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    22.09.2014   Celebrating 100 VLF Press Shipments    ( Company news )

    Company news RockTenn and Heidelberg celebrated the growth and market investment activity for the Speedmaster Sheetfed Offset XL 145 / 162 Press product line

    Photo: Steve Voorhees (right), CEO of RockTenn, and Craig Gunckel, executive VP for merchandising displays and folding carton are showing the certificate of the 100th Heidelberg VLF press.

    RockTenn, a major industry producer in the folding carton, corrugated box and merchandising display global markets, has purchased the 100th Heidelberg Very Large Format (VLF) Press, which will be installed at RockTenn's Clinton, IA location. In recent years, RockTenn has invested in numerous installations of the Heidelberg VLF format in both their folding carton and merchandising displays facilities.

    Steve Voorhees, RockTenn CEO, and Craig Gunckel, executive vice president of merchandising display and folding carton, were on hand at Heidelberg's Hall 11 assembly center, part of the Heidelberg Wiesloch-Walldorf Factory complex, to inspect the press and participate in a special event with Heidelberg executives and employees to salute the 100th press accomplishment. Mr. Voorhees stated "our investment in VLF presses is consistent with RockTenn's strategy to deploy high quality assets that allow us to lower our cost, improve our quality, and ultimately, to service our clients more efficiently. We are honored to be part of the celebration."

    Launched in 2008, the Speedmaster XL VLF platform is the newest press platform in the industry. Heidelberg's investments in research and product development resulted in this large format press, which received numerous industry awards for innovation and design excellence including the prestigious Intertech awards for innovative technology. With systematic advantages in the make-ready process and industry-leading speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour, the press is an excellent choice to serve both the short-run display markets for as well as the high-volume leaders in the packaging industry.

    Heidelberg customers around the world have installed the most modern, technically advanced and fully automated large format presses available in the industry today. Heidelberg's investments in customer support services and global parts supply logistics provide customers with the most efficient process for maximizing machine performance and uptime. Highly integrated software systems provide remote diagnostics capability for analysis of machine performance on a 24/7 basis clearly meeting the rugged manufacturing demands that the industry leading customers require.

    Heidelberg Management Board Member, Harald Weimer stated "relationships with a strategic industry leader and partner like RockTenn representing world-class manufacturing practices at the highest level help Heidelberg perform at its best. Getting to know the RockTenn team and working closely with their plants has definitely moved our VLF product line to peak performance status!"

    "Our strategic partnership with Heidelberg has generated great results for RockTenn and our clients," commented Gunckel. "And we look forward to working with Heidelberg to find new solutions that will help our customers continue to win in their respective markets."
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    22.09.2014   Increasing International Participation at TISSUE-ME 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news TISSUE Middle East Exhibition the leading International Exhibition for Tissue Paper, Hygiene Products and Converting Industries that will be held in October 22nd -24th , 2014, at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt, Halls (2)

    TISSUE-ME 2014 is designed to be the official representative for the manufacturers, professionals and traders for tissue, hygiene disposable products, machines and raw materials in Egypt and the Middle East.
    It is the industry's 3-day premier event featuring paper industry key players and the latest and most comprehensive display of the manufacturers, professionals and traders for tissue, hygiene disposable products, machines and raw materials in Egypt and the Middle East.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    19.09.2014   Ence – Energía y Celulosa, will transform its Huelva mill in an advanced renewable energy site, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... will cease production of Cellulose

    Ence will transform its Huelva mill in an advanced renewable energy site, which will be an important driver of forest management in Andalusia. The company, on the other hand, will cease production of cellulose, since it drags heavy losses for three consecutive quarters due to its cost inefficiency and lack of domestic wood. These issues had been mitigated until last year thanks to the cogeneration premiums that have been reduced by the energy reform.

    Given this unsustainable economic situation -which has resulted in a loss of € 48.6 million in the first half of 2014 for the company-, and in order to implement this transformation plan, Ence has reported to the works council its intention to initiate a collective lay-off procedure, which will be accompanied by a program of relocation for 100% of workers in other workplaces and company activities. Ence will also provide, upon request, an external relocation plan and compensation, with the support of a leading outplacement firm.

    The company is ready for thorough and good faith negotiations with the representatives of the workers so that the impact on the workforce, consisting of 294 employees, is minimized.

    The proposed measure responds to the need to ensure the viability of the company globally, due to the unsustainable increase in manufacturing costs and loss of competitiveness of the factory in a highly competitive pulp world market. All these factors have not been overcome despite the efforts made in recent years to achieve the viability of the factory.

    Huelva, a leader in biomass power

    Ence has opted to focus its Huelva site towards clean energy generation, as a result of the end of life cycle of the pulp mill and heavy losses due to its lack of competitiveness. Also, due to the structural shortage of eucalyptus in the area of Huelva, it is necessary to supply wood from northern Spain and through imports with high cost overruns. The decrease of eucalyptus plantations due to the expansion of strawberries and citrus crops in the province of Huelva has also worsened in recent years the lack of competitive volumes of wood.

    The site will integrate the biomass power plants currently in operation, with renewable electricity capacity of 72 MW and north of 500 million kWh annual production.

    The new site will consolidate Huelva as the leading province of Andalusia and one of the first of Spain in renewable energy generation from biomass. This transformation will ensure the continuity of the industrial activity of Ence in Huelva and constitute a significant contribution to the best management of forests, jobs creation and rural wealth in Andalusia.
    (Grupo Empresarial ENCE S.A. Divisíon de Celulosa)

    Company news Glatfelter (NYSE: GLT) announced it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase all of the outstanding equity of Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten GmbH (SPO) from FINSPO Beteiligungs-GmbH for €8.5 million (approximately U.S.$11 million). SPO has annual sales of approximately €25 million (U.S.$33 million).

    “This acquisition will further our Composite Fibers business unit’s strategy of capitalizing on the fast-growing electrical market by expanding our electrical papers product platform,” said Dante C. Parrini (photo), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Glatfelter. “In addition to serving Europe, we intend to leverage Glatfelter’s growing presence in Asia to meet the needs of the high concentration of electrical customers in this region. As the demand for electronic devices continues to grow, Glatfelter is positioning itself to become a supplier of choice for electrical and electronics applications.”

    SPO’s plant is located near Frankfurt, Germany. Its primary electrical products and applications include highly technical papers for a wide range of capacitors used in consumer and industrial products; insulation papers for cables and transformers; and materials for industrial power inverters, electromagnetic current filters and electric rail traction. SPO also produces glassine products, which are used in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, and pharmaceutical dosage bags.

    The company expects to incur approximately $2 million to $3 million of one-time acquisition and integration costs. Excluding one-time costs, the addition of SPO is expected to be $.03 to $.05 accretive to earnings per share in 2015.

    The proposed transaction is expected to close by early October. Upon closing, the acquired business will become part of Glatfelter’s Composite Fibers business unit, which manufactures fiber-based engineered materials for growing global niche markets, including filtration papers for tea and single serve coffee applications, nonwoven materials for the production of wall cover products, metallized papers, composite laminates, and technical specialties (which includes the electrical products platform). The acquisition of SPO will complement Glatfelter’s previously announced partnership with Dreamweaver International to develop and manufacture lithium ion battery separators, which utilize Glatfelter’s capabilities and expertise in making advanced fiber-based engineered materials.
    (Glatfelter Corporate Headquarters)
    19.09.2014   International Paper Investment to Further Improve Water Footprint at French Saillat Mill by 30%    ( Company news )

    Company news International Paper announced earlier this year an investment of approx. Euro 20 MM into its Saillat Mill, located in the French Limousin region, to further reduce the facilities’ water emissions and offer customers an even more environmentally friendly product portfolio. The implementation of the project will commence in the summer of 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2015.
    At its core, the investment involves advanced technology to extract an improved quality of fiber from wood by using a smoother process. The new process leaves fibers more intact resulting in even higher quality paper, and at the same time further reduces water emissions by another 30% from the already very good levels the Saillat mill is achieving today.

    “We’re well known as a leading manufacturer of entirely locally produced high quality value-added paper grades that meet the highest sustainability standards,” says Eric Chartrain, Vice President & General Manager for International Paper’s European papers business. “Generating a reduction of another 30% of the Saillat mill’s water emissions and supporting local manufacturing of a product that customers want, this investment is another example of International Paper’s commitment to bringing the sustainable and circular economy to life.”

    The investment will allow International Paper to offer and even greater choice of top notch products to customers. It follows other investments into the company’s service capabilities and modernization of its paper machines at the Saillat facility in recent years.
    The project is supported by local and national French and European agencies, notably the European Union (through the Limousin Region) and the Loire-Brittany Water Agency.
    (International Paper Belgian Services Company SPRL)
    19.09.2014   Improved polyurethane roll cover from Voith ensures higher void volume    ( Company news )

    Company news Voith’s new InForce polyurethane roll cover features high stability providing additional void volume with particularly deep and wide grooves for highly loaded positions. This additional benefit will not compromise the wear and abrasion resistance resulting into consistent dewatering during its complete operating cycle.
    The strong material used in InForce means that the grooves exhibit virtually no deformation over time. The roll cover easily withstands extreme nip loads. As a result, the void volume remains constantly high over the entire lifecycle and ensures very good, consistent dewatering throughout.
    InForce is the successor of Voith’s successful G2000 roll cover and available in two hardness levels. The structure ensures high stability. The WebNet layer located between the polyurethane and base layer has a three-dimensional polymer matrix specially developed by Voith which can withstand high temperatures and mechanical and chemical loads and therefore offers maximum operating reliability.
    Especially in highly loaded presses steel grooves are often the preferred choice. The hard nip that occurs when using steel rolls impairs the lifecycle of the fabric and can also cause quality issues with the paper. The stability of InForce withstands the high loads while still providing the benefits of a polyurethane cover: surfaces can be tailored to the application, fabrics are not impaired in comparison with steel grooves.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    19.09.2014   Biodegradable paper covers as a replacement for plastics opens up the bio-economy market for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... horticulture

    Global vegetable production currently depends on plastics: approximately 15 million hectares of agricultural land are covered under black horticultural plastics. While alternatives to the plastic cover have been under development for several years, it is only now that a new biodegradable cover, suitable for both professional and subsistence farms, is entering the market.
    The use of plastic covers in vegetable production is not only ecologically unsustainable; removing them from a field after the growing season is over is a laborious and expensive undertaking. Based on a method jointly developed by MTT Agrifood Research Finland and Stora Enso, a new paper-based biodegradable cover offers the market a real alternative to plastic covers.
    Reflecting Finland’s bio-economic goals, the development of this cover and its introduction into practical farming is one of the first concrete steps towards a society based on the bio-economy. This project is underpinned by research and cross-enterprise collaboration dating back several years in which MTT has been engaged.
    “We develop bio-economic solutions in collaboration with various enterprises. The innovations we develop will not be left collecting dust in cupboards. Our aim is that development and productisation will be carried out in a market-driven fashion from the very beginning. Both Stora Enso and MTT play key roles in in the development of biodegradable cover material dating back several years,” says Anu Harkki, MTT's Research Director.

