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Food safely packed  (Company news)

Mondi shares insights into food packaging conformity at 3rd Symposium for Food Safety

Picture: f.l.t.r.: Mag. Dr. Michael Stelzl (wissenschaftlicher Leiter GLi GmbH), DI Dr. Martin Messner (Mondi Uncoated Fine & Kraft Paper GmbH), DI Dr. Johannes Bergmair (Vizepräsident der World Packaging Organisation) und August Staudinger (Geschäftsführer GLi GmbH)

Organised by the Non-profit Food Initiative for Austria (GLi) and the Hygienicum institute, the 3rd Symposium for Food Safety took place in Graz, Austria, from 6th to 7th April 2017. The international packaging and paper company Mondi supported the event as a sponsor and expert with a workshop themed: “Conformity in food packaging”. Dr. Johannes Bergmair, Vice President of the World Packaging Organisation, and Dr. Martin Messner, Head of the Mondi Food Safety Laboratory, explained how improved communication and data exchange between all parties along the supply chain can ease the process of legal compliance.

Anyone who packs food is responsible for making sure that their packaging is harmless to health. But many food manufacturers feel abandoned and uninformed by packaging producers when it comes to conforming with legal regulations. Taking the example of corrugated boxes, Mondi provided interesting insights into the compliance process, the complexity of which surprised many workshop participants. For instance, depending on the primary packaging and the final application, conformity requires providing detailed descriptions of the converted paper grades, the inks, the adhesives and the coatings being used.

The workshop participants – among them food producers and retailers – were impressed by the detailed knowledge and the comprehensive services that Mondi offers via its in-house Food Safety Laboratory (FSL) in Frantschach, Austria. The FSL operates in line with the strictest industry standards and supports Mondi’s paper mills in performing hygiene and GMP activities, as well as in completing declarations of conformity for food packaging (VO (EG) 1935/2004) and handling other legal requirements such as the REACH regulation and the European Packaging Directive. The aim of the FSL is to ensure centralised and systematic two-way communication regarding incoming raw materials and outgoing products in order to guarantee conformity of packaging applications and to communicate possible boundaries of usage. An IFS auditor participating in the workshop praised the Mondi laboratory for its transparent and open compliance culture.

Dr. Martin Messner provided a practical example: “For a food producer who was under time pressure from a retail customer expanding in the US, Mondi Grünburg and the FSL recently completed the full compliance certification process for primary and secondary packaging materials for the US market in only three weeks. This kind of service is unique in the packaging industry and is very much appreciated by food producers – especially considering the consistently increasing demands placed on food contact materials.“

Mondi is able to provide a rapid and transparent certification process because it is vertically integrated along the value chain, from wood to final corrugated box. In addition, horizontal integration with Mondi’s Consumer Goods Packaging business segment makes the process more straightforward since all necessary knowledge is available in-house.

Food producers look for strong partners who can support them throughout the conformity certification process. During the symposium, demand for communication standards was clearly evident. According to August Staudinger, Managing Director of GLi and organiser of the event: “The practical insights that Dr. Martin Messner of the Mondi Food Safety Laboratory contributed to our workshop were extremely valuable for participants. He exceeded their expectations in gaining clarity about the whole process of achieving declarations of conformity and the importance of good communication and data exchange.”
(Mondi Packaging Corrugated)

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Mondi's recycled NAUTILUS® papers awarded Buyers Lab (BLI) performance certification  (Company news)

Consistent quality of NAUTILUS® SuperWhite and NAUTILUS® ReFresh externally verified

Mondi’s recycled brands NAUTILUS® SuperWhite and NAUTILUS® ReFresh have been awarded with the Buyer’s Lab (BLI) performance certification based on independent testing across numerous digital imaging devices. Buyer’s Lab (BLI), the leading global independent office products test lab and business consumer advocate, tested the NAUTILUS® papers on a total of 15 different office document imaging devices (including copiers, printers, fax machines and multifunctional products) and evaluated the results based on paper dust, runnability (curl, double-sheeting and misfeeds), image performance, packaging and cut defects. According to the certificates awarded, both NAUTILUS® brands have proven to be highly reliable, with excellent performance related to image quality, dusting and curl.

