production hall Heilbronn” is now completed. A strong revenue growth in this segment is expected for the year 2016.

The Marbach Group produces rotary tools for the production of cigarette and liquid packaging since over 20 years. In addition, companies in the automotive industry or medical technology are among Marbach’s rotary customers. This area has been established within Marbach step by step over many years. That’s why not only the space became too restrictive, but also the demands on the floor load reached their limits. Following Marbach’s “Strategey 2023” of expanding the rotary segment, it became necessary to make room for additional machines in order to keep up with the planned revenue growth. The new hall has a usable space of 1,300 square meters. The base plate weighs 2,000 tons and is 80 cm thick. It is carried by 151 concrete piles that reach between 10 and 12 meters into the ground.

Peter Marbach: „The major challenge during the construction of the building was the historical background of Heilbronn-Böckingen. A Roman fort has been located in the immediate vicinity of our company during 85/90 AD until the middle of the 2nd century. It could have happened that we come across more archaeological findings during the excavation. And that wasn’t all. During the Second World War, Böckingen was hit by several air raids. Therefore extreme caution was required. According to the building permission, we had the duty to contract a company specialized in removing warfare materials at our own expenses. This contractor had to look for possibly explosive ordnance and – in case of detection – would have had to remove it. Luckily, we neither came across ancient Roman colonies, nor explosive remnants of the war, while building the new hall.”

After overcoming these obstacles, the new building was finished. In the end of 2014, the production moved into the new hall. But that wasn’t the end of the project. Not only until the end of 2015, all the work had been completed. Peter Marbach: “We are happy, that project “rotary” is now completed and everything is in place. We not only have an experienced team, also the construction of the hall – that has been tailored specifically to our requirements – offers great advantages. The floor is virtually vibration-free through the special construction. This guarantees maximum precision. Furthermore, we doubled our capacities by building the new production hall. This makes us extremely flexible and enables us to offer considerably shorter delivery times.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #112776

New corporate design for the ultimate year of trade fairs   (Company news)

The Marbach Group is looking forward to an exciting year 2016. Not only the big trade fairs “drupa“, „FachPack“ and „K“ take place this year. Marbach will also present countless novelties.

This involves of course mostly product innovations. But that’s not all. Marbach will update its visual appearance and also launch its new website in this context.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: “During this ultimate trade fair year, we want to excite our customers not only with new products. We will also introduce our Corporate Design. As of drupa, we will occur more modern, fresh and with a new slogan. And that’s not all! We started with our monthly newsletter for our cutting die customers over a year ago. It enjoys great popularity. Starting 2016, there will be numerous infoletter discount campaigns regarding our product innovations, to increase the subscriptions even more!”

Marbach keeps a low profile in terms of product developments that are in progress until drupa. Tina Dost: “We don’t want to reveal too much yet. But we will present a couple of new technologies with which we can supply our customers more individually and also provide them highest productivity in their cutting process.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #112745

New technology for corrugated board cutting dies  (Company news)

With the new Marbach nick changing system, you can react fast and easily to varying conditions of your corrugated board material.

Ingo Graham, Marbach Technical Sales Engineer: “Our customers often face the problem of fluctuations regarding the material’s humidity. Depending on the type and the condition of the corrugated board, a different number of nicks is necessary. Our customers are more flexible with the nick changing system and can adjust their tool to the material properties in no time.”

This means a shorter machine start-up phase. The nick changing system also improves the hygiene in the die cutting environment: grinding additional nicks on press is not necessary any more. This eliminates the grinding dust that could be transferred to the blanks and end up in the customer’s product. The system’s mechanical locking feature enables you to quickly change cutting rules multiple times without any damage to the dieboard.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #107327

marbajump - New Additional Option for Steel Counter Plates  (Company news)

If desired, Marbach‘s pertinax elements marbajump are embedded in the steel counter plate to reduce the sheet’s risk of getting stuck in the creasing channel at weak spots e.g. in conjunction with reverse scoring or embossing. marbajump is highly recommended for inline diecutting.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #105772

