News - CMPC Celulosa S.A., Santa Fe Mill

News - CMPC Celulosa S.A., Santa Fe Mill

CMPC Celulosa S.A., Santa Fe Mill

News - CMPC Celulosa S.A., Santa Fe Mill

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Valmet to supply a new Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer for CMPC Celulosa in Chile  (Company news)

Valmet will supply a Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer (Valmet Kappa Q1) for CMPC Celulosa in Santa Fe, Chile for its fiber line 1 producing ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) bleached eucalyptus pulp. To be installed in the blow line of the continuous digester, the Valmet Kappa Q1 will provide rapid and frequent Kappa number information for better digester and subsequent O2 stage control. Two larger multiline Valmet Kappa Analyzers have been successfully operating on the mill's larger fiber line 2 since startup in 2006.

Photo: The process sampling device is safely accessible without a process shutdown.

"Safety was an important factor in our decision and the design of Valmet Kappa Q1 avoids unnecessary exposure to risk when maintenance is required. We have always had good experiences of Valmet products, fast and good support, with both existing Valmet Kappa Analyzers consistently providing better uptime compared with other devices in the mill," says Patricio Montanares, Mill Technician, CMPC Celulosa.

About the Valmet Kappa Q1
The new Valmet Kappa Q1 has been developed as a stage specific analyzer to provide increased measurement frequency of Kappa number in high yield kraft pulping. Using a similar sweep measurement (pat. pending) as Valmet's very successful multi-point kappa analyzer, the advanced technology ensures exceptional accuracy and stability. The analyzer utilizes well proven sampling device technology with a new and innovative sample handling principle to the nearby compact measuring unit where it is washed and pulp Kappa number measured. Unlike single point Kappa measurements mounted directly to process piping, only the process sampling device is connected to the pressurized process, the measurement itself is thus unaffected by vibration and safely accessible without a process shutdown.

"The increased measurement frequency fulfills all pulping process control needs and safely provides the genuine pulp Kappa number in dedicated process stage applications from unbleached brown stock pulp to oxygen delignification," says Risto Rinne, Fiberline Analyzer Business Manager, Valmet.

Self-adjusting process sampling and sample transportation, optimized sample washing and pre-calibration with customer pulp samples all make commissioning exceptionally fast and easy. Two models are available with measurement characteristics optimized for Kappa ranges of 9 to 50 or 35 to 120. User safety is further improved with the built-in laboratory sample collector isolated from the process. The analyzer requires minimal maintenance and features chemical based self-cleaning for trouble free operation. With the built-in touch screen display, all analyzer operating parameters, operating sequences and diagnostics together with operating instruction are all instantly available. Remote configuration and operation as well as Industrial Internet capabilities also provide the possibilities of remote specialist support from Valmet.
(Valmet Corporation)

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