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Newsgrafik #117276

Specialty paper manufacturer Felix Schoeller's STYLine® wallcovering substrate qualified for ...  (Company news)

... Xeikon digital presses

Xeikon, a market leader in digital colour printing technology for the labels and packaging as well as the document printing industry, reported that it has qualified Felix Schoeller STYLine® nonwoven wallcovering media for use on Xeikon digital presses as part of the alliance between the two companies. Specifications for the STYLine® media are available on Xeikon’s Printmedia website:

The cooperation between Felix Schoeller and Xeikon started last year when the paper manufacturer and printing specialist worked together to qualify a range of papers for Xeikon presses. This product portfolio, including both wallpaper and high-end digital printing papers, opened up a whole range of new applications and design options for customers, and is now further expanded with the STYLine® range.

STYLine® nonwoven wallpapers have been specifically developed for digital printing technologies. With their soft and pleasantly matt surface, they guarantee excellent homogeneous print results and are also PVC-free. STYLine® wallpapers ensure very easy handling and excellent dry strippability. Felix Schoeller also reports high customer satisfaction, especially regarding the soft-touch feeling.

“We have seen excellent market response to our Wall Decoration Suite,” comments Dimitri Van Gaever, Business Development Manager, Xeikon. “We are pleased to be adding the Felix Schoeller STYLine® media to our catalogue of qualified wallcovering substrates. It’s a soft wallcovering and it works perfectly with our newly released coreless rewinder which was specifically developed for wall decoration. We expect to see good market uptake of this exceptional wallcovering substrate, especially with the growing demand for customized interior décor solutions, both among interior decorators and consumers. We are looking forward to hearing visitor response to the new media selections at FESPA 2017.”

Xeikon’s Wall-Decoration Suite enables cost-efficient production of high-quality wall decoration for commercial, retail and residential purposes. It consists of five major components: a Xeikon Digital Press, software-driven dedicated workflow, application-specific toners, process optimization tools and pre- and post-press solutions.
(Xeikon Manufacturing and R&D Center)

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Sappi and Felix Schoeller to jointly develop sustainable packaging solutions  (Company news)

Merging unique core competencies

Sappi Europe and Felix Schoeller Group, Osnabrück, have entered into a collaboration agreement that includes the joint development of sustainable barrier paper solutions for flexible packaging applications. The two companies will be combining their unique competencies in their respective business fields in the future in order to provide brand owners with more sustainable and more efficient packaging solutions for their products.

Sappi Europe’s Packaging & Speciality Papers is a leading global manufacturer of speciality paper and carton board. The company has acquired comprehensive expertise in the packaging sector over several decades. In recent years, Sappi has evolved from a pure substrate supplier to a provider of complete paper and carton packaging solutions. Innovative products are designed to find intelligent answers to tomorrow’s questions and trends in the packaging market. “Felix Schoeller Group is the ideal partner to help us further enhance the functionality of our high-quality speciality papers,” explains Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sappi Packaging and Speciality Papers. “Together, we will create innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to meet our customers’ demands.”

Global manufacturer Felix Schoeller Group produces high-quality papers for analogue and digital photographic and digital printing, nonwovens for the wallpaper industry as well as release liners and decor papers. In addition, the well-established company has been developing flexible food packaging for some years and has built particularly strong process technology expertise in the production of photographic and digital printing papers. “Our collaboration with Sappi creates many synergies. We will be integrating our specialist expertise to pursue the development of unique packaging solutions that will benefit the industry and the environment,” says Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, Chief Operating Officer at Felix Schoeller Group.
(Sappi Europe S.A.)

Newsgrafik #114799

High performance you can touch: New products and a comprehensive product portfolio for ...  (Company news)

... Photokina 2016

“Performance World” is the slogan of the Osnabrück-based Felix Schoeller Group at this year’s Photokina, where it will be showcasing new products and a comprehensive portfolio of products for high-end digital printing.

The Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer will be using its presence at stand A30 in Hall 3.1 to showcase a wide range of products, including new ones, and offer people the opportunity to experience at first hand how they are used. Premium media for all leading printing systems, such as inkjet, electrophotography, thermal and dye sublimation printing and traditional silver halide photography, will be on show. The focus will be on innovative products such as LIVE papers for dry inkjet minilab systems with optimised surface scratch resistance, canvases with improved stress whitening properties and the new S-RACE® papers for specific sublimation printing applications. For the well-known and established E-PHOTO® papers, application examples in the form of prints produced on HP Indigo 10 000 and 12 000 printing presses will be exhibited.

Photokina – the meeting place for high-end photography
In presenting its TRUE series, the Felix Schoeller Group is responding to the show’s ambition to continue to offer a forum for high-end photography – alongside many other topics. TRUE is a range of baryta-coated and other fine art papers that are intended for professionals and anyone else needing paper capable of meeting very high standards. These papers are used, for example, at the exhibitions of work entered for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award. Product manager Senta Becker describes TRUE papers' outstanding features as follows: “Our TRUE papers meet the highest standards and are ideal for printing unique works of art. The different surface finishes enhance the expressive power of the motifs and create an individual look and feel.”

Olympian guests
As in previous years, Schoeller is once more expecting a visit to its stand from renowned athletes including from the elite Olympic squad at Rio 2016. They will be able to take away high-quality prints of particularly emotional moments in their career. They will also be available to talk to visitors to the stand.

Thomas Leifert, technical manager of Felix Schoeller‘s Digital Media Business Unit, sums up the company’s presence at Photokina: “Our products reflect Photokina's core topics and we look forward to many interesting discussions – inspired by the diverse application examples and exhibits on our stand."

The Felix Schoeller Group will be at Stand A30, Hall 3.1.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #112507

Excellent cooperation: The Felix Schoeller Group and Canson win the Franco-German ...  (Company news)

... Business Award

On 2 December 2015, the Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer and the French paper manufacturer received a special award from the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) in Paris in recognition of their fruitful collaboration.

The aim of the collaboration between the two companies has been to jointly develop papers for high-end photo prints. Canson’s very high grade fine art base papers are coated with the Felix Schoeller Group‘s innovative coatings. The combination produces top-quality substrates for high-end photographs.

“The collaboration with our highly competent partner Canson is creating new solutions again and again. Our mutual exchange of ideas is creating a powerful innovative force that constantly produces new products for new applications,” says Guido Hofmeyer, Felix Schoeller Group’s Executive Vice President, describing the fruitful collaboration between the companies. “Canson and Schoeller are both companies with a long tradition, they both use the very latest technology and they share a delight in and passion for our products. This creates products that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. We and our French partners complement each other perfectly,” continues Hofmeyer.

“We were looking for a partner to enable us to make the best possible use of technological progress,” says Philippe Souquet, Canson’s CEO, speaking of what prompted the collaboration. “The Felix Schoeller Group has become that partner.” Canson’s collaboration with the Osnabrück-based manufacturer of high-end specialty papers has produced the Canson Infinity range of papers for digital and art photography, which is now on sale in over 50 countries.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #112375

New high-speed inkjet papers that have the character of coated woodfree paper  (Company news)

The new JET-SPEED® web press papers developed by the Osnabrück-based Felix Schoeller Group offer the market a genuine alternative to South African Sappi’s JAZ range.

The new papers were developed in conjunction with HP for use on their PageWide Web Presses. They feature HP‘s ColorPRO Technology, which enables them to meet HP’s high quality standards. ColorPRO Technology means that Felix Schoeller’s papers do not need to be pre-treated but can be directly printed using water-based pigmented inks. Their performance on HP printers is outstanding. As well as high whiteness, with high ink application the papers produce better print quality with higher optical densities and a larger colour gamut than standard woodfree papers.

