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GIG Chemie GmbH – Paper Chemicals
Salzstr. 30
D-41460 Neuss
Telephone: +49 (2131) 661 67 98
Telefax: +49 (2131) 661 67 99

GIG Chemie has over 30 years of experience
as a partner for all aspects of tissue and
paper production. We provide products & service
from beginning to end and we work with you
through each step of selecting the best combination
of products that will successfully achieve your
desired end results. This includes machine survey,
chemical proposal, testing, implementation and
required technical support. Our primary objective is
to help you to create an efficient economical system
to produce high quality products.

We offer a large range of products for tissue
production and for different sectors of
paper manufacturing and converting. With our
technical know-how, our customers trust us to
optimize the quality and productivity of their
paper machines. Analysis, advice, training and
comprehensive service are the cornerstones of
our relationship with each customer.


Adresse:  Salzstrasse 30, 41460 Neuss.

Telefon: +49 (2131) 661 67 98

Telefax: +49 (2131) 661 67 99



Hafen: Hamburg (E.C.)

Geschäftsführer: A. Ghori

Gründungsjahr: 1988 (GmbH 2004)

Mitarbeiter: 75 (worldwide)

Lieferprogramm: Additives for Tissue Paper, Yankee Hybrid Coating, Special Protective Additives for Yankee, Softening Agents for Tissue Paper (biodegradeable, non-debonding), Wet & Dry Strength Agents and Additives for tissue, paper and board, Refining Aid, Repulping, Dispersant for Organic and anorganic deposit control, Conditioners for Organic and anorganic deposit control, Stickies elimination Additives, Anti-Pitch Chemicals, Anionic-trash control, Passivation for wire, felt and for PM, Broadband Biocide (biodegradable), Bio-dispersant, Cleaner, De-foamer, Waste paper dispersing agents, Deinking agents, Alternatives for CMC, Alternatives for ALUM & PAC, Optical Brightener, OBA Quencher

Hinweis: Distribution network worldwide