Novedades - Stora Enso Poland S.A., Ostroleka Mill

Novedades - Stora Enso Poland S.A., Ostroleka Mill

Stora Enso Poland S.A., Ostroleka Mill


Novedades - Stora Enso Poland S.A., Ostroleka Mill

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Valmet to supply a warp control system to Stora Enso Packaging's corrugated board plant in ...  (Company news)

... Ostroleka, Poland

Valmet will supply a warp control system to Stora Enso Packaging's corrugated board plant in Ostroleka, Poland. The system will reduce warp of the final product and improve the corrugated board plant's overall performance.

The order was included in Valmet's fourth quarter 2017 orders received. The delivery will take place in late spring this year. The value of the order will not be disclosed. Typically, the order value of these kinds of automation system deliveries is below EUR one million.

"We have good cooperation with Stora Enso Packaging. Due to the positive experiences and results gained from earlier deliveries, Stora Enso decided to choose Valmet as the supplier of the automatic warp control system for its corrugator," summarizes Juha Mykkänen, Sales Manager, Automation, Valmet.

Information about the delivery
The warp control system, based on moisture measurement, is used to correct warping of all corrugated board types and to improve corrugated board box plant performance. The system consists of Valmet IQ Converting Scanners with moisture measurements, Valmet IQ Moisturizer and Valmet IQ Warp Measurement, which are integrated together with automatic MPC closed-loop controls. The moisture level of the final product plays an essential role in eliminating corrugated post-warping.
(Valmet Corporation)

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Board and packaging paper production with Voith: quick start-up, highest degree of efficiency and...  (Company news)

... best quality

Board and packaging paper machines need to run at the highest degree of efficiency to be most cost effective. This is where Voith’s proven machines and components come to the fore to ensure a quick start-up. Thus the PM 5, which was put into operation for Stora Enso Narew at the beginning of 2013, was already operated with 100% of its design capacity in the first week. The PM 5 produces testliner and fluting in a basis weight range of 65 – 140 g/m².
Voith offers a multitude of proven solutions for all process steps. In the former section, the DuoFormer D is used in more than 230 installations. With the further development of DuoFormer D II, the production rate can again be noticeably increased. The first DuoFormer D II put into operation in a board machine in 2013 has an increased production capacity of up to 40%. The board quality remains at an excellent level with the best smoothness and at the same time high bulk.
Voith also offers proven components for the downstream production steps. Today board and packaging paper machines are equipped with Voith VariFlex winders. Due to its modular structure, VariFlex can be designed very precisely for the requirements of board and packaging paper. That is the key for ensuring short start-up and optimization times, together with a high level of availability and excellent start-up curves.
(Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)


Stora Enso plans profitability improvement actions across all Business Areas   (Company news)

Stora Enso plans restructuring of its operations through the permanent shutdown of paper machine 1 at Hylte Mill in Sweden and the permanent closure of the corrugated packaging plant at Ruovesi in Finland. In addition, Stora Enso plans efficiency improvements at several other mills. The profitability improvement actions are planned to reduce annual costs by EUR 36 million and reduce the number of employees by approximately 520 altogether. Stora Enso will record a restructuring provision and a fixed asset and working capital write-down as non-recurring items totalling approximately EUR 42 million related to the restructuring plans in the fourth quarter 2012 operating profit.

Printing and Reading plans to close capacity in Sweden
Stora Enso plans the permanent shutdown of paper machine (PM) 1 at Hylte Mill in Sweden with annual capacity 180 000 tonnes of newsprint by the end of the fourth quarter of 2012 due to structural weakening of newsprint demand in Europe. The planned closure and other efficiency improvements would affect approximately 140 employees at Hylte Mill.

Renewable Packaging streamlines operations in Finland, Sweden and Poland
Stora Enso plans permanent closure of the corrugated packaging plant at Ruovesi in Finland in the second quarter of 2013 due to decreased demand for offset-printed corrugated packaging in Finland and poor financial performance of the plant. Stora Enso plans to serve Finnish offset customers through its other offset plants in Europe. The planned closure would affect approximately 60 employees at Ruovesi.
It is also planned to streamline operations at the board plants in Finland and corrugated packaging operations at all the Swedish units to ensure long-term competitiveness. The plans would reduce the number of employees in Sweden and Finland by up to 100 altogether mostly by the end of the third quarter of 2013.
In addition, Stora Enso plans the permanent shutdown of board machine (BM) 2 at Ostrołęka Mill in Poland as announced earlier. BM 2 is reaching the end of its technical lifetime. The shutdown of BM 2 and related technical functions is planned by the end of 2012. Including the effects of an overall review of Polish board and converting operations, the number of employees in Poland would decrease by up to 135 altogether.

