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    19.10.2015   KBA-Flexotecnica is not only successful in the field of flexible packaging     ( Company news )

    Company news EVO XG offers high performance also in folding carton production

    Following a raft of successful press installations in the North American market, KBA-Flexotecnica announces the commissioning of a unique flexo press for carton board printing at Delta Print & Packaging in Northern Ireland. A user-orientated design, innovative and solid engineering at a good price-performance ratio and a high level availability make the presses from Tavazzano an interesting option even for special applications.

    The gearless EVO XG CI flexo press installed in Belfast is engineered especially for high printing speeds of up to 600m/min (1,969ft/min) and printing with water-based inks on paper and board up to 450g/m² (290lbs). Its innovative technical systems make it a high-performance press.

    The press at Delta Print & Packaging in Belfast primarily produces fast-food packaging for the European market. McDonalds, Kellogg's, Nokia and Jacobs belong to the firm’s customer base. Furthermore, the flexo press produces a multitude of packaging for breakfast cereals, sweets and food. It is run reel-to-reel to a rotary die-cutting line and a reel-to-sheet feeder which in turn feeds sheets to two flatbed die-cutters.

    The EVO XG with a web width of 1,500mm (59in) has a central-cylinder unit with ten printing units as well as two inline flexo printing units with multi-zone drying for the reliable processing of anti-grease coatings and other coating applications. Both inline printing units are equipped for printing on the front and back of the substrate with maximum register accuracy.

    Developed to achieve top performance in terms of quality, productivity and operational efficiency, the high-tech EVO XG incorporates several unique features, such as automatic impression system (AIF), automatic register control and SPEEDY CLEAN washing system with integrated ultrasound viscosity control. Inline colour measurement and inspection per video camera guarantee a consistently high print quality as well as reducing makeready times and waste. The press is rounded off with a Monomatic un- and rewinder for a reel diameter of up to 1,800mm (70.8in) and automatic splicing at full production speed.
    (KBA-Flexotecnica S.p.A.)
    19.10.2015   Next generation conveyor system for the tissue industry    ( Company news )

    Company news Tissue converting lines share the issue of heavy dust generation which creates well known problems for machinery and equipment. FlexLink have developed a new conveyor designed to cope with these conditions and which practically eliminates unplanned stops and excessive maintenance. The new solution has been displayed at MIAC, a leading Italian tissue exhibition, in Lucca on October 14-15th.

    High line efficiency with predictable output demands equipment with high performance, requiring a minimum of maintenance. In the tissue industry, the conveyor systems play an important role connecting the steps from cutting of the logs to the packaging and end-of-line operations.

    FlexLink have developed a new conveyor platform, X65Y, specifically designed to meet the tough demands from the tissue converting processes. The design is robust and allows the paper dust to easily evacuate from inside the beam, a well-known problem for tissue converters. The result is a substantial reduction of stops and increased uptime of the converting lines. In addition, new transfer units have been developed for connecting the flow between conveyors and equipment, a critical point especially when it comes to rolls with a short cut length.

    Perfectly balanced flow – high throughput
    Visitors will also be shown the DMT™ (Dynamic Motion Transfer) and other unique technologies of FlexLink for the balancing of high capacity converting flows. Combining the DMT™ technology solutions with other solutions from FlexLink such as such as dynamic speed control, a perfectly balanced and pull based flow is achieved enabling the highest process throughput.
    FlexLink offers turnkey solutions including pre-studies, solutions design, layouts, integration and after sales services. At the booth, 3D production flow simulations will be demonstrated – a given tool for early verification of the systems design and capacity.

    "The new X65Y conveyor platform has been thoroughly tested at key users on all continents and proven its capability, substantially increasing line uptime. The typical dust related problems are practically eliminated. We are currently working on several businesses including conveyor systems based on X65Y and the DMT solution for seamless balancing of high capacity converting flows. We look forward sharing our ideas with the tissue industry at MIAC” comments Hans Östergren, manager of FlexLink’s Tissue business unit.
    (FlexLink AB)
    19.10.2015   Order from Huanggang Chenming confirms ANDRITZ's leading global position in ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... continuous cooking technology suited for flexible pulp production

    International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Huanggang Chenming Pulp & Paper, China, to supply the cooking plant for its greenfield pulp mill in Hubei province, China.

    This is the second consecutive continuous cooking order from the Chenming Group and confirms ANDRITZ’s leading global position in continuous cooking technologies suited for production of both kraft pulp for paper grades and dissolving pulp.

