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    17.07.2014   The Label Academy to Provide Education and Training for the Future    ( Company news )

    Company news A new e-learning initiative for the label community

    In today’s knowledge based economy, education and competence management are key to the future success of any business, and the label industry is no exception. This applies to all levels and functions in the company, from management to operations. At the end of 2012, the FINAT Board endorsed a new initiative designed to align education and training programmes for operators in the label industry. Two years later, the Label Academy is ready for take-off.

    Historically, the printing industry was regarded as having one of the best education and training schemes of any industry within the developed world, with a good apprenticeship system, excellent printing colleges, experienced trainers, and a wide range of printing textbooks on a whole variety of printing processes, typesetting, pre-press, bookbinding and finishing operations. Printing was regarded as a highly skilled industry with some of the highest industrial-skill wages.

    Growing pressure on education
    The more printing has moved away from a craft-based to a technology, service and communications-based industry, the more high-end sectors such as self-adhesive have developed and grown and the higher the pressures on costs and margins, the less high quality and knowledge-based education and training we seem to do.

    Dedicated printing colleges in many parts of the world have all but disappeared, or they are not seen to be relevant to training for the self-adhesive sector.

    Knowledge challenges and opportunities
    Indeed, the self-adhesive label sector seems to have suffered perhaps more than many other sectors of printing, and it is perhaps not too difficult to see why. It has some of the widest ranges of materials to print on, it has the widest range of printing processes being used (often in combination on one press line) and it has the widest range of in-line finishing operations. There has been an increasingly sophisticated origination and pre-press processes and significant more challenges in terms of sustainability (adhesives and silicones, matrix and liner waste, etc.). Not to forget about the greater diverse selection of bar code types, QR codes, augmented reality and other interactive labels.

    Each week seems to bring new industry knowledge challenges, and opportunities. And the demands are increasing all the time, from new digital technologies, interactive labels, brand protection solutions, to new developments in intelligent and active labels.

    Enhanced education and training: transferring knowledge to the new generation
    This enhanced level of education and training needs to be done sooner rather than later, as many of the existing skilled and knowledgeable people that have grown with the industry over the past 20 or so years come towards retirement. We need to utilise their knowledge before it is too late. We need to bring in new skills and abilities to tell employees about the new demands on labels. We need to re-build a new and dedicated education and training base for the industry’s future.

    This is why the publishing, internet and marketing team at Tarsus, supported by a small group of knowledgeable and skilled industry specialists, are planning the launch of The Label Academy. Over the coming months the team will be working on finishing the first six or more (out of the first 20 proposed) education and training e-learning and support modules that aim to provide the basic knowledge requirements of the label industry employees of today and tomorrow.

    Initial e-learning modules will cover topics as diverse as Label Substrates, Label Printing processes, Die-cutting and Tooling, Origination and Pre-press, Digital Label Printing, Environment and Sustainability, the History of the Label Industry. The first of these Modules are scheduled to be available later this year for purchase or downloading through a new Label Academy website that is currently being developed.
    Over the coming months, a dedicated Advisory Panel will additionally be working on how best to establish an internet-based industry testing scheme and moving towards an industry-wide on-line certification process.

    The Label Academy: a supporting resource for existing education schemes
    It is also planned that existing industry suppliers, associations, colleges, training and employer schemes and programmes will be able to apply to become accredited training organisations using the new learning modules. The Label Academy is not looking to take over or interfere with existing label industry training, but rather to become a resource provider and support body for the global label industry – with global resource material written for training providers to use in any country or market.

    FINAT Board endorsement
    At the present time the proposed education and training resource being developed under the banner of The Label Academy has already been endorsed by the FINAT Board and is currently being studied by other label industry associations around the world.

    Who are involved in The Label Academy?
    In planning for a number of years, the new label industry education and training scheme has been developed and pioneered to-date by Mike Fairley, widely known as the label industry ‘Guru’. Perhaps not so widely known is that before founding Labels & Labelling he spent several years as a further education lecturer before joining PIRA, the Paper, Printing and Packaging Industry Research Association as Deputy Head of Training. In this capacity he acquired extensive experience in lecturing and writing training manuals and materials on many areas of printing, papermaking, labels and packaging. He further developed his educational credentials at the UK Government sponsored Paper and Paper Products Industry Training Board as Head of Information, and as a consultant to the International Labour Office, the Economist Intelligence Unit and to the EU.

    Complementing Mike’s undoubted training and industry knowledge in writing the new e-learning Modules are a team from 4impression (author of the FINAT Educational Handbook) under Paul Jarvis and Netherlands-based Converting Technology International of Sietze de Kievit, who have been piloting training material and courses on label substrates and tooling. They are also members of the Academy’s Advisory Panel. Other global specialists are likely to be co-opted as required for specific subjects or markets.

    Official Launch: Labelexpo Americas 2014
    From now onwards the first results of the work that has been undertaken to-date and the first e-learning modules to be produced will start to be announced and initial training and testing materials become available. The aim is to then have the official launch of The Label Academy at Labelexpo Americas in September.

    It is certainly hoped that the global label industry will support this exciting new initiative and strive to produce the better-educated and trained employees who will be needed for the successful and long-term future of the industry.

    The past brings future perspective
    Another way of learning is to have insight and an understanding of past accomplishments. A good way of gaining that knowledge is reading 'The Evolution of Labels and the Label Industry in Europe.' This book is the result of several years of research and writing by Michael Fairley and Tony White. Over 240 pages of text and historical illustrations they trace the history of labels and label production from early wooden presses printing on hand-made paper, through all the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution during the 18th and 19th centuries – including continuous papermaking, cylinder presses, ink-making and inking rollers, early colour printing, the first cutting punches and dies – right through to the 21st century innovations of self-adhesive label materials, printing and converting, computerised origination and digital printing. The prestige limited hard cover edition book should be a must-read title for all those who have an interest in how the world of labels and label production has grown from its early origins to the present time.

    For more information on this book contact FINAT at tel. +31-70-3123910 or e-mail
    17.07.2014   Societé Tilwel, France, impressed by versatiliy of its BOBST F&K 20SIX    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Societé Tilwel production hall

    It is more than a year now that Societé Tilwel’s 1100 mm wide 8-colour F&K 20SIX has been on duty, and ever since it was comissioned, it has fully met Tilwel’s high expectations. In particular, the responsible persons at Tilwel are impressed by the versatility, the new press is offering: “We print on all types of substrates, from 330 g/m² carton board to thin OPP film. We print on 20 microns, and we have even printed on 12 micron PET "says Laurent Parolari, production manager who is also much impressed by the process consistency and efficiency that smartGPS™ provides.

    As Arnaud Barbedet, Tilwel site director, points out, the F&K 20SIX does not only allow Societé Tilwel to target new markets, but thanks to its performance and capacities also serves well a back-up for the other companies of the group. According to Mr. Barbedet, what made Societé Tilwel opt for the F&K 20SIX, were three major reasons: the performance of the press, the quality of service that BOBST provides, and the trust in the manufacturer’s people they met during the buying process.

    Apart from the extraordinary flexibility with substrates and web tension, another specialty of the press is its tailored capability of printing water-based inks. Water-based flexo has a long tradition in the family-owned Brodard Packaging group which Societé Tilwel is part of and reflects the group’s concern for the evironment. Running 5 production sites with 210 employees in total, the group of companies achieves a turnover of 45 Mio €. With their wide range of products, Brodard Packaging serves both the food and non-food industry, including dairy, convenience food, coffee, personal care and cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
    (Bobst Mex SA)
    16.07.2014   Domtar receives 11 PPSA accolades: Safety in our business DNA    ( Company news )

    Company news Domtar Corporation (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS) is honored to have had 11 facilities recognized for safety performance excellence at the Pulp and Paper Safety Association's (PPSA) annual awards ceremony. The prizes were handed out during the PPSA's annual conference held this year in St. Petersburg, Florida, from June 22-25.
    "An employee-driven safety culture is a key plank of Domtar's sustainable business strategy, and one of the important ways we live out our company values of agility, caring and innovation," noted Allan Bohn, Senior Director of Corporate Health and Safety. "So I want to congratulate our Pulp and Paper leadership, the individual site leaders and safety representatives, and especially the site employees for all their hard work and dedication that led to these PPSA honors."
    (Domtar Paper Operation Center)
    16.07.2014   ARPG invests in Augsburg premises    ( Company news )

    Company news At the end of June 2014 AR Packaging acquired the premises of the manufacturing plant in Augsburg in Germany.

    Picture: Niclas Nyström, CFO of AR Packaging

    The investment of EUR 2,2 million is financed out of the operational cash flow and is a part of the investment program announced in March this year.
    “The strengthened financial position of the company gives us much more flexibility in optimizing the capital structure of the group and eliminating unfavourable lease contracts. Further this will strengthen our competitiveness in the market”, says Niclas Nyström, CFO of AR Packaging.
    (AR Packaging Group)
    16.07.2014   Great willingness to invest    ( Company news )

    Company news The auditors have again attested to consistent environmental management at Bischof + Klein in the seventh major environmental audit according to EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).
    Dr. Jörg Schnittger and Dr. Ulrich Wilcke of KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft did not discover any deviations whatsoever during the intensive two-day audit, and praised the company's "great willingness to invest" as well as the clear data recording undertaken at both of the German sites, B+K Lengerich and Konzell. Orderliness and cleanliness also created a positive impression at both locations.
    During company inspections and in interviews with the management, the works council and employees from the operating technology, purchasing and personnel departments, the auditors made certain that all management regulations are implemented and that Bischof + Klein complies with environmental protection and work safety laws and regulations. Amongst other aspects, particular attention was paid to mandatory training courses this time around. All production employees' knowledge is regularly kept up-to-date to enable the company to guarantee safety and environmental protection within its plants and to uphold product quality standards.
    The experts also assured themselves that the environmental goals formulated during the last major audit three years previously had been implemented. The environmental statement signed by the auditors will shortly be published in the sustainability report for 2013.
    (B+K Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG)
    16.07.2014   Södra chooses Doosan Skoda as turbine supplier for Värö     ( Company news )

    Company news Södra Cell has chosen Doosan Skoda Power to supply a turbine for the expansion of the Värö Pulp Mill.

    Doosan Skoda Power has been commissioned to supply a complete turbine installation consisting of a turbine, generator and other equipment. The turbine is a 60MW condensing turbine and it will be an important part of Södra's expansion of the Värö Pulp Mill. The new turbine safeguards the expanded mill's electricity generation and surplus electricity will be supplied to the national grid. This means Södra will be able to increase deliveries of ‘green electricity' which is replacing fossil fuels in the community.
    "We chose Doosan Skoda to supply our new turbine because they made us a highly competitive offer. We've also been extremely satisfied with the turbine from Doosan Skoda that we started in 2007," explained Jonas Eriksson, Mill Manager at Södra Cell Värö.
    Södra has already commissioned Sweco for construction design, NCC for groundworks, installation and construction work, Valmet for process equipment and Raumaster for storage and transportation equipment for wood chips and bark.
    Doosan Skoda Power is a Czech company that sells equipment and services for all kinds of installations and specialises in steam turbines and heat exchangers it designs itself. The company belongs to Korean industrial group Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    16.07.2014   On-line visitor registration is open! Get your free ticket and join the largest PPI audience in ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Eastern Europe

    Get your free access to the exhibition PAP-FOR Russia right now!

    WHAT: XIII International Exhibition and Business Forum for pulp and paper, forestry, tissue, converting and packaging industries
    WHERE: PAP-FOR Russia will be held at the new venue - International Convention and Exhibition Centre EXPOFORUM, Pavilion 1. Peterburgskoye Highway, 64/1, St. Petersburg, Russia
    WHEN: 28.10.2014 - 31.10.2014

    Complete on-line registration form and save your time on-site during show hours.
    1. Submit on-line registration form at
    2. Receive a confirmation letter containing your personal e-ticket.
    3. Print e-ticket out and bring it to the exhibition.
    4. Get your personal visitor badge at on-site registration desk in exchange.
    ! Please, pay extra attention to the accuracy of contact information in the registration form: your personal e-ticket will be sent to the submitted e-mail address.