Biomaterials efficiency improvement plans
Stora Enso plans to improve efficiency at Skutskär Pulp Mill in Sweden to reduce costs and improve the mill’s competitiveness in response to the challenging market environment. The plans would reduce the number of employees at Skutskär Mill by approximately 60 mostly by the end of Q3 quarter of 2013.
(Stora Enso Oyj)


Metso supplies systems, measurement products and valves for Stora Enso Narew PM5 project ...  (Company news)

... in Poland

Metso has received an important automation order for Stora Enso Narew Sp.zo.o new containerboard production line at Ostroleka in Poland. The production line will produce 455.000 tonnes of light-weighted testliner per year. The EUR 285 million investment project is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2013.
Metso´s delivery scope includes MetsoDNA Automation System, Process Info Management System, latest Web Inspection technology integrated with high speed Web Break Analysis system, Control and On/off-valves as well as Consistency transmitters and Field Instruments. The main shipments will take place during the third quarter of 2012.
"We are very pleased about this extensive automation order and privileged to continue working with Stora Enso Narew professional team after the successful power plant project implementation," says Ari Pinjamaa, Regional Vice President, Metso.
(Metso Oyj)


Sweco wins major order in Poland  (Company news)

Sweco's industry consultants have signed a major contract from Stora Enso in connection to its investment in a new paper machine in Stora Enso Poland Ostrołęka Mill. The contract is worth approximately SEK 50 million.
Stora Enso is investing EUR 285 million in a new paper machine in order to increase the production of paper for corrugated packaging products at the pulp and paper mill in north western Poland. Recycled fibres will be used as raw materials in the new paper machine that will have an annual capacity of about 455 000 tonnes.
"We are pleased to have received this contract and that Stora Enso has chosen us in order to increase production capacity at the Ostrołęka Mill. This is also a sign that the market is beginning to turn upwards again after a long period of low industrial investments, particularly in the European based pulp and paper industry. This is the second major contract we have signed in a short time," says Kari Harsunen, President of Sweco Industry.
The scope of the work includes process, layout, piping, electrical, automation, HVAC and fire protection engineering and will be mainly executed by Sweco Industry in Finland but also partly by local sub engineering companies in Poland. The overall implementation of the project will take about two years.
(Sweco Industry AB)


ANDRITZ to supply OCC line to Stora Enso, Poland  (Company news)

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Stora Enso Narew Sp. z o.o. to supply the complete OCC line including reject treatment for their new 455,000 t/y board machine, which will be located in Ostroleka, Poland. Start-up is scheduled for the beginning of 2013.
The OCC line, which includes FibreFlow drum pulping, has a feed capacity of 1,665 t/d. The raw materials of mixed waste and OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) will be used to produce high-quality lightweight testliner and fluting. The complete reject treatment system designed for 120 t/d will supply combustible material for the existing power boiler. The scope of supply also includes erection work and start-up.
The OCC line and reject treatment represent state-of-the-art technology, thus minimizing operating costs, as well as energy and water consumption.
(Andritz AG)


Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery to Supply Pulpers to Stora Enso In Poland   (Company news)

Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery have signed a contract with Stora Enso Narew for five pulpers to be delivered under the brand new board machine of Ostroleka mill site in Poland.
Pulpers handle all the broke and waste of the new production line and reproduce fiber material which can be fed back to the stock preparation and further on to the board machine itself as raw material of test-liner and fluting. High speed machine (1800 m/min) of trim width 8.4 meters requires reliable pulping equipment to ensure flawless production. Vaahto has supplied successfully 95 pulpers and thus one of Ostroleka pulpers will be Vaahto pulper number 100. Deliveries will happen in the spring of 2012.
(Vaahto Oy Tampere, Pulp & Paper Machinery)

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