    The ANDRITZ cooking plant will feature the latest technology, meeting Huanggang Chenming’s requirement to produce both softwood kraft pulp for paper grades and dissolving pulp for textiles and industrial applications. The system includes ANDRITZ’s proven pre-hydrolysis vessel to remove most of the hemicelluloses in the wood in order to achieve extremely high pulp purity.

    In addition to the cooking plant, ANDRITZ will deliver equipment for handling non-condensible gases in order to eliminate odorous emissions in the mill.
    (Andritz AG)
    16.10.2015   Pack2Pack Expo - The leading dedicated packaging events In Egypt and Morocco    ( Company news )

    Company news Pack2Pack Exhibitions is established itself as the best platform to entire the packaging market in the Middle East and Africa.
    Pack2Pack Expo Egypt 2015, is now in its 4th edition which is supported by the Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade Egypt as a premier event in Africa and the Middle East for International Leading Exhibition for Packing & Packaging Solutions Exhibition which will be held from 22-24 October 2015 in Cairo International Convention Center (CICC), Cairo – Egypt.

    Pack2Pack Expo Egypt 2015, is an annual event held in Cairo for the Packaging industry and is accredited and approved by International Associations and Governmental Bodies Supporters
    The exhibition is bringing together international industry pioneers from manufacturers, processors, producers as well as suppliers of technologies for Packaging industry to end products, accessories and adhesive on 10,000 Square Meter of exhibition space With 95% booked area!

    If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry, there’s still time. Register now or come to the show and register here for FREE entry. We are open from 11:00 to 20:00 and its set to be busy all day!

    Pack2Pack Expo Series present Pack2Pack Expo Morocco 2015 2015an annual event will held from 9 to 11 December 2015 in Office of Fairs and Expositions de Casablanca (OFEC) Casablanca – Morocco.
    (Nile Trade Fairs)
    16.10.2015   Yazoo Mills Expands Production Capacity; Adds 27th High Speed Recutting Line    ( Company news )

    Company news Yazoo Mills, a leading manufacturer of 100% recycled paper tubes and cores, announced their recent purchase of a new high speed automatic, multi-knife paper tube recutting line from Paco Winders Manufacturing Co. The most recent production line is the fourth new line that has been added in the past 18 months. The company continues to see an increase in growth from a variety of markets that Yazoo’s paper cores serve, which has caused them to continue expanding their production lines.

    The new Paco recutter will address customer demands with new capabilities and significant waste reduction. Additionally, the new production line will allow the company to expand their ability to develop new markets and generate needed production capacity.
    (Yazoo Mills Inc.)
    16.10.2015   IDCµ from manroland web systems makes its debut    ( Company news )

    Company news The new product for ink density measurement for newspaper printing is successfully launched at the Druckzentrum Oberfranken
    IDCµ, the first ink density control from manroland web systems for newspaper printing, has taken up operation at Druckzentrum Oberfranken in Bamberg, Germany. From day one, it has been using micro marks to precisely and reliably measure true ink density values. The managing director appreciates the resulting print quality and the savings in resources.

    “Meeting high customer demands with a new control component is certainly a good feeling,” said Florian Fejfar, Color & Quality Product Manager at manroland web systems. The development of ink control for newspaper printing, InlineDensity Control with micro marks (IDCµ), by the Augsburg printing press manufacturer was considerably fueled by the German media group Oberfranken. "The media group had opted for ink control for the COLORMAN e:line project. The customer was familiar with InlineDensity Control from its heatset system in Kulmbach and wanted the same type of performance for newspaper printing,” recalls Florian Fejfar. Jörg Schild-Müller, Managing Director of the print workshops business sector at the Oberfranken media group says: “I have been familiar with InlineDensity Control for many years on our LITHOMAN. We were convinced that the manroland technology could also offer a superior advantage to the “image-based measurement” concept when it comes to newspaper printing.” In Bamberg, the important question to be resolved was whether the measuring quality of IDCµ was comparable to measuring with a hand-held densitometer. This could already be affirmed in the first production runs. “The system launch has been a major success. It allowed us to stabilize the overall process and save resources,” explains Schild-Müller.

    Minimal operator effort
    In addition to improved quality, printing companies expect investments to achieve considerable drops in operator effort and material requirements, coupled with low operating costs. In Bamberg, IDCµ fulfills all of these expectations – IDCµ can take over the complete adjustment of inking. As a result, even a comparatively small team of operators is capable of securely handling the press. The current process state remains transparent and conclusive at all times. “Here, technology is able to adjust optimal inking metering much more precisely and faster than would be possible by hand,” explains Florian Fejfar, “This way, even with vastly reduced manning, staff will not be overstrained.”

