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    28.09.2015   MAJOR INVESTMENT IN TROIS-RIVIÈRES    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: (from left to right): Laurent Lessard, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks; Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec; Joseph Kruger II, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Kruger Inc., and Jean-Denis Girard, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region.

    Kruger Packaging L.P. today announced an investment of $250 million to convert the No. 10 Newsprint Machine (PM10) at Kruger’s Trois-Rivières Mill to manufacture 100% recycled lightweight linerboard. This major project, to be carried out with the support of the Government of Québec, was announced in the presence of Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec; Laurent Lessard, Minister of Forests, Fauna and Parks; Jean-Denis Girard, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development, Minister responsible for the Mauricie region and MNA for Trois-Rivières, and Joseph Kruger II, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Kruger Inc.

    The modernization project will generate significant growth opportunities for the Trois-Rivières facility, contributing to secure operations and the 270 jobs at the mill. The project has received $190 million in support from the Québec government, which includes an $84-million loan to finance the cost of the conversion and a $106-million participation, through Investissement Québec, in a new company that now combines all of Kruger’s Containerboard and Packaging activities. As a result of this investment, the Québec government will have a 25% ownership in this new company which has assets in excess of $600 million, and more than 800 jobs, including 620 in Québec will be secured.

    State-of-the-art Technology
    Over the coming 20 months, PM10 will be completely modernized to incorporate some of the most advanced containerboard manufacturing technology. Once PM10 is up and running in 2017, it will produce 360,000 metric tonnes of 100% recycled lightweight linerboard annually, a portion of which will be sold to Kruger Packaging’s box plants in LaSalle (Quebec) and Brampton (Ontario), while the remainder will be sold on the market. The containerboard to be manufactured in Trois-Rivières is seeing huge growth in North America and around the world, as packaging manufacturers seek to produce increasingly lighter and stronger products.

    Newsprint production to continue
    The Trois-Rivières Mill will continue to produce newsprint on PM10 until two months before the end of the conversion project. Meanwhile, the Mill’s other newsprint production line, PM7, will remain in operation into the future. Overall, Kruger’s three newsprint production facilities will have an annual output of 600,000 metric tonnes, maintaining the company’s ranking among North America’s top newsprint manufacturers.
    (Kruger Publication Papers Inc.)
    28.09.2015   Industry 4.0 - The future of intelligent paperproduction    ( Company news )

    Company news The total digitization of production, already called the “fourth industrial revolution” by experts, is now also making its appearance in Austria. Röchling Leripa Papertech – leading innovator of wear parts made of plastic for paper machines – was the first company to address the forward-looking theme of Industry 4.0, and developed a new “smart” product line called ROBASMART.

    Most people are now already familiar with the common term “smart” from mobile phones (smartphone) and home automation systems (smart living). But even the working world of the future in Austria, or indeed world-wide, will be defined by the total digitization of production. “Smart” machines that are equipped with processors, sensors and wireless connections and can thus communicate independently with one another will support production and manufacturing in future. They will organize themselves independently and optimize the flows and the manufacturing of the products. Thus, stock levels and production levels will be checked by the smart technology and the production machines will independently re-order and re-tool themselves In addition, the reaction to faults or failures can be fast, flexible and autonomous.

    ROBASMART also works according to the “smart” principle. Individual values are read by means of a mini-server specially developed for the purpose from the wireless devices and sensors with which the wear parts are equipped, and passed on to the control cabin of the paper machine. Any corrections that are found to be necessary can then be carried out manually or fully automatically with the SMART system, which can be switched on and off. The familiar surface design is retained and is expanded with additional information. The individual components of the paper machine can be fitted separately and also retrofitted at any time.

    Röchling Leripa has its own in-house center of excellence equipped with testing machines, so that the latest findings from research and development can be immediately tested in realistic conditions that are close to what is encountered in actual practice. The ROBASMART products were also tested and inspected in this manner before the market launch. Apart from the user-friendliness of the system, above all, the safety and economy of the smart products are very important. Preventive maintenance is not required any more, since the corresponding notification and warning systems allow action to be taken only when required, which in turn ensures longer production uptimes. Wear parts are replaced when necessary, maintenance intervals are controlled exactly and the order planning improved as a result. The smart products can be employed as decision aids and have a positive effect on the economic viability of the entire production process. In addition, they contribute significantly to increasing the paper quality and significantly reduce the consumption of water, energy and fiber.

    A start is being made with the two product lines SMARTROLL and SMARTTABLE. In the area of the forming section, sealing strips are fitted with sensors that measure the temperature, wear and noise (SMARTROLL). As regards the press section, dewatering elements - which can be adjusted horizontally and vertically - are digitized. This facilitates customized and qualitatively even better production of individual paper grades. All the information on the new smart product line can be found at

    “It is our vision to make many wear parts in the paper machine ‘smart’ in the coming five years”, says Peter Eckerstorfer, CEO of Röchling Leripa Papertech, about the future of Industry 4.0 and ROBASMART.
    (Röchling Leripa Papertech GmbH & Co KG)
    25.09.2015   Verso Announces Additions to Blazer Digital(R) Offering - Verso Expands ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Blazer Digital(R) Line to Meet Needs of Xerox(R) iGen(R) Series of Digital Presses

    Verso Corporation (NYSE: VRS), a leading producer of digital coated papers, announces the expansion of its Blazer Digital® economy digital coated paper offering with 10 new sheet sizes specifically designed for the Xerox® iGen4™, Xerox® iGen® 150 and new Xerox® iGen® 5 digital presses.

    "Verso has been a leader in manufacturing digital papers since digital printing technology first emerged, with specialized expertise, dedicated production capacity and one of the broadest offerings of digital-specific products in the industry," states Mike Weinhold, Verso's Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development. "Every one of our digital products is designed specifically for digital printing."

    Blazer Digital® is an economical, coated digital paper with weight and finish choices similar to conventional folio formats. Offered in gloss and satin, text and cover weights, it provides good performance on dry and liquid toner, production color laser printers and digital offset technologies.

    Verso continues to focus on the digital print market and align its grade offering to better meet the needs of digital press owners. With the growth of the Xerox iGen series, Verso has added 14.33" x 26" stocking sizes in 80 lb. and 100 lb. gloss and satin text and 26" x 14.33" stocking sizes in 80 lb., 100 lb. and 110 lb. gloss and satin cover to its Blazer Digital® offering. These new sizes are stocked in our warehouses and are readily available.

    "These additional sheet sizes allow customers to diversify the type and size of high-end color printed materials using one of the industry's largest digital sheet sizes," said Dennis Essary, Verso's Director for Digital Papers. "It's now possible to digitally print collateral such as six-panel 8.5" x 11" tri-fold brochures, postcards and greeting cards, or extra large book covers and jackets with Verso's new 14.33" x 26" sheet size."

    Along with the Blazer Digital® economy product, Verso offers premium digital products such as Futura®, Sterling® Premium Digital and Sterling® Premium Digital for HP Indigo, each with pleasing optics, exceptional surface quality and budget-friendly pricing, and Productolith Pts. Digital® for heavier-weight packaging. Verso also produces award-winning TrueJet®, a specialized line of digital coated papers for production inkjet presses that not only optimizes quality but also is designed to deliver significant savings in ink costs. From Futura® to TrueJet®, Verso can meet your coated digital paper needs.

    To learn more about Verso's entire product portfolio including digital, sheetfed, web and specialty papers, visit us at Booth 3667 from September 13 to16 at GRAPH EXPO 15, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.
    (Verso Corporation)
    25.09.2015   Pöyry awarded EPCM services assignment for state-of-the-art pulp mill, Fibria, Brazil    ( Company news )

    Company news Pöyry awarded EPCM services assignment for state-of-the-art pulp mill, Fibria, Brazil

    Fibria, the largest eucalyptus pulp producer in the world, has awarded Pöyry with the assignment for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services for the Balance of Plant (BOP) of the Horizonte 2 project in Brazil. The services cover the required interconnection between all process areas, turbo generators and steam distribution system, water intake and effluent outfall systems, cooling towers, air compressors, chilled water system, central air conditioning for the mill and other complementary systems.

    The annual target capacity for the mill is 1.75 million tonnes of eucalyptus-baled bleached pulp and the start-up is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017. The new pulp mill will be located in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul State, where Fibria already has the Horizonte 1 pulp mill producing 1.3 MADtB/a since 2009. For Horizonte 1, Pöyry was responsible for the concept development and environmental studies, as well as for the BOP and EPCM services and overall project management.

    This state-of-the-art mill is based on the use of best available technologies and best environmental practices. With this expansion, Fibria's total production capacity will increase from 5.3 million to more than 7 million tons of pulp per year. The existing mill is already self-sufficient in energy production and the Horizonte 2 Project will produce a surplus of 120 MWH.

    Pöyry has been involved in the project since January 2011 when it was awarded an assignment by Fibria for the environmental and conceptual studies for the project.

    "This assignment strengthens Pöyry's position as the world's leading pulp and paper engineering consultancy, and is the result of bringing together expertise from across a number of complementary disciplines within Pöyry" says Marcelo Cordaro, President of Pöyry's Regional Operations Latin America.
    (Pöyry Finland Oy Energy)
    25.09.2015   Södra takes new steps with ground-breaking, eco-friendly material     ( Company news )

    Company news On 22 September, the first pilot machine for manufacturing products from the ground-breaking bio-composite DuraPulp was inaugurated. With DuraPulp, Södra is able to offer a viable alternative to fossil-fuel based products.

    DuraPulp is a biodegradable and renewable material that is malleable and mouldable. It can be used for a wide range of applications and sophisticated designs. The material is stable, water resistant and highly durable. DuraPulp has been developed by Södra and will now be produced on a pilot machine so that customers can trial the material for themselves for the first time.

    On the threshold of the future
    The inauguration represents a first step towards industrial-scale production of DuraPulp and bespoke products. Both the material and its products are very different to those made from traditional cellulose recipes and require a high level of technical expertise in the manufacturing process and technical support for customers, which Södra will provide. The foundations for a facility that can be used for technical presentations are currently being laid. It will also be made available to new customers to help their product development process.

    DuraPulp is a mix of cellulose and a corn-based polymer called polylactic acid (PLA). It is completely new to the market. DuraPulp represents a potential solution to the replacement of fossil-fuel based products offering the chance to create bespoke new solutions rather than off-the-shelf options. DuraPulp is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to plastics with major potential in terms of product design, user-friendliness and durability.

    A sustainable future
    Södra has been working on the development of sustainable new materials to replace fossil-fuel products for some time. While DuraPulp's basic components are simple, the process of forming the actual material is considerably more complex. Using the right technique, the polymer melts and bonds with the cellulose, while also reinforcing the cellulose fibres.

    Demo products produced with DuraPulp to date include the award-winning Parupu children's chair, exclusive packaging and industrial components.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    25.09.2015   Metsä Board celebrates winners of Sustainability Award, and Beauty, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Healthcare, and Beverages Awards in 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards

    Four cartons using boards from Metsä Board have won awards in the 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards, including the top honour of the Sustainability Award, in a year when the focus was on the unique sustainability of cartonboard. Metsä Board’s products were also used by winners in three categories: Beauty & Cosmetics; Beverages; and Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.

    “We are delighted the sustainability of cartonboard has been recognised across the field, and how it is adaptable to so many innovative ways of bringing consumer benefit, shelf appeal and cost effectiveness to market,” says Mika Paljakka, VP Sales EMEA, Metsä Board. “We would like to extend our congratulations to everyone who participated in the vision, design, and production of the winning cartons.”

    The Sustainability Award was presented to Fazer Alku New Mill Products for its cereal box, described as offering a decisive advance in terms of sustainability. The judges praised the design and convenience as well as the high cartonboard ratio that makes the pack ideal for recycling. The carton uses Simcote from Metsä Board.