    PAP-FOR Russia 2014 will be held at the new venue - International Convention and Exhibition Centre EXPOFORUM! Peterburgskoye Highway, 64/1, St. Petersburg, Russia.
    (Reed Expo Russia)
    16.07.2014   Vacon to strengthen foothold and services in Poland     ( Company news )

    Company news The global AC drives manufacturer Vacon strengthens its foothold and ability to offer better services for its local and global customers in Poland by opening a sales company in Warsaw, the capital.
    Vacon will acquire the AC drives business operations of Telko-Poland, a Polish subsidiary of Finland-based Kaukomarkkinat Oy. The business operations and the personnel will be consolidated into the Vacon Group. Vacon and Telko-Poland have been partnering in Poland for approximately twenty years since 1994.
    "Vacon has had a distributor agreement with Telko-Poland for a number of years. Poland is a strongly developing and stable market, and this acquisition of business operations further strengthens our presence in the country. It also allows us to offer even more comprehensive services to our local and global OEM and brand-label customers," explains Thomas Thörewik, Vice President, Northern & Eastern Europe at Vacon.
    "We aim to grow significantly faster than the market, and that means we will have to expand our activities to new areas and to new channels. Our own operations in Poland will support this strategy and also strengthen Vacon's brand awareness," concludes Thörewik.
    (Vacon Plc)
    16.07.2014   Premiere: LIGNA to feature new Wood Industry Summit    ( LIGNA 2015 )

    LIGNA 2015 - Summit to comprise exhibitions, a matchmaking platform and a Forum
    - German Forestry Council (KWF) as Summit Partner

    LIGNA – the leading trade fair for the forestry and wood industries – next runs from 11 to 15 May 2015. And it will be taking its commitment as the international shop window for the wood industry to the next level with an exciting new offering: the Wood Industry Summit.

    Organized by Deutsche Messe in partnership with the German Forestry Council (KWF), the all-new Wood Industry Summit will comprise an exhibition area, a matchmaking platform and a forum, making it a powerful hub for international lead generation and dialogue. It will be staged on about 800 square meters (2,000 sq. ft.) of display area in Hall 13.

    In the exhibition area, companies and institutions from the forestry technology, sawmill technology, wood panel products and veneer production, wood energy, solid wood working and pulp and paper industries will showcase their latest technology offerings in the immediate vicinity of international group pavilions run by key players from carefully selected timber-rich target market regions, such as Russia, China and North and South America.

    The matchmaking platform will feature institutions and delegations of high-ranking government and business representatives from Russia, China and North and South America, who will outline market access opportunities and regional wood-industry projects in their countries. The platform is also an opportunity for companies from European countries, such as Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to present their technologies to the participating wood-industry representatives and purchasing delegations from their international target markets.

    The third component of the Wood Industry Summit is a special forum for key international representatives of industry, science and government. The aim of the forum is to present new solutions and the current state of the art in various technology areas, particularly harvesting technology, and to discuss current industry trends and issues. The forum is also an opportunity to share detailed information on how to initiate business in key target markets and to find the best technology fit for specific countries. The forum will be moderated by the KWF.

    The KWF is a solid and trusted partner who brings a great deal of experience and expertise to its role as Deutsche Messe’s co-organizer of the Wood Industry Summit. Dr. Jochen Köckler, a member of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board, explains: “We have in KWF a truly outstanding partner. Our two organizations have worked together for many years to systematically hone and tailor LIGNA to the needs of the market. And so we are delighted to have the KWF on board as we develop and launch the Wood Industry Summit. It will be the only platform of its kind worldwide and will generate considerable economic value, particularly in the international project business. Our aim in creating it is to give our exhibitors the best-possible springboard for initiating new international business relationships and to enable them to find partners from Russia, China and North and South America. Under the umbrella of the Wood Industry Summit, we will work with the KWF and our partners from these countries and regions to get European-made wood-industry technologies and solutions onto overseas markets. The Wood Industry Summit will feature numerous technical presentations, discussion forums and international business facilitation and advisory offerings. Another important reason why we’re creating the Wood Industry Summit is that we want to provide added value for the international, vertically integrated pulp and paper enterprises that have been sending visitors to LIGNA in ever-increasing numbers over the years.

    And, given the ongoing internationalization of business processes in the wood industry and the fact that European companies are increasingly selling into new, fast-growing export markets, we are confident that the Wood Industry Summit will further consolidate our pioneering role as a matchmaker between supply and demand. We want to help our exhibitors internationalize their business processes and safeguard their long-term viability.”

    The Wood Flooring Summit will thus underscore and enhance LIGNA’s position as the top international exhibition for the wood and forestry industries. As the international benchmark for wood-industry tradeshows, LIGNA is known and respected for its global focus and professionalism. In 2015, the fair will once again highlight real solutions against the backdrop of current market trends and regulatory developments.

    The KWF’s Managing Director, Ute Seeling, had this to say: “The planned Wood Industry Summit will enable LIGNA exhibitors from the forestry and wood industry to meet and get to know potential partners from specially profiled target market regions. Our objective in partnering with Deutsche Messe for the Summit is to provide a platform for successful, long-term international business relationships. It’s a great opportunity, and we hope the target wood-industry companies will take full advantage of it.”

    The KWF was formed in 1962 from the amalgamation of the Technical Center for the German Forestry Industry (TZF) and the German Society for Forestry Ergonomics (GEFFA). The KWF’s core functions lie in future-proofing the forestry industry, accident prevention and environmental stewardship. It is the only multi-regional institution of its kind in Germany and is therefore the country’s central coordinating body for applied scientific and technical forestry initiatives.

    The KWF is known primarily for its role as the organizer of the +KWF Conference (“KWF-Tagung”) and for its activities in testing and certifying forestry technology and equipment. The KWF Conference is the world’s second largest forestry-machinery demonstration fair. It is held four-yearly, each time at a different location in Germany. The KWF is a member of multiple German and international forestry-industry networks and is networked with key forestry-industry organizations around the globe.
    (Deutsche Messe AG)
    16.07.2014   We will exhibit our products at 'MSV- International Engineering Fair'    ( Company news )

    Company news We will attend the "MSV- International Engineering Fair", the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe to be held in Brno - Czech Republic, from 29th September to 03rd October 2014.

    Come and visit us at our booth:
    PAD A2 – Stand 034.

    Our sales Enginners will show you our product range and a Microvert Machine in function and will discuss with you the best solution for packaging your products.
    See you there!
    (Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A.)
    15.07.2014   Cascades Launches Respak: the Alternative to Polycoated Packaging    ( Company news )

    Company news Cascades is proud to announce the launch of Respak, the ecological answer to the environmental challenge of polycoated packaging products. Designed primarily for the food and food services industries, Respak is recyclable and compostable, without compromising on the performance and durability characteristic of traditional polycoated packaging.

    A reduced ecological footprint
    Well known for its resistance, polycoated cardboard is widely used around the world. Every minute, as much as two tonnes of polycoated cardboard are used, enough to cover the Empire State Building 3 times per hour, or 72 times a day! Cascades is proposing Respak, an ecological alternative that is recyclable, compostable and made from 50% recycled fibres. Respak has a unique and revolutionary barrier that repels water, oil and grease just as efficiently as ordinary polycoated cardboard.
    “The development of Respak goes hand in hand with the Company’s values of respect for the environment and innovation that have made Cascades a leader in eco-friendly packaging for 50 years,” explains Marc-André Dépin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norampac, the Cascades group specializing in packaging solutions. “As the designers and producers of Respak, we are very pleased to be the first to offer the packaging and food industries, as well as consumers, a green alternative that will significantly reduce the impact of food consumption on waste.” Based on results from a preliminary life cycle assessment, Respak’s environmental impact is 50% less than that of the polycoated cardboard currently in use.

    Packaging just got better
    Respak complies with the main food safety standards, including those established by the Food and Drug Administration for packaging that comes in contact with dry, aqueous and fatty foods. Elemental chlorine free (ECF) and FSC ® -certified, this innovation from Cascades has a bright future on the food packaging market.
    (Cascades Inc.)
    15.07.2014   Sustainable Developments in Papers & Technical Fibres Seals Innovation Award Win    ( Company news )

    Company news Ground-breaking processes including the recycling of carbon fibre and paper coffee cups have seen James Cropper claim an Innovation Excellence Award, supported by the Technology Strategy Board. The award was presented by the Stationers Company, the guardians of the British communications and content industries, including paper and printing sectors, to Chief Executive, Phil Wild at a gathering on Monday 30 June 2014.

    Picture: Tom Hempenstall (right) presents Phil Wild with the 2014 Innovation Award

    Rising from a long-list of companies, James Cropper picked up the accolade for a series of projects which represent significant milestones in not only British, but the international paper and technical fibre trades.
    The panel of judges, including Dr Gerry Flynn of the Technology Strategy Board, Master of the Stationers’ Company, Tom Hempenstall and BBC Global Business Correspondent, Peter Day declared the 170 year old British company the winner of the award for ‘Breakthrough technology that offers significant sustainable development prospects’.
    The award ceremony was underpinned by speeches that recognised the seismic technological, economic and social changes challenging traditional industries, innovations like James Cropper’s landmark recycling process for many of the billions of paper coffee cups thrown away each year, were formally recognised by business peers. Sustainable product developments that see waste products limited or reused, including a chocolate wrapping paper that includes otherwise disposed of cocoa shells enhanced James Cropper’s claim to the accolade.

    Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper, said: “For six centuries The Stationers Company has set standards and protected the reputation of a range of industries including paper producers, the place from which James Cropper started. Therefore, it is an honour to be recognised by the judges in this way and to receive the award in the company of so many other business leaders. Sustainability makes good business sense, and is at the forefront of our business philosophy in the creation of some of the world’s most distinctive and technically advanced paper products. We feel this award recognises that commitment.”

    In addition to James Cropper’s paper business incorporating an integrated converting facility, James Cropper plc also includes TFP (Technical Fibre Products), a specialist producer of wet-laid nonwoven fibres that support the aerospace and defence industries. In October last year it was announced that TFP, an internationally recognised leader in glass, carbon and polymer nonwovens, had developed the capability to process recycled carbon fibre into a reusable composite, ultimately providing a viable route for the reuse of a widely used fibre previously considered as waste.
    2014 has seen James Cropper establish a new, dedicated Technology and Innovation Division to stimulate a step-change in the pace and deployment of new technologies appearing in the company’s expanding portfolio. Underpinned by the company’s ethos of investment in the environment, expertise and high standards of customer care, the division is working to build on a series of award winning projects with further developments.

    Patrick Willink, Chief Technology Officer for James Cropper, said: “Vision has certainly been the key to James Cropper’s success, along with innovation and reinvention, from becoming one of the first paper mills in the world to make coloured paper, research into non-cellulose fibre which led to the formation of TFP, to developing unique technologies for generating new products from waste materials. With a long-term investment in science, technology and our people the company embraces today’s business challenges as an opportunity.”
    (James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)
    15.07.2014   EU and Industry Partners Launch €3.7 Billion Investments in the Renewable Bio-based Economy    ( Company news )

    Company news EU and industry leaders have launched a new European Joint Undertaking on Bio-based Industries (BBI). The aim is to trigger investments and create a competitive market for bio-based products and materials sourced locally and "Made in Europe", tackling some of Europe's biggest societal challenges.

    Photo: Berry Wiersum, CEO of Sappi Europe S.A.

    €3.7 billion will be injected into the European economy between 2014 and 2024 - €975 million from the European Commission and €2.7 billion from the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) - to develop an emerging bioeconomy sector. Through financing of research and innovation projects, the BBI will create new and novel partnerships across sectors, such as agriculture, agro-food, technology providers, forestry/pulp and paper, chemicals and energy.
    The aim of the BBI is to use Europe's untapped biomass and wastes as feedstock to make fossil-free and greener everyday products. At the heart of it are advanced biorefineries and innovative technologies that will convert renewable resources into sustainable bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels.
    Berry Wiersum, CEO of Sappi Europe, one of the major European companies represented by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) underlined his company's commitment to investing in collaborative research, development and demonstration of bio-based technologies: "The BBI Joint Undertaking is special because it will drive the use of renewable resources and innovative technologies for greener everyday products. The public-private partnership structure increases the likelihood that a new and sustainable European industry will be born."

