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Bekaert Solaronics to install three infrared drying systems GemDryer® and three ...  (Company news )

... Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) at Dongda Paper, China.

Bekaert Solaronics will supply Hangzhou Dongda Paper Co. Ltd with a 3-rows infrared GemDryer® (photo) and one Energy Recovery System (ERS) for coat drying on its PM2. This order comes just after the installation in 2016 of two GemDryer® and two ERS after-press and existing coater on the PM1 of Zhejiang Dongda Paper Co., Ltd. Dongda Paper manufactures coated recycled board.

Bekaert Solaronics has a long-lasting experience in the optimization of non-contact drying systems. The combination of the GemDryer® with the ERS will help to increase the machine speed-up after press and coating stations and realize significant energy savings by using directly the exhaust from the infrared dryers as an energy source for the air dryer.

Moreover, thanks to their compactness and coupled with the high performance Gem12+ emitters, the GemDryer® systems meet the customer needs in terms of high power density, drying flexibility and efficiency and ease of maintenance.
(Solaronics SA)

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Valmet to supply a moisturizer system to Zhejiang Dongda Paper in China  (Company news)

Valmet will supply a moisturizer system to Zhejiang Dongda Paper Co. Ltd. in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. The new solution, Valmet IQ Moisturizer, will enable the mill to improve board quality on its paper machine PM2.

The order is included in Valmet's second quarter 2016 orders received. The delivery will take place in September 2016.

"IQ Moisturizer is very important for our PM2. Before our decision, we visited another mill where it has been installed and were very impressed by its performance. We expect the solution to solve our current curl issue and help us to increase the machine speed to the targeted level," says Sun Guanfa, General Manager, Zhejiang Dongda Paper Co. Ltd.

"We have earlier supplied a Valmet DNA distributed control system, a Valmet IQ quality control system and a Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision (PQV) system for Zhejiang Dongda Paper's PM2, and the mill has been very satisfied with their good performance and stable runnability. IQ Moisturizer will now provide the mill with easy and fast curl control without any other curl control measures," says Guo Zhutuan, Sales Director, Automation, Valmet.

Technical information about Valmet IQ Moisturizer
Valmet IQ Moisturizer is a moisturizing system with applications for moisture cross-direction profiling, curl control and smooth moisture level increase. It features an air atomized spray nozzle, a linear water control valve and a mist removal system.

The solution is part of the Valmet IQ product family for monitoring and optimizing process performance and end product quality.
(Valmet Corporation)