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    You are here: Company information - News - Domsjö Fabriker AB, Aditya Birla Group back to result list
    Company information
    Producers of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper and board

    Domsjö Fabriker AB, Aditya Birla Group

    Sweden, Örnsköldsvik

    08.05.2014   Domsjö Fabriker: Production Record!    ( Company news )

    Company news The production runs as never before in the Biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker. It reflects all three main products ; Cellulose, Lignin and Bioethanol.
    The production of Specialty cellulose has been especially good. Already by the end of 2013, we noted an increased production and the positive trend has continued. A new daily record was reached during early 2014 with a peak of 832 tons on 2 February.
    Now, a new monthly record is taken, in April we produced 19 873 tons Cellulose which gives an average production of 662 tons per day. It should be compared with the previous record of 623 tons per day.

    - We have never produced so much in modern time before. It is extremely gratifying, says Lars Winter, CEO.
    - We have for some time been working with adjustments in our process. Now we see the result of the fantastic work done by our employees. The interest and commitment to work with improvements are very large.
    - All employees should take the credit of this success, Lars Winter continues.
    It is not only the production that was high, although quality outcome was record high. Of cellulose, the production was 99.6 % of the intended quality, which is incredibly good.
    - We hope to continue at this rate, so we can reach over 230 000 tons cellulose during the year. And we are also working on further improvements, primarily in the cooking and recovery departments, concludes Lars Winter.

    It is not only the cellulose production that is booming . This positive trend has also influenced the production of lignin and bioethanol which became very high during April.
    (Domsjö Fabriker AB)
    22.07.2013   Production record!    ( Company news )

    On July 8, Domsjö Fabriker produced 823.4 tons of cellulose!
    This is the highest day production since the mill switch the production to 100 percent dissolvingcellulose. Last record was 806,1 tons (2012.01.10).
    (Domsjö Fabriker AB)
    17.05.2013   ANDRITZ to modernize two boiler plants in Sweden: capacity increase of up to 20%    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has received orders from Stora Enso Nymölla AB and Domsjö Fabriker AB, Sweden, to modernize a recovery boiler and a sulfite liquor boiler. Due to technology and equipment supplied by ANDRITZ Energy & Environment (AE&E), the capacity of the two boiler plants can be increased by up to 20%. Both start-ups are scheduled for 2013.
    For Stora Enso’s liquor recovery boiler in Nymölla, which went into operation in 1971, AE&E will supply the plate-type heat exchangers for pre-heating the combustion air in combination with an economizer to pre-heat the feed water. This technical concept is characterized by a long lifetime of the boiler and lower maintenance effort required; thus scheduled plant shutdowns can be reduced to a minimum and the plant’s capacity increased significantly.
    The scope of supply for sulfite liquor boiler no. 9 at Domsjö Fabriker, in operation since 1962, comprises replacement of the super heater and evaporator heating surfaces, as well as partial replacement of the front and rear walls of the liquor boiler. The new AE&E design will improve the fouling behavior of the boiler and enhance efficiency by up to 20%. Due to the very short assembly period of 18 days, the customer will only have a very brief production shutdown.
    (Andritz AG)
    11.01.2012   Mr Lars Winter new CEO of Domsjö Fabriker    ( Company news )

    Company news Mr Lars Winter (55) has been appointed as new CEO of Domsjö Fabriker and will succeed the present CEO, Ola Hildingsson as from March 1. Lars Winter is a Licanciate of Technology and has a broad experience from various leading positions in the forest industry. Presently he occupies a position as VP Technology and Business Development at Holmen Paper. Lars is married to Åsa and has 2 grown up children.
    (Domsjö Fabriker AB)
    19.04.2011   Domsjö joins Aditya Birla Group    ( Company news )

