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    17.02.2015   OMET’s full range of tissue converting machines “Re-loaded”    ( Company news )

    Company news Tissue World Barcelona will be the perfect stage for OMET to announce important evolutions inside its range of tissue converting machines.

    The FV Line, series of gearless, modular machines combine what is best in terms of tissue converting processing: flawless, no-vibration embossing, precise vacuum folding and excellent printing results ensured by OMET’s long-term experience in the printing sector.

    Being these machines fully customizable, OMET can accommodate practically any customer’s request. It is the case of the FV Line which is currently under construction in Lecco’s plant and bound for delivery next June: a big size FV.4 machine, with 4 lanes, each one converting a 600mm roll, and 2 printing unit. FV Line can produce uncountable napkin types, different in size and fold; the machine is fully controllable from the main touch panel and it can reach a speed of 400 m/min and a maximum continuous output of 4.000-6.000 napkins per minute.

    The FV Line are part of OMET’s program of revision of the on-board electronics with the aim to make the machines fully controllable from the main pulpit – standardized on all the models but still personalized depending on the machine type and application – in all their most important operations like folding and size change. Thanks to the possibility to control them remotely, via video cameras and make all the adjustments via servo motors, the machines promote savings of time and waste and make all the operational data available for diagnostics and study, also via the web, and for download on PC or connection to the customer’s management software. The machines have no boundaries, they stop being masterpiece of mechanics to become instruments in the hands of converters who can control them remotely, vary their parameters to improve productivity, download and process their working data for future uses.

    This electronics r-evolution has interested the entire range of OMET’s tissue converting machines as part of a digitization project that is already bringing important results in terms of safety of the operators (the machine does not need to be touched as often as before), environmental impact (the start-up phase and the job changeovers, for example, require less time to be performed with reduced quantities of material) and repeatability of the best job quality.

    Further innovation completed just recently by OMET is the complete revision of the AS Line for the production of paper towels. The installation of a brand new AS2700 (processing coils 2700mm wide) at Swiss customer Cartaseta marks the first example. This tissue converting machine boasts a new unwinder and an innovative DESL lamination unit consisting of 2 cylinders with 350 mm in diameter and 3 meters in length, with two incisions that work in sync to produce embossed 'nested' towels. The novelty is represented by the fact that onto the two cylinders are applied as many engines for the purposes of operational control. The work data of the 2 cylinders are collected in a digital way and interpreted for the subsequent application of correctives.

    Tissue World exhibition is expected to work as an amplifier of these major news and be the place where customers, whether current or potential, can receive an update on OMET’s most recent innovations.
    (Omet S.r.l.)
    17.02.2015   All Lecta's Mills Obtain OHSAS 18001 Certification     ( Company news )

    Company news OHSAS 18001 is the most widely recognized occupational health and safety management standard worldwide

    With the recently awarded OHSAS 18001 certification at its Sant Joan Les Fonts (Spain), Leitza (Spain) and Condat (France) mills, Lecta has fulfilled the commitment set forth in its most recent Environmental Report to certify all its manufacturing sites by the end of 2014. By doing so, the company has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the safety of its employees and reaffirmed its engagement in improving quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety standards. Lecta’s performance has become a benchmark for sustainable stewardship within the industry.
    (Lecta Group)
    17.02.2015   New TENA Pants Normal – improved both for the user and the environment    ( Company news )

    Company news It's 20 percent thinner, more comfortable to wear and still as confident as ever. It also reduces the carbon dioxide emissions in the production and from transportation and offers a more efficient use of storage - new TENA Pants Normal has it all.

    "We are excited to provide our consumers and customers an improved product that delivers according to their needs," says Mansoor Parvaiz, SCA’s Vice President Category Incontinence Care.

    As a world leader in incontinence care, SCA continuously develops its products through innovative solutions and new TENA Pants Normal exemplifies this.

    “We have re-designed the product so it is more comfortable to wear, but still provides the same level of protection that the user has come to trust," says Stamatios Mantzaris, Global Brand Innovation Manager at SCA.

    Reduces carbon footprint
    New Pants Normal is also better for the environment as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions in production with 23 percent and from transportation with 10 percent, compared to current levels. It is also thinner than before and therefore also reduces the packaging dimensions, which in turn provides a more efficient use of storage.

    Launches globally
    New TENA Pants Normal has been tested by users (both men and women) with very good results – also among caregiving relatives and professional caregivers.
    The product launched in Poland and Hungary in December, followed by the rest of the world during the first half of 2015.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)
    17.02.2015   Tissue World Barcelona 2015 - Registration now open!    ( Company news )

    Company news With just under two months to the show, we are pleased to announce that Tissue World Barcelona 2015 will offer participants an unrivalled platform to network and do business!

    The show will take place from 17 - 19 March at Fira Barcelona: Gran Via (Hall 1). The event which will comprise of an exhibition and conference will also host a range of show floor activities and features that you will find very useful.

    Remember, a registration fee of EUR15 will apply to all onsite visitors. However to attend for FREE, simply click here to complete your online pre-registration. (Promotion Code: MET)

    What to expect at Tissue World Barcelona 2015?
    Leading Local and International Exhibitors
    The 2015 edition of Tissue World Barcelona will feature over 150 exhibitors and will bring together key industry players and solution providers under one roof over three days.

    Tissue World Barcelona 2015 - Conference
    The conference programme which will also be held during the show days will provide essential on-the-ground analysis of the region's tissue industry and will be a principal showcase of leading industry professionals and key figures, companies and strategies that are shaping the tissue industry across the globe. Click here the view the latest conference programme and to register to attend.

    Much more than just an exhibition!
    Tissue World Barcelona 2015 is more than just an exhibition! The event will also include many show features such as:
    -Product Presentation Corner: A dedicated area on the show floor showcasing presentations that will highlight innovative products and technology. Click here to view the complete agenda and to register your interest to attend.
    -Networking Event: The Networking Event is an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to mingle after show hours. For more information please contact the Tissue World team at

    Sustainability Award - Most Sustainable Exhibitor
    During Tissue World Barcelona 2015, we will recognise and award the exhibiting company who has taken innovative efforts to incorporate best sustainability practices into its participation at Tissue World Barcelona and thereby minimise the environmental impact and enhance its social contribution. Winner will be announced during the Networking Reception at Tissue World Barcelona 2015. Click here for more information

    With this and many other features to be announced, we look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to Tissue World Barcelona 2015 and hope you can make the most out of your time at the show!
    (UBM Asia)
    16.02.2015   Asia Pulp & Paper welcomes Rainforest Alliance’s independent evaluation ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... of its Forest Conservation Policy

    Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has today welcomed the Rainforest Alliance independent evaluation of its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). The evaluation concludes that the company has made moderate progress towards meeting its commitments.

    The FCP was announced on February 5th 2013, marking an immediate end to natural forest clearance by APP’s pulpwood suppliers as well as a range of other measures. APP recognised that engaging the Rainforest Alliance, a credible international organisation, to evaluate its progress would provide a valuable perspective on its work as well as increase transparency.

    The evaluation report, which assesses the period between 5 February 2013 and 15 August 2014, provides a view of the company’s progress towards meeting each of the FCP’s four policy areas, as well as additional public statements that are relevant to the FCP.

    Aida Greenbury, APP’s managing director, sustainability, said: “The FCP is an unprecedented initiative – developed by APP, TFT and Greenpeace – to define a new standard and a new business model for achieving Zero Deforestation in the supply chain. We’re pleased that the Rainforest Alliance has recognised the progress we are making. We believe today’s report shows that our efforts to achieve Zero Deforestation are on the right track.

    “However, our FCP implementation measures are not carved in stone. We must have the courage to continually improve them as we learn lessons from implementation. The report has highlighted a number of areas which require additional focus. Its findings, along with feedback from other stakeholders, have been used to inform our FCP implementation plan for 2015 and beyond, which we are introducing today.

    “We also believe that an evaluation like this puts a global spotlight on the issues currently at play in Indonesia’s forests. Since 2013, we have been calling for other stakeholders to support us with our Zero Deforestation Policy because forest continues to be lost due to factors that, despite our efforts, we cannot completely control, such as encroachment, forest fires and illegal activities. Our hope is that this evaluation will raise awareness of forestry issues in Indonesia and prompt others, including government, NGOs and the private sector to collaborate more closely to help tackle the issues across the landscape.”

    Richard Donovan, Rainforest Alliance Senior Vice President of Forestry, said: “In 2013 APP set out an ambitious program for change. The Rainforest Alliance has found that APP has made moderate progress to implement the many commitments embedded in its FCP during the 18 month period we evaluated. Key steps have been taken, such as halting the clearance of natural forest by its suppliers. As with any major change initiative there remains work to be done to put the policies and procedures that have been developed into action in the field. Rainforest Alliance encourages APP to continue on the path set out in the FCP.”

    Today’s FCP Implementation Plan includes the priorities for 2015 onwards, which draw upon Rainforest Alliance’s most significant findings. These are issues related to third party forest clearance, peatland best management practices as well as FPIC and social conflict resolution.

    The additional areas covered in the Implementation Plan are:

    - Wildfire prevention and management

    - HCVManagement and protection

    - Workers’ rights and welfare

    - Sustainable wood supply

    - Landscape conservation initiative

    - Internal engagement

    Elements of the plan will be subject to further consultation as APP continues to implement its Forest Conservation Policy over the coming months and years.
    (APP Asia Pulp & Paper Company Ltd)
    16.02.2015   LIGNA 2015: Sawmill Technology - Naturally a cut above the rest     ( LIGNA 2015 )

    LIGNA 2015 In Hall 27 you’ll find an array of international companies boasting their technological innovations and new concepts in the field of sawmill technology.

    Resource-efficient Production
    As well as newly developed machinery and plant, the show features innovations and opportunities for resource-efficient production. The range of exhibits includes solutions for the production of sawn timber, all the latest developments in measuring systems, and advanced optimization systems for everything from roundwood yards to sorting and sawmills.

    Display Categories
    -Roundwood yards, transport of sawn timber, sorting and stacking equipment
    - Sawn timber production
    - Sawmill technology
    - Measuring systems
    (Deutsche Messe AG)
    16.02.2015   Situation of the printing and paper technology industry still tense    ( Company news )

    Company news With sales down 12 percent, the situation of the German printing and paper technology industry remained tense in 2014. The calculated order intake was at the level of the previous year; paper technology showed a 29 percent increase, but printing machine sales went down five percent. The order volume for paper converting technology also decreased by six percent.

    “In some cases, the lack of demand requires our member companies to make painful adjustments,” says Dr. Markus Heering, Managing Director of the VDMA Printing and Paper Technology Association. In the past year, the situation has dramatically worsened due to decreasing business in China. While printing and paper technology of approx. 641 million Euros was shipped from Germany to China during the first eleven months of the previous year, the export volume in the first eleven months of 2014 dropped to 493 million Euros. “Chinese manufacturers tell us that they, too, have big sales problems in their home market,” Heering explains, adding that they increasingly switch to neighbouring countries in South East Asia, which then results in stronger competitive pressure there.

    Europe is the most important market – ray of hope in the USA
    With the pulling force of the Chinese market diminishing, Europe and the USA increasingly come to the fore for the German suppliers of printing and paper technology. “In 2014, too, Europe remained by far the most important market for our member companies,“ Heering stresses, making plain that the total of exports to Turkey, France, Poland, Russia, the UK, Italy and Switzerland alone exceeded one billion Euros during the first eleven months of the past year. Amounting to 1.03 billion Euros, they were significantly higher than the total of exports to the two largest single markets of China (493 million €) and the USA (425 million €).

    As a result, the export of printing and paper technology to the USA was only approximately 70 million Euros lower than that to China last year. One year earlier, the difference between these markets was still 250 million Euros. For Heering, this is confirmation of the strategy of the German manufacturers: “Despite all the efforts that had to be made in China during recent years, they never neglected their traditional markets.” According to him, this also explains why still every third printing machine and every fifth paper converting machine sold worldwide comes from a German manufacturer, although global competition is increasing and there are many new players in the market. The graphic arts industry is changing all over the world, but still chooses technology made in Germany wherever this is possible.

    Hope for TTIP agreement
    “The growing strength of the US market last year underlines the importance of the transatlantic trade for our industry,” Heering stresses. His association and the American Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies (NPES) therefore support a strong transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP. In Washington in mid-December, they had signed a joint declaration and sent it immediately to the chief negotiators of both economic areas. According to Heering, the portfolios of the German and the US manufacturers of printing and paper technology supplement each other. “While we are above all strong as regards the analogue printing methods, the US colleagues are very strong as regards the digital ones,” he explains. A common trade area with harmonized rules will help companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

    In view of the difficult market situation in the graphic arts industry, the German manufacturers of printing and paper technology focus their portfolios more strongly on industrial printing and packaging printing. “With their technologies, they are in a position to offer their customers integrated flexible solutions for improved quality and the enhancement of products and packaging means,” says Heering, pointing out that they range from laminate printing to finishing technology to print on glass, plastic and metal products. “This re-orientation and further development will also give drupa 2016 a different face,” he announces. There, the pioneering technologies that will point the way to the future of the industry will be shown.
    (VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.)
    16.02.2015   ANDRITZ to supply key production technologies for new bio-product pulp mill in Finland    ( Company news )

    Company news International technology Group ANDRITZ has signed a letter of intent with Metsä Fibre to deliver key production technologies for a new bio-product pulp mill with an annual capacity of 1.3 million tons of pulp in Äänekoski, Finland. The order value for ANDRITZ is over 100 million euros. Start-up of the planned mill is scheduled for August 2017.

    ANDRITZ’s scope of supplies includes:

    - A complete wood processing plant with three debarking and chipping lines, three stacker-reclaimer chip handling systems, and bark handling. Each debarking line can process both softwood and hardwood, is designed for world record capacities (pine/spruce/birch: 470/350/270 m3 solid-over-bark per hour), and includes a de-icing conveyor, a debarking drum (5 x 48 meter), and the world’s biggest horizontally fed HHQ chipper, ensuring high capacity without compromising the chip quality.