    Winner of the Beauty & Cosmetics category is the Müller Soft Star Tissue Duchesse pack, which uses Metsä Board’s Carta Elega in a round cylinder shape. The judges felt it was highly original in shape and construction, with tremendous impact on shelf. They were also impressed by its tactile soft feel, embossing and textures that gave the pack desirability.

    In the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals category, the winner is the Multipack for Clinical Trials produced for Hoffman La Roche, using Carta Elega from Metsä Board. The judges were impressed by how different bottle shapes and sizes were securely held in place, without the need for foam or other cushioning materials, just clever cartonboard engineering. The effect on sustainability was also considerable, as there is less waste, reduced shipping costs and 100% recycling by using cartonboard as a mono-material.

    The winner of the Beverages award is the YO Syrup Carton Sleeve produced for Eckes-Granini - an eye-catching wrap-around design printed on Carta Solida from Metsä Board. It was felt that the protruding ribbon adds a playful touch and acts like a signal never seen before on a shelf of syrup products. The judges commented that it was perfect for the kids target market and a very well thought through structural and graphic design.

    The annual Pro Carton ECMA Award competition attracts hundreds of entries, with the jury looking for excellence in design, convenience, brand communication and the major role cartonboard plays as a sustainable packaging material. The winners were announced at the Award Gala on 10 September 2015 held in Bucharest.
    (Metsä Board Corporation)
    25.09.2015   Feldmuehle Uetersen continues to implement its successful longterm strategy by making its ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...debut appearance as an independent papermaker at FachPack 2015

    Feldmuehle Uetersen, a paper mill with a rich heritage located northwest of Hamburg, has made great progress since becoming independent in February 2015. Products from the company’s segments Board Solutions, Liner Options, Labelling Applications and Flexible Packaging will be showcased at the FachPack 2015 trade fair.

    Since July 2015, Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH and Kämmerer Osnabrück GmbH are owned by FK Paper Beteiligungen GmbH and Querino GmbH. With the acquisition of both companies emerges a new, significant and long-standing market participant in the German paper industry.
    The change of ownership, which includes all the shares of Feldmuehle, represents a significant step forward towards an even more sustainable and stable future for the papermaker.
    Dr. Christopher Höfener, Managing Director of Querino GmbH, is delighted to sustainably continue the business as a privately owned company.
    As a partner in the Munich-based Perusa GmbH, Dr. Höfener helped to procure and manage the business.
    This step was motivated by his passion for papermaking and its numerous future possibilities in packaging and in technical specialty papers. “The company will continue to implement its successful strategy. We will focus on continuity,” says Höfener.

    In connection with the transaction, the shareholder Dr. Klaus Freihube has now been appointed Managing Director of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH. With this step, the new shareholders are personally taking charge of the further development of the company and actively support the long-term growth strategy drawn up for the economy.

    Uetersen’s strategy is paying off:
    Thanks to the excellent reputation of Feldmuehle and the quality of the products, several new customers have been gained since Stora Enso gave up its ownership, and both paper machines currently have a high utilisation rate. The number of sales personnel has increased significantly, and Feldmuehle continues to expand its operations.

    An exceptionally high service level, ‘Made in Germany’ quality, and a product portfolio fine-tuned to the expectations of the packaging and graphical industries are part of the credo of Feldmuehle Uetersen.
    The product portfolio includes SBS boards, liners, label papers, flexible packaging papers, technical speciality papers as well as two-side multicoated art papers.

    The Board Solutions segment consists of MediaCard, an SBS board featuring an
    excellent high-white, bright and silky smooth surface. It is ideal for a wide
    range of packaging and graphical applications, including folding boxes, playing cards, shopping bags, cards and covers.

    The Liner Options segment features MediaLiner, a bright-white graphical topliner for corrugated board packaging, sales trays, displays and other lamination applications.
    MediaLiner’s uniqueness lies in its suitability for both offset and flexography printing and its usability for pre-print and direct printing using either sheets or reels.

    As a label paper producer, Feldmuehle Uetersen has for decades been the
    Labelling Application partner of the beverage, food and non-food industries. The company offers a broad portfolio for both returnable and non-returnable packaging containers, including LabelSet – the leading high wet strength and alkaline resistant label paper.

    The Flexible Packaging segment includes the one-side coated LennoFlex, the versatile all-rounder for various flexible packaging applications, as well as LennoKraft, a white coated kraft paper for end uses such as single- and multi-
    wall bags and sacks.

    The Technical Specialities segment consists of tailor-made solutions designed jointly with the customer for specific requests or requirements.

    The Graphical Printing segment offers Exceo, a white, bright, two-side multicoated, woodfree art paper with glossy or silky surface designed specifically for the needs of publishers and printing houses.

    The mill has a track record of comprehensive expertise and extensive experience. The location, within the metropolitan area of Hamburg, is ideal for flexible deliveries, even on short notice, to the core markets of Central Europe, particularly Germany, as well as overseas thanks to the excellent sea link offered by the port of Hamburg.
    The size and modernity of the paper machines and other equipment furthermore provide excellent capability to quickly adapt to market conditions and customer needs. It is flexibility, customer service and quality that make Feldmuehle Uetersen a reliable partner.

    “The Feldmuehle strategy has a clear focus on profitable growth and innovation in all product segments,” says Director Sales & Marketing Eckhard Kallies. The traditionally strong business areas of labelling and art papers have been complemented with packaging during the last few years. Thus Feldmuehle already
    has a significant market share in graphic liners for corrugated board, SBS
    board and flexible packaging papers, and its market position will be further expanded and strengthened in the future. “The divestment from a large corporation left some hurdles that still need to be overcome. Particularly the cost pressure in raw materials requires even better and more efficient processes, but also inevitably calls for price increases in all product segments.” To accomplish this, says Kallies, “We will, on the one hand, offer customer benefits through standardisation and, on the other hand, we will start invoicing special transactions and services. An extra cost will be charged for special formats and roll widths, for example, and also for ‘fast deliveries’. Furthermore, we will enforce minimum purchase quantities. The implementation of these measures requires negotiations with customers, which will take place during the fourth quarter.”

    Visit Feldmuehle Uetersen at FachPack 2015 in Nuremberg, stand 432, hall 7A.
    (Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH)
    24.09.2015   Valmet to supply a tissue production line to Renova in Portugal     ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will supply an Advantage NTT tissue production line and an automation system to the European tissue brand Renova. Renova is the first tissue producer in Europe to invest in Valmet's Advantage NTT tissue technology for the production of textured and plain tissue products.

    The new line, to be installed at the Torres Novas mill in Zibreira, Portugal, will allow Renova to increase its paper production capacity with 50%. The start-up is scheduled for the end of 2016.

    The order was included in Valmet's second Quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    "We are eager to see the result from the combination of Renova's proactive innovativeness and Valmet's sustainable Advantage NTT technology. Its flexibility provides endless possibilities to produce special designed textured tissue products," says Mr. Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova

    "Our Advantage NTT technology has established a strong market position in high efficiency innovative and flexible tissue production. We are excited to support Renova to bring their tissue products to the next level. We are looking forward to working with Renova and making this project a benchmark on the European tissue market," says Jan Erikson, VP Tissue Sales, Valmet.

    Technical information of the delivery
    The new tissue machine will have a design speed of 1 800 m/min in textured mode and 2,000 m/min in plain mode. The production line is optimized to save energy and fiber as well as add possibilities for product differentiation and increased capacity of premium quality products.

    Valmet's scope of delivery comprises a complete tissue production line including an Advantage NTT tissue machine, with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. It will also be featured with the Advantage tissue technology including, an AirCap hood with a WetDust system. Basic and detailed mill engineering, complete stock preparation and process ventilation are also included in the scope. Furthermore, the delivery will include a Valmet DNA Automation system.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    24.09.2015   Bekaert Solaronics will install a UniDryer®V3 at Technocell Günzach, Germany    ( Company news )

    Company news Bekaert Solaronics is partnering with Bellmer for the installation of a UniDryer® V3 system in PM14 at Technocell Günzach’s paper mill in Germany. The extensive revamp of the paper machine is scheduled to take place in the 4th quarter 2015.

    This installation is part of the Technocell Günzach’s project to expand the production of pre-impregnated papers, a key growth segment. After the rebuild, the paper machine PM14 will produce both pre-impregnated PRIP® as well as nonwoven papers coated on both sides for wallpapers.

    The objective of the installation in the Günzach mill is the non-contact drying of a new specialty paper. The UniDryer® V3 offers a rapid heating, high energy efficiency, high compactness and ultimately a better paper quality. The system will be equipped with Gem12E, the latest generation of Bekaert Solaronics emitters that allow an increased drying efficiency by approximately 10 % compared to the regular Gem12 emitters.
    (Solaronics SA)
    24.09.2015   Carton of the Year: Natural beauty gains a tactile frame    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: The Carton of the Year award went to the packaging for ambuja, a skin care collection from Legart Forschungsatelier. The carton is made by Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach of Invercote G from Iggesund Paperboard. © Iggesund

    The packaging for ambuja, a natural skin care collection from Legart Forschungsatelier, was the big winner at the 2015 ProCarton ECMA Awards when it was voted Carton of the Year. The winning packaging is made of Invercote G 200 g/m2 from Iggesund Paperboard and has an exciting opening and closure mechanism that makes excellent use of Invercote’s structural properties.

    “I’m very pleased at their victory and I congratulate them,” comments John Mitchell, who is responsible for Iggesund’s European sales to converters and brand owners. “Their solution is brave and innovative and they’ve succeeded in combining a bold structural design with creating a tactile and high-quality experience for the consumer.”

    “And of course we are especially pleased when Invercote is used to create packaging that has a really distinctive design and stands out on the retail shelves.”

    Extremely elegant colouring scheme and perfect choreography when opening and closing: only very few packs express the value of their contents so distinctly. The focus is on aesthetics which reflect the technological advance and uniqueness of the brand. The concept’s central idea is based on “organic” opening according to the principles of nature – like a fruit or blossom.

    The sound effect comes as a surprise and rounds off the experience perfectly: when closing the lid, the product is covered with an audible click and is kept safe at the same time. The sound of the magnetic fastener highlights the unique feeling of holding something precious in your hands, something that is both durable and sustainable.

    The natural harmony of this composition can only be realised with paperboard. The reactions of customers with an affinity for design were extremely positive. Its uniqueness makes this carton a powerful positioning aid in this luxury segment as well as offering superior presentation options.

    The jury was also enthusiastic in its statement:
    “This is a carton that was a joy to interact with. Whilst the feel of the carton in-hand was lovely and smooth here was a carton that really impressed the judges on opening as it opened with a flip top where the rest of the pack opened beautifully and partway down the corner to reveal the product. The ace was the audible ‘click’ sound that the pack made when closed and the flip top closing almost spring-like. When several senses can be engaged, including sound, then that makes for a very interesting consumer pack.”

    The packaging was converted by the Austrian firm Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach for the brand owner Legart Forschungsatelier. The structural design is by Herwig Bischof and Johannes Gautier. The latter also did the graphic design. The packaging is made of Invercote G 200 g/m2 from Iggesund Paperboard.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    24.09.2015   Lecta at the Frankfurt Book Fair    ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta will showcase its paper ranges designed for the publishing industry at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

    Lecta will participate in this year’s edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest event for the publishing industry worldwide, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 14 to October 18, 2015.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to experience Lecta’s wide range of coated and uncoated papers for publishers firsthand and discover Lecta’s new book, “Bodies”. Through surprising colour-rich and deep-contrast photos, the book shows how the body, like paper, makes you listen, feel, look and love. The book contains images printed on a variety of Lecta papers, making it easy to see the different print results that can be achieved and simplifying the choice of the most suitable paper for a given piece of work.

    Lecta’s most recent launch, its new GardaMatt Smooth coated paper, with high whiteness and excellent smoothness, will be prominently featured at the stand.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the group’s extensive line of high-quality papers specifically tailored for publishers’ needs: GardaMatt Art, GardaMatt Ultra, GardaMatt Smooth, GardaPat 13 KLASSICA, GardaPat 13 KIARA, GardaPat 13 BIANKA, Condat matt Périgord and Coral Book.

