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    15.05.2014   Mobile heating plant with integrated Bosch boiler technology     ( Company news )

    Company news Efficient heat supply by means of condensing heat exchanger

    Hotmobil, a supplier of mobile energy plants for heat, cooling and steam, has presented a technical innovation in the area of mobile heating plants: the six-metre long Hotmaster MHC 1.500 container system, which weighs 8,500 kilograms, with integrated Bosch heating boiler and condensing heat exchanger features a high standard utilisation efficiency of up to 104 percent at an output of 1,500 kW.
    “This mobile heating plant with condensing technology, which is the largest on the market, is yet another result of the many years of successful cooperation between Hotmobil and Bosch Industriekessel”, says Reto Brütsch, Technical Director of Hotmobil. The Bosch heating boiler UT-L in 3-pass design, which is built into this heating plant, has already proven its worth thousands of times in practical use. The integrated condensing heat exchanger ensures that the system operates particularly economically. It reduces the flue gas temperature below the flue gas dew point and uses the condensation heat, which is released. The efficiency increases, emissions and fuel use decrease. The dual oil/gas firing system ensures that there is the greatest possible flexibility.
    The new Hotmobil container system with integrated Bosch boiler technology has three sides, which can be opened completely. This makes operation easier and enables maintenance to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Another advantage is the extremely compact construction, which means that the logistics costs remain at a very low level. In emergencies the plant can be made ready within a few hours. The possible applications of the mobile energy plant are very varied. As a mobile and modular solution, which is also capable of being upgraded, it can be used for office buildings, hospitals, large residential complexes, local and district heat supply and for a wide range of applications to provide process heat.
    (Bosch Industriekessel GmbH)
    14.05.2014   Neenah Updates ENVIRONMENT® Premium Recycled Papers Line with Fresh, Natural Colors ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... and New RAW™ Finish

    Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Neenah Paper introduced the first and most comprehensive line of sustainable recycled papers in the premium paper and packaging world, setting the industry standard for high-end, sustainable papers. Now, Neenah announces the relaunch of its Environment® Papers premium recycled papers line with fresh, new, natural colors and a uniquely tactile Raw™ finish, making it well-positioned to meet today’s needs for sustainable communication programs, luxury packaging and all digital print applications.

    The refreshed, simpler line is based on extensive market research and customer insights drawn from around the world. The new Environment® Papers ( line by Neenah includes seven fresh, new, natural colors with descriptive names like Grocer Kraft, Honeycomb, Weathered and Concrete — each inspired by our natural, real-world surroundings. The new additions complement a full range of whites and mid-tone colors, including the always popular color, Desert Storm. The entire offering contains 30% to 100% post-consumer fibers and is manufactured under sustainable practices. Matching envelopes are available in 19 styles.

    Neenah’s new, proprietary RAW™ finish, provides a unique hand and a generous loft while affording consistent, superior printability via extensive print tests on traditional off-set, specialty and digital presses. Inspired by today’s natural, organic lifestyle, the RAW™ finish features the beauty and “rawness” of kraft-like papers but with the consistent superior printability for which Neenah’s papers are known. The new Grocer Kraft in RAW™ finish is also available in sizes designed for digital printing equipment making it a versatile choice for marketing and packaging collateral. All of Neenah’s digital papers possess the acclaimed Neenah Universal Digital Finish and many are HP Indigo® Certified. (

    “The newly refreshed Environment® Papers truly is the most premium of sustainable and the most sustainable of premium,” said Kathy Kemps, Senior Brand Manager, Fine Paper, Neenah. “The collection provides a beautiful and complete sustainable offering to help brand marketers and package designers create an indelible impression at every customer touch point including gift card carriers, direct mail pieces, shopping bags, or luxury packaging at point of sale,” said Kemps.

    Neenah’s premium post consumer fiber papers are all manufactured under sustainable practices and come with an enviable environmental pedigree. For a complete list of certifications, and more on Neenah Green, Neenah’s commitment to earth, sky and future generations, visit

    With this launch, Neenah also brings a full range of design and workflow support for designers, printers, packagers, converters, and specifiers. Available now:

    For a quick, efficient and free way to view all of Neenah’s papers and swatchbooks, download the new Neenah Cabinet™ mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Each app is freshly updated with the latest Environment® Paper information. Download any of these apps by searching for “Neenah Cabinet” in the App Store or at Google Play, or by visiting

    Environment® Papers swatchbooks, with full-size paper swatches and handy lines and items information, are available through Neenah sales reps and Neenah paper merchants. Or order at

    Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) Files allow users to integrate Environment® colors into their designs early in the workflow. (

    Personal proofs, custom printed samples for creative’s to help preview, evaluate or test artwork are offered at a nominal fee. Upload artwork here: (

    Before the project is imagined or after it is produced, the Neenah Eco-Calculator enables customers via mobile devices to create customized, printable reports to record and track environmental savings.
    (Neenah Paper Inc.)
    14.05.2014   TRM announces plans for growth    ( Company news )

    Company news TRM Packaging has announced plans to grow the turnover of the business to £50 million in the next three years.

    Picture: Trevor Maund, Chief Executive of TRM Packaging

    The ambitious plan to expand revenue by a third is backed by an investment of £8 million to increase the capacity of the company’s on-site corrugator and the capability of the plant to compliment a £3m investment in a seven colour printer in late 2013.
    The printer is now producing market leading process print on to corrugated and has given the Board the confidence to invest further to satisfy customer expectations.
    This also means that the total capital commitment to the Lancashire site is now £30 million and firmly positions TRM at the leading edge of the market.
    Trevor Maund the Chief Executive of TRM Packaging comments that: “this upgrade to the operation is a culmination of our plans to make TRM’s operation the most capable integrated box plant within the UK.
    “The success of the business has come from its focus on meeting customer requirements and developing the skills of the workforce to deliver the best quality boxes that satisfy the needs of the whole supply chain.
    “We pride ourselves in giving customers solutions that best fit their business and this is a further demonstration of our commitment to that promise.”
    (TRM Ltd)
    14.05.2014   Japrotek Vessels to deliver Digester, Impbin and Prefabricated tanks to Sweden    ( Company news )

    Company news Japrotek Vessels has received a substantial order from Valmet AB in Sweden for the design, fabrication and site-assembly of Digester, Impbin and Prefabricated tanks. The delivery is part of Valmet’s new cooking plant supply to SCA’s Obbola containerboard mill in Sweden.

    Design work starts immediately and the installation will be handed over in April 2015. The order will be processed at the Japrotek works in Pietarsaari and will greatly contribute to the employment situation in summer and autumn.
    (Japrotek Oy Ab)
    14.05.2014   FINAT launches FINAT RADAR: a 360° tour of the European Label Industry    ( Company news )

    Company news Unique market monitor for and from the label industry

    FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive labelling industry, launches the FINAT RADAR. This is a new, wide-ranging half-yearly and professionally-conducted Industry Trends Report. Core of this market report will be trends and developments in the label converter segment of the packaging and labelling supply chain and this in the principle market segments across Europe. This report will give FINAT members a convenient recurring overview on the evolution of markets and market segments, employment, profit and loss, purchasing and investment. Other chapters in the report will cover parallel surveys on material supplier trends, equipment supplier trends, end-user trends and emerging market trends. The results of the first report will be introduced at the upcoming annual FINAT Congress. (June 5-7, Monaco)

    "One of the assets of FINAT is its ability to generate representative first hand market data and information about the European self-adhesive labels and related narrow web markets directly. from its members," says Kurt Walker, FINAT President. "With the FINAT RADAR, we are now taking this asset to the next level. Every 6 months, converters, label materials and equipment suppliers that are members of FINAT are being approached to participate in this new statistical exchange."

    Additionally, customers in a variety of market segments are interviewed. The result is a comprehensive 20 page market survey prepared by market research agency LPC (with offices in London and Texas).

    "It has always been FINAT’s mission to provide a sound and solid knowledge basis on which the whole industry can depend," says Jules Lejeune, Managing Director FINAT. "The FINAT RADAR is one of the newly developed initiatives as part of FINAT’s stragegy plan for the coming years. One of the many benefits of being a FINAT member and that will help leverage the industry's combined interests."
    14.05.2014   emtec Electronic at the Zellcheming Expo 2014 in Germany    ( ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 )

    ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the “Zellcheming Expo 2014” in Frankfurt/Main, Germany – the 109th Annual Meeting and Exhibition. From June 24th until 26th, emtec will be present at the exhibition booth no. B73.
    During the Zellcheming Expo, emtec will show a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process can be controlled and guided in the right direction, to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs.
    In the wet end it is extremely important to have detailed information about the charges of particles in the pulp suspension, which can be determined by the CAS Charge Analyzing System. Also important is the knowledge about the surface charge of the pulp fibers, which can be measured with the lab equipment FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer. Furthermore, emtec Electronic developed the Online measuring device FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the production process and immediately delivers reliable and necessary information concerning the dosing of chemicals to the pulp.
    In addition to the wet end, it is necessary to get an idea of the quality of the base paper after the production for further converting steps. This can be realized by the EST12 Surface & Sizing Tester, which gives reliable and objective information to predict the behavior of paper and board during glueing, printing, and coating processes.
    Beside these well-known devices, emtec will present another new, innovative development. With the ACA Ash Content Analyzer it is possible to determine the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the typical fillers of the paper within seconds – without combustion resp. destruction of the samples. The usage of the ACA leads to substantial savings in material, man power, time, and energy with a simultaneous increase of the measuring accuracy compared to traditional methods.
    (emtec Electronic GmbH)
    14.05.2014   Druckerei systemform nimmt Kameraprüfsystem zur Inline-Kontrolle von Produktqualität in Betrieb    ( Firmennews )

    Firmennews Bild: Systemform Kameraprüfsstem

    Die Druckerei systemform Datenbelege GmbH hat in ein Kameraprüfsystem zur Qualitätskontrolle investiert. Damit können Beschriftungen und Positionierungen während der Produktion geprüft werden. Eine 100% Überwachung spezifischer Kundenaufträge ist dadurch möglich. Damit will systemform die Qualität der Druckerzeugnisse erhöhen.

    Erkennung und Abgleich von Barcodes, Nummern und Texten
    Durch die Inline-Prüfung kann bei den Vordrucken die Übereinstimmung von Barcodes oder QR-Codes mit der Klarschrift erfasst, sichergestellt und abgeglichen werden. Fehler und Qualitätsverschlechterungen lassen sich so bereits während der Produktion erkennen und abstellen.

    Messung der Positionierung von Elementen auf Vordrucken
    Zudem können Messungen von Größen und Abständen sowie optische Prüfungen aller Art vorgenommen werden. Befinden sich Elemente außerhalb vorgegebener Toleranzen, so kann noch im Produktionsprozess die Position nachgebessert werden. Der Mitarbeiter kann also gegensteuern, bevor unnötige Makulatur entsteht. Statt Stichproben wird dabei die gesamte Produktion geprüft.

    Großes Einsatzgebiet bei systemform
    Als Anbieter auflagenstarker Druckerzeugnisse mit verschiedenen integrierten Leistungen wie Barcodeetiketten, Nummerierungen oder Karten hat systemform ein breites Einsatzfeld für dieses optische Prüfsystem. „Durch die optimierte Qualitätskontrolle im Produktionsprozess erwarten wir die ohnehin hohe Qualität unserer Formulare und Vordrucke weiter zu Erhöhen, eine Verringerung der Makulatur, sowie weniger Prüfaufwand bei Stichproben. Dadurch versuchen wir unsere langfristigen Kundenbeziehungen weiter zu vertiefen.“ so der Geschäftsführer Tobias Rohleder.

    Weitere Informationen und die Möglichkeit zur Bestellung finden Interessenten unter
    (systemform Datenbelege GmbH)
    13.05.2014   Next-generation Paper Machine PM7 Goes Live at Mondi Štětí    ( Company news )

    Company news Under the heading ‘Something new is rolling towards you’, Mondi’s new €70 million PM7 has gone live in Štětí, Czech Republic. The machine will produce white kraft paper, mainly for industrial bags and shopping bags. “PM7 is a very exciting project, offering the combination of exceptionally good printability and high strength properties” says Clemens Willée, CEO Mondi Packaging Paper. “The machine's precision will also guarantee significantly smoother paper surfaces.”

