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CITO-SYSTEM Hungaria Kft., a CITO GROUP Company


Adresse:  Csalan utca 38, 1025, Budapest.

Telefon: +36 (1) 274 23 84



Geschäftsführer: Peter Lipics; Mag. Andreas Stepan

Gründungsjahr: 2000

Lieferprogramm: CITO creasing matrix, CITO pertinax, milling tools, HS CITO cutting rules, creasing rules and special rules, CITO makeready systems for cutting dies, diecutting cleaner, nick grinders, accessories for diecutting machines, Centerline products, blanking systems, materials for diemaking, cutting and creasing rules, die ejection material, rubber profiles, rubber plates, counterboard material, stripping accessories, plotter accessories, make ready sheets, drawing foil, inline finishing systems for offset printing presses, flexible dies, accessories for offset printing, checking and measuring instruments for printing, diemaking and converting