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James Cropper: Half year results to 28 September 2019  (Company news)

· Revenue growth in all divisions with total revenue up 5% on prior period comparative
· Adjusted PBT (excluding IAS 19 impact) at £2.6m, up 31% on prior period comparative
· PBT at £2.0m, up 42% on prior period comparative
· EPS (diluted) 17.0p up 32% on prior period comparative
· Colourform™ revenues exceed £1m in the period
· Mix improvements and pulp price softening returns paper to profitability
· Expansion of TFP non-woven capacity on schedule, increasing capacity by 50% by end of the 2020 calendar year

Mark Cropper (photo), Chairman, commented:
"TFP has delivered its best ever sales performance for a half year and is set to continue growth in the second half. Plans to provide an additional 50% capacity in TFP by the end of the 2020 calendar year are on track. Paper sales are projected to grow year on year with the benefits of an improved mix and a softening of pulp price leading to a return to profit. Continued commercialisation for Colourformä is projected as the business gains further traction in the market. We have instituted an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) sub-committee and will commence formal measurement and reporting in line with ESG objectives in 2020.

We invest significantly in people, innovation and capability. This will ensure that over the long term the Group has the potential to sustain growth across all its businesses. In the nearer term, the full year results are anticipated to be in line with management expectations."

I am pleased to report that James Cropper PLC recorded a 5% increase in revenue for the first half, compared to the prior year comparative, with growth in all divisions. Adjusted profit before tax (excluding the impact of IAS 19) was £2.6m for the first half of the current financial year, compared to £1.9m in the prior comparative period. After the impact of IAS19, profit before tax is £2.0m, up from £1.4m in the prior comparative period.

In Paper, the product portfolio mix improvement strategy is progressing and pulp prices have softened bringing the division back to a profitable position. Meanwhile, TFP profits have grown in the period on record first half sales. For the first time, Colourform™ revenue exceeded the £1m milestone.

Technical Fibre Products ("TFP")
TFP has delivered its best sales performance for a first half year, with 5% revenue growth over the comparable period last year and is expected to deliver further growth in the second half. There was growth across all the targeted global market sectors, with notable performances in the aerospace, defence and fuel cell markets. Plans for additional non-woven capability at Burneside, which will increase capacity by a further 50% by the end of the 2020 calendar year, are on track.

James Cropper Paper ("Paper")
Paper revenues have grown by 2% compared to the comparable period last year, with growth seen in all geographical markets - except the UK. Further improvement in value of the product portfolio and the softening of pulp prices over the first half of the year has returned the division to profitability.

Further commercialisation of CupCyclingä has increased the output of the existing coffee cup recycling plant, providing further independence from virgin pulp. As the proportion of recycled coffee cup pulp currently used is relatively low compared to virgin pulp, we are actively working on increasing recycling capacity and capability to make greater use of waste fibres.

Colourform™ ("3D Products")
Colourformä revenues in the first half exceeded the £1m milestone and have been generated predominantly in Europe in the beauty and cosmetics market. The Colourform™ business is fully engaged with a pipeline of projects that demonstrate strong interest in high quality replacements for single use plastics. The ability to provide a full range of colour is proving to be a unique and defining feature.

The Group operates three pension schemes with close to 60% of employees holding a defined contribution personal payment plan. The two funded pension schemes provide defined benefits - for a decreasing number of its employees. The IAS19 valuations, for the defined benefit schemes as at 28 September 2019, revealed a combined deficit of £22.1m, compared with £22.6m as at 30 March 2019. After deferred taxation the net deficit stands at £18.4m.

Earnings per share and Dividend
Diluted earnings per share increased to 17.0 pence, compared to 12.9 pence in the prior year comparative period.

The Board has declared an interim dividend of 2.5p per share (2018: 2.5p). The final dividend for the year to 28 March 2020 will be subject to shareholder approval at the AGM on 29 July 2020.

TFP has delivered its best ever sales performance for a half year and is set to continue growth in the second half. Plans to provide an additional 50% capacity in TFP by the end of the 2020 calendar year are on track. Paper sales are projected to grow year on year with the benefits of an improved mix and a softening of pulp price leading to a return to profit. Continued commercialisation for the Colourformä business is projected as the business gains further traction in the market. We have instituted an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) sub-committee and will commence formal measurement and reporting in line with ESG objectives in 2020.

We invest significantly in people, innovation and capability. This will ensure that over the long term the Group has the potential to sustain growth across all its businesses. In the nearer term, the full year results are anticipated to be in line with management expectations.
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #119855


Luxepack New York, taking place on 16 and 17 May at Pier 92, will see James Cropper demonstrate its Tailor Made paper service, its collection of black papers for packaging, while introducing attendees to its award-winning CupCycling™ initiative and Colourform™ moulded fibre solution.

British master papermaker James Cropper is attending this year’s Luxe Pack New York and is using the opportunity to impress the US market with its expertise in creating black papers, as well as its latest innovations in sustainable paper packaging.

The premier trade show, taking place on 16 and 17 May at Pier 92, will see James Cropper demonstrate its Tailor Made paper service, its collection of black papers for packaging, while introducing attendees to its award-winning CupCycling™ initiative and Colourform™ moulded fibre solution.

James Cropper works closely with clients to develop custom papers as part of its Tailor Made service. With colour expertise across the spectrum, its in-house colour lab holds recipes for over 50 shades of black alone. The business will showcase examples of recent packaging projects that demonstrate its black capability at the show, including a unique solution for luxury online handbag retailer Zesh.

In addition to its paper ranges, James Cropper will showcase its pioneering CupCycling initiative, which ‘upcycles’ used disposable cups, giving them another lease of life by transforming them into beautiful papers and packaging. A great example of the work the business is doing to create value from this waste stream is the closed-loop collaboration with British retailer Selfridges, where cups from the brands own offices and retail outlets are transformed into paper for its iconic yellow shopping bags.

The company will also be presenting Colourform plastic-free packaging that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Colourform provides all of the premium appeal that discerning consumers expect from packaging and demonstrates a significant environmental benefit when used in preference to plastic alternatives. Made using 100 per cent renewable paper fibre from well managed forests and recycled coffee cups, it can be manufactured in any colour or shape, is fully recyclable with household paper and is naturally biodegradable – so if it is inadvertently discarded then it will leave no trace in the environment.

Colourform’s mission is to offer brands a sustainable packaging option for their products, without losing the excitement and quality of experience that outstanding packaging provides. Every Colourform project is bespoke in terms of colour, shape, surface finish and functionality with the packaging used for a wide range of product categories from cosmetics to consumer electronics. It is already used by environmentally conscious brands such as Lush handmade cosmetics and Floral Street fragrances.