    The new PM7 – on the leading edge of technology
    Located in the heart of Europe, just north of Prague with an annual paper capacity of 155,000 tonnes, the PM7, which will produce white kraft paper, took just thirteen months to build. Construction involved no fewer than 550 truckloads of machinery parts and 2,000 cubic metres of concrete, as the machine weighs 6,000 tonnes. The €70 million investment has created around 60 new jobs in Štětí.
    The paper produced by PM7 will be used for the following applications: Industrial Bags, Shopping Bags, Consumer Bags, Protective Packaging, Coating & Lamination, Ream Wrap and other high quality wrapping.

    Outstanding product features: Stronger. Smoother. Perfect printability
    The top former allows a higher ratio of soft wood pulp to be used for excellent strength and it ensures even formation and profiles. The shoe calender ensures enhanced printability at high gloss, and delivers bulk, stiffness and caliper. The combination of top former and shoe calendar is a unique set-up which ensures low roughness values.
    The technical capabilities of PM7 offer clear advantages for the converting industry and end users. Thanks to excellent printability and surface properties there are more branding options. For example, the smooth surface results create an outstanding gloss and print appearance. The paper grades produced on PM7 also have a low breakage rate, optimised strength, high tear resistance, impressive bulk, caliper and porosity properties.
    In addition to offering outstanding product features, the new PM7 meets high environmental standards. It will have a positive environmental impact due to the integration of the pulp to paper production process without the intermediate steps of drying and transporting of the pulp. Consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced as a consequence. Sustainability is a key element of PM7, as reflected in pulp production with an ECF bleaching process, the use of PEFCTM-certified wood, non-toxic chemicals and the recycling of all waste products. ˮAt Mondi, sustainability goes hand in hand with quality and efficiency throughout the development and production processes. Creating sustainable added value for all stakeholders is one of Mondi’s core principles and is a key element of its overall strategic and responsible approach to good business practice” says Clemens Willée, CEO Mondi Packaging Paper.
    (Mondi Štetí a.s.)
    13.05.2014   Another milestone in PMP Group's development within the tissue business – 1st Intelli-Tissue® ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... EcoEc tissue machine successfully launched in Mainland China

    PMP Group – a global provider of paper, board and tissue technology – implements a dynamic development plan. The company has increased its year to year sales and expanded its reference base globally, in the paper, board and tissue industries. An Optimum Cost Solution philosophy drives PMP towards optimization of solutions and meeting customers’ expectations accurately.
    Concerning the tissue industry, PMP has recorded significant success in the last decade, winning 78 projects in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. In the last three years, PMP has focused on the development of key products concerning tissue machines, based on its own concept: a steam-heated Intelli-Hood™ and a steel Yankee Dryer Intelli-YD™. Consequently, PMP has broadened its product portfolio and significantly improved its competitiveness. Moreover, PMP has worked on the design and optimization of double press Crescent Former tissue machines named Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc line (Eco - Friendly & Ec - Economical) - solutions attractive to customers from emerging markets, who are interested in tissue machine capacity up to 60 tpd. PMP continues to provide the Intelli-Tissue® Advanced line (Crescent Former, single press configuration) to meet the expectations of customers interested in higher levels of production.
    On April 28th of this year, in Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd (Baoding), PMP successfully started up its first EcoEc tissue machine named Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc.
    Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd produces 80,000 tpy of tissue, producing brands such as Xuesong, Jiabei and Haorenjia. The PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc at Baoding is characterized by width of 2850 mm @ the reel, a max working speed of 1200 mpm and 60 tpd capacity (basis weight range: 12.5 – 20 gsm). The Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc is equipped with: a modern single-layer hydraulic Intelli-Jet® V headbox; a 4-roll Crescent Former Intelli-Former®; a double nip Intelli-Press®; a 12ft, ribbed steel, Yankee Dryer Intelli-YD™; a steam-heated Intelli-HoodTM; and a reel Intelli-Reel®. In addition, PMP provided a stock approach system, mechanical drives, electrical drives, a lubrication system, a steam & condensate system and DCS. The PMP team also provided erection supervision and technological start-up. Thanks to excellent cooperation between Hebei Xuesong Paper and the PMP teams, just 5 days after start-up, this tissue installation has reached the maximum production capacity. Consequently, PMP has met its strategic goal to implement Optimum Cost Solutions by executing the tissue machine full design in Europe (PMPoland), manufacturing of the key components such as a hydraulic headbox and a steel Yankee in Europe (PMPoland), and the remaining manufacturing, tissue machine pre-assembly and tests completed at the Center of Excellence PMP IB, Changzhou (China). This combination has allowed a lower cost investment for the customer, while maintaining the quality of the equipment supplied.
    At this stage of the project at Hebei Xuesong, (apart from reaching the maximum capacity of the machine - 60 tpd and the max working speed of 1200 mpm), PMP has fulfilled the agreed guarantees through application of Crescent Former technology and modern, high-tech products such as a steel Yankee cylinder Intelli - YD™ and a steam-heated Intelli-Hood™ . The key feature of the EcoEc line is ultra-low energy consumption levels. Currently, the machine at Hebei Xuesong operates at 2.5 T / T steam consumption. Optimization to reduce the energy consumption to the target level of 2.0 T / T is continued. Thus, Hebei Xuesong produces soft tissue at attractively low production costs. Furthermore, the Intelli- Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine is able to replace up to 15 machines which were designed and manufactured in China with outdated technology (narrow and slow machines), saving floor space, replacement parts and resources. The estimated Return on Investment (ROI) for the Hebei Xuesong project is 1.5 - 2 years. The achievements have become an inspiration for further business growth of both Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd and PMP Group as well as a stronger partnership between the two companies.
    (PMPoland S.A.)
    13.05.2014   PACK 2 PACK Expo Unleash The MENA Best Business Potentials!    ( Company news )

    Company news Pack 2 Pack Exhibition is a unique opportunity to hold fruitful meetings with potential customers and sign mutually beneficial agreements on equipment and products supply, as well as review the MENA Packaging industry and the latest trends of its development.
    Pack 2 Pack Exhibition is the ideal platform for Packaging Machinery, Products, Raw Materials, Processing, Auxiliary Equipment, Labeling, Logistics and services for the manufacturers, professionals and traders in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.
    Pack 2 Pack Exhibition is committed to build new and strong business alliance between Middle Eastern and African regions' Packaging Industry each other and the rest of the world through an interactive platform of cutting edge technology, synergy of allied services for more networking opportunities and quality attendance of trade visitors.
    Pack 2 Pack Exhibition will gather Industrial Key Players and Competitors to discuss the latest trends and future forecasts.
    Pack 2 Pack Exhibition will offer exhibitors an ideal opportunity to interact, network andexhibit their offerings to targeted buyers.

    Pack 2 Pack Exhibition will be visited by trade visitors ranging from Food & Beverage, Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Chemistry, Electronics, Stationery, Logistics Industry, Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers, Traders, investors and Agents. Trade Missions from leading African and Gulf countries will be invited to visit the exhibition to maximize the benefits for exhibitors.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    13.05.2014   Still time to sign up for one of the last few spots on the exhibition floor     ( Company news )

    Company news With only 21 days until the opening day, you have the chance to grab one of the last few stands on the exhibition floor and secure your participation at this year's most important event for the industry.

    Do it the easy way!
    When booking PulPaper Easy or one of our turnkey stands you bring preparations down to a minimum and can focus on inviting the customers you would like to meet. Promotional material like the Visitor Invitation brochure and the Invitation Card have been produced and distributed to potential visitors all over the world and is the perfect tool to use when inviting your customers.
    There are also several ways of promoting your company during the days of the event. Place an ad in the special Event Guide issue of Paperi ja Puu or choose from the many attractive promotional locations around the venue of Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki.
    On-site, there are also many other possibilites and services available to maximize the outcome of your participation. One example is the bar code scanner, which is used to increase your knowledge about the visitors to your stand by scanning the personal bar code on their nametag.
    PulPaper 2010 statistics: Over 12000 visitors from 63 countries, 625 exhibitors from 30 countries in 210 stands.
    (Adforum AB)
    13.05.2014   New KBA Rapida 106 in operation at CARTONIC Packaging Group: 13.5m sheets in first quarter    ( Company news )

    Company news At the beginning of 2014 the CARTONIC Packaging Group flipped the switch on a new plinth-mounted seven-colour Rapida 106 with two coaters at its site in Emskirchen, Germany.
    The press features an extensive level of automation ensuring a high net output with short makeready times. It signals a change in generation, press model and technology in the Franconian company’s press room.
    978 print jobs, over 300 orders a month resulting in an average of 15 jobs a day is an impressive amount for the press’ first quarter. It printed 13.5m sheets during this time, which at this rate could equate to 55m sheets a year. This compares to the 36m printed by the company’s existing 12-year-old press. The average output over the entire quarter stood at 15,300sph. In other words, the Rapida 106 has a maximum rated output of 19,000sph. The press can also run stably for a longer period of time at 20,000sph, depending on the product or board. A display screen above the press shows its current speed.

    Tuned for performance
    An important contribution to ensuring an outstanding level of productivity are parallel makeready processes, such as automatic plate changing with DriveTronic SPC, simultaneous coating forme changing (SFC) as well as CleanTronic Multi automatic washing units. Further key features include automatic colour control (QualiTronic ColorControl) including a PDF scanner (DensiTronic PDF) and a plinth measuring 900mm (35.4in), which allows for the 1.6m-high (4ft 11in) piles to be handled with nonstop logistics and makes better use of the freight volume of heavy goods vehicles. Nonstop operation is possible for substrates up to 350g/m² (225lbs) at full speed.
    CARTONIC managing director Fridolin Leis describes the Rapida 106’s start-up phases as particularly short. After an exemplary press installation and inauguration in December 2013, the anticipated results have already been achieved in the first few months of operation. Makeready times have halved and production output has increased by more than 50 per cent.

    Under the umbrella brand CARTONIC Packaging Group
    With folding carton expert Fridolin Leis responsible for technology and his colleague Klaus-Dirk Breitbach in charge of marketing and sales at the helm, the folding carton activities of the WEIG Group as the largest private board manufacturer in Europe are intended to be pooled centrally under the brand name CARTONIC Packaging Group. Along with the site in Emskirchen, there are three further facilities in Minden, Georgsmarienhütte and Nordhausen, Germany. All of the sites are specialised: the site in Georgsmarienhütte is orientated to volume production with its large-format kit and supplies the fine flute plant in Nordhausen with printed top liners. The site in Emskirchen is responsible for high-quality finishing, and the focus in Minden is on high-speed gluing with staggered and interrupted glue lines. As a former Melitta printing house, today the company primarily produces products for the well-known coffee roaster. When more capacity or a higher level of flexibility is needed, a job can be produced simultaneously at the other plants. The CARTONIC Packaging Group can thus offer the flexibility and site proximity of the individual companies as well as the strength of a packaging group. Furthermore, production peaks can be more easily distributed. Sometimes customers ask for update solutions, here the name CARTONIC Packaging Group once more stands for safety.
    Before the Rapida 106 was installed standard industry tests on presses from other manufacturers were carried out. In terms of job changing and start-up times this makeready champion from KBA met the expectations of the print experts in Emskirchen perfectly. When configuring the press a focus was placed on everything that the packaging printers need to stay one step ahead in the future. The number of inking units allows printing in Hexachrome as well as with Euroscale and sufficient special inks. The two coaters facilitate various finishing combinations with conventional and UV systems up to high-quality spot coatings.

