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Clariana S.A.



Address:  Avenida de Alemania 48, 12540 Vila-Real (Castellón).

Telephone: +34 964 521 950

Telefax: +34 964 530 554



Chairman: Vicente Simó

Managing Director: Ruben Simarro

Export Director: Mrs. Amparo Boltes

Mill Manager: Angel Largo

Established: 1892

Employees: 148

Products: 100% virgin fiber (eucalyptus), ph neutral uncoated offset papers. RF COLOR PLUS - Print (50-160 g/m²) folio size/reels, 28 shades; Cutsize (80, 120, 160 g/m²) A4, A3, 21 shades; Boards (180-240 g/m²) folio sizes/reels 28 shades; Light (30, 40, 45 g/m²) folio size, reels, traditional shades; Ondulux (finished luxury packaging material); Bespoke (matching every suggested shade). ATHENEA BUSINESS PAPERS - Laid (white folio size/reels + A4 size); Super wove (plain white Athenea, same content as laid); Natural (same content as laid, natural colour); Bespoke (matching every colour suggestion). CLAREX PUBLISHING - Pigmented, Ivory, Natural, White, Extra White, Premium (all these papers in sheets/reels, usual substances). BESPOKE INDUSTRIAL PAPERS: Bingo cards, Memorex (for coloured sticknotes), Securilot/Securitas (security papers)

Machinery with trim width: 2 Fourdrinier paper machines 220 cm each

Raw materials: 100% eucaliptus fiber ECF/TCF, ground calcium carbonate

Annual output: 42 500 t offset paper uncoated, exports 50%

Agents: ARGENTINA: Kleiber S.A., Av. L.N. Alem 822 Piso 14, 1001 Buenos Aires. AUSTRALIA: Daiei Papers (Australia) Pty Ltd, 4th Floor, 700 Springvale Road, P.O. Box 108, North Mulgrave, Victoria 3170. BELGIUM: H. C. Ribberink, P.O. Box 790, 1180 AT Amstelveen (The Netherlands). CHINA: Purple Prevailing I&T Co Ltd, Room 4007, Building B, No. 760, South Zhong Shan Road, Shanghai 200010. FRANCE: Pierre Lelong Agency, 79 avenue Raymond Poincare, F-75116 Paris. GERMANY: Fröhlen Reddemann GmbH, Hellersbergstrasse 2, 41460 Neuss. GREECE: Thepa S.A., 1, Souliou Str. & 326, Vouliagmenis Av., 17342 Ag. Dimitrios, Athens. HONG KONG: Stanley Shao + Co Ltd, 92 Nathan Road, Suite B1, 3rd Floor, Kowloon, Hong Kong. ISRAEL: Nirplex Co. Ltd, 21 Habarzel St., Ramat Hachayal, TA.69710, Tel Aviv 61131. ITALY: A. Ierardi & C. Snc, Via dei Guarneri, 20141 Milano. MALAYSIA: Mahawaras Sdn. Bhd., 133A Jalan S. Abdul Samad, Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur. NETHERLANDS: Theo Tenten Pap Agenturen B.V., Rijksweg 8A, 1412 BA Naarden. PORTUGAL: Aspapel Com. Intl. Lda., Rua Prof. Henrique de Barros 4, Edificio Sagres 2°B, 2685-338 Prior Velho. SINGAPORE: Active Paper Board Pte Ltd, 1 Scotts Road, 18-4, Shaw Centre, Singapore 0922. SWITZERLAND: Alpha Papier, Alter Fällanderweg, CH-8123 Ebmatingen. TAIWAN: Eli Paper Enterprise Co Ltd, 11F-2, 3-58 Chung Hsiao E. Road, Hsichih, Hsien, Taipei. TURKEY: Sitel A.S., Gayrettepe, Vefa Bey Sok 6/2, TR-80280 Istanbul. U.K.: Ekman UK Ltd, Hall Mews, Clifford Road, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 6DT. MIDDLE EAST: Bomo Paper Ltd, P.O. Box 227, Paphos, Cyprus

Note: QA certificate New ISO 9000 of 2000, ISO 14001, EMAS