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Household and sanitary paper goods

45.01.01 Sandwich paper rolls, sandwich paper bags
45.01.03 Coffee filters
45.01.04 Crêpe toilet paper
45.01.05 Kitchen rolls
45.01.07 Cupboard linings, book wrapping papers
45.01.08 Vacuum cleaner dust bags
45.01.09 Tissue toilet paper
45.01.10 Toilet paper, wet
45.02.01 Disposable dishes
45.02.03 Japan paper napkins
45.02.04 Paper napkins
45.02.05 Paper plates, party plates
45.02.06 Party assortments
45.02.08 Embossed napkins
45.02.09 Sets
45.02.10 Drip mats, coasters
45.02.11 Table cloth papers
45.02.12 Tissue napkins
45.02.13 Christmas plates
45.02.14 Napkins, misc.
45.02.15 Napkin bags
45.02.17 Table cloth of paper and non-wovens
45.03.02 Sanitary pads, tampons
45.03.03 Sanitary papers
45.03.04 Facial tissues
45.03.05 Tissue products for hospital needs
45.03.06 Panty shields, panty liners
45.03.07 Handkerchiefs
45.03.08 Diapers, nappies
45.03.09 Medical crêpe
45.03.13 Toilet seat covers
45.03.14 Protection sheets
45.03.15 Incontinence products
45.04.01 Tissues for all purposes
45.04.03 Paper towels, kitchen towels
45.04.04 Paper clothing
45.04.05 Dusters, cleaning cloths and papers
45.04.06 Tissue towels
45.04.07 Tissue rolls

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