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    25.06.2014   UPM Fray Bentos completes production permitting process in Uruguay    ( Company news )

    Company news UPM Fray Bentos pulp mill has complied with all requirements set forth by the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Land Planning of Uruguay and therefore has been authorised to increase its production level to meet the mill capacity as per the company's request in 2011.

    This resolution supports UPM Pulp Business to grow according to their customer needs. It also benefits the growth and development of Uruguay’s forest sector.
    (UPM Fray Bentos Mill)
    25.06.2014   Ready to leave for Brasil!    ( Company news )

    Company news Nowadays BRAZIL is a coveted destination for the World Cup and our machines are ready to leave for that destination.

    A Brazilian loyal customer confirmed his trust placed in Imanpack, by purchasing a complete new packaging system to assemble hinges, handles and bases: a complete production line is leaving for Brazil, by ship!

    From the pictures below, you can see the large amount of machines ready to go, properly packed by thermo sealed BARRIER BAG.

    The quality of our machines is still able to compete in a market like Brazil despite the high custom rates.
    Imanpack Quality & Service, always win!
    (Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A.)
    24.06.2014   Valmet's SealFlo cuts suction roll lubrication water use by up to 50%    ( Company news )

    Company news There is a continuous need for paper manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact. Valmet is contributing to this need by introducing SealFlo, an easy upgrade for suction roll lubrication showers.

    "Valmet's new SealFlo technology reduces water consumption by as much as 50%, while maintaining or improving lubrication results," says Pekka Kivioja, director of Roll Maintenance at Valmet.

    Worn, aged and outdated showers and nozzles lead to substandard lubrication results and consume excessive amounts of water. The new SealFlo axial seal lubrication shower from Valmet features a design which improves the lubrication process, as well as reducing the roll's environmental impact through significantly reduced water consumption.

    Significant savings
    In addition to improved lubrication results, many applications show an improved moisture profile and reduced costs of shower water preparation. Kivioja gives an example: "On a paper or board machine, this could mean savings of as much as 2,500 to 5,000 euros per roll meter per year, resulting in average savings of 100,000 to 200,000 euros a year on a ten-meter wide machine that has four suction rolls." The improved shower functionality also has a positive effect on the lifespan of the axial seal and on the suction roll shell.

    This modification is now available with suction roll maintenance through Valmet's extensive roll service network.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    24.06.2014   Commercial step for DuraPulp    ( Company news )

    Company news In collaboration with UK based James Cropper PLC, the speciality paper and advanced materials group, Södra is taking the first commercial step into the international market for bio-composite material DuraPulp.

    The collaboration brings together the respective core competences of each organisation and the creation of cross-functional expert teams with the aim to develop DuraPulp solutions for a wide potential range of applications.

    "James Cropper's extensive technical competence and global market reach will mean that we will be able to speed up the commercialisation of DuraPulp," said Anna Altner, Södra's Project Manager for DuraPulp.

    "Initially, the collaboration will involve niche and high end packaging related applications but we do see wide potential opportunities, including the horticulture market," explained Jacqueline Redman, Strategic Marketing and Innovation Manager at James Cropper.

    James Cropper plc has 2 business divisions - the paper division includes the speciality and luxury paper manufacturing and converting business and the non-woven division, Technical Fibre Products which has a holds a niche and leading position in the aerospace, energy, medical, automotive and other sectors.

    James Cropper Speciality Papers is one of the world's leading producers of bespoke coloured paper; in the last six months alone it has won two awards for innovative sustainable luxury packaging, most recently in Shanghai.

    "We will be exploring these markets to establish if our unique product can offer useful solutions," noted Urban Blomster, Business Development Manager for DuraPulp.

    Södra is already involved in technical collaboration with Swt Paper, a privately-owned business development company in Varberg specialising in bespoke paper and cardboard products. This collaboration is making it possible to produce wet-formed DuraPulp demonstrators that showcase the material's potential in bespoke packaging and containers.

    DuraPulp is a bio-composite material that consists of specially-selected pulp from Södra Cell and a renewable biopolymer. After additional processing, these two components take on special properties, such as moisture resistance, strength and rigidity.

    James Cropper PLC is an advanced materials group with more than 500 employees and turnover in the region of 80 million GBP.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    24.06.2014   Tieto provides Cham Paper Group Schweiz AG with a Web Trim cloud solution    ( Company news )

    Company news Tieto provides Swiss paper specialist Cham Paper Group Schweiz AG a cost efficient and easily managed cloud solution for creating and optimizing cutting plans for the pulp and paper industry. Web Trim’s Software as a Service solution allows Cham to focus on its core business without any local installations or need to maintain its own IT infra.
    Trim is an optimization module of Tieto Integrated Paper Solution TIPS, which is the leading sales, logistics and manufacturing execution system for the pulp and paper industry.
    Cham and Tieto have been working together for more than 15 years. Cham had the need to update its old release of TIPS Trim to the newest Trim application. Tieto suggested that Cham start using Web Trim as Software as a Service, which allows the company to concentrate on its core business while Tieto takes care of the IT infrastructure.
    “With this solution, we do not have to invest in our own software and hardware. We can focus on our core business and reduce our IT costs significantly. The collaboration with Tieto has been very constructive and efficient. The support after the implementation has been excellent,” says Markus Keiser, Head of Operations at Cham.
    With Web Trim’s Software as a Service solution, the application will always be up to date without any upgrade projects or installations.
    “This additional delivery confirms our assumption that there is an increasing demand for cloud applications in the paper industry as well,” says Stefanie Richter, Continuous Service Manager at Tieto Germany GmbH.
    (Tieto Germany GmbH)
    24.06.2014   Mercer International Inc. Announces Joint Venture With Resolute Forest Products Inc. to ....    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Commercialize Sustainable New Biomaterial

    Mercer International Inc. ("Mercer" or "the Company") announced the launch of a new joint venture company called Performance BioFilaments Inc. ("Performance BioFilaments") established to commercialize an innovative biomaterial derived from wood fiber called cellulose filaments. The joint venture will be equally owned with Resolute Forest Products Inc. ("Resolute"), a leader in the forest products business.
    Cellulose filaments are derived from wood pulp which has been processed using innovative technology licensed from FPInnovations Inc. ("FPInnovations"), one of the world's leading forest products research organizations. The cellulose filaments' exceptional strength and high aspect ratio make it a unique cellulose-based biomaterial. We believe it has the potential to make a wide array of consumer and industrial products stronger, lighter, more flexible and more durable, while leveraging a sustainable and renewable resource with a low carbon footprint.
    "Commercializing cellulose filaments represents a compelling business opportunity developed through our focus on collaborative innovation and takes one of our initiatives to the next level," says Jimmy S.H. Lee, President and Chairman of Mercer. "We are excited to be working jointly with Resolute, which allows us to leverage our respective global research knowledge and resources to implement the commercialization process for this high potential material."
    Performance BioFilaments will seek joint development partners from a range of industries – from automotive and manufacturing, to construction and high-end consumer products – to develop new commercial product applications for cellulose filaments. While we are optimistic about the potential for commercialization of this product, we recognize that, as with the development of all novel product applications, the process can be lengthy and without assurances.
    Performance BioFilaments will build upon the significant investment made by FPInnovations in technology development and production through its current C$43.1 million cellulose filaments project. All of the know-how gained from their project, as well as commercial development quantities of cellulose filaments, will be available to Performance BioFilaments for its commercialization efforts.
    (Mercer International Inc.)

    Company news Glatfelter (NYSE: GLT) announced key leadership changes in the Specialty Papers Business Unit (SPBU) effective immediately. Timothy R. Hess is promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and Calvin Staudt Jr. has joined Glatfelter as Vice President of Manufacturing. Both men will report to Brian Janki, Vice President & General Manager for SPBU.
    In making this announcement, Mr. Janki said, “These changes strengthen the Specialty Papers’ team, creating a more integrated leadership structure for both our commercial and manufacturing organizations. I expect these changes to accelerate our new product development engine and enhance our customer experience, while improving our operating efficiency and cost position – all of which are critical to our ongoing success in Specialty Papers.”
    Mr. Hess brings 20 years of broad Glatfelter operational and commercial leadership experience and a strong technical background to his new assignment. He will assume ownership of Specialty Papers’ commercial activities, including sales, marketing, new product development, and new business development. In addition to his professional experience, Mr. Hess earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from the United States Military Academy, West Point and a Master of Science in Pulp & Paper from the Institute for Paper Science and Technology.
    As Vice President of Manufacturing, Mr. Staudt will assume responsibility for all Specialty Papers operations, with an emphasis on safety, reliability, efficient mill operations, and developing capabilities across our manufacturing assets to align with the needs of current and future customers.
    Mr. Staudt brings more than 30 years of industry manufacturing operations experience to Glatfelter. Most recently, he served as General Manager at Rock Tenn in Florence, S.C. Prior leadership roles include assignments with International Paper, Temple Inland, and Evergreen Packaging. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of Alabama. Mr. Staudt retired as a Commander of the United States Naval Reserve in 1997.
    (Glatfelter Corporate Headquarters)
    23.06.2014   Infinity: Voith’s newly developed press fabric with high dewatering Performance    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Infinity: quick start-up and steady-state Performance

    With Infinity, Voith has developed a completely new generation of endless and seam press fabrics containing a base structure that ensures the fabric will resist compaction during operation. The dewatering performance therefore remains consistently high while maintaining high paper quality.

    The high-quality base fabric of Infinity is woven in an especially uniform method. Additionally, the laminated structure retains its open volume during the entire running time due to a high level of compressibility and better rebound behaviour in comparison to conventional press fabrics. These characteristics increase the dewatering performance and reduce dirt deposits and fiber loss. Infinity rapidly achieves optimal saturation, so the desired machine speed is quickly reached. The high number of contact points of the base fabric provides for uniform pressure distribution, increasing the dry content and the quality of the paper sheet.

    The paper manufacturer has the choice of several designs due to the modular concept of Infinity. Infinity can be tailored to the specific needs of the application to provide immediate benefit to paper machine operation. The new press fabric is also available with seams: the seam loops have an identical loop length, roundness and spacing, which makes the installation of the fabrics faster, simpler and safer.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    23.06.2014   Södra invests to increase pulp production at Mörrum    ( Company news )

    Company news Södra's Board has decided to invest approximately SEK 700 million to increase pulp production at Södra Cell Mörrum. A new wood-chip plant will be constructed and one of the mill's two pulp lines will be upgraded.

    In February of this year, Södra's Board decided to invest just over SEK 4 billion to increase capacity at the Värö pulp mill. Investments are now also being made in the Mörrum pulp mill, where Södra currently operates two parallel pulp lines for the production of softwood pulp and textile pulp (dissolving pulp).

    "This is another investment that strengthens our market position and competitiveness for market pulp. The expansion of pulp production is a key part of our Group strategy and a crucial feature of our efforts to develop our operation," said Lars Idermark, CEO of Södra.

    The existing facility at Mörrum currently produces a total of 380,000 tonnes annually. The investment is expected to increase production to about 425,000 tpy.

    "The investment will enable us to meet the growing demands of our customers for softwood pulp and the increasingly popular textile pulp. It will enhance our energy efficiency, result in even higher quality pulp and improve the work environment," commented Gunilla Saltin, President of the Södra Cell business area.

    The project includes a new wood-chip plant with two separate wood lines, one for softwood-chip and one for hardwood-chip production, in addition to a refit of the softwood line, where the existing washing equipment will be replaced.

    The first phase of the project is scheduled to be carried out in 2014-15 with completion expected March 2016.