Ivan Iannetta, USA sales manager at James Cropper, said: “It’s a really exciting year for James Cropper, particularly when it comes to our sustainable solutions for the luxury packaging market, and we look forward to demonstrating our expertise in this arena at Luxe Pack.

“Using our 173-year heritage, superior craftsmanship and innovative approach to paper production, we’re able to inspire creativity while helping brands to do their bit for the environment. CupCycling™ and Colourform™ are true examples of sustainability and ingenuity colliding and we can’t wait to see how they’re received at the show.”

James Cropper will be at Stand B114.
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #119481

Römerturm Feinstpapier und James Cropper geben Kooperation bekannt   (Firmennews)

Der renommierte Feinst- und Künstlerpapierspezialist Römerturm ergänzt sein umfangreiches Sortiment um ausgewählte Papier- und Kartonprodukte, u. A. für den Verpackungsmarkt. Damit baut der Papierspezialist den Bereich Packaging deutlich aus. Durch die Kooperation mit dem britischen Hersteller James Cropper sind in Deutschland ab sofort die Marken Dolcelicious (Bild), TacCard, Real Black und Bowston Black über Römerturm verfügbar.

Seit 1885 ist Römerturm eine feste und vertrauensvolle Größe im Bereich hochwertiger Feinst- und Künstlerpapiere. Im Fokus stehen stets die Qualität der Produkte und die Verbindung von Tradition und Moderne. Hier fügt sich James Cropper hervorragend ein: Das Unternehmen, welches auf eine 170-jährige Historie zurückblickt, steht für außergewöhnliche Papierprodukten und Verpackungslösungen von herausragender Qualität. Cropper liefert weltweit maßgefertigte Papierkreationen an bekannte Brands, Designer, Kunstgalerien und Verarbeiter. Bei Römerturm zeigt man sich über die Zusammenarbeit begeistert: „Wir freuen uns sehr, mit James Cropper einen wichtigen Kooperationspartner gefunden zu haben. Dadurch werden wir unser Sortiment an Verpackungslösungen sowie grafischen und künstlerischen Papierprodukten deutlich ausbauen können“, so Wolfgang Stemmer, Geschäftsführer Römerturm Feinstpapier.

Dolcelicious – Individuell und edel
Atemberaubende Resultate auf allen Druck- und Verarbeitungstechniken und ein luxuriöses Oberflächenfinish – damit wird Dolcelicious zum idealen Druckträger für hochwertige Faltschachteln. Zusätzlich ist das Papier für den direkten Lebensmittelkontakt zertifiziert. Das Sortiment ist in elf verschiedenen Farben und in Grammaturen von 120 bis 330 g/m² erhältlich. Neben Faltschachteln eignet es sich ebenso hervorragend für Überzugsmaterial, Tragetaschen, Premiumkartonagen, Broschüren oder Zertifikate.

TacCard – Natürlich und hochwertig
Aufgrund seiner natürlichen Haptik und den exzellenten Druck- und Verarbeitungsergebnissen bietet sich TacCard insbesondere für luxuriöse Verkaufsverpackungen aus den Bereichen Kosmetik, Schmuck und Lifestyle an. Weiter ist der ungestrichene, hochweiße Zellstoffkarton auch für Werbedrucksachen oder für die geschäftliche Kommunikation einsetzbar. TacCard felt überzeugt durch eine filzmarkierte Oberfläche, während TacCard matt hingegen für ein seidenmattes, glattes Oberflächenfinish steht. TacCard ist in Grammaturen von 200 bis 330 g/m² erhältlich.

Real Black – Intensiv und kreativ
Mit seinem durchdringenden Schwarzton wird Real Black zur ersten Wahl bei kreativen Drucksachen und exklusiven Verpackungen. Als carbonfreies Premiumprodukt aus optimal aufeinander abgestimmten Rohstoffen überzeugt es durch eine sehr hohe Abriebfestigkeit. Verfügbar ist Real Black in Grammaturen von 120 bis 350 g/m².

Bowston Black – Kräftig und vielseitig
Die edlen Papiere in kräftigem Schwarz bestehen zu 100 Prozent aus wiederaufbereiteten Fasern. Dank ihrer herausragenden Designpräsentation und Gewichtungen sind sie vielseitig einsetzbar – bevorzugt für komplexe Faltschachtelkonstruktionen oder als Bezugsmaterial für Kartonagen. Erhältlich ist Bowston Black in Grammaturen von 110 bis 300 g/m² sowie in Materialstärken bis 2 mm.
(Römerturm Feinstpapier GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #118020


British master papermaker James Cropper has supplied paper for the Turkish Tulips exhibition at The Bowes museum, County Durham. The exhibition, which opened on the 29 July and will run until the 5 November, is showcasing a colourful origami tulip display made exclusively from James Cropper’s Vanguard range.

British master papermaker James Cropper has supplied paper for the Turkish Tulips exhibition at The Bowes museum, County Durham. The exhibition, which opened on the 29 July and will run until the 5 November, is showcasing a colourful origami tulip display made exclusively from James Cropper’s Vanguard range.

James Cropper has attended the exhibition on 24 August, taking along some handmade paper tulips, which were added to the museum’s display. The trail of tulips runs alongside over 30 contemporary artists’ work including Damien Hirst, Cornelia Parker, Gavin Turk and Sir Peter Blake.

Vanguard, James Cropper’s most popular coloured paper range, lends itself well to an array of custom-made paper products due to its smooth uncoated surface and extensive collection of pastel and intense colours. The tulip-inspired shades for the display include the likes of Gold, Tangerine, Cherry, Raspberry, Jade and Purple.

The floral treasure trail at the exhibition winds through the grand halls of the Bowes Museum, delving into Britain’s historical relationship with Europe and the Middle East. Curated by Gavin Turk, Turkish Tulips is staged as part of the museum’s 125th anniversary celebrations and combines contemporary art with antique artefacts. Thought-provoking artworks are hidden among the collection, all of which illustrate the iconic flower.

Geoff Leech, art and framing director at James Cropper Paper, said: “Culture and heritage play a huge role in the Turkish Tulips exhibition and, with these being key values of our own, we’re honoured to play a part in its history. The display is incredibly colourful and we’re thrilled that the Bowes museum called upon our expertise to complete the exhibition.”

Based in the Lake District, James Cropper has long been associated with the world of art, providing high-quality British papers for many leading art galleries, designers, conservationists, artists, writers and poets. Currently in production is the new James Cropper Art Selector, which showcases many of the artist papers made at the historic mill.

Geoff added: “The James Cropper Art Selector is an exciting project for us as we celebrate all of the specialty artists’ papers created at our mill. Like the works of art they support, our papers truly stand the test of time and it’s great to see them brought together in this way.”

