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Cordial Adhesives B.V.



Adresse:  Kartonbaan 1, 9672 BP Winschoten.

Téléphone: +31 (597) 45 17 00

Téléfax: +31 (597) 45 17 01

E-Mail: info@cordial.nl

Homepage: www.cordial.nl

Propriétaire: Cordial Beheer en Registergoeden B.V

Directoire: Tanne Bosker

Business Manager Sales: Chris Haze

Chef de vente: Christian Jung

Chiffre d'affaires: EURO 15.9 mill

Année de fondation: 1992

Personnel: 40

Gamme de livraison: Industrial adhesives - modified PVOH and starches for paper and board industry; Main applications - lamination, corrugation, tube-winding, displays, packagings, edge profiles, multiple layer bags, ingredients, adhesives and, chemicals for papersizing, -coatings and -pigments applications. Brand names: Kartonol, Cordifix