Marbach Strengthens Its Board of Directors  (Company news)

Marbach is pleased to announce that it has recently been strengthened its Board of Directors by appointing Stefanie Greiner as Managing Director.
Since joining the company in 1994, Greiner studied business administration and worked as Human Resources Officer for two years before she became Chief Human Resources Officer in 1999. As Chief Operating Officer Greiner has been responsible for the daily operation of the Marbach Group since 2009.
Peter Marbach explains: “We highly appreciate the addition of Stefanie Greiner to our Board of Directors because of her great experience.”
Stefanie Greiner joins the board alongside Peter Marbach, Owner & CEO, Bernd Klenk and Hans Masche.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #105197

Marbach: Managing Director Retired  (Company news)

Franz Strack (picture), Managing Director of the Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG, retired from the business at the end of 2013.
Peter Marbach: "Mr. Strack has been working for Marbach for more than half of his life. With his prudence and foresight he has played an important role in turning the Marbach Group into what it is today: the industry leader in diecutting technology."
Besides his engagement in Marbach, Mr. Strack runs a very successful family business with his wife: he has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.
Bernd Klenk, who has already been part of Marbach's general management since January 1, 2011, has now moved across to replace him as the new managing director.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #103725

Marbach Transport Bow - Brand-new for Martin Rotary Diecutters  (Company news)

Get Marbach’s all-new offer for Martin rotary diecutters featuring Posilock system: replacing conventional transport shells, we recommend our special, brand-new transport bows. Your main benefits: flexible use, major reduction in make-ready time, and substantial saving in costs and storage space.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #101040

Review Taropak 2012 - Marbach at the Taropak 2012  (Company news)

After four successful days, Taropak in Poznan, Poland closed its doors. Marbach's show highlights, a revised version of the Marbach stripping technology masterstrip-plate and the brand-new lightblanker-s wowed the visitors. Marbach could welcome more than 50 visitors at their booth. Thank you very much for visiting us at the Taropak!
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #99222

30 Days To Go - Marbach at the drupa  (Company news)

Marbach's commitment to ecological sustainability is called marbagreen and the bedrock of our strategic priorities.
Over 50,000 sold Marbach greenplates (photo) — the first green dieboard on the market—is the best evidence that sustainability and efficiency can be combined. The greenplate is both earth-friendly and economical. Long-term tests have shown that the greenplate provides low patch up times and high tooling performance.
Another green Marbach innovation: We replace our plastic tool components with fully recyclable bioplastic ones.
Visit us at our booth D24 in hall 10 at drupa in Düsseldorf May 3-16. Under the slogan "blue & green innovations for your success" we will be demonstrating that Marbach products are both ecologically sustainable and efficient.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #95463

Marbach's Expansion into the Americas - New Diemaking Manufacturing Facility in Charlotte  (Company news)

The Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG, the industry’s global leader in diecutting technology, is proud to announce plans for expansion into the Americas. In an official statement, the Marbach Group has presented its strategic orientation for the coming years by investing $3,000,000 in a highly modern production facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Having focused on substantial growth and investment in Eastern and Western Europe over the past 5 years, the Marbach Group is now focused on providing its customers with a wide range of products and services within the Americas.
“Based upon over 10 years of business activities in the Americas and a detailed analysis of the market, we came to the decision of bringing production of our high tech tooling to the local markets”, stated Jan Brunner, Sales Manager.
The 14,000 sq. ft. facility will be the first of its kind with full tooling manufacturing capabilities for the largest format corrugated equipment and the most precise folding carton cutting/stamping equipment. “We are excited to offer our customers the ability to purchase all of their high tech cutting, embossing, and foil stamping dies and other related tooling components for folding cartons and corrugated packaging all in one manufacturing facility”, noted Managing Director Bernd Klenk.
Through support of the local state & government groups, Marbach found the ideal location platform for expansion in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The central location, temperate climate and business friendly environment prove Charlotte to be the optimal location for our newest expansion. Marbach will be creating 30 direct jobs in the Charlotte
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #93841

