News - Flambeau River Papers LLC, Division of Cellmark Paper

News - Flambeau River Papers LLC, Division of Cellmark Paper

Flambeau River Papers LLC, Division of Cellmark Paper


News - Flambeau River Papers LLC, Division of Cellmark Paper

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Flambeau River Papers CEO affirms value added and specialty paper strategy - ...  (Company news)

... Announces reduction in commodity paper capacity

In an announcement to Flambeau River Papers (FRP) employees on January 5, 2018, William (Butch) Johnson, CEO of FRP affirmed that the key to FRP’s long term viability is the enhanced dedication and focus of all at FRP on increasing technical paper-making capabilities and continued growth of sales of FRP “value added” and “specialty” papers.

FRP expanded efforts to grow production of value added and specialty papers approximately five years ago. Sales of these grades now represent over 90% of the mill’s capacity on Paper Machines #1 and #2.

Butch continued “That while papers like laser bond and offset (run on Paper Machine #3 (#3PM)) have been good fill grades for the mill in the past, they are no longer, and jeopardize the mills ability to continue operations. Therefore, we will exit production of these commodity type papers and idle our #3PM effective January 5th 2018”.

Johnson closed with “As a result of idling #3PM, some of our fellow FRP employees will lose their jobs and our surrounding community will be impacted. This will be painful for all of us. We are committed to doing what we can to help the affected employees find new jobs. These painful changes at the mill are necessary to help ensure a viable and sustainable pulp and paper operation for Flambeau River Papers, the City of Park Falls, and all the good paying jobs that the mill provides”.
(Flambeau River Papers LLC)

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Agreement signed with Flambeau River Papers for the acquisition of their lignin business  (Company news)

Borregaard has signed an agreement with Flambeau River Papers LLC (“Flambeau”) for the acquisition of the lignin business based at the latter’s Park Falls operations in Wisconsin, USA.

The parties have also entered into a long-term lignin raw material supply agreement. Closing is expected to take place during the 4th quarter of 2015. The acquired business will be integrated into Borregaard’s existing US operation.

The annual lignin volume is approximately 40,000 metric tonnes dry substance. The products are sold to the low and medium value segments in North America.

- We are very pleased to add Flambeau’s lignin business to our North American operations. This will broaden our offering to our customers in this region, says Morten Harlem, Executive Vice President, Performance Chemicals.
(Borregaard ChemCell)

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