    - A softwood and hardwood fiberline comprising a chip feeding system, a two-vessel continuous cooking plant, a new evaporation system for liquor extraction, and seven DD (Drum Displacer) washers for brownstock washing and bleaching. The softwood capacity of this line will be the highest in the world by far (3,900 tons per day).

    - The world’s most energy-efficient black liquor evaporation plant with the highest capacity in Europe (1,650 tons/hour). The plant will have seven stages and concentrate black liquor to the very high dry solids content of 85% for efficient combustion in the recovery boiler. In addition, ANDRITZ will also deliver chloride removal systems to enhance the chemical recovery process and to produce liquid methanol, which will be used as a biofuel source.

    - A recausticizing plant, which will be the largest in Europe (white liquor production of 16,000 m3/day), with two centrifuges for dregs, slaker-classifier, white liquor disc filter, and lime mud disc filter.

    The new mill will be a next-generation bio-product pulp mill which can convert wood raw material into bio-materials and bio-energy in addition to high-quality pulp. It will not use any fossil-based fuels as all of the energy required will be generated from wood. The erection of the new mill is the largest investment in the Finnish forest industry ever.
    (Andritz AB)
    16.02.2015   OpenGate Capital Completes Cross-Border Acquisition of Paper Mill in Nantes France    ( Company news )

    Company news Accretive Acquisition Will Add Production Capacity to OpenGate Portfolio Company NorPaper Avot-Vallée

    Photo: Julien Lagrèze, OpenGate Capital’s Partner overseeing all European investments

    OpenGate Capital, a global private buyout firm, announced that it has completed the acquisition of DS Smith Packaging Papeterie de Nantes SAS (“the Nantes mill”) from DS Smith Plc, (LON: SMDS), a global, leading provider of corrugated and plastics packaging, supported by paper and recycling operations headquartered in the United Kingdom. The Nantes mill, located in Nantes, France, is a specialty producer of white top testliner paper used in a variety of packaging applications. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

    The Nantes mill produces white top testliner made from 100% recycled fiber, with best in class quality and printability in a wide grammage and trim range. The business has approximately 70 employees and a production capacity of approximately 50kT per year. Under terms of the acquisition, the mill will continue to supply materials to its former parent company, DS Smith, and over time and under OpenGate’s ownership, will expand its customer base throughout France and Europe.

    Julien Lagrèze, OpenGate Capital’s Partner overseeing all European investments stated, “The acquisition of the Nantes mill is a direct result of nearly a year-long discussion with DS Smith. We were proactive in identifying the mill as a perfect complement to NorPaper given its white top recycled testliner production capabilities, particularly with large widths and the business’s ability to produce testliner III “brown” that will greatly enhance NorPaper’s product offering.” OpenGate Capital acquired NorPaper Avot-Vallée from Canadian paper conglomerate, Cascades in 2011. NorPaper is a leading producer of white top testliner paper that is sold to European packaging manufacturers. Laurent Glachant, head of NorPaper, will supervise the Nantes mill and spearhead its commercial efforts and development strategy. Overall, NorPaper and the Nantes mill will have a combined annual capacity of 200kT, hence the business will rank number one in France and among the top five in Europe.

    Fabien Marcantetti, Principal with OpenGate Capital’s European office, who worked very closely on this transaction, stated, “We will be examining all means to optimize the Nantes mill from an operational perspective through synergies with NorPaper. We will also seek to continue investing in the business to uphold high efficiency levels and increase production capacity. We are thrilled to have completed this acquisition and look forward to working with the team at Nantes to create new value.”
    (OpenGate Capital LLC)
    16.02.2015   Kurita Completes Acquisition of German-Based Water Solutions, Paper Solutions and ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Alumina Compounds Businesses of BK Giulini

    Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (“Kurita”) announced that on January 31,
    Kurita completed the procedures for the acquisition of the Water Solutions, Paper Solutions and Alumina Compounds businesses of
    BK Giulini GmbH of Germany and its affiliates (“BKG”) , and
    Kurita Europe APW GmbH (“KEAG”), an overseas subsidiary established in
    Ludwigshafen, Germany, has commenced operations.
    In October last year, Kurita, BKG, and its ultimate parent company,
    Israel Chemicals Limited, entered into an agreement to acquire the businesses. Subsequently, Kurita has performed the procedures under the agreement.
    Having met the closing conditions, including antitrust clearance, and completed preparations for business operations, Kurita has completed the acquisition at a cost of 237 million euros (32.1 billion yen).
    Kurita is continuing to perform procedures for the acquisition of production sites in China.
    As an overseas subsidiary with production sites in Germany and Turkey,
    an R&D facility in Germany, and sales offices in nine countries, mainly in Europe, KEAG will manufacture, develop, and market water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, and alumina compounds.
    The acquisition will enable Kurita to strengthen its overseas business platform mainly in Europe.
    Kurita expects to generate synergy, with its technologies and products and those of the acquired businesses complementing each other. Sales overseas will account for 28% (compared with 19% in FY2013) of the Group’s total sales, and sales in Europe are expected to account for 10% (compared with 1% in FY2013) of overseas sales.
    Kurita and the acquired businesses will sell each other’s products to boost combined sales and will combine each other’s technologies to enhance the Group’s product capabilities and generate synergy quickly
    through the development of new products and services.
    The Group will enhance its overseas business platform and seek to achieve rapid growth as a corporate group to survive international competition. The Group will also expand its comprehensive solutions for water treatment.
    (Kurita Water Industries Ltd)
    16.02.2015   Interim report Q4/2014: UPM reports strong earnings momentum, record strong balance sheet     ( Company news )

    Company news Q4 2014 compared with Q4 2013
    • Earnings per share excluding special items were EUR 0.32 (0.27), and reported EUR 0.01 (0.06)
    • Operating profit excluding special items increased to EUR 230 million, 9.1% of sales (207 million, 8.0% of sales)
    UPM announced a new profit improvement programme, targeting annualised EUR 150 million impact by the end of 2015
    • Net debt decreased to the record-low level of EUR 2,401 million (3,040 million)
    • The UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery started commercial production of advanced renewable diesel in January 2015

    Full year 2014 compared with 2013
    • Earnings per share excluding special items were EUR 1.17 (0.91), and reported EUR 0.96 (0.63)
    • Operating profit excluding special items increased to EUR 847 million, 8.6% of sales (683 million, 6.8% of sales), due to the success of the EUR 200 million profit improvement programme
    • Growth projects in pulp, labelling materials and self-adhesive labels proceeded well and will be completed during 2015
    • Operating cash flow was strong at EUR 1,241 million (735 million)
    • The Board proposes an increased dividend of EUR 0.70 (0.60) per share

    Jussi Pesonen (photo), President and CEO, comments on Q4 and full year 2014 results:
    “UPM showed good performance in the fourth quarter of 2014, finishing the year with strong earnings momentum. In 2014, our operating profit improved by 24% year-on-year thanks to the successful actions we have taken to improve profit. Return on equity excluding special items was 8.3% for the full year and operating cash flow per share was EUR 2.33.
    I’m especially pleased with our excellent cash flow. Following the consistently strong cash flow, our balance sheet at the end of 2014 was stronger than ever in the company’s history.
    All six UPM business areas performed well in 2014 and four of them reached or exceeded their long-term return targets.
    Year 2014 also contained several milestones in UPM’s growth projects. The expansion projects in pulp, labelling materials and self-adhesive labels that were started in 2014 are all well on track and will be completed during 2015. The Lappeenranta Biorefinery started commercial production of advanced renewable diesel in January 2015 – a historic moment after eight years of R&D, piloting and construction.
    Today, UPM’s Board of Directors decided on a new dividend policy targeting a dividend of 30-40% of UPM operating cash flow per share. Based on this policy, the Board’s proposal for the 2014 dividend is EUR 0.70 per share.
    With good performance in our businesses, strong cash flow and a leading balance sheet in the industry, we are in a unique position to be able to simultaneously distribute an attractive dividend, implement focused growth projects and act on strategic opportunities.”

    Outlook for 2015
    The improved profitability achieved in 2014 is expected to continue in 2015, and we have prospects to improve further. Our profitability is underpinned by the EUR 150 million profit improvement programme, as well as the first positive impacts from the company’s growth projects. Profitability is affected by lower publication paper prices and lower electricity sales prices in the beginning of the year. The current weakened euro and lower oil price are supportive for the company’s earnings.
    16.02.2015   JET-LINE sense – Felix Schoeller presents its new silk-finish, highspeed-inkjet paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Felix Schoeller Digital Media, one of the Osnabrück-based Felix Schoeller Group’s business units, will be at the Hunkeler Innovation Days presenting JET-LINE sense, a new paper specially designed for highspeed-inkjet printing. The paper’s winning feature is its velvety feel combined with a silk sheen. It is ideal for a wide range of applications such as mail shots, brochures or transpromo printing.

    JET-LINE sense is an uncoated, surface-treated paper that can be printed on both sides. Its high whiteness makes for a wide colour gamut, enabling rich colours and deep blacks to be printed. Full colour areas look very homogenous and even.

    The paper also deposits less dirt on the rollers so that subsequent print runs remain clean, extending the intervals between cleaning. Furthermore, the ink dries fast, which means the paper can be handled soon after printing is completed. That results in a significantly higher output per time unit.

    JET-LINE sense is available in grammages of 80 and 90 g/m² and broadens Felix Schoeller Digital Media’s portfolio of products for highspeed-inkjet printing. It is suitable for all common highspeed-inkjet printers and has already been certified for a number of printing systems such as Océ’s ColorStream 3000er series and Screen Truepress machines. Other papers produced by Schoeller for highspeed-inkjet printing include JET-LINE base, a cost-effective alternative with a good line sharpness, and JET-SPEED® master, the paper of choice for high-calibre prints with pin-sharp details.

    “With its pleasant feel and four-colour printing, this paper opens up whole new areas of business for our customers, especially in educational resources or other kinds of publications that combine text and colour images,” says Thomas Leifert who, along with Jörg Borker, is general manager of the Felix Schoeller Group’s Digital Media Business Unit.

    Felix Schoeller Digital Media will be showcasing its product portfolio at the Hunkeler Innovation Days in Hall 1, Booth 19.
    (Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)
    13.02.2015   Sonoco Announces Price Increase for All Uncoated Recycled Paperboard Products    ( Company news )

    Company news Sonoco (NYSE:SON) announced that it will raise the price for all grades of uncoated recycled paperboard (URB) products by $40 per ton, effective with shipments in the United States and Canada beginning March 2, 2015.

    "The price increase is driven by a need to relieve continued inflationary pressure, especially from rising freight rates and chemicals, and to cover the added cost of continued investment in our paper business," said Palace Stepps, director of sales and marketing for Sonoco's North America paper business.

    Sonoco is one of the largest producers of uncoated recycled paperboard in the United States and Canada, producing more than 1 million tons annually from 11 mills. For more information about Sonoco's complete line of URB paper products or to learn more about current pricing, please visit the Company's website at or contact the Company at 1-800-377-2692.
    (Sonoco Products Co)
    13.02.2015   UPM reduced work-related accidents by 70% in three years    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: © UPM

    UPM has significantly reduced work-related accidents with a three year program called “Step Change in Safety 2012–2014”. UPM’s lost time accident frequency* (LTAF) has decreased by 70% from 15.2 in 2012 to 4.4 in 2014.

    The Step Change in Safety 2012–2014 initiative engaged all UPM employees in a joint mission to improve the company’s safety culture and safety performance. The pervasive program renewed the foundations of safety work by shifting focus to preventative measures, such as proactive risk identification and management. Strong management commitment and active participation of employees and contractors have been the keys to success.

    As a result, UPM’s global LTAF decreased by a total of 70% from 15.2 in the beginning of 2012 to 4.4 by the end of 2014. The total number of lost time accidents globally decreased from over 550 in 2011 to 155 in 2014.

    “We have achieved excellent results and they clearly show that a new safety culture has been adopted throughout the company. All UPMers have contributed to the result and we can all be proud of the achievement,” says Jussi Pesonen, CEO of UPM.

    One cornerstone for safety work are UPM safety standards, which were put in place during the Step Change in Safety initiative. The standards define the minimum requirements for safety performance and operations, and they are common to all UPM units around the world. For the next three years, the focus will be in perfecting the local implementation practices.

    “The great results from our safety initiative have encouraged us to raise the bar even further. Our first goal was to get our LTAF below 5. Next we are aiming to go below 3,” Jussi Pesonen continues.

    Careful induction and job specific safety training play important roles in identifying risks and consequently preventing accidents.

    Employees' risk awareness is continuously improved by organising safety training, sharing information on near-miss situations and encouraging employees to report all hazardous situations and safety deficiencies.

    In 2015 UPM launches a practice in which all UPM employees will be provided a regular refresher safety training to make sure that all the latest information and practices is in use.

    You can read more about UPM safety induction from the UPM blog including UPM’s new safety induction video “STOP”.
    13.02.2015   Wood Industry Summit - Generating more international business leads    ( LIGNA 2015 )

    LIGNA 2015 Global markets for forestry technology and woodworking machinery mean new opportunities and risks on foreign markets, and getting a grip on everything is only possible with the latest scoop from well-informed experts.

    Platform to develop new foreign markets
    The Wood Industry Summit is rich in both information and dialog, and thus a perfect source of everything you need to enter and/or conquer foreign markets. Companies serving the forestry sector and primary wood processing can use the Summit to determine exactly how they can best leverage promising growth markets.

    To promote matchmaking, highly relevant delegations are invited to attend – delegations from the realms of government, business and science, particularly from the focus regions of Russia, China, North and South America and Eastern Europe.

    Prime exposure
    The Wood Industry Summit gives attendees from industry, business, science and politics the possibility of contributing to an international “Forestry and Wood Cluster” showcase – with the added value that it is staged at the heart of related displays by exhibitors.