    Wood fibres and a pyrolysis liquid are the key
    This developed biodegradable cover is manufactured from renewable materials. The first paper-based cover materials, developed at Stora Enso's Research Centres in collaboration with MTT, VTT and University of Helsinki, were introduced into practical farming in the summer of 2014.
    “As such, paper is not sufficiently durable a material for horticulture. However, if a paper cover is treated with a birch distillate, obtainable from dry distillation, its decomposition time will be extended and its capability of being spread will be enhanced. Now evidence is available that this underlying concept works in practice,” says Kari Tiilikkala, Professor at MTT.
    Using biodegradable cover material, the water economy of the soil can be managed, and the growth of weeds, including couch grass, can be prevented. Paper is also superior to plastics from the viewpoint of plant gas metabolism.
    This cover has given its best performance in tunnel cultivation and when used in combination with horticultural gauze and insect nets.
    “Using this cover, domestic products can be produced for consumers using less or even no pesticides. This material is also highly suitable for organic horticulture,” says Kari Tiilikkala.

    High expectations in the industry
    For the paper industry, the bio-cover material opens up an interesting and new field of application that goes beyond traditional paper products. It has a huge potential market with the clientele round the globe.
    “From the environmental point of view, this product has significant potential, as the material is based on renewable wood fibre. This is a major step forward, with positive experiences being reported by production horticulture. However, investments in R&D will still be required. Our goal is to bring the product to the test marketing phase in the next growth season,” says Raino Kauppinen, R&D Manager at Stora Enso

    The horticulturist is a firm believer in the new product
    Farmer and commercial horticulturist Esko Holma from Salo has participated in the development of several different bio-cover materials. He has used these materials over the past two years, and this summer his gherkins are growing on top of a cover. As a farmer, he says, he sees the importance of an environmentally friendly production method.
    “A plastic cover sheet, stained with soil, cannot be recycled; it will end up in a landfill, ultimately finding its way to waterways and the nutrient circulation cycle. Plastics simply have no future. Bio-covers, by contrast, will be needed, growing in importance as pesticides are being removed from the market,” he says.
    “A paper cover has potential, but its development requires further investment and expertise. This product will have a huge market, as new covers need to be purchased for fields every summer,” he adds.

    Further development is performed across the globe
    The development of biodegradable cover material will continue through tests performed on various paper types in combination with different garden plants and soils, and by modifying the degradation time of these paper sorts.
    The development of cover materials for various perennial berry-producing plants and different soils continues in Finland and Egypt, where MTT has gained research experience on the management of water economy of dry soil and other similar projects. Stora Enso currently has development projects underway in Sweden, Germany and Spain.
    (Agrifood Research Finland MTT)
    19.09.2014   ABB wins order for electrification of world's largest pulp mill     ( Company news )

    Company news Advanced power and automation technologies to improve energy efficiency, reliability and process safety for new pulp mill in Indonesia

    ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has received an order for the delivery of process electrification at a new pulp mill to be built in South Sumatra, Indonesia. It will be the world's largest pulp mill.
    ABB will deliver medium and low voltage switchgears, distribution transformers, motors, drives and project services.
    Demand for paper products is rising steadily throughout Asia despite a highly fragmented global market. Older mills are being replaced by new, state-of-the-art facilities that deliver higher efficiency, cleaner production and improved balance between capacity and demand. The global trends are promising for the long term driven by sustainable supply chain practices, environmental regulation, urbanization and rising consumer demand in developing nations.
    “ABB’s vast pulp & paper industry knowledge and project execution capabilities were important factors in winning this order. We are happy to be part of such a prestigious project and will deploy the latest technologies to maximize mill efficiency and reliability, while minimizing environmental impact,” said Veli-Matti Reinikkala, head of ABB’s Process Automation division.
    (ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd)
    19.09.2014   After Show Report - China Paper 2014 Shanghai    ( Company news )

    Company news The 21st edition of Asia's original and premier pulp and paper show ended on 17 September after three successful days that enabled participants to share knowledge, innovation and new ideas, creating a platform to meet, network, do business and stay updated.

    Just like previous years the event held a truly international standard with 2039 visitors from 38 countries. The renowned China Paper conference, theChina Paper 2014 Industry Forum, arranged in co-operation with RISI, attracted 90 delegates. Pulp and paper professionals and experts from around the world discussed the most burning issues of the industry.

    For the next edition of China Paper, the product profile will be extended to also include features like mill visits and networking programs. Furthermore, several major international associations and media will support the exhibition.

    Over 70 % of the exhibitors of the 2014 show have already reserved space for the next exhibition at Intex Shanghai, 14-16 October, 2015. Take advantage of our Early Bird offer valid until 30 November.
    Visit the official website for more information or welcome to contact
    19.09.2014   Adestor Glitter WS, a New Premium Facestock for Wine, Champagne and Spirit Labels    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta’s newest addition to its Labels to Celebrate range is a facestock grade with a pearl finish designed exclusively for labeling premium wine, champagne and beverages.
    Adestor Glitter WS is a high-quality paper with a glossy pearl finish and metallized appearance ideal for deluxe wine, champagne, water and spirit labels. An anti-fungal wet-strength paper designed for optimal resistance to water, making it a perfect choice for labeling cava and champagne.
    Adestor Glitter WS facestock is available with Lecta’s BC361 Plus permanent adhesive and white 80-gram glassine backing paper, both specifically tailored for wine applications. BC361 Plus is a special acrylic adhesive for non-returnable glass bottles that resists a minimum of 2 hours submerged in ice water without label slide.
    The new Adestor Glitter WS / BC361Plus / GB80 line of products thus guarantees that the label stays intact during ice bucket immersion and cold chain conditions.
    Adestor Glitter WS is suitable for flexo, typographic and UV offset printing.
    Labels to Celebrate is Lecta’s exclusive selection of pressure-sensitive labels designed for application on wine, champagne, spirit and water bottles as well as on premium food products. All its products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management standards and ISO 50001 energy management standards. They are also available with PEFC™ and FSC® Chain-of-Custody forest certification upon request.
    For further information on Adestor Glitter WS and the Labels to Celebrate range of papers please visit, where you can find technical data sheets and full details on all of Lecta’s self-adhesive products.
    (Lecta Group)
    19.09.2014   BHS Corrugated – Protection of environment by ultrasonic detector    ( Company news )

    Company news Compressed air is an energy source of high value, therefore it should be handled with care.
    However, very often a part of the produced compressed air is lost due to leaks, resulting in costs up to a 4-digit range.
    Usually leakages are neither visible nor audible. To avoid these leaks though an ultrasonic detector is used at BHS Corrugated Headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany to localize these leaks.
    The gadget identifies the characteristic ultrasonic part which is caused by the emission of compressed air. Thereby, despite the noise in the factory, it is possible to localize the point of emission of compressed air precisely and it can be eliminated immediately.
    In order to meet increasing requirements for environmental protection, BHS Corrugated continuously creates comprehensive solutions based on future trends – not only to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials but also to save resources.
    (BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH)
    18.09.2014   Valmet Advantage DCT tissue line successfully started up at Kimberly Clark de México's Bajío mill     ( Company news )

    Company news Kimberly Clark de México S.A.B. de C.V.'s seventh tissue machine, supplied by Valmet, was recently started up at the Bajío mill in San Juan del Rio, Mexico. The new Advantage DCT 200TS tissue line adds 60,000 tpy of high quality tissue paper to the current production of facial, toilet, napkin and towel per year. The project was started in 2013.

    The Bajío mill now operates four tissue machines out of which two are supplied by Valmet. The mill produces structured tissue products for the domestic and global markets.

    "We are pleased with the overall execution and start-up of the Bajío machine 4. Our internal team of project engineers developed the site, oversaw engineering, procurement and machine installation with very good support from Valmet throughout the process. The machine is currently operating as expected after a very short start-up curve, thanks to the strong involvement by Valmet and the mill's manufacturing staff," says Bernardo Aragón, Kimberly Clark de Mexico's Operations Director.

    "This successful project and start-up is another milestone in our excellent relationship with Kimberly Clark de México. The check out and commissioning were done in a record setting pace thanks to very good cooperation and planning. This start-up also marks the first Advantage ViscoNip press in North America as part of an Advantage DCT machine," says Jan L Larsson, Sales Director, Tissue Mills Business Unit, Valmet.

    Technical information about the delivery
    The tissue machine has a width of 5.4 m and a design speed of 2,000 m/min and is optimized to save energy and to enhance final product quality.

    Valmet's delivery included a complete tissue production line featuring stock preparation system and an Advantage DCT 200TS tissue machine. The tissue machine is equipped with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. It is also featured with the Advantage tissue technology including a ViscoNip press for improved press dryness, an AirCap hood with air and heat recovery system as well as a SoftReel reel with center wind assist.