Marbach to Reinforce Management Team - Bernd Klenk Appointed CEO  (Company news)

The Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG, the industry’s leading specialist in diecutting technology,
has extended its management team. Since Novermber 1, 2011, Mr. Bernd Klenk has reinforced the managing staff of the company’s headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany. Joining Marbach in January 2011, Klenk has been Head of International Markets & Associated Companies.
Before working for Marbach, the graduate engineer and MBA was responsible for a company in the automotive industry in the U.S. Klenk has long-term international experiences in engineering and the supplying industry.
Peter Marbach explains: “We appreciate that Mr. Bernd Klenk—an internationally experienced person—is reinforcing our management team. This perfectly fits our expansion strategies in order to expand our global presence step by step.”
Together with the Owner & CEO Peter Marbach as well as the two CEO’s Franz Strack and Hans Masche, Bernd Klenk will take care of the company’s business.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #89791

High flexibility and great expertise - Friedr. Serong GmbH & Co. KG satisfied Marbach customer  (Company news)

For decades, the Marbach Group has been known as innovative and sophisticated diemaker who is also capable of working out individual solutions for challenging jobs. Now, this image has been confirmed by Marbach customer Friedr. Serong GmbH & Co. KG from Höxter, Germany.
Rochus Kramer, Managing Partner of Friedr. Serong: “We are very satisfied with Marbach as our supplier. No other diemaker has greater expertise or is more experienced in finding customized solutions. Not long ago we had a highly challenging Braille job. Marbach took care of our concern and together with Marbach’s extraordinary flexibility and excellent advice we found an individual solution. Since we are using this improvement especially designed for our needs we are benefiting from a considerable increase in productivity of our Braille jobs.
In fact, this is not the only reason why Marbach has confirmed us. We have generally made the experience that we are profiting from short patch-up times and high machine speeds when using Marbach tools – everything at a reasonable price.
All Marbach innovations have an extremely positive effect on our productivity. So, we are really happy to have Marbach as a partner at our side. Thank you very much Marbach for your competent and individual advice at all times as well as the careful and fast handling of our requests.”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)


Best Thin Wall Packaging 2011 - Marbach wins IMDA Award  (Company news)

Marbach moulds & automation’s Rügenwalder Teewurst package is awarded “Best Thin Wall Packaging” by IMDA in 2011. The award will be officially handed over on the occasion of IMLCON 2011 & IMDCON 2011 in Phoenix, USA, on November 16-17.
But what makes Rügenwalder Teewurst package the best thin wall packaging 2011? Very simple: Together with the packaging manufacturer Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging GmbH, molder of the package, Marbach has taken new directions. “For the first time, an advanced IML enables seamless integration of side and bottom labels without edges in a single step”, the IMDA jury explains its decision. Previously, this cup design was only possible with thermoformed containers and sleeve labels. The IML process developed by Marbach with full-cover-labeling offers greater design freedom with the same “hand-finished” look and feel, the jury continues.
In the future, Marbach will pursue its work on innovative products. Together with Weidenhammer and other customers Marbach is working on several projects that will bring significant changes to the packaging industry. First details will be presented by Marbach at the Fakuma 2011, Stand B1-1012.
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #85751

Marbach’s worldwide expansion: World market leader in diecutting technology taking the next step  (Company news)

The Marbach-Group, world market leading specialist in diecutting technology, is continuing its policy of expansion by strengthening its global presence step by step.
“We have taken the next step towards internationalization“, explains Bernd Klenk, Head of International Markets & Associated at Marbach.
After the first contact with the company Cripack, Colombia’s leading diemaker, had been established in April 2010, the partnership was officially sealed on July 14, 2011.
But why did Marbach choose Cripack? Bernd Klenk continues: “Since the beginning of this year we are highly interested in expanding our worldwide sales’ presence to perfectly provide our customers with Marbach quality all around the world and to guarantee professional local service. Looking for a strong partner in Colombia we found Cripack.” Last year’s mutual visits, where both companies had the chance to get to know each other, showed that they might match very well.
Mr. Omar Ortega, Managing Director of Cripack, is absolutely thrilled with his new partner: “Marbach is a worldwide known quality and innovation leader. I had an intense look at the factory in Heilbronn and especially the production processes there. This was absolutely convincing. The cooperation with Marbach enables Cripack to make use of the world market leader’s know-how and new developments. This is how we will be able to supply our customers with a wide range of products and tools in Marbach quality in the future. I’m looking forward to this partnership!”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #81001