“I can confirm that both Mondi papers - NAUTILUS® ReFresh and NAUTILUS® SuperWhite - have been awarded BLI’s Performance Certification, which means that it has delivered very good results across a wide range of devices and brands in BLI’s testing program,” says David Sweetnam, Head of European Research and Lab Services.

Beyond awarding the performance certification of NAUTILUS®, BLI has also chosen to use the NAUTILUS® brands for its ongoing lab testing. “All of BLI’s Environmental Testing on a wide range of imaging devices is conducted with Mondi NAUTILUS® Refresh Triotec 30% and NAUTILUS® SuperWhite 100% recycled papers, both of which are quality-grade recycled multipurpose papers. A number of other Mondi media types, including NAUTILUS® SuperWhite are also used in BLI’s Public and Custom testing, and they have always delivered outstanding quality and reliability,” confirms Dr. Simon Plumtree, European Managing Editor.

“Having purchased NAUTILUS® recycled paper from Mondi for several years now, I have to say that the consistent quality performance of the brand is excellent. We’re satisfied and more importantly, our customers are satisfied. Can’t ask for more,” says Hanspeter Albrecht, Head of Marketing, Berberich Papier, sharing a customer perspective.

“We were thrilled to receive the external verification of our high quality recycled NAUTILUS® papers. It is one thing if we say we produce excellent recycled papers, but another thing entirely if an independent body and customers confirm it,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. “The clear benefits for users – less machine wear and reduced maintenance costs – are combined with an excellent eco-profile and externally verified. So there are no compromises between quality and environmental benefits. It doesn’t get any better than that,” concludes Klumpp.
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Mondi’s Green Event on April 10th, 2013 in Vienna   (Company news)

What does it mean to be green in the paper industry today? What affect will the new EU Timber regulations have on operators, traders and printers in Europe? What do FSC® and PEFC™ have to say about it? How green is printing today anyway? Is carbon neutral a trend or a real business advantage?

Mondi hosted its carbon neutral Green Event on April 10th, 2013 in Vienna to discuss these and many more topics with more than 95 people from 13 different countries attending. Informative presentations, lively discussions and networking as well as a captivating sand art show rounded out the day.

Presentations by:
Helma Brandlmaier, WWF
Charles Townsend, SGS UK
Ulrich Malessa, FSC Germany
Thorsten Arndt, PEFC International
Werner Sobotka, Print & Publishing
Laurel Brunner, Verdigris
Klaus Reisinger, Climate Partner
Susan Brunner, Mondi
Peter Gardiner, Mondi
Sergey Popov, Idea Print
(Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Sales GmbH)

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Mondi extends its portfolio of high-white, smooth digital printing papers with DNS® color print  (Company news)

DNS® color print is the latest development in Mondi’s professional printing portfolio. The new digital colour printing paper falls within the company’s offering of smooth high-white papers for a broad spectrum of applications that demand high-impact colour saturation.

The DNS® brand by international pulp and paper maker Mondi continues to grow with the launch of DNS® color print, the company’s latest development for the fast growing digital printing market. This latest paper offers customers the high whiteness level (170 CIE) characteristic of DNS® premium and DNS® high-speed inkjet, launched in 2010 and 2011 respectively. However, DNS® color print introduces an extra smooth surface to the list of features and benefits comprising the full brand portfolio.
The smooth finish combined with the paper’s high opacity allows for full colour reproduction for duplex printing. With far-reaching potential for print applications, DNS® color print is specially engineered for digital colour printing on laser printers, copiers, and digital colour presses. Moreover, DNS® color print is produced with ColorLok® Technology, which is a class of paper additives that visibly enhance the print quality of inkjet documents while providing faster drying times.
“The research and development for DNS® color print took place at Mondi Neusielder mill in Austria, where the paper is produced. Mondi Neusiedler has been in the paper making business for more than 200 years and has led the way in developing papers for digital printing for more than 20 years. Its reputation for high quality and innovation is well-earned and recognised by professionals in the paper industry,” said Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.
With a range of grammages from 80-300 g/m2 in A4, A3 (LG/SG) and SRA3 formats, versatility is a prime benefit for printers handling diverse applications from marketing collateral to invitations to business cards. DNS® color print is also suitable for preprint applications such as letterhead and office stationery.
DNS® color print is part of Mondi’s Green Range of sustainably produced papers that fulfil the leading environmental and social guidelines. It is FSC® certified and was awarded the EU Ecolabel as a product that is deemed to have a lesser impact on the environment than other similar products. All Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper mills are certified FSC®, PEFC™, ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system).
(Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Sales GmbH)

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Mondi highlights key benefits of ColorLok® Technology with a new campaign and a chance...  (Company news)

... to win a trip to the Sahara, Barcelona or Norway to see the polar lights.