    Valmet's project scope included basic mill engineering, process equipment and process ventilation, as well as the installation supervision, training and commissioning of the new tissue line. The delivery also included an automation package from Metso with the process control system.
    (Valmet GmbH)


    Avery Dennison has expanded its European waste disposal programme by appointing Tramonto Antonio srl, an environmental service provider, as its partner in Northern Italy.

    The Vergiate, Lombardy-based company has joined a group of designated partners that collect and process waste from label products, enabling converters and brand owners to avoid disposal at landfill sites or incineration plants, and thus improve their sustainability performance.

    “With our partners, Avery Dennison is developing better ways for our pressure-sensitive customers to manage waste,” says Xander van der Vlies, sustainability director at Avery Dennison Materials Group. “Environmental considerations are crucial, and we are focused on concrete and transparent solutions that will give label converters reliable sustainability credentials. This programme not only improves sustainability but also simplifies the process and leads to a reduction in cost.”

    Siliconised liner, and all other waste that can be recycled and segregated, is collected by Tramonto and channelled through the best available recycling option.

    The laminate waste collected by Tramonto, such as matrix waste or start-up reels, are processed for the production of RDF (refuse-derived fuel), and supplied to cement plants as an alternative to coal. This solution not only provides an alternative to landfill or incineration, with consequential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, but also turns waste into a resource, reducing fossil fuel dependency. Moreover, high temperatures and use of waste as raw material in the cement kilns eliminates the generation of residues and the need for their disposal.

    Davide Tramonto, technical director of Tramonto Antonio srl, explains: “Finding the best solution for waste disposal, taking into account the environment, is central to our job. Avery Dennison’s waste disposal programme offered us an ideal opportunity to collaborate and contribute to their sustainability commitment. We invested in the new RDF process technology in 2010 and we have ensured full compliance with material requirements and regulations, as also shown by our extensive range of certifications which are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, SA 8000 and EMAS.”

    Depending on circumstances, the fees for the new scheme have the potential to offer label converters up to 20 percent cost savings. A specific estimate is provided by Tramonto Anotonio srl after an initial site visit.

    Arcisate-based label converter Artes was the first label converter to join the programme. According to Paolo Belloni, Business Partner, this has led to significant benefits: “The environmental aspect to this scheme is important, and we have realised some savings too. Beyond that, we benefit from the logistic solution that Tramonto proposed, with one pick-up each week instead of two, meaning less paperwork for us.”

    Euroadhesiv srl (Omegna, Verbania) joined the scheme in May and Luca Mori, Quality & Environment Manager, is pleased with the sustainability gains: “Sustainability is an important topic for us and it’s been good to be offered a better way of dealing with self-adhesive material waste – one that avoids disposal of the waste at landfill or incineration plants.”

    Avery Dennison chose Tramonto Antonio as a partner because of the company’s excellent operations record, its ability to provide the optimum solution for a wide range of waste streams - including hazardous waste - and its complete IT support for reporting and tracking. Furthermore they advise on how to improve the waste management process and find the most appropriate disposal method for different types of waste.
    (Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)
    18.09.2014   2 out of 4 new Foong Yu's PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1600 Advanced lines are up and running    ( Company news )

    Company news At the end of April 2013, Yuen Foong Yu (one of Asia’s leading tissue producers) has signed a contract with PMP Group for the delivery of four (4) complete PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1600 Advanced lines. Taking all projects into consideration, the new order have made a total amount of seven (7) new PMP Group machines in the YFY’s fleet. Thus it is our pleasure to announce that on August 28th 2014 another PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1600 Advanced line was brought on stream at the YFY’s Yangzhou mill in China.
    The new 2.8 m width CF tissue machine (PM#8) of operating speed 1600 mpm and daily capacity of 75 t produces virgin fiber-based tissue in the basis weight range at reel from 13-31.3 gsm - for conversion into facial tissue, toilet rolls and kitchen towels. The scope of supply covers stock preparation, entire tissue machine (double-layer Intelli-Jet V® headbox, Intelli-Former® Crescent Former, Intelli-Press® with 16’’ steel YD and high efficiency steam hood and Intelli-Reel®) including also auxiliary systems like mechanical drives, lubrication system, steam & condensate, dust removal system, as well as controls and start-up services. Especially noteworthy however, is the double-layer Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox which is a highly advanced, technological unit that guarantees production of premium quality tissue.
    This was the second (out of four) start-up’s that will be performed by YFY and PMP Group in 2014/2015. At present Yuen Foong Yu brands, including Mayflower, Tender and Delight, play a significant role in the premium tissue sector in China and Taiwan. Through production expansion, product line extensions, and strengthening branded products, YFY’s goal is to be ranked as one of the top 5 tissue producers in China. PMP Group is proud that YFY has trusted the company to be a part of this development strategy. Fruitful partnership, that has been developing over the years between those two companies, has resulted in extremely fast start-ups and overall, positive cooperation based on win-win solutions. PMP Group is looking forward to future projects and is confident that the Intelli-Tissue® Advanced lines will help YFY in achieving their market goals and ambitions.
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    18.09.2014   Gebrüder NETZSCH Maschinenfabrik GmbH renamed ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme Österreich GmbH

    On 28th August 2014, Gebrüder NETZSCH Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Linz (Austria) will be renamed NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme Österreich GmbH. The change of name reflects the company's development over decades. For decades NETZSCH has been a global market leader for NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, evolving from pump specialists for a single type of pump into a solution provider for NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, multiscrew pumps, macerators/grinders, dosing technology, and equipment for custom built and challenging solutions for many applications.

    With a production of over 50,000 pumps per year, NETZSCH underlines the technology and market leadership which it has gained thanks to the quality of its pumps and spare parts. This is guaranteed by the core competence, and vertical integration which NETZSCH has built up over many decades.

    The launch of the TORNADO® T2 two years a go revolutionised the design as well as the functional and drive principles of the rotary lobe pumps. Due to this development, awareness has grown to highlight the expanded product range. It is therefore only logical that NETZSCH companies, named without a clear business purpose, be renamed so that the comprehensive product range can be recognised immediately. With the new name comes a better representation of the product range which includes NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, multiscrew pumps, macerators/grinders, dosing technology and equipment.
    (NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme Österreich GmbH)
    17.09.2014   Resolute Announces Permanent Closure of Laurentide Mill in Shawinigan, Quebec    ( Company news )

    Company news Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) announced the permanent closure of its Laurentide paper mill in Shawinigan, Quebec. The restart of a competitor's mill at the end of 2012, the high cost of fiber, as well as higher transportation and fuel costs, have affected the mill's competitiveness.

    "We made every effort to find a way to improve the Laurentide mill's performance. Unfortunately, due to its cost structure and challenging market conditions, there is no economically viable option for the mill," stated Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer. In operation for over 126 years, the Laurentide mill employs 275, with an annual production capacity of 191,000 metric tons of commercial printing papers. The permanent closure will take effect on or about October 15, 2014.

    The Company understands the impact this decision will have on employees, their families and the local community. Resolute will work with union representatives and government officials to respond to the needs of affected employees and encourage a smooth transition. Management will also ensure that each employee receives support, that the relevant conditions in the collective agreements are respected, and that as many employees as possible are transferred to other Company facilities.

    "We will do our utmost to ensure employee safety during the transition. We will also work closely with our customers to continue to meet their needs," added Garneau.
    (Resolute Forest Products)
    17.09.2014   Turkey’s PARTEKS starts up new TOSCOTEC tissue line    ( Company news )

    Company news The Turkish Company Parteks has successfully started up the new Toscotec’s tissue line installed in Kayseri capital of the same district in the Central Anatolian region. The machine came easily on stream after the commissioning period and is now producing high quality tissue products according to the guaranteed technological parameters.

    Founded in 1996, Parteks Paper Co. is a fully integrated large manufacturer of tissue paper for household and community, corrugated cardboard and fluting paper. The existing plant, that houses the TM1 tissue machine (started up in 2007), the PM1 fluting machine and corrugating line, covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Converting facility for tissue is close by the plant. The company employs around 300 people. Thanks to the huge investment process in the last two years, Parteks focuses on adding value to its brand name and products.
    The tissue paper is produced with recycled paper and virgin pulp. Panda and Senta are well-known tissue paper brands produced by Parteks.

    The delivery, based on an intensive energy-saving concept, included the approach flow featuring ultimate Toscotec technology TT SAF®, broke line, a MODULO-PLUS tissue machine with single-layer headbox, single press configuration and Toscotec steel Yankee dryer TT SYD-12FT. The supply also comprises an electrification and controls package, tissue machine auxiliaries like a natural gas heated hood, steam & condensate system, provided by Toscotec associate Milltech. A two unwind stands Toscotec rewinder TT WIND-P completes the package.

    With a width of 2,85m and a design speed of 1600 mpm, the new production line produces 75 tons a day of high-quality facial, toilet and towel grades, despite the mill is located at 1050m above the sea level.

    “It was really an exciting and profitable experience - said Mr. Fatih Capar, Parteks shareholder and General Manager- to work with Toscotec. They performed very well and the project was matching all the expectative! We came on stream in due time and the quality of the supply is recognized by all our team. We recognize the value of the Supplier and we are proud to have run this choice”.

    The new Toscotec project has been focused on reduced energy consumptions, usage of selected raw materials in the manufacturing process, recovery and re-usage of the process water, low emissions (noise and pollutants) as well as on green energy adoption with the application of a steel yankee dryer technology.
    (Toscotec S.p.A.)
    17.09.2014   UPM Outsources Selected Application Management Services To Tieto    ( Company news )

    Company news UPM has signed an outsourcing agreement with Tieto for its selected application management services. The agreement has been made for three years including two optional years.

    Approximately 47 UPM employees from UPM’s IT Service Centres in Changshu, China, in Tampere, Finland and in Krakow, Poland within the scope of the planned outsourcing are expected to move to Tieto upon completion of the transaction. This is expected to take place at the end of December 2014, subject to signing of local transfer agreements and customary closing conditions.