    Further benefits for Wood Industry Summit participants
    - Full-service packages for predictable success
    - Quick and easy lead generation
    - Network expansion
    (Deutsche Messe AG)
    12.02.2015   Inaugural Printed Interior Decoration Conference provides 360° view of ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... new world of interior decoration

    Creative wall, floor and furniture designs present exciting opportunities for print

    A 360° view of printed decoration on different materials for wall and floor covering as well as textiles and furniture was presented at the ESMA-organised Printed Interior Decoration (PID).

    Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA and event organiser of the first European event of its kind, comments: “Looking at the printing market today, many traditional segments are under pressure from competition and this results in lower margins and less work. With a little help and expertise, many of the large format printers can become important suppliers for Printed Interior Decoration solutions. They have the equipment but need to gain some further knowledge and also build a new group of customers and professional partners. Recently, many successful printers switching to this segment have come forward, revealing that this sector could be as interesting and lucrative as the large format display and banner market today”.

    The conference demonstrated that entering a different segment of the market, such as the creation of interiors, is not always an easy transition. The construction and the interior design world have their own standards and regulations. But it highlighted how printers should be the full contractor. A printer providing decorative glass, should work together with a glass fitter to ensure the smooth installation of the decorative glass as doors, walls or windows. Therefore, it is clear that the right partnerships should be made between printers and contractors for these special interior design solutions. The presenters frequently advised on the right materials as well, and how to handle contractors on site.

    It attracted over 150 participants and showcased growing interest in the sector. Its success was further supported by Euroshop, the world’s leading retail trade fair and the wallpaper association. Elke Moebius, Director of Euroshop said after the event: “I first heard about the PID conference in spring 2014 and quickly realized the shared potential for printed interior decoration and EuroShop as the leading retail trade fair worldwide. Due to the increasing importance of e-commerce, it is now all about staging and emotionalizing the point-of-sale. And printed interior decoration contributes to this. The conference introduced me to many engaging topics”.

    With the growing interest in digitally printed and personalised wallpaper and wallcoverings, the event was supported by ‘IGI – The Global Wallcoverings Association’ and ‘Deutsches Tapeten-Institut‘, while SGIA was a Platinium sponsoring partner.
    FESPA also took the opportunity to launch its new project: the Print Inspiration Rally - an American school bus that is fully decorated with print.

    The conference programme provided a mix of technical overviews from suppliers and inspirational presentations from designers Markus Benesch and Birgit Spielvogel who showcased their use of digital print for decoration.

    Exhibitors and visitors alike were delighted at the outcome of PID and are looking forward to the next edition:
    - “The possibilities of digital printing for new applications are exploding and PID showed exactly that. Now it is a matter of imagination.” Exhibitor Bart van Duffel from Falco Technologies
    - “It was an event which brought print providers and end users together to extend a common understanding of needs and possibilities.” Visitor Henning Hagelund from Canon Norway
    - “The PID event far exceeded my expectations - fantastic presentations and direct, effective networking. It was a great two days and worth every minute.” Visitor Markus Benesch, from MARKUSBENESCHCREATES.

    Staged in November 2016, the next Printed Interior Decoration will further mirror the potential of the interior decoration market and feature a broader approach with designers, creative developers, printers and suppliers.
    (ESMA V.Z.W.)
    12.02.2015   BOBST at ProPak Vietnam 2015     ( Company news )

    Company news BOBST will be present at ProPak Vietnam from 31st March - 2nd April 2015 on stand #P3 where the latest technologies for the printing and converting industries will be presented.

    For flexo printing the main focus will be on the BOBST F&K 20SIX which features print widths up to 1'650 mm, repeats up to 1'200 mm, and speeds up to 600 m/min. Designed to cover the whole range of packaging printing demands, the models of the F&K 20SIX platform provide technologies all with the aim of improving productivity in order to minimize waste, change-over time and energy consumption.

    In the field of vacuum metallizing, the focus will be on two key innovations - BOBST General Hawkeye Pinhole Detector and the AlOx process. The Hawkeye Pinhole Detector is a monitoring system which at full metallizer speed, detects defects which results in increased production speed and increases in the quality of the final product. The AlOx process produces clear film with good water and oxygen barrier levels and can be used for products including baked goods and microwaveable food where product visibility is required.

    BOBST’s gravure presses cover the widest spectrum of applications, such as the Rotomec platform solutions for flexible packaging and the LEMANIC® lines for carton tobacco packaging. At Propak the focus will be on the brand new BOBST RS 5002 gravure printing press. A compact machine delivering great performance, this shaftless gravure press can add to Asian converters’ productions the extra value that only a market-customized solution can provide.

    Information and displays will also available to illustrate the effectiveness and performance of the range of BOBST multi-technology and solventless laminators, as well as the extrusion coating and laminating lines for flexible packaging and paper and board applications. In coating, the updates will be on BOBST latest developments in technologies for the market segments of labelstock, release liners, adhesive tapes, siliconizing, aluminium lacquering and printed electronics.
    (Bobst Manchester Ltd)
    12.02.2015   CCE International 2015 from 10-12 March at Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany    ( CCE International )

    CCE International Europe's only trade fair targeted to the corrugated and cartonboard industry is the industry sector's key marketplace. On a net exhibition space of 4,500 square metres, more than 150 exhibitors from 18 countries will showcase raw materials, machines, accessories and services for the fabrication and conversion of corrugated and cartonboard.

    CCE International presents consumables, corrugating line and equipment, corrugated and carton converting equipment, design and CAD/CAM, printing equipment, cutting, creasing and die-cutting equipment, ancillary equipment, materials handling and warehousing, pallet strapping and handling systems, MIS and plant scheduling systems, waste extraction and baling.

    Visitors to the show are the buyers and users of machines, equipment and systems for corrugated and cartonboard production and a variety of production specialists across diverse industry sectors. An accompanying conference focuses on high speed folding and gluing, flat bed die-cutting and digital print in packaging.

    Online ticket sale at favourable price
    Early registration via the Online Ticket Shop saves visitors money and time on-site. A day ticket booked online costs €20 (on-site: €32), a three-day-ticket only €30 (on-site: €47). Ticket voucher and e-code holders may activate them here. The tickets are also valid for the co-located World's Leading Exhibition for Paper, Film & Foil Converting, ICE Europe 2015.

    Travel information and opening hours
    The Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany (hall B6, East entrance) is easily accessible by air, road and public transport. The show is open on Tuesday, 10 March 2015, and Wednesday, 11 March, from 9am – 5pm and on Thursday, 12 March, from 9am – 4pm. A free hotel reservation service and direct booking can be found on the CCE International Website.
    (CCE International)
    12.02.2015   SA234: Adestor’s New Water Soluble Acrylic Adhesive    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta launches a new permanent adhesive for labeling reusable hard goods packaging and for general retail applications SA234 is a permanent hot or cold water soluble adhesive and can be removed either through submersion or water jet cleaning, leaving no residue on the product. It is ideal for labeling different types of reusable transport boxes and trays in logistics as well as other surfaces habitually used in retail such as glass, ceramic, plastic etc. SA234 performs extremely well at low temperatures, and can even be used for labeling below 0ºC. Its soft tack makes it particularly suitable for rough surfaces.

    The SA234 adhesive is available with different Adestor facestocks to cover the main end uses of retail and logistics labeling. Please consult for further details on SA234 adhesive and Lecta’s full range of pressure-sensitive materials.
    (Lecta Group)
    11.02.2015   Xeikon to launch new Leaflet Production Suite at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Exciting new announcements and digital solutions to offer differentiation and growth

    The printing sector is changing at a rapid pace, and there is no event that reflects this dynamic activity better than the Hunkeler Innovationdays. With a reputation for showcasing creative solutions that are fit for the future, this bi-yearly industry gathering delivers exciting operational opportunities, brings clarity to current trends, makes the latest developments understandable and shows how they all interplay in actual use. This is why Xeikon is pleased to announce two new exclusive world premières at this year’s edition, taking place from February 23 to 26, at the Messe Lucerne exhibition facility in Switzerland.

    Danny Mertens, Xeikon’s Director Marketing & Business Development Document Printing, is thrilled about the solutions that will be on display: “As an innovator in digital printing technology, we are always looking to deliver print excellence and offer our customers new ways to score better than their competitors. Hunkeler Innovationdays is the perfect platform to help highlight our capabilities and market know-how. We are thrilled about showing our newest digital print portfolio enhancements to the 4000+ expected visitors at this indispensable industry rendez-vous.”

    A new addition to the Production Suite Family

    First to be announced is the new Xeikon Leaflet Production Suite. The Leaflet Production Suite is the newest addition to Xeikon’s portfolio of Production Suites dedicated to the Document & Commercial print market that already include the Book Production Suite, the Document Production Suite, the Large Format Production Suite and the Wall Decoration Suite.

    Together with its Aura Partner Network, Xeikon has developed these high-quality, high-productivity total solutions for some of the fastest growing digital printing niches. These solutions follow the growing trend in today’s print production environment for a wider variety of total solutions, and respond to the increased need for more colors and ever shorter print runs, resulting in digital printing volumes going up.

    With the addition of the Leaflet Production Suite, Xeikon has developed an integrated solution that meets the demand for high-quality pharmaceutical and agro-chemical leaflets as well as for instruction leaflets used in general retail, i.e. in the electronic and cosmetics markets. Xeikon’s ability to print very small text at top quality with a 1200 dpi resolution allows for the successful use of microtext and therefore responds to the strict anti-counterfeit security requirements typical of these industries.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news coming up

    A brand new dry-toner digital press – stay tuned for more imminent news – will also be on display at Xeikon’s stand at the Hunkeler Innovationdays. This press will be equipped with a Hunkeler Unwinder, a Web Finishing module that protects against damage in the converting device, a Hunkeler cutter that cuts to clean sheets, and a Guk Folding device, a single conveyor belt that stacks the leaflets. Finally, a camera inspection system, integrated with the print engine, offers quality assurance by checking every print, an absolute must for the pharmaceutical industry.

    At the show, Xeikon will be printing on ultra-thin quality paper of 40-60 gsm. This is made possible thanks to Xeikon's dry toner that is specifically developed based on the requirements of document and commercial printing applications. This dry toner technology also offers benefits related to fusing, increased color gamut and speed. The toners are available in the four process colors (CMYK) as well as five off-the-shelf gamut expansion spot colors (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Extra magenta). A Clear toner is available for printing security applications. In addition, Xeikon can also develop custom-made colors to meet specific brand color requirements and print top quality on very thin paper.

    More details about Xeikon’s new dry-toner digital press will be released on the opening day of Hunkeler Innovationdays. Journalists interested in more information, can already sign up for a one-to-one interview with Xeikon product experts during the show by
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    11.02.2015   PMT Italia to upgrade PM1 at SPB, Tirunelveli, India    ( Company news )

    Company news Seshasayee Paper and Boards Limited have recently selected PMT Italia as the supplier of the new SIZER FO Film Size Press for their PM1, Tirunelveli Unit, Tamilnadu, India. The 5 m wide machine produces writing and printing paper.

    Main objectives of the project are the production increase and the paper quality improvement for multicolour printing. With a start-up planned for the summer of 2015, PMT will have the third SIZER FO unit in India.

    The preference of SPB for the PMT technology is the direct consequence of other successful PMT projects in India and this new project will consolidate and confirm PMT’s attitude to understand and face requirements and needs of the Indian market.

    PMT is a global paper machinery producer, able to provide all paper suppliers with advanced and customized equipment, from headbox through winder, including integrated projects with basis or detail engineering of associated auxiliary systems.
    (PMT Italia S.p.A.)
    11.02.2015   Eska Graphic Board signs contract for construction of reject gasifier    ( Company news )

    Company news Eska Graphic Board, a manufacturer of graphic board with two plants in Hoogezand and Sappemeer, has signed a contract with Leroux & Lotz Technologies for the construction of a gasifier at its site in Hoogezand. After a long process of litigation due to appeals launched by people living near the factory, Eska Graphic Board has been vindicated on all the points that were contested. The legal victory has paved the way for the construction of the gasifier, which should come into operation in the second half of 2016.

    Sustainable project
    When waste paper is processed into cardboard, some residues from the waste paper are left over. These residues are known as rejects and they currently need to be transported off site for incineration. In its new gasification plant, Eska Graphic Board will convert these rejects into gas and use this to generate steam for its own board-processing machinery. By converting the rejects into fuel on-site, the plant will consume 18 million cubic metres less natural gas every year in its production process. This is the equivalent of the natural gas consumption of 11,000 average Dutch families in a year. The construction of the reject gasifer is an important step towards optimizing the energy-efficiency of the plant. It represents significant progress towards the goal of halving the energy consumption of the paper and board manufacturing sector by 2020 and reducing CO2 emissions.

    The construction of the gasification plant will require an investment of €14.5 million, which will be realized partly through a subsidy of €4 million. By building the gasification plant, Eska Graphic Board will make a significant contribution to the market introduction of this highly efficient and environmentally friendly processing technology, which many others will also be able to implement to bring about a more sustainable society.
    (Eska Graphic Board B.V.)


    New site now includes social and economic data in addition to estimated environmental impacts

    Domtar Corporation (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS) announced significant updates to The Paper Trail®, its award-winning interactive tool that helps customers trace the impacts of their paper purchases. The totally renovated site includes social and economic information in addition to environmental data, broadening the meaning of sustainability. It represents Domtar’s belief that businesses should operate transparently, pulling back the curtain on their operations and the resulting impacts.

    With the latest additions, The Paper Trail ( now showcases the people and places behind the products, featuring stories and photos from all 13 of Domtar’s North American mills. The tool assesses Domtar’s community investments by tracking charitable donations and volunteer efforts, such as recycling programs or educational initiatives. It also demonstrates the paper industry’s impact on the economy, as Domtar employs nearly 9,000 people across the United States and Canada. In doing so, The Paper Trail helps both businesses and consumers understand the holistic impact of their purchases.