    Organised in five value chains - that range from primary production to consumer markets - the BBI will help fill the innovation gap between technology development and commercialisation, sustainably realising the potential of bio-based industries in Europe.
    Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, said: "The bioeconomy has huge potential that is attracting investments all around the world. With this new partnership, we want to harness innovative technologies to convert Europe's untapped renewable resources and waste into greener everyday products such as food, feed, chemicals, materials and fuels, all sourced and made in Europe."

    The BBI is a shift from a fossil- and imports-based society to increase Europe's share of sustainable economic growth, and is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs (80% in rural areas), revitalise industries, diversify farmers' incomes, and reduce GHG emissions by at least 50% in comparison to fossil-based applications.
    The BBI will manage the investments in the form of research and innovation projects that are defined in annual Calls for Proposals and implemented across European regions. In line with Horizon 2020 rules, all stakeholders are invited to submit innovative proposals and demonstrate progress beyond state-of-the-art.

    First BBI Call for Proposals focuses on high potential / high impact investments
    Also launched today is the BBI's first Call for Proposals. It is a €50 million Call (not including industry contributions, which are expected to reach up to €100 million) that is a first step in a long-term strategy that will deliver tangible social, economic and environmental results.
    -10 Research and Innovation Actions with a total budget of €15 million;
    -6 Innovation Actions (5 Demo and 1 Flagship) with a total budget of €35 million.
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)
    15.07.2014   Heidelberg Info Days showcase LE UV perfecting printing    ( Company news )

    Company news -Perfecting technology optimizes productivity and cost-efficiency, even with short runs
    -Swiss commercial printer sees positive results with new Speedmaster XL 106 eight-color LE UV press

    Figure: A major benefit of LE UV dryer technology is that the dry sheets can go straight to postpress.

    The Heidelberg Info Days at the Print Media Center in Heidelberg recently showcased state-of-the-art LE UV dryer technology (LE stands for Low Energy). No fewer than 235 customers from 19 different countries attended this event organized by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). They gained an excellent insight into the efficiency and productivity of long perfectors and the associated postpress equipment. With over 2,000 long perfectors installed worldwide, Heidelberg boasts a great deal of know-how in this field. This includes Perfect Jacket technology, which enables virtually identical print quality on both sides of the sheet. The intuitive operator guidance system IntelliStart, the fully automatic and simultaneous plate changing system AutoPlate XL, reduced washup times, and the inline color measurement system Prinect Inpress Control combine to deliver fast, reliable, and stable job processing. This applies to both long runs and the very short runs that are becoming increasingly popular.
    A Speedmaster XL 75 eight-color press with coating unit demonstrated the latest perfecting technology and its impressive flexibility to visitors attending the Info Days. And the Speedmaster XL 106 ten-color press on show set new productivity standards, operating at 18,000 sheets per hour in perfecting mode. But the highlight of the event was the Speedmaster SX 102-8-P+L with LE UV. Impressed customers witnessed the high-quality production of the perfecting press. Sheets surface finished on one side emerged dry from the delivery ready for postpress.
    All press models - from the Speedmaster SX 52 to the Speedmaster XL 162 - can be equipped with LE UV. A Speedmaster SX 74-4-H with LE UV - an entry-level solution for commercial printing - has recently been added to the demonstration presses at the Wiesloch-Walldorf plant.

    LE UV the right decision for Swiss commercial printer
    Sylvain Cognard, Production Manager at Swiss commercial print shop W. Gassmann AG/ Courvoisier-Attinger Arts graphiques SA in Biel, related his experiences with the world's first 18,000 sph generation Speedmaster XL 106-8-P LE UV during a panel discussion at the Info Days. This print shop employs 350 staff and its customers come from markets with challenging requirements such as the watchmaking and jewelry industries. "We use perfecting printing for 90 percent of our work. The LE UV press works perfectly at a speed of 18,000 sheets an hour and the quality is excellent," said Cognard. His overall impression is a positive one and he now uses the benefits of LE UV to provide his customers with a fast, top-quality service. When the print shop processed a job using both standard sheetfed offset printing and LE UV and presented the two results to a customer, the customer chose LE UV. According to Cognard, LE UV offers great potential for premium products. "We printed a watch catalog on challenging offset paper for Basel World. Only thanks to LE UV were we able to complete the job within a tight timeframe," he revealed. Cognard also underlined the cost-efficiency of production on the Speedmaster XL 106. "For a recent job, we replaced the full set of plates every eight minutes, which meant changing 60 plates every hour. Replacement intervals of this kind can only be cost-effective with AutoPlate XL and Prinect Inpress Control," he stressed.

    Key issue of service and insights into new technologies

    Visitors to the Info Days were given food for thought on a number of subjects. For example, Heidelberg Service demonstrated a number of solutions and offerings to ensure that, if the worst comes to the worst, action can be taken quickly to prevent long downtimes and ensure print shop productivity does not suffer. The Remote Monitoring presentation in particular showed customers how predictive maintenance can prevent a press from breaking down. The Saphira portfolio serves a similar purpose. The newly launched Saphira Anilox Roller GTT reduces downtimes while also improving print quality. Appropriate CtP systems and Prinect solutions round off this product portfolio.
    Heidelberg also presented its UV LED system, which was unveiled at drupa 2012 on a Speedmaster SX 52 and is currently being transferred to the Speedmaster SX/CX 102. Delivery of the first DryStar UV LED systems started in Japan at the end of last year and there are plans to roll out UV LED technology in Europe over the coming months and years. The big advantage of UV LED is its low energy consumption and the ability to control the switching on and off of LEDs for a particular format width and sheet length.
    Another topic touched on was Anicolor technology, which has proved its value for rapid makeready with minimum waste and maximum productivity. Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor perfecting presses equipped with this technology will be available from the second half of 2014 and it is planned to offer them in conjunction with UV and LE UV technology in the first half of 2015.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    15.07.2014   Sappi presents full range of Speciality Papers at Packaging Innovations 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Sappi Speciality Papers will be exhibiting at this year’s Packaging Innovations Show taking place in London, from 30 September to 1 October on stand D6, to present its latest innovative papers and board packaging solutions. These include the sustainable and recyclable packaging grades such as Algro® Guard M and Leine® Guard M, offering Mineral Oil Barrier functionality to safeguard food from contamination. Also featured at the show will be Sappi’s award-winning bright white carton board Algro Design®; the premium white topliner Fusion® for lamination to carton and corrugated cardboard; and biodegradable packaging solutions like Algro® Nature, a certified home compostable flexible packaging substrate that is based on renewable raw materials, as is the case with all Sappi papers.

    Produced to high quality ISO standards as well as FSC accreditation, Sappi Speciality papers have been developed to meet the growing requirements of brand owners and converters for grades that address improved shelf presence and brand image, environmental and sustainable impact, enhanced productivity and functionality as well as concerns around food safety.

    Speciality papers from Sappi give customers an array of options to improve shelf presence and brand image ranging through flexible packaging, premium SBS board, topliner for high quality corrugated packaging, wet glue applied label paper enabling strong on-shelf appeal packaging papers offering stiffness and pack strength, silicone base papers for carriers for self-adhesive products, and home compostable papers. Sappi’s family of coated paper products offers a variety of packaging applications ranging from sachets and pouches for the food industry to confectionery wrappers and labels.

    Enhancing environmental sustainability
    With Algro Nature, Sappi is presenting a home compostable paper packaging solution. The Algro Nature paper, produced with cellulose based film from Innovia Films, enables brand owners and packaging manufacturers to develop packaging from renewable resources, that once used can be easily composted, either commercially or domestically.

    Keeping Food Safe
    Also on show will be the new and innovative Sappi grades Algro Guard M and Leine Guard M. These sustainable and recyclable packaging materials are designed to address concerns about migration of mineral oil into food from packaging that is manufactured from recycled fibres. The integrated solution of mineral oil barrier functionality combined with excellent heat sealing properties minimise converting process steps and considerably reduce costs in the supply chain.

    Fusion® a white top liner for corrugated packaging
    Presented at the show is Fusion®, a premium-quality, bright white premium liner. Composed of white bleached virgin fibres, this top liner has achieved success among a number of stakeholders in the packaging supply chain, ranging from corrugators to litho laminators and finishers of folding cartons, as well as print finishers, designers, agencies and brand owners. Thanks to its high white finish, Fusion outperforms standard white-top liners and gives colour prints an unprecedented brilliance and saturation, whereby the finishes have a very tactile appeal. The top liner Fusion convinces with excellent converting properties and production advantages such as 30% less glue consumption, less cracking, high runability and reduced transportation and storage costs.

    Algro Design: special finishes drive brand value
    For many brand owners, packaging manufacturers and finishers, Sappi’s superior SBS carton board Algro Design is the first choice when it comes to printability and virtually limitless processing and finishing options. It guarantees maximum precision, value and consistent quality. Algro Design from Sappi is one of the most popular coated cellulose carton brands. The product range impresses with superior whiteness, consistent surface finish, very high light resistance and a silky smooth touch.

    Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager Speciality Papers concludes “Sappi believes in working in partnership with customers to help them identify the best ways to differentiate their offering from the competition. By specifying packaging substrates that enable the quality production of demanding designs they can communicate a premium message and create a perception of greater value. We are addressing even the most challenging packaging and conversion requirements of our customers. Our expanded product portfolio and our solutions reflects this expertise. Our substrates print well, can withstand complex finishing processes and assure product protection, are regulatory compliant and are offering the necessary shelf appeal to convince consumers.”
    (Sappi Alfeld GmbH)
    14.07.2014   Södra chooses Sweco for construction design at Värö     ( Company news )

    Company news Södra has chosen technical consulting company Sweco for construction design work relating to the expansion of the Värö pulp mill.
    "Sweco was selected for this assignment on the basis of its extensive expertise and experience of the forestry industry and because they have the resources to deliver all the construction consulting services we require," explained Jonas Eriksson, Mill Manager at Södra Cell Värö.
    "This is one of the biggest investments taking place in the forestry industry right now. For Sweco, the contract means that we will be able to contribute to important growth opportunities for a pulp mill that has long been a forerunner with regard to environmental consideration and renewable energy," says Sören Hed, President of Sweco Structures.
    At the start of 2014, Södra took the decision to invest over SEK 4 billion to increase capacity at Värö. The expansion will increase production capacity from 425,000 tonnes to 700,000 tonnes of pulp per year. The mill will be one of the largest in the world producing softwood sulphate pulp, with state-of-the-art technology and vastly improved energy efficiency.
    Södra has already commissioned NCC to carry out groundwork, installation and construction for the Värö expansion. Valmet has been appointed process equipment supplier. Raumaster is another major supplier and will be supplying storage and transportation equipment for wood chips and bark.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    14.07.2014   BOBST to debut new blank separating die-cutter at ExpoPrint 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news BOBST will premiere the NOVACUT 106 ER - its brand new die-cutter for in-line die-cutting with blank separation - at ExpoPrint 2014 in July, as well as showcasing a folder-gluer line with Braille embossing capable of producing up to 115,000 boxes per hour.

    By bringing together superb BOBST die-cutting technology, the Angle Lock® blanking tool system and the extensive BOBST process support network, the new NOVACUT 106 ER gives packaging makers access to integrated and automated production that also improves the productivity of downstream processes such as folding and gluing.
    NOVACUT 106 ER is a value-for-money solution which offers in-line blank separation without the production or investment headaches that users expect from this process, delivering perfectly stacked bundles of blanks ready for downstream processing with no need for breaking out by hand. The BOBST Angle Lock® blanking tool system means that users can blank jobs which previously would not have been cost effective - and regardless of where they operate in the world, because Angle Lock® blanking tools can either be supplied directly by BOBST or made in-plant using standard components.
    The NOVACUT 106 ER designed for in-plant flexibility, allowing users to build up a portfolio of blank separating work while they still run un-blanked jobs that are simply die-cut and stripped. This flexibility comes courtesy of the NOVACUT's delivery section, which can be converted from single/double cut blank separating to full sheet delivery, and back, in a matter of seconds.
    To help users get over any apprehension about the in-line separation process, BOBST delivers unmatched customer support from its worldwide network of service support centers. Each center offers: pre- and post-sales advice from process specialists; training; technical support; remote diagnostics; access to field service technicians; and spare parts/consumables supply.

