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Belinka Perkemija d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Zasavska cesta 95
1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče
Tel. +386 (1) 588 62 99
Fax +386 (1) 588 63 03

  • Wasserstoffperoxyd zum Bleichen
von Zellstoff und Holzschliff
und zum Deinken von Altpapier und zur
Ökologie (Blähschlammbekämpfung)
  • Peressigsäure - Marke Persan®-S:
Wasserstoffperoxyd - Marke Belox
Biozide zur Desinfektion
(Prozesswasser, Zellstoff und Frischwasser)
 und zur Blähschlammbekämpfung

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is an environmentally
friendly chemical, used for oxidation reactions.
Decomposing to only oxygen and water, hydrogen
peroxide is one of the cleanest chemicals available.
Its use is based on the working of active oxygen that
is released upon the reaction of decomposition of
hydrogen peroxide which oxidizes organic and inorganic
compounds. Hydrogen peroxide is a slightly acidic,
clear and colorless liquid, which is mixed with water in
all proportions. The market products are stabilized
aqueous solutions of the concentrations up to 60 w/w %
of hydrogen peroxide.
Because of these properties, it is established in
numerous areas as an agent for bleaching and
various oxidations. It successfully replaces ecologically
less acceptable products.
All grades are very pure and have excellent stability
under normal storage conditions. In a year they lose
less than 1 % of their concentration.


Adresse:  Zasavska cesta 95, 1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče.

Téléphone: +386 (1) 588-62-99

Téléfax: +386 (1) 588-62-63, 588-63-03

E-Mail: perkemija@belinka.si, ivan.grcar@belinka.si

Homepage: www.belinka-perkemija.com

Propriétaire: Solvay (20%); Helios d.d. (80%)

Gérant: France Stele, univ.dipl.ing

Chef du service d'achats: France Stele, univ.dipl.ing

Chef de vente: Tatjana Taufer, univ.dipl.ing

Assistant Director: Tomaž Pilej, univ.dipl.ing

Product Manager: mag. Ivan Grčar, univ.dipl.ing

Directeur de l'usine: Gregor Šorn, univ.dipl.ing

Personnel: 60

Gamme de livraison: Hydrogen peroxide for bleaching of virgin and recycled pulp and ecology, Peracetic Acid brand name Persan® and Hydrogen Peroxide brand name Belox (biocide for disinfection process water, fibres, fresh water sludge bulking)