    Low-migration production
    The Rapida 106 uses little alcohol and low-migration inks when printing packaging for food. Many of the packaging products for confectionary produced in Emskirchen are similar to primary packaging. Migration is a topic of great importance and is increasingly receiving the attention necessary with regard to the manufacture of packaging which comes into direct contact with food. The CARTONIC Packaging Group now has the best prerequisites for low-migration packaging production. Under the name UniFood the Weig Group has developed recycled board with an approved effective barrier on the substrate’s inner surface and put it into serial production. The board is designed to meet the demands for secure food packaging with a barrier against mineral oil migration. Recycling, including the collection of raw material, is carried out by WEIG itself ensuring that the entire process from the selection of raw materials up to the produced board is controlled and monitored. Furthermore, the firm has its own laboratory for monitoring and analysing the production process.
    Along with packaging for food, the Group also produces packaging for non-food items. There is an extensive customer storage facility (3,200m²), typical in many packaging plants, as well as a creative area in which new and from time to time award-winning packaging solutions are developed. This area also focuses on the visual design of the packaging. As the graphic design of the product is usually carried out by an external agency, this department mainly makes adjustments or changes.
    (Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))
    13.05.2014   Domino appoints Technical Director of Digital Printing Solutions Division    ( Company news )

    Company news Domino recently appointed Julie Cross (photo) as the new Technical Director of its Digital Printing Solutions Division to help support the company’s rapid growth in the digital printing sector.
    Julie – who joined Domino in 2009 – has vast experience in product commercialisation, having been instrumental in bringing a high number of products to market throughout her career in the print industry. More recently, she initiated and led Domino’s drop on demand (DOD) ink development, which culminated in the first Domino in-house formulated DOD inks.
    In her new role, Julie will lead all technical aspects of the Digital Printing Solutions Division.
    This will include the development and launch of new products, as well as expanding the division’s skills and knowledge to facilitate further market growth.
    Robert Pulford, Managing Director of Domino’s Digital Printing Division, comments:
    “Julie will play a key role in developing this area of our business as we continue to compete successfully within the global digital printing sector. This division is perpetually growing and Julie will help strengthen this expansion. She will support the introduction of new products to market that fulfil all the requirements of our existing and prospective customers. Her skills and expertise will greatly enhance our capabilities in this important sector and we’re delighted to have her on board.”
    (Domino UK Ltd)
    13.05.2014   Analytica 2014 - A Major Event for Hahnemühle    ( Company news )

    ‘Increased numbers of visitors, promising talks, cumulative expertise in one place’ is the positive balance Hahnemühle draws of Analytica 2014. The fresh and colourful booth design caused great attention. Colourful eye catching product images presented the range of filter papers, membranes, syringe filters and filtration pumps of the worldwide operating paper manufacturer based in Dassel, Germany.
    The focus was set on the preview of the new compact filtration unit for the microbiology. Visitors at the booth could try out the system themselves and became aware of its advantages. The positive reactions received are promising. HFA -Kompakte Filtrationseinheit“We are very pleased, to be able to serve the customer demand for system solutions which are easy to handle and attractive in terms of pricing. Reducing the risk of contamination due to the compact surface, as well as the time and cost savings through the integrated high-performance liquid pump are huge benefits for users” suggests Dr. Horst Rosenbauer, Product Manager Filtration at Hahnemühle.
    “The increased internationality of the visitors and the requests for customised products for laboratory and industrial applications Analytica is gaining more and more importance for direct customer contacts”.
    (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)
    Hahnemühle FINEART

    13.05.2014   Pankaboard announces first appearance at RosUpack 2014 in Moscow    ( Company news )

    Company news Finnish speciality cartonboard producer Pankaboard has announced that it is to exhibit at this year’s RosUpack exhibition for the first time, marking the first appearance of its Russian sales team, following the opening of its new branch sales office in St Petersburg in March this year.

    Picture: PankaPlex is now one of the few cartonboards that is officially certified for compostability.

    The show will see the company exhibit and display information about its innovative and diverse speciality paperboard product ranges, which includes folding boxboard as well its uncoated speciality boards.
    Pankaboard’s presence at RosUpack underlines the commitment to the Russian market, and forms part of its plans for growth and development in the Russian packaging sector throughout 2014 and beyond.
    Commenting on their appearance at the show, and what customers can expect to see exhibited on the stand, Pankaboard’s Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, Christer Nordman, stated, “RosUpack exhibition offers us a perfect forum to further introduce the company and its products to the packaging and converting industry in Russia and CIS. The exhibition gives us a great opportunity to reach a wide audience and to catch the attention of new potential customers, which might have until now only little knowledge of what is available from Pankaboard. For example, as a new development we can proudly present a compostable solution (PankaPlex) for the food service industry.”
    Members of the Pankaboard Russian sales team, including Regional Sales Director, Vladimir Pushilin will be available on the stand to welcome and discuss any customer enquiries, as well as being able to provide detailed information about the company’s diverse and unique product range and product availability.
    With a history of cartonboard production dating back to over 100 years, the mill has developed a reputation for production of high quality cartonboard products, focusing the production on high substance carton boards and uncoated speciality boards. This makes Pankaboard a unique supplier on the market place.
    In consumer packaging, Pankaboard’s coated folding boxboard products are highly recommended for use in food, luxury beverage and heath care packaging. Uncoated speciality paperboards are optimal for various food service and display products. Due to the high surface smoothness the uncoated products are also widely used as lamination base for different foils.

    The Pankaboard sales team and information on its products can be found at 1st HALL of RosUpack on stand A103.
    (Pankaboard Oy)
    13.05.2014   First Mimaki JFX200 sale made within minutes of Sign & Digital UK debut    ( Company news )

    Company news Graphic Station Ltd seals the deal with Mimaki distributor Hybrid Services minutes after show opens

    Mimaki today announced the first worldwide sale of its newly-launched Mimaki JFX200-2513 UV LED flatbed printer.

    Unveiled at Sign & Digital UK, by UK distributor Hybrid Services, the JFX200-2513 UV LED flatbed printer was snapped up by UK general commercial printer Graphic Station Ltd just minutes after the show opened its doors.

    The Romford business, founded six years ago by partners Paul Fox and Stuart Vaile, selected this system through Mimaki reseller, i-Sub Digital, to expand its wide format print services into the fine art and photographic sectors.

    Mr. Fox explains: “We set up Graphic Station as a commercial operation, but I come from a wide format background. About 18 months ago we invested in our first Mimaki wide format system and demand has just grown and grown since then.”

    To meet this increased demand Mr. Fox reviewed available solutions: “When we heard about the new JFX200 we knew it would be perfect to help us to continue to expand. It will allow us to be a lot more creative and facilitate our move into the fine art and photography markets.”

    The Mimaki JFX200-2513 delivers:
    - 25meters per hour
    - Maximum print area of 2.5m x 1.3m
    - Newly developed ink supply unit speeding up ink replacement
    - Mimaki Advance Pass System reducing bandings
    - Layout pins simplifying the process of aligning media
    - Mimaki Circulation Technology
    - Two layer printing
    - Vacuum unit and high performance Rasterlink RIP software as standard

    There were also other plusses to the system for Mr. Fox: “Its environmentally friendly approach immediately drew our attention as well as it uses less energy and its LED drying technology means work is ready to be handled much quicker. This will for sure improve our productivity.”
    (Mimaki Europe B.V.)
    12.05.2014   Luxepack Shanghai In Green Award for James Cropper Cocoa Paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Luxury packaging made from a by-product of the chocolate production process grabs pioneering British papermaker a second environmental accolade from Luxepack judges.
    James Cropper has won the first ever Luxepack Shanghai In Green Award, achieving the highest level of industry recognition for eco-friendly packaging innovation for the second time in six months. Mark Cropper, Chairman of James Cropper, received the award on behalf of the Company at the presentation ceremony in Shanghai.
    Presenting their Cocoa Paper, a product which contains 10% cocoa shell content, a by-product of chocolate production, the 170 year old luxury paper and packaging specialist caught the eye of jurors including Damien Parenteau of Chanel China and Qilian Wang, President of Richun Tea Ltd. In October 2013, James Cropper won the Green Award at Luxepack Monaco for the world’s first recycling process for separating paper from plastic-lined coffee cups.
    In collaboration with Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, the Cocoa Paper substitutes virgin fibre and materials, avoids wasting the cocoa shells, to create a strong and naturally coloured fibre suitable for food packaging.
    Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper, said: “Environmental responsibility comes very high in our list of priorities at James Cropper, being a guiding principle behind our product development and at the heart of our manufacturing and corporate behaviours. It was a strength recognised by Barry Callebaut when we were asked by them to create this paper. Recognition for this bespoke process by the Luxepack judges is very welcome and we are grateful to accept the award.”
    Luxepack Shanghai 2014 coincided with the launch of a second James Cropper office in the East Asia region, opening an office in Guangzhou to complement the existing operation in Hong Kong. Senior representatives from James Cropper visited Shanghai to mark the occasion and were on hand to pick up the In Green Award on behalf of the company, at the announcement on Thursday 17 April 2014.
    Chris Brown, Commercial Director of James Cropper added: “The production of the Cocoa Paper is a breakthrough which we are extremely proud of, not only for the pioneering methods of production, but also because it came in response to a new, challenging brief from a valued customer. Bespoke papers and production techniques are two things that we are proud to be recognised for and receiving the first Luxepack Shanghai In Green Award is valuable recognition for the innovation that our product development team continues to demonstrate.”
    (James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

    Company news ... MATERIALS GROUP EUROPE

    Avery Dennison announced the appointment of Gernot Ritzdorf as vice president, sales, Materials Group Europe, responsible for driving growth in the group and for enhancing customer focus and customer service still further.

    Ritzdorf has nine years experience with Avery Dennison and has held several positions since joining in 2005, primarily in marketing, sales and business development.

    “This appointment demonstrates Avery Dennison’s continued commitment to our customers,” said Angelo Depietri, vice president, general manager, Materials Group Europe.

    “Gernot has demonstrated an ongoing focus on customer service and responsiveness in previous commercial roles and will continue to do so in his new role. To continue to grow in the marketplace, we must provide the highest service levels in the market, build close relationships with our customers and deliver operational excellence on the ground, across the whole of Europe.”

    Ritzdorf succeeds Jeroen Diderich, who assumes the position of vice president, marketing for Avery Dennison Materials Group.
    (Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)
    12.05.2014   PAPER-ME 2014: Enrich Your Exhibiting Experience    ( Company news )

    Company news PAPER-ME 2014, The 6th International Exhibition for Paper, Board, Tissue, Printing & Packaging, which will be held on October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Halls (1,2,3)
    PAPER-ME 2014 is expanding its exhibiting profile to encompass the Tissue Zone and the Packaging Zone concurrently to uniquely gain brand awareness, demonstrate product portfolio & capabilities to new and existing customers and to present an ideal stage to launch new products, innovations into the market, ultimately to promote the industry development and technology progress.

    PAPER-ME 2014 is to Launch Two New Events
    -TISSUE Middle East Exhibition The Leading International Exhibition for Tissue Paper, Hygiene Products and Converting Industries will be held on October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center, Cairo, Egypt. Hall (2)
    -PACK 2 PACK Exhibition The Leading International Exhibition for Packing & Packaging Solutions that will be held on October 22nd -24th, 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Halls (3)

    PAPER-ME 2014 is developing into an integrated communication trade platform serving the whole Paper, Tissue and Packaging industry chain.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    12.05.2014   UPM-Kymmene Corporation Interim report: Strong Q1 shows momentum towards ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...EUR 400 million profit improvement

    Picture: Jussi Pesonen, President and CEO

    Q1/2014 compared with Q1/2013:
    • Earnings per share excluding special items were EUR 0.27 (0.18), and reported EUR 0.36 (0.09)
    • Operating profit excluding special items improved to EUR 196 million, 7.9% of sales (144 million, 5.8% of sales)
    • EBITDA was EUR 313 million, 12.6% of sales (284 million, 11.5% of sales)
    • Growth initiatives progressed in UPM Biorefining, UPM Paper Asia and UPM Raflatac
    • 78% of the targeted annualised EUR 200 million cost savings achieved in Q1 2014
    • Operating cash flow was EUR 264 million and net debt decreased to EUR 2,777 million

    Jussi Pesonen, President and CEO comments on the result:
    UPM had a strong first quarter both in terms of financial performance as well as progress in strategic initiatives.
    Operating profit excluding special items increased to EUR 196 million (144 million). Consistent cost savings and improved efficiency in all of our businesses contributed to the good performance. Signs of recovering market fundamentals were also apparent in several business areas. Apart from UPM Biorefining, all businesses fared better compared to the previous quarter and last year.
    We have now achieved EUR 156 million or 78% of the targeted annualised EUR 200 million cost savings. This is also visible in our result. With the current progress, we expect the full target to be reached by the end of this year.
    The strong operating cash flow continued and since the beginning of the year we were again able to reduce our net debt by EUR 263 million bringing the net debt level down to EUR 2,777 million.
    UPM Paper ENA (Europe and North America) has stepped up its performance steadily for a third quarter in a row which is evidence of the much improved competitiveness of our reshaped business platform. Costs are lower, decision making faster, flexibility has increased and customer focus improved. Also the decrease in the demand of graphic papers in Europe seems to have somewhat levelled off.
    UPM Plywood continued on a trend of increasing profits. Having made a successful profitability turnaround with internal measures, the business is now starting to benefit from more favourable market conditions.
    UPM Paper Asia, which is one of our growth businesses, continued good performance. In Q1 the development was driven primarily by decreased costs and positive delivery development especially in the labelling materials business.
    UPM Raflatac is seeking further efficiency gains and growth through recent investment decisions and restructuring plans. The first quarter was slightly better compared to previous quarter and last year, but the business still aims to improve performance further.
    In UPM Energy, the profitability was good. Energy benefitted from decreased costs, successful hedging and improved hydropower generation in Q1.
    Also in UPM Biorefining the profitability remained on a good level. In pulp business, which makes the most of the Biorefining result, demand trend remained stable but profitability was negatively impacted by adverse currency development and Kaukas pulp mill maintenance shut down.
    Today all six UPM businesses show good drive to perform. We have made a significant improvement in our cost structures. We have strong market positions and competitive assets in all of our businesses. This gives us a strong basis for driving further the transformation of the company,” said Pesonen.