    “Tieto is already today a significant IT application and integration service provider for UPM”, says Turkka Keskinen, the CIO of UPM. “By optimising our application support and maintenance to fewer cooperation partners, we can better respond to the changes in the business environment and offer to our businesses more scalable and predictable IT services with lower cost. Expanding our co-operation with Tieto will also strengthen our IT competences and simplify the roles and responsibilities,” Keskinen continues.

    “We are pleased that UPM has decided to strengthen our cooperation. We have already today a deep industry expertise and understanding on UPM’s changing business needs and environment. In addition, we can offer UPM global delivery and industrialised service processes,” says Ari Järvelä , EVP for Manufacturing, Forest, Retail and Logistics Industry Group at Tieto.
    (UPM-Kymmene Sales GmbH)
    16.09.2014   ANDRITZ to supply complete ONP line to Lee & Man Group, China    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Lee & Man Group, one of the leading pulp and paper producers in Asia, to supply a 2-loop ONP (Old Newsprint) line for paper machine PM13 in Chongqing, China. Start-up is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

    The scope of supply includes a deinking system with drum pulping for a line capacity of 300 tons per day. The pulp will be used for the production of white top testliner.
    (Andritz AG)
    16.09.2014   Kemira invests in its hydrogen peroxide plant in Oulu    ( Company news )

    Company news Due to the growing demand for pulp chemicals in Finland, Kemira has decided to make a multi-million euro investment in its hydrogen peroxide plant in Oulu.

    The improved efficiency and operational capabilities will enable Kemira to serve pulp and paper producers even better in the future. Kemira continues to commit to the pulp and paper industry in Europe also by investigating other bleaching chemical investment needs to support the pulp and paper industry and the announced future pulp mill expansions.
    (Kemira, Paper Segment)
    15.09.2014   Schumacher Packaging relies on ventilation technology by Voith    ( Company news )

    Company news Voith has supported Schumacher Packaging GmbH in its quest for more environmentally friendly and effective board production by improving the air system and the dryer section hood of the BM 1 in Schwarzenberg, Germany. “One year after rebuilding the ventilation technology by Voith, we can draw an all-round positive balance. Our hood is now closed completely and in combination with a larger heat recovery we need noticeably less energy,” says Matthias Reh, plant manager at Schumacher Packaging. “We were also able to increase production.”

    On this project, Voith’s long-standing experience in the area of board and packaging paper machines again showed through. In several finely coordinated steps, Voith optimized the dryer section hood, the air system and heat recovery. The energy requirement was always the focus of the measures. Thus, the power requirement for driving the ventilation systems could be decreased significantly. The increase in efficiency met the high expectations of Schumacher Packaging. It allows the board manufacturer to produce its high-quality products in an even more sustainable fashion.

    Schwarzenberg BM 1 has a wire width of 2,160 mm and an operating speed of 42 m/min to 133 m/min. It produces gray, brown and white solid board in a basis weight range of 350 g/m² – 1,050 g/m².

    Schumacher Packaging is an owner-managed pan-European specialist for packaging made of corrugated cardboard and solid board. Founded in 1948, today the company employs more than 2,200 workers at 10 locations in Germany and Poland.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    15.09.2014   Smurfit Kappa continues to open the Mediterranean market to Bag-in-Box® packaging solutions    ( Company news )

    Company news Already a hit in Northern Europe, Bag-in-Box® is rapidly gaining popularity in countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania

    Smurfit Kappa will once again showcase its complete range of Bag-in-Box® and Pouch-Up® packaging products at the Eurasia Packaging Fair in Tüyap, Istanbul, from 18 to 21 September. In its 20th year, the Eurasia Packaging Fair is co-organised with the Food Tech Fair, and is the primary food packaging fair in the region. It is expected that this year the event will welcome over 45,000 visitors from 84 countries, proving it to be one of the major fairs in Europe.

    Agustin Perojo, Sales Director Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box Ibi, said: “Our plant in Ibi meets the highest standards of the industry and its perfect geographical position enables us to focus on these dynamic markets.”

    Smurfit Kappa will be one of the 1200 exhibiting companies and will particularly focus on its solutions for dairy products. These markets are rapidly growing and Bag-in-Box® is a perfect alternative to bottles and plastic tins. It is hygienic, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and offers a long shelf-life to the product. Wine packaging is also expected to attract the visitors, especially those from wine-growing regions in Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Lebanon.

    The Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box team will be at your disposal throughout the show in the Hall 8, stand 801E.
    (Smurfit Kappa UK Head Office)
    15.09.2014   China's premier pulp and paper event opening on Monday     ( Company news )

    Company news China Paper is the original and no. 1 exhibition and event for the Chinese and Asian pulp and paper markets. Established in 1987, the 21st edition of the show will be held in Shanghai and opens on Monday September 15, 2014.

    Visitors from 40 countries worldwide have already pre-registered.

    The exhibition floor, hosting both Chinese and overseas companies, will be displaying the latest technologies and just like previous years the renowned China Paper conference will be held on the second day of the event, 16 September. Pulp and paper professionals and experts from around the world will be discussing the most burning issues of the industry. Portia Zhao, Sr Product Manager at RISI will be talking about 'Cost Benchmarking of China Pulp and Paper Industry; Where China Stand?' and Mr Sun Mingming, Senior Pulp and Paper Program Officer at WWF, China, will share his thoughts on 'Being a responsible company, proactively respond to the challenge on environmental conservation'.

    An afternoon networking session on Tuesday 16 September will be the highlight of China Paper where pre-registered visitors, conference delegates, mill managers and exhibitors can meet, mingle and network. Drinks and snacks are served.

    Visit the official website for more information or write an e-mail to
    15.09.2014   Successful first day of China Paper 2014 Shanghai    ( Company news )

    Company news Today, Asia's original and largest pulp and paper show with the highest international attendance opened up its doors to the 21st edition. The first day of the event was visited by international buyers from 15 different countries and over the course of the 3-day event 40 different countries are expected to be represented on the exhibition floor, according to pre-registration figures.

    Show continues tomorrow with the exhibition and the renowned China Paper conference. Pulp and paper professionals and experts from around the world will be discussing the most burning issues of the industry. Portia Zhao, Sr Product Manager at RISI will be talking about 'Cost Benchmarking of China Pulp and Paper Industry; Where China Stand?' and Mr Sun Mingming, Senior Pulp and Paper Program Officer at WWF, China, will share his thoughts on 'Being a responsible company, proactively respond to the challenge on environmental conservation'. Tomorrow also includes an afternoon networking session, the highlight of China Paper, where pre-registered visitors, conference delegates, mill managers and exhibitors can meet, mingle and network.

    Re-booking for the next China Paper show at Intex Shanghai, 14-16 October, 2015, has already started.
    (Adforum AB)
    15.09.2014   ANDRITZ to supply complete reject handling system for Shandong Sun Paper, China    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order to supply a complete reject handling system for Shandong Sun Paper Industry’s paper machines PM31 and PM32, China. Start-up is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016.

    The scope of supply includes coarse and fine shredding systems, a ballistic separator, reject compactors, sand separators, as well as coarse and fine metal separators, including ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation. The ANDRITZ reject handling system has a total capacity of approx. 200 tons of light rejects per day. The residuals from both recycled fiber lines will be prepared for combustion or for further cleaning and recycling, while valuable components like metals will be separated.

    Shandong Sun Paper is one of the leading Chinese pulp and paper producers.
    (Andritz AG)
    12.09.2014   Investment to increase capacity at Vajda Papír    ( Company news )

    Company news One June 11, 2014, in the presence of 100 guests – including national and local government representatives, diplomats, partners, clients and suppliers as well as the press – the new major investment project of HUF 1.8 billion to increase the converting capacity of Vajda Papír Kft. was unveiled, which is to open up new vistas for the company.
    The start button of the new state-of-the-art production line installed by early June was pressed by Péter Szijjártó, deputy minister of foreign affairs and trade and Attila Vajda, founder, owner and managing director of Vajda Papír.

    „In recent years our group has become an equal of its multinational competitors. I firmly believe that with high-quality products and a coherent strategy and great perseverance Hungarian companies can be competitive on the European market. I thank my colleagues warmly for their relentless work ethic going back ten to 15 years, which made it possible for me to be here today and speak to you of yet another significant achievement." – said Attila Vajda in its welcome speech.

    János Berényi, president of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA), her Excellency Tove Skarstein, ambassador of Norway to Hungary and Ferenc Geiger, mayor of Soroksár also attended the grand opening ceremony.

    Péter Szijjártó emphasised in his speech given at the ceremony: “Vajda Papír started out as a garage company, and has become an international corporation employing 500 people, and generating an annual turnover of HUF 22 billion in just 15 years. This success story shows that the industriousness of Hungarian people, their courage and faith in the future can make Hungary even stronger, and make it become the front runner in Central-Europe once again.”

    This Hungarian family-owned company, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, which has 20 export markets, is a key player in the Central-Eastern European region and Scandinavia – with local offices in four countries and a paper mill employing 85 people in Norway. Thanks to the business development projects this year in Hungary and Norway, the number of staff now exceeds 500, and the finished goods capacity is over 120 thousand tonnes.
    (Vajda-Papír Kft.)
    12.09.2014   Mimaki joins Caterham F1 Team as technical partner    ( Company news )

    Company news Teaming up engineering and technology brings speed, flexibility and quality to racing team’s graphics

    Mimaki, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, has formed a technical partnership with the Caterham F1® Team, making Mimaki their official technical graphics supplier. The result of this partnership is that all Formula One communication and visuals for Caterham F1 Team will be now be printed and cut with Mimaki’s range of solutions.

    On Track To Deliver Results
    In the fast paced world of Formula One racing, one needs graphics that stand out from the rest of the field. Manfredi Ravetto, Team Principal of the Caterham F1® Team, knows about standing out. He is managing the team for a result-driven season. He needed a partner who could translate the team’s values into visuals that reflect these goals. “Whether it is on the track or projecting our image, our team is focused on results. So we required a technical partner that could deliver quality that meets our high engineering standards. Mimaki impressed us with the creative versatility their solutions have to offer and won us over immediately.”