    To find out more about Lecta’s ranges of coated and uncoated papers, please visit, and

    Join us at the Frankfurt Book Fair, pavilion 4.0, stand G77, October 14-18 2015. “All you need is paper”.
    (Lecta Group)
    24.09.2015    Wendel welcomes a new investor in Constantia Flexibles    ( Company news )

    Company news Wendel welcomes a new investor in Constantia Flexibles with Maxburg Capital Partners, a long-term investment firm backed by the RAG Foundation

    On 22 September 2015, Wendel has signed a term sheet to syndicate a minority stake of its equity investment in Constantia Flexibles to Maxburg Capital Partners (“MCP”), an investment firm backed by the RAG Foundation.

    In this context, MCP is committed to buy off Wendel a minority stake in Constantia Flexibles (subject to final documentation) for €100 million representing c. 11% of the share capital. This investment is accompanied with a 12 years standstill agreement with Wendel, consistent with Maxburg Capital Partners and RAG Foundation’s long term horizon. For certain predetermined decisions, Wendel and MCP have agreed to exercise their voting rights similarly.

    Maxburg Capital Partners is an independent investment firm focused on long-term value creation via investments in public and private companies in the DACH region, and is backed by the RAG Foundation as sole anchor investor. The RAG Foundation is a long term investor, which was established to discontinue coal mining in Germany in a socially acceptable manner by the end of 2018 and to ensure the financing of perpetual obligations of RAG’s coal mining activities in the German Ruhr and Saar regions.

    Constantia Flexibles has successfully developed its activity outside Europe and over the last five years has become a global leader in flexible packaging. Constantia Flexibles now has more than 3,000 customers worldwide, over 8,400 employees and 43 manufacturing sites in 18 countries. Its products are sold in more than 115 countries.

    Following this transaction, Wendel will stay Constantia Flexibles’ controlling shareholder with 61% of the share capital for a total equity invested of €540 million. The H. Turnauer Foundation investment in Constantia Flexibles is unchanged with 27% of the capital. Wendel will benefit, under certain performance conditions, from part of the gain realised on MCP’s investment in Constantia Flexibles.

    Wendel will continue supporting Constantia Flexibles’ external growth strategy through additional equity investments if needed and preserves the possibility to embrace further minority investors in the share capital.

    Frédéric Lemoine, Chairman of Wendel’s Executive Board, said “I am delighted to have Wendel and RAG Foundation, both long-term investors, to be committed alongside the same world class company, Constantia Flexibles. I am very pleased to join forces with like-minded equity partners. Together with Maxburg, we will continue to develop Constantia Flexibles over the long-term, based on a shared entrepreneurial vision.”

    Moritz Greve, Partner at Maxburg Capital Partners, said “We look forward to working with Wendel who have demonstrated to source and execute highly attractive investments such as Constantia Flexibles. We are impressed with the Wendel Team and Constantia Management and their longterm commitment to value creation.”
    (Constantia Flexibles GmbH)
    24.09.2015   Sappi Kirkniemi Power Plant inauguration ahead of schedule     ( Company news )

    Company news In 2013, Sappi Europe announced its intention to significantly invest (EUR 56m) in its Kirkniemi Mill in Lohja, Finland. The decision to build a new power plant was key to supporting future operations, safeguarding the competitiveness of the mill, and backing the company’s drive for cost leadership. Combining energy, enthusiasm and commitment, the new plant has been finished six months ahead of schedule.

    In what promises to be a very exciting day in the history of the Kirkniemi Mill, inauguration proceedings for the new plant will take place on Friday 11th September in the presence of Mr Olli Rehn, Minister for Economic Affairs (Finland), Mr Pasi Laine, CEO of Valmet and Mr Berry Wiersum, CEO of Sappi Europe.

    Kirkniemi Mill’s goal is to continuously improve its energy efficiency. The new power plant will significantly reduce the mill’s cost base by decreasing energy costs and securing energy supply. The plant will flexibly use solid fuels such as bark from the mill’s debarking process, and other wood based fuels and coal. The technique will facilitate a remarkable increase of biomass fuel in the mill’s energy production. The new boiler circulates fluidized bed (CFB) and its fuel power is 96 MW. Underlining Sappi’s commitment to sustainable development, processes are based on BAT – Best Available Technology. The plant designs have taken current and future requirements into consideration to ensure the highest possible standards are met.

    Commenting on the starting of the plant, Martti Savelainen, Mill Director of Sappi Kirkniemi said: “The new power plant is key to the sustainable future of Kirkniemi. We are delighted to be starting operations ahead of time and feel confident that this investment will drive the competitiveness of the mill. Kirkniemi is an effective unit committed to delivering value to the Sappi group in a sustainable way.”
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)
    24.09.2015   Over 100,000 Hectares of Private Forests Certified Under UPM's FSC® Group Certificate in Finland     ( Company news )

    Company news UPM's FSC® group certification scheme for private forest owners in Finland has passed a milestone of 100,000 hectares of certified forest. Since 2012, UPM has offered an FSC forest certification service to private forest owners. UPM's FSC group certificate (FSC® C109750) provides private forest owners with a reliable and internationally recognised means of ensuring that their forests are managed responsibly and according to the latest practices.

    The FSC certificate is mainly targeted at large and medium-sized forest estates, where it provides most benefits for the forest owners. "An increasing number of forest owners in Finland have become interested in certifying their forests to the FSC scheme. They know that the demand for FSC certified wood is high,” says Eija Kuusisto, Key Account Manager at UPM Wood Sourcing and Forestry. "UPM promotes the advancement of the FSC forest certification in Finland. FSC certified wood creates new opportunities for our businesses in the highly competitive end-use markets. We are looking to increase the share of FSC certified fibre in our operations, with an emphasis on sourcing near our mill sites.”

    All UPM's forests in Finland have been certified to PEFC since 2000 and in 2011, UPM had nearly 400,000 hectares of its own forests certified to FSC. "By certifying our own forests, we ensure that our own personnel and entrepreneurs get acquainted with the FSC scheme. We then use this expertise to benefit our private forest owner clients," Kuusisto says.

    The FSC certification is proof of responsible forestry. An FSC symbol on an end product means that the wood raw material or fibre used in its products has been responsibly sourced. UPM uses third-party verified environmental certificates and ecolabels to convey the environmental performance of its products, help clients choose the right products and provide information to its stakeholders. UPM offers a wide range of certified products.

    "Consumer awareness and demand for FSC certified products is constantly increasing. FSC is a renowned scheme around the world, and we are happy to see its popularity growing in Finland," says Anniina Kostilainen, Director of the Office, FSC Finland.

    UPM actively co-operates with FSC both internationally and in Finland to increase the use of FSC-certified wood in its production. It also aims to promote awareness of the FSC forest certification and related responsibility issues both in Finland and around the world. In Finland, UPM aims to make it easy for private forest owners to participate in the certification system and meet the related standards and criteria.
    23.09.2015   Minerals Technologies Signs Commercial Agreement to Deploy ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... FulFill® Technology for High-Filler Loading

    Second Agreement with Global Papermaker at this North American Paper Mill

    Unique High-Filler Technology Will Provide Significant Cost Savings in Reduced Fiber Consumption by Increasing PCC Filler Usage 20%

    Minerals Technologies Inc. (NYSE: MTX) announced that it has signed another commercial agreement with a prestigious global paper producer to provide Fulfill® E-325, a high-filler technology, at the paper company's mill in North America. This is the second agreement for the deployment of the FulFill® technology at this paper mill.

    Minerals Technologies now has 22 agreements with paper mills for adoption of the Fulfill® high-filler technology portfolio that the company introduced in late 2010. The agreement with this papermaker, which wishes to remain unnamed for competitive reasons, marks MTI's eighth in North America.

    These agreements confirm the commercial progress of the Fulfill® brand, a portfolio of high-filler technologies that offers papermakers a variety of efficient, flexible solutions that decreases dependency on natural fiber and reduces costs. The Fulfill® portfolio allows papermakers to increase loading levels of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), which replaces higher cost pulp, and increases PCC usage up to 30 percent and higher.

    "The second adoption of this technology by this global papermaker at this facility illustrates its continued acceptance and reaffirms our commitment to advance our technology leadership throughout our satellite network around the world," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer.

    "Adopting the FulFill® E-325 technology will allow this prestigious paper to produce quality paper at lower cost by replacing higher-cost fiber with PCC from our satellite plant at this paper mill," said W. Rand Mendez, senior vice president & managing director, Paper PCC.

    PCC is a specialty pigment for filling and coating high-quality paper. By substituting Minerals Technologies' PCC for more expensive wood fiber, customers are able to produce brighter, higher quality paper at lower cost. In 1986, Minerals Technologies originated the satellite concept for making and delivering PCC on-site at paper mills and the concept was a major factor in revolutionizing papermaking in North America. Today, the company has 64 satellite plants in operation or under construction around the world and continues to lead the industry with consistent quality and technical innovation.

    New York-based Minerals Technologies Inc. is a resource- and technology-based growth company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services. MTI serves the paper, foundry, steel, environmental, energy, polymer and consumer products industries. The company reported sales of $1.725 billion in 2014.
    (MTI Minerals Technologies Inc.)
    23.09.2015   Catalyst Re-launches Oxford C1S and the Expanded Coated Paper Line-Up     ( Company news )

    Company news Catalyst Paper (TSX: CYT) announced the launch of an expanded Oxford C1S line-up of products for multiple market segments, including Cut and Stack Labels, Commercial C1S & Lamination and Pressure Sensitive applications.

    Building on its twenty-plus year reputation for high-quality results, the Oxford C1S line-up offers best in class performance in an expanded range of basis weight and brightness options with:
    - Best in Class Quality and Performance
    - Optimal Shades, Surfaces and Strengths
    - Layflat and Stayflat properties
    - The leading Innovation Management and Support team in the specialty papers industry
    - Fast track line extensions, nimble response times and unique product development
    - Established supply chain infrastructure
    - Availability in rolls and sheets
    - Multilingual sales representation

    “Oxford C1S has a long history of quality and performance and we’re thrilled to bring this new expanded range of products to the C1S market. We’re confident these new options and our industry leading service will continue to be a very compelling combination,” says Matt Hickey, Senior Director, Specialty Papers.

    Catalyst papers are available as certified chain-of-custody under FSC, PEFC or SFI programs, and also available with up to 30% post-consumer waste. For product benefits and specifications, please see our website at
    (Catalyst Paper Corporation)
    23.09.2015   ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2015 – Analysis confirms quality of the event    ( Company news )

    Company news The evaluation of the exhibitor and visitor survey confirms ZELLCHEMING-Expo as an important dialogue platform for the European pulp and paper industry. 90 % of the exhibitors are planning to participate in 2016 again and 87 % of the visitors intend to visit ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2016.

    Exhibitors meet their target group
    ZELLCHEMING-Expo offered 153 exhibitors the possibility to present their products and solutions to an experienced audience. 83 % of the exhibitors evaluated the quality of the visitors with very good and good. Almost 80 % of the 1,832 visitors are involved in the procurement decisions in their companies. 86 % of the visitors declared that they have found the information which they were looking for and 78 % of the visitors evaluated the managed expert discussions with exhibitors as very good and good. With an increase in visitor numbers of more than 10 %, the quantity of the visitors rose compared to the previous year. 93 % of the exhibitors recommend ZELLCHEMING-Expo.

    Increase in internationality
    41 % of the exhibitors came from abroad and spread across 14 different countries. This represents an increase of 4 %. The top 5 foreign exhibitor countries 2015 were Finland, Sweden, Italy, the USA as well as Switzerland. Furthermore, the number of international visitors rose by 3 % compared to the previous year. Therefore, 24 % of the visitors came from abroad which spread across 30 countries worldwide.