    Södra Cell Mörrum currently produces high-quality pulp and is the only Södra mill to produce textile pulp, for which demand is growing rapidly. Södra Cell is one of the largest players in the world in the area of softwood pulp and operates three pulp mills in Sweden: Mörrum, Mönsterås and Värö.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    23.06.2014   Successful product launch at this year’s FESPA    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Production site Cham

    At FESPA Digital in Munich the Swiss sublimation paper manufacturer Cham Paper Group presented its latest product innovation TRANSJET® Fashion for the first time to an interested audience.

    With only 45 gsm TRANSJET® Fashion is currently the lightest coated sublimation paper in the assortment. Thanks to its innovative coating the paper features extraordinary colour brilliance, high transfer rates and outstanding ink drying, even with highly saturated colour shades. It has been especially designed for use on industrial high-speed printers with Kyocera print heads. It is available in jumbo reels with a width of up to 3.20 m.

    TRANSJET® Fashion is the answer of the manufacturer to the rapidly increasing demand for a cost-efficient but high-performance sublimation paper that is suitable for high volume applications in cost-driven production processes, as e.g. in the fashion and clothing manufacture industry.

    FESPA visitors were given the opportunity to assure themselves of the outstanding performance of the new TRANSJET® Fashion on site. The paper was presented live on a MS Italy JP-4 printer and made for a massive increase in visitor frequency at the booth.
    (Cham Paper Group Schweiz AG)
    23.06.2014   Smurfit Kappa set to Open the future     ( Company news )

    Company news Smurfit Kappa announces the launch of a new global brand strategy across 32 countries, which is set to Open the future for its customers.
    The new strategy focuses on delivering customer growth through insight and innovation, reflecting the continued battle for brand owners to win that all-important First Moment of Truth, where shoppers choose one brand over another. It will deliver the deepest insights programme ever seen in the packaging industry and build a new network of customer experience centres around the world.
    A new, global brand campaign called Open the future will showcase Smurfit Kappa’s dedication to customer growth, through its proactive, listening approach and its relentless pursuit of the critical gains which make the difference in consumer brand choice. It draws on the company’s global experience across packaging, paper and sustainability to help solve real-world problems, based on deep consumer insights.
    The new brand strategy is the result of a 12-month long, global research programme, using the best business-to-business research specialists to establish what brand owners really want from the packaging industry. It included customers, suppliers and investors, as well as broad internal engagement with Smurfit Kappa employees across Europe and the Americas.

    Gary McGann, Group Chief Executive Officer at Smurfit Kappa said,:
    "The world for global brands has become more challenging and fast moving but full of opportunity for those who embrace and lead new ideas, new technologies and new trends. We are no different. Our approach to innovation has to be rooted in the sharpest insights, exactly mirroring the approach of the brands who are our customers.”

    The new brand strategy will be rolled out with a range of high profile customer service and innovation programmes which break new ground for the industry. They include the launch of a bespoke customer insights programme, created especially for the world of packaging, which will deliver a depth of understanding of consumer markets, behaviour and trend data never seen before in the industry.
    Smurfit Kappa is also building a new network of customer experience centres in its main markets. The hub will be a showcase International Customer Experience Centre at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport where brand owners will spend days working alongside Smurfit Kappa experts, immersed in market insights and assessing new packaging innovations designed to deliver profitable growth and a sustainable supply chain. Satellite versions of the centre will be introduced in other major markets worldwide.
    Open the future is brought to life through a new, dynamic microsite, where a series of films demonstrate how customers across the world have worked in partnership with Smurfit Kappa to create innovative solutions which have driven commercial success. The new microsite can be visited at and will be the home for new, shareable content updated regularly throughout the year.

    Gary McGann added:
    “The delivery of creative, forward-thinking solutions for brands has always been part of our DNA. Today we’re taking that to a new level with a big commitment to increase our insight into our customers' worlds and deliver growth through innovation.
    “The industry has to look beyond our customers' immediate packaging needs to understand what really makes their business and their customers tick and where future opportunities lie. Only if we do that can we credibly produce insightful, creative solutions that will be taken seriously by brand owners and open up future growth opportunities."
    (Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc (Dublin Office))
    23.06.2014   Welcome to Paper Arabia 2014 - Middle East's special event on Paper Industry     ( Company news )

    Company news Over the past few years, Paper Arabia has proven to be the most attended exhibition for all paper industry proffessionals in the Middle East region. The last edition in 2013 was visited by more than 6500 trade visitors from 48 countries, 95% of which were the senior most executive from their respective organisations.
    On September 21-23, 2014, it is time for the 7th edition of the International Exhibition on Paper, Tissue and Converting Industry also covering Corrugated, Carton and Machinery. Taking place in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in the grand city of Dubai, Paper Arabia will be the unique platform for the Middle East, African and Asian buyers to meet, source and discuss everything and anything related to the Paper Industry.

    Preview new products at Paper Arabia 2014
    New technology and trend will be unveiled and the world's biggest machinery and technology suppliers will choose this event for their business enhancements to this part of the world. Read about this, Exhibitor profile, participation cost and much more in the Exhibitor Invitation.
    (Adforum AB)
    20.06.2014   Antalis sponsors educational session at DSCOOP EMEA    ( Company news )

    Company news Session aims to help printers better market their service proposition to end-users

    For the third consecutive year, leading European paper merchant Antalis is a partner of DSCOOP EMEA, the Digital Solutions Cooperative event which brings together an independent community of graphic arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Graphic Arts equipment and related solutions. The 2014 edition will take the form of three days of collaborative workshops to discuss how printers can develop their business by better meeting the Needs of and marketing to end-users. Antalis is sponsoring the session entitled “Holding Meaningful Conversations with Marketers”.

    Antalis’s annual participation and sponsorship of the DSCOOP EMEA event is a mainstay of the group’s d2b (Digital-to-Business) initiative which aims to support the various Players in the print industry through the digital printing transition. d2b offers them a broad range of paper and specialty substrates adapted to the latest digital printing and finishing techniques, a team of digital experts, numerous services and dedicated events and open days showcasing innovative applications and techniques.

    An increasing number of printers are investing in digital printing presses, not only to meet the demand for small, cost effective print jobs and quick turnaround, but also to add high added-value services such as web-to-print and cross-media applications to their portfolio. However, for many printers, the world of marketing is an unknown one with a foreign language that they do not naturally master. The DSCOOOP EMEA educational sessions aim to help printers “speak” to marketing and communications professionals, to Position their solutions in a way that will get this audience’s attention and also demonstrate how printers can leverage social networking to develop a strong brand and secure more referrals. The “Holding Meaningful Conversations with Marketers” session sponsored by
    Antalis will be chaired by Sima Dahl, Personal Branding & Social Networking speaker, trainer and coach.

    “The paper and printing industries are in constant flux with digital printing in particular changing the playing field,” says Xavier Jouvet, Group Marketing and Purchasing Director, Antalis International. “Only those who adapt to these changes and find ways to constantly renew their service proposition and target new customers will prosper in the Long term. That is what we as a paper merchant need to do and what we want to help our customers do.”
    (Antalis International)
    20.06.2014   FOREST INDUSTRY REPORT CARD: PROGRESS MADE ON AMBITIOUS ...    ( Company news )

    Company news .. GOALS OF VISION2020

    The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) today released its first report card on Vision2020, Pathways to Prosperity―it shows progress on the three parameters of products, environmental performance and people and issues a call to action to build on the momentum to date.

    “I’m pleased to say our efforts began to bear fruit during the first two years of our ten year Vision plan for jobs, growth and continuous improvement in the industry’s environmental record,” says the President and CEO of FPAC, David Lindsay.

    Vision2020 was launched in May 2012 as a challenge to industry as well as governments, academic researchers, policy thinkers and other partners to build on the sector’s transformation. The Vision goals are to refresh the workforce with an additional 60,000 new employees; improve environmental performance by 35% and generate an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new products and markets, all by the end of the decade.

    The report card covers the first two year period between the baseline year of 2010 and 2012. During this period, final figures show that the forest industry hired 8,000 new recruits and made a further 6% improvement in its environmental credentials, putting the sector on pace to reach its Vision goals. The industry saw only a modest increase in the product goal with a gain in economic activity of $0.5 billion. However the report card reflects a time period when the industry was still recovering from the recession. More recent figures show the industry growing at a faster pace – for example Statistics Canada figures say that during 2013, the forest products sector had a 3.4% increase in GDP, faster than the overall economy at 2%, while wood exports were up 27%.

    “We want to celebrate our initial successes while acknowledging we still have a long way to go.” says Lindsay. “Realizing the ambitious goals of Vision2020 will require bold thinking and determination. There needs to be a collective effort of FPAC and its member companies, working with the broader industry, government, policy thinkers, academics and others to find the best technological, social, environmental and economic pathways to progress.”

    “We look forward to another two years of increasing progress toward implementation of Vision2020 and the green and innovative agenda of the forest products industry of Canada.”
    (FPAC Forest Products Association of Canada)
    20.06.2014   Sappi confirms disposal of Nijmegen Mill    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Sappi Europe Head Office

    With reference to the announcement made on 30 September 2013 about the future of the Sappi Nijmegen Mill, Sappi wishes to confirm that it has reached an agreement to dispose of the mill to an affiliate of American Industrial Acquisition Corporation (“AIAC”). The new name of the Sappi Nijmegen Mill is Innovio Papers. It will manufacture specialty paper and will no longer be engaged in the coated graphic paper business. A transfer plan is being arranged with current graphic paper customers. The transaction is effective as of 16 June 2014. The disposal is not categorisable in terms of section 9.5 of the JSE Listings Requirements.
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)
    19.06.2014   The TurnLock™ Laminating System - Label protection just got better     ( Company news )

    Company news The first ever one-roll self-laminating system is now available for durable labelling applications. Compared with an overlaminate or transfer tape, TurnLock offers a material cost reduction of up to 30% and operational efficiency gains of up to 25%.

    Turnlock achieves its one-roll results with a simple turn bar, enabling immediate improvements in laminating operations. The use of standard printing and converting equipment means that no major investment is needed. Big gains are possible on all fronts:

    Lower material costs
    You need to buy only one roll, rather than two, and hold less inventory

    Higher operational efficiency
    Set-up takes less time, splicing is improved and you can run the line faster

    Improved sustainability
    No more mismatched rolls means less scrap, without the need for a disposable liner – Turnlock uses up to 30% less material

    The process is simple but ingenious. Images are first reverse-printed onto the top layer, and the material is passed through standard press stations. The printed facestock is flipped at the turn bar, then buried and locked under a clear PET, resulting in protected, attractive graphics on long-lasting, quality labels.
    (Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials Europe)
    18.06.2014   Get acquainted with Russian PPI market with PAP-FOR Russia Exhibition!    ( Company news )

    Company news How to grow your business at Russian and CIS PPI market?
    • Join over 300 exhibitors and check out all the opportunities with PAP-FOR Russia!

    Why Russian market is worth entering?
    Russia is the largest country in the world with growing economy:
    • Expected decrease in entry barriers and creation of new opportunities for foreign countries due to WTO accession.
    • Easy accessibility to Kazakhstan and Belarus markets due to membership in the Custom Union.
    • Strong consuming growth caused by huge population and economic development (15 cities with a million-plus population, 145 million people in total, over 5 million companies).
    • Fantastic growth in retail industry (appr. 20% in 2013).
    • Prospects of becoming a key consumer of PPI products instead of stagnating European and Asian PPI markets*.
    • Well enough space and clients for the international players.

    Why exhibit at PAP-FOR Russia?
    Exhibiting at the leading show for Pulp and Paper industry in Eastern Europe will result in tremendous export opportunities for your company.
    • Every 2 years PAP-FOR draws thousands of producers, suppliers, distributors, government and industry associates from across the country and all over the world.
    • Over 40 key Russian and CIS paper mills are among PAP-FOR exhibitors**.
    • PAP-FOR is a well-established exhibition with history and reputation. Since 1992, it is the largest professional event for PPI in Russia and CIS gathering the whole industry at one B2B platform.
    • More than 50 industry mass media and visitor promotion campaign attract only target audience.

