ISRA VISION enters the future with a new management team

More than three decades ago, ISRA VISION was founded as a spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt
and subsequently developed into a leading global machine vision technology company. End of June 2021, the
founder and CEO of ISRA VISION, Enis Ersü, will retire from his operational professional life. In the course of
his succession planning, ISRA has entered into a strategic partnership with the Swedish industry group Atlas
Copco and forms the nucleus of the new Machine Vision Solutions division. With a new, powerful management
team, the course is now being set for further successful business development.

The new ISRA VISION management team (from right: Hans Jürgen Christ, Tomas Lundin (speaker),   Dr. Johannes Giet) takes over from the retiring CEO and founder Enis Ersü (left).
Source:  Company news

The new three-member management team consists of the two well-known ISRA VISION Executive Board
members Hans Jürgen Christ and Dr. Johannes Giet and the new speaker of the ISRA VISION Executive
Board Tomas Lundin. Tomas Lundin worked for the Atlas Copco Group for over 20 years in various
management positions. With his many years of market and management experience, he brings with him the
best qualifications for the future growth tasks at ISRA VISION. In the last four years, he has gained experience
in the Asian market as General Manager Industrial Technique in China. He has already been on site at ISRA's
headquarters in Darmstadt since August 2020 and is active as a member of the Management Board. Tomas
Lundin will lead the new division as President Machine Vision Solutions from the headquarters in Darmstadt.
Hans Jürgen Christ has been with ISRA VISION for 25 years. Already in the first years, he took over the
important task of sales management and, as CSO, is one of the managers who have significantly contributed
to the growth of ISRA VISION. Dr. Johannes Giet came to ISRA in 2001 via the acquisition of Rheinmetall
Machine Vision, where he himself was the transaction manager. Subsequently, he took over the management
of the development of ISRA VISION worldwide. With an extraordinarily forward-looking innovation course
combined with important strategic and operational impulses, he has had a decisive influence on the success
of ISRA.

With its subsidiaries, ISRA VISION is a global leader in the surface inspection of web materials and one of the
market leaders for 3D Machine Vision. In addition, ISRA VISION is one of the most important suppliers for
industrial image processing (Machine Vision). Machine Vision is a key technology of vision systems that
imitates the human eye. Today's ISRA applications focus primarily on automating the production and quality
assurance of goods and products that are delivered to large, promising markets such as energy, healthcare,
food, mobility and transport. With more than 25 locations worldwide, ISRA is close to its customers everywhere
and ensures optimal service and support.

With Atlas Copco, ISRA can fall back on a large, worldwide competence network with the goal of continuing
the previous success story. As a separate "Machine Vision Solutions" division in Atlas Copco's Industrial
Technique business area, ISRA will continue to operate from its headquarters in Darmstadt. For this purpose,
the company is building a new headquarters in the north of Darmstadt. The move-in is scheduled for the end
of 2022.

Atlas Copco is also adding the previously acquired image processing and visual quality control specialist Quiss
GmbH and the US company Perceptron, which specializes in automated measurement technology, to the new
division. The product portfolios complement each other perfectly and global customers will have a
technologically leading and reliable partner for the customized development of innovative machine vision
applications. The goal is to continue to grow in the future with the two business units Smart Factory Automation
and Surface Inspection and, as one of the world market leaders for machine vision, to provide global customers
with the latest technologies with optimal ROI in the shortest possible time.

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