Marbach has launched new water-jet cutter  (Company news)

marbajet-1000linear: Unique Drive Unit for Maximum Efficiency

After numerous product innovations Marbach has just launched another brand-new product, its water-jet cutting machine marbajet-1000linear.
This new generation water-jet cuts several soft materials such as rubber, foam and cork. And, it is the first cutter providing a full-size 40’’ working area to reduce the user’s setup time. marbajet-1000linear’s core is its linear drive unit. Being unique on the market it offers numerous advantages.
Marbach Sales Manager Samuel Vial explains: “This linear drive works absolutely magnetic – no contact required. This means the drive is nearly maintenance- and trouble-free. Using marbajet-1000linear machine downtimes due to drive disorders are a thing of the past. Apart from freedom from maintenance the drive provides a considerably higher cutting speed than other machines on the market.”
Besides, the water-jet offers many additional features that are part of the Marbach standard. For example, the cutter is equipped with a high pressure pump operating at 4,150 bar.
Samuel Vial continues: “marbajet-1000linear is not only an attractive machine because of its technical benefits. It also meets current CE machinery requirements and sets operating and safety standards. Due to the encapsulated machine concept working safety during machine operation is guaranteed. Immediately upon opening the cover, the drive units are disconnected. This means maximum safety – which is of course an important feature for water-jet cutters which are operating at such a huge water pressure.”
Finally, the brand-new loading and unloading concept with telescope drawer guarantees fast and safe re-setting from one job to another. (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #80301

Marbach customer focusing on ecology  (Company news)

Swiss Glanzmann Group only uses Marbach greenplate

Ecological sustainability within the field of packaging is getting more and more important.
Since more than 1.5 years the German world market leader in diecutting technology, the Marbach Group, has been supplying its customers with the Marbach greenplate—first ecologically sustainable dieboard on the market.
The Swiss Glanzmann Group, taking care of ecological sustainability throught its whole production process, is very pleased by the Marbach greenplate—not only due to its ecofriendly characteristics. Markus Elser, Glanzmann Sales Manager, explains: “Long-term testing of the greenplate has shown that the dieboard material can keep up with the one of standard dies. We rather benefit from a considerably lower loss of stability to dimensions when storing the die—although the temperature conditions inside our warehouse are not ideal. Besides, diecutting process runs smoothly. Our production team is highly satisfied with the new die, so that we completely switched from standard dieboard material to Marbach greenplate over one year ago.” Some Glanzmann customers even demand the use of resource-saving materials when producing packaging such as the shoe manufactory Ilmia. They set a high valaue von sustainable and environmentally friendly processes—from the product to the packaging. Markus Elser continues: “We are happy to provide our customers added value by using the Marbach greenplate: Because what can be more important than preserving our environment for future generations?”
(Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #73551

Ecologically sustainable dieboard - Marbach greenplate successfully established on the market  (Company news)