    Outlook for 2014
    Growth in the European economy is expected to remain low in 2014, but improve from last year. Growth in the US and in the developing economies is expected to continue to outperform Europe.
    This environment is expected to be supportive for the global pulp and label materials demand, as well as paper demand in Asia. The slight improvement in the European economy is likely to moderate the negative demand development seen in the European graphic paper market in the past two years and stimulate European demand for wood products. The current hydrological situation in Finland is close to the long term average level, and the forward electricity prices in Finland for H1 2014 are lower than the realised market prices in H1 2013.
    UPM’s business outlook for H1 2014 is broadly stable. In H1 2014, UPM’s performance is expected to be underpinned by stable overall outlook for UPM Energy, UPM Raflatac, UPM Paper Asia and UPM Plywood, as compared to H2 2013.
    Profitability in UPM Paper ENA is expected to improve due to ongoing cost reduction measures. In H1 2014 compared to H2 2013, however, performance is negatively impacted by lower delivery volumes, including seasonal factors.
    In UPM Biorefining, capacity additions in the global pulp market are expected to impact the pulp market balance as the year progresses.
    12.05.2014   Algro® Vitess from Sappi ensures excellent printing results and processing properties    ( Company news )

    Company news Newly developed paper features high brightness and dimensional stability

    Sappi Fine Paper Europe announces the commercial availability of Algro® Vitess, a new paper for flexible packaging. Coated on one side, Algro Vitess offers exceptionally high brightness and an outstanding dimensional stability.

    Last year, Sappi invested over €60 million in the modernisation of paper machine 2 (PM2) at its Alfeld plant. This investment enables the company to achieve long-term, sustainable expansion of its range of speciality papers. The recently introduced Algro Vitess is a new paper for flexible packaging applications – Sappi Alfeld's response to growing market demand for a very brilliant paper that can meet the most stringent printing requirements.

    Algro Vitess is designed for both flexographic and gravure printing. The development of this paper leveraged Sappi's expertise in optimum pulp composition and coating applications, as well as experience gained with its already- established Algro Finess®. Thanks to the newly installed head box on Alfeld Mill’s PM2, Algro Vitess offers excellent forming of the paper fibres, resulting in minimal blushing. The paper also offers exceptionally high web stability and very low shrinkage. These properties make further processing by converters, including printing, lamination and extrusion, highly productive. They also contribute to an optimised packaging process for branded goods manufacturers. Its highly stable running characteristics allow faster processing speeds and higher quality results to be achieved throughout the packaging supply chain.

    Exceptional Print Quality for Multiple Packaging Applications
    The extremely homogeneous surface of Algro Vitess ensures exceptional print quality. This, combined with its extreme brightness, delivers outstanding on-shelf presentation for branded packaging. The reverse side of Algro® Vitess is designed to offer very good anchoring properties for both adhesive and extrusion laminations.

    Algro® Vitess is coated on one side and is available in various weights, ranging from 50 g/m² to 120 g/m². It is suitable for a wide variety of packaging applications, including dry food products, confectionery, tea, coffee and pharmaceutical products. Initial results from pilot projects confirm the excellent properties of Algro® Vitess and praised its high brightness and excellent print results.
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)
    12.05.2014   Unprecedented Achievements and Record Scale Make SinoCorrugated South 2014 ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...a Resounding Success

    SinoCorrugated South and SinoFoldingCarton 2014 wrapped up on April 12 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center (GMIEC) in Houjie, Dongguan. This year’s combined event was the largest ever, cementing the show’s place as the most important converting industry exhibition in Asia-Pacific.
    The number of visitors through the doors and deals concluded onsite were the highest ever. A total of 29,114 trade visitors and over 600 well-known equipment suppliers participated, all registering high rates of satisfaction. Many of the international and local suppliers debuted new products onsite, while a number of new trade and partnership agreements were forged during the show.

    29,114 Trade Visitors - The Largest SinoCorrugated South - SinoFoldingCarton Combined Event Ever
    This year, SinoCorrugated South and SinoFoldingCarton were held concurrently, filling GMIEC’s Hall 3 to capacity and further extending to Halls 4 and 5, to cover a total area of nearly 60,000 sqm, up 30% from 2013. The record number of visitors, 29,114, was up 39.6% from last year too. The results of the show exceeded expectations.
    The leading corrugated packaging manufacturing industry event in Asia-Pacific, this year’s combined show brought a large number of well-known suppliers.
    Many companies chose to debut their new products to the Asia-Pacific market.

    Over 100 Industry Associations Represented Onsite - Asia-Pacific Industry Veterans Attend
    Over the years, the corrugated trade fairs organized by Reed Exhibitions have gained strong reputations for their scale, influence and quality of participants. This year’s event was supported by 100-plus industry associations, of which more than 50 organized sizable delegations to visit. Meanwhile, over 100 trade and mass media covered the event, demonstrating the importance of SinoCorrugated South and SinoFoldingCarton to the Asia-Pacific packaging industry.
    The shows were also strongly supported by trade associations from within China and across Asia.

    Reed Exhibitions ▪ China Corrugated Industry Training Week Makes Big Comeback - On-Site Activities Engage Participants
    Reed Exhibitions ▪ China Corrugated Industry Training Week made a big comeback in 2014, based on a program of diverse, value-laden supplementary activities that focused on hot topics and industry trends. The activities included the Summit on the Changing Patterns in Packaging Industry, Innovation and Development of Paper Packaging Technologies; the China Packaging and Printing Alliance Annual Summit 2014; the Paper Honeycomb Industry Development Summit; the China Flexographic Development Summit; the Reed-Yuanhe Public Lecture; the Green and Creative Packaging Designs Summit and the New Product Launches that attracted thousands.
    The interactive elements included the Paper Experts’ Show, “Seals for Gift” Activity and the Grisly Manor, which allowed visitors to explore an innovative new world of original paper carton creations by Shanghai Cooperator Media Advertisement. There were also a number of display zones, including the Creative Corrugated Interactive Zone; Photo Expos: “Images of the Corrugated Era” and “Images of the Folding Carton Era”; Boxman’s Shop and the Chinese Packaging Techniques and Culture Museum. The activities were all highly rated and attracted thousands of enthusiastic visitors.
    In Asia, the Chinese market is undoubtedly the most promising. From 2013 to 2016, China’s corrugated packaging industry will see an average growth of around 7% and will be the leading corrugated packaging market worldwide.
    Against the backdrop of this promising outlook of the global corrugated packaging industry and with the powerful influence and popularity of corrugated trade fairs organized by Reed Exhibitions, SinoCorrugated 2015 will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in April 2015. The exhibition area will expand to 67,000 sqm. An expected 32,000 visitors will attend the show for which, already, 80% of exhibition space has been sold. The SinoCorrugated 2015 will maintain its leading position in the industry and continue to attract high levels of international participation.
    See you next April at SinoCorrugated 2015—the world’s leading exhibition for corrugated packaging manufacturing!
    (Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co. Ltd)
    12.05.2014   Malvern Instruments launches the new Zetasizer NanoSampler for high throughput sample delivery    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Malvern Instruments has released the new NanoSampler, a fully automated sample delivery system for the Zetasizer Nano

    The new Zetasizer NanoSampler from Malvern Instruments is a versatile, compact, fully automated sample delivery system for the Zetasizer Nano, the most widely used system for nanoparticle and colloid characterization. Delivering precise and reproducible automated sample loading, and accommodating up to 96 sample vials, the NanoSampler enables unattended operation of the Zetasizer Nano, to maximize analytical productivity. It is especially suitable for laboratories where reproducibility is critical and where multivariate studies are routine.

    The new NanoSampler will work with all of the sizing systems in the Zetasizer Nano instrument range. This range includes both exceptionally high performance and entry level systems that measure particle and molecular size using dynamic light scattering, covering a size range from less than one nanometer up to several microns. The simplicity and ease of use of Zetasizer Nano systems have made them the leading solutions in both industry and academia, and the new NanoSampler will enhance their capabilities.

    Samples can be selected for analysis via the Zetasizer software through a simple-to-use Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Each sample is delivered through solvent-resistant tubing and into the quartz analysis cell within the Zetasizer Nano. Automatic size measurements are then made, without the need for user intervention. After analysis, the results from all selected samples are clearly displayed in the Records View in the normal way.

    Malvern Instruments will be holding a live webinar on the 15th May 2014 to formally launch the product into the market; therefore if you would like to be one of the first to hear more about this exciting new addition to the Zetasizer range go to to register for the event.
    (Malvern Instruments Ltd)
    12.05.2014   Kemira Oyj selected as sodium chlorate supplier for Klabin SA's 1.5 million ton pulp mill in Brazil    ( Company news )

    Company news Kemira has been selected as a supplier of sodium chlorate to Klabin's new 1.5 million ton pulp mill in Paraná, Brazil. Sodium chlorate is used as a component in the bleaching process, an important process step in the manufacturing of bleached pulp.
    Kemira will build, own and operate a sodium chlorate plant, which is expected to increase Kemira's annual capital expenditure by some 15%-25% in 2014-2015 compared to 2013 capital expenditure of EUR 135 million, depending on the exact timing of the project build-out. Kemira's sodium chlorate plant is scheduled to begin production during the first half of 2016. The plant will employ around 30 people.
    "Kemira is a global leader in the production and supply of chemicals for the pulp and paper industry and has the most comprehensive offering for pulp production. This project strengthens our capabilities to serve the growing demand for pulping chemicals in the South American market", says Billy Ford, Senior Vice President, Paper, The Americas.
    (Kemira Oyj)
    09.05.2014   Norske Skog starts process of selling Walsum PM4    ( Company news )

    Company news Norske Skog has appointed Van Tek as the exclusive broker for the sale and liquidation of the complete Walsum PM4 production line. The machine will be sold with a clause of not producing publication paper grades again.
    Van Tek will take charge of all sales activities, on-site management of dismantling and clean-up work. The broker, headquartered in Vancouver in the state of Washington, USA, specializes in the sale of idled paper machines, pulp and paper mills, and is experienced in total site liquidation.
    PM4 was permanently shut down in December 2013. PM4 is a 7.45 meter wide paper machine which started up 1985, and had annual production capacity of 225 000 tonnes LWC.
    (Norske Skogindustrier ASA)
    09.05.2014   Heidelberg achieves results target: € 4 million net profit for year    ( Company news )

    Company news -Sales of roughly € 2.43 billion (around € 2.54 billion after adjustment for exchange rate movements)
    -EBITDA climbs to € 143 million; EBITDA margin increases from about 3 percent to approx. 6 percent
    -Net result improves to € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million)
    -Positive free cash flow of some € 20 million