    Also on show at ExpoPrint 2014 will be a BOBST EXPERTFOLD line featuring the latest generation ACCUBRAILLE GT Braille embossing unit and a CARTONPACK GT automatic packer. This configuration, which is particularly suited to pharmaceutical packaging manufacture, can produce folded, glued and Braille embossed boxes at speeds of up to 115,000 per hour. ACCUBRAILLE GT not only ensures the consistency of Braille embossed dots throughout the run, but also means lower tooling costs - because one AccuBraille tool replaces several die-cutter embossing dies. A further benefit is that, with no need to carry out the time-consuming make-ready of such embossing dies, changeover times on the upstream die-cutter are reduced, improving plant efficiency overall.

    ExpoPrint 2014 will be held from July 16th to 22nd 2014 at the Transamerica Expo Center In São Paulo, Brazil. BOBST can be found in Hall C, booth 10C.
    (Bobst Mex SA)
    14.07.2014   Anders Davidsson moving on to new challenges; Stephane Hamelin new CEO of Bong    ( Company news )

    Company news After more than 10 years as CEO of the Bong group, Anders Davidsson is now moving on to a new job outside Bong. Stephane Hamelin, Bong’s Chairman and also the largest shareholder, will assume the role as CEO with immediate effect.

    Photo: Stephane Hamelin, new CEO of Bong AB

    Anders Davidsson has accepted an offer to become the CEO of Kwintet, the European leader in professional work wear. Kwintet has an annual turnover of around Euro 500 million and is headquartered in Malmö.
    “It has been a pleasure to work with Anders Davidsson, not only because of his professional skill, but also because of the moral values we have in common”, says Bong’s Chairman Stephane Hamelin. “Last year, he played an important role in securing the new rights issue and the refinancing of the group. He also led the work to develop and initiate a comprehensive turnaround plan for Bong, which is now being rolled out. We thank Anders for his years with Bong and wish him good luck in his future career.”
    In order to keep the current momentum in the ongoing transformation of the company, Stephane Hamelin, who knows the envelope and packaging industry very well and was closely involved in developing the turnaround plan, will take the role as CEO with immediate effect. The senior and experienced leadership team that is already in place will support Stephane Hamelin. Anders Davidsson will also stay for some time to secure a smooth handover.
    Stephane Hamelin joined Bong’s Board of Directors in 2010 and has been the Chairman of the Board since May 2013. He has an extensive experience of the office products industry and also knows the envelope industry very well. Before the merger with Bong in 2010, he used to personally run the envelope division of Groupe Hamelin for many years. While it is unfortunate that Anders Davidsson leaves, the fact that Stephane Hamelin now takes the role as CEO will mean that the turnaround can continue with full force.
    Stephane Hamelin will resign from his position as Chairman at the same time when he takes the role as CEO of the group. The Board of Directors has instead decided to appoint Eric Joan as new Chairman of Bong until the next Annual General Meeting.
    (Bong AB)
    14.07.2014   UPM to become exclusive distributor of Domtar's BioChoice™ lignin in Europe     ( Company news )

    Company news UPM and Domtar have entered into an agreement for UPM to become the exclusive distributor of Domtar’s BioChoice™ lignin in Europe. BioChoice™ is produced at Domtar’s biorefinery in Plymouth, North Carolina, US. The agreement takes effect on 1 August 2014.

    Photo: Juuso Konttinen, Vice President Biochemicals from UPM

    BioChoice™ lignin is a by-product of the kraft pulping process. It is a 100 % biobased sustainable alternative to replace fossil based products. BioChoice™ lignin holds the USDA Certified Biobased product label.
    “Our lignin-separating process is groundbreaking, allowing us to offer high-quality kraft lignin in commercial quantities. UPM is an ideal partner for Domtar in many ways. They have a strong presence in the European market and also years of experience with biomaterials”, said Richard Mullen, Domtar, Vice President Market Development and Analysis.
    “We at UPM are truly excited about this agreement, not only because we get a great product in our offering, but also because together with Domtar we can develop the market and offer our customers sustainable, value added products for a growing variety of end uses”, said Juuso Konttinen, Vice President Biochemicals from UPM.
    “Versatile use of renewable wood biomass combined with innovation and sustainability is the cornerstone of UPM’s Biofore strategy. We have developed profound know-how and for intellectual property in the area of lignin based products, e.g. resins which are typically used as binders in wood based products”, Konttinen continued.
    14.07.2014   Market Trends throughout the European Label Supply Chain    ( Company news )

    Company news At its recent congress in Monaco, FINAT presented the annual 360° tour of the label industry, looking at underlying forces for the industry as a whole and for the association. Jules Lejeune, managing director of FINAT, reported on the labelstock statistics for 2013 and introduced the first findings of the new FINAT RADAR regular report and analysis of the European narrow-web market.

    Features from the first FINAT RADAR
    Earlier this year FINAT announced the launch of RADAR, a member-exclusive half-yearly publication that will report trends and growth rates at all levels across the European narrow web supply chain.
    President Kurt Walker commented: “The FINAT RADAR gives members something they cannot find anywhere else. The publication offers FINAT membership a resource that benchmarks key metrics within each European region and market segment, in addition to providing comparisons between Europe and other major global regions. The RADAR is a comprehensive report, tying together converter, brand owner, material supplier and capital equipment trending and performance analysis."
    In this recently released debut edition of RADAR, more than 50 FINAT label converters participated in a detailed survey focusing on sales and profit trends, production data and capital equipment procurement trends. Converters from every European region participated in the research to enable benchmarking analysis in each market.

    Revenue growth
    In the Converter Survey, participants were asked to predict revenue growth over the course of the next six months for each major end-use sector they serve (food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables, etc.), in addition to providing their companies’ turnover growth for 2013. These data enable converter members to gauge their performance and projections against the European market as a whole, and against companies in their own specific region.
    In parallel to this approach, the RADAR Brand Owner Survey asked companies to project growth and/or contraction rates for their label purchases over the next year. This exercise is essential in order to cross reference converter projected growth rates with what brand owners are predicting label procurement increases will be, in order to calculate growth rates for the market that are as close as possible to what the future will actually deliver. The table below indicates average growth rates from both converters and brand owners that were surveyed for the first edition of the report.

    Upstream supply data
    In addition to historical and projected growth rates, the debut edition of RADAR includes both a European Labelstock Index and a European Conventional Press Index. Both indices aggregate data from FINAT labelstock and conventional press member suppliers to show quarter-over-quarter growth and/or contraction rates in each sector. Each edition of the report will feature these indices, offering FINAT members access to a quarterly index that tracks labelstock growth and press sales.

    Special coverage
    The publication will also feature special coverage of issues pertinent to the changing dynamic of the European label converting marketplace. For the first edition of the report, brand owners were surveyed regarding their companies’ label sourcing trends and whether they were considering replacing Western European sourcing channels with other regions. Every brand owner was asked this question and the analysis of the aggregated results is a provocative one. Within the next 12 months, more than 50% of surveyed brand owners indicated that their companies were seriously considering the re-sourcing of some, or all, of the labels currently sourced from Western Europe, from other regions.

    FINAT labelstock statistics
    At the FINAT congress, Jules Lejeune documented labelstock demand in Europe for 1996 to 2013 showing that market volume had doubled in the last one and a half decade to just over 6 billion square meters. In 2013, overall demand grew by 3.5% over prior year - an increase that was mostly achieved in the second half of the year, with non-paper (film) labelstocks growing at 5.9% and paper stocks at 3.3%.
    Regionally, the countries to the east of Europe evidenced the greatest growth in 2013 over 2012 at 6.9%, with all other regions showing modest growth. The outlook for 2014 is positive, based on Q1 year-on-year results, both in terms of material grades and by region.

    Four forces Model
    Jules Lejeune defined the four forces that drive the label industry: the end-use market drivers, technology innovation, sustainability and corporate drivers. "Together these four forces impact the label industry as they are the subject of initiatives and activities that are today within the remit of FINAT, making the association's relevance to its membership higher than ever before," he concluded.
    11.07.2014   Cascades announces the end of its Kraft paper operations in East Angus    ( Company news )

    Company news Cascades Inc. (TSX: CAS) announced that it will cease its Kraft paper manufacturing activities in the East Angus (Québec) plant because of unfavourable market conditions and the failure of discussions concerning the plant's transfer and turnaround. Close to 175 employees will be affected by the closure, which will come into effect by October 3, 2014. By closing the plant, Cascades is withdrawing from the Kraft paper sector definitively.

    Photo: Mario Plourde, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades

    "With the arrival of new competitors that convert newsprint paper machines to produce Kraft paper, and the ongoing weakening of market conditions for our products, the East Angus plant has not managed to maintain a competitive edge in the market despite significant investments and serious recovery efforts," explained Luc Langevin , President and Chief Operating Officer of Cascades Specialty Products Group. "Last November, we announced to employees our decision to withdraw from the industry. At the time, we offered them the plant debt free. After several months of ongoing efforts on the part of buyer Gino Lévesque, the Québec government and Cascades to come up with a financial package, the project was abandoned because of a lack of new investors. With the failure of the turnaround project and the loss of numerous key employees, today we are forced to announce the end of these activities."
    "Naturally, we are very disappointed that the project failed," said Mario Plourde, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades. "However, we would like to thank the employees' provisional committee, the buyer and the Government of Québec for the work they put into the project over several months in the attempt to save jobs. Since our strategic orientations are focused on growth in the packaging, tissue paper and recovery sectors, it became impossible to keep the plant open with its inability to regain profitability. Following today's announcement, Cascades will assume all of the plant's responsibilities, notably the employee pension plan."
    To assist the employees affected by the shutdown, Cascades will do everything in its power to relocate personnel to other units. It will work with the union and the governments to reduce the impact of the announcement on the workers and the community.
    Cascades would like to extend its sincere thanks to the employees of the plant for their loyalty over the years. It hopes that it can rely on them to continue to serve its customers until the plant closes.
    It is important to note that this announcement does not concern the coated boxboard manufacturing plant located in East Angus.
    (Cascades Inc.)
    11.07.2014   Hot-off-the-press topics for commercial printers at KBA in Radebeul    ( Company news )

    Company news Commercial Printing. Competence. Network. 2014

    Koenig & Bauer (KBA) welcomed over 250 print pundits from 22 countries to its sheetfed offset plant in Radebeul on 26 and 27 June. Under the banner “Commercial Printing. Competence. Network. 2014” the visitors were updated on the hottest topics regarding commercial printing.

    Photo: Ralf Sammeck, KBA executive vice-president for the sheetfed product house, welcomed over 250 print pundits from 22 countries to “Commercial Printing. Competence. Network.” at the training centre in Radebeul

    Following the two-day open house which focused on the latest trends in packaging printing in mid-May, this was the broadly based printing press manufacturer’s second, internationally acclaimed customer event of 2014. The first day was dedicated to theory. On the next day the participants were able to choose between various print demos which focused on perfecting, on-demand printing, mass production and finishing.
    Martin Wenk, executive board member of communication agency Jung von Matt/Neckar in Stuttgart, held an inspiring keynote speech. In a creative and entertaining way he showed that in today’s media arena print and brand communication has to be surprising and convincing in order to be effective: “Good advertising works like this as well, just like the most successful idea ever – the Trojan horse. It comes nicely packed as a gift, but it is specifically designed for conquering.” Martin Wenk offered insights into a consumer society full of emotion and with the aid of specific examples showed just what really counts in advertising.

    As flexible as an ant
    Ants are brought up to take on various roles, ranging from hunters, food gatherers and cultivators which look after fungi as a source of nutrition. They are all-rounders. KBA product manager Anja Hagedorn used the example of these versatile insects to address the topic of flexibility in printing. The Rapida sheetfed offset presses can achieve this level of versatility with the raft of different add-ons available. Along with standard materials (usually 0.06 to 0.6mm) they can handle thin substrates (from 0.04mm) up to heavy board, beer mat board or microflute (1.2 to 1.6mm). Rapida components are even used by KBA MetalPrint in metal decorating systems.
    The KBA Rapidas can also be equipped for maximum flexibility for inline finishing. The RSP solutions from CITO open up numerous possibilities in terms of grooving, die-cutting and perforation. These can be implemented in the printing units and coater. Anja Hagedorn presented possible applications and compared these based on practical criteria, such as the cost of die plates, flexibility, ease of operation, register accuracy and print-run stability.
    Sensory effects make a printed product distinctive and prompt consumers to look at it, touch it or even smell it. Luxury finished printed matter in particular evokes such consumer reactions. One coater or a free-standing printing unit in connection with a coater are all that’s needed to create many finishing effects, such as drip-off, haptic qualities or fragrances. KBA has a wealth of experience in inline finishing and the company often sets new trends with its Rapidas. An example of this from shortly after the millennium was the hybrid printing method which simultaneously uses oil-based overprint varnish and UV coating for premium finished printed products.