Over a year ago, the Marbach Group launched the first ecologically sustainable dieboard on the market: the Marbach greenplate. In the meantime it has been rapidly accepted by the Marbach customers. Marketing Manager Tina Dost:
“Ecological sustainability is a very important matter to many of our customers at the moment. Not till the introduction of the Marbach greenplate a non-stop ecological packaging production – even in the diecutting sector – has been possible.”
But a survey among greenplate users showed that ecological sustainability is not the only reason for the triumph of the Marbach greenplate. Dost continues: “Long-term application has shown that, besides ecological sustainability, the greenplate also provides numerous technical benefits for our customers. This means, we developed something special: an ecologically sustainable material that brings production benefits to our customers.
What else could you ask for?” In the meantime, not only the dieboard is ecologically sustainable but also the compulsory edge protectors of the board – plastic so far – are made of biodegradable natural material.
The Marbach customers are impressed by the advantages of the greenplate. For example Mr. Heiko Eichhorn, Packaging Development Manager at Lewell Kartonagen, says: “The greenplate’s ideal technical characteristics provide us with excellent cutting results. And the best thing is that the consistent fitting of the rules makes us benefit from reduced make-ready times in our production!”
Laura Grondey from the Management of Siemer Kartonagen is a convinced user as well: “We found out that the excellent flatness of the greenplate means an important advantage to us. We do not only benefit from reduced patching times and a consequently higher productivity but also a very smooth sheet transportation. However, because of our special clientele ecological sustainability is still a relevant factor.”
Mr. Harald Hartmann, Team Manager Diecutting at Mensing Druck & Verpackung, also reports about the greenplate’s high stability to dimensions: “The distortion of the new board is considerably lower than with multiplex. In consequence, we save make-ready time and benefit from even more precise cutting results which means not only an increase in efficiency but also in quality. And, due to the excellent flatness of the board an Braille embossing can be handled easily.”
So, Marbach has developed a new dieboard which perfectly meets both quality and ecological sustainability requirements of the market. (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #72573

easyfairs Verpackung Schweiz 2011 in Bern - Marbach Group will be presenting latest innovations  (Company news)

At easyfairs Verpackung Schweiz 2011 in Bern the Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting its recent highlights from March 2nd till March 3rd 2011.
First of all, the in-house development and first ecologically sustainable dieboard Marbach greenplate: Since its introduction 1.5 years ago, Marbach has sold more than 19,000 greenplate dies. Even the diemaker itself has been surprised by this success.
Ernst Schmocker, Managing Director Marbach Switzerland, says: “Apart from the ecological benefits of the greenplate, long-term use has shown that our customers even benefit from numerous technical advantages. easyfairs visitors are welcome to be informed on these benefits in details in Hall 210, Stand F14.”
However, Marbach is not only focused on developing “green” tooling the Marbach philosophy of sustainability – called marbagreen – involves more. For example, the substitution of petrol-based plastic parts by eco-friendly bioplastics is also part of this philosophy.
Besides ecological sustainability Marbach will be showing further innovations such as masterstrip-plate, reliable and efficient stripping technology — especially with high proportion of waste in the sheet — and Marbach MDSS, storage system to ideally store cutting tools.
And, Marbach will be presenting its latest project as well, the Marbach rotary die called marbaspeed-r. This brand-new die for rotary diecutting of corrugated board impresses with extremely good performance characteristics. (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #72213

New directive for Braille: DIN EN 15823 - Be on the safe side with Marbach  (Company news)

According to an EU directive almost any pharmaceutical packaging must have
been decorated with Braille since 2004. In November 2010, a new European directive, DIN EN 15823, came into force.
Until then, the height of Braille characters was not clearly specified. The DIN EN 15823 directive is now setting up minimum heights for Braille embossing for the first time: According to this directive the majority of embossed characters shall be higher than 0.12 mm.
The implementation of the directive is very challenging for many conventional systems on the market. But why? Basically, Braille embossing shall meet two contradictory criteria: A light embossing is required to guarantee visually ideal results without bursting cardboard material. However, the embossing shall be as strong as possible so that blind people may easily touch and read the Braille. With this in mind, Braille embossing on packaging is always a balancing act between visuality and readability.
Due to the specifications of the new directive a minimum embossing height of 0.12 mm is now required. The cardboard material is heavily stressed and necessarily bursts. The outer cracking is clearly visible which means that the optical appearance of the packaging will be negatively affected.
It is a different situation with the Braille embossing system from Marbach.
Sales Director Bernhard Reisser: “Since the introduction of our Braille technology in 2004 we have provided a character height of approx. 0.18 to 0.20 mm. Therefore, we developed our patented marbabraille technology with compressed elastic embossing.”
This patented Marbach system has one key advantage: The above-mentioned problem occurs as well when the Braille embossing is higher than a certain level – but, due to the compressed embossing, the cardboard material is immediately “pressed flat”. This means that the embossing does not show any outer cracking visible to the naked eye. As a result, the optical appearance of the packaging is not distracted.
Bernhard Reisser: “We are very happy that we are able to supply our customers with this system which is unique on the market. This is how we meet all of the requirements: compliance with the directive, best readability for blinds and perfect visuality at the same time.” (Karl#Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #68281