    Exchange of knowledge on a high level
    According to the slogan “Paper & Fiber World 2030 – What does the future hold for the paper industry?” the congress offered a top-class and informative lecture program that was pursued with great interest by 400 congress participants.

    Note the date for 2016
    The next event takes place from 28 – 30 June 2016 in hall 11.0 at the Frankfurt exhibition site. All important information can be found at
    (Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure e.V. - Verein ZELLCHEMING)
    23.09.2015   LIGNA 2017 to feature new layout - Exhibitors advised to register early    ( LIGNA 2017 )

    LIGNA 2017 This year LIGNA, the world’s leading tradeshow for wood processing and woodworking machinery, plant and tools, featured 1,552 exhibitors – including 56 percent from outside Germany – and occupied 121,195 square meters (1,304,530 sq. ft) of net display space. The top exhibiting nations included Germany, Italy, Austria, China, Sweden and the USA. The show attracted some 93,099 visitors, 40 percent of whom were from abroad. The visitors leveraged the show to survey the latest innovations in their industry and initiate extensive investment in new technology.

    “Exhibitor feedback points to outstanding business dialogue, promising leads and strong international growth. For us and our partner, the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, this provides a good basis upon which to introduce a number of structural changes for the upcoming LIGNA season,” said Christian Pfeiffer, the Director in charge of LIGNA at Deutsche Messe.

    LIGNA, which is held at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany, next runs from 22 to 26 May 2017. The upcoming season will continue LIGNA’s long-standing commitment to presenting future-defining solutions and innovative production equipment for the wood industry – albeit with a revamped layout that will boost efficiency for all trade visitors and provide a more comprehensive, user-centric overview of all key technologies.

    The new layout will comprise seven main display categories:
    - Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production
    - Surface Technology
    - Wood-based Panel Production Technology
    - Sawmill Technology
    - Energy from Wood
    - Machine Components and Automation Technology
    - Forestry Technology

    The move to merge the “Solid Wood Processing”, “Furniture Industry” and “Woodcrafts” (skilled woodworking trades) categories into a new “Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production” category, in particular, has already met with very positive industry feedback. The new category will present the constituent technologies in an integrated manner that more accurately reflects the way in which they are used by their target markets. By clustering allied technologies, the change will shorten visitors’ walking distances between relevant displays and generate synergies with newly created neighboring display areas.

    Another change relates to automation technology/machine components and surface technology. These two technology categories have grown in importance at LIGNA over the years and will therefore have their own centrally located display areas from 2017 on.

    “The new layout reflects changes in the way technologies are used by our target market. The market for woodworking and processing machines is no longer strictly segmented according to user scale or size, and technology types that were once distinct are now converging. We want to provide a more efficient trade fair experience for all the professionals in attendance by enabling them to move quickly and conveniently between exhibitors of relevance to them. The new layout has been very well received by our exhibitors. In fact, many have already registered for 2017 in order to secure their preferred locations at the show. We therefore urge companies thinking about exhibiting at LIGNA 2017 to register now in order to avoid disappointment,” remarked Pfeiffer.
    (Deutsche Messe AG)
    22.09.2015   Südpack is developing its international printing expertise    ( Company news )

    Company news By taking over the Polish Bahpol company, Südpack is extending its capacity in the printing area.

    Bahpol is located in Klobuck, Poland, near Czestochowa, and has developed into one of the most successful companies for high-quality packaging refinements in more than 20 years.

    "This well-established company specialising in flexo print is extending our performance capability", said Johannes Remmele, managing shareholder of the Südpack Group. "We can now serve our international customers even better." This takeover draws attention to the international growth goals of the Südpack Group.

    Bahpol has all the important certificates in packaging refinements and is equipped with modern machinery. Mr Remmele went on to say that, "the quality of both the production process and product quality meet our requirements".
    (Südpack Verpackungen GmbH + Co KG)
    22.09.2015   Transparency Adds Value UPM Listed as Industry Leader in the Global Dow Jones Sustainability Index    ( Company news )

    Company news UPM has been listed as the industry leader in the Dow Jones European and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2015-2016. UPM is listed in the indices for the fourth year in a row.

    "Being listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is a recognition for excellent environmental performance, responsible sourcing practices and strict corporate governance, but also a sign of successful communications and engagement with our stakeholders. We actively share our activities with our stakeholders and their impacts on the environment, people and economy, which has been positively noted", says Pirkko Harrela, Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations.

    The annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment is conducted by an investment specialist RobecoSAM, and is based on a rigorous analysis of economic, environmental and social performance of the world's leading companies, assessing issues covering climate change strategies, supply chain standards, labour practices, corporate governance and risk management. The DJSI follows a best-in-class approach, recognising companies across all industries that outperform their peers in sustainability metrics.
    22.09.2015   Sappi Europe extends its speciality base paper portfolio for direct thermal printing applications     ( Company news )

    Company news Sharper text, dimensional stability and distinctive whiteness
    Algro® Thermo Base Paper for premium quality direct thermal printing

    Sappi Europe announces the European launch of Algro Thermo™, its new premium quality base paper for the direct thermal printing market. In weights from 100 – 193g/m², Algro Thermo offers a superior optical appearance for tickets, labels and other thermal printing applications. Algro Thermo is aimed at converters who add a thermal coating layer to its surface. With the option to pre-print text and images on both sides of the substrate with high levels of consistency, Sappi’s Algro Thermo bright white paper raises the bar on quality for applications such as tickets, vouchers and labels, enhancing parameters for this type of printing to support converters and printers alike.

    “Sappi continues to develop the highest quality papers and to reach out to different markets,” says Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager for Sappi Speciality Papers. “The Algro Thermo base paper for specialist thermal coating is an additional product we have developed for the niche market of on-demand tickets. It is well suited for a wide range of applications, including point of sale systems and vouchers as well as labels for shipping and product identification. This outstanding paper enables sharper text, a smoother surface and dimensional stability for the ticket and labels sectors.”
    (Sappi Ehingen GmbH)
    22.09.2015   Paperworld China has made a name for itself after many years of development     ( Messe Frankfurt )

    Messe Frankfurt Heavyweight manufacturers see show as a gateway to both local and overseas markets

    As attendance at Paperworld China has become a requisite for those in the region, it continues to sign a number of new overseas brands as well as returning key brands for the fair. Paperworld China is the leading international trade fair in China for the stationery, office and artist supplies industry and the 11th edition will be held 15 – 17 October 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Hall N1 – N2.

    Overseas brands such as Creall by Havo (the Netherlands), Online Pen (Germany) and Pasaco (Poland), which are eager to enter the promising Chinese market, will make their debut at this year’s show. Recognised as a premier platform for doing business, brand building, cementing trade links and conducting market research, the show has also drawn well-known brands again including Simbalion and Liberty from Taiwan, as well as Lihit Lab and Lami from Japan.

    Online Pen, a popular brand in Europe, specialises in designing and developing fine writing instruments. Their newly-launched products, which will also unveil in Asia for the first time, include the 2015 back-to-school supplies as well as the early 2016 new series and they will definitely draw much attention from trade visitors. Explaining the reasons for selecting Paperworld China, the brand’s Chinese agent, Ms Wu Mei, Deputy General Manager for Changshu Writing Tool Factory, said: “Online Pen has officially launched in China in 2015. Paperworld China perfectly caters to our needs as this is an excellent platform to introduce our brand and products to the Chinese consumers and stationery distributors. The Chinese market is important to us because the Chinese consumers become more quality-conscious and they are after products with fine designs, which are exactly what we offer.”

    Heavyweight manufacturers see show as a gateway to both local and overseas markets

    To both overseas and Chinese enterprises, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are seen as a launch pad to the ample domestic market. Shanghai is a key economic indicator in China and its consumer market has been growing rapidly. In 2014, retail sales of consumer goods in Shanghai increased 8.3 percent year-on-year to top RMB 871.9 billion (approx. USD148.7 billion), registering an annual growth rate of 11 percent on average from 2009 to 2014.

    Chinese manufacturer Aiven On Stationery is among the returning exhibitors who aims to make use of Paperworld China to expand their business in the affluent Shanghai market and consequently other cities. As the world’s largest exporter for binder clips and a key stationery manufacturer, the company’s Assistant Marketing Manager, Mr Zhao Feng, explained: “We focus our business on North America, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia. But since last year we’ve been making great effort in developing the Chinese market and for this purpose we participate in Paperworld China. Also, we successfully promoted our brand and received orders from the 2014 show, we will continue to find new opportunities from this lucrative platform.”

    As China prospers, many of the biggest manufacturers are investing heavily in original design and innovation in the hope to develop branded products of their own and then sell to the overseas markets. This is why Languo, WeiWei and Jef will be exhibiting at Paperworld China.

    Appearing for the first time will be Languo, a new and high-profile brand for innovative stationery, fashionable gifts as well as cultural and creative products. Determined to make the most of the show, the company will showcase their modern-designed items ranging from fabric and metallic notebooks, wallets, pencil cases and storage boxes to photo frames and umbrellas. The company’s Overseas Sales Director, Ms Ellen Ding, shared: “Our goal is to achieve sales revenue of RMB 50 million (approx. USD 8.4 million) and to extensively expand our footprint to even more markets abroad and to make our brand known through attending professional stationery andgifts trade fairs like Paperworld China.”

    Another successful brand is WeiWei, which has developed two adorable series of originally designed cartoon characters "WeiWei Family" and "WeiWei Deer". At the show, they will display their new and eye-catchingly cute stationery, accessories and schoolbags. Executive Director, Mr Wang Jianping, noted: “We are attracted by the reputation and influence of Messe Frankfurt and the Paperworld brand because it’s one of the essentials in our brand strategy to take part in well-recognised trade fairs. We believe Paperworld China will help us strengthen our brand image and keep us abreast of the industry. Held in Shanghai, an international metropolitan city, the show engages many influential and upscale international companies and it’s an incomparable opportunity for us to showcase our original cartoon characters to many overseas visitors.”

    Aside from many foremost manufacturers, buyers will also be able to source a wide spectrum of products such as writing instruments, paper and printing products from a selection of OEMs from Ningbo, Wuyi, Lishui, Yiwu and Wenzhou where many professional Chinese OEMs conglomerate.

    Paperworld China is organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, the China Chamber of Commerce for I/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts and Guangzhou Foreign Trade South China Exhibition Corp Ltd.
    (Messe Frankfurt)
    21.09.2015   Valmet launches Valmet IQ product family for pulp and paper quality control and monitoring    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Valmet IQ Quality Control System

    Valmet launches renewed Valmet IQ product family to the pulp and paper industry customers. Valmet IQ is a scalable, on-line quality management solution to optimize the production processes and the end product quality.

    Valmet IQ is designed with the experience of thousands of system deliveries by Valmet over longer than half a century. The renewed solution consists of a quality control system (QCS), profilers, web monitoring (WMS) and web inspection systems (WIS).

    "The launch of Valmet IQ Quality Management Solution marks a new milestone in pulp and paper quality management featuring a number of innovations like on-line softness measurement for tissue. The new Valmet IQ is a beneficial solution whether our customer is looking to replace aging or obsolete quality control systems or to build up an entirely new quality management solution," says Jari Almi, Director, Quality Management Solutions at Valmet.

    Valmet IQ provides innovative solutions in paper quality management

    Valmet IQ product family features a number of innovations as well as evolutionary product improvements. New first-in-the-market measurements include: an on-line softness measurement for tissue; a non-nuclear basis weight measurement for pulp drying; camera-based measurements and control for fiber orientation, and a topography-based surface properties and printability prediction.

    The profilers, WIS and WMS are renewed in many areas as well: innovations in air-water spray nozzles for re-moisturizing, fully removable diffuser plate with advanced steam injection technology, new advanced solutions for improved image quality, detection and classification.

    New Valmet IQ user interface with integrated performance reporting takes the user experience to a new level revealing a clear view of the past, present and the future of the process and product quality through intuitive navigation. It also allows for easy grade management.