    As clever as an arctic fox
    Fellow KBA product marketing representative Jens Baumann focused his presentation on the topic of performance in commercial printing. He looked at far more than just speed. Perfection when turning the sheet, fast job changes and quick finishing with effective drying all at the lowest possible costs contribute to performance in commercial printing. The Rapida commercial presses are designed specifically for this with features ranging from fast perfecting at speeds of up to 18,000sph, AirTronic delivery, simultaneous plate changing (DriveTronic SPC) and new drying processes, such as HR-UV und LED-UV.
    The latter offers interesting approaches to optimise investment costs with short delivery times: investment in conventional four or eight-colour presses is the lowest. However, the printed products cannot be finished immediately. Investing in a four or eight-colour press with coater would bump up the start-up costs, but it is then possible to finish the products immediately. HR-UV dryers before perfecting or in the delivery only moderately increase costs compared to conventional presses as a coater are not necessary. Printed products can still be sent straight to finishing. LED-UV is a process with a promising future. LED-UV dryers significantly and sustainably reduce energy consumption. In addition, they have a long service life, require little maintenance and offer many other advantages. Every firm should look for the optimum solution for them based on job structure and an accompanying cost calculation. Jens Baumann recommends: “Look at the artic fox. Its fur offers the best insulation and energy-saving qualities of all land mammals. It also uses less energy when running in winter than in summer.”
    Under the key word “efficiency” head of KBA complete services & key account manager Europe Sascha Fischer spoke about boosting efficiency by networking, production planning/control and process optimisation. Under the name “KBA Complete Services”, the company offers integrated solutions and top-of-the-class automation technologies, all flanked by comprehensive advice and consulting services.

    Premiere: LED-UV also in large format
    The print demonstrations focused on typical commercial print applications with particular attention paid to economy, efficiency, finishing and innovation. A ten-colour Rapida 106 was shown producing a cookery book signature. This was followed by a gang forme in quick succession. Four-colour posters were then produced by switching between the first and last four printing units. The other units were set-up for the subsequent job with Flying JobChange and the next job could begin immediately without any interruptions to production. Innovative UV drying processes were demonstrated on an eight-colour Rapida 105. The visiting print experts were able to directly compare the images produced and cured using HR-UV and LED-UV. A further highlight on this press was inline colour measurement with grey-balance control from System Brunner.
    The print demonstrations which took place on large-format presses focused on mass production. Typical book and calendar pages on silk-matt art paper were produced on a six-colour Rapida 145 with coater and delivery extension. The inks were cured by a LED-UV interdeck dryer for the first time ever in large format. The sheets were then finished with a matt aqueous coating, and with glossy UV coating following a coating change. A five-colour Rapida 145 with coating kit printed a brochure in various languages on the other side of the pressroom. With the Flying JobChange capability the plates for black ink were switched between the first and second printing units during production and the language variations were produced without any interruptions to production after decoupling and coupling of the corresponding inking units. Both presses ran at speeds of up to 17,000sph.

    High-quality finishing
    LED-UV dryers are also available for the half-format Rapida 75. KBA demonstrated the fast production and finishing of postcards on a five-colour press. Printing on the back of the substrate with LED curing after the fifth printing unit was followed immediately by printing the front. This included inline perforation which meant that the individual post cards could be separated easily. High-quality covers of a magazine were printed on a six-colour Rapida 106 equipped with a KBA VariDry HR-UV dryer and cold-foil kit. They were finished with cold foil and UV high-gloss coating. A further Rapida 106 printed at a maximum speed of 20,000sph.
    Nearly all of the presses used for the print demonstrations are equipped with cutting-edge systems for quality assurance, including QualiTronic ColorControl (inline colour control), QualiTronic InstrumentFlight (inline grey-balance control) and QualiTronic PDF (inline PDF control).
    (Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA))
    11.07.2014   Södra members allocate eight per cent of woodland for conservation    ( Company news )

    Company news Södra's certified members have allocated an average of eight per cent of their woodland area for nature conservation, an area which corresponds in size to 200,000 football pitches. The equivalent total value could be as much as 20 billion SEK.
    This is based on an analysis of the green forest-management plans of Södra's certified members, carried out by Södra. Södra believes that the voluntary allocation of productive woodland is of great importance if the targets of the national environmental initiative "Living forests" are to be reached.
    "The voluntary allocations made by Södra's members amount to a total value of between 12 and 20 billion SEK," said Göran Örlander, Chief Forester at Södra.
    The allocated areas consist primarily of forests older than allowable for final felling. At least 85 per cent of the NO-area and almost 70 per cent of the NS-area are included in this category. NO stands for natural conservation areas which are to be left untouched, whilst NS refers to natural conservation areas which require some care.
    Viewed in the context of the clear-cut-ready forest in its entirety, NO/NS areas combined constitute 19 per cent. In conjunction with the felling in production forests, consideration will also be shown to various aspects with natural value such as dead wood, old trees and valuable ecosystems.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    11.07.2014   Sappi Europe to increase CWF prices    ( Company news )

    Company news Sappi Fine Paper Europe will increase prices, for both wood free sheets and reels, by 5% - 8% in Latin America, Middle East and Africa as from January 2014 productions. Today's cost structure and the low levels of profitability make this price increase inevitable. Our customers will be personally informed by our sales teams who will provide them with any information they may require.
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)
    10.07.2014   New acrylic block by Hahnemühle    ( Company news )

    Acryl 330gsm, the new block by Hahnemühle, is slightly glossy and features a subtle linen structure. Its white paper is particularly suited for pastose paint applications. The surface gloss remains even after the painting while the structure makes for the look and feel of a classic canvas. Acryl 330gsm doesn’t need to be stretched or moistened before being used. The artist can work right on the block or on a cut off sheet of paper – the paper remains smooth anyway. “I tested different techniques, first of all layer painting – and partly with a lot of water, sand and varnish. I scratched, sanded and washed… and was really happy.” says painter Conny Niehoff. Hahnemühle_Acryl_330 Acryl 330gsm is available with immediate effect in the formats 24 x 32cm, 30 x 40cm and 36 x 48cm. Sheet stock is available in the same formats and – in addition – in the format 50 x 65cm.
    (Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)
    Hahnemühle FINEART

    10.07.2014   Valmet to supply a new wood chipping plant to Södra Cell Mörrum in Sweden    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will deliver a new wood chipping plant to Södra Cell's Mörrum pulp mill in Sweden. The delivery is part of Södra Cell's project to increase the pulp production at the Mörrum pulp mill. The order is included in Valmet's third quarter 2014 orders received and is valued at around EUR 20 million.

    Picture: Valmet GentleFeed system in operation

    Valmet's delivery will consist of a complete woodroom including two wood debarking and chipping lines, bark handling and chip conveying systems. The start-up of the new wood chipping plant is scheduled for spring of 2016.
    Valmet's delivery is part of Södra Cell's about 70 million euro investment to increase the pulp production at Södra Cell Mörrum, where Södra currently operates two parallel pulp lines for the production of softwood pulp and textile pulp (dissolving pulp). The investment includes a new wood chipping plant and one of the mill's two pulp lines will be upgraded. The investment is expected to increase production from 380,000 to about 425,000 tons annually.
    Already in June Valmet announced it will supply the major rebuild and new equipment to Södra Cell's Värö pulp mill, where Södra Cell in making an over 400 million euro investment to increase the Värö mill's pulp production capacity from 425,000 tons to 700,000 tons per year.
    "We look forward to cooperating with Valmet in this project," says Gunilla Saltin, CEO, Södra Cell.
    "Good cooperation with Södra Cell continues in the Mörrum pulp mill upgrade. Valmet is the world's leading supplier of woodhandling systems. The new wood chipping plant will be utilizing industry leading technology and includes Valmet's patented log feeding system GentleFeed," says Jyrki Holmala, President, Pulp and Energy Business Line, Valmet.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    10.07.2014   Machinery at Südwestkarton undergoes further modernisation    ( Company news )

    Company news Upgrading of high-quality slotted-case production
    The ambitious investment programme covering the whole of the Panther Group has included both the corrugated-board line newly commissioned in January and the current installation of a new in-line machine at the Illingen site.

    As a reaction to the constantly increasing requirements of the market in terms of colour-printed slotted cases with high-quality finishes, the Panther Group has again invested in the latest technology. Südwestkarton is now producing with a new BOBST FFG 618, the so-called mini-line.
    The machine is a flexo-folder-gluer with three printing units and among its additional features are a double die-cutter, glued-seam monitoring, a counting and ejection station and a rejection unit for defective products. The Posilock system permits fast installation of the cutting dies and therefore significantly faster re-tooling for order changes. Supplemented with a bundling machine, a pre-feeder and a fully automatic palletizing robot, the new line also boasts the very latest peripherals for the automatic manufacture of slotted cases. The machine's direct drives also render the process more environmentally friendly, as production can be carried out with considerably less quantities of operating consumables (lubricants and oils) than is the case with conventional machines.
    With its three inking units and dust extraction, the new line configuration offers the option of producing register-true, elaborately designed slotted cases in a single pass. The required images can be printed over packaging grooves without interruption.
    As high-quality, demanding printed images and error-free production are increasingly required for slotted cases used as transport packaging, the new machine configuration means that the company now boasts yet another production option to meet market requirements.
    (Bobst Mex SA)
    10.07.2014   A safe haven for precious goods    ( Company news )

    Company news New wireless four channel data logger helps maintain optimal conditions in buildings and facilities.

    With the new RTR-574-H, the T&D Corporation, Japanese market leader for data loggers, presents a wireless data logger that can monitor illuminance, ultraviolet light (UV), temperature and humidity. Its ability to monitor all of these aspects at once makes the device ideal for safeguarding sensitive goods, for example in greenhouses, museums and laboratories.
    In addition to these parameters, the RTR-574-H is also capable of displaying cumulative illuminance from 0 lxh to 90 Mlxh and cumulative ultraviolet light from 0 mW to 62 W/cm2h. The device has a wide illuminance measurement range of 0 to 130 000 lx, with a minimum resolution of 0.01 lx. Its UV range stretches from 0 to 30 mW/cm2. The RTR-574-H can also read relative humidity from 0 to 99 per cent, and has an expanded temperature range of between -30° and +80°C.
    With its vast capacity, the RTR-574-H can store up to 8.000 readings across each of its four channels for a total of 32.000 readings in one-time or endless recording mode.
    A large and easy to read LCD display allows users to check the logger’s recording status, battery status and remaining data capacity, as well as any of its measurements, simply and quickly.
    With dimensions of just H 55mm x W 78mm x D 18mm, this compact device is a lightweight solution that operates on one AA battery. It is compatible with any RTR-500 series wireless data collector or base station, except the GSM base station.
    The RTR-574-H can be used for automatic downloading of logged data as well as real time monitoring via T&D’s free of charge, cloud-based Webstorage Service. Warning notifications can be sent to PCs as well as mobile devices. The convenient Webstorage Service Viewer facilitates easy monitoring via smart phone or tablet.
    (T&D Corporation)
    10.07.2014   European Paper Week 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news The 18th European Paper Week will take place 25-27 November at the EU Thon Hotel in Brussels.
    European Paper Week is the event of the year in the European pulp and paper industry’s calendar. Attendees include Europe’s major pulp and paper producers and manufacturers, customers, suppliers and trade press.
    The theme this year is 'All about competitiveness‘.

    (European Paper Week)
    10.07.2014   THE LEADING COMPANIES IN THE SECTOR AT MIAC 2014!    ( Company news )

    Company news Next October in Lucca (Italy) the leading companies in the paper industry sector will display their latest developments in machines, systems, avant-garde solutions and services.
    The aim of MIAC is to update paper mill and converter technicians on the latest advances in technology.