    Who Attends?
    Over 6000 unique professional visitors:
    • Distributors, importers and exporters of paper, cardboard and converting products;
    • Suppliers of equipment for PPI;
    • Packaging manufacturers;
    • Pulp and paper mills;
    • End customers;
    • Governmental and industry associations representatives;
    • For the 1st time PAP-FOR invites major retail chains!
    (Reed Exhibitions Russia)
    18.06.2014   Duni is launching the market's most extensive range of compostable, unicolored products    ( Company news )

    Company news If you want to care for the environment and still create a colorful atmosphere, our extensive range of compostable unicolored products is the natural choice.
    Duni is launching the world’s biggest range of compostable, unicolored napkins and tablecoverings. The products in the range carry the OK Compost label. This means that they are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant, contain no harmful chemicals, and may be sorted with food waste when allowed.
    Elisabeth Gierow, CSR & Quality Director at Duni: “We are launching the range for two main reasons. Firstly, there is strong demand from our customers for eco-conscious solutions. Secondly, for us innovation, quality, safety and environmental standards go hand in hand.”
    (Duni AB)
    18.06.2014   Mika Joukio appointed Metsä Board's CEO    ( Company news )

    Company news Metsä Board Corporation’s Board of Directors has appointed M.Sc. (Tech.), MBA Mika Joukio (49, photo) as the company’s new CEO. Joukio will start in the position on 1 December 2014 at the latest.
    Joukio joins Metsä Board from Metsä Tissue Corporation, part of Metsä Group, where he has been the CEO since 2012. Prior to Metsä Tissue, Joukio worked as the head of Metsä Board’s paperboard business during 2006–2011. He has held various management positions in the company and its predecessors Metsä-Serla Corporation and M-real Corporation since 1990.
    “Mika Joukio has strong earlier experience in Metsä Board and in paperboard as well as consumer product industries. He has a good track record of successful business management in Metsä Tissue. He has an excellent starting point to continuing profitable growth of Metsä Board”, says Kari Jordan, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    Metsä Board’s current CEO Mikko Helander will move to another company on 1 December 2014 at the latest.
    (Metsä Board Corporation)
    18.06.2014   Burgo's Board of Directors approves the Industrial Action Plan "Burgo 2020" and 2013 ...    ( Company news )

    Company news statement

    The Burgo Group Board of Directors approved the new Industrial Action Plan “Burgo2020” for the period 2014-2018.
    The Plan provides for investments for about € 250 million and significant programs and measures aimed at containing operational costs and matching the production capacity of the Group to the demand trend.
    The Group will remain focused on diversification, which will be achieved by strengthening and developing the presence of its specialty papers on the market, thanks to Mosaico – the dedicated subsidiary of Burgo Group – for which a specific developing plan has been approved.
    The measures and investments included in the Plan will enable the Group to consolidate its competitiveness in the European environment through a significant improvement of its industrial and financial performance and efficiency.
    The consolidated balance sheet will be presented to the shareholders’ meeting on the 29th of June. Burgo Group closes the 2013 accounting period with a turnover of € 2.391 million (- 8,4% compared to 2012) and an EBITDA of € 92 million. The results are a consequence of the negative trend in the graphic papers market and are in line with those of the main competitors. The year ends with a loss of € 147 million, 101 of which due to depreciation and provision measures taken by the Company to develop the Industrial Plan.
    The Group’s financial debt drops to € 957 million, decreasing by 3% compared to the year 2012.
    (Burgo Group spa)
    18.06.2014   Scottish Book Printer Gains Greater Efficiency and Color Accuracy with X-Rite IntelliTrax    ( Company news )

    Company news Solution enables production target densities to be reached in as fast as 20 minutes

    X-Rite Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone LLC, today announces that the Glasgow-based academic book and journal printer Bell & Bain has purchased the IntelliTrax colour management scanning solution to manage their on-press colour control. IntelliTrax is X-Rite’s advanced, automated color management scanning for press-side color control, and Bell & Bain will include the solution in their state-of-the-art production platform.

    Founded in 1831, Bell & Bain is one of the few Scottish academic printers to have survived the centuries to thrive in today's ultra-competitive market. With more than 80 employees, the company has a turnover in excess of £9 million and has more than 150 customers, including most of the blue-chip names in international publishing.

    The company operates three large format KBA Rapida 142 offset presses and a new B2 four-colour Rapida 75 with coater. The latest KBA press purchase was part of Bell & Bain’s investment program, which has helped the firm increase turnover by 50% since 2005, and win new business that includes a portfolio of work in the fine arts sector.

    To support that success, Bell & Bain acquired X-Rite’s IntelliTrax scanning color measurement system with the IntelliSetTM Closed-Loop Color Control System from Rutherford Graphic Products.

    Scott Hill, Print Manager at Bell & Bain commented on the impact of the IntelliTrax system has had on their operations. He notes, “Our initial IntelliTrax investment has made a huge difference to our operations – both in accuracy and in speed. First, the integration of the Rutherford closed loop capability that Feeds information back to the press makes duct key changes even more accurate. In addition, the IntelliTrax solution is a lot faster, cutting our make ready time in half and significantly reducing waste. With IntelliTrax, we can reach target densities in 20 minutes - and that’s for large format four-over-four printing. On the older system, it generally took 24 minutes for four-colour make-readies, and that was only one side of the sheet, so this is a significant improvement.”

    Ultra-fast scanning
    X-Rite’s IntelliTrax automatically scans the colour bar of a typical press sheet in less than 15 seconds. It can measure special colours, PANTONE® colours, non-process colours, and paper colour. Instant reports are then created and displayed on-screen. This enables press operators to quickly make adjustments that get them to approved colour faster.

    According to David Stewart, Sales Manager UK, Imaging, Media & Packaging of X-Rite, “The results that Bell & Bain have experienced with IntelliTrax are exactly the types of results that we had hoped for when we developed this solution. We knew that if we could speed up both the color measurement and the correction processes, printers would be able to gain greater efficiencies and achieve a higher color standard. We congratulate Bell & Bain on their success.”

    Bell & Bain’s Intellitrax was installed in conjunction with Rutherford’s AutoPilot, a software solution that delivers fast and cost-effective off-line closed-loop colour control. It seamlessly integrates with pressroom colour control systems, and its ease of use makes staff training and operation simple.

    Scott Hill concludes, “All in all, our upgraded X-Rite IntelliTrax with Rutherford AutoPilot has improved our productivity, decreased turnaround time and freed our press operators to plan ahead on their shift, while maintaining the highest quality colour across all of our work.”
    (X-Rite Europe GmbH)
    17.06.2014   MHI-PPM Receives Order for 20 Box Making Machines From U.S. Packaging Materials ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...Manufacturer RockTenn

    -- Two Orders for Corrugating Machinery also Received from Korea --

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd. (MHI-PPM), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has received an order for 20 corrugated box making machines from Rock-Tenn Company (RockTenn), a leading North American integrated producer of packaging materials. Almost simultaneously MHI-PPM also took orders from two Korean manufacturers for 1 box making machine and 2 corrugating machinery for producing corrugated board. As demand for corrugated board packaging increases worldwide, inquiries concerning MHI-PPM's corrugated board production systems are brisk, and these latest orders reflect the company's growing reputation as a manufacturer of products of world-class quality and productivity.
    The order from RockTenn is for 20 units of the EVOL 4FGR-100 Flexo Folder Gluer. Featuring a maximum speed of 350 boxes per minute - one of the fastest speeds available worldwide - the EVOL 4FGR-100 can produce beautifully finished corrugated boxes of diverse sizes, with a wide range of print options, from corrugated board. Outstanding productivity has been realized through a host of proprietary technologies and innovative ideas. One example is a new ink changing system, provided standard, that substantially reduces ink changing time and loss and uses less washing water. Shipments of the 20 units on order are scheduled to commence this October and continue until April 2016.
    Of the two new orders received from Korea, both from packaging materials manufacturers, one was for 1 unit of the EVOL 4FGR-100 and 1 unit of the SH-400-2500 corrugating machinery; the other too was for 1 unit of the SH-400-2500. The SH-400-2500 can manufacture corrugated board at a maximum speed of 400 meters per minute.
    As production of corrugated board increases steadily on global scale, demand is solid for new or replacement corrugating machinery and box making machines. Especially popular are machines that are capable of manufacturing diverse product types in automated mode without loss of quality, and machines that excel in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility, minimal waste and outstanding operating speed. It is these features that are attracting successive orders, including bulk orders, for the EVOL 4FGR-100 and SH-400-2500.
    Going forward MHI-PPM, by further developing its technologies and business infrastructure, will continue focusing on the development of products delivering even higher performance and on the provision of broad-ranging solutions in both the domestic and global markets.
    (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.)
    17.06.2014   Minerals Technologies Inc. Signs Agreement to Build a Satellite PCC Plant for Coated Packaging ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Paper in China with Zhejiang Zhengda Paper Group Co. Ltd.

    Facility will Produce 50,000 Metric Tons per Year of Coating-Grade PCC at a Paper Mill in Zhejiang Province; MTI's First Dedicated Satellite Plant for Packaging Market

    Minerals Technologies Inc. (NYSE: MTX) announced that it has signed an agreement with the Zhejiang Zhengda Paper Group Co. Ltd. for a 50,000 metric ton per year satellite precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) plant that will produce coating grade PCC for packaging in Zhejiang Province, China. The plant should be operational in the fourth quarter of 2015.
    "This agreement with the Zhengda Paper Group is important in that it is Minerals Technologies' first on-site satellite plant to produce PCC for the coated packaging market," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer. "We are very pleased to be working with a high-caliber paper company like Zhengda Paper to help them reduce costs, upgrade quality, and improve the performance of its coated cartonboard in the market. We look forward to a long, mutually rewarding relationship with this fine company."
    Minerals Technologies (MTI) will manufacture OPACARB® Coating PCC specifically tailored for the Chinese packaging market at the satellite plant. This will allow Zhengda Paper to reduce the use of other expensive raw materials such as imported clay, latex, optical brighteners and expensive finely ground GCC. The Zhengda paper mill in Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province, China, produces 600,000 metric tons per year of coated, bleached cartonboard for packaging.
    (MTI Minerals Technologies Inc.)
    17.06.2014   Celulose Irani signed a letter of intent with the Government of the State of Santa Catarina    ( Company news )

    Company news After the partnership with the government of Minas Gerais in March, Celulose Irani signed a new letter of intent, this time with the government of Santa Catarina. The goal is to expand the manufacturing plant in Vargem Bonita, located in the Midwest of Santa Catarina.
    The total investment is estimated to be approximately R$ 600 million, and the project is to be completed in 2019. The investment is be used to expand the productive capacity of the Paper Packaging unit by approximately 135 thousand tons/year. The same is planned for the Corrugated Cardboard Boxes unit, also in Vargem Bonita, which will have an approximate increase of 24 thousand tons/year.
    The signing of the document confirms the support of the Government of the State of Santa Caterina in the implementation of the project, besides the recognition of the importance of the project to generate jobs and the industrial, commercial and socioeconomic development of the State.
    (Celulose Irani S.A.)
    17.06.2014   Announcing the Rho 1300 Series: The most productive UV flatbed printers    ( Company news )