    Let’s create… Together
    Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA for Mimaki Europe, is very enthusiastic about the cooperation: “Formula One is all about precision, flexibility, quality and success. Characteristics we also associate with every print and cut solution Mimaki develops and puts into the market. This close cooperation allows us to demonstrate just what Mimaki can deliver. Our solutions are as flexible, creative and qualitative as the racing management requires them to be. We consider it an honour to supply the team with the latest printing and cutting solutions for the trucks and paddocks worldwide.”

    The Caterham F1® Team graphics team concurs on the importance of visual representation throughout the racing season: “Our team is under a lot of time pressure - and so are our communication efforts. We need to effectively translate the key values of Caterham F1® Team into a visual presentation that is all about speed, flexibility and quality. To achieve that success, we selected a reliable partner we can count on for quality and consistency. We’re convinced this partnership with Mimaki will deliver the right solutions for the job.”
    (Mimaki Europe B.V.)
    12.09.2014   Xeikon to demonstrate end-to-end digital printing applications through its specialty ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Suites at Graph Expo 2014

    Highlights will include demonstrations of integrated hardware and software solutions developed to enable productivity, quality and Efficiency

    Xeikon NV, an innovator in digital color printing technology, will have a major presence at Graph Expo 2014, showcasing a range of technologies and innovations. Graph Expo 2014, the leading international trade event for the graphic communications industry, is being held September 28 - October 1, 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

    At booth 841, the company will demonstrate its "Suites", which not only include a Xeikon digital color press, but also the appropriate print media, software and workflow solutions, consumables and tools, as well as pre and post print equipment, required for a true end-to-end digital printing solution. Xeikon partners with other leading manufacturers in the industry in the development of its Suites.

    During the show, Xeikon will exhibit some high impact direct marketing/direct mail applications in unique format sizes on its Document Production Suite. These application pieces will be produced on a Xeikon 8000 Series digital color press. The Xeikon 8000 Series presses feature high precision LED-array imaging technology, which combines true 1200 dpi resolution and 4-bit per spot color depth, to deliver the finest commercial print quality available on the market today. In addition, the Xeikon 8000 Series offers unmatched format flexibility, with a media width of 20.2 inches and unlimited print length. The presses print on both sides of the substrate simultaneously and can handle monthly duty cycles of up to 10 million pages.

    For commercial printing companies that are looking to foray into packaging, Xeikon will also demonstrate its Folding Carton Suite at the show. The Folding Carton Suite is built around Xeikon's flagship label and packaging press, the Xeikon 3500. The Xeikon 3500 incorporates the imaging resolution and format flexibility that Xeikon technology is known for and is equipped with five color stations, four for standard process colors and the fifth station for gamut expansion colors. The fifth station can also be used for printing on transparent/clear substrates with a one-pass opaque white toner or a security toner for anti-counterfeiting applications. Print speed of the press is unaffected by the number of colors used and/or the size of the application piece being produced. The Xeikon 3500 can handle monthly duty cycles of up to 3.8 million square feet on a wide range of substrates. It runs on Xeikon's QA-I toner which is FDA-compliant for indirect and direct contact with dry food.

    Visitors to the Xeikon booth can also see live demonstrations of its ThermoFlexX digital imaging system, which enables customers to produce high quality flexo and letterpress plates at high resolutions.

    "Very few other events in the graphic communications industry have as many live demonstrations of equipment, products and solutions as Graph Expo. Xeikon will be there in full force, showcasing some outstanding solutions for document and commercial printers," said Todd Blumsack, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Xeikon North America. "Many commercial printers today are looking into packaging applications to generate additional revenue streams for their businesses. Xeikon continues to innovate in this area and we're proud to highlight our leadership for this audience," Blumsack concluded.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    12.09.2014   Emballage 2014, A "100% Useful Innovation" Programme !     ( Company news )

    Company news A unique platform, a source of inspiration and innovation

    EMBALLAGE 2014 is not only a platform for business and sourcing but also for inspiration, thanks to its rich content for each industrial sector. All the industry intelligence is highlighted for the four days of the Exhibition by means of conferences, a TV studio broadcasting live, a showcase of packaging innovations and exhibitions to explore the packaging of the future.

    - 1,500 exhibitors in the Packaging, Processing, Printing and Handling sectors

    - 100,000 professionals from all over the world expected

    - 100 countries represented
    11.09.2014   American Forest & Paper Association Comments on USDA’s BioPreferred Innovation Criteria     ( Company news )

    Company news American Forest & Paper Association President and CEO Donna Harman issued the following statement on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) putting new interim innovation criteria for the BioPreferred Program in effect today.

    “The BioPreferred Program’s new innovation criteria allow the nation’s pulp, paper, packaging and wood products manufacturers to compete on a level playing field with other biobased products.

    “The paper and paper-based packaging segment of the industry has provided great innovative products that extend the shelf life of food; reduce waste; improve the quality of papers made with recycled content; and significantly reduce energy and water usage. Paper-based packaging offers strength and protective characteristics as well as product marketing capabilities that convey important product information to consumers.

    “We welcome these interim guidelines and look forward to working with USDA to improve them as they are finalized.”
    (AF&PA American Forest and Paper Association)
    11.09.2014   CEOs See Need to Adapt More Quickly to Changing Technology    ( Company news )

    Company news According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), London, U.K., a survey of forest, paper, and packaging CEOs indicates an expectation of some challenges ahead where adapting more quickly to changing technology is an issue. Companies are now collaborating along the supply chain and many are improving their environmental footprint.

    PwC notes that 81% of forest, paper, and packaging CEOs believe that technological advances such as the digital economy, social media, mobile devices, and big data will transform or continue transforming their business over the next five years. This reflects the impact of the shift to mobile on paper demand, but technology is helping the industry as well.

    Some 92% of the CEOs acknowledged that they will need to pick up the pace to adapt. They’ll need to update technology investment strategies. Only 23% report having made changes, while 33% have already started revamping R&D and innovation capacity, reflecting the effort the industry is putting into innovation in diverse areas such as nanotechnology, genetic manipulation, new applications for fiber, dissolving pulp uses, and new packaging solutions. Only 17% of sector executives believe their R&D departments are "well-prepared" for the future.

    Forest, paper, and packaging CEOs have been working hard to improve their supply chains in response to transformative trends – most say their companies have already begun or completed change programs. And it may be starting to pay off: 54% of these CEOs say the level of trust their supply chain partners have in their industry has improved.

    Sustainability continues to be a top priority. Nearly two-thirds of CEOs in the industry pointed to resource scarcity and climate change as driving transformation.

    A majority 77% of CEOs in the industry are concerned about the availability of key skills in their employees. Nearly all of them—91%—recognize a need to change talent strategies to adapt, but only about a third have already begun or completed the process. Some 19% don’t think their HR department is prepared to execute, and just 31% believe HR is well-prepared.
    (TAPPI Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry)

    Company news Avery Dennison is moving the trade show to the World Wide Web.

    Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials will introduce an interactive virtual trade show booth at to highlight the innovations it is launching at the same time in its booth at Labelexpo Americas. The labeling industry’s premier trade show runs Sept. 9-11 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

    “Our virtual tradeshow will open the door to converters around the world who are unable to attend the show,” said Judy Abelman, vice president, communications for Avery Dennison Materials Group. “This tool will enable them to experience the innovations we will debut and gain access to the information and tools featured in our booth. It’s also a great way for converters at the show to share what they’ve seen with team members who weren’t able to come to Chicago.”

    Using CAD drawings of the physical booth, the virtual booth replicates what will be seen at Labelexpo, including seven innovation zones that feature technology designed for unique segments and applications.

    Visitors can click on each innovation zone to access product overviews and educational information, including white-papers, videos, and product portfolios.

    The virtual tradeshow will have a live chat function that is staffed globally by Avery Dennison product specialists following Labelexpo from September 16-17. After that time, virtual booth visitors will be able to submit questions directly to sales representatives and technical experts and quickly receive the information they need.
    (Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)
    11.09.2014   Kelheim Fibres with Five Presentations at the Dornbirn Man-Made Fiber Congress    ( Company news )

    Company news Once again, Bavarian viscose fibre specialist Kelheim Fibres puts the intense activity of its inhouse R&D and the impressive variety of its range of products in the limelight at Dornbirn‘s Man-Made Fiber Congress.

    Thus the focus this year is, for example, on electrically conductive viscose fibres: Dr. Nina Köhne speaks about the manufacturing of such fibres, which have permanent conductivity incorporated into the fibre matrix, yet at the same time preserve their native characteristics in terms of processability and wearer comfort.
    These speciality fibres are a possible answer to the great interest shown by the market in the further development of already existing conductive materials - such as metal wires or metal fibres – and could enable exiting new products especially in the field of sensor technology.

    Dr. Roland Scholz discusses the possibility of permanent finishing of ionically activated fibres. By incorporating polyelectrolytes in the fibre’s matrix, a finish with polyelectrolytes of opposite charge is highly efficient and also allows the selective control of the fibre properties.
    With the applied methods a polarity inversion of ionically activated fibres is possible. The fastness to washing of the polyelectrolytes on the fibre’s surface depends on the pH value of the solution and outlasts the dyeing time of the fibres. At the same time, the water imbibition of coated fibres is significantly reduced and almost equals the imbibition of non-ionically activated fibres.

    The modification of viscose fibres by incorporating functional additives into the fibre’s core has been part of Kelheim’s particular expertise for years. With the functionalisation of viscose fibres by chemical reactions, Kelheim Fibres now explores completely new ways and significantly extends its „tool box“ for the design of tailor-made speciality fibres.
    Dr. Daniela Bauer presents three key concepts of fibre functionalisation and speaks about possible applications as for example in anti-microbial or fluorescent fibres or fibres with outstanding dyeing properties.

    Speciality fibres are also required when it comes to precoat filtration in the brewing industry. Walter Roggenstein, head of Kelheim’s R&D, presents n first results of a joint research project between Kelheim Fibres and Krones AG, world market leader for beverage filling, packaging and processing technology.
    Especially adapted viscose fibres are used as a substitute for diatomite which is commonly used in this area. Viscose fibres score with their natural origin, the environmentally sound disposal and their physiological and hygienic safety. Furthermore, their physical and chemical properties can be exactly adapted to the user’s specific needs – another benefit for this sensitive filtration application.

