There are many ways to advertise in our trade directory for the paper industry. Our customers can always decide whether they want to advertise only in the print area or only in the online area - or also choose a combination of both in order to expand the spectrum of possible addressees.

Through new, interesting combination products in different variations, we try to cover the needs of our customers as individually and specifically as possible. For example, a customer who orders our Gold Package not only receives preferential placement of his company entry with designed advertisement on our homepage, but also automatically receives a book edition of the latest edition of Birkner International PaperWorld as well as professional access to our online directory.

But also for those who do not want to advertise themselves, our business directory with approx. 28,000 addresses from the paper industry is an important source of information that can quickly become an indispensable basis for new business contacts for its users, both in print and online.

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