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Buyers' Guide (producers' and converters' products) - Paper cups, hard paper cups, drinking cups

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Pakistan Lahore

Packages Ltd, Office and Operations Head Office and Works

Producers of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper and board

Straw pulps · Writing papers · Poster papers · Fluting · Testliner · Corrugating medium · Wrapping papers · MG papers, machine-glazed papers · Duplex board · Liner board · Grey board, chip board · Cardboard, solid board · Photocopy papers, copier papers, printer papers · Food packages, misc. · Paper cups, hard paper cups, drinking cups · Flexible packages, flexible packaging · Pharmaceutical packages · Corrugated board boxes · Shoe boxes · Toilet tissue papers · Paper plates, party plates · Facial tissues · Panty shields, panty liners · Tissue towels