Marbach presents future strategy - World market leader in die cutting technology expands...  (Company news) Eastern Europe

In an official statement the Marbach Group is presenting his strategical orientation for the next years. Managing Director Peter Marbach: “2010 was a good year for Marbach inter alia due to our strategic alignment towards Eastern Europe.”
The German die making specialist has substantially invested in all of his Eastern European branches. For example, the Polish plants were further expanded — in Tarnowskie Góry a new building was occupied as well as invested in highly modern production technologies, in Kielce the production site was extended. Besides, Marbach Ceska expanded his growth at the new production site in Rajhrad and in Nadlac (Romania) a new building with highly modern production equipment has recently been built.
Marbach‘s policy of expansion has also affected Germany. The capacity of the production site in Geyer was expanded step by step so that more than 100 employees are working there now. The acquisition of a new laser system as well as further production equipment is planned for 2011.
As from January 2011 the Marbach branch In France (Rouillac) will be taken over by “management buy-out” and realigned by the former Managing Director Emmanuel Béquet.
A close cooperation with Marbach in Heilbronn will secure the supply of the market with high-tech tools. Peter Marbach explains: “In order to perfectly promote the Marbach Group we have to use all our power for our future strategy. That means, further expansion in Eastern Europe as well as a trustful cooperation with Mr. Béquet in France. Details of this cooperation we will see in 2011. Talks have already been going on.” (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #65011

Marbach co-operation with Weidenhammer: Brand-new insert technique is revolutionizing...  (Company news)

... in-mould labelling

For eight months now, Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging GmbH is manufacturing cups and lids for “Rügenwalder Teewurst” (smoked pork paté) at their production site in Zwenkau near Leipzig (Germany) by using both tooling and in-mould labelling (IML) system from Marbach moulds & automation GmbH. A brand-new insert moulding technique developed by Marbach provides pefectly attractive product decoration as well as some further advantages.
Weidenhammer is one of the world‘s leading manufacturer of composite cans, composite drums, luxury tubes and plastic containers. Together with Marbach moulds & automation, tooling and handling system supplier for the injection moulding industry, Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging in Zwenkau has been running numerous projects over the last 4 years.
Completely different jobs such as containers for ice-cream, cheese packaging or sausage packs have already been realized.
Carrying out the latest “Rügenwalder Teewurst” project both of these innovative companies are treading new paths in in-mould labelling.
But why did Weidenhammer choose Marbach from all suppliers? “In this case, it was an easy decision. On the one hand, because we got to know Marbach as an innovative partner for sophisticated projects in the past few years. And on the onther hand, Marbach has a lot of experience of tooling and IML automation providing excellent insertion accuracy. Thus, the perfect partner for a project of this magnitude”, says Operations Manager Maurizio Conte.
The Rügenwalder project has started in July 2009. A cup, which has so far been produced with the thermoforming method with sleeve technology (shrinking of decoration), should now be produced with IML technology. A specific challenge was that the existing cup layout was not allowed to be changed.
Maurizio Conte: “This customer requirement made it necessary to utilize a totally new IML technology. Due to the joint development of Weidenhammer and Marbach the existing limits of in-mould labelling have been re-defined. Now, new injection moulding applications are possible which could not been realized before.’”
Marbach exactly knows Weidenhammer‘s high requirements. Holger Kast, General Sales Manager at Marbach moulds & automation: “This project was a big challenge for us. Because when using standard IML decoration the bottom of the cup must be provided with a small foot.” However, this was not possible due to the pre-defined cup layout of the Rügenwalder project. Kast continues: “After numerous deliberations and tests a joint solution was found and verified by prototypes later. So, we could do without the classic foot at the bottom because the banderole and the bottom label cover the entire cup. Marbach would not be Marbach if we had not further optimized this insert moulding technique and consequently considerably increased the system’s efficiency. And, in the meantime this insert moulding technique has been patented.“
The test results could be applied to the production tools and automation without any changes.
Approximately 5 months after the start of the project the production facilities, which had been matched together with the injection moulding machines on Marbach‘s premises, were moved to Zwenkau.
Now, the products can be injected, decorated and screened by a camera system in one processing step there.
Cup and lid facility are enclosed in a cleanroom to meet Rügenwalder‘s high standard of hygiene. And, all facilities (robotics as well as injection moulding machines) are lubricated with food-safe grease (NSF H1 registered) to leave no room for doubts about hygiene.
In the future, Marbach will continue the trend toward innovative products. Together with Weidenhammer, for example, Marbach has projects in the pipeline that will have significant influence on the packaging market. (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #60281