    “Since first introducing The Paper Trail in 2011, our thinking has continued to evolve regarding what sustainability encompasses,” said Paige Goff, Vice President of Sustainability and Business Communication. “The new site embraces all three legs of the ‘sustainability stool’ by assessing not only our environmental footprint, but our social and economic impact as well. It demonstrates Domtar’s commitment to the towns we operate in – not only as an environmental advocate, but also as a driver of community initiatives and a creator of thousands of jobs.” The Paper Trail provides gate-to-gate impact estimates for Domtar products across five environmental categories: fiber, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water, renewable energy and waste. It provides relevant context by illustrating how Domtar compares to the rest of the industry in these categories and, importantly, highlights areas for improvement in addition to showcasing what Domtar is doing well.

    “The Paper Trail illustrates many of the complex issues we carefully consider when evaluating opportunities to improve our performance,” said Brian Kozlowski, Senior Manager, Sustainability Performance Optimization. “We’ve used the tool to display mill sustainability data in an interesting and interactive way – and we’re inviting the public to come along on the journey.”

    In addition to providing social and economic data, The Paper Trail also:
    - Includes an expanded list of responsibly produced paper grades, representing the entire EarthChoice® Product Line
    - Displays histories, pictures and stories from all 13 of Domtar’s North American pulp and paper mills
    - Offers users personalized impact report options with broader sustainability information, including topics of interest such as bleaching processes used and tree species utilized
    - Is optimized for use on all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices
    - Uses Google Maps to create a geographic trail to the closest mill that produces a select paper grade

    With these improvements in place, The Paper Trail offers a clear and complete answer to the question “where does my paper come from?” It goes beyond environmental data to show customers how their purchase of North American paper can create a positive ripple effect on local communities. "We can’t always promise perfection, but we believe our customers deserve transparency. That’s a promise we will always deliver – and it’s the reason we created The Paper Trail in the first place.” said Goff. “Now, consumers can also take pride in the fact they’re helping to drive philanthropic efforts and create jobs across North America when they purchase from Domtar.”
    (Domtar Inc.)
    10.02.2015   Monika Olbricht joins Xeikon as Sales Director Document Printing Europe    ( Company news )

    Company news Key appointment underlines Xeikon roll-out strategy for commercial launch of ground-breaking Trillium technology

    Xeikon, an innovator in digital color printing technology, is pleased to announce that Monika Olbricht has joined the company as Sales Director, Document Printing, Europe. Olbricht will take responsibility for sales and business development for Document Printing in Europe as well as the commercial launch of Xeikon’s Trillium technology, planned for later in 2015.

    “We are absolutely thrilled to have an executive of the caliber of Monika Olbricht join our team,” comments Wim Maes, Xeikon’s CEO. “Monika has an impressive background, having held several international management positions in sales and marketing over the past 17 years. She will be instrumental in developing the commercial strategy to jumpstart our next growth phase in Europe. And the energy and knowledge she will bring to the Trillium program, which we believe is a critical advancement in the digital printing market, make her a welcome addition to the Xeikon team.”

    Olbricht has studied, lived and worked in a number of European countries and is fluent in five languages. Prior to Xeikon, she served as Executive Director of Business Development for Commercial Print at Océ. During her 17-year career across a variety of management roles, she gained significant expertise in commercial and transactional printing, direct mail, book and newspaper printing. She brings with her well-established relationships with key industry players, including both printing operations and suppliers to the industry.

    “I am excited to be joining Xeikon,” states Olbricht. “As innovators in digital print, Xeikon is committed to bringing best-in-class solutions to customers, helping them develop and grow their businesses. It’s particularly thrilling to be bringing Xeikon´s game-changing Trillium liquid toner technology to market. I believe this platform will open up many valuable new business opportunities for our customers in Document Printing across a variety of applications. I’m very much looking forward to helping our customers leverage this innovative platform for business growth.”
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    10.02.2015   OptiWrap roll handling line to Metsä Board Husum mill    ( Company news )

    Company news As a part of Valmet’s new folding boxboard production line delivery to Metsä Board’s Husum mill in Sweden Pesmel will supply a new kraft wrapping line and the rebuild of the existing kraft wrapping line. The lines will be delivered during 2016 alongside Valmet’s main delivery.

    The fully automated roll wrapping systems are Valmet OptiWrap solutions. When installed, the wrapping department of two similar type of lines is operating with minimum supervision. Moisture tight package with superior quality is made with continuous heat sealing and overlap methods without any glue. Robotized inner and outer header applications ensure the trouble-free and high capacity operation. The wrapping lines handle rolls up to diameter 1 800 mm, width 3 700 mm and weight 10 000 kg.

    Metsä Board is a long term customer of Valmet with several references and deliveries in the past. Pesmel has also previous deliveries to Metsä Board in Finland.
    (Pesmel Oy)
    09.02.2015   Sofidel starts a new wastewater treatment plant at Delicarta Paper Mill in Italy    ( Company news )

    Company news The technology used makes it possible to recover up to 75% of wastewater

    Picture: Delicarta Paper Mill

    Sofidel has recently started a new wastewater purification plant for reducing the amount of clean water extracted from the groundwater table at Delicarta Paper Mill, in Porcari (Italy). The technology used is currently one of the best and most innovative available and makes it possible to recover up to 75% of wastewater, saving 350,000 m3 fresh water annually.

    The process involves three phases. In the first phase the wastewater undergoes a biological process. In the second, for the solid-liquid
    separation, it undergoes a ultrafiltration section (this treatment takes the name of the MBR - Membrane Biological Reactor). The third and last phase, aiming at eliminating the remaining salt fraction, consists of a reverse osmosis system.

    The technical partner is Degremont, with General Electric handling the MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) aspect of the process.
    The overall investment for the implementation of the project, the first in the paper tissue sector, was 3 million Euros.
    (Sofidel S.p.A.)
    09.02.2015   S&K LABEL adopts UPM Raflatac's new Retail Eco Fit PEFC label stock    ( Company news )

    Company news Market-leading Czech producer of self-adhesive labels S&K LABEL has chosen to back UPM Raflatac’s new Retail Eco Fit PEFC label stock. The Kuřim u Brna headquartered self-adhesive label operation that exports a significant part of its production, has been operating for 23 years and has 13 flexo presses, three digital printing machines and many other finishing and slitting machines.

    Retail Eco Fit PEFC has been developed for the production of self-adhesive thermal labels and consists of the thin HG45 PEFC release liner and Retail Eco Fit PEFC label face applied with the RH R5 adhesive. Retail Eco Fit PEFC is optimized for production of standard retail labels where each label applied to purchased goods carries information which identifies and records the purchase.

    At S&K Label, these labels are produced in series of a million on the Nilpeter FA-3300 flexo printing line. Besides printing, the line also controls the process of in-line cutting and rolling, delivering the product in the form of reel rolls with labels. These rolls are used, for example, in the weigh price scale systems of retail chains.

    “Owing to the large-scale label production, the line has to be optimized for printing and cutting speed, which is an obvious prerequisite for its effective and productive use,” states S&K Label’s Operations Manager Jaroslav Blaha. “The UPM Raflatac materials have been adjusted to such optimization. The HG45 release liner is nearly 20% thinner compared with the previous HG65 liner standard. This reflects a general transition towards label materials that are designed to increase productivity within the UPM Raflatac offer.”

    The changeover to the thinner glassine liner at S&K Label was smooth and required no further investment or operational costs. The only change was the purchase of new cutting tools as the thinner liner requires the height of the cutting edge to be altered. The reduced thickness has no significant influence on the processing speed of the flexo printing line. Longer pieces of material on the rolls reduce the total production time losses in the printing phase and storage space is saved too. The lower volume of material handling has reduced the demand for pallet space in the S&K Label warehouses.

    Thinner label stock offers benefits for the entire value chain

    From the operational viewpoint of the label producer, it is actually possible to use larger rolls of material in the flexo printing machine, meaning that the exchange of rolls is less frequent and the order being processed does not have to be interrupted so often. Consequently, the overall productivity is higher and the quality of the printing output more stable. UPM Raflatac’s new adhesives also offer the benefit of being multifunctional so they can cover wider range of labels and a higher number of applications, and can even be applied in different operational conditions.

    Another advantage both for S&K Label and the end-users is that there’s more labels per roll thanks to the thinner label stock. “Customers save time as they do not have to exchange the rolls in the weigh price scale systems at such short intervals,” explains Sales and Marketing Manager Ladislav Koutňák S&K Label. “Moreover, the handling of the labels by the end-user – usually a supermarket – is not influenced by the reduced thickness, so the application procedure remains the same. Similarly, the temperature in the weigh price scales does not have to be modified either.”

    Most of the new UPM Raflatac label stocks are forest certified, enabling the traceability of the substrate back to its primary source. The same is true of the Retail Eco Fit PEFC label stock. S&K Label also enjoys the benefit of lower material use and a reduction of energy consumption during the production process.

    One of the great benefits of the new thinner label stock is a lower quantity of waste, both in the label production and the end-user’s labelling - making a significant contribution to the environmental performance of the label value chain. The process of label dispensing results in less waste, and is at the same time, lighter and smaller in volume.

    The quality of the material is achieved by optimum qualitative characteristics of the liner, label face and adhesive. UPM Raflatac and S&K Label believe that the use of the new standard of liners will quickly spread to other market segments. The results up to now have proved them right.
    (UPM Raflatac Oy)
    06.02.2015   MWV and RockTenn Agree to Combination Creating a $16 Billion ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Global Packaging Leader

    Rock-Tenn Company (“RockTenn”) (NYSE:RKT) and MeadWestvaco Corporation (“MWV”) (NYSE:MWV) today announced that they have entered into a definitive combination agreement to create a leading global provider of consumer and corrugated packaging (“NewCo”) in a transaction with a combined equity value of $16 billion. The combined company, to be named prior to closing, will have combined net sales of $15.7 billion and adjusted EBITDA of $2.9 billion, including the impact of $300 million in estimated annual synergies to be achieved over three years.

    Under the terms of the agreement, which has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, MWV stockholders will receive 0.78 shares of NewCo for each share of MWV held. RockTenn shareholders will be entitled to elect to receive either (a) 1.00 shares of NewCo or (b) cash in an amount equal to the volume weighted average price of RockTenn common stock during a five-day period ending three trading days prior to closing for each share of RockTenn held. The cash and stock elections by RockTenn shareholders will be subject to proration such that the resulting ownership of NewCo will be approximately 50.1% by MWV shareholders and 49.9% by RockTenn shareholders, and based on the shares outstanding today, approximately 7% of RockTenn shares will receive cash in lieu of stock. This targeted ownership ratio of NewCo will facilitate the continued favorable tax attributes of the previously announced spin-off of MWV’s specialty chemicals business, which the parties intend to complete after the closing of the business combination.

    Steven C. Voorhees, chief executive officer of RockTenn, said, “This transaction brings together two highly complementary organizations to create a new, more powerful company with leadership positions in the global consumer and corrugated packaging markets. This is a terrific opportunity for shareholders, employees and customers of both companies, all of whom stand to benefit enormously from the combination. Importantly, our two companies are also an exceptional cultural fit, sharing a commitment to exceeding customer expectations and a focus on developing innovative packaging solutions. Planning for the integration of these two companies has already started and we expect to expeditiously realize the full value of cost synergies we have identified.”

    John A. Luke, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of MWV, said, “We are creating the leading global provider of consumer and corrugated packaging solutions – and generating significant value for both companies’ shareholders. This transaction is a logical step that is borne of our strategic progress and financial success, and it offers MWV shareholders both immediate value and the opportunity to participate in significant upside as the new company generates substantial growth from its market-focused global strategy.”

    Mr. Voorhees will serve as chief executive officer and president of the combined company, and Mr. Luke will become non-executive chairman of the board of directors. The board will be comprised of eight directors from RockTenn and six directors from MWV. Other key executives and their positions will be determined according to their strengths and will be named prior to closing. The combined company will maintain its principal executive offices in Richmond, Va., and will have operating offices in Norcross, Ga.

    The transaction requires the approval of shareholders of both MWV and RockTenn and is subject to receipt of certain regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. Both parties target closing the transaction in the second calendar quarter of this year.

    In separate news releases, MWV and RockTenn both reported earnings for the most recent quarter ended December 31, 2014.

    Blackstone Advisory Partners L.P. served as financial adviser to RockTenn in the transaction and provided its board of directors a fairness opinion. Lazard has also provided a fairness opinion to RockTenn’s board of directors, as well as advice to the Company on certain matters related to the transaction. Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP acted as RockTenn’s legal counsel.

    MWV’s financial advisers were BofA Merrill Lynch and Goldman, Sachs & Co. Greenhill has also provided a fairness opinion to MWV’s board of directors. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz acted as MWV’s legal counsel.
    (MWV MeadWestvaco World Headquarters)
    06.02.2015   SCG Paper Spreads Wings in the Packaging Business – Emphasizing its ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Roles as ASEAN Sustainable Leader

    SCG Paper goes full steam ahead in the packaging business with plans to expand the business and to develop new innovative packaging products to serve better domestic and international markets as the company aims to strengthen its leadership in ASEAN with the cutting-edge packaging technology. Kicking off 2015 with the latest packaging production line, this enables the company to become the largest packaging paper manufacturer in ASEAN.

    Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President of SCG Paper says that “As the world economy is picking up along with the demands for packaging in ASEAN, SCG Paper is looking for new business opportunities to serve the expanded needs in the fast-growing packaging business, especially in the food and beverage and consumer product sections. That’s the reason why SCG Paper has made a lot of efforts to increase its packaging production potential. Also, SCG Paper wants to serve the needs of customers while sustaining our profitability.”

    SCG Paper expands and builds new production to produce packaging paper and packaging products with a purpose of serving demands from both domestic and international markets. It also aims to serve more of the Flexible Packaging – packaging made from other materials which will enable the company to become a truly comprehensive Total Packaging Solution Provider. Also, SCG Paper will continue to invest in the R&D through new technologieswith larger budgets to increase values for its packaging products and strengthen the company’s business competitiveness.