    And finally, Dr. Philipp Wimmer introduces the world of medical and hygiene products and illustrates this with two very topical applications. Thus viscose fibres can offer a functional yet at the same time environmentally friendly alternative to common incontinence products. Hollow viscose fibres can store large quantities of fluid and are therefore highly suitable for the production of incontinence pads. An enormous benefit of these pads made from viscose fibres is their washability. Fibres from Kelheim help preserve valuable resources and can help to reduce huge amounts of waste.

    In the area of wound care viscose fibres have been established for years, because they are naturally soft, skin-friendly, free of pesticide residues and extremely absorbent.
    Multifunctional products, which are exactly adapted to the requirements of modern wound care can be created by modifying the fibres during the manufacturing process. Examples are the incorporation of healing substances in hollow fibres, temperature regulation at the wound or fibres that work as a pH buffer and indicator in order to control the state of the wound. Viscose fibres with reduced wet adhesion properties prevent the sticking of the dressing to the wound and so enable faster healing.
    Kelheim’s fibre specialists look forward to meeting you at their information stand at the Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress.
    (Kelheim Fibres GmbH)
    10.09.2014   Huhtamäki Oyj acquires a folded carton packaging manufacturer in New Zealand    ( Company news )

    Company news Huhtamaki has acquired Interpac Packaging Limited based in Auckland, New Zealand. Interpac manufactures folded carton packaging for the fast-moving consumer goods and retail products as well as the foodservice market in New Zealand. It also manufactures corrugated protective packaging for the local wine industry. The company employs 85 people. With the acquisition Huhtamaki continues to implement its strategy of quality growth and to expand its product offering.

    All shares of the privately owned Interpac Packaging Limited were acquired for a purchase price of approximately EUR 7 million. The annual net sales of the acquired business are approximately EUR 11 million. The acquired unit will become part of Huhtamaki's Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania business segment.
    (Huhtamäki Oyj)
    10.09.2014   Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update    ( Company news )

    Company news The revival of the softwood fiber-based forest industry in the Nordic countries has been especially noticeable in 2014, with investment plans of three billion dollars in pulp, bio energy and bio materials, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

    Forest companies in Northern Europe have announced plans to investment three Billion dollars in 2014 in attempt to move beyond mostly producing newsprint and commodity packaging grades. The idea is to diversify their product lines to include new bio-products from wood fiber and to generate bioenergy to reduce the region’s dependence on fossil fuels, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

    The pulp and paper industry in the Nordic countries has started to see a new dawn with a growing demand for pulp and paper products made from long Wood fiber from the vast conifer forests in Northern Europe. Just over the past few months, there have been a number of announcements in investments made by forest companies in Finland, Norway and Sweden totaling close to three billion dollars, as reported in the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ).

    The primarily end-products will be softwood market pulp and virgin fiber-based container board, but major investments are also being consider in increasing the utilization of forest biomass for energy on a larger scale. Although the Investment decisions have not been finalized for all projects, these ruminations are a sign that the forest industry in this part of the world sees the future in a much brighter light than just a few years ago.

    In addition to the investments in the pulp and paper industry, there has also been an announcement that the Swedish forest owner federation Sodra, together with the Norwegian energy company Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, intends to establish an biofuel conglomerate at the site of the now closed pulpmill in Tofte, just south of the capital Oslo.

    In Finland, Metsä Fiber has plans to invest 1.5 billion dollars in a plant that will produce softwood pulp, renewable bioenergy and what the company categorizes as “various biomaterials”.

    Some of the factors that have placed softwood fiber in a new positive light are: limited investments in the establishments of softwood plantations worldwide, favorable global supply/demand balance for softwood pulp over hardwood pulp, (if you are a Pulp manufacturer), increased demand for packaging material requiring wood fiber with high strength, and a rise in research in new products made from trees, sometimes as substitutes to non-renewable materials such as plastic and metal.

    These recent developments in the Nordic countries may very well be the beginning of the biggest transformation of the softwood fiber-based forest industry we have seen in decades, not only in Northern Europe but in other regions of the world as well where coniferous forests is the dominant forest-type.
    (WRI Wood Resources International LLC)
    10.09.2014   Lecta continues making progress in securing OHSAS 18001 certification ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... for all its mills before the end of 2014

    OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) is the most widely used specification worldwide for establishing, implementing and operating an occupational safety and health management system. It is an effective tool for managing an organization safely and efficiently, with the aim of protecting employees from the risk of occupational accidents and illnesses.

    This standard promotes a proactive and responsible attitude toward safety at all levels, encouraging broad participation of employees in preventive tasks, on the basis of risk analysis, adoption of both preventive and corrective measures, contribution of ideas for enhanced safety in work facilities as well as the promotion of safe behavior, all within a process of ongoing improvement.

    Lecta, which had already secured certification for its Riva del Garda (Italy) mill, voluntarily took on the commitment of extending OHSAS 18001 certification to all its manufacturing sites before the end of 2014 in its last Environmental Report. The company is firmly committed to the safety of its employees and continues its ongoing efforts regarding quality, the environment and occupational health and safety. All of this has resulted in Lecta’s becoming a point of reference within the paper industry in terms of sustainability.

    The OHSAS 18001 certifications for the Cartiere del Garda mill and Torraspapel’s mills in Almazán, Motril and Zaragoza are available at, and, respectively.

    For more information about Lecta’s commitment to a sustainable future, please visit
    (Lecta Group)
    10.09.2014   CorruMax® – the BHS Corrugated profile family    ( Company news )

    Company news Currently we are observing the trend of an increasing demand for our BHS Corrugated profile family CorruMax®. Continuous success is an indication for the constant implementation of the CorruMax® profile family in the market.
    According to recent reports on reduction of medium paper consumption it is nowadays possible to achieve paper savings by new profile design of corrugating rolls – always keeping in mind to maintain the customers’ requirements on paper strength ECT/FCT.
    By special combinations of CorruMax® profiles not only medium paper savings but also improvements in printability of double-wall board can be achieved.

    Additional benefits achieved with CorruMax® profiles:
    -Improved surface quality and better printability of the board
    -Clearly improved runability on single facers with pressure roll
    -Lower production costs of corrugated board
    -Reduction of transportation and stock holding costs
    (BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH)
    09.09.2014   First medium-format press with LED drying in Bavaria    ( Company news )

    Company news New Rapida 106 for Holzer Druck und Medien

    Picture: Holzer Druck und Medien has been using Rapida sheetfed offset presses since 1990. A six-colour Rapida 106 with LED drying will be joining the line-up in November

    Holzer Druck und Medien in Weiler/Allgäu is a longstanding KBA user and invests regularly in the latest sheetfed offset technologies. Leaving aside a single small-format press and the digital machines, this is an exclusive domain of medium-format KBA presses.

    The current line-up unites a five-colour Rapida 105u coater press, a Rapida 105 with six printing units and inline coating, and an eight-colour Rapida 106 for 4/4 perfecting.

    In November, the company will be expanding its capacities further with a Rapida 106 of the latest generation – this time a six-colour model with coating and triple-length extended delivery. As a high-speed press with additional accessories for the handling of both board and plastic substrates, it is engineered for production at speeds up to 20,000 sheets/hour. The press has also been configured for the alternating use of conventional and UV inks and coatings, and thus promises enormous production flexibility. The sidelay-free infeed (DriveTronic SIS), simultaneous plate changing (DriveTronic SPC), washing systems designed to permit parallel washing processes (CleanTronic Synchro) and many other configuration details are geared to ultimate automation and fast job changeovers.

    One feature which is still far from commonplace in this format class is the energy-saving LED-UV drying, which Holzer chose not least due to the possibilities for fast further processing of the printed products. Depending on the job in hand, the LED dryer can be positioned after the sixth printing unit or in the extended delivery. Interdeck drying after the first unit is similarly possible, e.g. for jobs requiring opaque white. Quality and colour control to PSO specifications is handled by the inline control system QualiTronic ColorControl.

    With the new Rapida 106, Holzer Druck und Medien has once again confirmed its reputation as a technology pioneer – and that with impact well beyond the local region. Where, in the past, it was frequently sophisticated and high-quality facsimile products which attracted the attention of a wider clientele, Holzer today offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services which go far beyond the bounds of classic offset print, for example three-dimensional products, translation management, web-to-print and content management.
    (Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))
    09.09.2014   Hansol Paper (South Korea) acquires Telrol Group in the Netherlands    ( Company news )

    Company news Hansol Paper announced the acquisition of the shares in Telrol B.V., a European leader in self-adhesive labels from Telrol Management B.V. The founder (Ton Jacobs) will leave the company for retirement and Hoessein Hadaoui will remain CEO / part owner of the Group.

    Together with the Schades Group which Hansol Paper acquired in September 2013, this additional acquisition will create a one of kinds in the servicing of POS receipts and self-adhesive labels for the retail business across Europe.

    Mr. Sang-Hun Lee, CEO of Hansol Paper: “The objective of this acquisition will be to enter into the fast growing label business and to ensure Telrol’s further growth with Hansol Paper’s experience and core competency. To strengthen its business portfolio, Hansol Paper became the first Korean paper manufacturer to enter into European market after acquiring the Schades Group, a European market leader in POS thermal paper converting and label manufacturing. As its future business plan, Hansol Paper aims to grow its label converting business to its core business all along with the paper converting of the Schades Group.”

    Hoessein Hadaoui, CEO of Telrol Group: “This acquisition will enable the company to further strengthen its competitive position and become a part of a significant pan-European group, as well as Hansol’s competitive advantage and high quality standards will strengthen our position. Our growth strategy will include large scale national and international acquisitions in the label industry and the current employees will be retained and new opportunities for job creation are part of the future growth strategy”.