    Picture: Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach

    Following five years of losses, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has started making a profit again. According to preliminary calculations, the net profit for financial year 2013/2014 (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014) was around € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million). This means the company has achieved its key target for the financial year just closed.
    "Heidelberg is once again making a net profit, which was our number one priority," said Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach. "Despite the weak sales situation, we have significantly improved our company's profitability. This impressive achievement lays the foundation for further positive developments at the company," he added.
    Although factors such as exchange rate movements resulted in an expected fall in Group sales from the previous year's figure of € 2.735 billion to € 2.43 billion (€ 2.54 billion after adjustment for exchange rate movements), all result-related KPIs were far better than in the previous financial year. For example, EBITDA excluding special items rose to € 143 million in the financial year just closed (previous year: € 80 million). This led to an improvement in the EBITDA margin from about 3 percent to approx. 6 percent. The result of operating activities ( EBIT) excluding special items climbed to € 72 million over the twelve-month period, from € -3 million in the previous year. Special items in the reporting period amounted to some € -10 million and the financial result was € -60 million. According to preliminary figures, this results in a net profit for the year of € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million).
    "The big improvement in the result after tax to a net profit demonstrates the success of our strategic reorientation, even with difficult underlying conditions. This now puts us in a position to press ahead with reorganizing the company by optimizing our portfolio. Our medium-term target of achieving an EBITDA margin of at least 8 percent remains unchanged," continued Linzbach.
    The cash flow and free cash flow were both positive in the year under review. Reducing working capital has compensated for payments totaling some € 95 million for the Focus efficiency program and produced a positive free cash flow of around € 20 million. This reduced the net financial debt at the end of the financial year to approx. € 240 million (previous year: € 261 million).
    "Not only have we impressively achieved all our results targets, but our asset and net working capital management program has also brought further successes in terms of the cash flow and free cash flow and thus reducing our debts," said Heidelberg CFO Dirk Kaliebe. "At the end of the financial year, we have thus achieved our goal of reducing the leverage (net debt divided by EBITDA) to less than two for the first time in many years," he added.
    As of March 31, 2014, the Heidelberg Group had a global workforce of 12,539 plus 502 trainees (previous year: 13,694 plus 521 trainees).
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    09.05.2014   X-Rite Demonstrates Solutions for Colour Management at PulPaper 2014 in Helsinki     ( Company news )

    Company news X-Rite to show powerful solutions for companies in the pulp, paper and board industries that want to manage continuous manufacturing processes with high colour accuracy.

    X-Rite GmbH will demonstrate solutions for the measurement and management of colour for the pulp, paper and board industries at the PulPaper 2014 show to be held 3-5 June in Helsinki, Finland. X-Rite representatives at stand 6e17 of the Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre will demonstrate hardware and software solutions that include the ERX50 non-contact spectrophotometer for continuous in-line measurement and the ESWin software series that manages colour quality control and closed-loop colour control for continuous paper making processes.

    Alois Thema, X-Rite sales executive for Northern Europe, will give a 20-minute presentation at 10:30 a.m. on 3 June on the effective use of closed loop colour control and in-line measurement of colour on paper-making equipment. As part of that presentation, Thema will explain how companies involved in papermaking can use the ERX50 to reduce waste and the time it takes for production start-up and shade changes. The ERX50 is an element of X-Rite turnkey systems that include software, hardware and pump systems for dispensing dyes and colorants.

    X-Rite will also show the ESWin series of quality control software that manages colour quality on continuous process manufacturing lines. Modules of the ESWin software family can control continuous colour measurement devices, display results and run automatic in-line closed loop colour control on papermaking machinery.
    (X-Rite Europe GmbH)
    09.05.2014   Sulzer and Wetend Technologies launch new Hygienic Injection Pump Series as a result of ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...joint development project

    Sulzer and v are launching an innovative hygienic injection pump series (SHS) with several patent-pending features. The SHS pump series will meet the current and future standards of process reliability and improve the performance of demanding injection applications.
    For our customers the new pump design provides the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness. The compact and light pump design improves operational efficiency and sustainability of the injection process.
    The technology of the new hygienic injection pump is based on a joint development project with Wetend Technologies – a global leader in injection flash mixing technology (TrumpJet® Flash Mixing systems), Randax – a developer of modern drive solutions with integrable permanent magnet motors, and John Crane – a world-leading provider of engineered products and services. Wetend is the primary sales organization of the new injection pump, which is an integral part of the TrumpJet® system.
    The new pump series with unique design features has been developed by Sulzer for demanding injection applications especially in the pulp and paper industry. It is also suitable for the general industry, chemical process industry, power generation, water and wastewater, oil and gas, and hydrocarbon processing industries. The pump is designed especially for fibrous slurries with high internal cleanliness, but can also be used for a wide range of other liquids, including clean and slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids and non-fibrous slurries.
    The pump has a hygienic, smooth and low-pulse wet end design. The heavy-duty patentpending case divides the flow into as many as seven equal flows, eliminating the conventional piping arrangement. The pump comprises a patent-pending open impeller, an integrated single or double mechanical seal and a compact bearing unit that minimizes axial and radial play as well as shaft deflection.
    The patented high-efficiency permanent magnet motor developed by Randax enables the most integrated and compact pump design. The lightweight but powerful Randax® motor is optimized for the hygienic injection process pump and is ready-to-use for fast commissioning. The durable motor is designed for inverter use and is maintenance-free due to its integrated design, which makes the whole pump unit easy and quick to install.
    The new injection pump is an integral part of the Chemical Reactor development of Wetend for paper and board mill additives. The TrumpJet® Flash Mixing Reactor is a novel compact design for efficiently injecting several chemicals with a controlled and fast chaos pattern of mixing, located very close to the paper or board machine head box. It cuts down the consumption of chemicals, can increase the paper filler content, improves formation and opens an opportunity to develop composite-type paper and board structures.
    The innovative design of the new hygienic injection pump series keeps the system clean and minimizes the total life cycle cost by reducing energy, installation, operation, maintenance, downtime, and environmental costs. This true cleantech solution further supports the sustainability targets within the industries we serve.
    (Sulzer Pumps Ltd)
    09.05.2014   PulPaper 2014 Helsinki - Event News - Countdown has started!    ( Company news )

    Company news Countdown has started, it is no more than 26 days until the opening of the industry event of the year! We welcome you to Helsinki and an event packed with networking, knowledge, innovations and new ideas. Don't forget to pre-register your visit free of charge.

    Release of the Paper Square programme
    From the Paper Square, a large stage and exhibition area in the middle of the exhibition hall, top management of pulp, paper and board producing companies will take to the stage to update participants of the PulPaper event on trends and news in the industry and give their view and input on the industry’s future and development. Programme will run during the whole PulPaper event starting from mid day of Tuesday 3 June, right after the Event Opening Ceremony has been streamed live from the Congress Wing of Messukeskus to the big screen on the Paper Square for everyone to follow.

    ...and of the Company and Product Presentations programme
    Participants of the PulPaper event have the opportunity to hear exhibiting companies present their latest research results, new products and technical/market innovations relating to the global pulp and paper industry.

    Two-day excursion to Jyväskylä - VTT and Valmet
    Take this unique opportunity to learn about the world’s most advanced fibre technology & foam forming research and piloting facilities. The excursion includes a dinner cruise on beautiful Lake Päijänne on the Thursday evening and visits to VTT and Valmet on the Friday. Bus transportation to and from Helsinki is arranged and a hotel night is included in the offer.

    A number of other good reasons to visit PulPaper 2014
    • The qualitative programme of the three day long PulPaper conference on the main theme Biofuture for Mankind with the International Mechanical Pulping Conference running alongside.
    • An exhibition floor jam packed with activities and exhibiting companies/suppliers from all over the world just waiting to show you their latest news and innovations.
    • Activity areas in the exhibition hall; The Paper Square / Company and Product Presentations / PulPaper After Work / Media Partner Center / Tieto Business Center
    • The 100th anniversary of the Paper Engineers' Association, click here to read more about the spectacular celebration and gala evening in the Helsinki Music Centre.
    • Meet, mingle and network with colleagues, new and old, and experience early summer in the beautiful city of Helsinki
    • The industry gathering of the year, last time featuring 625 exhibitors and attracting over 12000 visitors from 63 countries.
    (Adforum AB)
    09.05.2014   emtec Electronic at the PulPaper 2014 in Helsinki    ( Company news )

    Company news emtec Electronic GmbH will participate in the 8th edition of “PulPaper 2014” in Helsinki, Finland – an international exhibition for suppliers to the pulp, paper, board and converting industries. From June 03rd until 05th, emtec will be present at the exhibition booth no. 6g59.
    During the PulPaper exhibition, emtec will show a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process can be controlled and guided in the right direction to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs.
    In the wet end it is extremely important to have detailed information about the charges of particles in the pulp suspension, which can be determined by the CAS Charge Analyzing System. Also important is the knowledge about the surface charge of the pulp fibers, which can be measured with the FPA – Fiber Potential Analyzer. Furthermore, emtec Electronic developed a new Online measuring device FPO – Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the production process and immediately delivers reliable and necessary information concerning the dosing of chemicals to the pulp.
    In addition to the wet-end, it is necessary to get an idea of the quality of the base paper after the production for further steps within the conversion. This can be realized by the EST12 – Surface & Sizing Tester, which gives reliable and objective information about the surface sizing respectively hydrophoby and the surface pore structure to predict the behavior of paper and board during glueing, printing and coating processes. The availability of these paper properties opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of the paper and board production and converting processes.
    Beside these well-known devices, emtec will present one of their latest developments for the determination of the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the typical fillers in the paper industry within seconds, and without combustion of the samples, i.e. nondestructive. The usage of the ACA – Ash Content Analyzer leads to substantial savings in material, man power, time and energy with a simultaneous increase of the measuring accuracy compared to traditional methods.
    (emtec Electronic GmbH)
    08.05.2014   Esko Equinox receives prestigious FTA Technical Innovation Award     ( Company news )

    Company news Esko announces that Esko Equinox received the prestigious Flexographic Technical Association Technical Innovation Award in the category of Prepress-Graphics during the gala awards banquet at FTA’s Annual Forum, April 27 in Baltimore, MD. Equinox is Esko´s solution for the implementation of extended gamut – or fixed inkset – printing. “Esko has always been committed to advancing the effectiveness of flexography and packaging graphics. Our development of Equinox was really an investment in flexography. It’s great to see the specific recognition this unique technology is receiving as recipient of the 2014 FTA Technical Innovation Award,” comments Tony Wiley, President, Esko North America. “It’s also great to see the general recognition Equinox is receiving from a wide range of flexo industry professionals. Esko’s commitment to our customers is to add economic value throughout the value chain. From brand owners and design at the front end to press and finishing at the end, Esko is committed to linking that chain. Equinox is an excellent example of a technology that does just that.” The Technical Innovation Award recognizes companies and/or individuals whose visions and perseverance bring new products and technologies to the flexographic marketplace. FTA logoFor nearly 20 years, FTA has recognized and celebrate those creative thinkers and risk-takers who seek ways to further refine and advance the flexographic printing process and who bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture.