James Cropper will be showcasing its Art Selector at Packaging Innovations, which takes place on 13 and 14 September at Olympia, London. The company will be at stand H14.
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #117914


James Cropper, British master papermaker, is pleased to announce two new appointments to the paper export sales team.

Russell Chan (photo left) joins James Cropper as customer service executive. Based in Hong Kong and reporting to Maurice Tsang, he will provide administrative support to our team in the East Asia region.

With Russell being fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, his translation skills will be invaluable in the sharing of mill and product news with our clients in Asia. His previous role was in the educational sector where he was responsible for editing text books in English.

James Cropper is also pleased to announce the appointment of Ahmed Badran (photo right) to the position of account manager within the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Ahmed will be based from a home office close to Stuttgart and will report to Norbert Spiegel.

Ahmed joins James Cropper from West Rock, where he was responsible for developing packaging business for the company. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience within the paper industry working with paper merchants across DACH, Benelux, Scandinavia and Central Europe. The appointment commences from 1 September.

Andy Smith, paper export sales director at James Cropper, said: “As we look towards some exciting new projects, we are constantly planning to grow our business with the help of experienced and talented people and partners.”

“As we continue to offer our exclusive Tailor Made paper service across global markets, we’re particularly pleased to welcome two new international recruits to the team. We’re confident that Russell and Ahmed will bring new vigour, skills and knowledge to the business.”
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #117558


James Cropper is set to take attendees of Packaging Innovations London to the dark side as it showcases its extensive range of black papers.

Prestige paper innovator James Cropper is set to take attendees of Packaging Innovations London to the dark side as it showcases its extensive range of black papers.

At the exhibition, taking place from 13 to 14 September at Olympia in London, the company will also shine a light on its Tailor Made service, which allows brands to develop unique, custom-made paper solutions.

James Cropper holds recipes for over 50 different shades of black, with four ready-to-order FSC®-certified black ranges available from stock and other blacks developed as custom projects.

Amongst those on show at the event include: Liquorice and Black Lentil from the Dolcelicious range, which are luxurious food contact-approved non-carbon papers made from pure fibre; Black Bowston, made from 100 per cent recovered fibre and often specified as laminating liner, as part of a complex for a folding box, or as an elegant alternative to grey board; and the Black from Vanguard, James Cropper’s leading colour range, which has a smooth finish ideal for promotional print.

Susan Wilson, group packaging director at James Cropper, said: “Our Tailor Made service offers a wide range of bespoke solutions, with clients able to choose everything from the individual fibres used to make paper to the ways they’re engineered, embossed and converted. Naturally, a huge part of this comes down to colour – something we’re internationally renowned for.

“Most people take this to mean our specialism lies in the colours of the spectrum – and imagine reds, blues, greens and so on. Of course, these are important, but when it comes to packaging, black paper is like a wardrobe essential, it brings an air of sophistication, class and has timeless appeal.”

Retailers at the exhibition looking to boost their environmental credentials are set to learn more about James Cropper’s policy on fresh fibre being sourced from sustainably managed forests, as well as its use of ingredients such as coffee cup fibre or post-consumer waste.

Sue added: “We’re looking forward to demonstrating the versatility of paper packaging and how it can be used to elevate the product within, while satisfying sustainability credentials. And when it comes to colour, more and more luxury brands are turning to the darker palette for their packaging, and black certainly offers great contrast to many types of printing foils, enhancing that premium effect and giving fantastic shelf appeal!”
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #116017


Picture: Silvine collection: Tailor Made paper from James Cropper

World-class paper-based stationery manufacturer Sinclairs decided to relaunch its Silvine Originals collection – a British staple in the world of notebooks for nearly 100 years. The notebooks, with their iconic bold red cover and midnight blue wreath logo adorning the front, are now back on retail shelves of high end retail outlets and specialist stationers.

The paper stock is sourced from the renowned James Cropper paper mill in Kendal, which has been producing speciality paper since 1845. A family-run business, just like Sinclairs in its sixth generation, James Cropper was chosen as the supplier due to its unrivalled expertise in colour development and unwavering standards of its crafted paper products. Simon Medley, Marketing Manager from Sinclairs said: “The Original Silvine notebook is a classic, which many people will remember as a trusted favourite amongst carpenters, architects, designers and shopkeepers – often accompanied by a robust red pencil sharpened with a knife. Hidden in the depths of the Silvine archive, we found samples of these incredible books dating back as far as 1928. It was then we decided to pay homage to what they have stood for over the decades. “From the outset, they were designed for purpose – engineered to perfectly meet the needs of those who used them, whether that was at school or in a carpenter’s workshop, an artist’s studio or a writer’s bureau. And so, the Silvine Originals Collection was born – these bold red books have adorned the pockets, satchels, drawers and shelves of so many for so long. We consider it to be a true British icon, reinvented.”

James Cropper worked closely with Sinclairs to colour-match the 1960’s bold red for the new 300gsm covers of the notebooks, staying true to the legacy created by these pioneering books, while the inside is made from 90gsm Natural White Wove writing paper. The subtle corded cover texture very closely matches the cover of the books found in the Sinclairs archive, and together with the delicate off white hue of the book leaves, a joy to write or draw on, create the perfect balance of contrast. The notebooks come in a choice of feint-ruled or squared pages in classic light cyan ink, or simply plain inner pages for maximum creative freedom. Each notebook is made in the original factory, using machinery that has been making Sinclairs products for six generations. Of course, times have changed and so have some of the processes, but the new Originals collection, with papers tailor-made from James Cropper, retains everything that made it so iconic.
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #116012


Die Ausstellung Off-Beat, die in der John Rylands Library in Manchester vom 8. September 2016 bis 5. März 2017 stattfindet, stellt frühe Beispiele von Veröffentlichungen im Eigenverlag vor. Dabei sind unter anderem Drucktechniken und Materialien des sogenannten „International Underground“, also von Künstlern, Poeten, Philosophen, Schauspielern und Musikern aus den 1960er Jahren zu sehen, die zur Veröffentlichung derer Werke verwendet wurden.

Diese „Little Magazines“, unter welchem Namen sie bekannt wurden, wurden zur Förderung der literarischen Werke von neuen und nicht zum Mainstream zählenden Schriftstellern verlegt, wobei kostengünstige Drucktechniken angewandt wurden. Diese Werke wurden in der Regel nicht zur Erzielung von Gewinn hergestellt und auf einem Mimeographen gedruckt. Die Ausstellung wird vom Designstudio Design LSC mit einer Reihe von Druckmaterialien unterstützt, die dem unmittelbaren und retrobetonten Reiz von Off-Beat Beifall zollen.

Das Studio war an den führenden britischen Papierhersteller James Cropper herangetreten, um die Erstellung einer Sammlung von Drucken, Postkarten und Lesezeichen zu ermöglichen. Dazu wurde die Kartonqualität der Marke Kendal Manilla in verschiedenen Gewichten und Farben verwendet, einschließlich orange, gelb, grün, blau und weiß.