    Peter Møller, CEO of Schades Group: “The acquisition by Hansol will clearly strengthen the competitive advantage not only for Telrol but surely also for Schades and with the two legs in POS paper and Self-adhesive Labels, Hansol Paper will become one of the leading and most progressive partner for the European retail business. It will surely be beneficial for all parties; customers, employees and shareholders”.
    (Telrol B.V.)
    08.09.2014   Welcome to ABTCP 2014     ( Company news )

    Company news The 47th pulp and paper international congress & exhibition will be taking place in the Transamérica Expo Center, São Paulo, on October 7-9. The ABTCP event is the largest Latin American gathering of the pulp and paper sector.

    More information can be found on the ABTCP official Website
    08.09.2014   NanoGloss: New calender roll cover from Voith ensures long-lasting gloss ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... and uniform smoothness

    With NanoGloss, Voith brings a new calender roll cover onto the market that combines two important characteristics: a high level of mechanical stability and a high level of gloss on the paper. In its first field tests, the new cover achieved impressive results with an increase in gloss points. The paper produced with NanoGloss stands out with its high level of gloss and uniform smoothness.

    NanoGloss is a multilayer roll cover which can be used in all positions on super, soft and multi-nip calenders. The proven, innovative finer surface topography achieves a high level of gloss improvement. In contrast to conventional calender roll covers, NanoGloss retains its exceptional surface characteristics between each regrind. The matrix structure of NanoGloss also guarantees the highest levels of stability and resistance. Furthermore, NanoGloss can be repaired just as easily as any other Voith calender roll cover.

    Thanks to the characteristics of the new calender roll cover, inflexibility, wear and damage are prevented. Paper manufacturers can therefore enjoy reliable operation with NanoGloss.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    08.09.2014   3 Exhibitions in One Event    ( Company news )

    Company news PAPER-ME 2014 The 6th International Exhibition for Pulp, Paper and Printing which will be held on October 22nd -24th, 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Hall (1,2,3)

    In Parallel Events:

    TISUUE-ME 2014 2014 The Leading International Exhibition for Tissue Paper, Hygiene Products and Converting Industries that will be held on October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Halls (2)

    PACK 2 PACK 2014 The Leading International Exhibition for Packing & Packaging Solutions, which will be held on October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Hall (3)

    Our landmark exhibition, PAPER-ME 2014 is the MENA largest event covering the wide spectrum of paper, board, tissue, packaging and printing industries, demonstrating a perfect hub to showcase the latest equipment and machinery for the exchange of ideas, industry information and solutions; and a unique opportunity to engage with the market leaders and its stakeholders.
    08.09.2014   GardaMatt Ultra Swatchbook: “Amazing to see, wonderful to touch”    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta launches a new swatchbook for its GardaMatt Ultra papers from Cartiere del Garda

    “Amazing to see, wonderful to touch” is the theme of the new GardaMatt Ultra swatchbook, a sample folder revolving around the concept of papers that are beautiful to look at, marvellous to feel. The swatchbook contains a series of photographs with actions directly related to the images. The feathers of a swan are an invitation to caress, the weightlessness of a white cloud an invitation to pinch, a small amphibian hanging onto a leaf an invitation to grasp.

    GardaMatt Ultra is designed to be irresistible, a paper that pleases sight and touch alike. It is the latest creation from Lecta, which continues to invest in the development of innovative products to anticipate and respond to market needs, offering papers that combine maximum quality with respect for the environment.

    GardaMatt Ultra is a woodfree coated paper with a rough matt surface. It is high-bulk (1.0), acidfree and age-resistant, available in substances of 115, 130, 150 and 170 g/m2 and can be FSC® or PEFC™ certified upon request. This product is particularly suited to the publishing market’s needs, guaranteeing superb runnability, high printability, excellent stiffness, and exceptional “delta gloss” (the different Level of gloss between the printed and the unprinted areas). Lecta has yet again met its goal to offer a quality line of products, which is both versatile and focused on the specific needs of each of its customers.
    (Lecta Group)
    05.09.2014   Time for the 7th edition of Paper Arabia     ( Company news )

    Company news The opening of Middle East’s only event on Paper - Paper Arabia - is only a few weeks away. Held in the strategic meeting point of Dubai, the 7th International Exhibition on Paper, Tissue and Converting Industry will take place in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 21-23, 2014.

    Paper Arabia is the main event for the Middle East and North Africa and, in 2013, 7380 industry professionals from 48 countries visited the show. 96% of them were decision makers and out of these 68% were either Chairman, President, MD, General Manager or CEO.

    Visit the Paper Arabia official website for more information.

    05.09.2014   Karin Emilsson to leave Södra    ( Company news )

    Company news Karin Emilsson, Director of Technology at Södra, has decided to leave the company after 27 years. During her time at the Group, Karin has held a variety of positions at Södra Cell in Mönsterås and Värö, as well as more recently within Research and Development (R&D).

    Karin Emilsson has been Director of Technology for Södra since 2008, with innovation and sustainability as part of her remit.

    "I've spent a great deal of my life at Södra and have recently been focusing on innovation issues. I've had a fantastic time at Södra, where I've worked closely with my team and the business areas to both retain existing business and identify new opportunities. Now I plan to get more deeply involved in innovation aspects and work with green business startups," Emilsson explained.

    "Karin has been a great asset to Södra and we'd like to thank her for her many valuable years of service, and wish her the very best of luck in her future endeavours," commented Lars Idermark, Södra's President and CEO.

    Karin will be leaving the Group at the end of the year. The recruitment process to find her successor is now underway.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    05.09.2014   Esko offers complete, updated preproduction toolset at Labelexpo 2014     ( Company news )

    Company news At booth 5202, Esko ( will be displaying its complete preproduction solutions for label production at Labelexpo Americas, held from September 9-11 in Rosemont, IL. Highlights include the first official North American viewing of Suite 14, along with Equinox and Full HD Flexo, technologies that have recently received industry-wide acclaim.

    “At Labelexpo Americas 2014, Esko will be able to show label manufacturers a complete preproduction workflow, from file to plate,” explains Rory Marsoun, Esko VP, Flexo Business Development. “This includes a wide range of applications, from exceptional expanded gamut software to 3D design tools, to outstanding flexo plate imaging to collaborative workflows that can ultimately drive any press, including flexo, offset and digital.”

    Suite 14: The most complete collection of preproduction software tools for labels and packaging

    A major emphasis of the booth will be Suite 14, an update of the world’s most complete collection of preproduction software tools for packaging and sign & display production. It supports and manages the packaging and print processes at brand owners, retailers, designers, packaging manufacturers and print service providers. Suite 14 focuses on five key directions supporting the future of packaging workflows:
    - Superior quality: The prepress operator’s focus shifts entirely to quality checking: once to obtain customer design approval and again just before the press starts. Interactive tools dedicated to check quality simplify the task.
    - Task driven interactive editing: Quality checking, exception handling and building smart templates are the prepress operator’s main tasks. New cross platform software apps provide a task-driven user experience. Intelligent wizards guide the operator through expert processes.
    - Improved workflow automation: Smart workflow tickets route designs automatically to a press-ready printing plate. Workflow automation stretches beyond printing and finishing and integrates with logistics. Operator interaction is limited to exception handling and quality checking. Open industry standards enable integration with business systems and data silos, regardless of location. Cloud based packaging management systems interface with prepress workflow servers openly and transparently.
    - Smart templates: The basis for a lights-out workflow, smart design templates separate content from creation: the designer determines the looks of the pack “by example” and within a brand guidelines framework. Critical content resides securely in the cloud-based packaging management system of the brand owner. No more ‘copy and paste’ in Adobe Illustrator but linking smart objects to secure and approved content in a database. This guarantees brand consistency and legal compliance at maximum productivity and shortest time to market.
    - Online supply chain integration: Smart templates and workflow tickets connect prepress to all stakeholders. Operations run virtually anywhere in the world. Integrated packaging-savvy production and asset management systems dramatically improve time to market and reduced cost.

    Equinox: Printing more efficiently with expanded gamut

    Equinox Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) Technology—a 2014 FTA Technical Innovation Award and PIA InterTech Technology Award recipient—is Esko’s patented technology for converting packaging graphics from CMYK and spot color to seven-color process. Converting entire files results in extremely close matches to spot colors, improved pictorial images, and the ability to print more colors than available ink stations on the press, resulting in improved image quality and brand impact. The major benefit, however, is realized in the pressroom as jobs print more economically and consistently. The ability to create an infinite number of colors from seven process colors promotes “gang” press runs – and the economic savings can surpass a million dollars per press per year. Customers using Equinox ECG technology report that they use 7-color process profitably in a production environment for labels as well as flexible packaging. This has enabled many of the worlds largest consumer product companies to convert entire product lines to expanded gamut.

    Full HD Flexo for Labels

    Esko will be showing examples of Full HD Flexo for Labels. Full HD Flexo is the recipient of a 2014 PIA InterTech Technology award. Full HD Flexo for Labels features adapted screening and standard operating procedures for the label and tag industry, and delivers very high quality with impactful solids, smoother highlights and expanded color gamut. Full HD Flexo for Labels delivers enhanced print stability as well as a reduction of gear marks when using gear-driven presses.

    At the Esko booth, will be exhibiting an Esko CDI Spark 4835 flexo plate imager—the most popular flexo plate imager in the industry—with inline UV and Full HD Flexo. Visitors can learn about HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo through real-life production samples that demonstrate the quality and extended color gamut made possible by incorporation of Esko solutions.

    Along with Full HD Flexo will be Esko Digital Flexo Suite, offering significant cost savings through the automation of the flexo plate production. The flexo plate is cut into smaller patches to reduce waste. Automatically, instantly and accurately, as a job is sent to the imager, files are created for cutting and data files are made for mounting. The Digital Flexo Suite will be demonstrated with The Kongsberg XN, easily the most versatile digital finishing device ever introduced. It is available in seven different sizes from 66” x 50” to 87” x 258”. The Kongsberg XN comes with a wide range of specialty tools. These tools offer speed, power and flexibility to automatically handle a wide variety of packaging and plate materials, including flexo plates and coating blankets.