The papers in the JET-SPEED® web press range are all about pin-sharp details and creating the look and feel of coated woodfree paper, combined with full colour inkjet functionality and outstanding print properties, brilliant colours and sharp line definition.

“We are proud of the fact that in a very short space of time we – in conjunction with HP, our partner of many years - have developed a top-quality, high-speed inkjet paper. It enables us to develop new markets and convince new customers of the quality of our products," Thomas Leifert, head of Felix Schoeller’s Digital Media Business Unit, stresses.

“As a leading provider of digital papers for multiple print platforms, Felix Schoeller knows how to deliver unique products that meet end-user demand, "said Matthew Nuth, director of large-format graphics medias and coatings with HP. “The Felix Schoeller portfolio of inkjet- optimized uncoated and coated papers with ColorPRO Technology provides our customers with a wide variety of media for multiple applications.”

JET-SPEED® web press papers are used for high-end small print runs or customised applications such as mail shots, full-colour brochures and marketing materials. Samples of the new pigment-coated inkjet papers are available on request. The products are available in grammages of 90, 115, 130 and 150 g/m² in either gloss or silk surface.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #111888

Felix Schoeller & Xeikon launched their new product portfolio for Xeikon printing presses  (Company news)

Felix Schoeller Digital Media, one of the Felix Schoeller Group‘s business units, supported the Xeikon Café event – held in Lier, Belgium in October - as a business partner. The fact that the event’s main theme was wall decoration gave Felix Schoeller – the Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer - the opportunity to showcase the product portfolio it has put together especially for Xeikon. The paper manufacturer and printing specialists worked together to qualify these nine papers for Xeikon’s presses.

The new product portfolio, which has not only wallpaper base but also other high-end digital printing papers, opens up a whole range of new applications and design options for Xeikon customers. Anyone interested in knowing more can simply send an email to to request a samples book with print examples.

In his presentation at the Xeikon Café, Michael Avermann – product manager for this product segment at Felix Schoeller – emphasised the versatility of wall decoration. He also gave his audience an insight into the market, along with information about future market trends.

“We are delighted that Felix Schoeller is able to offer our customers a broad portfolio, which gives them a huge choice of products and a host of possibilities to develop their business. We have joined forces and been able to develop other opportunities - in addition to wallpaper – for exciting digital printing applications,” says Monika Olbricht, Sales Director for Document Printing, summing up the productive collaboration between the two companies.

The product portfolio that has been qualified for Xeikon printing presses consists of Felix Schoeller’s INSPIRE wallpaper range – both coated and uncoated in natural white, PE-coated papers with canvas and lustre surface finishes and a basis weight of up to 340 g/m² in bright white and alpine white, and high-end uncoated digital printing papers in the E-FEEL® and E-PURE (150-230 g/m², alpine white) series.
(Xeikon Manufacturing NV)

Newsgrafik #111503

Felix Schoeller proofing papers already comply with new Fogra standards  (Company news)

Fogra’s latest announcement has put an end to the uncertainty around standards 51 and 52. And the paper to match the new standards already exists: the Felix Schoeller Group’s Digital Media Business Unit has produced the first complete portfolio of proofing papers to comply with the new Fogra standards 51 and 52. The fact that it began its research early on means that the Felix Schoeller Group has already developed proofing papers with optical brighteners that meet the new Fogra specifications. Schoeller is now pleased to offer a portfolio of six microporous resin-coated papers and a special-coated matt paper, marketed under the product name TRUST. Six of the papers have certification, the last one is in the process of being certified by Fogra.

Felix Schoeller Digital Media delivers proofing accuracy for white papers with optical brighteners
There is a strong trend in white papers with optical brighteners in the graphics and paper market. Fogra has now responded to this trend by publishing its new Fogra 51 and 52 standards. They say that profiles and characterisation data will follow soon. The Fogra 39 standard that was in use to date was designed for neutral white papers without optical brighteners, which meant it was no longer able to meet the needs of the current trend in the paper market and deliver optimum results for print and proofing jobs on the new papers.