Dazu Luigi Carnovale, Kreativer Direktor bei Design LSC: „Wir versuchen oft, Papier auf eine Weise zu verwenden, die bestehende Normen herausfordert. Wir entschieden uns für Kendal Manilla, weil wir spürten, dass es dem Geist dieser Zeitepoche entsprach. Die Farbgebung passt perfekt mit der Kunst und Literatur der 1960er und 70er Jahre zusammen, als Akademiker und Künstler in London auf die Straße gingen, um die herrschende Ordnung infrage zu stellen. Darüber hinaus wollten wir diese Idee noch weiter vorantreiben, indem wir eine „lang verloren gegangene“ Drucktechnik aus dieser Epoche verwendeten – Thermographie -, mit der wir eine strukturierte Oberfläche mit Hochglanzeffekt erzielten. Diese Drucktechnik wird heute nur noch selten angewandt, doch der betont kalandrierte Effekt von Kendal Manilla, macht dieses Material zum perfekten Partner für thermographisches Drucken. Es ist ein Papier der klassischen Art, mit einem modernen Anreiz. Ein vergleichbarer Effekt hätte auf andere Weise nicht erreicht werden können, wenn wir etwa einen Karton mit einer matten Oberfläche verwendet hätten.“

Nick Shepherd, Vertriebsleiter für Großbritannien bei James Cropper, kommentiert dazu weiter: „Oft als Maßstab für Papierwaren und Ablageprodukte angesehen, wird Kendal Manilla typischerweise für Aktenmappen und Register, Präsentationsmappen und Kleidungsetiketten verwendet. Es ist daher erfreulich zu sehen, dass unser Papier hier auf eine so künstlerische Weise genutzt wurde. Die als Erinnerungsstück gestaltete Off-Beat-Mappe zeigt deutlich, wie dieses Papier, wenn es mal ganz anders genutzt wird, etwas Alltägliches in etwas Inspirierendes verwandeln kann.“
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #115983



Das neue Papiersortiment Dolcelicious, das für den Kontakt mit trockenen, nassen und fettigen Lebensmitteln geeignet ist, ist dazu bestimmt, einzigartige Verpackungskonzepte für Lebensmittel der Premiumklasse zu verwirklichen.

Dazu Norbert Spiegel, Vertriebsleiter bei James Cropper für Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz: „Wir bieten schon seit Jahren maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Marken in der Nahrungsmittelbranche an. Dabei haben wir mehr und mehr beobachtet, dass in diesem Bereich eine zunehmende Nachfrage nach farbigen Papieren hoher Qualität besteht. Im Lebensmittelhandel gibt es einen enormen Bedarf für kreative und individuelle Verpackungen, die sich auf dem Markt hervorheben – ob es sich dabei nun um Chocolatiers oder Anbieter von High-End Tee- und Kaffeespezialitäten handelt.“

Die neue Feinpapierkollektion Dolcelicious ist in 11 auffallenden Farben erhältlich, einschließlich Lemon Drizzle, Liquorice, Silver Spoon und Kiwi Fizz. Die Papiere garantieren ein absolut makelloses Erscheinen und verwandeln jede Verpackung zu einem Hingucker.

Norbert Spiegel erklärt dazu weiter: „Dolcelicious ist unser erstes „ab Lager“ verfügbares Sortiment von Papieren, die zum Lebensmittelkontakt zugelassen sind. Wir stellen verschiedene Farbtöne zur Auswahl, von dunklen und dezenten bis zu kräftigen und gehaltvollen Schattierungen, um damit starken Marken ihre eigene Identität zu geben. Wir regen unsere Kunden auch an einen Schritt weiter zu gehen und das Papier mit Prägemustern individuell zu gestalten. Damit kann ein wirklich einzigartiges Produkt geschaffen werden, welches das Image einer Marke zusätzlich aufwertet.“

James Cropper Dolcelicious wird in Großbritannien nach den Anforderungen der Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1935/2004, den Normen ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 und dem britischen Akkreditierungsstandard OHSAS 18001 hergestellt. Zusätzlich dazu, dass sämtliche Papiere der Reihe Dolcelicious den entsprechenden Lebensmittelverordnungen entsprechen, sind diese auch FSC®-zertifiziert und setzen damit ein bewusstes Zeichen für umweltverantwortliche Herstellung.

James Cropper’s Dolcelicious wurde zum ersten Mal auf der Londoner Fachmesse „Luxury Packaging Innovations“ vorgestelt und wird nun auch auf der Paperworld in Frankfurt zu sehen sein.

Wenn Sie an Dolcelicious interessiert sind, kontaktieren Sie bitte Für weitere Informationen über die Reihe oder zur Anforderung eines Musters besuchen Sie bitte Für weitere Informationen über James Cropper besuchen Sie bitte
(James Cropper plc)

Newsgrafik #115981


Der führende britische Papierhersteller James Cropper schließt soeben die letzten Vorbereitungen für die Teilnahme an der Paperworld 2017 ab. Ziel ist es, dass Marketing bestimmter Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf dem deutschen Markt zu fördern.

Einige der Höhepunkte dieser Fachmesse, die vom 28. bis 31. Januar in Frankfurt stattfindet, sind die Präsentation der neuen, maßgeschneiderten Angebote ‚Tailor Made‘, eine neue Feinpapierkollektion zugelassen für den Lebensmittelkontakt, sowie der Papierreihe ‚Kendal Manilla‘.

‚Tailor Made‘ ist ein neues Konzept, das es Markenherstellern ermöglicht, direkt mit James Cropper zur Entwicklung einzigartiger, individuell gestalteter Papierlösungen zur Markenpräsentation und Verpackung zusammenzuarbeiten. Die äußerst vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, die mit dieser Serviceleistung bereitstehen, reichen vom Einsatz spezifischer Fasern zur Papierherstellung bis hin zu technischer Fertigung, Färbung, Prägung und Verarbeitung.

Eine echte Neuheit ist dabei die Kollektion ‚Dolcelicious‘ – ein Sortiment von edlen Feinpapieren, zugelassen für Verpackungen mit Lebensmittelkontakt. Damit wird es hochqualitativen Lebensmittel- und Getränkemarken ermöglicht, das Verpackungserlebnis auf ein neues Niveau zu bringen. Das neue Papiersortiment ist für den Kontakt mit trockenen, nassen und fettigen Lebensmitteln geeignet. Das neue Sortiment ist in 11 Trendfarben erhältlich, einschließlich Lemon Drizzle, Liquorice, Silver Spoon und Kiwi Fizz.