After recently expanding its range of ColorLok® papers, global paper and packaging producer Mondi has launched a campaign that brings the benefits of ColorLok® Technology to life.
The faster drying times, vivid colours and bolder blacks experienced in the office copy room have been integrated into the company’s ColorLok® campaign prizes. The main prizes feature trips for two to explore the arid deserts of Morocco (Africa), the vivid colours of Barcelona (Spain), or the polar lights of Tromsø (Norway) set against a black night sky. In addition, Mondi will give away a total of 200 iTunes and Amazon vouchers.
For a chance to win one of these prizes, customers must enter a ColorLok® code at Codes can be found on promotional stickering on A4, 80 g/m2 reams of Mondi papers with ColorLok® Technology as well as scratch-and-win lottery tickets distributed in magazines and by sales agents. Further codes will also be issued per valid email address entered on See full contest details and regulations at the Mondi ColorLok® website.
Recently, Mondi added BIO TOP 3® extra, 100% recycled NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, IQ appeal and MAESTRO® bulky to its ColorLok® paper portfolio, which also includes IQ premium, IQ selection smooth, MAESTRO® extra, MAESTRO® supreme, DNS® premium, and NAUTILUS® ReFresh TRIOTEC. According to Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Sales, ColorLok® Technology is an added value for customers who use inkjet printers.
“In smaller office and home environments, where most inkjet printing takes place, our papers treated with ColorLok® Technology deliver richer, more vibrant image reproduction, sharp text and reduced ink smears because of the faster drying time. Our customers can see the difference between inkjet printing on paper with and without ColorLok® Technology,” says Johannes Klumpp.
ColorLok® Technology is based on a class of paper additives that visibly enhance the print quality of inkjet documents while also providing faster drying time. A specific chemical interaction between additives and the pigment holds the pigment on the paper surface while the rest of the ink penetrates deep into the paper, resulting in the crisp, vivid print quality.
Mondi ColorLok® campaign on will run from January-June, 2012.
(Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Sales GmbH)

Newsgrafik #91203

Mondi launches BIO TOP 3® next as the next phase in hybrid printing   (Company news)

A hybrid paper that is digital, preprint and offset suitable, BIO TOP 3® next is the latest addition to Mondi’s digital printing portfolio.
Global pulp and paper producer Mondi launches BIO TOP 3® next, the latest product in the company’s ongoing expansion of its digital printing portfolio. Known for its natural white shade and extensive environmental profile the BIO TOP 3® brand is recommended for applications ranging from office stationery to digital book printing. BIO TOP 3® next marks a new phase in the company’s hybrid printing papers developed for increased printer compatibility and a wider range of applications.
“We produce all BIO TOP 3® papers without any optical brightening agents; therefore, the paper retains its natural feel and whiteness level,” explains Johannes Klumpp Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. “What is particularly unique to our new paper, BIO TOP 3® next, is its suitability for full colour image reproduction. We recently created a photo book for customers interested in using uncoated papers for digital image reproduction. Many were very surprised at the striking results of full colour printing with BIO TOP 3® next, given its natural haptic and natural white shade, which customers are accustomed to using for applications like book printing and stationery.”
Unique image reproduction is one of many features of BIO TOP 3® next. It is available in grammages ranging from 80-300 gsm, and SRA3, folio and reel formats. Moreover, for many customers who prioritise sustainability, the added value also derives from the product’s environmental profile. BIO TOP 3® next is TCF (totally chlorine free), FSC® certified, and bears the EU Ecolabel and Austrian Environmental label, denoting the sustainable production processes at Mondi Neusiedler mill in Austria, where BIO TOP 3® next is produced.
Mondi plans to roll out a new BIO TOP 3® next marketing campaign by the end of 2011.
(Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Sales GmbH)