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With our new offers for advertising customers, we are able to create a tailor-made offer for every customer need and thus respond even better to customer wishes.

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For example, do you want to publish a designed advertisement, but at the same time also position your current press releases in an advantageous position on our homepage and also receive the current print edition of the industry directory "Birkner International PaperWorld"? In this case, our "Gold" Bundle is exactly the right choice, because all this, and much more, is part of the standard programme of this Bundle.

Are you only interested in our online applications and no longer access the print edition? In this case, for example, our "Silver" Bundle would be an interesting choice for you, because here you also have the option of publishing a designed advertisement and an advertising banner, as well as receiving a professional business directory entry.

Finally, our "Bronze" Bundle is suitable for those customers who only want a professional business directory entry and professional database access.

By the way: a professional database access is a fixed component of all these Bundles. This means that every orderer of a combination package automatically also receives an account and a password for our database. This means that all our customers, regardless of which package they choose, always have access to all our company data - and these are after all approx. 28,000 addresses worldwide from all areas of the paper industry: paper manufacturers can be found here as well as paper merchants, suppliers to the paper industry as well as magazines and associations.

Our terms of use apply to all products.

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