Dazu Andy Smith, Direktor für den Export bei James Cropper: „Wir arbeiten schon seit Langem mit Markenherstellern zusammen, um maβgeschneiderte Lösungen im Verpackungsbereich zu verwirklichen. Mit unserem neuen Leistungsangebot ‚Tailor Made‘ machen wir es unseren Kunden noch einfacher diesen Servicen in Anspruch zu nehmen. Es ist heutzutage unerlässlich für Marken, sich auch durch ihre Verpackung zu differenzieren. Dabei hängt der Erfolg in hohem Maße davon ab, ihre Persönlichkeit durch die dabei verwendeten Materialien ausdrücken: Bei James Cropper kann dies zum Beispiel durch die Wiederverwertung von Konsumentenabfall in der Produktion für umweltbewuβte Produckte geschehen, oder auch durch die Verwendung von speziell gefärbten oder geprägten Papieren für ganz besonders anspruchsvolle Marken.“

Norbert Spiegel, Vertriebsleiter für Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, ergänzt dazu: „Mit der Einführung der Kollektion ‚Dolcelicious‘ steht uns nun eine weitere Facette in unserem Angebot zur Verfügung. Wir können damit Marken- und Verpackungsherstellern in der Nahrungsmittel- und Getränkebranche eine erweiterte Palette bereitstellen, mit der sie von den vielfältigen Farben und Oberflächen des Sortiments profitieren können – von dunklen und dezenten bis zu kräftigen und gehaltvollen Ausführungen.“
Außerdem wird der britische Papierhersteller die Reihe ‚Kendal Manilla‘ ausstellen – Kartone von extrem hoher Qualität, die sich als Maβstab für hervorragende Leistungseigenschaften auf Märkten für Ablageprodukte und Schreibwaren etabliert haben.

Dazu führt Norbert Spiegel weiter aus: „Kendal Manilla ist eines unserer Kernsortimente und ist seit vielen Jahren ein beliebtes Produkt für Organisationsmittel wie Akten, Mappen und Ordner. Mit seiner Vielseitigkeit und breiten Auswahl von Gewichten und Farben freuen wir uns nun, diesen erfolgreichen Renner auf der Paperworld einem breiten Publikum präsentieren zu können.“

Besuchen Sie James Cropper in Halle 3.0 auf dem Stand C36. Für weitere Informationen über ‚Dolcelicious‘ besuchen Sie bitte Für weitere Informationen über ‚Tailor Made‘, ‚Kendal Manilla‘ oder die Marke James Cropper besuchen Sie bitte
(James Cropper plc)

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British master papermaker James Cropper has kicked off 2016 with two new senior appointments and a number of new business prospects as it prepares for a busy year ahead.

British master papermaker James Cropper has kicked off 2016 with two new senior appointments and a number of new business prospects as it prepares for a busy year ahead.

The company recently appointed Norbert Spiegel as regional sales manager of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to focus and grow the business in these countries. Norbert has gained a wealth of knowledge from a career in the paper industry and will be based in Cologne, reporting to export sales director Andy Smith.

Peter Scott, an experienced quality professional with a proven track record of transformational leadership in the delivery of world class product quality, joins the business to head up quality and technical activities. As quality and technical director, Peter will report to Dave Watson, COO.

The new recruits join two other senior managers who joined James Cropper in 2015 – Mick Coward, senior development manager, and Nick Shepherd, UK and Ireland sales director – to help drive key objectives forward.

Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper, said: “Having the right staff in place is imperative in achieving the ambitious business objectives we have set ourselves. So we are pleased to welcome Norbert and Peter to the team and look forward to seeing them progress as the company continues to thrive in 2016.”

The company has recently secured working relationships with businesses from a range of sectors. Online handbag retailer Zesh is among the clients in the luxury arena recently added to James Cropper’s order books – for which it is supplying a paper from the award-winning ‘Cocoa’ collection for gift and presentation packaging.

Michael Dong, founder of Zesh, said: “People don’t tend to associate online orders with luxury and we wanted to challenge that. Packaging is an integral part of the shopping experience and can make all the difference, so finding the right match was crucial.
“When we were introduced to James Cropper, we immediately recognised synergies with our own brand and knew they’d be able to provide a paper solution that would effectively communicate the high standards to which we craft our products. We look forward to working with them in 2016.”

Over 2015, James Cropper recruited a total of 43 new members of staff and saw overall group profit before tax grow by 37 per cent on the previous year. With high demand for the mill’s new, innovative paper ranges for 2016 – which include a collection of food contact papers – the company expects to maintain its position in a competitive climate.

Phil added: “The company remains focussed on a culture that delivers long-term growth, and with new staff offering fresh insight and input, and a number of important projects in the pipeline, the outlook is very exciting and positive.”
(James Cropper plc)

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James Cropper has been a long-standing supporter of the Royal British Legion, having provided the paper for its signature red poppies for many years.

British master papermaker James Cropper plc paid tribute to the victims of the Battle of the Somme by providing the paper for thousands of special bleuet flowers, which accompanied the signature red poppies at the recent centenary commemoration.

The event took place at the Thiepval Memorial in France on 1 July, 100 years on from the first day of the infamous World War One assault. It saw attendees – which included TRH The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales – don the blue flowers alongside their red poppies, while thousands of the bleuets were scattered across the site.

Organised by the UK and French Governments, in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and The Royal British Legion, the service saluted the one million casualties sustained on both sides during the 141-day battle. The Thiepval Memorial stands in commemoration to the missing of the Somme: the 72,000 men that have no known grave.

The bleuet de France is the symbol of memory and solidarity in France for veterans, victims of war, widows and orphans and is the country’s equivalent to the British and Canadian remembrance poppy.

Phil Wild CEO at James Cropper, said: “We’ve worked with the Royal British Legion for many years now, providing the paper for the signature red poppies, and it’s a cause that’s very close to our hearts. To have played a part in such an important tribute to those we lost a century ago by developing the paper bleuets was an honour.

“It was particularly powerful to see the poppies and bleuets shower the site together as a poignant mark of respect to the brave soldiers from both Britain and France who fought for their countries.”
(James Cropper plc)

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McDonald's partners with James Cropper for Pioneering recycling trial   (Company news)

British master papermaker James Cropper has announced a trial recycling partnership with McDonald’s UK, as the two explore pioneering moves in sustainability and recycling.

The partnership will enable paper cups used in McDonald’s restaurants across the UK, every week, to be recycled at James Cropper’s state-of-the-art reclaimed fibre plant – turning previously non-recyclable, plastic-coated paper cups into new paper products.

Richard Burnett, market development manager at James Cropper, said: “It’s estimated that up to 2.5 billion paper cups are used in the UK every year. Most of these are currently not recycled as, being polyethylene-coated, they can’t be recycled amongst ordinary household waste. In addition, collecting used paper cups for recycling has been problematic due to the nature of their use – they’re used on the go and are often taken away from the place of purchase”.