    Moreover, the company has developed new packaging products and services which not just increase the convenience, but also life’s quality of consumers. For instance, in the Industrial Packaging, the company offers the Machine Glazed Paper– a sterilized paper-based packaging for food and medical supplies that require top hygiene, the Glassine Paper– the smooth and high transparent paper, the release liner for sticker label, the pressure sensitive label for packaging industry and the Industrial Sack Bag as well as Paper Core. For Consumer Packaging, the company is the first to offer Food Safety Packaging as well as cone cup with GMP standard. Furthermore, Flexible Packaging for food and beverage as well as consumer products such as diaper or refillable product is also offered. Last but not least, the flexography technology for packaging has been established as to develop higher quality products with various designs.

    Regarding an area of marketing, SCG Paper aims to strengthen its competitiveness through exports while seeking for new markets to meet its growing supplies.

    “SCG Paper seeks new opportunities to sustain our leadership as the manufacturer of sustainable packaging in ASEAN. We aim to expand our production line so we can grow along with the higher demands in ASEAN and in other high-potential markets. More efficient ways to run our sales in and outside the country are also important. For now, our target countries are Vietnam and Indonesia where demands are high for paper and corrugated paper packaging. In terms of product and service development, we also aim to provide more HVA products which clearly enhance quality of life of consumers. Concerning of our human resources, we aim to provide a well-versed training, both theory and practice so they can achieve their professions with excellence. This will apply to both local and international staff,” adds Mr. Roongrote.

    And to reinforce its ASEAN leadership, SCG Paper steps into the new year with a newly expanded production line in Ratchaburi. This product of a Bt5 billion investment has a capacity of 320,000 tonnes per year, making SCG Paper the largest paper packaging manufacturer in ASEAN.

    Mr. Wichan Jitpukdee, Managing Director of Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. in SCG Paper says that “ ‘PM 16’ or the Paper Machine number 16 showcases the cutting edge technologies of paper packaging manufacturing. It combines the world’s latest technologies with SCG Paper’s expertise which means our company can now manufacture the products to meet the needs of customers in all and finer details. As such, every manufacturing procedure is in control – starts from the pulp construction that gives the packaging the strength it needs along the line. Our new plant also features ASEAN’s first automatic warehouse system that gives us a superior precision and speed with much less damage or lost in raw materials. Throughout our production line, we also feature new energy and water saving technologies that make us truly environmental friendly in the community we operate in.”

    Furthermore, SCG Paper’s staff whose expertise is exceptional will enhance the customization even better. The company can now manufacture stronger, yet lighter paper packaging which means its customers are now paying less for better products that also cost then less to transport.

    “From this new production plant, SCG Paper is manufacturing even higher quality paper, serving our customers even better. In response to a larger operating capacity, we are committing in expanding into new foreign markets, especially in ASEAN, where we could export our products to as it serves as a high potential market,” says Mr. Wichan.
    (The Siam Pulp and Paper Public Company Limited - SCG Paper)
    06.02.2015   Move is perfect - Our move to the new location is finished    ( Company news )

    Company news All machines are working - at our new location and with full power.

    We want to thank all who supported us and thus have secured a sustainable future of Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH. Floodwater are now history for us.

    Please ask us if you need paper!
    (Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH)
    05.02.2015   Sappi expands Competence Centre for Speciality Papers in Alfeld ...     ( Company news )

    Company news ... with new Paper Lab

    Picture: Kristof Mertens, Manager Quality Control with Sappi Alfeld GmbH

    Investment in improved quality testing a further step to ensuring high quality Sappi speciality papers and boards

    With the opening of its new Paper Lab, Sappi continues to add functionality to the Competence Centre for Speciality Papers and Boards at its Alfeld mill. “This Paper Lab will enable us to take our consistently high quality paper product to an entirely new level,” says Kristof Mertens, Manager for Quality Control at Sappi. “We will also be using the Paper Lab to conduct field quality testing with the latest in technological capabilities.” The establishment of the Paper Lab is a further step in the expansion of the speciality papers division at Sappi and follows the approximately 61 million euro rebuild of the PM 2 paper machine officially launched during an opening ceremony last year.

    The new Paper Lab, a six-figure investment, replaces the previously used test line in the climate lab. Its state-of-the-art technology and the broader weight measuring range (from 18 to 400 g/m2) is world-class in the quality testing of speciality papers and carton boards. In operation around the clock, it is set to test over 30,000 jumbo rolls or drums per year. This corresponds to about 281,000 individual measurements per year. After every successful check on a jumbo roll or drum, the corresponding production batch is assigned a certificate signifying the highest quality in speciality paper and carton board.

    Comprehensive measurements assure high quality

    "In the new Paper Lab, we are testing the key quality parameters of paper production from all five paper machines in Alfeld. Even with a wide variety of papers and boards and different weights, absolutely every production batch is subjected to precise measurement to ensure the quality of the batch. This means we guarantee our customers a unique level of continuity in our papers and boards that is unmatched anywhere else in the world," Mertens adds.

    Another advantage of the new Paper Lab lies in the comprehensive set of measurements being used and their immediate evaluation across the entire drum width.

    Roughness on the top and screen side are measured in accordance with a number of criteria, including

    - Fibre orientation

    - Formation

    - Air permeability according to Bendtsen

    - Burst pressure

    - Shine according to Tappi 75° (top/screen side)

    - Lengthwise/crosswise tearing

    - Lengthwise/crosswise breaking load

    - Thickness

    - Weight

    - Smoothness according to Bekk

    ”There is no other mill in the world that has implemented this level of quality control in the manufacturing of speciality paper and boards,” Mertens concludes. “We are extremely proud of this effort and look forward to continuing to raise the bar on the exceptional quality of paper and boards that the market has come to expect from Sappi.”
    (Sappi Alfeld GmbH)
    05.02.2015   Restructuring at Heidelberg Group on course – operating performance ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... up after nine months of FY 2014/2015 – current financial year impacted by non-recurring effects

    - Strategic portfolio streamlining completed
    - Restructuring expenses of approximately € 70 million
    - Operating result after nine months improved
    - Strong sales and improved result expected for Q4
    - Outlook: Basis for target EBITDA margin of at least 8 percent in FY 2015/2016

    After nine months of financial year 2014/2015 (April 1 to December 31, 2014), the group restructuring measures introduced at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) are on course. Consequently, measures aimed at strategically streamlining the portfolio have been completed and will take effect predominantly from the start of the new financial year. By reducing low-margin activities, boosting the profitability of core sheetfed offset operations, and expanding the service and consumables business as well as the digital sector, the company has laid the foundations for achieving the planned EBITDA margin of at least 8 percent in financial year 2015/2016.

    Successful development in all four strategic areas of activity
    In specific terms, strategic development at Heidelberg during the first nine months included streamlining the postpress portfolio and adapting the sheetfed offset sector to new market conditions – a process that will be ongoing until the end of the financial year.

    The first step was also taken to expand the Consumables business area, with the takeover of Belgium-based BluePrint Products. In the digital sector, significant progress was made in developing new products with partners Gallus, Fuji, and Ricoh and through the acquisition of software provider Neo7even. The first “4D printing systems” for customized printing on three-dimensional objects were also delivered in the current financial year.

    “The main focal point in the current financial year is to realign the portfolio so as to place Heidelberg on a sustainably profitable footing,” said Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach. “We have geared our portfolio toward profitability and growth and adjusted resources accordingly. I am confident that our strategic restructuring will enable us to achieve and maintain our target margin from next financial year onward and return to growth in the future.”

    Operating performance after nine months improved
    As forecast, the first nine months of financial year 2014/2015 were characterized by non-recurring effects as part of the strategic streamlining of the company’s portfolio. Despite the comprehensive portfolio restructuring and the associated transitional phases for a number of activities, the company has retained its operating profitability before special items.

    In terms of volumes, the most notable development was the slowdown in sales of new machinery in China, which can be attributed to economic developments in the country. Consequently, sales after nine months amounted to € 1.552 billion, which is below the previous year’s figure of € 1.685 billion. By contrast, all regions other than Asia/Pacific were in line with expectations.

    Compared over nine months, and despite lower sales, EBITDA excluding special items increased to € 80 million (previous year: € 67 million) due to operational measures including the Gallus transaction, while EBIT excluding special items rose from € 10 million to € 29 million.
    During the period under review, special items – primarily for provisions for portfolio optimization measures – were € –72 million, of which € –55 million applied to the third quarter alone. After nine months, the financial result was € –49 million (previous year: € –41 million). Due to the high non-recurring effects, the net result before taxes in the period under review dropped to € –92 million (previous year: € –32 million) and the net result after taxes fell to € –95 million (previous year: € –40 million).

    Free cashflow after nine months was € –16 million (previous year: € –10 million). The value in the third quarter – € 14 million – was clearly positive compared with the same period of the previous year (€ –38 million). Accordingly, the net financial debt was lowered to € 250 million (previous quarter: € 272 million) and remains at a low level. Together with the improvements at operating level, this enabled the leverage to be maintained below the target level of 2. The equity ratio was 9 percent (end of financial year 2013/2014: 16.0 percent).

    “The non-recurring expenditure necessary for portfolio restructuring is within expectations. In operational terms, we are also on course to achieve our annual targets with a strong final quarter,” said CFO Dirk Kaliebe.

    As at December 31, 2014, the Heidelberg Group had a global workforce of 12,280 plus 534 trainees (previous year: 12,851 plus 621 trainees).

    Outlook: Basis for target EBITDA margin of at least 8 percent in FY 2015/2016
    Sales and earnings for financial year 2014/2015 as a whole will be influenced by the implementation of the portfolio optimization measures initiated. The reorganization of postpress is expected to lead to lower sales in this area in the short term until implementation is complete. Furthermore, the company will continue to actively reduce low-margin business. Based on these assumptions, including the economic downturn in China, sales in financial year 2014/2015 are expected to be down around 5 percent year-on-year on the whole.
    The portfolio optimization measures initiated will have both a boosting and a dampening impact on earnings during the current financial year. Overall, the measures should further improve the company’s operating profitability, thereby bringing Heidelberg closer to its target of an operating margin of at least 8 percent in terms of EBITDA. Adjusted for the non-recurring effects for portfolio optimization and cost-cutting measures, it is the company‘s continued aim to achieve an increase in net result after taxes.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    04.02.2015   PMP Group to supply an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and an Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... for a brand-new PM#6 to Dongguan Shunyu Paper, China

    In January 2015, PMP Group – a global provider of tissue, paper and board technology, signed a contract with Dongguan Shunyu Paper, China, for the delivery of an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and an Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press to be incorporated in a new PM#6 . PMP’s key technological units will be delivered to Dongguan mill in Guangdong Province.

    Dongguan Shunyu Paper Co. Ltd - high-strength corrugating medium paper producer - was founded in 2002 and at present owns 4 pulp and 6 paper-making lines (total annual capacity: 550,000 tons) in China.

    A new investment based on PM#6, is focused on bringing an addition capacity of 150,000 tonnes/y of high-strength corrugating medium paper that is going to be converted in packaging boxes for various industrial use and, at the same time, widening product portfolio (through reaching excellent quality parameters of paper). PM#6 (design speed 1000 m/min, reel trim 3960 mm) is going to be built based on Optimum Cost Solutions philosophy: core technological items designed and made in Europe (by PMP Group) and the rest of PM - designed and made in China (by other suppliers). The project driving force will be based on modern technology through application of energy savings solutions following global trends and gaining excellent paper quality.

    PMP Group will deliver a state-of the-art 5-channel hydraulic headbox Intelli-Jet V® (pondside: 4150 mm). The new headbox will include sophisticated Consistency Profiling System as well that ensures excellent basis weight control, resulting in uniform paper web structure and better CD basis weight profile as well as machine controls. In addition Intelli-Jet V® headbox will bring excellent formation and also production flexibility (basis weight range of 90-120 g/m²). A new PM#6 press section will be equipped with a modern and compact Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press – in the second press position (design nip load 1100 kN/m, shoe press module type 1300) and will be designed to work in inverted position. Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press technology ensures reliable performance confirmed by patented solutions, top sheet dryness level resulting in significant steam consumption savings and user-friendliness of equipment. The project is another example where core technological items provided by PMP are becoming a key for success. In addition PMP will provide assembly and start-up supervision as well as optimization services. The delivery is scheduled for autumn this year, followed by erection at site and start-up at the end of
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    04.02.2015   InfoTrends analyst Robert Leahey to speak at Xeikon Café ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Packaging Innovations 2015

    Game-changing innovations in digital production will be covered in every aspect

    Xeikon announces the presence and participation of the InfoTrends analyst for Color Digital Label and Packaging, Robert Leahey, at its upcoming edition of the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations – Mr. Leahey, who brings many years of experience in the printing industry and who has also conducted custom research on numerous print technologies will be speaking at the Business Conference program. During the 3-day event, he will be engaging with label printers, converters and analysts on the latest market trends and the numerous innovative developments in digital production. “More and more of today’s packaging innovation depends on digital technologies,” Mr. Leahey comments. “I’ll give brand owner survey data to show why that’s so, and also insights about where color digital print for packaging is heading.”

    “We’re absolutely delighted to have Mr. Leahey speaking at our event,” adds Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Director Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging. “With the Xeikon Café, we are committed to provide label and packaging printers as well as converters and print buyers an informal knowledge exchange platform that covers all aspects of digitalizing print production. InfoTrends, and the presence of Mr. Leahey are a vital part of this educational platform.”

    Conference programs deliver full panorama on digital production
    Mr. Leahey’s presentation is part of the Business Conference program. Through a series of astute presentations, highly experienced market experts and Xeikon customers will share business insights and experiences on digital printing and the use of specific application suites, enabling visitors to fully understand and evaluate the challenges and opportunities of companies running digital production solutions.

    Running alongside, the Technical Conference program will include a series of technology-driven seminars given by Xeikon and its Aura Partners and will address every technical aspect of digital production from software, equipment, consumables and print media.

    The 2015 edition of the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations is hosted in collaboration with 32 Xeikon Aura Partners, who will all exhibit at the event. This will allow visitors to view no less than 15 different applications of Xeikon’s label and packaging application suites, ranging from the Folding Carton Suite, the Self-Adhesive Label Suite, the Heat Transfer Label Suite to the In-Mold Label Suite. The wide range of applications on display will illustrate exactly the extent of what digital production can achieve.