    The Valmet IQ MD Optimizer brings all process and quality measurements into a single controller for maximizing production efficiency and achieving optimum product quality. Advanced tools for process analysis and adaptive scanning make the life of the operators easier.

    Valmet IQ helps to move business performance forward
    All Valmet IQ products are based on vast process knowledge and long experience in the pulp and paper industry supported by local expert services to assure lifelong performance at the lowest total cost of ownership. Valmet expertise is also available remotely for all customer mills through remote connections.

    All components of Valmet IQ solution are designed to work together. The forward and backward compatibility helps to future-proof the investment and maximize the effectiveness of existing equipment. The products are designed to work seamlessly also with other automation systems and all paper machines regardless of manufacturer. The easy connectivity with any system allows replacements even piece by piece.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    21.09.2015   Voith launches new forming fabric for optimal performance in tissue production     ( Company news )

    Company news Voith launches new forming fabric for optimal performance in tissue production

    The new TissueForm ITY forming fabric that Voith has launched on the market is designed for challenging applications in tissue production. It ensures excellent stability and highest dewatering at all machine speeds.

    The new forming fabric combines a very fine 2-shed paper side to obtain a smooth surface with a 4-shed wear side. The woven structure of the fabric ensures fast drainage and a high level of sheet support while maximizing dimensional stability. The entire design of TissueForm ITY is based on the patented woven structure of the I-Series and its proven 3:2 warp ratio. The new forming fabric TissueForm ITY has already been successfully deployed in the industry many times and has demonstrated that it delivers excellent dewatering performance and fiber support also at very high speeds. Fabric wear is minimal, so that outstanding service life records are achieved.

    The new forming fabric TissueForm ITY has already been successfully deployed in the industry many times and has demonstrated that it delivers excellent dewatering performance and fiber support also at very high speeds. Fabric wear is minimal, so that outstanding service life records are achieved.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    21.09.2015   Klingele Group supplies climate-neutral packaging     ( Company news )

    Company news Through cooperation with ClimatePartner, CO2 emissions can be offset by supporting climate-protection projects

    The Klingele Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated raw paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, can now supply its packaging climate-neutral. Starting now, customers of this company can offset the CO2 emissions generated by the manufacture of their packaging by supporting climate protection projects. ClimatePartner, the internationally renowned consultant and solutions provider on climate protection issues is supporting Klingele in implementing this policy.

    The supply of climate-neutral packaging is based on and is subject to the comprehensive calculation and analysis along the entire process chain of all CO2 emissions created by materials, production, management, logistics and travel. Klingele calculates the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from one actual order up to the delivery to the customer of each individual item of packaging and gives a detailed account of this to the customer ("cradle to customer gate") The customer can offset the CO2 equivalent value of the order by supporting one of the climate protection projects listed in the ClimatePartner portfolio, thus taking delivery of climate-neutral packaging. The deal will apply initially to packaging produced in the corrugated cardboard plant in Hilpoltstein. Klingele is, however, planning to roll out the scheme to further corrugated cardboard plants. The CO2 emission offset process is certified by TÜV-Austria, and the ClimatePartner climate protection projects have been inspected according to international standards. The precise level of CO2 savings is regularly certified. Customers taking part in the program receive a label for their packaging and an individual ID number (CP-ID) together with a certificate. By inputting the CP-ID into each individual contribution to climate protection can be clearly traced.

    The project provided by Klingele for its customers encourages the installation of efficient cookers in Mali, West Africa. New furnaces which make use of the chimney effect lead to greater efficiency compared with traditional furnaces and reduce the demand for fuel. This effectively reduces deforestation of the sparse tree population and contributes to the prevention of advancing desertification. The project has Gold Standard approval which was developed for climate protection projects and which has particularly stringent requirements with regard to sustainable development and the involvement of the local populace. Not only does the project make an annual savings of 72,000 tons of CO2 but also results in a reduction in the number of respiratory tract and eye ailments by reducing the amount of harmful smoke produced by the cooking process.

    Sustainability strategies rigorously applied

    Over recent years, Klingele has been making their own processes more resource- and energy-efficient and checking them constantly with a view to improvement. The company's packaging solutions stand out by virtue of their efficient use of materials which aims for product protection, cost-efficiency and environmental protection. By providing climate-neutral packaging, Klingele helps its customers to implement their own sustainability strategies more consistently. In addition to this, the project is easy for customers to implement without undue red tape and has associated costs of only one per cent of the contract costs.

    "A growing number of users are now interested in the eco-balance of their products; they are no longer deceived by the use of sustainability as purely a marketing ploy and are demanding concrete evidence for the implementation of active environmental protection. This is a strong motive for companies to create more transparency and to promote climate protection even more actively", says Dr Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group. "Our tender supports our customers in this in an uncomplicated yet very effective way: First of all they receive a well-founded database for the analysis and improvement of their CO2 balance sheet based on calculations taken from the tender. The promotion of certified projects makes their contribution to climate protection quantifiable and this in turn gives them a competitive advantage vis-à-vis their own customers."
    (Klingele Papierwerke GmbH & Co KG)
    18.09.2015   SCA in Neuss heated without fossil fuels    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: SCAs plant in Neuss, Germany

    The SCA plant in Neuss, Germany, has managed to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,275 tons a year by abandoning fossil fuels for all its heating and hot water production. Thereby, the facility has also decreased the total energy consumption by 2 percent. Part of this success can be explained by including employees in the project and using local skills.

    Continuously optimizing production processes to reduce energy consumption has the highest priority for SCA. Therefore, the SCA plant in Neuss is investing in heat recovery. Since October 2014, all heating and sanitary systems at the plant are operated with the waste heat that arises from the paper production.

    The project started in the autumn of 2011. An expert group at the factory investigated how to make good use of the waste heat from the paper production. The group concluded that the exhaust air to the drying hoods of the paper machines was sufficient to operate the plant’s complete heating and hot water system.

    Bernd Bichbeimer, plant manager in Neuss, says:
    "We have integrated as many employees as possible in the planning and implementation of this project. We were able to implement the last two phases with the existing knowledge in the factory without involving an external engineering office. This is strong evidence that SCA incorporates and appreciates employees’ knowledge and skills.”

    To start with, the project group installed a heat recovery system in the exhaust ducts. In the first step, the district heating system only heated the intermediate ceiling of the paper mill. Subsequently, the supply was expanded to include all buildings as well as the heating of the hot water and sanitary systems.

    The most important success factor for the project was the safe operation.

    “We installed a pipeline on the outside walls of the buildings and built pipeline bridges over the roads that separate the buildings. Most of the installations were carried out with the help of cranes and work platforms. We built in stages to reduce the CO2 emissions as fast as possible”, says Martin Marx, Project manager and Energy & Technical Site Support Leader at the Neuss facility.

    “In the next step, we transferred the hot water supply for all employees to the new heat recovery system. We pressed the pipes to significantly reduce the fire load.”

    With the completion of the heat recovery project the energy-saving measures in Neuss are by no means finished. In the next step, the mill plans to use further waste heat for frost protection of water pipes.

    Other areas can also benefit from energy-saving measures. In addition to improvements in the paper production, the Neuss factory drives a project to convert the complete lighting of the plant to LED technology. With well-established projects, such as the Energy Efficiency Day, SCA strengthens employees’ self initiative and motivates them to foster the company's success.

    "It's nice to see that employees actively live SCA’s values ​​of sustainability and commitment in their work," Bichbeimer says.
    (SCA Hygiene Product GmbH Neuss Tissue Europe)
    18.09.2015   Valmet's breast roll shaker improves board and paper quality    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: FormMaster 120 provides the best stroke length on the market for a large range of breast roll weights

    Valmet has introduced its new FormMaster 120 for board and paper machine forming sections. It has proven to offer better board and paper quality with a smoother surface and better printability with reduced raw material costs and lower power consumption.

    Improved formation and strength properties

    Valmet's new FormMaster 120 improves paper and board formation through even longer strokes and higher shaking force than its predecessor. This self-balancing breast roll shaker can achieve the same strength properties with a lower basis weight, improving the visual appearance of the final product.

    With an axial shaking force of 120 kN - double that of the original FormMaster - the new FormMaster 120 improves strength properties and formation by optimizing fiber web structure on the wire. FormMaster 120 makes it possible to use less refining energy, minimize starch usage and reduce calendering, while still achieving the same final quality of board and paper.

    Best stroke length on the market

    "FormMaster 120 is an excellent tool for paper machine operators to optimize the properties of their board and paper. The extended stroke length, achieved with this new breast roll shaker, is key to improved formation and available with a wide range of shaking frequencies," says Pekka Hirsilä, Product Sales Manager at Valmet.

    Maintenance issues were also addressed in the design of FormMaster 120 by improving access to the main maintenance points. Customers all over the world have found FormMaster 120 safe, easy and reliable to use and maintain.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    18.09.2015   SHELTER - participative installation out of corrugated board    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: SHELTER, the installation made out of corrugated board, impressed by its organic structure. The corrugated board, which was sponsored by DS Smith, was processed without using any devices such as a tacker or adhesive tape

    At the MakeCity festival in Berlin, the first festival for architecture and urban alternatives, DS Smith sponsored over 4.000 corrugated boxes for the innovative construction project SHELTER. Ramona Poenaru and Gaël Chaillat, both artists from Des châteaux en l’air, built a shelter in the Mall of Berlin in collaboration with pedestrians passing by. After the erection the shelter was teared down together. The event had been organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin.

    In his book - "Walden: Or, Life in the Woods" (1854), Henry David Thoreau observes that building a shelter is a basic activity common to all animals and a fundamental human survival-related skill since the dawn of time. In a society which splits work into multiple specialized skills, this key activity is left to a select few. However, in the course of evolution, humans have forgotten this fact.

    SHELTER, the participative installation by Des châteaux en l'air is aimed at challenging pedestrians passing by to renew this knowledge. The building material, over 4.000 corrugated boxes, was provided by DS Smith.

    The huge and stable construction was built in 4 days during the MakeCity festival in Berlin. Especially fascinating was, that all corrugated boxes were only stuck together, without using any devices such as a tacker or adhesive tape. On the 5th day the construction, which was built in laborious detail, was pulled down again, with the participation of the general public. The project was a great success for both artists, Ramona Poenaru (Romania) and Gaël Chaillat (France) from Des châteaux en l’air.

    In the past DS Smith has already supported projects of the artists in Romania and France. “The project shows in an impressive manner how multifaceted and creative the material corrugated board can be used,“ says Michael Lamprecht, Sales & Marketing Director within DS Smith, Region Germany & Switzerland.
    (DS Smith Packaging Division, Display/Packaging/Service)
    17.09.2015   Sappi´s Fusion® premium white topliner and TRESU Flexo Concept ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... workflow provide quality and efficiency advantages for corrugated packaging

    At FachPack 2015, speciality paper manufacturer Sappi, Danish flexo technology provider TRESU and Swedish converter FrontPac join forces to show the high visual impact, ultra-white properties and strength of Sappi’s Fusion topliner corrugated board for bag-in-box and gift-box packaging, along with the high productivity of the TRESU Flexo Concept press.

    At FachPack 2015, (29 September - 1 October, Nuremberg, Germany), an ultra-white prototype container fabricated by paper manufacturer Sappi, flexo technology provider TRESU Group and Swedish converter FrontPac will take centre stage. The collaboration demonstrates the strength and high-impact qualities of Fusion, a new virgin-fibre board, combined with the flexo workflow’s efficiency, speed and precision for corrugated packaging.

    Fusion is designed specifically for use with and on corrugated board. It features an extremely bright white and flat surface after lamination. Prints and all types of print finishing are reproduced with an unprecedented level of quality and brilliance. Fusion consists of 100 percent primary fibres, providing further advantages in addition to whiteness and glue savings. With precise folds and no discernible breaks, homogeneous packaging and displays can readily be constructed. In addition, Fusion is fully ISEGA-certified for direct contact with food.