    Esko Equinox: Economic and quality benefits from extended gamut printing

    Equinox Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) Technology is Esko’s patented technology for converting packaging graphics from CMYK and spot color to seven-color process. It is applied in the prepress department when preparing jobs for press. Converting entire files results in extremely close matches to spot colors, improved pictorial images, and the ability to print more colors than available ink stations on the press, resulting in improved image quality and brand impact. The major benefit, however, is realized in the pressroom as jobs print more economically and more consistently. The ability to create an infinite number of colors from 7 process colors promotes “gang” press runs – and the economic savings can surpass a million dollars per press per year. Customers using Equinox ECG technology report that they use 7-color process profitably in a production environment for flexible packaging as well as labels. This has enabled many of the worlds largest consumer product companies to convert entire product lines to expanded gamut. Equinox is the only commercial product in the world to make use of a truly superior 7-color profile technology. By quantifying only subsets of four-color combinations, Equinox 7-color profiles contain hundreds of times the amount of color data as a 7-color ICC color profile. These profiles are used to convert industry standard ink books into tint build books for a specific flexo press. Equinox also benefits from Esko HD and Full HD Flexo platemaking, which is able to extend the gamut by producing plates that can print dots from 0-100% while delivering consistent and reliable printing results from job to job. Esko Equinox is a major achievement because it moves flexographic printing a giant step closer to being the economical manufacturing process that the major CPCs of the world are demanding. Esko predicts that the amount of fixed inkset printing will likely surpass the volume of spot color and CMYK + spot color printing within the decade. “While we have been touting the economic and visual advantages of Esko Equinox for a few years now, it’s been in the past year or so that we’ve seen the accelerated growth we’ve long anticipated,” remarks Mark Samworth, Esko Senior Color Specialist. “It has to do with the proliferation of brand extensions resulting in shorter runs – as well as the continuing economic interest in reducing print and inventory costs. Brand owners are also beginning to realize that extended gamut printing can improve the visual impact of a package on a shelf. In short, Equinox improves the competitive position of flexography, both economically and visually.”
    (Esko-Graphics Danmark)
    08.05.2014   Ricoh Europe enhances Pro-Graphic media offering for improved print quality and productivity    ( Company news )

    Company news Ricoh Europe is helping production printing clients further elevate their print quality with its newly upgraded Ricoh Pro-Graphic paper range designed specifically for use with Ricoh Pro™ digital printing presses and toners. The Ricoh Pro-Graphic media is available in grades ranging from 90gsm to 300gsm; in sizes A4, A3 and SRA3; and in wood free coated, gloss, silk and uncoated forms. It is also ideal for everyday printing.

    Tailor-made silk, gloss and uncoated Pro-Graphic grades are enhanced using a new ingredient mix that assures offset-level high whiteness, optimal and consistent print quality. They also deliver sharper contrast, vibrant images, and problem-free two sided printing with excellent runnability and image permanence, job after job. In addition, the Ricoh papers absorb less humidity from the environment, which enhances the print quality and feed performance on Ricoh Pro digital printing presses.

    Strict performance criteria have been applied to the manufacture of these grades to ensure ideal print quality for everything from direct mail, brochures, catalogues, prestige magazines, books-on-demand and manuals to marketing and corporate communication material including letterheads, business cards and transpromotional documents. The performance criteria include blocking, feed performance, fusibility, optimum stacking, exceptional image quality and minimisation of paper curl. There is also a consistency across the range as a result of one paper making machine being used for coated and one for the uncoated grades.

    Tried, tested and trusted to deliver
    “Ricoh’s Pro-Graphic media is rigorously tested in our printers to ensure optimum performance and outstanding productivity,” says Graham Moore, Director of Business Development, Ricoh Europe. “As a result, we firmly believe the coated and uncoated papers in the Ricoh Pro-Graphic line-up offer the best quality on our systems in the European market today. Professional production printing operations that use these substrates will benefit from maximum uptime, enhanced productivity and improved output quality.”

    Environmental Sustainability
    Pro-Graphic media is produced from sustainable sources to comply with Ricoh’s stringent environmental criteria. Now FSC as well as PEFC accredited, it is manufactured by mills that use materials sourced from sustainably managed forests, have a low carbon footprint and hold ISO 14001 (1996) and EU Eco-Label (2009). In addition, the Pro-Graphic line carries the European Union Eco-Label. This designation helps identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Eco-Label is a voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted.

    In the future, the vivid new packaging designs will carry the Clickable PaperTM logo on all size reams. Clients will be able to scan the Pro-Graphic logo with their tablet or smartphone, and be given a range of options including ordering new stock online and watching video material with innovative application recommendations.

    “High quality, assured consistency and reliability will together support commercial and corporate production printing clients in meeting their efficiency goals. Pro-Graphic media will also support their evolving sustainability needs – which can be enhanced still further as part of our carbon balanced printing service and our wider expertise as a trusted partner in print and beyond” adds Moore.

    For queries visit the contact us section at
    (Ricoh Europe PLC)
    08.05.2014   Resolute Announces Permanent Closure of Fort Frances Mill    ( Company news )

    Company news Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) announced the permanent closure of its previously idled pulp and paper mill in Fort Frances, Ontario.

    Picture: Richard Garneau, president and chief executive officer

    The company announced an extended period of market-related outage on its remaining paper machine in January. The kraft pulp mill and another paper machine have been idled since November of 2012.
    "We tried hard to find a way to reposition these assets, particularly the pulp mill. But unfortunately, due to end product markets, the mill's operational configuration and its cost position, we've concluded that there was no economically viable option for the pulp and paper operations at Fort Frances," said Richard Garneau, president and chief executive officer.
    The company will provide appropriate notice to staff who were retained to manage the idled facility. Resolute will also work with affected employees, all levels of government and other local authorities on programs to lessen the impact of this permanent closure. Affected employees will be considered for job vacancies and opportunities at other company facilities.
    Resolute is currently exploring opportunities to continue to operate the biomass boiler and electricity-producing steam turbine. The company is also progressing on three important investment initiatives underway in Northwestern Ontario: the construction of a new sawmill in Atikokan; the upgrade and restart of the idled Ignace sawmill; and the construction of a wood pellet plant at the Thunder Bay sawmill.
    (Resolute Forest Products)
    08.05.2014   Valmet and Klabin S.A. finalized the order agreement for pulp dryers    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet and Klabin S.A. have signed the supply contract, according to which Valmet will supply two pulp drying lines to Klabin's new plant in Ortigueira in Paraná, Brazil. Valmet announced the letter of intent of the delivery on March 7, 2014.
    The project is included in Valmet's orders received in the second quarter of 2014. A project of this size and scope is typically valued at EUR 150 - 200 million.
    The pulp dryer investment is part of Klabin's Puma project. The annual production capacity of Klabin's new plant will be 1.5 million tons and consists of both softwood fluff pulp and eucalyptus hardwood market pulp. The start-up of the new plant is scheduled to be in the first half of 2016.
    The employment impact of Valmet's project delivery to Klabin is expected to be in total around 500 man years mainly in Finland, Sweden and Brazil.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    08.05.2014   Domsjö Fabriker: Production Record!    ( Company news )

    Company news The production runs as never before in the Biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker. It reflects all three main products ; Cellulose, Lignin and Bioethanol.
    The production of Specialty cellulose has been especially good. Already by the end of 2013, we noted an increased production and the positive trend has continued. A new daily record was reached during early 2014 with a peak of 832 tons on 2 February.
    Now, a new monthly record is taken, in April we produced 19 873 tons Cellulose which gives an average production of 662 tons per day. It should be compared with the previous record of 623 tons per day.

    - We have never produced so much in modern time before. It is extremely gratifying, says Lars Winter, CEO.
    - We have for some time been working with adjustments in our process. Now we see the result of the fantastic work done by our employees. The interest and commitment to work with improvements are very large.
    - All employees should take the credit of this success, Lars Winter continues.
    It is not only the production that was high, although quality outcome was record high. Of cellulose, the production was 99.6 % of the intended quality, which is incredibly good.
    - We hope to continue at this rate, so we can reach over 230 000 tons cellulose during the year. And we are also working on further improvements, primarily in the cooking and recovery departments, concludes Lars Winter.

    It is not only the cellulose production that is booming . This positive trend has also influenced the production of lignin and bioethanol which became very high during April.
    (Domsjö Fabriker AB)
    08.05.2014   MIAC 2014 - NEXT OCTOBER IN LUCCA (ITALY)!    ( Company news )


    Next October in Lucca 270 International Exhibitors will show their latest innovations in terms of machinery, equipment, technologies and services. At MIAC Exhibition you can meet, in just 3 days and in one place, the leader companies in the paper industry sector.

    MIAC 2014 is an international meeting point which allows you to compare technologies and business proposals of several companies present at the Exhibition. Participate in MIAC 2014 means being part of the 5,000 visitors who every year, in October, come in Lucca from all over the world (last year's MIAC Exhibition registered the presence of visitors from 52 Countries).
    We are looking forward to welcoming you. Please save the date!

    At MIAC 2014 you can meet the International leader suppliers of the paper industry sector. They will show you the latest technology and machinery available in the paper sector allowing you to get a complete overview in just 3 days.

    The entrance at MIAC 2014 is free of charge. It is possible to download the MIAC 2014 Invitation Ticket in PDF format directly from the Exhibition website. Please, give the ticket directly at the MIAC Reception during your registration.

    MIAC 2014 HOTELS
    In MIAC website is you can find list of Hotels located in Lucca area for each hotel. It is possible to view its Presentation Card. Moreover, each Hotel is linked to its own website. After choosing your favorite Hotel, you can contact directly the Hotel in order to book your accommodation for MIAC 2014.
    (Edinova Srl)
    08.05.2014   APP to support the protection and restoration of one million hectares of forest in Indonesia    ( Company news )

    Company news Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP) has announced a plan to restore and support the conservation of one million hectares of rainforest across Indonesia. This ground-breaking initiative has been developed with input from many stakeholders, including WWF, Greenpeace and NGO members of APP’s Solutions Working Group. It will have a significant impact on the landscapes both in and around the plantation concessions in APP’s supply chain.
    The commitment, which takes the company well beyond its legal conservation requirements, is approximately equivalent to the total area of plantation from which the company sourced pulp fibre in 2013.
    This announcement comes just over a year after APP launched its sector-leading Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), which saw an immediate and permanent cessation of natural forest clearance across its supply chain. Since then, the company has been working closely with stakeholders to implement the policy, with support from The Forest Trust. The company has also been carrying out consultation on how it should prioritise restoration of important areas, following the wide ranging biodiversity assessments in its concessions.
    Aida Greenbury, APP’s managing director of sustainability, said: “After over a year of implementing our FCP, it has become clear that the key to success of any efforts to halt deforestation in Indonesia is a landscape level approach to forest restoration and conservation.
    “Land cannot be conserved or restored in isolation, the sustainability of the entire landscape must be taken into account and many stakeholders must be involved. We hope that by working with Indonesian and international stakeholders, as well as organisations such as WWF, The Forest Trust and Ekologika, our efforts will be much more effective.
    “We believe that by assessing entire landscapes and creating clear tailor made objectives and strategies, the maximum possible level of conservation will be achieved, not just for natural forest in our concessions, but for areas around them as well.”

    As a first step, APP will work with an NGO coalition to preserve the natural forest in the 30 Hills landscape (Bukit Tigapuluh) in Jambi, Sumatra – a vital habitat for tiger and elephant populations. This will include increased protection of the corridor road from illegal activities, work on protecting the threatened elephant herd in the Tebo Multi Agro concession, and asessment of the viability of creating an animal corridor in the WKS concession which would connect important forest habitat blocks.
    APP is currently in consultation with WWF and other stakeholders, to develop plans for identified priority landscapes in which APP and its suppliers have commercial forestry-based operations, which will then be implemented by the company in close collaboration with other relevant players in the landscape, while observing the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).

    The focus for each landscape is:
    -Bukit Tigapuluh, Jambi – provide wildlife corridors and additional buffer areas and restrict access to enhance the function of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, while involving the local community.
    -Senepis, Riau – support conservation of the Sumatran tiger and peat swamp forest.
    -Giam Siak Kecil, Riau – secure, protect and restore the core natural forest within the Giam Siak Kecil Biosphere Reserve to provide habitat for many endangered species including Sumatran tiger and Sumatran elephants. Also, ensure sustainable conservation of peat swamp forest, while supporting the livelihood of the local communities.
    -Kampar Peninsula, Riau – support large landscape protection of peat swamp forest using a multi-stakeholder approach that involves other concession holders.
    -Kerumutan, Riau – support expansion and connectivity of protected forest areas.
    -Muba Berbak Sembilang, Jambi and South Sumatra – protect the existing natural forest and assess the possibility of expanding the current protected forest, i.e. by restoring key areas to natural ecosystems and focussing on the protection of Sumatran Tiger and other key species. Additional support will be provided to the national parks.
    -OKI, South Sumatra – create a wildlife corridor to expand the habitat of Sumatran elephants.
    -Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan – maintain the integrity of orang-utan habitat and also assess the possibility of expanding the existing mangrove forest to support the conservation of swamp crocodiles.
    -Kutai, East Kalimantan – support the existing national park, providing buffer and corridor for orang-utan habitat.