    Sign up Today
    The Xeikon Café will take place at Xeikon’s production site in Belgium, March 10-12, 2015 with basically the same program each day, so participants can choose the date that best suits them. Attendance is free but registration is required online at

    The full agenda of both conference programs with all applications and informative sessions will be available soon.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    04.02.2015   Mimaki Sb300 and Sb53 inks achieve OEKO-TEX® Accreditation    ( Company news )

    Company news Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, has attained the OEKO-TEX®accreditation for direct skin contact for its Sb300 series dye sublimation inks and Sb53 sublimation transfer inks. The OEKO-TEX® criteria catalogue provides manufacturers in the textile and clothing industry with a scientifically based standard benchmark for the evaluation of potentially harmful substances in textiles. OEKO-TEX® approved inks are suitable to finish skin-friendly clothing and other textiles for interested end users. This certificate thus constitutes an important decision-making element when purchasing inks for textile production.

    Confidence in inks
    The pioneering manufacturer has been awarded OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, product class Il. This concerns textiles and inks which, when used as intended, have a large part of their surface in direct contact with the skin, e.g. underwear, bed linen, terry cloth items, shirts, blouses etc. The independent testing and certification system for textile products from all stages of manufacture confirms the inks have met the human-ecological requirements of the standard for products with direct contact to skin. The certification shows the inks fulfil the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH as well as the American requirement regarding total content of lead in children's articles.

    “We were already well aware of the business-winning value of the inks but are delighted that Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center has awarded them the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100,” comments Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “Customers can now use the inks confidently and safe in the knowledge they are approved for direct skin contact.”

    The Heimtextil effect – digital print on the rise
    “This has the potential to open up numerous market opportunities.” Mr. Horsten adds. “Our recent participation in Heimtextil showed an increasing interest in digital printing for textile applications.” Over 200 attendees joined Mr. Horsten’s presentation on “Why the home textile sector will switch to digital”, resulting in many constructive leads at the Mimaki booth throughout the show.

    “Our digital textile printing capabilities have already hit a number of catwalks. This certification means even more designers can take a closer look at how printing can add creative value to their collections.”

    The inks can be used on the following Mimaki systems: TS500-1800, TX500-1800DS, TX500-1800B, CJV150-107, 130, 160, CJV300-130, 160, JV150-130, 160, JV300-130, 160, JV5-320DS, TS3-1600, TS5-1600AMF, TS34-1800A and TPC-1000.

    Mr. Horsten concludes: “After a very successful participation in Heimtextil in Germany, this industry seal of approval demonstrates just how far-reaching digital print can be. It is an endorsement of our continuous efforts to optimise our portfolio and more notably our digital print solutions.”
    (Mimaki Europe B.V.)
    04.02.2015   Gaining the Best Tissue Quality with Lowest Possible Costs    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: TSA - Tissue Softness Analyzer

    emtec Electronic at the Tissue World in Barcelona, Spain

    Also this year emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the „Tissue World Barcelona 2015“ in Barcelona, Spain. From March 17th until March 19th, the company will be present at the exhibition at booth no. E600.

    The TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer is one of the innovative testing instruments which will be presented in Barcelona during these three days of exhibition. The device is used for the objective and reliable measurement of tissue “handfeel” properties such as the real softness, smoothness / roughness and stiffness. The availability of these three parameters opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of the tissue production and converting processes.

    Additionally, emtec Electronic will present some measuring devices for the wet end area: the CAS Charge Analyzing System for determining the particle charge of filtrates and the FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer for measuring the Zeta Potential of fibers. Furthermore, emtec Electronic developed a new Online measuring device FPO – Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the production process and delivers immediately reliable and necessary information concerning the dosing of chemicals to the pulp.
    (emtec Electronic GmbH)
    03.02.2015   Iggesund’s challenge to designers: Improve the packaging in your local shops!    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Iggesund is challenging designers to make everyday consumer packaging more sustainable by replacing plastic, glass and metal with paperboard. © Iggesund

    Iggesund Paperboard is working via the American crowdsourcing company Crowdspring to challenge the world’s designers to improve existing consumer packaging.

    “Every day we all see examples of packaging that could be improved by a better choice of materials or a better design,” explains Staffan Sjöberg, who is in charge of the project at Iggesund Paperboard. “Now we’re giving designers all over the world the chance to contribute their ideas on how to replace packaging made of glass, plastic or metal with solutions that use paperboard.”

    He stresses that Iggesund is not looking for inexpensive ideas which can be put into commercial use. Instead, the aim is to get a picture of how global designers as a collective group believe they can steer packaging development in a more sustainable direction.

    “We will not claim any commercial rights to the ideas that come in,” Sjöberg says. “We’re just interested in getting a snapshot of how designers believe they can improve the packaging they see in the shops they visit on a daily basis. We want to publish the ideas and maybe reproduce some of them in physical form but we are not interested in exploiting them commercially.”

    For Crowdspring the collaboration with Iggesund Paperboard is an unusual project. Normally the online marketplace’s services are used when someone wants either a number of inexpensive design proposals or a wide range of ideas.

    “This is an unusual reason for initiating a project with us,” comments Mike Samson, who is coordinating the project with Iggesund. “But we believe its combination of sustainability and innovative thinking will attract many of the thousands of designers listed in our database.”

    Iggesund Paperboard is part of the Swedish forest industry group Holmen, one of the world’s 100 most sustainable industrial companies according to the UN Global Compact Index. Iggesund’s annual turnover is close to SEK 5bn (EUR 525m) and its flagship product Invercote is sold in over 100 countries.

    The company has two product families, Invercote and Incada, which are both among the quality leaders in their segment. Since 2010 Iggesund has invested SEK 3.3bn (EUR 346m) to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the fossil carbon emissions from its paperboard mills. The investments have made both mills almost self-sufficient in electricity.

    Iggesund and the Holmen Group report their fossil carbon emissions to the international Carbon Disclosure Project and are on the project’s A List, which singles out almost 200 companies world wide for their work against climate change. The two companies’ environmental data are integrated into their annual reports, which are produced in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s highest level of sustainability accounting.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    03.02.2015   Voith Forges Ahead With Restructuring    ( Company news )

    Company news - Worldwide administrative functions to be consolidated
    - Additional capacity adjustments at Voith Paper
    - Planned workforce reduction totaling up to 1,600 positions worldwide
    - Future focus on technology and engineering expertise for the digital age: Value-preserving sale process for Voith Industrial Services kicks off
    - Voith CEO Dr. Hubert Lienhard: “We are taking further decisive steps toward positioning Voith as a competitive technology leader on a lasting basis.”

    The Voith Group continues to systematically implement the decisions made in the course of the group-wide Voith 150+ success program. At the annual press conference in 2014, Voith announced that it would consolidate worldwide administrative functions and work on additional capacity adjustments at Voith Paper. The two projects now being carried out will involve a workforce reduction of up to 1,600 jobs worldwide by the end of 2016, 870 of which will be in Germany. Going forward, the company will clearly refocus on its traditional technology and engineering expertise to prepare for the future challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0, and will further restructure its portfolio accordingly. In line with this strategy, a value-preserving sale process for Voith Industrial Services Group Division is to be initiated.

    “Our boards today approved a number of far-reaching steps, some of them painful, but necessary. We will now seek out dialog with employee representatives with the goal of making these moves in a fair and responsible manner, and in a way that honors the culture and values of our company,” explains Hubert Lienhard, President and CEO of the Corporate Board of Management. “Currently, market conditions in mechanical engineering are changing drastically. Voith is ready to face these challenges and will now resolutely take on the next phase of the Group’s restructuring. We will focus on our traditional strength: our technological engineering expertise acquired in the course of many years of research and development. At the same time, we will improve our structures and efficiency. To this end, we are taking further decisive steps toward positioning Voith as a competitive technology leader in the digital age on a lasting basis.”

    Voith will already recognize provisions for all planned workforce reduction and restructuring measures to be effected by the end of 2016 in this fiscal year, in order to ensure swift, systematic implementation. Consequently, the company anticipates that the half-yearly and annual financial statements will reflect a negative net income after non-recurring effects. Operationally, the company expects to achieve positive profit from operations throughout all Group Divisions in fiscal year 2014/15.

    Consolidation of administrative functions

    The company aims to streamline its administrative processes by taking steps that include establishing four Shared Service Centers (SSC) in which standardizable administrative services will be consolidated across Group Divisions. These Shared Service Centers will be located in Kunshan, China, for Asia; York (PA), USA, for North America; and São Paulo, Brazil, for South America. No decision has been made as yet regarding the location of the Center serving the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region. A total of around 720 positions will be cut as a result of the planned restructuring of administrative activities. Currently, these plans are scheduled to be implemented by the end of fiscal year 2015/2016 (September 2016).

    Unavoidable capacity adjustments at Voith Paper

    At the annual press conference, Voith also reported on the significantly reduced market demand for new machines and major rebuilds in the paper industry and the company’s very strained business situation in this segment as a result. In light of this, Voith Paper’s management aims to further adjust and consolidate worldwide capacity, consequently reducing global headcount by a total of around 1,000, including 140 jobs already mentioned in the worldwide planned restructuring of administrative activities. In Germany and Austria around 800 jobs are to be reduced. The planned measures include discontinuing paper activities at Voith’s St. Pölten site (eliminating some 150 positions) and closing the sites in Krefeld and Neuwied (decreasing headcount by around 200), as well as consolidating those activities in Heidenheim. At the Heidenheim site, this streamlining would affect around 300 jobs. At the Ravensburg site around 150 jobs are to be cut. There, among others the remaining manufacturing plant in Ravensburg will be closed. The center of excellence for stock preparation located there is to remain in operation.

    Alongside the targeted reduction in capacity, various internal initiatives are underway at Voith Paper that will secure it a profitable, customer-driven future.

    Future focus on engineering expertise in the digital age – shaping the Industry 4.0 trend

    As part of the Voith 150+ success program, the company is also preparing for the challenges and opportunities presented by Industry 4.0. “The possibilities opened up by digitization and networking will reshape the entire process of creating value in industry. We are convinced that this shift is irreversible and will offer our company major opportunities,” CEO Lienhard says. “The Group will be strongly geared toward our engineering expertise. In the coming years, we also intend to expand our existing divisions notably specializing in mechanics to specifically include automation and industrial software capabilities.” The acquisition of a 25.1 percent stake in robot manufacturer Kuka in November 2014 marked an important step in this direction for the company.

    This strategic move prompted Voith’s management to shift the Group’s focus clearly toward its technological engineering expertise and initiate a sale process for the Voith Industrial Services Group Division. The Voith Industrial Services business model comprises labor-intensive services largely performed at client sites and based on customers’ specific know-how and process knowledge. The Group Division is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial services operating today and global market leader in automotive industry services. With an 18,000-strong workforce, the division generated sales of around € 1.2 billion, marking a threefold increase since it was founded 15 years ago.

    The planned sale will also trigger changes in the Corporate Board of Management at Group level. Martin Hennerici, to date CEO of Voith Industrial Services, has elected to leave the company. His successor in the position of CEO will be Markus Glaser-Gallion, currently head of the Automotive division. Hubert Lienhard will assume responsibility for the Group Division at Corporate Board of Management level until its sale. Employees, customers and business partners will see no changes in their day-to-day work as the Group Division’s business model already operates independently. Voith Industrial Services will continue to provide the reliable service its customers have come to expect.

    This decision marks Voith’s refocusing on its roots in technology, its innovative and pioneering approach and its knowledge-based development of technical engineering solutions for key industries. “When our company was founded nearly 150 years ago, we were one of the trailblazers of the first Industrial Revolution. Today, we accept the challenge of being among those shaping the next industrial revolution in the digital age,” states Voith CEO Hubert Lienhard.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    03.02.2015   Ricoh at Hunkeler Innovationdays: A New Dawn for Production Printing    ( Company news )

    Company news Ricoh Europe Plc is taking its production printing “New Dawn” theme to Hunkeler Innovationdays, 23-26 February, Lucerne, with the world's first public showing of the game-changing Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 next-generation, continuous feed, high volume inkjet platform.

    Ricoh will be showcasing on stand P8 a new era of high speed inkjet innovation in graphic arts print production. The highly modular and scalable Ricoh Pro™ VC60000 production inkjet press will be presented in its full duplex printing configuration, including undercoat and protector coat capabilities. Visitors will experience first-hand its ability to print high quality direct mail, books and marketing materials running at 1200 x 1200 dpi on standard coated offset stocks.

    “The market reaction to the Ricoh Pro VC60000 has been exceptionally positive and we are delighted to be able to give so many production printing professionals the opportunity to see it in action at this leading industry event,” comments Graham Moore, Director, Business Development, Ricoh Europe. “It has become clear that the breakout innovations offered by this outstanding addition to our portfolio will enable operations to embrace market growth opportunities and production efficiency benefits.”

    Visitors to the show will be able to see the capabilities of the Pro VC60000 with print applications that include:
    - The Cult of Porsche: In the Beginning will be digitally printed on offset stock, delivering the impact and quality that, until now, has been associated only with offset printing. Originally produced in short runs and shown at last year’s London Book Fair, it will be inkjet printed for the first time for Hunkeler Innovationdays.
    - The Bianchi catalogue with its challenging brand colours and high quality bike imagery will demonstrate the results inkjet is capable of such as readily reproducing work previously the preserve of offset.

    Ricoh will also be highlighting the newly-announced Ricoh Pro™ C9100 series, a durable high volume digital colour press. Running at up to 130ppm, the fastest press in its class, it has a duty cycle of 1.75 million coupled with the ability to print on textured substrates and media up to 400 gsm at full rated speed. Its new toner delivers a larger colour gamut and it can offer a 700mm print length for banners, a wide range of finishing options and the ability to integrate third-party options. Visitors will see live demonstrations during the event including the production of the Bianchi catalogue 650mm x 225mm cover on 300gsm.