    Everything is concentrated in 3 days and in one place. MIAC is an international meeting point that allows you to compare the technologies and business proposals of all the companies present at the Exhibition:
    270 International Exhibitors await you in Italy next October!

    Save the date: next 15.16.17 October the international paper industry sector meets in Lucca during the 21st edition of MIAC Exhibition.

    Also for the 2014 edition, MIAC Exhibition planned three "technical meetings" in order to take stock of the situation regarding trend, future perspectives and new available technologies in the paper sector.
    As every year, the participation to the Conferences is free of charge.
    Simultaneous translation from Italian to English and vice versa is available during the Conferences.

    In MIAC website is possible to download the free Invitation Ticket. Once downloaded, it is possible to print the document and deliver it directly at the Reception of MIAC 2014 in order to receive the free Admission Card, valid for the 3 days of Exhibition.

    In the MIAC website is present a list of Hotels located in Lucca area. It is possible to view an Hotel Presentation Card for each Hotel. Besides, each Hotel is linked to its own website. After you have chosen your favourite Hotel, you can contact directly the Hotel in order to book your accommodation for MIAC 2014.
    (Edinova Srl)
    09.07.2014   POLAR presents a global innovation - the EasyLoad    ( Company news )

    Company news At the PACE Days POLAR presented the innovative EasyLoad 7S loading aid. This new product is an addition to the jogging portfolio and bridges the gap between manual and automatic jogging. EasyLoad is the ergonomic and also inexpensive solution for preparing jogged cutting reams.

    POLAR Loading aid EasyLoad 7S
    POLAR developed the EasyLoad loading aid in collaboration with a Japanese customer who has been using the loading aid in production with great success for some time. Japan is famous for its high quality standards. For this reason the customer made a conscious decision not to use an automatic jogging system, but was keen to make life easier for operators when they load the joggers. The concept for this loading aid was the result.

    EasyLoad relieves the operator's workload
    Anyone who has processed material with a format of 126 × 164 will know how arduous this work is. Instead of the operator having to lift and transport the material and bear its weight when the jogger is loaded, the EasyLoad with its gripper system does the heavy work. This means considerably less strain on the operator. As the operator is actively involved in the process, he is able to intervene and therefore ensure a high cutting ream quality.
    In addition the system offers a high level of flexibility, as both left-hand and right-hand lay is possible. This loading aid is particularly interesting for all customers who still employ manual jogging systems, as EasyLoad can be retrofitted to existing cutting systems.

    Principle of operation of the EasyLoad loading aid
    The stack lift elevates the material stack to the required level which can be adjusted to suit the respective operator. The height of the required ream (50 mm max.) is then determined by the operator and it is placed in the gripper. This separates the material from the remaining stack, and separation can be assisted by compressed air.
    The operator can then effortlessly transport the ream in the gripper to the jogger. While the operator airs and aligns the material, the gripper automatically moves back to its home position in the stack lift. Airing of the material is assisted by special airing slots in the rear gauge.
    (POLAR-MOHR Maschinenvertriebsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG)
    09.07.2014   Gafs Kartong to install first Highcon Euclid in Scandinavia    ( Company news )

    Company news Highcon announced the sale of a Highcon™ Euclid to Gafs Kartong AB, of Värnamo, Sweden. Gafs invests heavily in the entire packaging process from design, through prepress, and printing to post-press. The 25-employee company is the first in the Nordic region to buy a Euclid and it sees the huge benefits to be gained in creativity, flexibility and speed, and being able to respond to on-demand requests and the implementation of variable data.

    Photo: Gafs Kartong, Visutech and Highcon signing the deal (Left to right: Stefan Dahl, Production Manager at GAFS Kartong, Eitan Varon, Executive VP, Highcon, Nigel Tracey, International Sales Director, Highcon, Lasse Svärd, Sales Director and co-owner, Gafs Kartong, Jan Olof Jungersten, CEO Visutech, Annelill Annvik, MD, Sales, Gafs Kartong, Johan Lidström, Head of Postpress Solutions at Visutech)

    "With Highcon Euclid they will be able to get delivery times down to just a few days, as well as resolve problems with large storage spaces," says Johan Lidstrom, Head of Postpress Solutions at Visutech, Highcon's Scandinavian channel.
    Nigel Tracey, International Sales Director, Highcon, said: “Gafs have been following the progress of the Highcon Euclid for quite some time and recently went to see it at work at the first customer site, Glossop Cartons, in the UK. They were delighted with the potential business opportunities promised by this radically new digital cutting and creasing technology and are looking forward to installing the machine in September this year.
    Lasse Svärd, Gafs Sales Director and co-owner, said:“When the Highcon Euclid was introduced at Drupa 2012, we immediately saw huge potential for us and our customers. As a company, we’ve always invested in technologies that bring added value and give our customers the potential to sell more products through innovative and visibly striking cartons. We now have possibilities beyond those we can imagine today, and I am sure that we will see extraordinary results. We’ve made some really beautiful designs already, and I’m eager to see the results of these possibilities in the hands of our customers.”
    The Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machine for folding carton, transforms cutting and creasing from an analogue to a digital workflow, dramatically streamlining the post-print process and offering limitless design options, increased efficiency and flexibility and faster time to market.
    09.07.2014   Stora Enso postpones reorganisation of its Renewable Packaging Division    ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso is postponing the reorganisation of its Renewable Packaging Division that was announced on 21 March 2014 and was originally intended to be implemented as of 1 July 2014. Following Jouko Karvinen’s decision to leave his position as CEO and the announcement of the appointment of Karl-Henrik Sundström as the new CEO, it has been decided to postpone the reorganisation until the CEO transition has been completed. Until the reorganisation is implemented, the Renewable Packaging Division businesses will continue to report to the CEO.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    09.07.2014   China: Voith delivers three paper machines to Sun Paper    ( Company news )

    Company news Sun Paper has commissioned Voith with the delivery of three paper machines for production of packaging and graphic paper. The Chinese company is thus relying on Voith’s proven components and modules. This order continues the successful partnership between Sun Paper and Voith.
    With a wire width of 7.3 m, the two medium-sized packaging paper machines convince with high efficiency and low investment and operating costs. After some orders for medium-sized machines in the last few months Voith can now post another success in the mediumsized segment.
    “We see an increasing demand for our medium-sized machines and offer paper producers in this segment convincing, attractive solutions. Our machine concept is perfectly adjusted to the needs of this market and our customers benefit from resource- and cost-efficient machines with proven technology”, says Andreas Endters, Member of the Management Board of Voith Paper.
    Sun Paper is one of the most important paper producers in Asia. With the three new paper machines, Sun Paper is profiting from Voith’s high level of technological expertise in graphic and packaging paper machines. Many years of successfully proven solutions, such as the MasterJet headbox, the Tandem NipcoFlex shoe press and the SpeedSizer film application unit are included in the delivery. The first clothing and the quality control system are also supplied by Voith.
    The PM 31 and the PM 32 will be installed at the Sun Paper location in Zoucheng, China. They will produce corrugated medium and testliner in a basis weight range of 90-250 g/m² with a wire width of 7,300 mm and at an operating speed of 1,200 m/min.
    Another machine for production of graphic paper is being installed at the location in Yanzhou, China. The PM 29 is designed for a wire width of 8,100 mm and an operating speed of 1,800 m/min. In the future, graphic paper will be produced on it in a basis weight range of 50-120 g/m².
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    09.07.2014   2014 Domino Interim Statement - For the six months ended 30 April 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Highlights
    -Underlying sales growth of 11 per cent before impact of currencies
    -Double digit sales growth in Europe
    -Strong growth in Asia and North America
    -New products support double digit growth in equipment revenues
    -Continued investment to build our digital print capability
    -Dividend increased by 5 per cent

    Peter Byrom, Chairman, commented: “The Group has delivered underlying sales growth of 11 per cent over the first six months of the year, benefiting from more stable economic conditions in many markets. This stability has led to increased customer confidence and a general increase in capital investment. Underlying pre-tax profit increased by 10 per cent and, following another period of strong cash flow, we have increased the interim dividend by 5 per cent to 7.98 pence per share.
    “Our businesses in Europe and Asia both reported double digit revenue growth and our growth in the USA was 9 per cent. New products introduced in 2013 have helped increase equipment revenues in the period by 14 per cent despite increased price competition in Asia and other developing markets.
    “Our new multi-colour N610i digital label press has been well received by customers and we have completed and recognised revenue in respect of eight installations in the first six months.
    “We invested £8.9 million in Research and Development. In May 2014, we launched a number of new products at the Interpack exhibition held in Germany. We have an ongoing programme of investment to maintain product leadership and competitive advantage.
    “We are pleased with the progress in results over the first six months of 2014 and we remain confident that, subject to continuing stability in market conditions and business confidence, we will meet our expectations for the full year.
    “We are cautious about prospects for the business in 2015. The Board believes that results next year could be broadly similar to 2014 as a result of the competitive pricing environment in Asia and other developing markets and the need for additional investment in R&D.
    We remain optimistic about the longer-term prospects for the business.”
    (Domino UK Ltd)
    09.07.2014   A New Definition For 'Labels' - FINAT Congress debates changing influences and technologies    ( Company news )

    Company news The label industry is no longer a separate and definable niche in the broader field of packaging print. It has a new and extended profile as a provider of product decoration, brand identity, product data, smart phone interaction, track-and-trace and authentication data -- and, indeed of packaging itself.
    Members of FINAT, the international trade association for self-adhesive labelling and related industries, convened in June in Monte Carlo for their 2014 annual congress, to address the core topic of ‘The Battle for Shelf Appeal’.
    Congress Moderator Marc Büttgenbach (DE), worldwide sales director for Bizerba Labels and Consumables, introduced the keynote speaker – Rik Olthof (NL), brand strategist at international branding and packaging design consultancy Cartils.

    The essence of branding
    Mr Olthof explained the essence of branding, showing how important the look and feel of a product are to its ‘shelf appeal’. The key to success is to ensure product impact and visibility in a variety of different environments, from supermarkets – (where, today, the consumer spends an average of just 20 minutes, making ‘shelf appeal’ essential for the purchasing decision) – to clubs and bars. Mr Olthof identified a number of iconic names like Nike, Lamborghini, and Smirnoff, whose branding pathways are demonstrably successful.
    There are five key pillars for successful brand identity. Shape, which conveys the character of the product; colour, which engages our emotions; the use of a unique visual language that confirms authenticity; ‘endorsements’ underlining product quality and authority; and, through the packaging’s finish, defining the product as an aspirational international premium brand.

    Looking at the label industry
    Next on the agenda was an overview of trends in the French label markets, delivered by Dominique Durant-des-Aulnois (FR), currently vice president of the French label association, UNFEA, and general manager of label makers Paragon Identification, assisted by well-known label trade journalist, publisher, and consultant John Penhallow (FR). France’s self-adhesive label industry embraces around 400 production sites and 7000 employees – mostly SMEs and, geographically, quite fragmented. Most UNFEA label converters reported a dramatic sales increase, powered by the need to ‘be different’, export to other regions, and innovate. The ever-increasing EU ‘red tape’ relating to label content could, in fact, represent ‘a green light for label converters’.
    This presentation set the scene for Jules Lejeune (NL), managing director of FINAT, to present his annual 360º tour of the label industry, including the underlying trends and forces for the industry as a whole and for FINAT members.

    Expert panel discussions
    Two valuable panel discussions followed. Firstly, representatives from key aspects of the international industry supply chain – Krones, Avery Dennison, and Karlville Development -- came together to debate the subject of the ‘battle of decoration technologies’. Then it was time to hear the brand owners’ viewpoint on ‘the future of product decoration’ via a second panel discussion featuring representatives from L’Oréal, LEGO, Reckitt Benckiser; and G3 Enterprises.

    Industry awards presentations
    Industry awards presentations concluded the first day’s proceedings. This year they celebrated success not only in the FINAT Label Competition and Congress Logo Competition, but also in the new FINAT Recycling Awards – in which Unilever took the first-ever end-user company award and Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck the first-ever label converter award.