    Over the coming months, this commitment will be developed into a more detail time-bound plan that will form part of the company’s Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plans (ISFMPs), which are currently being developed by APP, High Conservation Value (HCV), High Carbon Stock (HCS) and social experts as well as a peatland management team.
    APP will also develop with other stakeholders, an independently administered trust fund to manage and finance these conservation measures in order to ensure their sustainability and viability into the future. The trust fund will receive start up funding from APP. Additional funding will be raised on an ongoing basis to successfully manage these conservation landscapes.
    In order to manage this new conservation strategy, APP will be creating a multi-stakeholder platform, to be unveiled in due course, that will include a wide range of national and international NGOs and other institutions to guide the implementation of these conservation and restoration commitments.
    (APP Asia Pulp & Paper Company Ltd)
    08.05.2014   Brigl & Bergmeister acquires Uetersen paper mill from Stora-Enso    ( Company news )

    Company news On 8 May, 2014, Brigl & Bergmeister signed the purchase agreement to acquire 100% shares of the paper mill Uetersen from Stora-Enso Group.
    With a capacity of 240,000 tons per year, the paper mill, (formerly known as Feldmühle Papierfabrik), manufactures one side coated specialty papers (labels and flexible packaging) as well as high quality ‘’two side coated’’ graphical paper and board on 2 paper machines.
    The acquisition results in creation of a leading global supplier of specialty papers with an extensive product portfolio.
    The synergies which can be achieved as a result of this merger will also ensure that Uetersen in Schleswig-Holstein will remain an attractive employer in the region.
    In 2011, B&B with its paper mills in Niklasdorf (Austria) and Vevče (Slovenia) was purchased by the Roxcel paper trading group as their first move into the paper production. Meanwhile, the group has acquired the waste to energy company ‘’ENAGES’’ in 2012, to ensure the secure and environmentally sustainable energy for the paper mill in Niklasdorf. Further investments have been completed in 2013 and also still ongoing in 2014 to improve quality and capacity in both mills. Today, the annual capacity of Niklasdorf is 78,000 tons, and that of Vevče is 120,000 tons of specialty papers. Among the company's customers are printers and convertors mainly supplying the beverage and food industry with high-grade label and packaging papers.
    The transaction has yet to be approved by the competent competition authorities.
    (Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH)
    07.05.2014   Metsä Group plans to build a next-generation bio-product mill in Finland    ( Company news )

    Company news Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, is planning to build a bio-product mill in the existing mill area in Äänekoski, Finland. When materialized, the approximately EUR 1.1 billion investment would be the largest ever investment in the forest industry in Finland. The new mill with an annual pulp production capacity of 1.3 million tonnes is planned to be operational in 2017.
    The new mill will be the world's first next-generation bio-product mill that can convert wood raw material into a diverse range of products. In addition to high-quality pulp, the mill will produce bio-energy and various bio-materials in a resource-efficient way. A unique bio-economy ecosystem of companies will be built around pulp production.
    The annual impact of the investment on the Finnish economy will be over EUR 0.5 billion and it will provide 2,500 jobs in the forest industry value chain. The annual increase in the value of exports is estimated to be EUR 0.5 billion.
    ”Our new mill will be the most efficient and modern bio-product mill in the world. The global increase in the demand for high-quality softwood pulp is the most important driver for the investment, and our aim is to strengthen our leading position in this market. The investment will support Metsä Fibre's growth and improve profitability in the long term," says Kari Jordan, President and CEO of Metsä Group. "In addition to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environmental permit processes, the development of the world economy and especially the economic development in Asia, market outlook and decisions related to for example wood supply, permits and logistics, will affect the final decision."
    The bio-product mill will contribute to achieving renewable energy targets in Finland through increasing the share of renewable energy by approximately two percentage points. Furthermore, the mill will not use any fossil-based fuels; all of the energy required for it will be generated from wood. The wood raw material and side streams will be utilised 100 per cent as products and bio-energy.
    The mill will increase the consumption of fibre wood in Finland by approximately 4 million cubic metres (some 10 per cent) per year. The annual harvesting of softwood can be increased sustainably by approximately 7 million cubic metres, and birch fibre by 4 million cubic metres. The fibre wood will be procured mainly in Finland.
    Metsä Fibre will launch the EIA and environmental permit processes immediately with the aim to have them completed during the first quarter of 2015. The final investment decision is planned to be made in early 2015, in which case the new mill would become operational during 2017.
    (Metsä Group)
    07.05.2014   New-generation CombiStar from Heidelberg boosts energy efficiency by up to 50 percent    ( Company news )

    Company news -Combination unit for dampening solution conditioning and inking unit temperature control now equipped with more efficient pumps and electronic control system
    -Annual reduction in CO 2 of up to eight metric tons in field test
    -CombiStar Pro also offers free-cooling technology for further energy savings

    Using energy efficiently, preventing waste, and utilizing eco-friendly (raw) materials are seemingly small things, but taken together they have a big impact when it comes to sustainable print production. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is systematically working on solutions that, in addition to reducing waste - the primary factor in improving sustainability - also boost energy efficiency. One such solution is the new-generation CombiStar, which is now available. This combination unit conditions the dampening solution and ensures constant inking unit temperature control. It is now equipped with more energy-efficient pumps and electronically controlled compressors that cut energy costs by up to 50 percent. Units such as the CombiStar are the third-highest consumer of electricity in a press after the main motor and the air supply system. In the case of presses with dryers, they occupy fourth place. In the new CombiStar, the inking unit pump for temperature control circulation is fitted with an electronically controlled drive and the refrigerating units now have an energy-efficient digital scroll compressor. Stepless adjustment of the refrigerating units to the cooling capacity required by the machine significantly boosts the system's efficiency.

    Annual reduction in CO 2 of up to eight metric tons in field test
    The field test of the new energy-efficient CombiStar generation at Häuser KG went extremely well. Based in Cologne, this company with its own online print portal - is currently one of the largest sheetfed offset print shops in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Its workforce has increased from just 20 in 2000 to more than 200 today. Web-based business currently accounts for some 80 percent of sales. The Heidelberg equipment in operation at the full-service print shop includes three Speedmaster XL 105-8-P presses with simultaneous plate changing and Prinect Inpress Control, and two Speedmaster SM 52 four-color Anicolor presses, while the comprehensive postpress equipment includes four Polar 137 XT high-speed cutters and two Stahlfolder KH 78 KTL folding machines.
    It was easy to compare the electricity consumption at Häuser, because all the Speedmaster XL 105-8-P presses at the print shop process roughly the same job spectrum and each press completes around 60 job changes per day. A CombiStar cabinet from the previous generation and a cabinet with the energy-efficient design of the new generation were fitted with electricity meters and the electricity consumption was recorded over a period of ten months. "The energy-efficient CombiStar used 34 percent less power than the older CombiStar unit," says a delighted Heiko Mazur, owner and managing director of Häuser KG. "Calculated over an entire year, this adds up to energy savings of 15,000 kWh. Based on the total electricity consumption of all the presses, which amounted to 250,000 kWh, this represents a saving of no less than six percent," he adds. The Häuser print shop switched over completely to green electricity in January 2013. Had it been using the standard German energy mix, it would therefore have achieved an annual reduction in CO 2 of up to eight metric tons.

    CombiStar Pro also offers free-cooling technology for further energy savings
    The free-cooling function can optionally be integrated directly into the equipment cabinet of the CombiStar Pro from Heidelberg. If outdoor temperatures rise above 15°C, the active refrigerating unit is switched on in stages to assist cooling. From approximately 20°C, it provides 100 percent of the cooling capacity required. If the outdoor temperature drops, the active refrigerating unit is deactivated in stages. The efficiency of this system thus depends on the outdoor temperature, the design of the recooler - the bigger the better - and the temperature specified in the inking unit.
    The CombiStar Pro is also equipped with the Digidos unit for high-precision metering of dampening solution additive and a device to measure the conductivity of the process water. This means the quality of the dampening solution and the fresh water can be evaluated.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

    Company news Fortress Paper Ltd. ("Fortress Paper" or the "Company") (TSX:FTP) announced that its Landqart Mill'sDurasafe® banknote paper has been confirmed as the substrate of the ninth series of the Swiss Franc by the Swiss National Bank (SNB).
    Durasafe® is the innovative new composite paper-polymer-paper banknote substrate developed by the Company's Swiss security paper manufacturer, Landqart AG, in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich. Durasafe® is composed of two cotton paper outer layers with a fully transparent polymer core. The polymer core in Durasafe® adds stability and higher mechanical strength properties to banknotes as well as high security features. The substrate's unique properties allow windows to be formed virtually anywhere on the banknote and can contain a watermark and security fibres as well as traditional security features, including easy-to-recognise banknote paper tactility.
    Chadwick Wasilenkoff, Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Paper, commented: "After several years of development, we are pleased to have Durasafe® accepted as the substrate for the new Swiss Franc series. The Swiss Franc is widely accepted as having one of the highest standards of banknote security features in the world and we believe this reference contract will enable us to further generate interest with state banks around the world."
    (Fortress Paper Ltd)
    07.05.2014   Kemira closes the acquisition of BASF's global AKD emulsion business     ( Company news )

    Company news Kemira Oyj has on May 5, 2014 closed the acquisition of BASF's global AKD emulsion business announced on February 27, 2014. AKD is an alkyl ketene dimer based sizing agent, which impacts paper and board hydrophobicity or water resistance. The acquisition strengthens Kemira's position in offering sizing products for the paper industry especially on the continental European market.

    The parties have agreed not to disclose financial details of the agreement.
    07.05.2014   Valmet to supply chemi-mechanical pulp and board production lines for Stora Enso's new mill ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... in China

    Image: Valmet liquid packaging board machine

    Valmet will supply Stora Enso with a chemi-mechanical pulp (BCTMP) and a board production line for their new mill site in Beihai, Guangxi Province in China. The board machine will produce high-quality liquid packaging board and folding box board grades. The production lines are planned to be operational in early 2016.
    The value of the order is around EUR 115 million. The order is included in Valmet's second quarter 2014 orders received.
    "We are glad that Stora Enso trusted us in this project and that we were able to provide solutions for both pulp and board production. Liquid packaging board is process-wise one of the most demanding board grades to produce and it is a growing market," says Jari Vähäpesola, Paper Business Line President, Valmet.

    Valmet's technology will enable the production of high quality liquid packaging board from eucalyptus
    One of the end products of the new mill will be liquid packaging board. Liquid packaging board is used for protecting and preserving its contents. High level printing properties make paperboard cartons ideal for carriers and brand builders.
    The Valmet-supplied BCTMP line will be built for a production of 650 tons per day of high quality pulp for liquid packaging board and folding box board.
    Valmet's board machine delivery will include a multi-fourdinier forming section with hybrid forming unit, press, drying and coating sections, a surface sizing unit, a calender, a reel, two winders and a wide mill engineering package. The delivery will also include related air systems, chemical systems as well as stock preparation and auxiliary systems. The annual production capacity will be approximately 450,000 tons of board.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    07.05.2014   Sappi Expands Algro® Sol Release Liners Portfolio - New markets targeted with broader ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... weight range following Alfeld Mill PM2 rebuild

    Picture: Silicone Base Papers

    Sappi Fine Paper Europe is targeting new markets with an expanded weight range in its Algro Sol portfolio of release liners following the successful €60m transformation of Alfeld Mill’s PM2. The development of the effective lightweight efficiency liners has been made possible by the new 135-ton, 6.4 meters in diameter MG cylinder recently installed on PM2 in the Sappi Alfeld mill. It produces excellent high dimensional stability and surface properties of Algro Sol papers that favour converting.

    In addition to the well established Algro Sol DN weights of 120g/m² and 135g/m² Sappi is launching new weights of 70, 80, 85, 90 and 98g /m². All are offering a significant price performance ratio and are mostly suited for office use, tape and industrial applications. All grades are available in different shades.

    One of the main benefits of the dimensional stability is performance reliability, which goes excellent with lay flat properties. With some substrates, paper dimension in cross direction can expand by 2% or 3% as a result of temperature changes. With these grades the value is only 0.4% - this ensures consistency and runability.

