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Novák-papír s.r.o.


Czech RepublicLouny

Address:  Stradonice 139, 44001 Louny.

Telephone: +420 415 694 297, +420 415 693 016

Telefax: +420 415 674 570



Owners: Miloš Novák

Sales Director: Rafael Diniz

Foreign Trade: Dana Hlaváčková; Jana Trinerová; Nikol Vasilcová

Production Manager: Zdeněk Korous

Capital: EURO 6.4 mill

Turnover: EURO 10.87 mill

Established: 1995

Employees: 150

Machinery with trim width: 1 Yankee paper machine, width 280cm, flexo printing press, gravure printing press, rewinding machinery, longitudinal slitting machines, cross-cutting machines, table cutting machines, wax and lamination machine, rewinding and cutting machines, cross cutting and sheeting machines, machine for the production of paper trays and plates, embossing machine

Raw materials: Kraft pulp, waste paper, recycled paper, tissue paper, paperboard, coated papers, waxed paper, laminated paper

Products: Recycled paper brown and white 30-80 gr, giftwraps, Christmas wraps, food wraps, greaseproof paper, wrapping paper, paper tablecloth, industrial paper

Annual output: 20 000 t