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News - KAPAG Karton + Papier AG

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KAPAG win the PACK FICTION competition in Paris  (Company news)

With their laminated FibreForm® the family-owned Swiss company take the top award for most innovative material at the Pack & Gift trade show

Recently KAPAG Karton + Papier AG won first prize in the design category at the PACK FICTION competition. Their laminated 3D paperboard FibreForm® was voted the most innovative material.

The judging panel, who included brand owner Coca Cola, major French retailer Carrefour, trend agency Nellyrodi as well as the trade magazines Emballages Magazine and Marketing and, picked FibreForm® Impact as the winner.

The design category of the PACK FICTION competition evaluates materials that stand out due to their unique properties which draw the viewer’s attention. Simultaneously, the material’s sustainability was an important factor when making their choice, explained Emmanuelle Badouix (Coca Cola) on behalf of the judging panel.

Laminated FibreForm® is a food approved solid bleached board with high tensile stretch and tearing resistance. These properties allow for unusually deep embossing (greater than three times the board thickness) that simulate a 3D effect and were, until recently, unheard of in the field of cartonboard. The base paper for this FSC certified quality is a product of BillerudKorsnäs.

“We are delighted to receive this award”, says Alexander Meyer, Managing Owner of KAPAG. “We accept it on behalf of all those who helped us conceive this extraordinary product and who will also be by our side during future development. Laminated FibreForm® opens up completely new perspectives in the graphical and packaging sector. The quality complies with the strategy of those convertors who proactively seek new ideas to enhance the value of their customers’ branded goods.”

KAPAG markets this new laminated paperboard under the brand names of FibreForm® Impact and FibreForm® Duo. The unusually deep embossing not only attracts attention to the packaged branded goods but will also help guard against counterfeit packaging.
(KAPAG Karton + Papier AG)

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Sappi and KAPAG announce direct sales and marketing partnership in France   (Company news)

"Total Brand Consistency" concept makes Sappi’s Algro Design® and KAPAG’s Algro® Duo product families more accessible in the French printing and packaging market

Image: Kapag's promotional samples folder customised to fit Sappi's Algro Design marketing campaign.

Sappi Fine Paper Europe and Swiss Karton + Papier AG (KAPAG) are joining forces to launch Sappi’s bright white cellulose carton brands Algro Design and KAPAG’s Algro Duo to the French printing and packaging market. In the spirit of "Total Brand Consistency", the purpose of this collaboration is to harness the power and expertise of both companies, enabling them to enhance the product portfolio and service levels for companies in France that are in the premium printing and packaging sectors.
Featured are high quality Algro Design, Algro Design Card and Algro Design Duo products from Sappi with weights from 160 g/m2 to 400 g/m2 as well as laminated Algro Duo versions from KAPAG, also based on Algro Design, with weights ranging from 450 g/m2 to 710 g/m2 (with higher thicknesses of up to 5 mm available on demand).
"We are excited to be jointly bringing this message to brand owners, designers, agencies, printing companies, packaging converters and print finishers,” says Lars Scheidweiler, Sappi Product Group Manager Rigid Packaging. “By extending the print and packaging supply chain in France for the Algro Design and Algro Duo product families, we will increase the awareness of expanded opportunities to use these high-quality materials for even better results. This partnership also assures easier access to these outstanding products in the French market. Algro Design carton board is known for its exceptional surface properties. It is now available for a wider variety of applications and in heavier board weights.”
“Customers trust us to give the best advice and we believe in the performance of Algro Duo,” says Alexander Meyer, Managing Owner of KAPAG. “We have been noticing increased market demand for a single premium product that is available in very low and very high grammages for a wide array of end uses. This is why we have joint forces with Sappi. Algro Design is recognised as one of the outstanding grades in that product segment. The extended range delivers the same appearance, and therefore increases brand recognition and trust among consumers”. Sappi's Algro Design premium carton board is made from virgin fibres and comprises the ideal material for high-quality packaging and printed products. Using Algro Design guarantees maximum precision, a premium look and feel of luxury and consistent quality. The high quality of the carton, its surface feel and, in particular, its brilliant white finish and even surface produce sharper, livelier printed images, ensuring excellent contrast while giving the impression of greater space and dimensionality for both on-shelf packaging display as well as for graphic illustrations.
Expanding market position in France
France is one of the most important and sophisticated markets in terms of cosmetics and perfumes. Algro Design from Sappi already holds an important position in the market, and now it is available in weights up to 710 g/m2 and higher that still deliver the well-known "look and feel" of Algro Design surface properties. The ability to deliver "Total Brand Consistency" using the Algro Design and Algro Duo product families has been standard practice for a number of years in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux. In these markets, Algro Design carton board and its laminated versions, sold by KAPAG, are synonymous with luxury and premium quality and are available via common distribution platforms and local trade partners.
In France, however, with no trade partnership in place for the premium packaging sector, Sappi and KAPAG have decided to reach the market with a direct sales and marketing approach. French printing and packaging companies that produce packaging for cosmetics, jewellery and decorative packaging, as well as those who require heavier carton thicknesses for fashion accessories, spirits, confectionery, promotional giveaways, POS displays and other advertising materials, will benefit from faster access to the Algro Design and Algro Duo brands through this partnership. With a product that guarantees the same surface properties across a vast range of weights, brands can also be assured of comprehensive product and brand consistency, regardless of the weight or design they ultimately choose.
(Sappi Europe S.A.)