    Efficient workflow and data excellence are critical to the success of today’s printing businesses. To demonstrate how Ricoh is helping clients to optimise their productivity and overall performance, Ricoh will have three dedicated software pods on its stand. These will include demonstrations of:
    - TotalFlow BatchBuilder, this is the first public showing in Europe of the easy-to-adopt, standalone hardware-agnostic production management tool designed to batch print jobs in the most efficient manner;
    - TotalFlow Ricoh Process Director, a configurable output processmanagement system driving high-speed continuous-feed production printers;
    - MarcomCentral, a cloud-based (SaaS) web-to-print solution that automates creation, printing, management and distribution of marketing collateral and campaigns, including variable data communications.

    To add to the value of the printed piece, Ricoh also offers Clickable Paper, an interactive print solution that makes printed materials interactive and increases their longevity. Visitors to Ricoh’s stand will learn how easy it can be to incorporate this value-added service into the offerings a printer can bring to clients.

    “Whether it is broadening market capabilities or adding value there are numerous ways businesses can transition into new market areas supported by Ricoh’s solutions. For many the step into unfamiliar territory can be confidently made as long as they are assured that their offerings, supported by the right hardware, software and services, can effectively and profitably support a new client base,” states Mr Moore. “New additions to Ricoh’s portfolio, such as the Ricoh Pro VC60000 and MarcomCentral, support this expansion while improving productivity and profitability for traditional service offerings. Building on the expertise and knowledge we have accrued over the years we are helping operations get fit for the future as well as extend their reach to new clients and markets.”

    Ricoh is sponsoring DOXNET, on Wednesday, February 25. Benoit Chatelard, General Manager, Solutions, Ricoh Europe, will be presenting at the DOXNET seminar on the theme of ‘A New Dawn’. Ricoh is also sponsoring the Interquest Digital Book Printing forum on Tuesday, February 25, where Mr Chatelard will be sharing Ricoh’s latest technoloy and client innovations. Registration for Hunkeler Innovationdays is available
    (Ricoh Europe PLC)
    02.02.2015   PMP Group will supply 2nd Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc tissue machine for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd

    In January, Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd has signed a contract with PMP Group for 2nd Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc machine. Only 6 months after TM#1 successful start-up, Hebei Xuesong Paper choose PMP Group again as the provider of TM continuing fruitful partnership.
    TM#2 (twin line to TM#1) with the brand name of Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc tissue machine, is characterized by reel trim of 2850 mm, design speed of 1200 m/min and capacity 60 t/d (basis weight 12.5-20 gsm). After TM#2 installation, Hebei Xuesong Paper will have two machines (right and left hand) in the same building based on integrated tissue mill concept.
    Hebei Xuesong Paper - a famous tissue-making enterprise in Hebei Province, China - was founded in 1987and produces high-quality tissue products under “Xuesong” brand. PMP Group is a global provider of paper, board and tissue technology and has been serving pulp & paper industry for over 160 years.
    Efficient cooperation between two companies started from TM#1 project in 2013. First Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc was brought on stream in April 2014 and thanks to excellent cooperation between Hebei Xuesong Paper and the PMP teams, just 5 days after start-up, the maximum production capacity and tissue quality guarantees were achieved. Recently steam consumption reached an ultra-low level of 1.6-1.8 t/t, which help to significantly minimize production costs.
    TM#2 is actually a twin-sister machine of TM#1 and will also be executed based on philosophy of Optimum Cost Solution including tissue machine full design in Europe (PMPoland), manufacturing of the key components such as a Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and a Intelli-YD™ steel Yankee in Europe (PMPoland), and the remaining manufacturing, tissue machine pre-assembly and tests completed at the
    Center of Excellence of PMP Group: PMP IB (Changzhou) Machinery & Technology, Changzhou (China).
    This combination ensures to lower the cost investment for the customer, while maintaining excellent quality of the equipment supplied. PMP will provide a stock approach system, Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine, mechanical drives, electrical drives, a lubrication system, a steam & condensate system and PLC. The PMP team will be responsible for an erection supervision and technological start-up.
    The same model of right and left hand machines layout in one building is the most compact solution and the two machines can share a common spare parts base. As a result, both space and costs are saved as well as number of personnel required to run the installations. Finally, the valuable experience of PMP gained from TM#1 project will make TM#2 even more adapted to the customer’s requirements.
    Year by year, PMP Group increases its presence in China through implementation of projects for both tissue & paper customers. Last decade in this market, has brought 11 CF tissue machines and 17 capital rebuilds including core technological units such as Intelli-Jet V® headboxes, Intelli-Nip® shoe presses, Intelli-Sizer™ size presses, etc. Combination of advanced technology and rich experience from PMP Group headquarters and convenient local service from PMP IB results in smart integration of assets & competences. This way PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc tissue machine brings excellent support for its users daily.
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    02.02.2015   PMP Group will supply 2nd Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc tissue machine for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd

    In January, Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd has signed a contract with PMP Group for 2nd Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc machine. Only 6 months after TM#1 successful start-up, Hebei Xuesong Paper choose PMP Group again as the provider of TM continuing fruitful partnership.
    TM#2 (twin line to TM#1) with the brand name of Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc tissue machine, is characterized by reel trim of 2850 mm, design speed of 1200 m/min and capacity 60 t/d (basis weight 12.5-20 gsm). After TM#2 installation, Hebei Xuesong Paper will have two machines (right and left hand) in the same building based on integrated tissue mill concept.
    Hebei Xuesong Paper - a famous tissue-making enterprise in Hebei Province, China - was founded in 1987and produces high-quality tissue products under “Xuesong” brand. PMP Group is a global provider of paper, board and tissue technology and has been serving pulp & paper industry for over 160 years.
    Efficient cooperation between two companies started from TM#1 project in 2013. First Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc was brought on stream in April 2014 and thanks to excellent cooperation between Hebei Xuesong Paper and the PMP teams, just 5 days after start-up, the maximum production capacity and tissue quality guarantees were achieved. Recently steam consumption reached an ultra-low level of 1.6-1.8 t/t, which help to significantly minimize production costs.
    TM#2 is actually a twin-sister machine of TM#1 and will also be executed based on philosophy of Optimum Cost Solution including tissue machine full design in Europe (PMPoland), manufacturing of the key components such as a Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and a Intelli-YD™ steel Yankee in Europe (PMPoland), and the remaining manufacturing, tissue machine pre-assembly and tests completed at the
    Center of Excellence of PMP Group: PMP IB (Changzhou) Machinery & Technology, Changzhou (China).
    This combination ensures to lower the cost investment for the customer, while maintaining excellent quality of the equipment supplied. PMP will provide a stock approach system, Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine, mechanical drives, electrical drives, a lubrication system, a steam & condensate system and PLC. The PMP team will be responsible for an erection supervision and technological start-up.
    The same model of right and left hand machines layout in one building is the most compact solution and the two machines can share a common spare parts base. As a result, both space and costs are saved as well as number of personnel required to run the installations. Finally, the valuable experience of PMP gained from TM#1 project will make TM#2 even more adapted to the customer’s requirements.
    Year by year, PMP Group increases its presence in China through implementation of projects for both tissue & paper customers. Last decade in this market, has brought 11 CF tissue machines and 17 capital rebuilds including core technological units such as Intelli-Jet V® headboxes, Intelli-Nip® shoe presses, Intelli-Sizer™ size presses, etc. Combination of advanced technology and rich experience from PMP Group headquarters and convenient local service from PMP IB results in smart integration of assets & competences. This way PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc tissue machine brings excellent support for its users daily.
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    02.02.2015   Overview of the FINAT 2015 Labelling Agenda    ( Company news )

    Company news The international resource for knowledge, information, best practice and inspiration across the worldwide labelling community outlines highlights

    FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry announces its 2015 labelling events. Learning and networking are key aspects of the industry and are of course greatly valued by the worldwide labelling community. In 2015, FINAT will again be organizing a number of important events, just like it did in 2014. These events will give current and future label community members the opportunity to meet with peers, clients, press and other industry related contacts, get informed and exchange information.

    A busy schedule in 2015 (in chronological order):

    - FINAT Labelling Competition: this annual competition showcases the best of self-adhesive label and narrow web print. It recognizes and rewards achievement in terms of both end use/ marketing impact and print and converting quality. Awards are given – by a jury of leading industry experts - in the main segments where self-adhesive labels are used: alcoholic beverages, food, household, industrial, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, security labelling, (self-) promotion, booklet/coupon labels and for the major reel-fed print processes: flexo, letterpress, screen, offset, digital print and combination print.

    This year, the 35th edition takes place, in which the category 'Digital’ has been upgraded to the status of main Group (next to the main Group of conventional printing processes), to recognize the significant part that digital printing is playing in the modern label industry. FINAT welcomes all 2015 FINAT Label Competition entries, before the deadline of March 5.

    - FINAT Young Managers Club, 2nd global Young Managers Congress, April 16-18 in Bratislava, Slovakia: this year, the FINAT YMC will organise the second edition of the Global Young Managers Congress for the label industry. During this event, young managers get the opportunity to hone their management skills and learn from experiences from industry experts. The programme includes social events such as networking dinners, interactive workshops and one and a half day of presentations. Special features will be two workshops, one on ‘Managing a Thin Company’, and the other on ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

    - The European Label Forum 2015, June 11-13 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands: FINAT has significantly redesigned the format of its annual congress, which from now on will carry the title ‘European Label Forum’. The purpose of this new format is to enhance the association’s main annual event as the vehicle for strategic business knowledge, information and inspiration. The new format will be more focused on business topics, with three different parallel streams (‘Sales and Marketing’, ‘Manufacturing and Technology’ and ‘Management and Corporate Affairs’), a lean manufacturing workshop and more room for interaction and dialogue between congress delegates. All sessions will feature first class speakers who are recognized experts in the field. More detailed information on this event is coming soon.

    - FINAT Radar: this publication will have its 3rd edition appearing right after the congress. The publication offers readers a unique ‘first hand’ 3600 overview of trends and developments across all segments of the self-adhesive and narrow web value chain, from materials and equipment suppliers, via the label converters, to the brand owners and users of product decoration.

    - FINAT Recycling Award: this award recognizes efforts of the industry in paper and film release liner recycling, both at the level of the converter and the level of his customer. The award will be handed out for the second time this year, after first being awarded in 2014. The event will be launched soon, more information will follow.

    - Labelexpo Europe 2015, September 29 – October 2, Brussels: the world’s leading trade exhibition for the label industry has been going from strength to strength, and the 2015 edition again promises to benchmark and display new innovations in self-adhesive and narrow web technology development. As Europe’s leading trade association for the industry, FINAT will of course again be present with a hospitality stand, where volunteer leaders and staff will be present to welcome members, potential members, media and other interested visitors. Through the newly established Labelexpo Advisory Board, visitors, exhibitors and show organisers Tarsus are collaborating to drive further quality improvements of the show. Prior to the show, FINAT will host the global label associations united in the L9.

    - New Technology and Management Webinars: at the end of 2014, FINAT launched a new series of FINAT webinars focusing on topics relevant to the future of the industry. Purpose of the webinars is to offer a convenient tool at members’ fingertips to brief them on management, technology and sustainability developments that may impact our business in the near future. The FINAT Board’s ‘New Converting Technology’ taskforce and the Young Managers Club have joined forces to drive this programme. The 2015 FINAT webinar calendar will be announced shortly.

    - Committee output: FINAT’s sophisticated network of affiliated associations, committees and subcommittees pulls together industry thought leaders and experts to work on issues of common interest such as the FINAT Test Methods (9th edition currently available in English and German, French and business Chinese will follow soon), an LCA Best Practice Guidance Document, a Food Safety Best Practice Guide, as well as a new member information leaflet. Prior to Labelexpo Europe, FINAT will host the global label associations united in the L9. The L9, is amongst others driving the World Label Awards competition (winners 2014 to be announced in February). This meeting will also see the birth of the global Label Associations Portal, a collaborative platform.
    02.02.2015   Robin Ahlström resigns as Chairman of the Board of Ahlstrom, Panu Routila appointed new Chairman     ( Company news )

    Company news The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahlstrom Corporation, Robin Ahlström, has announced his resignation from the position of Chairman and member of the Board due to serious illness.

    The Board of Directors of Ahlstrom Corporation has elected Panu Routila (b.1964, photo) as Chairman of the Board as of January 26, 2015. He will also become a member of the Shareholders' Nomination Board, and he has been elected member of the Human Resources Committee.

    "We would like to warmly thank Robin Ahlström for his dedication and excellent contribution to Ahlstrom. He has served on the Board of Ahlstrom, as Chairman, Vice Chairman and as a Board member", says Panu Routila, new Chairman of the Board.

    As of today, there will be six members on the Board of Directors of Ahlstrom. The term of the Board of Directors will expire at the close of the next Annual General Meeting.
    (Ahlstrom Corporation)
    02.02.2015   Environmental permit granted for Metsä Group's planned bioproduct mill in Äänekoski    ( Company news )

    Company news The Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland has granted an environmental and water-intake permit for Metsä Group's planned bioproduct mill in Äänekoski.

    An environmental permit has been granted for Metsä Fibre Oy's bioproduct mill, a bark-drying and bark-gasification plant, a digestion plant, wastewater generated in the integrated mills, joint treatment of municipal wastewater from the town of Äänekoski, and Metsä Board Corporation’s wastewater treatment plant. The permit also allows wastewater from the town of Äänekoski to be treated in the bioproduct mill's wastewater treatment plant.

    The decision was made in accordance with the reformed Environmental Protection Act, which came into force in autumn 2014, and the best available techniques (BAT) approved by the European Commission. The bioproduct mill's environmental and water-intake permits also contain permission to proceed, which means that operations may be launched regardless of any possible applications for alterations.

    “The environmental permit is an important step in our preparations for making a decision on whether to invest in construction of the mill,” says Ilkka Hämälä, CEO of Metsä Fibre.
    (Metsä Fibre Oy)
    02.02.2015   Heidelberg showcases new die cutter and folding carton gluing machines to visitors from ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...around the world at the Packaging Days

    -Product portfolio for postpress packaging continues to grow
    -Dr. Frank Schaum now responsible for Postpress Commercial and Postpress Packaging

    Photo: At the Packaging Days, the new Speedmaster CD 102 demonstrated a rapid job change from the production of CD packaging on card to label production on lightweight paper.