    ‘Innovation for profit’
    Next morning, the topic of ‘innovation for labelling and packaging profit’ was addressed by Mike Ferrari, founder and president of Ferrari Innovation Solutions, and for 32 years a key figure in Procter & Gamble management. He illustrated his talk with many fascinating examples of how the shopper’s journey is changing, and how solutions for engaging the shopper are also evolving. ‘If people are in the virtual world,’ said Mr Ferrari, ‘how can we make them buy products in the REAL world?’ P&G’s ‘first moment of truth’ – originally the first eye contact with a packaged product on a retail shelf – is a different matter in a world where 70% of purchasing decisions are no longer made in store, and where the world’s six billion cellphones interact with smart features on packaging. Today, a product’s first sales message might be anything from a friend’s Facebook message to a printable coupon that generates ‘stop, hold, and buy’ in-store. It is a sign of the times that, in last year’s earnings call, Procter & Gamble’s Chairman-CEO estimated that the company now spends up to 35% of its marketing budget on digital media. The key to continuing brand success, however, remains in the consumer’s experience of the product in use and, if that experience is good, in repurchase.

    Mass production has also spawned mass customisation – like the ‘personalised’ Coca-Cola bottles, featuring popular male and female first names, which have graced retail shelves in 32 countries across Europe and represent the longest digital packaging print run ever.

    So what is there in this new world for the label converter, asked Mr Ferrari? --To be shopper-/consumer-focused was at the top of the list. The need to consider the shopper journey beyond the retail shelf came next. Label printers should redefine their role more broadly – as solutions providers and marketing companies. These elements, said Mr Ferrari, are the successful route to ‘leveraging packaging for profit’.

    Printed electronics
    One such route which FINAT member companies are increasingly taking is the creation of printed electronics. The UK’s Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is a consortium of major companies committed to creating a UK supply chain to enable the widespread adoption of low-cost, NFC devices using printable electronics, and currently running a project focused on enabling smart phones to connect with labels and other packaging, and other documents. Alan McClelland (UK), head of business development at CPI, showed that, while printed electronics are a feature of many more applications than just labels, packaging can successfully employ printed electronics to deliver ‘smart’ interactive brand features; ‘bling’ on the pack; and track-and-trace, stock reordering, tamper-proofing and anti-counterfeiting. Sadly, the extended nature of the smart packaging supply chain has created a real problem in fast-tracking the commercial development of this extremely versatile technology because, he said, brand owners, retailers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other major suppliers will not invest ‘until the technology is there’.

    Flying high with Bertrand Piccard
    Broadening the horizons -- into the realms of the sky and beyond -- is a topic on which Bertrand Piccard (CH) is unquestionably well-qualified to speak, as the achiever of the first-ever non-stop, round-the-world hot air balloon flight in 1999.
    M. Piccard’s motivational presentation encouraged delegates to embrace his definition of freedom as the ability to explore the alternatives, the other possibilities, with courage and pioneering spirit – even in the business world, where exploration of the unknown can unleash successful innovation. It is a real challenge to take a new, unmapped direction, but it is important to realise, he said, that, in fact, ‘we need fear. Never be afraid of it: it’s just a signal that we are moving out of our comfort zone – a moment of waking up, of awareness.’

    Drawing the event to a close, FINAT President Kurt Walker commended the Congress programme, which had proved an excellent overture to FINAT’s new Congress format which, as Jules Lejeune summarised, ‘is a real driver for forward thinking at all levels. FINAT is committed to building on this inaugural event in the coming months through the new web-based knowledge and learning platforms, our expanded definition of the label, our recycling and public affairs initiatives, and, of course, our focus point for tomorrow’s industry leaders – the FINAT Young Managers Club.’
    09.07.2014   Interim Manager Sales and Marketing leaves Scheufelen    ( Company news )

    Company news Papierfabrik Scheufelen, Lenningen, manufacturer of high quality coated, wood-free premium paper, would like to announce the following change to its management team:
    Udo Hollbach (50) took over as Interim Director of Sales and Marketing and has now completed his assignment.

    Managing Director – CEO Peter L. Bright: "I would like to thank Udo Hollbach for the spontaneous commitment to support us with his extensive knowledge of the paper and printing industry and wish him all the Best in his future work."
    (Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH + Co. KG)
    08.07.2014   CITO takes on the strict criteria of EMAS     ( Company news )

    Company news Protecting the environment has always been of particular concern to CITO-SYSTEM GmbH. Now this Bavarian-based company is taking on the regulatory requirements of EMAS (the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). This scheme has strict rules for protecting resources and managing energy usage and CO2 emissions responsibly. The fundamental principles are laid down in the international ISO standard 14001, but EMAS covers a lot more, particularly when it comes to energy.
    CITO’s performance in managing the environment was certified in spring 2014 by the technical inspections organisation TÜV Rheinland. Company partner and Managing Director Jürgen Marien comments on this: “We only have one world. This is something I acknowledged a long time ago, indeed before the Green Party was even founded, and so during my youth I became involved in action groups. As an entrepreneur, I have many more opportunities these days to make a positive difference and it is something I really want to achieve.” Managing raw materials and energy in a responsible way is deeply rooted in CITO’s business policy. It was therefore quite logical to follow this through by striving for this environmental management certification and complying with the strict EMAS requirements.
    Protecting resources starts at the research and development stage, as this is when the course is set for new products and technologies. As CITO is an industrial manufacturer, saving energy is not only an ecological topic within the company, it is also an economic one. The company is therefore focusing on developing new technologies and optimising production plants in order to continuously improve energy efficiency. It benefits greatly from having its own in-house design and engineering services, and this provides a transition to the topic of health and safety at work. It has long been standard practice within CITO, a responsible-minded company, to provide safe and secure jobs – a term that is certainly not limited to economic factors in this context.
    Our fast-paced life of today places ever-increasing demands on individual employees, which inevitably leads to a strain on health. There is a human imperative to support company employees in looking after their own health. No longer does managerial responsibility end with simply adhering to health and safety regulations because this should be carried out as a matter of course. Today it is far more important to support the individuals in a company through preventative health measures and health care schemes. This includes providing workplaces with a pleasing layout and offering family-friendly working hours and open communication channels within the company. Today it is often a psychological burden caused by feelings of insecurity and excessive demands that leads to a reduction in performance and lost work time. The time has come to take these aspects seriously – not only to show responsibility towards fellow human beings, but also to avert economic damage to the company. CITO has recognised this for many years now. Hence, at the same time as the environmental audit, the company’s health and occupational safety management was also certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with standard OHSAS 18001.
    CITO follows the principle that “a certificate that just hangs on the wall is not worth anything” because it is all about the company creating living management systems, and these systems can only live by the actions and in the minds of its employees. The company management can give help and support by creating the preconditions and by taking the respective ideas, suggestions and proposals seriously. There is always someone in company management who is just as prepared to listen on the subjects of environment, health and safety at work as they are on the subject of quality. As Jürgen Marien says: “I am proud of my employees because they created the systems and helped us gain our certification.”
    08.07.2014   Södra picks GL&V for fibreline upgrade at Mörrum    ( Company news )

    Company news Södra Cell has appointed GL&V to supply a major upgrade of the softwood pulp line at its Mörrum mill.
    Two weeks ago Södra announced that its Board of Directors had granted SEK 700 million for a comprehensive refurbishment of the pulp mill at Mörrum.
    GL&V will be responsible for screening and washing equipment in the unbleached area of the softwood pulp line.
    Investing in a new screen room and brown-stock washing is fundamental for the development of the Mörrum mill.
    "We have had a good and close co-operation with GL&V while planning this project and we are convinced it will continue in the execution phase", said Jörgen Lindström, Operations Engineer at Södra Cell Mörrum.
    "The Mörrum mill will be equipped with what in our opinion is undoubtedly the industry's best technology. We focus on innovation and we are glad that Södra Cell, which itself is one of the industry's most innovative companies, has chosen to partner with us", commented Fredrik Björck, Sales Manager at GL&V.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    08.07.2014   Cascades announces the sale of its fine papers activities     ( Company news )

    Company news Cascades Inc. (TSX: CAS), a leader in the recovery and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue paper products, announces that it has reached an agreement with Rolland Enterprises Inc., a subsidiary of H.I.G. Capital for the sale of its fine papers activities for $39.5 million.

    Photo: Mario Plourde, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades Inc.

    The units covered by this transaction are:
    -Rolland Division, an uncoated fine papers and security papers plant located in Saint-Jérôme. Founded in 1882, it was acquired by Cascades in 1992.
    -CTC Converting Centre, a fine papers processing and distribution plant built in 1998, also located in Saint-Jérôme.
    -Fibres Breakey, a de-inked bleached kraft pulp manufacturing plant located in Sainte-Hélène-de- Breakeyville. It was founded in 1985.

    The three units employ some 425 workers and will now operate under a new company name—Rolland Enterprises Inc. The current management team will remain in place in order to ensure an orderly transition. In accordance with the terms of the transaction, Cascades will continue to work with the new owner for the procurement of waste paper, and to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership for employees, customers and suppliers.
    "Despite the positive contribution of these units to Cascades' results, we have adopted a strategic orientation emphasizing growth in the packaging, tissue papers and recovery sectors. The decision announced today will allow us to reduce debt and further focus our resources in these strategic sectors," emphasized Cascades President and CEO Mario Plourde.
    "Cascades has found in H.I.G. Capital a purchaser willing to maintain the operations and ensure the development of the units," stated Luc Langevin , President and COO of Cascades Specialty Products Group. "It is not without regret that we part with these business units, however, given our stated strategic orientation, we believe this transaction will allow them to better pursue their development initiatives and thereby continue to promote the Rolland brand all around the world. For its part, the Specialty Products Group of Cascades will continue to concentrate its development in the industrial and consumer packaging products sectors as well as in recycling."
    (Cascades Inc.)
    08.07.2014   Youbisheng Green Paper AG: Absence of the CEO and resignation of CFO    ( Company news )

    Company news For several weeks there has been an unexplained absence of the Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Youbisheng Green Paper AG, Mr Haiming Huang. The Supervisory Board was informed about the absence of the CEO on June 20, 2014. Also, Mr David Tsui, member of the Management Board and CFO, was not allowed to access the company premises in China by the company operating staff for reviewing the company’s accounts. Until today, the Supervisory Board and David Tsui have not received any updated information on the whereabouts of Mr Huang as well as on the financial and liquidity situation of the Chinese subsidiaries despite intense investigations. As a result, David Tsui has resigned from his position as member of the Management Board in mutual agreement with the Supervisory Board effective as of July 25, 2014.

    Due to these circumstances the Supervisory Board of Youbisheng Green Paper AG has decided at today’s meeting to look for and appoint a new member of the Management Board in order to intensify investigations about the whereabouts of Mr Huang and to secure the observance of operational and legal duties of the company. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board will inform the investors immediately when new progress can be reported.
    (Youbisheng Green Paper AG)
    08.07.2014   CEPI: Landfill ban for recyclables is a step forward…    ( Company news )

    Company news …but the Circular Economy Package misses six essential points

    The European Commission adopted the EU Circular Economy Package (“Towards a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe). The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) welcomes the inclusion of landfill bans for recyclables by the Commission, but regrets that the package omits six essential points including incineration restrictions.

    1. Still no restriction on incineration of recyclable paper
    CEPI welcomes the fact that the Circular Economy Package includes landfill restrictions for recyclables as of 2025, but regrets that incineration for the same materials is not restricted. Despite the existing capacity for reprocessing paper in Europe up to 10 million tonnes of paper is currently being landfilled or incinerated in Europe.

    2. Targets based on robust data and robust methods
    CEPI is concerned about the way the Commission sets new recycling targets and a new calculation method without having tested them on current recycling performances first. Recycling targets in Europe should not discriminate between competing materials and the level of ambition for recycling targets needs to be set realistically.

    “The new recycling targets are based on the best performing EU member states although recycling rates from these states are not comparable. Current calculation methods for recycling vary between countries.” explains Jori Ringman, CEPI Recycling, Product and Environment Director.

    3. Collection targets
    The paper industry calls for EU-wide minimum collection targets for recyclable materials to support high recycling and re-use targets in Europe. As EU legislation already obliges EU member states to collect at least paper, metal, plastic and glass separately by 2015, collection targets would provide an incentive to fulfil this requirement and secure a constant supply of raw materials for the European economy.