    Company news The Rho 1030 is the fastest flatbed in the market and the Rho 1330 adds another 25 % to that speed. It is ideal for fully automated production whilst offering the ability to provide short runs. The Rho 1330 will print up to 1250 sqm/h and the Rho 1312 will print up to 620 sqm/h.
    In addition they offer improved image quality, increased reliability during printing and even greater flexibility of media, particularly with difficult and heat sensitive material.
    The Rho 1300 Series also include advancements of media transportation, with a higher vacuum and improved media registration. This provides higher reliability during printing and a better performance with difficult media, for example corrugated.
    The use of low UV pinning of the ink film during printing fixes the image and this enables full curing to take place outside the machine with an external UV dryer. The result is better printing of heat sensitive media due to minimal expansion of the media during printing. The dryer can be mounted onto the continuous printing table.
    The product advancements included in the Rho 1300 Series are due to a different printing configuration called “Gradual Flow Printing”.
    The “Gradual Flow Printing” mode includes a wider transport belt and advancement of the media is minimal during the printing process. The media, with a maximum size of 125 × 250 cm is transported onto the belt, and a higher vacuum is applied outside the machine. This enables the image to be built up gradually, thus providing smoother tones over large areas and a high gloss finish, even at the highest speeds.
    (Durst Phototechnik AG)
    17.06.2014   International Paper Appoints Mark S. Sutton President and Chief Operating Officer    ( Company news )

    Company news International Paper (NYSE: IP) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Faraci announced that Mark S. Sutton (photo) has been promoted to president and chief operating officer and elected a member of the company's board of directors effective immediately. In this new role Sutton will immediately assume responsibility for the operations of the company and will continue to report to Faraci. Most recently, Sutton served as International Paper senior vice president, industrial packaging.
    "Mark has been a key member of our leadership team and has played an instrumental role in the transformation of International Paper over the last decade," Faraci said. "He has done an excellent job integrating the acquisition of Temple Inland, and with 30 years of proven success at International Paper in a variety of assignments, I'm confident Mark will continue to make International Paper a stronger, better company."
    Sutton has been with International Paper his entire 30-year career. He joined the company in 1984 as an engineer at the Pineville, La., mill. In 1994, he was named mill manager at the Thilmany, Wisc., mill which at the time was part of International Paper's industrial papers business. In 2000, Sutton relocated to Europe to serve as director of European corrugated packaging operations and was promoted to vice president and general manager responsible for all corrugated packaging operations across the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) in 2002. In 2005, he was named vice president of corporate strategic planning and relocated to Memphis. He was named senior vice president, global supply chain, in 2007 and in 2009 became senior vice president, printing and communications papers – the Americas. In 2011, Sutton was appointed senior vice president, industrial packaging.
    Sutton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University.
    (International Paper)

    Company news ... REACH AT ZELLCHEMING 2014

    - Archroma's first appearance at a German paper exhibition since the company took over the Clariant paper business from Clariant on October 2013
    - Latest developments help meet cost-efficiency, high performance and environmental requirements

    Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, and the former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant, will put sustainability and high-performance within reach with its latest benchmark-setting papermaking innovations at ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 from June 24 to 26, 2014, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Under the motto “We touch and color peoples’ lives every day, everywhere”, Archroma will demonstrate its on-going commitment to support papermakers with cost-effective and more environmentally-considerate solutions to the performance needs of local markets. Archroma’s comprehensive product ranges for general-purpose paper and food packaging cover optical brightening agents (OBAs), coloration and processing chemicals, and surface coating additives and agents for all kinds of paper, card and board.

    New developments from Archroma in the spotlight at ZELLCHEMING 2014 will be:

    - The recently introduced disulfonated OBAs Leucophor® ACK and Leucophor® ACW aim at satisfying the most demanding environmental requirements without compromising quality or ease of use. Leucophor® ACK brings sustainability advantages through its unique, super-highly concentrated urea-free liquid formulation.
    - Cartaguard® KHI is a totally PFOA-free, grease-resistant additive for recyclable, non-plastic coated paper packaging used for eat-out-of-hand snacks. It provides a true alternative for manufacturers on the look-out for effective and safe impregnating agents for naturally absorbent papers.

    Established innovations featuring at the show:
    - Archroma’s award-winning stickies control innovation for pulp and paper applications, Cartaspers® SCH protects wires and felts, reducing downtime and minimizing the use of solvents for cleaning.
    - Cartabond® wet end products for increasing wet and dry strength and Cartasol® liquid dyes.

    “Archroma builds on its 120 years of expertise in bringing color and performance Solutions to the paper industry”, comments Manfred Hahn, Head of Sales Central Europe. “We strive to bring papermakers the products and process solutions which they need to tackle their challenges on color, strength and processability, with Archroma’s strong commitment and focus on resource saving.”

    Visit Archroma at ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2014 Booth # A68, Hall 11, Messe Frankfurt.
    (Archroma Distribution und Management Germany GmbH)
    16.06.2014   Appvion names Kevin Gilligan president of its paper division    ( Company news )

    Company news Appvion, Inc. announced the appointment of Kevin Gilligan as president of its paper division, which consists of the company’s thermal, carbonless, security and specialty products businesses. Gilligan will be based at the company’s headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin. He will
    report to Mark Richards, chief executive officer, and will serve as a member of the company’s senior leadership team.
    “Kevin is a collaborative executive leader who builds high-performing teams. He comes to Appvion with extensive experience leading global organizations to achieve sales growth and operational improvements,” said Richards. “Kevin’s leadership experience, business knowledge and passion for teamwork will add significant depth and breadth to our leadership team.”
    Gilligan spent the past 20 years working for H.B Fuller Company, a publicly traded, global specialty chemical company focused on adhesives. The company is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, with
    sales of $2.1 billion in 2013.
    Since 2012, Gilligan has served as vice president of global operations where he led H.B. Fuller’s operations, including supply chain, sourcing, 45 manufacturing plants, customer service, engineering, and environmental, health and safety. Prior to that, he served for five years as region vice president based in Shanghai, China, and led H.B. Fuller’s Asia Pacific region businesses.
    Gilligan also worked as general manager, H.B. Fuller Window; North American operations director; e-business director; product line manager; and plant manager.
    Gilligan earned a master’s degree in business administration (marketing and operations management) from Indiana University and a bachelor’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from the
    University of Michigan.
    (Appvion Inc.)
    16.06.2014   Youbisheng Green Paper AG: On-going stable business development in the first quarter of 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Youbisheng Green Paper AG, a Chinese manufacturer of eco-friendly linerboard, reports an improved gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2014 with slightly lower revenues. This development was a result of full capacity utilisation and the decline of the prices for wood pulp and recycled paper, Youbisheng’s main raw materials for its linerboard production. Correspondingly, both the company’s selling prices for linerboard products and the costs of goods sold decreased. Revenues and the operating profit EBIT for the full financial year 2014 are expected to be in line with the forecast stated in the annual report 2013.
    Revenues reached 21.4 million Euros in the first three months of 2014 (Q1 2013: 22.0 million Euros). The decline in revenues triggered a slight decrease of the company’s gross profit by 1.7 per cent to 5.9 million Euros (Q1 2013: 6.0 million Euros). The gross profit margin however increased by 0.4 percentage points to 27.4 per cent (Q1 2013: 27.0 per cent) due to lower costs for recycled paper and the company’s continued promotion of its higher margin and value added products – double sided testliner and anti-counterfeit testliner. The EBIT margin remained relatively stable at the high level of 24.8 per cent (Q1 2013: 24.9 per cent). Ultimately, the lower revenues resulted in a decline of the net profit in the reporting period of 4.8 per cent to 3.9 million Euros (Q1 2013: 4.1 million Euros). Nevertheless, cash flow from operations improved by 3.3 per cent in the first three months of 2014 bringing the company’s cash position to 37.7 million Euros as of 31 March 2014 (31 December 2013: 33.4 million Euros). This represents 3.69 Euros per share.
    In total, the company reports the following revenues for the respective product segments: Sales of own-produced single-sided testliner decreased to 8.5 million Euros (Q1 2013: 9.5 million Euros) representing a decrease of 10.2 per cent. Sales of own-produced double-sided testliner increased to 5.5 million Euros (Q1 2012: 5.1 million Euros) representing an increase of 9.5 per cent. Sales of anti-counterfeit testliner increased significantly by 71.0 per cent to 0.96 million Euros (Q1 2013: 0.56 million Euros), while revenues from sub-contracted single-sided testliner recorded a slight decline by 6.7 per cent to 6.4 million Euros (Q1 2013: 6.8 million Euros).
    China’s market for packaging material is expected to grow between 12 and 14 per cent annually leading to an increased demand for Youbisheng’s linerboard products. In order to meet this rising demand, the company will further work on the realization of its planned new production line in the Hubei Province in China. To ensure sufficient financial resources for the construction of the new plant, Youbisheng has already extensively explored the opportunity of a bond placement. However, due to the current adverse market conditions towards Chinese listed companies in Germany the bond placement has been postponed. Nevertheless, Youbisheng will further invest resources generated from operations in the development of the new production facility.
    For the full financial year 2014, the management of Youbisheng Green Paper expects revenues to be around 95.0 million Euros and the EBIT margin to be at least 22.0 per cent and therefore to be in line with the forecast stated in the annual report 2013.
    (Youbisheng Green Paper AG)
    16.06.2014   Munksjö to invest at its La Gère Release Liners mill in France    ( Company news )

    Company news Munksjö, one of the global leading specialty paper companies, has announced an investment for the upgrade of its La Gère Release Liners mill in the south east of France, to further increase product performance and strengthen the support to the pressure sensitive adhesive labelling and the specialty tape and industrial markets served.
    The investment will be executed in the month of December 2014, and will upgrade the mill's G6 supercalendered release paper machine. The planned substitution of the line's head-box with state of the art equipment will result in better product runnability through silicone coating and lamination and through further converting processes both in PSA labelling and in specialty tape and industrial end-uses.
    This investment follows the installation in late 2012 of equipment to apply the successful Acti-V technology to release papers produced on G6 paper machine, designed for one and two-side silicone coating processes. Munksjö Acti-V plays an active role in the silicone curing and anchorage process, reducing requirement for catalyst (platinum) and energy while making silicone anchorage stronger and more durable, even in challenging environmental conditions.
    (Munksjö Oyj)
    16.06.2014   Canon announces Océ ImageStream™ 3500 to set new benchmark for inkjet printing    ( Company news )

    Company news Canon Europe, the leader in imaging solutions, announces the Océ ImageStreamTM 3500, the manufacturer’s first full-colour press from its Océ inkjet product range that can print on offset coated paper stocks.
    Strengthening Canon’s position in the publishing and commercial printing markets, this latest development enables Print Service Providers (PSPs) to consistently produce the same high quality output across both offset and digital production lines – removing the need for two different types of paper.
    Previously, high-quality inkjet printing has relied on treated paper or special add-ons such as bonding agents or primers to achieve optimum quality. With the Océ ImageStream 3500, which can run to up to 160m/min (525 ft/min) at 1200 x 600 dpi, with flexible droplet modulation for even higher perceived image resolution, PSPs now only require one type of paper stock, giving customers the freedom of choice between technologies, whether it is digital or conventional, depending on job requirements (run length, turnaround time, print window).
    The Océ ImageStream 3500 produces the outstanding image quality required for high-end applications such as books, brochures, magazines and personalised catalogues. The machine’s new pigment inks provide finer edge sharpness, less fray and dot gain and increased optical density for a stronger contrast, resulting in razor sharp lines (or letters) and increased colour vibrancy. Furthermore, the perceived colour gamut on low cost standard papers is higher on pigment inks than on dye inks, providing additional production cost savings.
    The press also has the most compact footprint in its class, designed to be 10 to 50 per cent smaller than other production systems. As a result, PSPs can enter the digital production arena without a major impact on limited floor space.
    The Océ ImageStream 3500 – powered by Océ PRISMA workflow software – also includes the high-performance and scalable Océ SRA® MP controller, offering uninterrupted printing at full engine speed. The embedded Adobe APPE® engine allows the support of a native PDF format which is ripped directly on the printer controller, eliminating the costly and time-consuming intermediate process.

