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Dirección:  An Gut Nazareth 73, Mariaweiler, 52353 Düren.

Teléfono: +49 (2421) 802-0

Telefax: +49 (2421) 802-700



Gerente: Peter Michels; Werner Dilly; Dr. Ralf Kaldenhoff

Cifra anual: EURO 137 Mio

Año de la fundación: 1811

Programa de entrega: Formiersiebe, Pressfilze, Transferbelts, Schuhpressbelts, sonstige Siebe, Trockensiebe .
Forming Section - forming fabrics for all former types and the production of all paper grades, weft forming fabric for controlled drainage, tissue forming fabric for high speed application, layer fabrics for all tissue grades and former types; Press Section - press felts, woven press felts for all positions and press configurations, for paper and board grades sensitive to marking, for bulk print paper grades, non-woven technology for high-speed machines producing printing and writing paper grades, tissue felts, transferbelts, shoe press belts; Dryer Section - woven and spiral dryer fabrics for all types of dryer section installations, dryer fabrics for all positions on modern high-speed paper machines producing graphic paper grades, brown paper grades, fine paper grades, dryer fabrics for positions after coating stations

Sociedades filiales: Heimbach Switzerland AG, Olten, Schweiz; Heimbach Ibérica S.A., Burgos, Spanien; Heimbach UK Ltd, Manchester, England; Heimbach Specialities AG, Neu-Moresnet, Belgien; Heimbach Fabrics Co. Ltd, Suzhou, China