“The partnership with McDonald’s has been nearly two years in the making and signifies an important step towards recycling used paper cups and, ultimately, reducing waste going to landfill. By collaborating with McDonald’s, we’re working towards an effective scheme that can recoup as many used paper cups as possible, which can then go back into the supply chain.”

The trial recycling scheme – a UK first – has been rolled out across 150 of McDonald’s 1250 UK restaurants so far. Paper cups are collected from McDonald’s and then baled by Simply Cups, the UK’s only paper cup recovery and recycling scheme, before being delivered to James Cropper for reprocessing. Reclaimed fibre can then be used in everything from brochures and stationery to designer gift boxes.

Helen McFarlane, sustainability consultant at McDonald’s UK, added: “Paper cups constitute about 30% of our packaging waste and this is a great opportunity to ensure that the quality fibre used in making those cups gets another life. We have recently started to introduce recycling stations in our restaurants to allow customers to separate paper cups, and we’re eager to see what this trial with James Cropper and Simply Cups will look like, hopefully helping set up the infrastructure for others to use in future.”

Richard continued: “With the demand for eco-friendly products rising we’re seeing more and more clients interested in using reclaimed fibre as part of their paper requirements, in luxury shopping bags and company literature, for instance. This ground-breaking trial with McDonald’s demonstrates how organisations can work together to create a mutually beneficial, effective and sustainable supply chain. Businesses can use ‘green’ processes and schemes to simultaneously minimise waste and utilise an otherwise waste material as a new product .”

The partnership with McDonald’s is just the start of the journey to make widespread post-consumer paper cup recycling a reality.

The reclaimed fibre facility at James Cropper, which was opened by HM The Queen in 2013, uses a method which separates the paper from the plastic coating, and currently processes the equivalent of 10 million paper cups per week from the off cuts of paper cup manufacturers.

The process results in no wastage whatsoever – with 90 per cent of the cup waste being converted back into FSC® certified fibre for paper production and the remaining 10 per cent, which is plastic, being repurposed as garden furniture, for example.
(James Cropper plc)

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170 Years of James Cropper: A Celebration of a Proud Manufacturing Tradition  (Company news)

Five British Monarchs have sat on the throne, 55 Prime Ministers have presided over the affairs of the United Kingdom and the combustion engine, the television set and the computer have all been invented since James Cropper made the first sheet of paper 170 years ago.

Sunday 5 July 2015 marks a landmark for James Cropper PLC, its pulp and paper products business and the revolutionary Technical Fibre Products (TFP) nonwoven materials company, as well as marking a notable anniversary for international papermaking and British industry. Under the tutelage of sixth generation family Chairman, Mark Cropper, the company reaches its 170th year in business and remains in the same Lake District location to this day.

The company was founded by the original James Cropper, the Liverpool-born son of a wealthy railway merchant and financier, when he bought the Burneside and Cowan Head paper mills for the princely sum of £16,990.

In almost two centuries technological advancement, catastrophic economic depressions, world wars, devastating fires and unrelenting competition have come to challenge one of Britain’s oldest family companies. What has ensured that the Burneside Mill remains open, alongside international production, storage and sales facilities, is a commitment to innovation, expertise, ethical production and trading standards and impeccable standards of production and customer service.

The past year has seen a state of the art third manufacturing line added to the TFP production base, in order to meet increasing demand from customers in the aerospace, energy and automotive industries amongst others. It has also seen further expansion into the Far East paper market, with a China office for James Cropper Paper. These exciting advances demonstrate a company on the front foot as the second century of trading closes in.

Mark Cropper, Chairman of James Cropper PLC, says: “Six generations worth of high standards and values are one of the reasons why we are where we are today, so the past plays a significant part of what we are, what we have become and what we want to be. However, as a global trading company that leads in technological advancements in the materials industry, our people have the foresight to anticipate changes in demand and use of our products and respond. This is what I believe to be the essence of our success.”

To mark the 170th Anniversary and also the official opening of the third TFP manufacturing line, there is a celebration event planned later on in the summer.
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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The Paper Bar from Thomas Pink & James Cropper  (Company news)

A stylish bar has been produced using luxury papers from James Cropper

James Cropper and heritage clothing brand, Thomas Pink joined forces to commission a stunning paper bar and set of paper drinking accessories, designed to stand as a centrepiece in the hallowed halls of London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) during the London Collections fashion event.

Developed and built by Sam Robins of design studio, Flow Creation, the free-standing bar, made from two different weights of James Cropper’s White Kendal Manilla stock came complete with paper glasses, lamps and fine architectural detail to complement the historic setting. Constructed to stand at the heart of Thomas Pink’s, London-inspired Autumn/Winter 2015 collection launch on Saturday 10 January 2015, the collaboration called on the designer to evoke the crisp freshness of a new, white shirt while testing the qualities of the versatile paper stock.

Following deliveries of 315gsm and 180gsm papers to his Blackpool studio, Robins combined manual hand-working and paper cut techniques with computerised design and cutting processes to develop the bar and drinking paraphernalia. As well as working with Thomas Pink’s commercial team and both event and lighting designers for his cues, he looked to the ICA itself for inspiration, noting detail from the Corinthian columns and ornate cornicing.

Sam says: “Initially I was shocked by the size of the venue; it’s a really grand, imposing space. The bar has grown to 8.5 metres long as a result. Thomas Pink really let me develop the design and specifications with little intervention, simply asking that it did the job of allowing models to interact with it as an alternative to your usual catwalk fashion show. The paper has stood up to every test I have thrown at it, with heavier stock taking the burden of structural support and the lighter weight allowing for decorative elements. Many of the props are really quite large, but can stand without additional support.”

As well as creating lemon slices, martini glasses and even a paper-framed, 3D artwork of the Thomas Pink logo, ‘cheeky fox’, Robins has incorporated LEDs and RGB lighting tape into hidden parts of the bar to ensure it responds to thematic changes during the show. The only structural concession required of the paper, to give models confidence in using the bar naturally, was an MDF sub-structure for surface strength and ballast. To close the event, gathered VIPs of the fashion industry and press were handed pink pens and invited to leave messages on the clean, white surface.

Chris Brown, Commercial Director of James Cropper, said: “Our customers come to us for a product that is perfectly matched to their needs, and in this case our White Kendal Manilla was ideal for laser cutting as well as the purity of its colour. Kendal Manilla has become established as a benchmark in quality in the art, craft and stationery markets and has proved perfect for the intricate construction of this fun, visually stunning project.”