    Deep integration
    The efficiency of IDCµ is closely associated with seamless integration into the workflow. In combination with the new operating concept from manroland web systems, which is installed in Bamberg on the COLORMAN e:line, there are even greater advantages. IDCµ does not have to be permanently linked to the pre-press stage, making it less complex than the conventional “image-based measurement”, which has to be elaborately calibrated with test prints and constantly requires pre-press data updates during production. For new and repeat orders, the printnetwork PressManager (PPM) automatically provides all pre-set IDCµ parameters. Subsequently, if required, individual target density values that deviate from the standard can be adjusted directly on the fully integrated central control console or via the MobilPad mobile control console. The reporting module PressQuality analyzes the ink density measurement and displays it along with the production parameters of the press log book. In case of questions, customers receive full support: “For existing service contract customers, ink density measurement is included in the press telesupport center,” confirms Florian Fejfar. “This offers substantial advantages when it comes to the costs of ownership.” Running costs are also kept remarkably low due to the exceptional long-term reliability of the high-quality components and materials. “The cameras from Grapho Metronic with CCD sensors are excellent. Thousands of such cameras are operating on the market without any issues whatsoever,” Fejfar points out.

    True density measurement with micro marks
    IDCµ offers great measurement precision and excellent control quality within limited tolerance levels. This is due to their concept, as opposed to “image-based measurement,” IDC cameras measure identical micro marks with a known setup across the entire web width. manroland web systems thus relies on true, high-precision density measurement. IDCµ always measures the same element, the micro mark set. As opposed to “image-based measurement”, no changing views and values are measured.

    Fit for retrofit
    Is it risky to develop new products and features for the difficult new newspaper business? No, it isn't. In fact, it is the duty of a market leader. manroland web systems focuses in particular on retrofitting color control systems to existing equipment. IDCµ is designed for retrofitting and can be integrated on all printing presses in the PECOM environment from manroland web systems or other makes. “Despite its high quality components, the retrofit product is available at a very attractive price for cost-sensitive projects,” promises Fejfar.
    16.10.2015   PAPCEL was present at the exhibition in Beijing, China    ( Company news )

    Company news On September 16 - 18, 2015 the group of companies PAPCEL/ABK presented paper technology at the international exhibition in Beijing, China.

    Following the acquisition of the French company ABK, which took place last year, China has become another strategic Asian market, where the group of companies is active.

    The companies are represented by a local agent. The company ABK Groupe has already carried out several installations of complete paper machines and has been operating in the market for more than ten years.
    (Papcel a.s.)
    16.10.2015   Landa Appoints Yishai Amir to Top Post    ( Company news )

    Company news Amir to become Landa Corporation CEO, Benny Landa to continue as active Chairman

    The Landa Group has announced the appointment of Yishai Amir (photo) as CEO of Landa Corporation and a member of its Board of Directors. He has also been named Group Vice Chairman. Benny Landa, founder of the Landa Group, continues as its active Chairman.

    Amir has more than 20 years’ experience in the print industry and most recently served as
    Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Solutions Business at Hewlett-Packard Americas. Previously he served as HP Vice President and General Manager, Indigo & Inkjet Solutions Business Americas, and Director, Strategic Marketing, Indigo. Yishai Amir began his career in the print industry at Indigo, where he served in various positions including VP, Photo Business and Director, Product Marketing.

    “By joining Landa I feel as if I am returning home. I started my career with Benny Landa twenty-one years ago at Indigo. I greatly appreciate the incredible opportunity to again work with him and the rest of the Landa team," says Amir. "I look forward to helping grow the business and building one of the industry’s great companies.”

    “These are exciting days for Landa as we round out the executive team and take the business to the next level”, says Benny Landa, the Company’s Chairman. “Yishai Amir has exactly the business experience and management expertise needed to help the Company realize its full potential. Moreover, he is a highly energetic out-of-the-box thinker with a track record of successfully growing businesses. I plan to continue to be a very active chairman and I’m thrilled to have such a capable partner at my side.”
    (Landa Digital Printing)
    16.10.2015   Giving packages a new shine: Paper surfaces with high specular reflectance for ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...packaging applications

    Gloss is an important quality characteristic of packaging paper and board. It conveys the impression of high product value and quality, arouses the interest of customers at the point of sale and can positively influence their buying decisions. Products in glossy packages appear elegant and valuable, which can help justify higher

    Photo: gloss effect of a pilot plant sample

    Calendering is usually the method of choice to achieve high gloss on packaging materials like cartonboard. The treatment works well, but has adverse effects on other paper properties such as strength. Cast-coated papers are an alternative – they look brilliant and valuable without calendering, but are rather expensive because they can only be made at low speeds and from complex recipes.