    Esko on the floor with other partners

    On Esko’s booth will be CHILI Publish, featuring its professional online document editor. CHILI Publish will also be sponsoring a breakfast on September 10 at the Hyatt Rosemont. Esko is one of the scheduled presenters.

    Esko partners DuPont and Agfa will be sharing booth 5403 and exhibiting an Esko CDI 2530 plate imager—a perfect size for smaller, narrow web presses that produce labels.

    Labelexpo will also see the unveiling of a new proofing solution, utilizing an Esko front-end system featuring FlexProof and an HP Designjet printer, at HP booths 3226 and 3429. HP customers can benefit from simple, accurate color management via Esko Color Engine, which is integrated into both FlexProof and HP Indigo presses. The wizard-based user interface of Color Engine makes it easy to set up an accurate color match on both the press and proofer, without the need to involve color experts to maintain the system.

    Esko participation in educational programs

    As always, Esko will be involved in educational programs during Labelexpo.

    The Inkjet Trail is a program where digital press manufacturers will be challenged by receiving identical source files for food, personal care and industrial labels, with the requirement of using identical substrates to produce them. During scheduled booth visits each day, the inkjet press manufacturers will show printed results for comparison. Esko has been asked to prepare the files from its Suite 14 workflow, showing the work they did on these files for the “Trail”, each day, from 1:00-1:20pm.

    Digital printing technology and techniques have expanded the possibilities for label and package creation. Eye-catching designs and value-adding materials are now cost-effective and vastly increase the potential for customer engagement and brand development. ‘Brand engagement through packaging’: a printing technology master class at Labelexpo Americas 2014 is a series of presentations that will help educate attendees about label and package printing. On Thursday, from 10:45-11:05am, Jan De Roeck, Esko Director, Solutions Management, will present ‘Exploring digital visualization to workflow’. During the session he will discuss reinventing the artwork creation process and making it possible with 3D Visualizer software; virtually creating packaging to show a range of substrates, printing techniques and finishes; providing visibility to concept teams in remote locations; and improving approval time.

    “Esko looks forward to educating attendees about how they can create high-quality labels while maintaining cost-effective workflows,” concludes Steve Bennett, Esko VP Sales, North America Central. “Whether on our booth, partner booths, or during seminars, Esko hopes to be a helpful presence.”
    (EskoArtwork Belgium)
    04.09.2014   APP opens new sales office in Germany    ( Company news )

    Company news Paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) expands presence in Europe

    Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) has strengthened its European operation with the opening of its first sales office in Germany. APP’s newest European office, located in Langenfeld in the Rhineland, will support the company’s strategy for expansion of its activities in Germany.

    “Germany is one of our most important European markets and we are now in a position to utilise our experienced sales team to give customers efficient, on site, service as we create a solid foundation for future growth here” explained Frank Haack, head of the APP Deutschland GmbH sales office in Langenfeld.

    APP, one of the world's largest vertically integrated pulp and paper companies, provides paper and packaging products and services for printers, paper wholesalers, brand name manufacturers and producers of packaging and folding boxes. In the paper category, APP offers coated and uncoated papers that cover a range of different printing needs. One example is Nevia+, a high opacity coated paper offered in 80-300g/m² weights. In the packaging category the company's focus is on folding cardboard cartons. Thanks to its cutting centre in Utrecht in the Netherlands, just 200km from the new sales office in Langenfeld, APP can provide customers with very short lead times.

    The company also offers a wide range of specialities for flexible packaging, such as Enza MG, a machine-smooth kraft paper for wrapping sandwiches and sweets.

    APP is committed providing environmentally responsible products that are free of deforestation. In February of 2013, the company announced its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) which saw an immediate and permanent end to natural forest clearance across its entire supply chain. In April of this year, APP announced a plan for the protection and reforestation of one million hectares of rainforest in Indonesia, further underlining the company's Zero Deforestation commitment.

    “The paper market is highly competitive and customers demand more than just the highest quality at the lowest price. There is a growing demand for ethically sourced products that have not negatively affected our environment or local communities. In today’s market, responsible practice is not only good for the planet, it is also good for business”, said Frank Haack. “The German market recognizes our efforts, as our early successes here have shown. Now we have to build on them.”
    (APP Asia Pulp & Paper Company Ltd)
    04.09.2014   Smurfit Kappa has received 11 nominations across eight categories ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... in the prestigious 2014 Pulp & Paper International (PPI) Awards.

    The high number and variety of nominations underpins the company’s position as a leading player in its sector. Smurfit Kappa’s nominations fall mostly within sustainability-focused areas, in recognition of its ongoing commitment to delivering sustainable and innovative solutions to its customers.

    Smurfit Kappa’s Vision on Sustainability was launched in 2013 with an increased focus on tackling climate change through measures such as targets for CO2 reduction. This commitment is embedded within Smurfit Kappa’s new global brand initiative, Open the future, which highlights the company’s focus on opening opportunities with its customers by utilising its expertise, insights, and industry leading innovation, including the building of new customer experience centres around the world.

    Gary McGann, Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “Smurfit Kappa is very proud to have received 11 nominations in this year’s PPI awards. These particular nominations reflect our efforts in creating value for our shareholders by growing our business and by proactively building on our relationships with our customers to provide them with sustainable and innovative packaging solutions. This forms the basis from which we will also be able to create value for our customers while enhancing the social and natural environments in which we are embedded.”

    Launched in 2009, the PPI Awards are the only global awards dedicated to recognising the achievements of companies, mills and individuals in the pulp and paper sector. The 2014 winners will be announced in October.
    (Smurfit Kappa Recycling)
    04.09.2014   New Voith rotor for virgin pulp reduces energy consumption by up to 30 per cent    ( Company news )

    Company news Voith has brought a new IPV Rotor for virgin pulp onto the market. The new component has already proven itself for some months under mill conditions and shows its strengths here: energy consumption of the new rotor can be up to 30 per cent less than that of conventional technologies. This also enables energy costs to be lowered by up to 30,000 euros annually.

    The IPV Rotor is part of the LowEnergy rotor family and was developed for application in the IntensaPulper (IP) by Voith as well as a retrofit component for existing Voith pulper and third party systems for processing virgin pulp (V). But the rotor can also be used to slush other clean raw materials like broke or fresh fiber.

    The substantial reduction in energy consumption of up to 30 per cent is achieved by an innovative design that improves the flow characteristics inside the pulper. In addition, the pulping process can be further improved through integration of a so-called bale breaker. The bale breaker loosens the hard-pressed pulp bales before the actual dissolution in the pulper and thus disburdens the rotor, which has a further positive effect on energy consumption.

    In practice, the new rotor has already proven itself in the IntensaPulper and in rebuilt pulpers of various paper manufacturers where they are delivering convincing results there. In the installations operating in the market, energy reductions range up to 4 kWh/t, depending on the raw material in use. This translates into savings in energy costs of up to 30,000 euros annually and the investment pays for itself within a very short period of time.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    04.09.2014   Esko Full HD Flexo shines in practical use for label production     ( Company news )

    Company news When making an investment, it's important to go for the latest state-of-the-art technology. This was the primary reason Polish label printer Etiko decided to invest in Esko Full HD Flexo for Labels, as well as the CDI plate imaging technology. Etiko specializes in self-adhesive labels on rolls and was one of the first companies in Poland to work with Esko’s advanced screening process and the associated standardized procedures required for the highest quality label printing. The company’s objective was to gain competitive advantage with the ability to achieve high solid ink density, greater stability in the highlights and a wider color gamut.

    "Our investment in Esko Full HD Flexo for Labels underlines our commitment to produce the highest possible print quality for our customers. And that is exactly what the market is demanding these days," comments Tadeusz Kozinski, Managing Director at Etiko. "After just a few weeks of working with Full HD Flexo, we already noticed the variety of benefits this technology offers: it allows to achieve a higher level of quality in plate imaging, enabling us to get significantly better printing results. We are also very pleased with our partnership with Esko. They have been supporting us every step of the way, and we see them as true partners in our business success."

    Before installing Esko Full HD Flexo, Etiko was using analogue imaging technologies. One thing was clear to Mr. Kozinski right from the start: when it came to investing in new plate production technology, it had to be the latest, state-of-the-art solution. "In our opinion, Esko is an undisputed market leader in the field of flexo printing prepress. This and Esko's advanced solutions give customers like us the necessary assurance of not backing the wrong horse," adds Kozinski. For him it's clear that digital technologies change extremely quickly, and it's critical to implement the latest solutions in order to meet the evolving needs of customers and stay ahead of the competition to gain new customers.

    Quality advancement and flexible plate selection
    With its fine highlights, transitions to zero, sharp text and brilliant image details, Esko Full HD Flexo has quickly set new standards at Etiko. The key benefits include gravure-like ink laydown and a fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow. The unique dot shape produced by Esko Full HD Flexo generates plates that can be used for the highlight, shadow and solid ink areas of print jobs.

    "Agencies and marketing departments are increasingly demanding photorealistic color reproduction of images or other special effects, even for labels,” explains Kozinski. “Transitions to zero are now possible, allowing us to meet these requirements. Without Esko Full HD Flexo, we would not be able to do so." Another important decision-making criterion for Etiko was the ability to freely choose plate material. Since Esko Full HD Flexo supports all major digital flexo plate and sleeve brands, it is no longer a necessity to work with solutions from a specific manufacturer.

    Just like many countries in Europe, also the Polish label printing market is price sensitive. But with the investment in Esko's Full HD Flexo technology – partly supported by an EU funding , Etiko is confident to easily achieve full return on investment. “We anticipate an increasingly growing demand from our customers for higher print quality and shorter turnaround times,” Kozinski adds. "We are convinced that this will be a key differentiator for us. According to data from the FINAT association, the label market in Poland is only half the size of that in Germany, yet there is significant opportunity for companies that use game-changing technologies. We have taken an enormous step forward with the innovative Esko technology and see ourselves very well positioned to be successful in a competitive market."
    (EskoArtwork Belgium)

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