Novedades - Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Headquarter

Novedades - Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Headquarter

Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Headquarter


Novedades - Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Headquarter

Newsgrafik #119323

Agfa Graphics enriches wide-format hybrid Anapurna LED series for sign and display with new ...  (Company news)

...Anapurna H1650i LED

Coming in February, Agfa Graphics is expanding its wide-format hybrid Anapurna LED series for sign and display professionals with a new 1.65 m-wide hybrid printer – the Anapurna H1650i LED. This smaller hybrid printer was designed as an accessible and cost-effective production tool that combines the latest LED technology with Agfa Graphics’ signature high-quality output.

Welcoming the new Anapurna H1650i LED
The latest addition to the Anapurna LED series – the Anapurna H1650i LED – is a smaller version of the popular and robust Anapurna H2050i LED printer, with which it shares several features and benefits. Like its bigger brother, the new Anapurna prints on rigid and flexible media by means of LED curing, resulting in a lower cost of ownership. It combines this with Agfa’s award-winning imaging quality, ink-saving thin ink layer technology and perfect white ink printing reliability, yet requires a smaller financial investment than other Anapurna engines.

“The hybrid Anapurna H1650i LED printer was designed as a robust, qualitative and versatile entry-level option for wide-format print service providers,” explains Philip Van der Auwera, Product Manager at Agfa Graphics. “Although smaller, it is equipped with features normally reserved for higher-end printers, such as automatic head height measurement, crash prevention and an anti-static bar, thus offering the very best at a reasonable price. Of course, the Anapurna H1650i LED is driven by Asanti as well, which adds to the resulting high-quality and consistent prints.”

About the hybrid Anapurna LED series
Wide-format hybrid Anapurna LED engines are robust, high-speed workhorses that take on both rigid and flexible print jobs, and excel in accuracy thanks to a reinforced belt drive and shuttle beam, a gradient and multi-layer functionality and six 12-picoliter printheads. Fitted with air-cooled UV LED lights that allow printing on thin and thermal sensitive substrates, these printers offer several unique advantages, such as a lower energy consumption, a wider application scope and higher productivity. All engines are powered by Agfa Graphics’ Asanti sign and display workflow software.
(Agfa-Gevaert N.V.)

Newsgrafik #116863

New Avinci DX3200 printer from Agfa Graphics for high-quality, vibrant soft signage printing ...  (Company news) be launched

At ISA International Sign Expo 2017 (Las Vegas, US, April 20-22), Agfa Graphics introduced a new dye sublimation printer – the Avinci DX3200. This dedicated, highly productive soft signage engine was designed to bring remarkable print quality on polyester-based fabrics.

High-quality soft signage
The Avinci DX3200 engine allows users to create large-format soft signage prints of up to 3.2 m wide, at a resolution of up to 1440 x 540 dpi. Thanks to the dye sublimation process, this robust engine produces high-quality, vivid prints for countless in- and outdoor applications.

Reinhilde Alaert, Product Manager at Agfa Graphics, explains: “Pilot users of Avinci DX3200 are impressed by its speed and print quality. The engine features 6 colors (CMYKLcLm) at a droplet size of 14pl. This guarantees a vibrant color gamut, outstanding tonal rendering and fine detail reproduction. Next to its state-of-the-art imaging performance, the Avinci DX3200 draws attention with its advantageous price/productivity position.”

Flexible in speed and outstanding in low ink consumption
The Avinci DX3200 offers different quality modes, with a speed of up to 173m2/h depending on the application.

Alaert: “Avinci can handle a wide variety of polyester-based applications, such as banners, point-of-sale displays, indoor wall graphics, outdoor advertising, trade show displays and flags. On top of that, the Avinci DX3200 has smart algorithms on board that enable very low ink consumption – another important benefit for our customers.”

Powerful software for established soft signage producers
Avinci DX3200 comes with Agfa Graphics’ Asanti, which optimizes and automates all preparation, production and finishing steps of signage products. The core includes automation, color management, job pre-flighting, and templates.

With Asanti comes a series of essential features for soft signage printers such as Integration with Storefront – Agfa’s solution for the automated management of web-to-print and web shops, automated positioning of grommets on banners and the easy design of canvas extensions (like air pockets) for flags.

Asanti also recently introduced integrated tiling so that oversized banners or billboards that extend beyond the maximum printing width can be produced on Avinci DX3200. Asanti creates mounting instructions and adds the necessary marks to the tiled prints to help the operator mount them swiftly and in the correct way, thus avoiding unnecessary costs for reprints.

Calendering and wind-up processes
Thanks to its textile-dedicated media transport system, Avinci ensures a perfect wind-up process of the printed substrate. The Avinci DX3200 is also compatible with most off-line calendering solutions on the market, which fix the colors deeply into the structure of polyester-based fabrics.

Alaert concludes: “Soft signage applications are widely appreciated in the market. Printed textiles are perceived differently and we love their look. Moreover, textile substrates offer a number of advantages: they are lightweight, resistant to wrinkles and folding, and can easily be reused. Avinci DX3200 offers a perfect fit for this and is a great addition to Agfa Graphics’ portfolio.”

Avinci DX3200 will also be demonstrated at FESPA 2017 in Hamburg, Germany (May 8-12).
(Agfa Graphics NV)

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