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    28.05.2013   New Chairmen at the TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee    ( Company news )

    Company news The TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee (YDSRC), the best
    attended of all the TAPPI committees, met on 2nd May in conjunction with
    PaperCon2013 in Atlanta, GA. The committee, dedicated to improving the safety and reliability of Yankee Dryers throughout the world, meets on a semiannual basis at different locations in the US and is represented by a wide range of owner/users, suppliers and consultants.
    Two new chairmen were unanimously elected to drive the committee forward:
    Blaine Waybright of Kimberly-Clark and Clive Butler of PMT Industries. Clive is the first UK national to have received this prestigious position and said.
    “This is a great honor for me; I hope I can meet the expectations of my peers in the coming years. The committee does great work; we have just issued two Technical Information Papers (TIPs), one on recommended periodic inspections for which I was team leader. I would like to increase the attendance of future meetings to spread the information we have further afield.

    “steam system” training session for the next meeting in Wisconsin in November.”

    Clive Butler started his career at Beloit Walmsley in 1988 shortly after graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Manchester Metropolitan University. In 1991, he became responsible for the design of Yankees, MGs & dryers for the whole of the Beloit group. Through Beloit and Sandusky he has had increasing responsibilities on a wide range of equipment; currently he is the engineering manager for PMT Industries in Bolton, UK, who are one of the few foundries in the world that can cast Yankee Dryers to the current industry demands. Clive has been an active member of the TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety Subcommittee for 20 years and regularly gives peer reviewed papers at prestigious events such as Tissue World and TAPPI.
    (PMT Italia S.p.A.)
    12.03.2013   PMT at Tissue World 2013, 19-21 March, Barcelona, Spain    ( Company news )

    Company news Join us at booth D340 !

    PMT Tissue Specialists will meet with customers to share Tissue Technology.
    PMT industries Engineering Manager, Clive R. Butler, will hold a lecture on "Steam Systems Management and Control with emphasis on Blow-Through", on Thursday morning 21 March, 2013.
    (PMT Industries Limited)
    09.07.2012   Successful Yankee Head insulation    ( Company news )

    As reported in a previous issue PMT was awarded the contract to design, manufacture and install head insulation on 12 Yankee dryers in various countries of South America.
    To date 6 of the 12 have been successfully installed with steam energy savings between 6 & 12% exceeding PMT’s expectations and pleasing the mill management. The energy savings achieved were a complete success plus the average initialisation time was reduced by some 18 hours.
    Martin Cunliffe, PMT’s site supervisor said, "We were very pleased with the turnaround time especially as all the machines were different with bespoke design insulations. The 12 Yankee’s involved were supplied by five different OEM’s."
    With the high energy costs in Europe today, Yankee head insulation has become a "must have" item with most returns on investment being less than 12 months.
    Clive Butler, PMT’s Engineering manager said, "Mills are realising that this energy saving exercise is a quick and simple solution with a short ROI. This has been proven with the eight more orders we have received this year for installation in Europe."
    (PMT Industries Limited)
    14.03.2012   PMT Industries celebrates 50 years of production at its Bolton site    ( Company news )

    Company news PMT Industries has celebrated 50 years of production of Yankee Dryers at its Bolton site.
    The site opened in February 1961 and the official opening was performed by Sir Keith Joseph Bt. M.P. Minister of State, Board of Trade, on 1st December 1961
    Dryers have been produced by associated companies since 1860.
    In 1961 when the Bolton site opened four foundries from Bury & Wigan - Walmseys (Bury) Ltd, Walmsleys (Wigan) Ltd, Bentley & Jackson Ltd and Ashworth & Parker Ltd were consolidated on the one site.
    The site has had various names including Walmsleys (Bury) Ltd, Beloit Walmsley, Beloit Bolton, and Sandusky Walmsley Limited.
    In October 2006 the site closed and 3 months later the Foundry and Yankee Dryer Machining & Assembly facilities were re-opened by PMT Industries.
    Retaining the skills and experience of many of the former employees of the previous company, and having purchased the intellectual property rights to all Yankee Dryers produced by the previous site occupants, a new era began in January 2007.
    PMT Industries Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of PMT Italia SpA, which is part of the Nugo Group. The group has two main divisions, power generation and paper machinery; PMT Industries being part of the paper machinery division.
    As one of only a few foundries in the world with deep pits, the company has the capability to produce very large cast iron components, not only for the paper industry but also for other industries. It is recognised for its excellence in quality castings.
    PMT Yankee, MG and Paper Dryers continue to be designed and manufactured at the 14,000 m2 factory where state of the art computerised design, engineering, foundry and machining resources combine with traditional skills and craftsmanship in a unique single location.
    Around 330 Yankee and MG dryers have been designed and manufactured since 1961 and many hundreds of paper dryers, continually developing the designs and production techniques and building up a vast experience and know-how in this specialised area of papermaking technology.
    The castings produced are up to 150 tonnes in weight and some unusual moulding techniques are necessary in order to produce the very large castings.
    The foundry has one of the largest melting capacity medium frequency electric furnace installations in Europe. The twin 9 MW inverter powered and computer controlled furnaces melt 38 Tonnes of iron per hour, with each 12 Tonnes charge being melted to 1450° C in just 38 minutes.
    (PMT Italia S.p.A.)

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