    Aim of the „REFLEXPACK“ research project was therefore the development of an alternative coating concept that makes it possible to produce uncalendered cartonboard with high gloss, smoothness and mechanical resistance such as bending stiffness.
    Based on the scientific model according to Elton, various coating colour concepts were developed in order to achieve optimum refractive indices and reduced levels of micro- and macro roughness.

    The project results provided a sound basis for the design of packaging materials that meet the highest demands on optical properties such as gloss, smoothness and brightness without making concessions on mechanical properties like bending stiffness. Fine pigments were found to be particularly suitable for pre- and middle coats. High brilliance and gloss were achieved by a top coat recipe comprised of ultra-fine kaolins with additions of titanium dioxide and hollow-sphere pigments. Even when applied with the Curtain Coater, the recipe gave satisfactory gloss levels. All coated samples could be converted without difficulty; the coating colours are therefore expected to be easily applicable at machine speeds typically used in board production (around 15m/min). Cartonboard samples made on a pilot machine showed good printability in offset printing.

    Package designers involved in the project work considered the gloss results to be very good. The pilot plant samples had the superior look and feel conveyed by glossy packages, which facilitates the
    marketing of packed goods. After some further optimisation, the new products will offer a cost-effective alternative to cast-coated board materials. Their application is expected to be particularly profitable and worthwhile in the segment of high-quality cosmetics and pharmaceutical packages.
    (Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS))
    15.10.2015   SPGPrints reports eight system sales and record number of visitors at Labelexpo Europe 2015     ( Company news )

    Company news SPGPrints recorded a successful Labelexpo Europe 2015, achieving a combined total of eight printing and prepress system sales and – for the first time at a Labelexpo series event - recording more than 500 inquiries at its stand.

    Sales highlights included DSI® digital UV-inkjet label press sales to the USA and Spain, three RotaLEN® laser engraving systems for nickel rotary screens to converters in Brazil, Poland and Russia, and RSI® (Rotary Screen Integration) units to Asian and European label printers.

    Bas Hoijtink, commercial manager graphics at SPGPrints, comments: “The DSI UV-inkjet system has proven to be the platform for system cost savings through variable data printing and high-impact graphics that drive point-of sale brand success for label printers in Europe and America. With our live demonstrations of customer-commissioned jobs, visitors had a first-hand appreciation of the flexibility, quality and substrate versatility offered by the technology – and an idea of the high-level support that is essential for successfully integrating a digital print workflow.”

    SPGPrints offers complete workflow solutions for users of both its digital and rotary screen printing technology. Complementing the DSI UV-inkjet press are the company’s own specially formulated inks, with low-migration alternatives for food applications, and software.

    A live workshop at the stand gave insight into the simplicity and fast turnaround time of SPGPrints’ rotary screen digital pre-press workflow. Using customer files, application engineer Wim Claassen imaged the company’s nickel re-engravable RotaMesh and re-usable RotaPlate® screens on the RotaLEN engraver on demand.

    “Printers supplying the cosmetics, food and beverage markets also showed great interest in SPGPrints’ rotary screen printing solutions because of their unique capability of delivering high-value tactile features, productively and for a lower total ownership cost,” commented Mr. Hoijtink.
    (SPGPrints B.V.)
    15.10.2015   Fujifilm chose Wan-Ifra’s World Publishing Expo 2015 to launch its new workflow solution    ( Company news )

    Company news Fujifilm announced it has recently completed the acquisition of a newspaper workflow solution, Elara Software. Fujifilm used the World Publishing Expo 2015 (5-7 October, Hamburg Messe, Stand 4.350) to demonstrate this new workflow solution as well as outlining what this means for its future strategy in the newspaper market.

    Kurt Smits, newspaper business development manager at Fujifilm Europe, says: “Elara is an outstanding newspaper workflow solution, proven in the field, and the acquisition of the company’s IP and employees represents an important step in our drive to ensure Fujifilm offers comprehensive and fully-integrated solutions to customers in each market we serve.”