The fact that the light sources used in light boxes in the past did not include the UV parts of the spectrum meant that there were visual differences between the proofs and the final print products, depending on whether they were viewed in light boxes or in daylight. This caused problems in everyday work processes. To address this problem, adjustments were made to the light sources used in the light boxes: they now contain UV light to make it possible to differentiate between papers with and without optical brighteners. Furthermore, the conventional colour measurement M0 has been replaced by the physically correct colour measurement M1 that so many professionals had been calling for. In conjunction with colour measurement M2, the proportion of active optical brighteners can now be determined.

Now that the new Fogra standards 51 and 52 have been published, there is an urgent demand for new proofing papers that follow the trend towards high whiteness. However, at the same time, they also have to meet the established specifications relating to high light-fastness and the outstanding ageing resistance that accompanies it, not forgetting the frequent wish for a large colour gamut. These four elements together – light box, colour measurement, Fogra standards and proofing papers – mean that the new process is complete and suitable for professional use.

The Felix Schoeller Group is the first company to offer a complete portfolio of proofing papers to meet Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 specifications. Six microporous resin-coated papers and one special-coated matt paper are already able to meet the highest quality specifications for any surface:
-Fogra 51:
TRUST premium | Glossy 250 g/m² | P51411
TRUST premium | Satin 200 g/m² | P50311
TRUST premium | Satin 250 g/m² | P51311
TRUST premium | Flat Matt 200 g/m² | P50511

-Fogra 52:
TRUST economy | Matt 150 g/m² | J85270
TRUST commercial | Satin 195 g/m² | P51910
TRUST commercial | Satin 245 g/m² | P51210

The TRUST premium and the TRUST commercial papers already have official Fogra certification. The TRUST economy paper is in the process of being certified. Despite the optical brighteners they contain, the premium and commercial papers have a special product structure that makes them extremely light-fast, which accounts for their excellent ageing resistance. In addition to the large colour gamut that all the papers have, TRUST premium papers are particularly suitable for reproducing spot colours. They are used for all types of proofs for offset, gravure and screen printing. Their excellent properties mean that they can easily be used as colour-liable contract proofs or as samples in packaging mock-ups, for example.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #110221

S-RACE – for fastest sublimation. Felix Schoeller's new sublimation paper  (Company news)

Felix Schoeller, a division of the Osnabrück-based Felix Schoeller Group, is expanding its product portfolio to include sublimation papers. This represents a move into a new product segment for the specialty paper manufacturer, which has extensive development, product and technology expertise - including in papers for inkjet and electrophotographic imaging processes.

Sublimation papers are used in transfer printing images in applications such as clothing, household articles, display and technology. The first step of the process involves using inkjet technology to print the images onto the sublimation papers. In a second stage, they are then heat transferred onto clothing, sportswear, flags, advertising or decorative articles (such as mugs or mouse pads), for example. To date, papers with swellable ink-receiving coatings were used but as processing turnaround times become increasingly faster the drying times these papers require are becoming a limiting factor.

S-RACE, Felix Schoeller’s new sublimation paper, uses a microporous ink-receiving coating to offer significantly shorter drying times. Unlike many other papers that are already on the market, this coating has an innovative and unique composition that gives the paper far greater air permeability. This makes it ideal for sublimation printing, not only onto textiles but also onto hard plastic-coated substrates such as metal, glass or wood.

These papers are also able to absorb water far more quickly, which means they can be used on the latest and fastest sublimation printers without a problem and without the need for an additional drying unit. This special kind of coating can also significantly shorten the sublimation process. The transferred images or information also has very sharp detail and line definition.

“With our S-RACE sublimation papers, we are developing an entirely new product segment for the Felix Schoeller Group. The new segment is an excellent fit for our expertise and competencies and we are delighted to be able to offer the market such high-performance products,” said Guido Hofmeyer, Executive Vice President of the Felix Schoeller Group and Chief Operating Officer of the Felix Schoeller Division.