Marbach has been launching high-performance die for corrugated board  (Company news)

marbaspeed-r: Highest efficiency in rotary diecutting

The high-performance rotary cutting die called marbspeed-r is the latest development of the Heilbronner, Germany, diemaker Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG. This innovative tooling technology for corrugated board is mainly characterized by its extremely high performance.
The reason for this is that marbaspeed-r is equipped with brand-new, special high-tech rubbering. This means, elastomers are used instead of natural rubber material. These elastomers have the advantage that they are highly resistant and durable. And their production is eco-friendly without propellant.
But, of course, rubber material is not all. Also the correct positioning of the rubber in the die is very important for the effectiveness of this brand-new rotary cutting die. This is based on a perfectly developed system of rubber positioning and mounting which leads to optimum results. Due to more than 40 years of experience in producing rotary cutting dies Marbach provides the required know-how.
Besides, the new marbaspeed-r is equipped with an in-house developed handle to make the handling easier and secure.
Mr. Christian Wala, Plant Manager at Wellpappe Forchheim GmbH & Co. KG (Palm Group) is convinced of this innovation: “We have recently ordered a rotary marbaspeed-r die for a flat-bed job with which we are dealing once a week. Job details are: yoghurt crate, E wave, many waste parts. The result convinced us: marbaspeed-r is opening up a new production method because we are now also able to choose for rotary processing when dealing with this job. This was not possible with a standard rotary die. Besides, we achieve a considerable increase in productivity – in case of the above-mentioned job we experienced an increase of approx. 35% – when using this new production method. And, with marbaspeed-r, we benefit from complete waste disposal. Thank you Marbach for this brand-new solution to increase productivity.” (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Marbach High Speed Rubber Cutting System - marbajet is revolutionizing Mexican market  (Company news)

The Marbach Group, one of the internationally leading partners of the diecutting and diemaking industry, has recently placed its first marbajet high speed rubber cutting system in Mexico. This well-proven Marbach in-house development is now revolutionizing the Mexican market.
While rubber cutting has only been handwork for Mexican diemakers until today, the marbajet is an efficient way to equip die-shops with a certain degree of automation in order to increase productivity. Being the simplest and safest machine on the market to produce ejection rubber at blazing fast speeds, Marbach’s marbajet allows die-makers and converters of all sizes to turn around jobs faster than ever before.
So, Lasser Cut, a forward thinking die-maker in Mexico City, was looking for a means to increase their production output in an efficient and simple way. The choice was clear: They purchased a marbajet, the latest technology in high-speed ejection rubber production with a very dynamic power unit (70 m/min).
Technology, know-how, service, and parts availability were all important deciding factors for Lasser Cut. As Marbach has half of their marbajet machines installed in North America, parts are stocked at Marbach USA in Elkhart, IN and service personnel are also available from within the USA.
Now, Marbach is looking forward to the expansion of their equipment throughout North America. All interested parties should contact Marbach USA at +1-815-981-4955 for more information on our water jets as well as further products such as lasers, counter cutters, Braille embossing system and materials. (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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Fachpack 2010 in Nuremberg: Marbach Group – Economy meets Ecology  (Company news)

The Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting their latest highlights at Fachpack in Nuremberg from September 28-30th 2010.
The first ecological dieboard, the Marbach greenplate, will be celebrating its first anniversary at this year’s Fachpack. Having sold more than 10,000 plates since its launch even Marbach is surprised by the success of this green Marbach innovation.
General Sales Manager Silvio Gruber explains: “Of course, we are very happy about the successful launch of the greenplate. Long-term operations have even shown that the greenplate, besides ecological sustainability, also provides some technical advantages for our customers.” What exactly are these advantages he wants to keep secret until Fachpack. “Fachpack visitors will be shown all benefits in hall 7, stand 7-422”, Mr. Gruber indicates with a grin.
This year, Marbach will also be informing the visitors what ecological sustainability means to Marbach in details at the special show “Sustainable production and packaging”. But Marbach does not only put their focus on the development of “green” tools but rather continues their philosophy of sustainability – called marbagreen – purposefully and comprehensively.
Silvio Gruber continues: “The co-operation with Tecnaro GmbH, winner of the European Inventor Award 2010, is another big step forward for us dealing with ecological sustainability!
We are very honored that we will be welcoming the award winner at our special show stand 4-229, hall 4! Let’s just say this: in the future we will not only substitute the wood of the dieboard by eco-friendly material but also other tool components.”
Besides ecologically sustainable products Marbach will of course be presenting further new developments such as the masterstrip-plate. This stripping technology provides a safe and efficient stripping and is now also available for solid board. Furthermore, Marbach will be introducing their latest project, the rotary cutting die marbaspeed-r. The main advantage of this brand-new high-speed rotary die for corrugated board is its enormous power. (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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masterstrip-plate — now also available for folding carton  (Company news)

Marbach presents technology for highest stripping reliability

By launching the masterstrip-plate to the folding carton sector the Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG brings a new and highly efficient stripping technology for difficult jobs to the market. With a pressure plate fixed to the stripping upper die the masterstrip-plate provides a stable and reliable stripping process.
After Marbach has already successfully utilized the masterstrip-plate in the corrugated board sector for some time this technology is now finally also available for our customers from the folding carton sector.
Marbach’s General Sales Manager for folding carton, Bernhard Reisser, explains: “Ever faster and large-format machines, blanks with very small as well as a high number of waste parts and the increasing use of cardboard with a high proportion of recycling material make highest demands of the tooling technology. And we have met these requirements. With the masterstrip-plate we supply our customers with highest stripping reliability — even for extremely difficult jobs such as not flat sheets. The unbeatable advantages of this Marbach technology are a high performance of the diecutter, a smooth sheet transport and a very good stripping result. This is how we achieve highest reliability during the stripping process and thereby increase the productivity of our customers’ diecutting department.”
Marbach customer Mr. Ernst Gehlhar, work preparation department at Schur Pack Germany GmbH, confirms Bernhard Reisser’s expressions: “We had a tricky job with a very high proportion of waste in the sheet and were concerned that this might lead to stripping difficulties. Marbach suggested using the masterstrip-plate for this job. We agreed — and what shall I say? We are thrilled! Utilizing the masterstrip-plate we achieved a very stable stripping process with a good and very constant stripping result for this job. The sheet ran very smooth so we could increase the machine speed compared to standard stripping tools. Our result: Especially in connection with jobs with very unstable sheets, which means a high proportion of waste, also in the future we will rely on the masterstrip-plate from Marbach.” (Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG)

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