    “With the development of the Océ ImageStream 3500, there has never been a more enticing and attractive proposition for commercial printers using offset technology to enter the digital printing market,” explains Peter Wolff, Director, Commercial Printing Group, Canon Europe. “The Océ ImageStream rivals the speed and image quality of offset technologies, such as conventional B2 presses, while harnessing the capabilities of digital printing technology for shorter runs, print-on-demand and variable data for personalisation.”
    Wolff continues: “Whether it’s an offset printer looking for a viable opportunity to invest in digital printing technology and take advantage of its many benefits, or a digital printer looking to upgrade to optimise costs and boost production efficiencies further, our latest machine can be a catalyst for business growth.”

    The Océ ImageStream 3500 will be available from the beginning of 2015.
    (Canon Deutschland GmbH)
    16.06.2014   New brochure from Malvern Instruments guides GPC/SEC detectors choice     ( Company news )

    Company news A new brochure from Malvern Instruments details the range of detectors available for Gel Permeation/Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC). It also provides scientists with the background required to choose the detector array most appropriate to maximizing information flow and experimental productivity. Available as standalone units, or as part of a fully integrated Viscotek multi-detection GPC/SEC system, Malvern’s GPC/SEC detectors provide highly accurate analysis of polymer and protein macromolecular features, such as molecular weight, and combine to offer advanced insight into molecular structure.

    GPC/SEC is a central analytical technique for protein and polymer analysis because of its ability to measure defining characteristics. These include molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, molecular size and structure. Malvern’s range of detectors includes light scattering, refractive index (RI), viscometry and UV technology.

    RI and UV detectors measure the concentration of the material eluting from the column. Light scattering detectors, in combination with a concentration detector, enable the direct measurement of absolute molecular weight without the need for calibration standards. Adding a viscometer to the detector array provides sensitive and detailed information about structural features and behavior, such as degree of polymer branching or the aggregation behavior of proteins.

    The new brochure takes a practical and technical look at each of the Viscotek GPC/SEC detectors, including Malvern’s comprehensive range of static and dynamic light scattering detectors. Incorporating three static light scattering systems – right angle light scattering (RALS), low angle light scattering (LALS) and the recently launched multi angle light scattering (MALS) – Malvern’s detector range is unsurpassed. Furthermore, it allows the company to offer users an unbiased choice of technology for every GPC/SEC challenge.

    Find out how multi-detection GPC/SEC can improve the quality and depth of your analysis by downloading the new Viscotek brochure at
    (Malvern Instruments Ltd)
    16.06.2014   Call for Papers for FILTECH 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news With the FILTECH Show taking place from 24.-26. February 2015 the City of Cologne in Germany will turn into the top-meeting-place for all those involved with filtration and separation and adjacent sectors. With 350 exhibitors the world’s largest filtration Show will take place for the first time at the new venue KoelnMesse. The FILTECH Congress with more than 200 presentations will offer a representative cross section of current research findings, global developments, and new approaches. Special highlights are a plenary and six survey lectures in which internationally renowned experts give a comprehensive overview of state of the art knowledge and techniques concerning important aspects of separation technology. Abstracts can be submitted until July 4, 2014. Details for abstract submission and stand booking are available at
    (Filtech Exhibitions Germany)
    16.06.2014   X-Rite Demonstrates Effective Solutions for Colour Management of Papermaking at ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Zellcheming-Expo 2014 in Frankfurt

    Picture: ERX50 non-contact spectrophotometer

    X-Rite to show powerful solutions for companies in the pulp, paper and board industries that want to manage continuous manufacturing processes with high colour accuracy.

    X-Rite Europe GmbH will demonstrate powerful solutions for the measurement and management of colour for the pulp, paper and board industries at the Zellcheming-Expo 2014 show to be held 24-26 June in Frankfurt, Germany.

    X-Rite representatives at stand 11.0-C81 of the exhibition grounds at Frankfurt a. M. will demonstrate hardware and software solutions that include the ERX50 non-contact spectrophotometer for continuous in-line measurement and the ESWin software series that manages colour quality control and closed-loop colour control for continuous paper making processes.

    The ERX30 is the first 45 °: 0 ° spectrophotometer that has an adjustable UV component for accurate measurement of basis white and fluorescent whitening agents. With a wide range of measurement from 330 nm to 730 nm and an excellent spectral resolution of 1 nm, the ERX30 is perfectly suited to handle critical colours and sophisticated applications in papermaking.

    X-Rite will also show the ESWin series of quality control software that manages colour quality on continuous process manufacturing lines. Modules of the ESWin software family can control continuous colour measurement devices, display results and run automatic in-line closed loop colour control on papermaking machinery.
    (X-Rite Europe GmbH)
    13.06.2014   CITO CREASY and CITO LaserInspector: Don't guess it – measure it!    ( Company news )

    Company news CITO-SYSTEM GmbH has opened up a new business area: the ProcessLine product group now offers a range of compact measuring devices for printers, folding box manufacturers, corrugated card converters and diemakers. This measuring technology has been developed in close collaboration with the respective users. The idea behind it is to make quality checks accessible to the production process as far as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary scrap and a waste of valuable working time. These devices are of robust construction and enable the user to make a rapid decision on whether adjustments are required.
    For printers, the DenCITOmeter is a great alternative for measuring colour intensity because this cost-effective device was specially developed for use on the printing press. Its strength lies in its ease of use and its fast results. For the packaging sector, the CITO BREYE is available – a device for rapidly measuring the quality parameters of Braille embossing on folding boxes. CITO CORRCHECK is a device which is important for corrugated board converters for checking the creasing and scoring on corrugated board, but above all for monitoring the so-called washboard effect which can occur on printed corrugated liners. CITO CORRCHECK also enables quality checks to be carried out on the open flute, so that conclusions can be drawn about the state of the corrugator and preventative maintenance can then be carried out if needed, prior to quality defects even occurring.
    In a similar way, the CITO CREASY can be put to good use in the packaging sector. It measures the quality of the creasing through accurate optical comparison of the creasing profile. This provides clear tolerance data in production and a uniform creasing quality throughout the entire production cycle. CITO CREASY is of course also a great help for diemakers. The same instrument can be used to accurately measure the creasing channels in all creasing systems including Pertinax matrices and counterplates. The software was specially design by CITO and is capable of determining statistical data on the degree of wear on the milling tools. Another advantage is that a quality report can be printed out at any time for the customer. It is always ideal when the same measuring techniques can be used on both sides of the supply chain and when clear quality agreements exist between both business partners. But this can only happen if quality parameters are measured so that results and tolerances can be determined, leaving no room for doubt.
    The CITO CREASY project is all about giving the same amount of security to producers and die users alike. Our industry can now banish to the past “good” or “bad” assessments which are not based on clear data or parameters. Standards which have long been in place in other industries are now certain to be adopted by packaging producers. The technical options are now available and this means we can talk of common measuring values in future. Even in today’s production process for diemaking, there are still quality checks which are definitely not in line with modern technology. It starts with the laser system, as this is where the cutting quality is measured manually with a thickness gauge. The value which is drawn from this is “good in my opinion”, or “bad in my opinion”. It logically follows that the assessment of the cutting quality is heavily dependent on the level of experience held by the laser operator. The consequence of a potentially incorrect decision at this early stage of production is usually only detected when the rules are positioned. If there are errors in the slot width, then all the work up to that stage is scrap, and this equates to an enormous waste of work resources and material.
    The CITO LaserInspector scans the cut slot with a sensor and measures the overall geometry of the cut. Order-specific parameters can be specified in the software. Three quality settings are given per cut and the device can detect independently if it is a 2pt, 3pt or 4pt perspective. The laser operator receives a response immediately: Green indicates that the cut is OK, or Red means it must be adjusted. CITO LaserInspector was developed on the basis of practical experience for use in practical situations. The measuring process only takes a matter of seconds and does not affect production in any way. All these measuring devices have originated from the research and development work at CITO where “Don’t guess it – measure it!” is a long-standing principle.
    13.06.2014   FINAT Announces Winners of First Recycling Awards Competition     ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Waste Containers in stock

    Hagmaier Etiketten and Unilever recycling efforts honoured at congress

    FINAT, the international association for the (self-adhesive) labelling industry, announced the winners of the first FINAT Recycling Awards Competition during its annual congress in Monaco.

    Converter Category Winner
    In the converter category, the winner Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck GmbH impressed the jury with the high recycling rates for both paper and film liner, the communication efforts made both inside and outside of the company, and with the solutions offered for other secondary materials. Finally, by offering customers take back of spent liner, the company not only demonstrates responsibility for its own secondary materials, but helps others as well.

    End-user Category Winner
    The end-user category saw a number of impressive entries, but in the end Unilever edged out the others based on the company’s clear dedication to a zero waste to landfill policy. Not only is this clearly communicated on the company’s website and in its sustainability report, but it is also being reflected in Unilever’s long history in liner recycling and its impressive liner recycling figures.

    Jury honours recycling efforts
    FINAT established a jury of international experts that was chaired by Jacques van Leeuwen, former FINAT recycling consultant and industry veteran.

    "With the growing number of recycling solutions available today, we decided that the time was right to launch a FINAT Recycling Award," said Jacques Van Leeuwen. "This award brings recognition to the recycling efforts made by these companies and helps to promote the best practices in liner recycling."

    The jury was delighted by both the quality and the quantity of the entries, especially for the first edition of the competition. The 11 entries reflected a total of well over 1000 tonnes of recycled film and paper liner, as well as a significant amount of recycled matrix and other secondary material. This clearly demonstrates that the industry is stepping up to the challenge to recover these valuable materials.

    "While our own efforts to promote recycling are valuable," said Mark Macaré, Recycling Project Manager at FINAT, "nothing speaks louder than the experience of companies which actually have their release liner recycled."
    13.06.2014   Mimaki Sets New Trade Show Standards at FESPA Digital 2014    ( Company news )

    Company news Education, awards, new ideas and heavy traffic marked return to positive business environment for sign & display graphics Business

    Mimaki, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets, today reported that FESPA Digital 2014 marked one of its most successful trade shows ever. Held in Munich, Germany, 20-23 May, the show delivered significant results for Mimaki and for the industry as a whole.
    “We had high expectations for FESPA Digital 2014, and the show did not disappoint,” said Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA for Mimaki Europe. “As a platinum sponsor of the show, Mimaki is perhaps a bit biased, but I believe most exhibitors and attendees will agree when I say that FESPA Digital 2014 simply radiated with the enthusiasm that visitors brought with them to Munich. We certainly felt it in the Mimaki stand!”

    Awards and More Awards
    Mimaki Europe was pleased to sponsor and present the Young Designer Award to Eleni Bourazanis at the show. Contestants were able to enter their portfolios for a chance to gain recognition for their talents and to win a six-month internship at Mimaki Europe. They were judged on their creativity, business outlook and eagerness to have the internship opportunity. Bourazanis said, “Fashion is my passion, and I have been focused on screen printing in the past. But I’ve been blown away by the possibilities presented by digital printing. What better company than Mimaki Europe as a stage for me to explore these possibilities further. In the end, I just want to design, having access to the outstanding tools Mimaki provides will give me new ways to explore my passion while adding value to the Mimaki team.”

    Horsten added, “Eleni has the creative mindset to thrive well at Mimaki Europe. We are excited to have this talented trainee to strengthen our team. She’ll fit right in with our culture of Let's create... together.”

