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Synthron S.A.S.

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Pulp: sequestrants, peroxide stabilizers …
Sheet formation: stickies fixing agents, softeners…
Size press: flame retarders, dye fixers…
Coating: dispersants, thickeners and
water retention agents…

SYNTHRON develops, produces and sales defoamers,
flow and leveling agents, wetting substrates, wetting
and dispersing agents for organic and inorganic
pigments, rheolog modifiers, and thickeners,
corrosion inhibitors, antistatic agents,
including novelties for waterborne paints and
coatings, bio sourced products

Synthron S.A.S.
6 rue Barbes
92300 Levallois Perret, France
Phone: +33 (1) 41341400
Fax: +33 (1) 41341434

FrankreichLevallois Perret

Adresse:  6 rue Barbes, 92300 Levallois Perret.

Telefon: +33 (1)

Telefax: +33 (1)



Lieferprogramm: Agents dispersants, agents de désencrage, agents anti-mousse, désaérateurs, fixateurs, agents de flocculation, agents de lutte contre les résines, agents d'amélioration de la résist à l'état humide, agents mouillants, agents anti-slime, liants .
Auxiliary chemicals for the paper industry - dispersion agents, fixatives, de-inking agents, flocculation agents, defoamers, deaerators, pitch control, anti-slime agents, dry strength improving agents, wet improving agents, ignifugation agents, release agents, hydrofugation agents, binders, wetting agents, hydrophobic agents, release agents. Brand names: Prox®, Actiron®, Synthro-®, Modarez®