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Podolska Agency for Paper and Board



Adresse:  ul. Cicha 15, 30-129 Kraków.

Téléphone: +48 (12) 637 73 43

Téléfax: +48 (12) 638 63 21

E-Mail: podolska@podolska.pl

Homepage: www.podolska.pl

Propriétaire: Magdalena Podolska Meier

Direction: Magdalena Podolska Meier

Technical Advisor: Willy Meier-Podolska

Product Manager: Tadeusz Napora

Année de fondation: 1990

Gamme de livraison: Folding boxboard GC/GD/GT, 2-side coated board, high quality display and packaging board, board with migration barrier, liners, book binding board, grass-board, laminated board with white, black or kraft liners, fluorescent board, display board, acid-free board, case board, brown cellulose kraft papers, brown recycled kraft papers, white bleached kraft papers, PE/PP/Alu and PET-coated papers and cardboards, special papers and board for food packaging with migration barrier, technical papers, industrial papers, decor papers, bag and sack papers, special barrier papers for corrugated board. Ask for our products, visit our website www.podolska.pl

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