    And the awards didn’t stop there. Mimaki was honored with two European Digital Press Association (EDP) Awards. The Mimaki JFX200-2513 wide format printer with LED curing was selected from a crowded field of submissions for Best Flatbed/Hybrid Printer up to €200K, and Mimaki’s KEBAB option for 360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products was named Best Multi-Purpose Object Printer. The awards were accepted by Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing for Mimaki EMEA at a special awards ceremony held during the show.

    Creative Exchange of Ideas Highlighted Event
    FESPA launched educational hubs at the show, offering a blend of presentations, debates, networking and demonstrations. “We were pleased to be the sponsor of The Digital Hub,” Horsten said. “We believe that educational opportunities - both for us and for attendees - are a critical aspect of any trade event. I had the opportunity to speak there several times during the show, and it was an extremely rewarding experience. The exchange of ideas that occurred both there and during the live streaming of our press conference inspired us and provided invaluable food for thought for our future developments. It was great to talk about the industry with the industry, including peers, visitors, press and analysts.”

    New Products, New Opportunities
    Mimaki was also thrilled with the response from attendees to three new products demonstrated at FESPA Digital 2014.
    - The JFX200-2513, a compact UV printer that can easily fit into facilities of almost any size and an affordable price to match. Its variable dot function ensures less granular and higher quality prints by jetting three ink dot sizes at once, and it features white ink for brilliant images, compelling backlits, and other items printed on transparent materials. It includes two different ink types that support a wide range of materials and applications:

    o LH-100, a hard UV cure ink with high rub and chemical resistance with excellent color fidelity;

    o LUS-150, a affordable UV cure ink with suppleness that extends to 150%.

    - The Tx500-1800DS direct sublimation printer is ideal for flags, sign, display, textile and soft signage segments. It features a new Sb300 ink that is more affordable than conventional ink, as well as increased print speed for polyester fabrics.
    - The JV300-130/160 is a solvent inkjet wide format printer family. These printers are extremely flexible as they can be used for both solvent and water-based sublimation printing. This makes return on investment and the profitable development of new applications faster and easier than ever before for sign and display graphics businesses of all sizes. They are suitable for a wide range of applications including outdoor signage, posters, interior decorating and vehicle wrapping and reeled in many visitors to the stand.

    Mimaki experts also stayed busy during the show, speaking with visitors about their goals and objectives and helping them match those needs to the most appropriate Mimaki Europe solutions.

    “Throughout the show,” Horsten concluded, “we felt nothing but positive vibes, both in terms of visitor circulation at our stand and at the party we hosted during FESPA Digital 2014 to celebrate 10 years of Mimaki Europe. We secured great new sales leads and were re-energized by the level of enthusiasm expressed by everyone that was there. We are looking forward to next year’s FESPA 2015 and are already planning on how to beat the benchmark we set this year!”
    (Mimaki Europe B.V.)
    13.06.2014   Leading prepress firm Marvaco remains at the forefront of technology with Esko    ( Company news )

    Company news Award-winning high quality flexo print and best-in-class customer service now also recognized with FTA Best-of-Show as well as gold and bronze Awards

    Long-time Esko customer Marvaco continues to broaden its relationship with Esko which goes back to the early 90's. Working with Esko's solutions, including six CDI's with HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo technology as well as a range of prepress and workflow software, Marvaco is building offerings that ensure the highest possible print quality for brand owners and printers across the entire packaging supply chain.
    “As one of the leading prepress suppliers in the Finnish market, we work closely with brand owners and printers to continually achieve higher quality and greater efficiency,” says Kai Lankinen, Managing Director of Marvaco. “Esko is a business critical partner in enabling our market-leading performance.”

    Quality and efficiency gains
    Marvaco is one of the leading prepress companies in the Nordic Region, with over 70 employees and annual turnover of €8.5 million in 2013. Its relationship with Esko began when the company installed the first ArtPro software in Finland in 1995. Over the years, Marvaco continued its innovation path and has today six Esko CDI's and four sites in Finland and Sweden. The most recent addition is the CDI 5080 with Inline UV-2, which facilitated its achievement of the Esko Full HD Certification, next to the partner Certification for their work with RKW Finland. In total, Marvaco's qualifications has enabled it to certify 18 packaging printers as Esko HD Flexo Certified partners.

    “Esko HD Flexo is thé standard in the market, brand owners and customers simply request it,” says Lankinen. “The ability to offer Esko Full HD Flexo elevates quality and efficiency in both flexible and corrugated packaging. Brand owners and printers have been saying thank you for the superior quality it enables. That is significant, and it helps our brand owner and printer customers win market share.”

    Improved communication across all supply chain participants
    Marvaco also works with a raft of Esko software solutions, including ArtPro, Studio, DeskPack, PackEdge, Automation Engine and FlexRip. “These Esko solutions enable us to be as efficient as possible, supplying the best services to our customers,” says Lankinen. The newest addition to Marvaco’s software portfolio is Esko WebCenter. “WebCenter is an outstanding customer portal that keeps all of the prepress and project data in one place, offering improved communications across the supply chain as well as improved workflow management,” adds Lankinen. “Today, an increasing number of participants in the packaging supply chain are collaborating amongst each other, and this near-real-time capability makes that collaboration much more valuable. We are also finding that WebCenter speeds time to market by improving the control of approval cycles.”
    Award-winning innovation

    It is this kind of innovation that helps maintain long-term relationships, explains Lankinen. “WebCenter is not something customers are asking for yet,” he says. “They are used to the traditional way of working, and many have their own internal systems for approval; but typically these are not as efficient. Like HD Flexo, we believe that soon brand owners will also be specifying web collaboration tools like WebCenter.”

    With its innovation and commitment to quality, and its long-term partnership with Esko and other key partners like RKW Finland, Marvaco and its customers are no strangers to various industry awards, having achieved 29 international awards and recognitions since 2002. Its latest industry accolades include two gold awards at the recent EFIA Print Awards 2014, and a gold and bronze awards at the prestigious FTA 2014 Excellency in Flexography Awards where Marvaco together with RKW Finland additionally also received the Best-of-Show award.

    Long term market leader
    “We constantly strive to maintain our market leadership position and give our customers an edge. We have been the first in Finland to leverage a wide range of pioneering technologies that result in significant improvements to print quality and competitive advantage by making production more efficient and expanding the color gamut,” concludes Lankinen. “We have partnered with Esko for a long time. Their solutions have been a key enabler to our ability to develop solutions that increase our market differentiation. And we are already planning our next investment to help us maintain this leading position in Scandinavia and further increase our market share in the coming years.”
    (EskoArtwork Belgium)
    13.06.2014   Holographic footballs decorate World Cup champagne    ( Company news )

    Company news The Taittinger champagne house is supplying the official champagne for this year’s football World Cup. The company has developed a limited edition Brut Réserve NV and a gift carton especially for the competition.
    The gift carton is a version of the packaging that won Carton of the Year award in 2012 at the Europe-wide packaging awards. The winning carton was decorated with round holographic effects representing champagne bubbles. In the new World Cup version these bubbles have been transformed into beautiful holographic footballs.
    The World Cup gift carton is made of Iggesund Paperboard’s Incada 235 g/m2 paperboard and the conversion is by Le Sanglier, which specialises in gift cartons for champagne. The foil lamination is by API. Even the bottle is specially produced for the event, with the World Cup trophy depicted on a gold label.
    Taittinger is one of only a few champagne producers still being run by the family whose name is on the label. Their champagnes are characterised by a dominant note of chardonnay, which contributes to the elegance and sophistication.
    “It’s a momentous occasion for us to be associated with such a major event as the football World Cup,” explains Clovis Taittinger, who is the company’s export director. “We’ve used the latest in both printing technology and 3D printing to create both the unique bottle and the carton.”
    Taittinger will host events together with its 150 global distributors in the lead-up to the World Cup. And when the final is played at Maracanã Stadium on 13 July, Pierre Emanuel Taittinger, the president of Taittinger, will be present to ensure that when the victors are crowned the bubbles really flow.
    (Iggesund Paperboard AB)
    13.06.2014   Successful partnership: Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd. and Voith    ( Company news )

    Company news After the installation of NipcoFlex T shoe presses in two tissue lines supplied by Voith, Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper Co., Ltd. is completely satisfied with the performance of the two systems: “The shoe presses bring outstanding results”, says QiFeng Wang, Vice General Manager at Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper. “We obtain a dry content after the press that is 5% higher than with conventional technologies. Thus we save 20% of thermal energy in the dryer section.”
    In 2012, Voith delivered two identical lines for the production of tissue paper in a basis weight range of 12–30 g/m² to Luohe Yinge Tissue Paper to China. The lines include the entire stock preparation, the wet end process and the tissue machines, from the headbox to the reel.
    The tissue manufacturer is very satisfied with its investment, as ShiJin Zhang, General Manager at Yinge Tissue Paper, confirms: “We can consolidate and expand our position in the Chinese market with the new machines. We are now in a position to meet the increasing requirements of our customers regarding quality and quantity and have thus achieved our aim.”
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    13.06.2014   RosUpack 2014: Mondi Containerboard presents white-top kraftliner grades with excellent ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... appearance and printability

    At this year’s RosUpack in Moscow, from 17 to 20 June, Mondi Containerboard will be showcasing ProVantage Komipak and ProVantage Komiwhite, two paper grades from its Appearance portfolio. Visitors to the international packaging exhibition are invited to join the live presentations, which will take place on the Mondi booth, A127 in hall 1, every day at 11 am and 3 pm.
    Florian Stockert, Sales & Marketing Director Containerboard at Mondi Europe & International, says: “Russia is an important market for us, and with our production site located in Syktyvkar we can offer rapid delivery and flexible lead times for ProVantage Komiwhite and Komipak throughout the country. We invite visitors to join our daily keynote presentations, during which our technical experts will be highlighting ProVantage Komiwhite’s outstanding qualities.”
    ProVantage Komiwhite offers premium printing properties, strength and versatility for packing eye-catching goods. The white-top kraftliner is ideal for use in promotional corrugated packaging, point-of-sale applications, food and beverage packaging as well as industrial packaging, including for consumer durables and furniture. ProVantage Komipak, in turn, is perfectly suitable for use as a liquid packaging board. Both paper grades are made of 100% virgin fibre and produced locally at Mondi’s paper mill in Syktyvkar, Russia.
    ProVantage Komiwhite will be exhibited in weights of 105, 115, 125, 135 and 175 gsm, while ProVantage Komipak will be displayed in the 290 and 320 gsm options.
    (Mondi Europe & International Division)
    13.06.2014   Valmet's iRoll technology improves paper quality and machine runnability    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet's iRoll product family is a complete set of tools for controlling paper tension and nip profiles. iRolls are now available for all main processes and positions in pulp, paper, board and tissue machines with the latest Valmet roll covers.
    Thanks to good market feedback, Valmet is now expanding its iRoll manufacturing capability. By the end of June 2014, iRoll manufacturing will expand to cover Finland, France, the United States, Thailand and China. Valmet has also developed local field service competencies through an iRoll academy training program.
    "After installing an iRoll, our customers have thanked us for 50% fewer wet end breaks per day, improved runnability, 100% longer grinding intervals and a 40% improvement in the coat weight 2-sigma value, just to name a few of the results iRoll has achieved," says Samppa Ahmaniemi, director of Roll Covers at Valmet.