    The three-layered box features Sappi’s 180gsm high-white Fusion topliner, litho-laminated on to a 110gsm E-flute and a 180gsm inner board. Fusion’s industry-leading ISO whiteness values of up to 125 make it ideal for food, beverage and cosmetics applications.
    The topliner was printed at TRESU's Technology Centre in Kolding, Denmark, using five colours plus UV spot-varnish, then cut into sheets inline on TRESU’s Flexo Concept press. Running at speeds of 400m/min, the press maintained precise register while achieving 175lpi with minimal calibration or waste. The sheets were then laminated on to the E-flute liner and inner board and converted into gift boxes at the Malmö (Sweden)-based printing house FrontPac.

    Wiebke Perrey, marketing communication specialist at Sappi, comments, “With their proven expertise in high-performance presses for folding cartons, TRESU was the natural partner in our mission to demonstrate Fusion's aesthetic benefits and potential for supply chain savings. The TRESU Flexo Concept press exploits Fusion's printability to the full. The result is a pristine corrugated package presentation with flexographic quality that is indistinguishable from offset, and produced in a simplified workflow.”

    TRESU's Flexo Concept is a high-speed flexo press for web applications between 900 and 1400mm in width with a wide range of complementary print and converting processes according to customer needs. These can include cold-foil, laminating, embossing, rotogravure and rotary sheeting. Configured as either a roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet press, the Concept provides a high performance single-pass solution for a host of high end packaging applications.

    Allan Sander, vice-president, TRESU Solutions, states, “Our collaboration with Sappi has enabled us to demonstrate the Flexo Concept's versatility as a web-fed single-pass inline solution for many high-end board converting applications. We are delighted with the outcome of this project and are excited to be sharing it with attendees at FachPack 2015.”

    Each of the Concept’s flexo stations comes with TRESU's sealed chamber doctor blade systems that ensure direct, uncontaminated and pressure controlled ink transfer, resulting in optimised drying efficiency, uniform ink deposits and higher gloss values. Setup times are reduced thanks to long-life doctor blades that are exchangeable in one minute.

    Martin Enocson, managing director, FrontPac, comments: “Fusion has generated strong demand from our customers in such diverse markets as bag-in-box beverages, luxury goods, cosmetics and automotive parts. It brings stunning looks on the shelf and runs smoothly on the filling line. We’re excited by this collaboration as it gives us the chance to show this paper’s potential for strong branding and reduced system costs.”

    Samples of the Fusion box will be available from Sappi at stand 4-111 at Fachpack 2015.
    (Tresu A/S)
    17.09.2015   SCA industry leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Magnus Groth, President and CEO of SCA

    Leading global hygiene and forest products company SCA has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability rankings. SCA has qualified for inclusion in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index, and has been named industry leader in the Household Products sector.

    SCA was awarded particularly high scores in the areas of branding, innovation, environmental management system and environmental and social reporting.

    “We are proud that SCA has been internationally recognized for its efforts to promote long-term sustainable development. Our sustainability program is well integrated in our business and represents an important building block in SCA’s strategy for profitable growth, brand building and value creation,” says Magnus Groth, President and CEO of SCA.

    Companies that are included in the DJSI are assessed according to economic, environmental and social performance parameters. For more information, refer to
    (SCA Hygiene Products Tissue Ltd)
    17.09.2015   Valmet receives repeat order for two new tissue production lines from Lee & Man ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Paper Manufacturing in China

    Valmet will supply two Advantage DCT tissue production lines and related automation systems to one of China's leading paper and pulp producers, Lee & Man Manufacturing Ltd. The start-up of the two new lines is planned to take place in late 2016.

    The order is included in Valmet's third quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    The Valmet's Advantage DCT 200HS tissue lines to be delivered are designed for production of high quality tissue products. The new tissue lines will fulfill the high requirements for effective technology and sustainability set by Lee & Man. In 2014, the company ordered an Advantage DCT 200HS tissue line which is planned to start up at the Chongqing mill later this year.

    "We see Valmet as strategic partner in the development of our tissue business. Their position as market leader in tissue machinery made us confident to repeat our previous order with Valmet", says Raymond Lee, Chairman of the Board, Lee & Man.

    "We are very pleased that Lee & Man have decided to extend the cooperation we started with the delivery of the first tissue machine to Chongqing mill. As seen from earlier installations, it is possible to reach significant drying energy savings and highest paper quality by combining the Advantage ViscoNip press with a cast alloy Yankee cylinder and steam heated Advantage AirCap hood. We also see this order as confirmation of the winning concept," says Svenerik Olsson, Director, Tissue Mills Business Unit, Valmet China.

    Valmet's Advantage DCT concept is well established on the market and has proven to enable cost- and energy-efficient production of high quality tissue products.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    16.09.2015   Valmet maintains its position among the world's sustainability leaders    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the second consecutive year. The DJSI is a sustainability index family which includes the global sustainability leaders across industries. Valmet was listed both in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices.

    "Being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the second year in a row is an excellent achievement for Valmet. It shows that we have been able to constantly improve our sustainability performance. We have systematically proceeded with our sustainability agenda and continued to nurture our shared values and global operating principles which serve as a strong foundation for all of us at Valmet," says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet Corporation.

    The annual evaluation conducted by a Swiss investment specialist RobecoSAM comprehensively reviews the company's performance with regard to social, environmental and financial factors. In total 317 companies were included in the DJSI World for 2015-2016. In addition to Valmet, three other companies from Finland are included in the World index this year.

    About the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
    The DJSI is the world's leading sustainability index family. It serves as a benchmark for investors who are committed to ethical investing and review companies' sustainability performance as part of their analyses. The company inclusion is based on a best-in-class approach, which means that the indices only include the top ranked companies within each industry.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    16.09.2015   Kemira acquires Soto Industries, LLC of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA    ( Company news )

    Company news Kemira has acquired certain assets of Soto Industries, LLC, a privately owned company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Soto specializes in the application of scale control products, defoamers, and settling agents for the pulp and paper industry. Kemira is a leading chemicals supplier serving the global pulp and paper industry.

    "The Soto Industries, LLC acquisition is another example of Kemira's dedication to the pulp and paper industry as well as Kemira's commitment to execute our global growth strategy via continued investment into our Paper segment," says Billy Ford, Senior Vice President, Paper segment, Americas.

    The transaction does not have material impact on Kemira's financial figures and the parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction price.
    (Kemira, Paper Segment)
    16.09.2015   GIDUE becomes Bobst Firenze at Labelexpo    ( Company news )

    Company news Following the recent acquisition by BOBST of a majority share in Nuova GIDUE S.r.l., the Italian manufacturer of presses for the labels and packaging industry, the company’s name is changing to Bobst Firenze S.r.l. Although under a new name, the management team, plant location and its award winning design, production & service activities will continue as before.

    Erik Bothorel, Head of BOBST Business Web-fed Unit states: "Integration of the company’s narrow- and mid-web activities into the Bobst Group is proceeding at full speed. Bobst Firenze is planning to reinforce its leadership in the labels market and to open up new market opportunities".

    Federico d'Annunzio, Head of the BOBST narrow- and mid-web Product Line, adds "With BOBST we strengthen our market position. The LabelExpo 2015 exhibition in Brussels is the perfect launchpad for our new growth strategy in the labels and packaging industries".

    Matteo Cardinotti, General Manager of Bobst Firenze concludes: "The established BOBST culture of service and efficiency in manufacturing is already supporting our future innovations. We expect a very successful LabelExpo show."
    (Bobst Bielefeld GmbH)
    15.09.2015   Clearwater Paper Announces $160 Million Upgrade to Lewiston Mill     ( Company news )

    Company news Company chooses Lewiston, Idaho, to build new continuous digester

    Clearwater Paper Corporation announced that it will begin construction of its continuous pulp digester project at the company's Lewiston, Idaho, mill.

    Construction of the project is slated to begin in October 2015 and expected to be completed in September 2017. Benefits from the project include significant reduction in air emissions, improved pulp quality and production and more efficient utilization of wood chips (i.e. more pulp from the wood fiber Clearwater Paper uses).

    "After many months of detailed review and reaching a multitude of milestones, the project is now a reality," said Jay Backus, Clearwater Paper's vice president of mill operations in Lewiston. "Getting to this launch point was no simple task, and there is a long list of individuals and agencies that deserve credit."

    Three key goals enabled construction to begin. First, was the authorization by the Nez Perce County commissioners of a partial tax exemption that paved the way for successful authorization and siting of the project in Lewiston. Second, was moving forward with a thorough engineering plan that validated the project's operational goals and the return on investment. Lastly, was obtaining a permit from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

    The Nez Perce County Commissioners believe Clearwater Paper is a very important part of our local and regional economy. "We are pleased to be able to utilize a tool in Nez Perce County that can help strengthen and grow their business and assist the Lewiston facility in remaining competitive for years to come," said Chairman Doug Havens.

    "The leaders and citizens of Nez Perce County and our exceptional employees made it clear that this is the right place for our next major project," said Linda Massman, president and CEO. "On behalf of everyone at Clearwater Paper, we thank you for the support and for making the Lewis-Clark Valley such a great place to do business."

    "Clearwater Paper thanks the Nez Perce County Commissioners, Doug Havens, Bob Tippett and Doug Zenner, for approving the partial tax exemption that cemented the decision to build the project in the County," said Matt Van Vleet, vice president of public affairs. "We also thank the business leaders of Valley Vision, who were instrumental in helping support the company's final decision to build the project in Lewiston."

    "This project is a win-win for Lewis-Clark Valley residents by helping Clearwater Paper, the area's largest employer, to remain competitive and committed to the region," said Doug Mattoon, executive director of Valley Vision.

    During construction and start-up, the project will require hundreds of contract workers from around the globe, lodging and dining in the region for more than two years. Due to increased wood purchasing, the project is also expected to require additional need for loggers and other related contractors.

    "A special thanks goes out to Idaho Director of Commerce Jeff Sayer for his assistance in the process and for recognizing the value the project would bring to Nez Perce County and the State of Idaho as a whole," added Van Vleet.

    "We also want to thank the people and business community of Lewiston, Clarkston and Nez Perce County for all the support they have given us in making this important mill upgrade a reality," said Backus. "The Lewiston and Clarkston community has been supportive and instrumental in our being able bring this major mill improvement project to Lewiston allowing Clearwater Paper to increase our competitiveness in the global marketplace and renew our commitment to the Valley."
    (Clearwater Paper Corporation)
    15.09.2015   Passion for HiTec Label Paper - Mitsubishi HiTec Paper at Labelexpo Europe 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is exhibiting a comprehensive range of coated speciality papers for the label industry at Labelexpo Europe (September 29 – October 2, 2015 in Brussels) under the motto "Passion for HiTec Label Paper".

    Passion for HiTec Paper - that is Mitsubishi HiTec Paper. And Mitsubishi HiTec Paper uses this passion to develop coated speciality papers for various label applications and printing technologies. Current trends such as lightweight face paper can be found in the wide range of label face materials along with products for digital and traditional printing. Designed for and adapted to the diverse functional requirements of the label industry.

    For example, the lightweight thermal papers thermoscript L 6551 (65g) and LF 6067 (67g) and the heat stable thermal paper thermoscript LF 7056 suitable for microwave labels. Or thermoscript I 70, a 73g lightweight thermal paper as face paper for individualized and personalized short-run labels, certified and approved by HP Indigo. Or, from the digital printing range, jetscript MH 7084. This universal 70g lightweight matt coated premium inkjet paper has been developed as a face paper for demanding self-adhesive labels and is especially suited for labelling of small diameter products.

    Whether self-adhesive labels with a liner, linerless labels or high-gloss, cast-coated wet-glue labels; whether you are using traditional, digital or hybrid printing processes; Mitsubishi HiTec Paper has the solution. Even security features within the paper itself are possible. All products are ISEGA and FSC® certified, and OEMs and ink recommendations are of course available.