    4. Recycling based on proximity
    The Circular Economy Package should include a proximity principle to ensure that recycling will take place as close as possible to the consumption and collection points in Europe. This will enhance the circular economy by guaranteeing a faster recycling cycle and delivering more value with less input.

    5. Recycling ‘Made in Europe’
    To advance the circular economy, the definition of recycling in Europe needs to be revised. At the moment, the definition is vague and does not support good quality data collection nor reprocessing of materials.

    6. A stronger focus on renewability
    In nature, circularity equals renewability. The European paper industry regrets that the Commission does not acknowledge renewability of materials as a solution for the circular economy.

    As the European paper industry is based on renewable raw materials and accomplished a world record paper recycling rate of almost 72% in 2013, it is at the core of the circular economy.
    (CEPI aisbl)
    08.07.2014   AkzoNobel to divest Paper Chemicals business to Kemira for €153 million    ( Company news )

    Company news AkzoNobel today announced the intended sale of its global Paper Chemicals business to Kemira for €153 million. Paper Chemicals is part of the company’s Pulp and Performance Chemicals business and generated annual revenue of €243 million in 2013.
    The intended sale of Paper Chemicals follows a strategic review of the business' fit within AkzoNobel’s portfolio. Paper Chemicals is part of the Pulp and Performance business within AkzoNobel's Specialty Chemicals business area. It does not include AkzoNobel's Pulp Bleaching business, nor its Colloidal Silica business. For the paper related part of Colloidal Silica, the parties will enter into a distribution arrangement. The Pulp Bleaching business and the Eka name remain core for AkzoNobel's Specialty Chemicals business.
    "We are very pleased to announce this project," said AkzoNobel CEO Ton Büchner. "Kemira is a well-established player in this market and, with the sale of our Paper Chemicals business, we are following through with our strategy to focus on leading positions."
    Werner Fuhrmann, AkzoNobel's Executive Committee member responsible for Specialty Chemicals, added: "We have concluded that our Paper Chemicals business will have a better fit with another owner, allowing us to focus on our strong chemical platforms. The Pulp and Performance Chemicals business will continue to focus on global leadership positions in pulp bleaching, colloidal silica and expandable microspheres."
    Jari Rosendal, President and CEO of Kemira, said: "The intended acquisition of AkzoNobel's global Paper Chemicals business is a major step for Kemira in implementing our strategic growth plans. It further demonstrates our commitment to the industry by extending our geographical presence in EMEA, the Americas and especially APAC."
    The transaction is expected to be completed in approximately six months, subject to regular consultation with employee representatives and satisfactory closing conditions, such as receipt of required regulatory clearance. AkzoNobel will continue as toll manufacturer of certain products and will enter into an agreement with regards to the colloidal silica supply to Kemira.
    (Akzo Nobel Industrial Chemicals AB)
    08.07.2014   UK manufacturers future proof their business with flexible end of line systems – Hall 5 Stand D30    ( Company news )

    Company news Award winning end of line automation specialist Endoline Machinery will address the need for packing speed and flexibility at this year’s PPMA Show with the launch of their latest SMART machines – including the UK debut of the 744 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer, believed to be the fastest of its type in the world.

    Endoline’s latest SMART systems not only tick the flexibility box but are able to deal with random case sizes, require less manual adjustment, and the ability to report back information to monitor productivity rates. These systems can adjust automatically for different case sizes on the production line which allows customers, in particular contract packers and FMCG manufacturers, to pack a range of different case sizes to meet retailer demands who are broadening their consumer offering - from singular packs and smaller refill packs to multiboxes of crisps for bulk purchase boxes. Random sized boxes can be fed into one line - beneficial in terms of space while eliminating the need for manual machine adjustments.
    While there is an ongoing drive for efficiency, with increased speeds and product rates pushing the need for automisation within manufacturing units globally, the demand for flexible end of line systems to support fast changing production environment is growing.

    The Endoline 744 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer is up to 50% faster than current case sealing equipment, capable of sealing random sized cases at a speed of 30 per minute - achievable through the use of high reliability servo drives. To handle the high volume at speed a barcode reader has been integrated at the collation stage of the 744 to instantly read each box as it comes through and the sealing head adjusts itself accordingly.

    “We are expecting to see a marked increase in interest at the show this year for flexible, high speed machinery from a growing number of manufacturers.” Explains Alan Yates, Endoline’s Managing Director. “At the recent interpack show we received over 450 leads from food manufacturers for our random systems and we are looking forward to continuing that momentum at the PPMA show which pulls in the most influential UK decision makers.”
    (Endoline Machinery Limited)
    08.07.2014   Come and visit us at 29. BI-MU    ( Company news )

    Company news Imanpack will participate at 29.BI-MU, one of the most qualified international events dedicated to the Italian machine tools, robot, automation systems and ancillary products industry, taking place in Milan (Rho) from 30th September to 4th October 2014.

    For the occasion we will be showing the following machines:
    - Horizontal flowpack machine mod. Micropac Bagmatic with quick change over size and a Vertical Form-Fill-Seal machine mod. Microvert Pro with two CMF5 counting modules.
    See you at our stand: PAD. / HALL 11, STAND G44

    See you in Milan!
    (Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A.)

    07.07.2014   Rayonier Completes Separation of Rayonier Advanced Materials    ( Company news )

    Company news Rayonier Inc. and Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. are now Separate Independent Companies

    Picture: David Nunes, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Rayonier Inc. (NYSE: RYN) announced that on June 27, 2014, it completed the spin-off of Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (NYSE: RYAM), which is now a new independent specialty chemicals company. Public trading of Rayonier Advanced Materials will commence in the “regular way” with the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange this morning under the “RYAM” ticker symbol. The separation was effected by means of a tax-free spin-off of 100 percent of the common stock of Rayonier Advanced Materials to Rayonier shareholders of record as of the close of business on June 18, 2014.
    As previously announced, effective as of the completion of the spin-off, Richard Kincaid is Chairman of the Board of Rayonier, and David Nunes is Rayonier’s President and CEO.
    “We wish our colleagues at Rayonier Advanced Materials well as they embark on their promising and exciting future as an independent company,” stated Nunes. “While operating these businesses together provided tremendous value to our shareholders over a period of more than eight decades, we are confident that this transaction will provide even greater value for Rayonier shareholders as we look to the future. Rayonier has a bright future as a pure-play timber and real estate business, with excellent assets and financial flexibility that will enable continued growth.”
    (Rayonier Inc.)
    07.07.2014   Stora Enso acquires US-based biotechnology company    ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso has acquired 100% of the shares of the US-based company Virdia, a leading developer of extraction and separation technologies for conversion of cellulosic biomass into highly refined sugars and lignin. The upfront debt-free transaction value is approximately USD 33 million (EUR 24 million) with additional potential payouts totalling approximately USD 29 million (EUR 21 million) following completion of specific technical and commercial milestones by 2017. Virdia’s impact on Stora Enso’s 2014 sales and earnings is expected to be limited.
    The acquisition of Virdia supports the vision of Stora Enso’s Biomaterials Division in becoming a significant player in biochemicals and biomaterials. The technology enables more efficient extraction of different valuable fractions of the biomass, allowing the possibility to develop and commercialise cost-effective renewable solutions to address well-identified market-driven needs. This is a new step in implementing the Division’s strategy, following the recent lignin extraction investment at Sunila Mill in Finland.
    “This acquisition is in line with our strategy of growing in bio-based chemicals, ingredients and solutions, building on cost-effective, non-food-competing raw materials. These solutions will contribute to a more sustainable future by replacing fossil-based materials in various applications with renewable and cost-effective choices. We are now investing in a new technology platform that will enable us to reach new industries and value chains, and create significant sustainable profit growth for our company,” says Juan Carlos Bueno, EVP, Stora Enso Biomaterials.
    Founded in 2007, Virdia is a private, venture-capital-backed company. It runs a pilot facility in Danville, Virginia, USA. The main advantages of its technology are the cost-competitiveness and high purity of the output, which enable a variety of further conversion and upgrading possibilities for sugars and lignin as renewable intermediates for the specialty chemicals, construction, coatings, personal care and food industries, among others.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    07.07.2014   More than 20 successful rebuilds: BaglessPlus disc filter sectors from Voith    ( Company news )

    Company news Paper manufacturers are convinced of BaglessPlus disc filter sectors made of corrugated stainless steel from Voith: Not only does a conversion to the most modern filter technology in the fiber recovery or dewatering process increase capacity and filtrate quality, but it also lowers maintenance costs.
    Voith has already rebuilt more than 20 disc filters from various manufacturers in stock preparation and in the approach flow system with BaglessPlus disc filter sectors. Paper manufacturers all over the world are thus being assisted in managing sustainable processes.
    The BaglessPlus disc filter sectors offer 15 - 20% higher capacity. In addition, the filtrate quality remains high during the entire service life. That is due above all to the stable design of the disc filter sectors. Since a consistent filtrate quality in the super-clear filtrate of up to 25 ppm can be achieved, it is possible to save large amounts of fresh water. BaglessPlus disc filters also impress with their excellent service life of 10 to 20 years. The first Bagless disc filter was put into operation in 1998 and is still in use. That not only saves time for maintenance work, but also reduces costs.
    Voith uses products such as BaglessPlus disc filter sectors to rebuild existing machines from different manufacturers. Improved operation is thus achieved for a fraction of the costs involved in a new installation. The conversion to BaglessPlus is possible for most disc filter sizes.
    Voith also offers filter bags made of polypropylene for various applications with a special protective fabric. Conventional filter discs with steel fabric are also in use. Sometimes achieving the optimum requires more than a conversion to the most modern disc filter sector technology. With a Filtrate valve of the latest generation or a conversion to HiCon disc filter with a production increase of up to 80%, Voith has a large rebuild portfolio available for further optimizing a disc filter.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    07.07.2014   SCA to endorse its customer and consumer brands globally    ( Company news )

    Company news SCA, a leading global hygiene and forest products company, will as of July 1 2014 be endorsing its already strong portfolio of customer and consumer brands globally with the corporate SCA brand.

    Photo: Jan Johansson, President and CEO, SCA

    Following the introduction of the stronger and more distinct corporate SCA logo in March 2013, SCA is now responding to the ever-growing consumer demand of knowing where and how products are made by positioning the SCA corporate brand together with the customer and consumer brands across all categories, brands and markets globally.
    “SCA is a company with a unique heritage, a range of strong customer and consumer brands that make a difference for millions of people around the world and an award-winning sustainability profile and focus going forward. By taking a prominent and visible position alongside the company’s customer and consumer brands in all its print ads and TV commercials, SCA aims to further strengthen the awareness and perception of SCA as a leading global hygiene and forest products company and as a solid, and trustworthy brand”, says Jan Johansson, President and CEO, SCA.
    “Our ambition is to increase the awareness and perception of SCA. By connecting SCA and its customer and consumer brands, the information to our stakeholders gets even more transparent. An important platform to build the SCA brand is Team SCA’s participation in the Volvo Ocean Race with an all-female crew. This strengthens the perception of SCA and our brands, such as TENA, Tork, Lotus, Libresse, Tempo and Libero even further,” says Joséphine Edwall-Björklund, Senior Vice President, Group Function Communications.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)
    07.07.2014   Visit MEPCO at Paper Middle East Exhibition 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news PAPER-ME 2014 The 6th International Exhibition for Paper, Board, Tissue, Printing & Packaging, which will be held in October 22nd -24th , 2014. at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo, Egypt. Halls (1,2,3)
    PAPER-ME 2014 is the most dedicated event in the MENA for paper and allied industries.
    It is the industry's 3-day premier event featuring paper industry key players and the latest and most comprehensive display of paper, carton, tissue, printing and packaging.

    Visit MEPCO at PAPER-ME 2014
    MEPCO is the largest manufacturer of paperboard in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), located in the Red Sea port city Jeddah,in the western province of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Over the years MEPCO has succeeded in developing a broad range of internationally acknowledged first class products.
    Since the very beginning MEPCO has been conscious for preserving our environment. Recycling waste paper and transforming it into its various state of the art products is our core business.
    Concern for the environment is extended to all aspects related to the production process, starting from water treatment , utilizing renewable chemical additives, and ending with an endless effort to keep our world green.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)

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    Paper rolls all kinds
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