    Accurate online measurements
    The main benefit of the iRoll technology is its accurate online profile measurement and process control opportunity in press, sizer, coater, reel and winder applications. Valmet's iRoll is the fastest and most sensitive online profile measurement tool in the industry.
    In addition to nip load profile, iRoll also measures applicator rod load profile (sizer) and parent roll hardness profile (reel), as well as paper, board or tissue tension profiles in selected positions. iRoll can even be connected to the machine automation system for closed loop process control.
    iRoll Portable is a quick, cost-effective process analysis and tuning tool that is based on dynamic nip profile or paper/fabric tension profile measurements. iRoll Portable provides rapid results as Valmet's experts can carry out an iRoll Portable analysis during shutdowns.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    13.06.2014   Heidelberg initiates next stage of Group's reorganization – target EBITDA margin of no less than ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...8 percent to be achieved by financial year

    -Target result for financial year 2013/2014 achieved with net profit of € 4 million
    -Strategic reorientation supported by new anchor investor
    -Acquisitions in growth areas - digital, services and consumables
    -New business models for product areas with weak margins
    -Further consolidation of site structure
    -Outlook: Further earnings improvements planned in financial year 2014/2015 - target EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent in financial year 2015/2016

    Picture: Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach

    Following five years of losses, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg)has achieved its key goal of making an annual profit. The net profit for financial year 2013/2014 (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014) was € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million). The next step is to secure the Group's sustained profitability in the years ahead by expanding growth segments, implementing portfolio measures and introducing structural cost projects. The aim is to achieve an EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent by financial year 2015/2016.
    "In returning to profitability, we have reached a first important milestone," said Heidelberg CEO Gerold Linzbach. "We are now starting the next stage of the Group's reorganization so as to achieve a sustained increase in corporate value. This involves making acquisitions in growth segments, scaling down areas of business with weak margins, and cutting structural costs in order to further improve profitability," he added.

    Strategic reorientation supported by new anchor investor
    Heidelberg is further developing its digital portfolio with the planned complete takeover of the Gallus Holding AG. In fall this year, Heidelberg and Gallus will be unveiling a new digital printing system for the label market based on Fujifilm technology. Ferdinand Rüesch will also become a new strategic anchor investor of the company by acquiring around 9 percent of Heidelberg shares in return for the Gallus stake. At the same time, Heidelberg is strengthening its capital structure, which will support the company's strategic reorientation.
    "Our aim in acquiring Gallus is to achieve fast and profitable growth in the digital label sector. What's more, a strategic investor with experience in this sector will ensure the stability of both the shareholder and capital structures," said Linzbach.

    Acquisitions in growth areas - digital, services and consumables
    Heidelberg sees particularly good opportunities for growth in the expansion of its activities involving services and consumables, which benefit from strong margins. Following the successful takeover of a coating manufacturer, discussions on a further acquisition are currently under way.
    As part of the collaboration with Fujfilm, an OEM agreement to supply platesetters (CtP) has also been concluded. Fujifilm will market Heidelberg platesetters under its own name in future, while Heidelberg has taken over some European sales activities for Fujifilm printing plates.
    As regards services, the marketing of new service products has gotten off to a successful start. The portfolio now also includes consulting, which extends beyond simply providing technical services and is intended to achieve a concrete, measurable improvement in customer results.

    New business models for product segments with weak margins
    The portfolio analysis conducted last year showed that the only way to achieve economic success in some product areas is to switch to new business models. Over the next six months, the company is therefore planning to take decisions on discontinuing some operations or radically altering the vertical range of manufacture, in some cases with the involvement of partners.

    Further consolidation of site structure
    Ongoing projects to boost efficiency have already led to a streamlining of structures at the Group's key sites in Heidelberg and Wiesloch/Walldorf. By the end of financial year 2014/2015, there are plans to integrate the administrative headquarters into the Wiesloch/Walldorf production site. This will involve the relocation of the Management Board and some 500 employees. This step will further improve the harnessing of synergies between the two sites and lead to annual savings in operating costs in the low single-digit million euro range. It will also create the world's largest demonstration print shop for both packaging and commercial printing, where customers will get a live insight into the interplay of printing technology, future-focused service concepts and consumables.
    "The Heidelberg corporate culture is entering a new era. The key focus when taking decisions will be on both our customers' results and our own. We are bringing key functions and operational areas into closer proximity and are gearing our activities more toward the market and our customers. This will make Heidelberg leaner and more profitable. The measures we are planning in the current financial year will lay the foundation for achieving an EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent by financial year 2015/2016," concluded Linzbach.

    Target result for financial year 2013/2014 achieved with net profit of € 4 million
    Although factors such as exchange rate movements resulted in a decline in Group sales from the previous year's figure of € 2.735 billion to € 2.434 billion (€ 2.536 billion after adjustment for exchange rate movements) in reporting year 2013/2014, all result-related KPIs were far better than in the previous financial year. For example, EBITDA excluding special items rose to € 143 million in the financial year just closed (previous year: € 80 million). This led to an improvement in the EBITDA margin from about 3 percent to approx. 6 percent. Within twelve months, the result of operating activities (EBIT) excluding special items climbed from € -3 million in the previous year to € 72 million. Special items in the reporting period amounted to € -10 million (previous year: € -65 million) and the financial result was € -60 million (previous year: € -59 million). This led to a net profit for the year of € 4 million (previous year: € -117 million).

    Positive cash flow and free cash flow - further reduction in net debt, with leverage < 2
    The cash flow and free cash flow were both positive in the reporting year. Reducing the company's capital commitment has compensated for payments for the Focus efficiency program totaling some € 95 million and enabled a positive free cash flow of € 22 million to be achieved (previous year: € -18 million). This reduced the net debt at the end of the financial year to € 238 million (previous year: € 261 million).
    "Not only have we achieved all our results targets, but our asset and net working capital management program has also brought further successes in terms of cash flow and free cash flow and thus reducing our net debt," said Heidelberg CFO Dirk Kaliebe. "At the end of the financial year, we thus achieved our goal of reducing the leverage (net financial debt divided by EBITDA) to less than two for the first time in many years," he added.
    During the reporting year, the company's financing structure was further optimized and appropriately diversified - with regard to both financing sources and maturity profile. Heidelberg currently has total credit facilities of about € 790 million at its disposal until financial year 2017/2018.
    "Our stable financing framework and the stronger capital structure due to the new anchor investor give us the freedom to carry out our planned strategic measures promptly," stressed Kaliebe.

    Outlook: Plans to improve result in financial year 2014/2015 - target EBITDA margin of no less than 8 percent in financial year 2015/2016
    Heidelberg is expecting to match the sales achieved in the reporting year in the current financial year 2014/2015. As in the previous year, sales are once again expected to be higher in the second half of the financial year than in the first.
    Having succeeded, as forecast, in achieving a positive annual result in reporting year 2013/2014, the declared goal for financial year 2014/2015 is to further improve the company's profitability in order to get closer to the medium-term objective of an operating margin of no less than 8 percent in terms of EBITDA and improve the result after taxes in spite of the higher level of interest expense for financial liabilities. The extent of the improvement in the current financial year 2014/2015 will essentially depend on the realizability and timing of the portfolio optimization measures that represent the strategic focus from this year onward. Provided the initiatives to improve the margin and optimize the portfolio are successfully implemented in the current financial year, the company expects to be able to achieve a margin of no less than 8 percent EBITDA on sales by financial year 2015/2016. The planned earnings improvements, combined with the measures to reduce or efficiently use the tied-up capital, should strengthen the capital structure and keep the net financial debt at a low level. This will create the conditions required to optimize the financial result as targeted.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    13.06.2014   GIG Karasek: New Chief Operating Officer    ( Company news )

    Interview with Friedrich Schweighofer (photo)

    “Setting a clear course for higher productivity, quality, efficiency and growth.”

    After 18 years of working abroad in countries such as Indonesia, Scotland, China and North America, Friedrich Schweighofer, 57, has taken over the COO agendas of GIG Karasek.
    Since May 2014, Friedrich Schweighofer (COO) has been managing the production department of GIG Karasek GmbH, bringing along a fresh wind, new ideas and clear structures which he had successfully implemented during his stays abroad.
    Besides the two major workshops in Gloggnitz-Stuppach and Attnang-Puchheim he will also take care of the further integration and expansion of the foreign production site.
    The strategic goals are clearly defined: contributing ideas and their implementation, securing locations and using and further developing the competitive potential so as to make the company fit for future challenges.

    1. How can GIG Karasek live up to its ambitious commitment to provide premium quality products and services?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Through clear structures and by scrutinizing each individual work process. It is also important to act on the ideas of every single employee, implementing them and integrating them into the work process routine.

    2. As an Austrian SME, GIG Karasek competes with multinational enterprises. What is the point of being successful on the global market?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: During my career abroad, I have learned that the others put their pants on like everybody else, one leg at a time. It is important to communicate with customers on the same level, analyzing their problems, discussing them and implementing custom solutions that meet all quality requirements. Here again, mutual trust is the basis for success.

    3. Are you satisfied with the three production sites and their image? What factors do you like most? Or do you have any ideas for improvement?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Image may be defined as an overall impression of a company, and what I have seen so far has confirmed my satisfaction. The commitment of each staff member is the main ingredient for a company to flourish. A good image creates a solid base, but only continual improvements lead the company as a whole to success.

    4. Are there specific guidelines or entrepreneurial values that motivate you?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Ensuring sustainable economic success. Creating value in the interest of our customers and our staff members. Assuming responsibilities in society.

    5. What are the objectives you have planned for this year?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: The focus will lie on budget compliance, safety-related aspects for our staff, quality management, cost and process optimization, and on timely delivery.

    6. Which sentence do you hate most?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: “This won´t work” and “Let’s do it tomorrow … ” – My motto: “Everything is possible”

    7. What makes you laugh?
    Friedrich Schweighofer: Popular answers to many questions in life.
    (GIG Karasek GmbH)
    GIG Karasek Imagefilm

    12.06.2014   The 34th FINAT Label Awards Continue to Excel     ( Company news )

    Company news Outstanding performance in design and technology

    FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive labelling industry, announced the winners of its 34th label awards competition at the award ceremony of its annual FINAT congress in Monaco. There were 241 awards entries representing 49 companies from 25 countries, including two newcomers this year, Ile de la Reunion and Latvia. The quality of the entries has been maintained at a high level once again.

    Chairman of the judging panel was industry expert Mike Fairley (UK), standing in for Tony White, who was unable to assist due to health issues. He was joined by the judging panel regulars Murat Sipahioglu (Turkey), Steve Wood (UK) and Rik Olthof (Cartils, The Netherlands). This year they received additional support from Bill Bruce (editor and Bernard Plat, past president of the French label association UNFEA.

    The judging experience
    "To work and talk with the other experts provided a valuable opportunity to gain insights about the label industry and the people involved”, said Mike Fairley. "It's always challenging to determine which label is better than another, and why, but seeing some of the best labels that have been produced gives a valuable overview of just what can be achieved by those printers at the top of their game. To see and understand the amount of work, skill and effort that goes into producing a label with up to 12 print and process stages is quite stimulating. Having said that, a label in just two or three colours or processes can have just as dynamic an impact," he concluded.

    Best Show and Group Winners

    The Best in Show and Printing Processes Group winner awards went to Multi Labels, United Kingdom for “The Irishman Single Malt” label. This label received consistently high marks from the technical and design judges. At first glance this label looks simple to produce but the facts tell another story. The generous use of delicate gold hot foiling especially in the signature and reversed out areas is worthy of note. The fact that 10 colours were used to achieve the finished result along with embossing and varnishing in a single pass is testament to the degree of control required to produce this label to such a high standard. A combination of the best attributes of the flexo and screen processes have produced the result which merits the Best in Show.

    The Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner is Collotype Labels – Griffith, Australia for De Bortoli Wines – La Bohème. This is a very attractive label with an opera theme. The complexity of the flowers surrounding the central figure adds an extra depth to the finished result. The use of a subtle buff colour surround encapsulates the main figure very well. The six colours were printed using offset lithography and finished off with a satin varnish.