    HiTec label papers for demanding labels from the thermoscript, jetscript and supercote product ranges. All from a single source. Only at Mitsubishi HiTec Paper.

    Visit us in Hall 6, Stand 6A09. We look forward to meeting you!
    (Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)
    14.09.2015   Paper Prime S.A. enters into tissue production with a new Toscotec Tissue Line    ( Company news )

    Company news Paper Prime S.A., company belonging to Trevipapel Group which produces Joker Gold brand hygiene professional products (AFH) in Portugal, has signed a contract with the Italian manufacturer Toscotec for the supply of a tissue line in Vila Velha de Rodão.

    The new tissue line is scheduled to come on stream in the last quarter of 2016.

    Trevipapel S.A. has stepped up its expansion plan and in line with the strong partnership established with Toscotec, decided to place this order with the Italian manufacturer, based on Toscotec’s technological advantages, which delivers top product quality and considerably reduces the mill's energy costs. The investment is estimated in 35 million euros and its aim is to supply paper reels to Trevipapel converter units and export. The new paper mill will be also in line with a pulp mill which will add increased value to the investment providing eucalyptus based slush pulp.

    Toscotec’s turn-key project for TM#1 includes stock preparation plant for dry virgin pulp, AHEAD-2.0S tissue machine with Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD-16FT, machine auxiliaries including Milltech Gas fired Hood, steam & condensate and dust removal system, electrification starting from medium voltage cabinets & control system, additional plants and complete engineering and erection activity. A three unwind stand rewinder TT WIND-H completes the supply.

    Machine operating speed will be 2,000 mpm with a net trim width of 2750 mm and an average annual production of 38,000 tpy .
    (Toscotec S.p.A.)
    14.09.2015   Valmet and Stora Enso Kvarnsveden sign multi-year consumables and roll service agreement    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet and Stora Enso Kvarnsveden have signed a five-year (three plus two) agreement on the supply of paper machine and fiber line consumables including clothing, doctor blades, refiner segments, winder consumables and selected roll covers. The agreement also includes local roll maintenance operations next to Kvarnsveden's site at Borlänge. The agreement is valid as of July 1, 2015.

    Technical support for maintenance and production is part of the agreement. The performance of consumables is optimized by taking advantage of remote analytics and the skills of Valmet's technology experts. In addition, Valmet will keep a ready stock of consumables for Kvarnsveden. This total cost of ownership agreement (TCO) is an exclusive agreement with a fixed monthly fee. The value of the agreement has not been disclosed.

    Optimizing consumable performance and simplifying daily operations
    The agreement provides a framework for long-term collaboration between Kvarnsveden and Valmet. The aim is to improve the efficiency of daily operations and decrease costs for both partners. Fixed monthly invoicing increases cost predictability.

    "With our advanced services offering Valmet's goal is to continuously simplify our customers' daily operations, reduce the consumption of consumables and find cost efficient solutions. I am convinced that we will exceed Kvarnsveden's expectations of us," says Per Holm, Vice President, Sales, Scandinavia at Valmet.

    Information about the customer Stora Enso and the Kvarnsveden Mill
    Stora Enso is the global rethinker of the paper, biomaterials, wood products and packaging industry. The company produces chemical pulp, paper and board, corrugated packaging and sawn wood products. The Kvarnsveden Mill produces improved newsprint and magazine paper on three paper machines. The production capacity is approximately 720,000 tons per year.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    14.09.2015   Board machine in Archangelsk goes on stream after rebuild by Voith     ( Company news )

    Company news The Archangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill (APPM), the largest producer of packaging papers in Russia, recently put its BM 1 board machine in Archangelsk back into service following an extensive rebuild by Voith. Voith’s scope of supply included the approach flow system, the headbox and a new top wire. The bottom wire was rebuilt by Voith to meet the new requirements.

    The new approach flow system for the top wire consists of IntegraGuard and MultiScreen screens and the associated pumps. The headbox is a MasterJet Pro. The former section was extensively modernized and a new TopFormer F installed to further improve dewatering and quality.

    In addition to the machine rebuild, Voith also undertook the basic engineering and supervised commissioning. The rebuild and assembly took just ten weeks and the warranted parameters for the machine were successfully achieved within three months after startup.

    Not only did the rebuild of the wet section of the BM 1 improve board quality: following startup of the new semi-chemical pulp mill – and depending on a few other technical measures – the production capacity of the BM 1 will also be increased in the future.

    APPM is owned by Pulp Mill Holding GmbH, an Austrian-German Group headquartered in Vienna. The company produces paper, board and corrugated grades in Russia and Ukraine.

    Voith Paper is a division of the Voith Group and the leading partner to and pioneer in the paper industry. Through constant innovations, Voith Paper is optimizing the paper manufacturing process, focusing on developing resource-saving products to reduce the use of energy, water, and fibers. Furthermore, Voith Paper offers a broad service portfolio for all sections of the paper manufacturing process.

    Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith today has more than 39,000 employees, sales of €5.3 billion and locations in more than 50 countries, making it one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    11.09.2015   Sonoco Achieves 5-Year Sustainability Targets    ( Company news )

    Company news Substantially Lowers CO2, Water Usage While Improving Plant Waste Reduction, Establishes New 2020 Improvement Goals

    Sonoco (NYSE:SON), one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, today released its Corporate Responsibility Report for 2014-2015 and reported that it achieved its five-year global sustainability targets, including significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), water usage and development of landfill-free operations.

    “Five years ago, we established goals to change our economic, environmental and social performance in aspects that were material to Sonoco and its stakeholders,” said Sonoco President and CEO Jack Sanders. “Our process of change, which is providing us better opportunities to grow through new products, new markets, new customers, new services and new ways of thinking, also has created an environment that allows us to better harness the power of our portfolio and our people to optimize our sustainability performance. As a result, we made significant progress to not just meet, but exceed, our challenging sustainability goals.”

    Targeted achievements highlighted in the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Report include:

    - Sonoco reduced normalized carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by nearly 24% over the past five years, with normalized emissions in 2014 dropping nearly 12% and direct emissions from Sonoco’s facilities reduced by 21%. Much of the emission reduction success was a result of the Company’s new biomass cogeneration system at its largest manufacturing complex in Hartsville, S.C., where CO2 emissions were reduced by 65% since 2009. The Company had set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 15% over the five-year period ending in 2014.

    - Normalized water usage decreased 40% over the past five years, due to Sonoco’s investment in a new water cooling and treatment system put in place at the Hartsville complex. Following the completion of the project, water consumption at the plant declined 35% in 2014 – equivalent to saving more than 10 million cubic meters of water.

    - Nearly 10% of the Company’s 336 global operating facilities achieved Sonoco Sustainability Star Awards by reaching landfill-free status of 95% waste diversion or higher. In addition, the Company’s Sonoco Recycling subsidiary implemented programs for 17 of its customers’ facilities to also reach landfill diversion goals.

    In addition to reducing the Company’s impact on the environment, the Company reported continued improvement in employee safety, engagement and leadership development, including being ranked by AON Hewitt as one of the top 25 global companies for leaders six consecutive times. Finally, the report provides a summary of the Company’s support of communities in which it operates, particularly through its support of education.

    Using 2014 as the Company’s new baseline, Sonoco has made the following sustainability commitments through 2020:

    - Reducing normalized global energy usage by 1% annually, which should result in a further 1% reduction in GHG emissions (or reducing CO2 emissions by 5%).
    - Reduce normalized water usage by 5%.
    - Achieve landfill-free status at an additional 10% of the Company’s operations significantly diverting landfill wastes, while continuing to work with customers to also reduce their waste going to landfills.
    - Finally, continue to demonstrate improvement in employee safety, diversity and engagement.
    (Sonoco Products Co)
    11.09.2015   Upgraded Invercote G gets Quick Printing award     ( Company news )

    Company news The US newsletter Quick Printing conducted their 3rd annual Readers’ Choice Top Products Awards competition in mid-2015. The newsletter is targeting people in the quick printing business globally, and the goal was to gather opinions from print service providers about what they consider to be the most significant products introduced to the commercial printing industry over the last 15 months. Voting was open to all print service providers worldwide.

    In the category Digital Print Media Upgraded Invercote G from Iggesund Paperboard was voted to be the best choice with the following motivation:

    “Invercote G is certified for a variety of digital print technologies and is recognized as the market leader by digital printers when they need a thicker or stiffer material than usual. The upgraded Invercote G gives customers who want a clear difference between the paperboard’s two sides but who still want to be able to print on both sides using their digital presses precisely what they’re looking for.

    The secret lies in the new coating on the reverse side of the upgraded Invercote G. Iggesund’s engineers created a reverse side with improved printing properties – in both offset and digital – but without compromising on the natural feel that has been the product’s hallmark for many years.”

    Jannes Dahlgren, CEO at the Swedish digital printing house Digaloo is not surprised by the award.

    “The improved printability on the reverse side has taken Invercote G to a new level for digital printing. We can use it for a larger range of print and packaging applications than before”, he says.

    The award will be given to Iggesund at a ceremony at GraphExpo 15 in Chicago on Sunday September 13th.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    11.09.2015   Expanded accreditation for product safety and lignin analyses    ( Company news )

    Company news Innventia now offers accredited analysis of primary aromatic amines in food contact materials, and of lignin content in pulp.

    Some substances in the group of primary aromatic amines (PAAs) are carcinogenic. PAAs are utilized in the production of azo pigments that may be used for printing of food contact materials (FCM).

    These substances are regulated in many countries, for example in the EU regulation (EU) 10/2011 for plastic materials. Innventia now offers accredited analysis of these substances.

    "It means, among other things, that results are internationally comparable, and ensures that analyses meet the performance requirements specified in various regulations", explains Kai-Yee Thim, who is working with product safety of FCM.

    The scope of the accreditation is now also being extended with a chemical pulp analysis which will have great impact on the introduction of lignin products. Innventia has a long tradition of chemical pulp analyses, and one of the most common analyses involves determining the lignin content.

    "To the best of my knowledge, we're the first in the world to offer an accredited lignin analysis. It means that we are now delighted to be able to offer our customers even more useful and reliable analyses," says Fredrik Aldaeus, quality manager for Innventia's chemical analyses.

    As well as creating added value for commissioned research customers, accredited analyses will also be used within Innventia's own research.

    "This strengthens our position within both cellulose research and the development of safer food packaging," says Anna Jacobs, research manager of the Chemical and material analysis group.
    (Innventia AB)
    11.09.2015   Jörgen Lindquist appointed new CFO of the Södra Group     ( Company news )

    Company news Jörgen Lindquist, born 1965, has been appointed the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Södra, a role that also includes responsibility for Purchasing and IT. He will assume this new position on 14 September, at which point he will also become a member of Group Senior Management and report to President and CEO Lars Idermark.

    Jörgen Lindquist holds a degree in business administration, having studied at Växjö University and Lund University, and has extensive experience as a CFO and Vice President. He will be joining Södra from IKEA, where he has spent the past five years working as CFO and Acting Vice President of the company's industry division Swedspan International. Prior to this role, Lindquist was responsible for IKEA's project to establish new furniture manufacturing facilities in the U.S. He has also served as CFO and Vice President of the Axis Group and held various senior financial positions in the chemical and packaging industries.

    "I look forward to starting at Södra. Södra represents many of the same values that I believe in with respect to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, and is a well-managed forest company with an exciting journey ahead," said Lindquist.

    "I am very pleased to have recruited Jörgen to Södra. His solid background and international experience will be an asset in our continued efforts to strengthen our competitiveness, growth and long-term profitability," commented President and CEO Lars Idermark.

    Lindquist will succeed Carina Olson, who previously announced her decision to leave Södra to pursue new challenges. He will be based in Södra's head office in Växjö.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    10.09.2015   KBA remains market leader for high-performance newspaper presses    ( Company news )

    Company news Flexible KBA Commander CL (photo) the press of choice for new investments

    Given the drastic contraction of the world market for new web press installations over the past years, there is no great meaning behind the market share figures which some manufacturers currently feature prominently in their marketing statements, especially where they relate to a limited period of just a few months or even a single year. In times of extreme reluctance to invest, one or two press orders are often already sufficient to secure a misleadingly larger share of the cake. Such snapshots generally say little about a manufacturer's longer-term technological standing on the market. A much more revealing indicator is the number of new presses delivered over a span of several years.