Felix Schoeller’s new S-RACE product portfolio will initially be available in three different basis weights: 75, 100 and 130 g/m². As well as plotter rolls, larger diameter rolls are also available on request.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #109081

JET-LINE sense – Felix Schoeller presents its new silk-finish, highspeed-inkjet paper  (Company news)

Felix Schoeller Digital Media, one of the Osnabrück-based Felix Schoeller Group’s business units, will be at the Hunkeler Innovation Days presenting JET-LINE sense, a new paper specially designed for highspeed-inkjet printing. The paper’s winning feature is its velvety feel combined with a silk sheen. It is ideal for a wide range of applications such as mail shots, brochures or transpromo printing.

JET-LINE sense is an uncoated, surface-treated paper that can be printed on both sides. Its high whiteness makes for a wide colour gamut, enabling rich colours and deep blacks to be printed. Full colour areas look very homogenous and even.

The paper also deposits less dirt on the rollers so that subsequent print runs remain clean, extending the intervals between cleaning. Furthermore, the ink dries fast, which means the paper can be handled soon after printing is completed. That results in a significantly higher output per time unit.

JET-LINE sense is available in grammages of 80 and 90 g/m² and broadens Felix Schoeller Digital Media’s portfolio of products for highspeed-inkjet printing. It is suitable for all common highspeed-inkjet printers and has already been certified for a number of printing systems such as Océ’s ColorStream 3000er series and Screen Truepress machines. Other papers produced by Schoeller for highspeed-inkjet printing include JET-LINE base, a cost-effective alternative with a good line sharpness, and JET-SPEED® master, the paper of choice for high-calibre prints with pin-sharp details.

“With its pleasant feel and four-colour printing, this paper opens up whole new areas of business for our customers, especially in educational resources or other kinds of publications that combine text and colour images,” says Thomas Leifert who, along with Jörg Borker, is general manager of the Felix Schoeller Group’s Digital Media Business Unit.

Felix Schoeller Digital Media will be showcasing its product portfolio at the Hunkeler Innovation Days in Hall 1, Booth 19.
(Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #46922

Felix Schoeller increases prices due to steep rises in the cost of pulp  (Company news)

The Felix Schoeller Group, the Osnabrück-based manufacturer of specialty papers, which has imaging and decor paper operations, is increasing its prices from 01.04.2010 in line with the depth of value added to products. The price increases will range from 3 to 15 per cent depending on the grade. The company is also introducing a "pulp supplement." This is linked to the additional short-term changes in prices for eucalyptus pulp. The pulp supplement will mean a proportional increase in the company's prices for decor and imaging papers whenever the listed prices for pulp on the global markets rise. When pulp prices fall, the prices of Felix Schoeller's specialty papers will drop accordingly.
With these price rises and the introduction of a pulp supplement, Felix Schoeller is responding to the extreme hikes in the cost of these key raw materials. Expectations are that, having risen by about 75 per cent since June 2009 to the present level of 790 US dollars/tonne, raw materials prices will see further drastic increases in the months to come: Monthly rates of increase of 50 to 75 US dollars/tonne cannot be ruled out at present.
Global listings for pulp are based on the US dollar. They are influenced not only by the rise in the value of the dollar but also by a reduction in supply. This is due to the fact that the major pulp producers in Chile, Arauco and CMPC, are suffering production constraints as a result of the devastating earthquake.
Dr. Bernhard Klofat, CEO of the Felix Schoeller Group, reaffirmed: "The Felix Schoeller Group is forced to pass onto the customer the price rises for eucalyptus pulp, which is our principal raw material. By introducing a supplement/deduction scheme for pulp, we are responding to the current price fluctuations in a way that is in line with the markets. If pulp prices drop again, we will adjust the pulp supplement accordingly." (Felix Schoeller jr Foto- und Spezialpapiere GmbH & Co KG)

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