    The Non-Adhesive Group was won by Masterpress S.A., Poland, for Heineken The Future – Limited Edition. This sleeve has immediate eye appeal with stars in abundance! The use of silver foiling makes the label stand out on the bottle. Using 9 colours, UV and solvent flexo and gravure makes this a complex label to print.

    The Innovation Group winner was won by the Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany for Pharma-Tac Plus label. As usual the entries in this category are fairly complicated, this one is no exception. Basically it combines an information booklet integrated with two peel off parts for documentation purposes and a strong hanger allowing the bottle to be suspended on a rack. Using 9 colours and a combination of printing processes this label offers a solution to an ongoing medical issue of providing information along with the infusion.
    12.06.2014   OnV FeltView for press felt measurements offers energy savings, maximum productivity and safety    ( Company news )

    Company news The OnV FeltView system developed by Voith enables accurate, continuous and especially safe real-time measurement of press felt moisture and permeability. The OnV FeltView system supports paper manufacturers with both routine operation and troubleshooting, as it makes profile and trend information constantly available.
    OnV FeltView consists of a cross-beam and a carriage fitted with sensors for measuring moisture and permeability. This means that sporadic manual measurements by operating personnel are no longer necessary. The system offers the paper manufacturer significant benefits in respect of cross-profile problems and daily operation of the plant: On the one hand, profile problems can now be identified in the measurement profile at an early stage, allowing appropriate remedial action to be taken. On the other hand, the manufacturer is now able to tailor the felt conditioning process to the actual measured condition of the felt. As a result, the felt can always be operated so as to optimize runability and dewatering, all without risking the health of operating personnel.
    The innovative OnV FeltView technology is already being used successfully by nine tissue manufacturers. The condition of the press felt in tissue production is crucial to the runability of the entire plant as well as for gas and steam consumption. If the felt is in an optimum condition, massive energy savings and maximum productivity levels are possible. With OnV FeltView and a wide range of extra services Voith is helping paper manufacturers to achieve these goals. The OnView information system, which integrates the data from OnV FeltView, facilitates a highly efficient analysis of historical and current felt data.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    12.06.2014   Heidelberg Info Days – new high-performance large-format presses unveiled for packaging printing    ( Company news )

    Company news -World premiere - Speedmaster XL 145 at 18,000 sph and Speedmaster XL 162 at 16,500 sph for top productivity in large-volume printing
    -Minimal makeready times enable optimum cost-effectiveness even for short runs
    -Elaborate surface finishing with the longest drying section on the market
    -Over 100 large-format presses already sold worldwide

    Over 250 customers and folding carton experts from around the world saw a world premiere at the Heidelberg Info Days, which focused on peak performance in packaging printing. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) unveiled the Speedmaster XL 145 with a top speed of 18,000 sph and the Speedmaster XL 162 with up to 16,500 sph at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site. The target groups for these straight-printing presses are large, international packaging manufacturers that require maximum productivity with minimal waste for their large-volume printing.

    Heidelberg also covers two other business models with its large format - just-in-time production with short runs and customers looking to set their products apart through elaborate surface finishing.

    The offering is rounded off with an end-to-end workflow covering prepress, press, and postpress, complete with services, consumables, and consulting. For the first time, the Speedmaster XL 145 was shown at the Info Days working alongside the new Dymatrix XL 145 CSB high-performance die cutter. With the new Dyset XL optical feed system, the die cutter provides feed register accuracy and stable sheet travel at maximum speeds. It delivers shorter makeready times and reduced paper waste by preventing misaligned sheets.
    Customers are impressed by the all-round solutions and wide-ranging know-how of Heidelberg in packaging printing. Over 100 large-format presses in formats 6 and 7 have now been sold worldwide since the start of series production in 2009. Some 70 percent are used for packaging printing and are to be found at almost every leading print shop in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. A number of these print shops have already placed multiple repeat orders after seeing their initial investment exceed expectations in terms of availability, capacity, and print quality. The assembly line in Hall 11 at Wiesloch-Walldorf is running at full capacity till the end of financial year 2014/15 and is recording the highest volume of orders since the start of series production.

    Large-volume printing - top net productivity at up to 18,000 sph
    The new "Packaging Speed Performance" (PSP) speed classes at 18,000/16,500 sph are aimed at large, international packaging printers. These companies are active in large-volume printing primarily for packaging in the food and non-food sectors. The overall equipment efficiency (OEE) rating, which is made up of makeready time, makeready waste, average net production speed, and level of utilization, is crucial for this business model. Calculations have shown that a Speedmaster XL 145 with Packaging Speed Performance working three shifts for six days a week produces twice as many sheets as a packaging press built in 2007 at a speed of 15,000 sph. The Speedmaster XL 145 with Packaging Speed Performance can produce 70 million sheets or more each year.
    This is made possible by the sturdy, robust press design, ensuring smooth running. New and unique features in the PSP presses include a high-speed suction head, optimized sheet travel, and a new chain guide in the delivery, coupled with new gripper bars and components such as the high-performance dryers. The delivery's modular structure supports drying sections that are perfectly coordinated with the relevant applications. The Speedmaster XL 145 PSP and XL 162 PSP feature the longest drying sections on the market. They are equipped with seven slide-in units to ensure smooth production and complete drying at maximum speed. What's more, the high energy efficiency results in lower energy costs per sheet for customers.
    The Prinect Inpress Control spectrophotometric inline measuring system is a major aid for operators at these high speeds. It controls and monitors color and register accuracy on the fly and thus ensures stable and reliable production.
    In high-volume packaging printing, customers expect absolute reliability in production and maximum machine availability. Heidelberg offers comprehensive service packages that, in addition to the usual maintenance work, also contain proactive components. Its portfolio also includes plates, inks, coatings, and all the consumables needed.

    Just-in-time production - minimal makeready times for short runs
    The trend in the printing industry and particularly in folding carton printing is moving toward larger formats and ever shorter runs. Examples from the consumer goods industry include products with different model variants, such as smartphones and displays used to promote products at the point of sale. Support is provided here by the Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162, which deliver optimum automation and process optimization. This includes parallel washing using individual drive technology, synchronized plate changing, and the Prinect Inpress Control spectrophotometric inline measuring system, which offers clear production advantages over other systems. All these components ensure minimal makeready times with far less paper waste. Feedback from customers talks of runs under 1,500 sheets and up to 40 print jobs a day with hardly any repeat jobs.

    Differentiation - elaborate surface finishing for high-quality products
    Premium packaging manufacturers where 80 percent of work is in UV printing have strict requirements for cost-efficient, green production. Large-format machines in particular enable more efficient production thanks to a higher number of repeats. Print quality is a top priority, with the high-performance inking and dampening system of the Speedmaster XL 145/XL 162 setting standards in color consistency and ensuring consistent print quality throughout the run. The strengths really come to the fore when working with print motifs susceptible to ghosting or streaks. Extremely high gloss levels can also be achieved at maximum speed thanks to the dual coating technology and the longest drying section on the market, which ensures complete drying/curing of inks and coatings. There are no limits to the surface finishes available, with the option of matt-gloss effects or combinations of different surface textures, such as metalized silver or gold substrates. Opaque white applications with maximum ink transfer for complete opacity deliver amazing results.
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    12.06.2014   Sulzer Launches Ready-fitted Mechanical Seals for AHLSTAR A, N and W Range Process Pumps    ( Company news )

    Company news With the recent acquisition of Tartek Oy, a specialist in development, manufacture, repair and maintenance of high quality mechanical seals, Sulzer has been able to further expand its technology portfolio and now provides in-house designed and manufactured seals for its process pumps.
    Now Sulzer can provide its first range of new developed TB1, TB1F and TB2 ready-fitted mechanical seals. They are designed mainly to be combined with the AHLSTAR A, N and W Range Process Pumps which are part of the Sulzer product portfolio. Those seals fit as well for different process pump types for the seal chamber of the standard gland packing casing cover and for the standard shaft without extra shaft sleeve. The seals have been designed so that any pressure variations or drop-outs of the pumped liquid do not open the seal faces. In order to ensure reliable operation, the ready-fitted seals are constructed as an organic part of certain centrifugal pump types without any extra components. They are mainly designed for industrial applications in the pulp and paper and general industries, but can also be used in the power generation and other markets.
    The simple and robust design enables fast and easy installation and maintenance. Therefore, the ready-fitted mechanical seals offers a more economical solution than cartridge mechanical seals.
    The new mechanical seals are a result of thorough product development and are tested in real working conditions to ensure reliable solutions. Sulzer’s worldwide sales and service network will introduce the new seals offering globally, both for new business and for the aftermarket.
    (Sulzer Pumps Ltd)
    12.06.2014   New additions to the Holmen XLNT-family    ( Company news )

    Company news Holmen Paper is now responding to the results of the market survey conducted by the company in 2013.
    “We are here to save money for our customers. With two new products in the Holmen XLNT family, the opportunities are even greater,” says Tommy Wiksand, head of product development.
    In Holmen Paper’s major market survey, European publishers and retail chains gave their views on the future of printing paper and what properties they want to see. And now the answers are in. The product family that, more than any other, has defined what is now a clear market trend – Holmen XLNT – is gaining an additional new grade.
    “Uncoated low grammage paper is a clear trend and this quality segment in magazine paper is capturing volumes from SC and LWC paper,” says Karolina Svensson, new sales and marketing director at Holmen Paper. “We are pleased to be leading developments in this area, as it makes production more efficient for our customers.”

    Tommy Wiksand comments:
    “One key message from our market survey was the demand for bulky paper with high brightness and gloss that provides good printability and readability. The new Holmen XLNT Elite, with a brightness of 76 and gloss of 25, creates new opportunities for anyone looking to produce magazines, supplements and direct mail.”

    The complementary product Holmen XLNT Light is also being launched at the same time. With its grammage of 38 grams, it is a distinct opportunity for those seeking to cut production costs. Being based on virgin fibre, the paper’s bulk allows it to replace 45 gram standard paper, which brings a ten per cent cost saving.
    In launching two new products, Holmen Paper is ramping up its already fast pace of innovation and development.
    “We are also seeing a clear trend here,” says Tommy Wiksand. “The products are ‘maturing’ more quickly in their life cycle and we’re seeing a need to shorten the time that products spend in development.”
    Giving customers feedback in the form of new product concepts has long been a success for Holmen Paper. Alongside Holmen XLNT, popular products such as Holmen VIEW and Holmen TRND have also been produced in response to market surveys.
    “We’re continuing the journey and in 2015 we’ll be presenting a whole new product concept. The printing paper market may be mature, but those who follow us will soon note that the pace of development is higher than ever,” concludes Tommy Wiksand.
    (Holmen Paper AB)
    12.06.2014   SCA: New wind farm inaugurated     ( Company news )

    Company news On June 4 the wind farm Mörttjärnberget was inaugurated in Northern Sweden. It is the second of totally six wind farms in SCA's major wind power venture in partnership with Norwegian energy company Statkraft.
    The 37 wind turbines on Mörttjärnberget is expected to deliver approximately 280 GWh (gigawatt-hours) per year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 56,000 homes and 140,000 apartments.
    Last fall, the Stamåsen windfarm was inaugurated with 26 wind turbines and another two wind farms are under construction - Björkhöjden, with 90 wind turbines and Ögonfägnaden, with 33 wind turbines.

    -Statkraft is responsible for funding while SCA grants land.
    -The wind turbines are 115 meters high and the rotor blades 55 meters long.
    -Investment decisions have been taken to build 186 wind turbines, which will produce 1.6 TWh annually. In total, the project includes 350 wind turbines that will produce 3 TWh.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)


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