    From 2011 to 2013, Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) was the clear number one ahead of all domestic and foreign competitors in its traditional business field of newspaper presses, with world market shares between 35 and 40 per cent. Alongside the high-performance compact presses Commander CT and Cortina, which in the meantime count almost 50 installations worldwide, there was already increasing demand for the flexibly configured Commander CL which KBA unveiled at the World Publishing Expo in 2011.

    A shift in general demand in 2014 then placed the emphasis above all on less automated presses of the lower performance classes for users in the emerging markets. This is a segment in which KBA, for economic reasons, is less involved. Correspondingly, KBA's annual market share for newspaper presses was temporarily down to below 10% last year.

    In 2015, however, web offset business has returned to its customary level and KBA once more occupies the position which could be considered its rightful claim as inventor of the newspaper press. With orders from the Middle East, Germany and Asia, and a market share well in excess of 30%, KBA is again demonstrating its leadership when it comes to high-performance presses. A total of 14 Commander CL press lines have been ordered in different configurations since the official launch four years ago, and ten are already in daily production around the world. Particularly in Central Europe, but also in the USA and China, the outstanding flexibility and scalable automation options of the user-friendly Commander CL are attracting great interest wherever new investments are planned. As far as European installations are concerned, automation modules which are decisive for economical and variable newspaper production, such as plate feeders, fully automatic plate changing and control systems for register, cut-off, fan-out and colour, are today usually a standard choice. Only recently, Oppermann Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG in Rodenberg committed for two 32-page Commander CL presses with a full automation package.
    (Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))
    10.09.2015   Greif Reports Third Quarter 2015 Results     ( Company news )

    Company news Greif, Inc. (NYSE: GEF, GEF.B), a world leader in industrial packaging products and services, reported third quarter 2015 net income attributable to the corporation totaling $8.6 million or $0.15 per diluted Class A share on sales of $930.0 million compared with net income of $13.7 million or $0.23 per diluted Class A share on sales of $1,124.0 million in the third quarter of 2014. After adjusting for the effect of divestitures for both quarters and currency translation for the third quarter 2015, sales were 2.7 percent lower for the quarter when compared to the third quarter of 2014 primarily due to lower raw material costs.
    Excluding the impact of special items, earnings were $0.60 per diluted Class A share for the third quarter of 2015 compared to $0.58 per diluted Class A share for the third quarter of 2014.

    David Fischer (photo), president and chief executive officer, stated “We are pleased with the progress of our Transformation initiative. While much work remains, during the third quarter we continued to reduce complexity in our businesses, achieved a 16% decrease in SG&A expenses excluding the impact of currency translation compared to a year ago, and improved capacity utilization in our rigid industrial packaging segment. The benefits from these concentrated efforts are becoming more evident and positive momentum is increasing with each passing month. I am especially pleased with the hard work and efforts of so many Greif colleagues all over the world to achieve our stated goals.”

    Mr. Fischer added, “Concerning the growth elements of our transformation activities, we are equally encouraged with the progress made on several key initiatives including our IBC global expansion efforts and by the exceptional performance of recently completed investments at the Riverville, Virginia mill and the additional
    corrugator in our Paper Packaging segment. These transformation improvements bode well for 2016.”
    (Greif Inc.)
    10.09.2015   Manroland Sheetfed invests 70,000 Euros in new CNC machining center for apprentices    ( Company news )

    Company news Manroland Sheetfed's successful apprenticeship program has just got bigger and better.
    As part of its effort to groom technologically competent and knowledgeable production people, the company recruits at least 15 apprentices every September. Instructors and trainers impart valuable lessons on machine use and the latest printing technology.

    Photo: A new HURCO VMX10 CAD machining center invested in apprenticeship training center in Offenbach. From left to right: Mr. Rixecker (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Offenbach); Ms. Hildebrandt (apprentice for Technical Product Design); Ms. Polierer (The Employers’ Association for the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries in Hesse); Mr. Peñuela (Chief Executive Officer); Mr.Sticht (Head of Human Resources); Mr. Derzbach (Head of Apprenticeship)

    By investing in a new CNC machining center at its training center in Offenbach/Mühlheim, Manroland Sheetfed has just made the learning experience even more comprehensive and enjoyable for the apprentices.

    Both Mr. Rafael Peñuela, Chief Executive Officer of Manroland Sheetfed, and Dr. Oliver Sticht, Head of Human Resources, see education as an important part of the company’s future. So the decision to approve this 70,000-Euro investment on a new CNC machining center was easy, Mr. Peñuela said.

    Now the apprentices have the opportunity to learn the latest developments in the field of “Zerspanungsmechanik” and this prepares them for a successful professional future together with Manroland Sheetfed.

    Mr. Matthias Derzbach, Head of Apprenticeship, said putting up the machining center is essential for the company´s production of high-tech printing machines and continuous technological evolution. Because of the new HURCO VMX10 CAD machining center, current and new apprentices at Manroland sheetfed will have the best training available. With an increase of their knowledge of the production processes, their chances of landing better work contracts are improved.
    (Manroland Sheetfed GmbH)
    10.09.2015   Paper mill overcomes viscosity problem by switching to Watson Marlow MasoSine sine pump    ( Company news )

    Company news Switching from progressive cavity (PC) pumps to a MasoSine pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has overcome a long-standing issue for a leading paper mill based in South Africa – that of viscosity.

    The challenge
    The cooked starch used to gloss paper at the mill offers viscosity of 15,000 cP at 90°C. Adding to the challenge, the starch tends to crystalise when it comes into contact with the atmosphere or if the temperature drops below 30°C.
    The requirement at the paper mill is to pump the starch (both industrial and food quality types, depending on the application) from a boiler tank to the paper machine, where it is sprayed on to the paper via nozzles. As a result, consistent and reliable pumping at 15,000 l/h is paramount.
    Around two years ago, the mill replaced its existing PC pumps with a MasoSine SPS250 sine pump, and it has been running successfully ever since.

    Highly efficient
    In the case of highly viscous products, MasoSine pumps are particularly impressive because there is very little internal friction and minimal fluid deformation, making them more efficient than rotary pump principles. Excellent power density is another factor that makes sine pumps ideal for the transport of viscous fluid. Therefore the MasoSine pumps usually require less electrical power for the same application especially with high viscous products. This results in the usage of a smaller motor than other pump principles which leads to less energy consumption and reduction of the carbon footprint within the pumping process.
    Aside from its viscous product handling capabilities, the paper mill also reports that it has witnessed a “remarkable reduction in suction blockages” thanks to the impressive suction attributes of the MasoSine SPS250. Furthermore, the sine pump has a much lower pulsation than the PC pump, which means improved starch quality due to the gentle handling action.

    Further orders
    The paper mill is so pleased that it is now looking at installing MasoSine pumps at other plants moving forward. The mill is part of a group that has paper and pulp manufacturing operations on three continents.
    (Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group)
    09.09.2015   Toscotec absorbs Milltech into tissue technology business    ( Company news )

    Company news Toscotec has absorbed tissue machine hood and ventilation specialist Milltech into its own tissue technology operations.
    Toscotec purchased Milltech in 2012 and has since operated it as a separate company, but now believes Milltech’s solutions are best offered as a brand within Toscotec’s portfolio.

    All of Milltech’s employees have transferred to Toscotec, including managing director Luca Linari, who takes on the role of Sales & Product Manager for Energy and Environmental Systems for Toscotec.

    This development makes Toscotec one of the few tissue machinery suppliers which can offer the entire suite of technology for tissue production from one source.

    “This is a natural evolution for us,” said Toscotec managing director Alessandro Mennucci. “When we acquired Milltech it created an ideal synergy because minimizing energy consumption is central to our technological vision. Milltech has proved its worth in this respect, but there is no longer any benefit from it remaining a separate company. Its manufacturing facilities are already on site here at Toscotec, and it is strategically rational to operate as one entity.”
    (Toscotec S.p.A.)
    09.09.2015   Labelexpo 2015: Siegwerk innovations on a red carpet    ( Company news )

    Company news At this year’s Labelexpo in Brussels, visitors to the Siegwerk booth will be welcomed in style. The world’s largest trade fair for the labeling and packaging industry takes place from September 29 to October 2 and sees Siegwerk presenting a wide range of innovative products and solutions in hall 6 A 17 – under the motto “a red carpet for your products".

    “As the market leader for printing inks and varnishes for packaging and labels, our experts will be presenting Siegwerk’s latest products and solutions,” says Michael Müller-Samson, Vice President Business Unit Sheetfed and Narrow Web.

    They include:
    -the printing ink series in the Sicura ‘Nutri’ family – for safe UV printing on food packaging and labels,
    -the high quality, uncomplicated Sicura series for non-food packaging and labels,
    -the growingly important energy-saving UV &LED process,
    -FastMatch: a simple and highly accurate formulation tool for mixed colors.

    Siegwerk’s bestsellers among the low-migration ink systems for UV flexo printing are the Sicura Nutriflex 10 series (for labels) and the Sicura Nutriflex 20 series. The well-proven low migration series are ideal for virtually every labeling application in the food sector when it comes to color strength, reactivity and flow characteristics.

    For the highly demanding requirements placed on the UV offset series, their counterparts are Sicura Litho Nutriboard (for paper and selected foils) und Sicura Litho Nutriplast (for plastic).
    Of course, Siegwerk also sets some of the main standards in the area of packaging and labels for non-food products with the Sicura Flex 39-8 series for UV flexo printing and the Sicura Litho Plast SP series for UV offset.

    “We are also presenting FastMatch,“ says Rolf Montag, Product Manager Narrow Web. “Siegwerk customers in the USA have been enjoying great success with this system for some time – and it is now also becoming available for customers in EMEA.” FastMatch lets printers use basic colors to create customer-specific formulations swiftly and in a very precise fashion, and then mix the inks themselves. Siegwerk is offering this new service in cooperation with the international X-Rite group, the global market leader in the area of color technology, which includes the company Pantone. Whenever printers require a customized color, they use an X-Rite measuring device connected to their computers to determine the color of the template. A Siegwerk online database then immediately delivers the formulation for printers to mix themselves. The system is based on exact and reliable color selection and on libraries with a wide range of color formulations. Access rights secure confidentiality, so that color tones developed by a given printer are not visible to other users of the system.
    09.09.2015   Favini posts first-half growth Revenues up 4.3% to 82 million euros    ( Company news )

    Company news -Eger (photo), CEO: “Revenues continue to grow as performance also improves, driven by the excellent results achieved in the release sector. “
    -EBITDA improves by a strong 23.9%. Graphics specialties and converting products performed well.

    Favini, a global leader in the manufacture of innovative graphic specialties using natural raw materials (e.g. cellulose, algae, fruit and nuts), has published its financials for the first half of 2015.

    The company continues to grow apace with revenues reaching 82 million euros, up 4.3% from the 78.6 million of 2014, while also confirming the group’s dedication to international markets with exports accounting for over 70% of total sales.

    EBITDA has posted double-digit growth of 23.9%, going from the 7.2 million of 2014 to 8.9 million euros for the current year, equal to a margin of 10.8%. This growth has been driven by integration of the Arjowiggins business acquired by Favini at the end of 2013, which has helped neutralize the negative impact of the sharp increase in the cost of raw materials.

    Graphic specialties and converting products, which combined to account for 54.8% of overall revenues, have also confirmed the strong performance posted in 2014.

    Eugenio Eger, CEO of Favini, says: “Revenues continue to grow as overall performance also improves, driven by the excellent results achieved in the release sector. Global demand for these products remains strong on the whole, backed by greater dynamism in the automotive segment.“
    (Favini Srl)

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