    Aditya Birla Group today announced the acquisition of Domsjö Fabriker, a leading Swedish biorefinery and specialty cellulose company, through Thai Rayon Public Company Limited (Thailand) and Indo Bharat Rayon (Indonesia).
    "The acquisition of Domsjö Fabriker, a world-class company, marks a significant milestone in our Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF) business", comments Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman. "We look upon the VSF business as a core business that has a strong growth potential both in terms of revenues and earnings. Domsjö's highly professional management team and their committed staff add value to this acquisition. I most warmly welcome them to the extended Aditya Birla family."
    "As a large quality manufacturer of different viscose fibres, Domsjö's products have a synergistic fit. We see great potential in further developing the company and its products. We are fully committed to its extensive investment program for 2012. Importantly, we plan to expand the research and development function at Domsjö as part of our global R&D efforts", added Mr K.K Maheshwari, Director of the Companies.
    An impressive investment program in recent years, has enabled the company to attain even higher levels of performance. Additionally, its state-of-the-art biorefinery, with very high environmental standards, offers distinct advantages.
    "For Domsjö, this is great news", says Ola Hildingsson, CEO of Domsjö Fabriker. "This brings a strong financial base and global presence to our operations and strengthens our position in the entire value chain. In combination with a commitment to continue to expand our production facilities and invest further in research and development, Aditya Birla is the perfect owner of Domsjö".
    Domsjö's overall strategy is to bolster its inputs and it has, in addition to an increased production of specialty cellulose, developed its production processes to enable production of auxiliary products. As a result of the ongoing investment program the production capacity for specialty cellulose will increase to 255 000 tons per annum by the end of 2012. Complementary products include lignin and bioethanol. The company will complete the engineering study initiated in relation to the gasification project, GazEllen, which will be value adding.
    Specialty cellulose produced by Domsjö find primary end use in the textile segment (viscose staple fibre and viscose filament yarn). Around 25% of the production is used in non-textile applications, such as carrier in pharmaceutical tablets, thickening agents and in casings.
    Although Domsjö will become a strategic sourcing partner for the Aditya Birla Group's expanding global viscose fibre production, Domsjö will continue to market and sell to third parties.
    The production process is carried out in an environmentally sound way with low levels of emissions. The bleaching process is totally chlorine free (TCF) and is conducted through a unique closed loop bleaching process. Domsjö thus meets the highest environmental standards. (Domsjö Fabriker AB)

    01.02.2011   Domsjö Fabriker: Ground breaking for Lignin Dryer No. 2    ( Company news )

    On Thursday 20th January the groundbreaking for Lignin Dryer No. 2 took place. The Biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker is in a strong expansion mode and the Board of Directors decided, at their meeting in October 2010, to construct a second lignin dryer. The investment cost amounts to USD 20 million (EUR 15 million). Construction work has now started and the first trial runs are planned for the end of October.
    The first Lignin Dryer was commissioned in January 2009 and the product has had a very favourable development in the global market. Now a second dryer is being constructed and the drying capacity will be doubled, from 60 000 to 120 000 tpa.
    The doubled dryer capacity will enhance the capability to develop and produce lignin products with higher quality and higher value. During the second quarter a new product will be launched. It will be the first product which is based on new technology which Domsjö has developed and submitted a patent application for. The new product will give Domsjö access to new market
    The main energy source will, just like for Lignin Dryer No. 1, be biogas from the in-house bio-treatment plant.
    The dryer plant is also this time supplied by GEA Process Engineering. Construction contractor is Skanska and amongst the local suppliers you find Eurocon, Örnsköldsviks Mekaniska Verkstad and YIT Projektrör.
    The main application for Lignin powder is in concrete additives. Lignin improves the flow characteristics of concrete and reduces the cement consumption with maintained strength of the concrete. Addition of lignin is contributing to lower emissions, and improvement of the environment, since production of cement emits large volumes of carbon dioxide. One kilo of lignin used in concrete reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 20 kg.
    Since the year 2000 the Biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker has invested USD 150 million (EUR 112 million). Lignin Dryer No. 2 is included in the development programme Domsjö 2012. This also includes a major modernisation and expansion of the debarking and chipping plant. (Domsjö Fabriker AB)
    21.12.2010   Further investments in Domsjö Fabriker     ( Company news )

    The Board of Directors of Domsjö Fabriker has decided on further investments in the biorefinery as part of the development program Domsjö 2012, which aims at increasing specialty cellulose capacity to 255 000 tonnes per year.
    – It is important that we maintain our leading position and are able to grow with our customers. Therefore, we are developing the biorefinery in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden while we at the same time are investigating other opportunities such as business acquisitions, says CEO Ola Hildingsson.
    The decision means that an additional SEK 280 million will be invested in Domsjö in 2011.
    The investments are part of the ongoing development program Domsjö 2012. Earlier this year investment decisions amounting to SEK 300 million were made within this development program. Investments in a new lignin dryer and a new debarking facility were decided.
    – As a result of the development program, our cellulose capacity will increase from approximately 200 000 tonnes at present to 255 000 tonnes per year. This allows us to grow with our customers in the expanding textile market and we wish to expand as soon as possible, adds Ola Hildingsson.
    – A part from increasing capacity, we are investing to improve the value of our product portfolio by increasing resources in our development department, DomInnova.
    Domsjö specialty cellulose is mainly used for viscose textiles. This is a market with strong growth. One reason for this market expansion is a decline in cotton production while demand for natural fibers are increasing, and viscose is the natural alternative.
    – Parallel to the development of the biorefinery in Örnsköldsvik, we are exploring opportunities to strengthen our position on the growing market for specialty cellulose. One option would be to convert an existing sulfate pulp mills in Scandinavia. However, this is complicated and expensive. Another option we are evaluating is to start producing specialty cellulose in South America.
    Nothing is decided yet, concludes CEO Ola Hildingsson. (Domsjö Fabriker AB)

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