News - Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches SAS, Business Area Decor



News - Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches SAS, Business Area Decor

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches SAS, Business Area Decor

News - Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches SAS, Business Area Decor

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Bekaert Solaronics installs infrared drying system UniDryer®V3 after sizing at Ahlstrom-Munksjö,...  (Company news)

... Arches mill, France

Bekaert Solaronics
supplied Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches with two 2-rows UniDryer® V3 hoods for drying of abrasive paper base after size press on its PM4.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches (formerly known as Arjowiggings Arches) is the oldest customer of Bekaert Solaronics. The first IR drying system was installed in 1966 on the PM5. Since then, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Arches continued to count on Bekaert Solaronics for all its projects as seven infrared drying systems have been installed in the paper mill.
The main objectives of the new UniDryer® V3 are to dry efficiently the paper coats and achieve guaranteed moisture at the inlet of sizer 2.

The UniDryer® V3 is a very compact system in which high performance gas infrared emitters are alternated with high temperature and velocity air nozzles without requiring a heat exchanger or an external gas burner. These features result in a fast heat-up, a high evaporation rate and ultimately in better product quality.
(Solaronics SA)

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Munksjö: Investment in Arches to secure leading position within abrasive backings  (Company news)

Munksjö’s Arches facility, France, is producing specialty papers for several product applications. To secure the leading position within abrasive backings and due to increased customer demand, a paper machine at the production facility will be rebuilt. After the rebuild, the paper machine will continue to be able to produce both decor and abrasive backings. The rebuilt will also enable additional capacity within latex impregnated abrasive backings and hence allow for new product applications and a more efficient production.

The rebuilt is planned to take place in two steps during the seasonal shutdowns in the summer and at the end of 2017.

The capital expenditure related to the rebuilt is estimated to a total of approximately EUR 14 million. The clear majority of the related cash flow effect is expected to occur during 2017, starting from the first quarter. The investment decision does not change the outlook given for Munksjö’s capital expenditure for fixed assets in 2016, which remains unchanged.

“Munksjö is a world-leading supplier of abrasive backings. The market is growing and so is the demand from our industrial customers that require applications with the highest strength, durability and endurance. This investment ensures that we continue to be a market leader in this segment and confirms our commitment to continue to support our customers’ growth.” says Dan Adrianzon, President Industrial Applications.

The operations at the Arches facility include production, sales and marketing of mainly decor paper, abrasive backings, and fine art paper.
(Munksjö Oyj)


Munksjö forms a world leading specialty paper company  (Company news)

Munksjö intends to acquire ArjoWiggins’ decor and abrasive businesses.
The acquisition is a natural step in Munksjö’s growth strategy within specialty paper.
Sales of decor paper would almost double.
The purchase price on a debt free basis will be 95 MEUR.

Munksjö intends to acquire the Decor, Abrasives, thin papers and fine arts businesses of ArjoWiggins including the mills in Arches (France) and Dettingen (Germany).
With the acquisition Munksjö would form a world leading specialty paper company. Munksjö would almost double the turnover for decor paper and add important growth potential for further expansion within new specialty paper segments such as abrasive papers, fine arts papers and thin papers primarily for pharmaceutical leaflets. Net sales for the combined group would amount to approximately 600 MEUR 2010 whereof decor sales more than 50 percent. The number of employees would be around 1 750.
“The acquisition is an important step in Munksjö’s growth strategy to become a major player in Decor paper and to grow in profitable niche segments for industrial applications. Acquiring the competency within decor and the new segments will give access to new growth markets for further expansion. It’s a perfect match”, says Jan Åström, President and CEO of Munksjö.
Munksjö has shown a steady growth since the second half of 2009 and the company is now one of the most profitable players within the specialty paper sector. Munksjö will, after the acquisition, offer and serve its global decor customers with a unique product offering, a full range of decor products. The product offering within abrasive papers show growth potential which fits perfectly with the specialty paper strategy of Munksjö.
The purchase price on a debt free basis will be 95 MEUR. Total sales for the acquired businesses are approximately 220 MEUR. An information and consultation process has been launched with the relevant works councils. The acquisition requires approval from the European Commission.
Going forward, Munksjö will continue working with improved efficiency and increased profitability. The new businesses will support this work with a stronger manufacturing network and intensified efforts within product development, sales and marketing.
“We create enhanced possibilities for future growth, profitability and cash-flow. This makes Munksjö well positioned for our planned IPO which most likely will take place during 2011”, says Jan Åström, President and CEO Munksjö AB. (Munksjö Paper AB)