    “The rebuilt machine was designed to enable highly flexible production of a wider range of grades,” comments Gunnar Sieber Sappi’s Product Group Manager Release Liner. “The expanded range of lower Algro Sol DN weight papers offers a greater array of options and applications. We are excited to be presenting these to more target markets such as pressure sensitive adhesives and prepreg applications. Along with how the grade can support a broader variety of end uses, we are looking forward to approaching new sectors we have not targeted with these grades before. We will also be looking at our global positioning.”

    PM2’s flexible production capability will enable Sappi to develop grades to address opportunities as they arise. It is with this in mind that Algro Sol’s expansion is not stopping there. Algro Sol CN will be the newest family addition comprising of lighter weight grades from 50 g/m² to 60 g/m². These papers are suitable for pressure sensitive adhesive office material applications.

    As a competence centre, Sappi Alfeld Mill enables customers to further discover how the wide range of grade options can help them support their customer’s needs. They can also call on technical advice if required.

    “PM2’s successful rebuild will enable us to better address customer requirements for higher quality grades while the additional production capacity will aid on time delivery and substrate flexibility,” concludes Mr Sieber. “We will carefully explore all the opportunities this presents and see how new variations of release liners can help us effectively embrace emerging opportunities.”
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)
    07.05.2014   AVERY DENNISON’S CLEANFLAKE™ WINS ANOTHER KEY INDUSTRY ...     ( Company news )


    Picture: The Flexographic Technical Association has honored Avery Dennison CleanFlake™ with the Environmental Excellence Award for Innovations in Sustainability. (Photo: Avery Dennison, PR232)

    The Flexographic Technical Association presented its Environmental Excellence Award for Innovations in Sustainability to Avery Dennison Materials Group at FTA’s annual forum on April 27. Avery Dennison was recognized for the CleanFlake™ portfolio, a collection of label materials developed to advance the recycling of PET containers.

    "We understand that industry-transforming innovations begin with a view of the entire value chain -- from responsible sourcing to end-of-life analysis," said Darrell Hughes, vice president and general manager of Avery Dennison Materials Group North America. "We worked closely with stakeholders including raw material suppliers and reclaimers to solve a very real challenge: improving the recyclability of PET containers. We are proud to be offering the industry a solution that will allow more high-quality recycled PET to enter the supply stream."

    Direct printing, paper labels and standard pressure-sensitive labels applied to PET bottles tend to lower the recycling efficiency and the quality of recycled PET.

    In 2010, 1.5 billion pounds of PET were collected for recycling in the United States, yet reclaimers reported yield losses ranging from 24.4 percent to 32.2 percent due to contamination by labels, adhesives and other components – amounting to a loss of over 40 million pounds of bottles.

    CleanFlake is a patent-pending adhesive technology that “switches off” when submerged in a caustic bath so the label cleanly separates from the PET flakes. Although these labels adhere firmly to PET bottles or containers during use, they detach readily in a conventional recycling facility and rise to the surface in the float/sink separation phase, allowing clean PET flakes to sink for easier reclamation.

    FTA’s Sustainability Excellence Awards recognize companies for pioneering efforts in developing innovative processes, products and management approaches that have had a positive impact on the environment. Winners were selected by the FTA Sustainability Committee.

    This is the eighth industry award Avery Dennison has received for the CleanFlake Portfolio. The company received the Sustainability Award at Labelexpo 2013 in Brussels and the Global Green Award during Labelexpo 2012 in Chicago. In addition, it received the Society of Plastic Engineers Environmental Award in the Design for Sustainability category in 2013 and the Koreastar, Asiastar and Worldstar packaging awards between 2012 and 2013. Most recently, it received the Environmental Leader 2014 Product of the Year Award.
    (Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)
    07.05.2014   B&B RELIES ON GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT    ( Company news )

    Company news PACKPRO 7.4 AT INTERPACK 2014
    At Interpack in Duesseldorf, Brigl & Bergmeister will present a PackPro upgrade: 7.4

    PackPro 7.4 demonstrates the assets of the PackPro series and its manufacture in terms of carbon footprint.
    GSCM – Green Supply Chain Management plays a major role at B&B. Applying the triple bottom line approach, the company can use the intersection of three levels (economic, environmental and social objectives) as the basis of its activities. This ensures that not only a positive impact on the environment and on society can be achieved, but above all long-term commercial profits and competitive advantages can be realised.
    At B&B, sustainability initiatives and the corporate strategy are closely linked and also form part of the company's core business.
    B&B firmly believes that those customers who are increasingly concerned with environmental issues, such as global warming, for instance, will also be the customers who will in future increasingly enquire after the origin of products. Apart from the consumers, there are other drivers of Green Supply Chain Management, for instance organisational, community, media and regulatory drivers. This will increase significantly in the future.
    Implementing GSCM entails numerous benefits for FMCG products. However, many people still erroneously believe that environmentally sound action involves additional costs only. Yet is has been demonstrated that the benefits inherent in environmentally sound and sustainable packaging represent, in the medium to long term, a positive net effect on the financial performance and brand performance of companies.
    The entire PackPro series presents itself as THE answer in terms of environmentally sustainable flexible packaging solutions. This product series by B&B provides competitive advantages for FMCG products, brand reputation in terms of proactive sustainability, and proven innovation when it comes to minimising risks.
    (Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH)
    07.05.2014   emtec Electronic at the Future. Forum Paper in Austria    ( Company news )

    Company news From June 04th until 05th, emtec Electronic GmbH will participate at the “Future. Forum Paper” – the Austrian Paper Conference with trade show for pulp and paper industry in Graz.
    During the two days emtec will present different testing instruments by which the process from the production of the pulp to the conversion to the finished product can be controlled and guided in the right direction to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs.
    In the wet end it is extremely important to have detailed information about the charges of particles in the pulp suspension, which can be determined by the CAS Charge Analyzing System. Also important is the knowledge about the surface charge of the pulp fibers, which can be measured with the FPA – Fiber Potential Analyzer.
    In addition to the wet-end, it is necessary to get an idea of the quality of the base paper after the production for further steps within the conversion. This can be realized by the EST12 – Surface & Sizing Tester, which gives reliable and objective information about the surface sizing respectively hydrophoby and the surface pore structure to predict the behavior of paper and board during glueing, printing and coating processes. The availability of these paper properties provides enormous chances for the optimization of the paper and board production and converting processes.
    06.05.2014   Participate at Paper Arabia 2014 - Middle East's special event on Paper Industry    ( Company news )

    Company news Be a part of Paper Arabia 2014 - Middle East's special event on Paper Industry

    On September 21-23, 2014, it is time for the 7th edition of the International Exhibition on Paper, Tissue and Converting Industry also covering Corrugated, Carton and Machinery. Taking place in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in the grand city of Dubai, Paper Arabia will be the unique platform for the Middle East, African and Asian buyers to meet, source and discuss everything and anything related to the Paper Industry.

    Preview new products at Paper Arabia 2014
    New technology and trend will be unveiled and the world's biggest machinery and technology suppliers will choose this event for their business enhancements to this part of the world.
    Over the past few years, Paper Arabia has proven to be the most attended exhibition for all paper industry proffessionals in the Middle East region. The last edition in 2013 was visited by more than 6500 trade visitors from 48 countries, 95% of which were the senior most executive from their respective organisations. Read about this, Exhibitor profile, participation cost and much more in the Exhibitor Invitation.
    (Adforum AB)
    06.05.2014   Eldorado Brasil sets new pulp production world records with ANDRITZ technology    ( Company news )

    Company news After a little more than one year of operation, the greenfield pulp mill of Eldorado Brasil in Três Lagoas, Brazil, set three consecutive world records for daily pulp production in March 2014.
    On March 30, 2014, Eldorado produced 5,156 tons in a single day, breaking its own previous world records set on March 20, 2014 (5,056 tons) and March 19, 2014 (4,990 tons).
    The systems used to produce Eldorado’s high-quality pulp include wood processing, cooking, washing, screening, and bleaching technologies delivered by ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER. The single-vessel continuous digester with Lo-Solids® cooking and the accompanying fiberline technologies represent state-of-the-art process technology providing the best yield, washing efficiency, and minimal chemical consumption. The fiberline is fed with high-quality chips from a woodyard consisting of three horizontally fed ANDRITZ HHQ Chippers. ANDRITZ also supplied the complete pulp drying plant (two drying machines) and the entire white liquor plant, including the world’s largest lime kiln.
    With annual production of approximately 1.5 million tons of bleached eucalyptus market pulp, Eldorado is currently the largest single-line pulp mill in the world. With this order, ANDRITZ once again confirms its leading global position as a supplier of complete pulp production lines.
    (Andritz AG)
    06.05.2014   2014: Major challenges and great expectations    ( Company news )

    Company news With the Interpack due from 8. to 14. May in Düsseldorf we asked Pro Carton President Roland Rex (photo) about the current situation in packaging. His summary: this year and the coming years the Packaging Supply Chain will face major challenges, and they will be accompanied by considerable opportunities for cartonboard and cartons.
    In 2014, the Interpack in Düsseldorf will again prove to be a meeting point for all partners in the supply chain. Pro Carton will be present at the joint stand with the Association of German Paper Manufacturers (VDP) and the Association of the German Carton Industry (FFI) in Hall 9, Stand J13.

    What do you expect from Interpack?
    To start with: numerous visitors to our stand. Of course, the main attractions are the winners of the Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2013, especially the Carton of the Year, a sensational packaging for champagne. By the way, the deadline for entries to this year's Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2014 is 6. June 2014. Things look extremely promising: never before have entries reached us so early as well as phone calls and queries.
    And secondly, good discussions. We are facing a revolution in the retail trade, and this naturally affects packaging. The Packaging Supply Chain needs to network far more closely and exchange know-how to make the most of the coming challenges. Pro Carton and ECMA are already preparing their first major joint congress which will be one of this year's highlights. This will be a meeting point for the entire supply chain of the packaging industry. We will all close ranks to communicate better, not only just to meet the multiple requirements, but for the benefit of cartons in specific.

    What do you expect from 2014?
    The long expected economic recovery from the crisis in 2008 is gradually taking hold and comes just in time for new packaging tasks and the fundamental changes predicted for the supply chain.
    It will be an exciting year for all of us, we are all challenged to be extremely flexible and creative as a response. All areas are encouraged to think and contribute their ideas. New impulses are needed consistently from all areas. The joint ECMA Pro Carton Congress in September with many top class presentations will hopefully herald first results.
    It is very important for us to promote creativity, and 2014 provides us with yet another highlight: our international Pro Carton Young Design Award, which is held every two years, takes place again this year. Its purpose is to motivate young designers and involve them in the future of our industry. In my 2013 speech at the occasion of the 25. Pro Carton anniversary I already underlined how important it is to ready ourselves for the future. Much of what I addressed last year has become part of the development this year.

    Does this also include basic research?
    Quite correct. In the past two years we have experienced tremendous success with our study "Packaging: a medium with considerable power". The study became one the most quoted studies in the industry and presented numerous times throughout Europe. Above all, the study proved effective and has been incorporated in the development work of marketing and design departments.
    At the ECMA Pro Carton Congress in September we will be presenting another study on the fundamentals. All I can reveal at the moment is: the study is a cooperation with the trade research institute EHI and will cover the topic "Multi-Channel“ distribution, which will also be a major topic at the congress.
    We are presently working on a relaunch of and will be able to reveal more in the coming months.

    How do you view the future opportunities of cartons?
    The new presentation and distribution channels in conjunction with the internet have led to an extensive re-evaluation of the entire logistic chain. It has become clear that sustainability is not just a question of good will, but also a question of costs: sustainable packaging, sustainable logistics are considerably less expensive long-term.
    These days nothing goes without environmental responsibility, also for cost reasons. It has become an inseparable part of corporate policy, and, of course, these are ideal conditions for cartonboard and cartons being the most sustainable form of packaging.
    No part of the production chain can bypass these considerations. Sustainability has become an absolute necessity and is quite rightfully demanded by consumers. This forms the basis of the success story surrounding cartonboard and cartons as witnessed by numerous packaging relaunches and new products.
    (Pro Carton)

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