The paper bar will be recycled following the press launch alongside the PINK Drink/James Cropper branded paper drinks cups used to serve cocktails at the event. The Kendal Manilla stock contains up to 40% reclaimed fibres from single-use drinks cups. The reclaimed pulp originates from James Cropper’s own, pioneering recycling plant, which sees the formerly unrecyclable waste material given a new lease of life.
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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Sustainable Developments in Papers & Technical Fibres Seals Innovation Award Win  (Company news)

Ground-breaking processes including the recycling of carbon fibre and paper coffee cups have seen James Cropper claim an Innovation Excellence Award, supported by the Technology Strategy Board. The award was presented by the Stationers Company, the guardians of the British communications and content industries, including paper and printing sectors, to Chief Executive, Phil Wild at a gathering on Monday 30 June 2014.

Picture: Tom Hempenstall (right) presents Phil Wild with the 2014 Innovation Award

Rising from a long-list of companies, James Cropper picked up the accolade for a series of projects which represent significant milestones in not only British, but the international paper and technical fibre trades.
The panel of judges, including Dr Gerry Flynn of the Technology Strategy Board, Master of the Stationers’ Company, Tom Hempenstall and BBC Global Business Correspondent, Peter Day declared the 170 year old British company the winner of the award for ‘Breakthrough technology that offers significant sustainable development prospects’.
The award ceremony was underpinned by speeches that recognised the seismic technological, economic and social changes challenging traditional industries, innovations like James Cropper’s landmark recycling process for many of the billions of paper coffee cups thrown away each year, were formally recognised by business peers. Sustainable product developments that see waste products limited or reused, including a chocolate wrapping paper that includes otherwise disposed of cocoa shells enhanced James Cropper’s claim to the accolade.

Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper, said: “For six centuries The Stationers Company has set standards and protected the reputation of a range of industries including paper producers, the place from which James Cropper started. Therefore, it is an honour to be recognised by the judges in this way and to receive the award in the company of so many other business leaders. Sustainability makes good business sense, and is at the forefront of our business philosophy in the creation of some of the world’s most distinctive and technically advanced paper products. We feel this award recognises that commitment.”

In addition to James Cropper’s paper business incorporating an integrated converting facility, James Cropper plc also includes TFP (Technical Fibre Products), a specialist producer of wet-laid nonwoven fibres that support the aerospace and defence industries. In October last year it was announced that TFP, an internationally recognised leader in glass, carbon and polymer nonwovens, had developed the capability to process recycled carbon fibre into a reusable composite, ultimately providing a viable route for the reuse of a widely used fibre previously considered as waste.
2014 has seen James Cropper establish a new, dedicated Technology and Innovation Division to stimulate a step-change in the pace and deployment of new technologies appearing in the company’s expanding portfolio. Underpinned by the company’s ethos of investment in the environment, expertise and high standards of customer care, the division is working to build on a series of award winning projects with further developments.

Patrick Willink, Chief Technology Officer for James Cropper, said: “Vision has certainly been the key to James Cropper’s success, along with innovation and reinvention, from becoming one of the first paper mills in the world to make coloured paper, research into non-cellulose fibre which led to the formation of TFP, to developing unique technologies for generating new products from waste materials. With a long-term investment in science, technology and our people the company embraces today’s business challenges as an opportunity.”
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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Commercial step for DuraPulp  (Company news)

In collaboration with UK based James Cropper PLC, the speciality paper and advanced materials group, Södra is taking the first commercial step into the international market for bio-composite material DuraPulp.

The collaboration brings together the respective core competences of each organisation and the creation of cross-functional expert teams with the aim to develop DuraPulp solutions for a wide potential range of applications.

"James Cropper's extensive technical competence and global market reach will mean that we will be able to speed up the commercialisation of DuraPulp," said Anna Altner, Södra's Project Manager for DuraPulp.

"Initially, the collaboration will involve niche and high end packaging related applications but we do see wide potential opportunities, including the horticulture market," explained Jacqueline Redman, Strategic Marketing and Innovation Manager at James Cropper.

James Cropper plc has 2 business divisions - the paper division includes the speciality and luxury paper manufacturing and converting business and the non-woven division, Technical Fibre Products which has a holds a niche and leading position in the aerospace, energy, medical, automotive and other sectors.

James Cropper Speciality Papers is one of the world's leading producers of bespoke coloured paper; in the last six months alone it has won two awards for innovative sustainable luxury packaging, most recently in Shanghai.

"We will be exploring these markets to establish if our unique product can offer useful solutions," noted Urban Blomster, Business Development Manager for DuraPulp.

Södra is already involved in technical collaboration with Swt Paper, a privately-owned business development company in Varberg specialising in bespoke paper and cardboard products. This collaboration is making it possible to produce wet-formed DuraPulp demonstrators that showcase the material's potential in bespoke packaging and containers.

DuraPulp is a bio-composite material that consists of specially-selected pulp from Södra Cell and a renewable biopolymer. After additional processing, these two components take on special properties, such as moisture resistance, strength and rigidity.

James Cropper PLC is an advanced materials group with more than 500 employees and turnover in the region of 80 million GBP.
(Södra Cell AB)

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Luxepack Shanghai In Green Award for James Cropper Cocoa Paper  (Company news)

Luxury packaging made from a by-product of the chocolate production process grabs pioneering British papermaker a second environmental accolade from Luxepack judges.
James Cropper has won the first ever Luxepack Shanghai In Green Award, achieving the highest level of industry recognition for eco-friendly packaging innovation for the second time in six months. Mark Cropper, Chairman of James Cropper, received the award on behalf of the Company at the presentation ceremony in Shanghai.
Presenting their Cocoa Paper, a product which contains 10% cocoa shell content, a by-product of chocolate production, the 170 year old luxury paper and packaging specialist caught the eye of jurors including Damien Parenteau of Chanel China and Qilian Wang, President of Richun Tea Ltd. In October 2013, James Cropper won the Green Award at Luxepack Monaco for the world’s first recycling process for separating paper from plastic-lined coffee cups.
In collaboration with Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, the Cocoa Paper substitutes virgin fibre and materials, avoids wasting the cocoa shells, to create a strong and naturally coloured fibre suitable for food packaging.
Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper, said: “Environmental responsibility comes very high in our list of priorities at James Cropper, being a guiding principle behind our product development and at the heart of our manufacturing and corporate behaviours. It was a strength recognised by Barry Callebaut when we were asked by them to create this paper. Recognition for this bespoke process by the Luxepack judges is very welcome and we are grateful to accept the award.”
Luxepack Shanghai 2014 coincided with the launch of a second James Cropper office in the East Asia region, opening an office in Guangzhou to complement the existing operation in Hong Kong. Senior representatives from James Cropper visited Shanghai to mark the occasion and were on hand to pick up the In Green Award on behalf of the company, at the announcement on Thursday 17 April 2014.
Chris Brown, Commercial Director of James Cropper added: “The production of the Cocoa Paper is a breakthrough which we are extremely proud of, not only for the pioneering methods of production, but also because it came in response to a new, challenging brief from a valued customer. Bespoke papers and production techniques are two things that we are proud to be recognised for and receiving the first Luxepack Shanghai In Green Award is valuable recognition for the innovation that our product development team continues to demonstrate.”
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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Winner of the 2013 Luxe Pack in Green Award  (Company news)