    More than 200 visitors from Africa, Europe, South America, China, India, Korea, Russia, and the Middle East attended the Packaging Days hosted by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) to discover new solutions for packaging printing. At the end of 2014, in Hall 11 at the Wiesloch-Walldorf plant, Heidelberg presented its new Promatrix 106 CS die cutter and the new Diana Smart 55 and Diana Smart 80 folding carton gluing machines. These machines are aimed at companies that manufacture folding cartons and at all-rounders that need optimum quality and reliability for short to medium-sized runs. Using the example of an end-to-end job for a fictitious outdoors store, Heidelberg staged a live demonstration to show visitors the production process for invitation cards, stand-up displays, posters, folding cartons, and CD jackets.

    The Promatrix 106 CS die cutter is ideal for short to medium production volumes and performs die cutting and embossing at a speed of 8,000 sheets per hour. The machine offers a wide range of standard features, extremely user-friendly operation, and an attractive price-performance ratio.

    In the Diana Smart 55 and Diana Smart 80 folding carton gluing machines, Heidelberg has developed a new platform for medium volumes in the production of straightline and lockbottom cartons. The products require less space and feature a modular design that means they can be adapted to suit specific customer requirements.

    “In the medium term, we are going to continue to expand the product portfolio in die cutting and folding carton gluing machines,” explains Dr. Frank Schaum, who now has overall responsibility for Postpress at Heidelberg. In his current role, he is in charge of both Postpress Commercial – i.e. folding and cutting – and Postpress Packaging. “The new Postpress Packaging products were extremely well received by customers and we were able to demonstrate efficient folding carton production, including the accompanying service offerings,” says Schaum.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

    Company news Picture: Avery Dennison® offers major service enhancements on durables materials. (Photos: Avery Dennison, PR300)

    The Avery Dennison Durables portfolio for reliable labelling under extreme conditions has been upgraded with new service options across many materials. It means smaller inventories and lower costs for European label converters who are working in the automotive, electronics and appliance segments.

    Marco Fermo, durables segment director, Avery Dennison Materials Group Europe, said that durables labelling can test any converter’s ability to deliver as promised: “We do everything possible to support converters with the technical challenges that come with durables labelling – backed up by our 80-year track record of innovation. Any projects require lower volume production runs, where service options can be critical. Our Fasson® EXACT™ and Fasson® Ready Width™ programmes are a first choice for many applications where precise widths or small order volumes are needed. Materials come directly from the manufacturer, for the shortest possible lead times.”

    The Ready Width programme enables low-volume orders at standard widths and lengths, while the EXACT programme offers precise roll widths to match converters’ slit patterns – eliminating end wasted roll remainders and offcuts.

    Both programmes supply rolls with a length of 1000 linear meters, so converters benefit from being able to convert without having to splice shorter rolls. 16 products have now been made available under the EXACT programme, and 19 products under Ready Width. Avery Dennison estimates that nearly 80% inventory reductions and up to 15% cost savings are achievable.

    Cees Schouten, Technical Director, Geostick Group commented: “Having the possibility to buy durables products at the exact width I need, and on a 1000lm roll, enables me to produce more efficiently and improve my stock management.”

    Marco Fermo notes that reliable end results are always the goal: “Whether you are labelling an automotive component, a sensitive electronics device, or a high visual impact point-of-sale label on a fragile surface, our specialists can help to choose and implement a solution that matches customers’ expectations and specifications, as well as image criteria. We have cost-effective, UL recognised choices for labelling a very wide range of durables goods, allowing converters to help brand owners meet regulations and safeguard essential product and security information.”
    (Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)
    30.01.2015   Jon-Aksel Torgersen nominated as new Chairman at Norske Skog    ( Company news )

    Company news The Chairman of the board at Norske Skog Jarle Roth (54) has informed the committee that he is not a candidate for reelection as Chairman. The Nomination Committee of Norske Skog unanimously proposes that Jon-Aksel Torgersen (63, photo) take over as new Chairman at Norske Skog at the Annual General Meeting on 16 April 2015.

    - Jon-Aksel Torgersen has been director of the board at Norske Skog since 2012, and has extensive management and board experience from Norwegian and international industry, shipping and finance. He has been the CEO of Astrup Fearnley AS since 1992, and thus been instrumental in the strategic development and portfolio management at one of Norway'smost renowned financial companies. Jon-Aksel holds the necessary requirements, and he will continue the improvement work at Norske Skog, said Nomination Committee Chairman Dag J. Opedal.

    - My decision is based on the need to spend more time on Eksportkreditt Norway, and the challenges and opportunities that exist in the offshore industry and mainland industries, says present Chairman Jarle Roth.
    - We want to thank Jarle Roth for his extensive efforts to lead the Board's work over the past year, said Dag J. Opedal.

    Jon-Aksel Torgersen is currently the Chairman atAtlantic Container Line AB and Finnlines Plc and director of the board at IM Skaugen SE and Awilco LNG. He is also the Chairman and board member of several companies in the Fearnley group. Torgersen holds a master in business administration from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) in 1975.

    The Nomination Committee's other nominations will come later.
    (Norske Skogindustrier ASA)
    30.01.2015   Proposal for new Chairman of SCA    ( Company news )

    Company news As detailed in the attached press release from AB Industrivärden, Sverker Martin-Löf (photo) has announced his intention to leave his directorships at the companies’ coming Annual General Meetings.

    On condition that the Nomination Committee proposes the change to SCA’s Board at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, as stated in the attached press release, and the 2015 Annual General Meeting resolves in accordance with the proposal, the current CEO of Handelsbanken, Pär Boman, will be appointed the Chairman of the Board.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)
    30.01.2015   Muller Martini Inserting System for Magazines Too: The FlexLiner Gets a New Opening Method ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...For Magazine Inserts

    Even products without a low folio lap can now be easily opened and processed using the FlexLiner inserting system. That extends the range of applications of the FlexLiner and the processing options in the mailroom.

    Photo: The new magazine opening method means that now even products without a low folio lap can be easily opened and processed using the FlexLiner inserting system.

    Muller Martini's FlexLiner inserting system is now even more flexible. It can now also open products without a low folio lap or high folio lap. Products trimmed on three sides and products in the tabloid format, such as magazines or municipal gazettes, are gently opened in the center using a blade-like slide and prepared for the inserting process. The inserts are then inserted without any loss in performance.
    Magazine opening is available as an option and can be easily retrofitted on existing FlexLiners.

    Flexible Uses
    Newspapers have not been the only products to be finished in the mailroom for some time now. Direct-mailing companies also use the FlexLiner inserting system from Muller Martini to put together mail shots. Carrier products, whether they are covers or tabloid products, are opened using a sucker unit or low folio lap unit, and the gathered inserts are reliably inserted.
    The FlexLiner is also used with suction opening to place inserts into inserts at high production speeds. This is an additional attractive business model that has proven itself in the market and now accounts for around 5 to 10 percent of insert volume.

    New Product Configuration Options
    With FlexFeed selective main product feeding, customers have entirely new opportunities to set themselves apart from the competition with the FlexLiner. The main sections can be fed selectively to the inserting machine via up to five feeding stations, which can be loaded manually from the FlexiRoll buffer system or directly from the printing press. Alternatively, up to four inserts can be positioned on the front or back page of a main section as FlexAds (onserting). In addition, an insert can be affixed to the front or back page of a main section as an AddOn. In that prominent position, every FlexAd stands out from the crowd.
    (Müller Martini Marketing AG)
    30.01.2015   LIGNA 2015: Global innovations showcase for the forestry and wood industries    ( LIGNA 2015 )

    LIGNA 2015 - More international business – more innovations – more integration
    - Versatility: multi-material processing systems
    - Premiere of Wood Industry Summit

    More international business. More innovations. More integration. That’s what visitors and exhibitors can expect when the international wood industry demonstrates its immense capabilities and innovative spirit at the upcoming LIGNA in Hannover, Germany. The event runs from 11 to 15 May 2015, and all the market leaders will be there to impress solution-seekers with a tremendous array of products and services. Together, they will present key technologies for every single links of the wood value chain – i.e. plant, tools and machinery for industrial furniture manufacturers, carpenters, joiners and cabinetmakers; solutions for processing and working with solid wood; sawmill technology; systems for wood panel and veneer production; forestry equipment and machinery; and a range of technologies for extracting energy from wood. And as diverse as the technologies on display may be, they are united in promoting greater efficiency for every stage of production and processing.

    “LIGNA is championing the cause of greater efficiency and integration in production by means of advanced technology. Like no other trade fair in the world, it features entire production lines in action – as tangible proof that integrated production and Industry 4.0 are indeed within reach. LIGNA is an absolute must if you want to find out about the latest developments and advances in automation and digitization in the wood industry,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, the member of the Management Board at Deutsche Messe responsible for LIGNA. “Survival in today’s competitive markets belongs to those who master the latest strategies, systems and solutions. The ‘fourth industrial revolution’ has reached the wood and furniture industries, sparking a move towards total integration that shows no signs of abating. To take advantage of this trend and remain competitive, manufacturers need to optimize their data flows. And that’s true whether they are engaged in mass or one-off production. In the near future, workpieces, machines and logistic systems will be able to ‘talk’ to one another, and IT, telecommunications technology and manufacturing will merge to form a seamlessly integrated system. It’s a new production paradigm and it offers enormous opportunities for everyone concerned.”

    The theme of integrated production is central to many areas of the upcoming LIGNA show. Among much else, it will have its own Guided Tour and be addressed at a series of talks to be held within the on-site Robotation Academy.

    The upcoming show will feature more than 1,500 exhibitors from over 40 countries, whose displays will fill some 120,000 square meters (over 1,290,000 sq. ft.) of space and impress solution-seekers in need of the latest furniture industry plant and equipment and innovative technologies for the wood and forestry industries. “Quite a lot of first-time exhibitors will be using this year’s LIGNA to present their innovations to the world. They include providers of solutions for the joinery and cabinetmaking trades, manufacturers of machinery for the furniture industry, production automation specialists, and suppliers of technology for processing solid wood and for sawmilling. These newcomers –and the fact that some of our regular exhibitors have markedly increased their booked space – bode well for LIGNA 2015,” said Köckler. “LIGNA features a wealth of information on the latest products, trends and innovations. It provides the ideas, inspiration and solutions that wood industry professionals need in order to future-proof their business models.”

    LIGNA’s strong level of international participation sets it apart from rival shows. This year, its top ten exhibiting nations, apart from Germany, are Italy, Austria, China, Sweden, Taiwan, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Spain and the USA. Much of the growth in terms of leased exhibition space has come from Italy, China, Turkey and the USA.

    One of the exciting new developments at LIGNA 2015 is that some of the fair's exhibitors of woodworking and processing equipment will be showcasing the non-wood capabilities of their machines. In other words, visitors will see machines that can handle not just wood, but plastics, composite panels, composites, insulation and construction materials as well. Some of the machine tools on display are even capable of processing light alloys. These additional, non-wood applications are advantageous in a range of fields, particularly caravan and boat building, vehicle customization, ship and aircraft interior finishing, and plastics processing and fabrication. The ability to process plastics and composites is also becoming increasingly important in the joinery and cabinetmaking trades.

    CNC technology is also growing in importance in these trades. More and more joiners and cabinetmakers are investing in CNC processing centers in order to be able to deliver on the most exacting customer specifications and produce custom furniture and joinery quickly and at highly competitive rates. This growth is due in part to the increasing range of compact, high-performance options available at the trades end of the market and will be reflected at LIGNA, with its solid lineup of state-of-the art CNC technology. The exhibitors in halls 11, 12, 14 and 15 will present innovative solutions and entry-level CNC options for joinery and cabinetmaking firms of all sizes, from tech-savvy niche craftsmen to SMEs engaged in series production.

    The other major new development at LIGNA 2015 is the premiere of the Wood Industry Summit, an intelligent, integrated platform comprising an exhibition area, a matchmaking platform, and a dialogue forum. The Summit targets exhibitors from international companies and economic regions that provide large-scale forestry machinery and other primary wood processing technologies. These exhibitors will have the opportunity to network directly with visitors from integrated companies operating in areas such as pulp and paper, forestry and log and timber processing. They will also meet forest owners, wood/timber merchants, investors, researchers and representatives of the timber-rich regions of Russia, China, Eastern Europe and North and South America. In this way, the Wood Industry Summit will broker new opportunities in growth markets.

    Each day of the Summit will start with a brief lead-in presentation on a highly topical issue, followed by an in-depth lecture on market entry conditions for a selected export market. Each day’s proceedings will also include presentations on various solutions by exhibitors and will be rounded off with a tour of the exhibition, followed by an expert discussion panel. Among the big highlights of the Summit will be the displays of John Deere equipment, as Dr. Köckler explains: “Thanks to the presence of John Deere and other key players, the Wood Industry Summit means that Hall 13 will, for the very first time, also feature large-scale forestry machines. John Deere’s involvement effectively endorses the Wood Industry Summit and its chosen format, while at the same time making LIGNA’s forestry technology offerings more international than ever.”

    LIGNA 2015 will also feature the Fibers in Process@LIGNA marketplace – a group pavilion that will provide a wood industry perspective on the various processes and technologies used in the pulp and paper industry. As well as offering an integrated overview of the entire resource cycle in this industry, the pavilion will focus on measurement and control systems, process optimization in automation, industry services and asset management, and resource and energy efficiency.

    The open-air site and neighboring pavilions will also feature a number of exhibitors offering the latest in sustainable forestry and wood-energy equipment and solutions.
    (Deutsche Messe AG)

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    Paper and board converting machines
    Paper and board machines and plants
    Paper machine felts and wires, woven wires, screens
    Planning, development and organisation, trade services
    Plants for preparation, dissolving, combusting, recovery
    Pumps all kinds
    Rollers and cylinders
    Test, measuring and control equipments
    Trade journals, magazines
    Ventilation systems; Drying plants
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