Industry acclaim for coffee cup recycling as James Cropper takes Luxepack award

Finding a way to save 2.5 billion paper cups from landfill has been applauded by the paper packaging industry with James Cropper returning from Luxepack Monaco with the trade exhibition’s annual ‘In Green’ Award, recognising the most innovative, eco-friendly paper production development of 2013.
The prestigious award, decided by a panel of six judges including Michel Fontaine, President of the French National Packaging Council went to the 168 year old British company in a ceremony held on Wednesday 23 October recognising the development of a ground breaking method of recycling previously unrecyclable paper cups.
The Reclaimed Fibre Plant, opened in July at a cost of £5 million, leads the way in sustainable paper production. Separating the 5% polythene lining of paper cups, ubiquitous on high streets worldwide, from the 95% of reusable high quality fibre content has been lauded as a landmark development for the paper industry.
Nigel Read, Sales & Marketing Director of James Cropper Speciality Papers, said: “As regular exhibitors at Luxepack events around the world, we know just how intense the competition is to create new and exciting ideas. That we have been recognised again for investing in ever more progressive methods of production is a result of our unrivalled pedigree, expertise, flexibility and innate curiosity. We’re grateful to a jury of discerning experts for choosing James Cropper to be the recipient of this year’s In Green Award.”
The paper cup recycling process perfected by James Cropper involves softening the waste in a warmed solution, separating the plastic coating from the fibre. The plastic is skimmed off, pulverised and recycled, leaving water and pulp. Impurities are filtered out leaving high grade pulp suitable for use in luxury papers and packaging materials. 87% of the water involved is also reused.
Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper plc said: “Finding better and more responsible ways to produce the high-quality product our customers expect is central to what we do, so our investment in the Reclaimed Fibre Plant is a natural part of James Cropper’s evolution. The challenge of saving millions of paper cups from landfill was one that someone had to meet and I am very proud that James Cropper was the company to do it. The Luxepack In Green Award is a fantastic achievement to cap a momentous year.”
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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2013 Luxe Pack in Green Award  (Company news)

The special LUXE PACK in Green exhibition takes place at the 2013 LUXE PACK MONACO event held from 23-25 October 2013. The exhibition highlights environmentally friendly innovations from exhibitors participating in trade fair and showcases those products designed with sustainable development and an eco-design approach in mind.

The best eco-designed solution, as judged by a prestigious panel of industry professionals, will be presented the LUXE PACK in Green Award on 23 October 2013. The judging criteria takes into account the originality of the design of the product or process; raw material sourcing; process optimisation including use of renewable and green technologies; transportation; product end of life including recyclability; economic impact and market demand.

Applications from Luxe Pack exibitors have been examined by the jury members, and 5 have been short-listed for the Award. Two innnovations from James Cropper are amongst those selected by the jury to go forward to the final round of judging for the 2013 Luxe Pack in Green Award; a paper which incorporates cocoa husk waste from chocolate production for world leading chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut, and our new reclaimed fibre facility which recycles coffee cup waste on an industrial scale.

The judging will take place on the first day of the Luxepack exhibition, and the judges will make their final decision following presentations by the short-listed companies.

The LUXE PACK in green 2013 jury

Michel FONTAINE, President of the French National Packaging Council
Elizabeth LAVILLE, Director& Founder of the Sustainable development consulting agency UTOPIES
Sandrine SOMMER, Sustainable Development Director GUERLAIN
Susanna BONNATI, Creative Director COMUNICANDO
Sandrine NOEL, Environment Manager LOUIS VUITTON
Fanny FREMONT, Sustainable Purchasing and Botanical Trade Manager, YVES ROCHER GROUP
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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H M The Queen unveils innovative technology for recycling disposable coffee cups  (Company news)

Picture: Patrick Willink (Operations Director) & Phil Wild (CEO) showing HM The Queen around the new facility.

Until now, the plastic content of cups has made them unsuitable for use in papermaking. In the UK alone, an estimated 2.5 billion paper cups go to landfill. James Cropper’s recycling technology separates out the plastic incorporated in the cups leaving paper pulp that can be used in the highest quality papers.
The new facility was being inaugurated by Her Majesty The Queen who is visiting James Cropper’s HQ in the English Lake District alongside Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal.
Disposable cups are made up of between 90 - 95% high strength paper with a 5% thin coating of polyethylene (plastic). After four years of development, James Cropper can now not only recycle the fibre content in cup waste but also recycle the plastic coating, giving a sustainable solution to the global problem of disposable cup waste.
The process involves softening the cup waste in a warmed solution, separating the plastic coating from the fibre. The plastic is skimmed off, pulverised and recycled, leaving water and pulp. Impurities are filtered out leaving high grade pulp suitable for use in luxury papers and packaging materials.
Mark Cropper, Chairman of James Cropper plc, said: “Cup waste is a rich source of high grade pulp fibre, but until now the plastic content made this product a contaminant in paper recycling . Our technology changes that and also addresses a major environmental waste problem and accompanying legislation. We are greatly honoured that Her Majesty The Queen and The Princess Royal are joining us on the occasion of our new plant opening. There is no more fitting way to celebrate this pioneering development”
Phil Wild, CEO of James Cropper plc added: “This is the latest in a long history of innovation that has kept James Cropper ahead of the game for nearly 170 years and six generations. We were one of the world’s first producers of coloured papers, today the preferred choice for packaging of numerous global luxury brands, from fashion houses and champagne producers, such as Krug, to smartphone giants and department stores like Selfridges. We were also a pioneer in the production of paper-like non-woven materials from carbon and other fibres.”
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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Remembrance Poppy  (Company news)

The remembrance poppy has been used since 1920 to commemorate soldiers who have died in war. Inspired by the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields", they were adopted by military veterans' groups in the Commonwealth.
In the United Kingdom, paper poppies are sold by The Royal British Legion (RBL) and Haig Fund charities. A small team of people—most of them disabled former British military personnel—work all year round to make millions of poppies at the Poppy Factory in Richmond.
In the early years after World War I, poppies were worn only on Remembrance Day itself. However, today the RBL's "Poppy Appeal" has a higher profile than any other charity appeal in the UK and poppies are worn from late October through to mid-November.
James Cropper Speciality Papers is proud to be the supplier of red and green papers for the Poppy Factory.
(James Cropper Speciality Papers Ltd)

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