    Fujifilm's Elara solution is a powerful, automated workflow tool for newspaper production. Highly scalable, reliable and modular, it is suitable for newspaper operations of all sizes and offers a single point of administration and data storage. Elara offers an easy and intuitive web-based user interface and is available as a Light (plate room) version or Enterprise edition, which is perfectly suited to multi-plant page and plate production set ups.

    Continues Mr Smits: “Elara has a dominant position in the Dutch newspaper publishing market, with a 70 per cent market share, and a growing presence across other key territories in Europe. This acquisition combines Elara’s technology and team of specialists with Fujifilm’s extensive market access, international sales channels and comprehensive support services. All this means we now have one of the strongest integrated propositions in the newspaper market.”

    In addition to the new Elara workflow solution on stand 4.350, Fujifilm will be showcasing its Luxel News VMAX violet platesetter as well as its environmentally-friendly Brillia PRO-VN low chemistry plates and pressroom chemistry.
    (Fujifilm Europe GmbH)
    15.10.2015   Ulrich Etiketten speeds up with the Xeikon CX3    ( Company news )

    Company news Ulrich Etiketten expands its digital printing capacity with the new Xeikon CX3 for faster time to market and improved productivity

    Xeikon, an innovative supplier of digital color printing technology, is generating massive market interest following the official launch of the new Xeikon CX3 at Labelexpo Europe. Label company Ulrich Etiketten, an Austrian market leader, is among the first to invest in the Xeikon CX3 in order to take advantage of its innovative technology advancements for a more productive operation. The Xeikon CX3 is the latest digital printing system for labels. Based on Xeikon Cheetah technology first presented last year, it represents a quantum leap in output quality with a printing speed ranging to 30 meters per minute.

    Ulrich Etiketten is adding the new Xeikon CX3 to its existing machine fleet, expanding its digital printing capacity in order to react even more quickly to market requirements. "This expansion of capacity shifts our break-even in digital printing to longer print runs,” says Rainer Ulrich, who is running the company together with his cousin graduate Florian Ulrich as CEO of Vienna-based Ulrich Etiketten. “Before, the profitability threshold for digital was about 100,000 labels, but now we can cost-effectively produce between 200,000 and 300,000 labels with digital printing, depending on size. This means we can offer our customers the advantages of digital printing – no printing plates, short lead times and faster delivery times – for a much wider range of products." In addition to its conventional fleet of 16 modern high-performance UV rotary presses, Ulrich Etiketten’s digital printing department now operates three digital presses, two of which come from Xeikon.

    Profitability analysis clinched decision

    With the new Xeikon CX3, Ulrich Etiketten is even better positioned to address small print runs of customized and serialized labels. "We are seeing customers increasingly demanding short response times and smaller runs,” Ulrich adds. “So for us, digital printing is the technology of the future. The overall cost ratio combined with the extremely high printing speed of the Xeikon CX3 encouraged us to invest in the new Xeikon system.” Since nearly all printing firms face mounting cost and time pressures, digital printing is becoming an ever more important means of producing printing products cost-effectively and delivering them quickly.

    Other factors that influenced the choice of the Xeikon CX3 were the range of toners, including the Cheetah toner for temperature-sensitive PE and thermal labels, with a fusing temperature of up to 15 degrees Celsius lower than other toners. The toners are also food-safe, important since more than half of the orders handled by Ulrich Etiketten come from the food industry. With the dry toners used in Xeikon printing presses, there is no need to apply a primer. In other words, the printed packaging or label can be used for direct contact with (dry) foods as well as indirect food contact, without the need for further processing.

    Because the new Xeikon CX3 is based on the tried-and-tested design of previous Xeikon digital printing systems, Ulrich Etiketten believes that its machine operators will quickly get up to speed with the new system. "The fact that the Xeikon system is easy to use was another reason we opted for this new investment," Ulrich says. To make optimum use of the high speed of the Xeikon CX3, the company plans to use it primarily for the most popular label materials such as coated paper and glossy polypropylene film. Unlike other high-speed solutions on the market, no pre-treatment is required, further reducing time and cost of production. This means that Ulrich Etiketten is better positioned to satisfy specific material-related customer requirements and to offer customers a wider range of substrate choices.
    (Xeikon Manufacturing NV)
    15.10.2015   Portucel informs about the investment in a tissue paper line    ( Company news )

    Company news Following the Group's strategic option to diversify its activity and enter the tissue business, and after taking a first step with the acquisition of AMS BR Star Paper S.A. in the beginning of the year, Portucel S.A. approved, subject to the positive decision from Portuguese authorities regarding the financial and tax incentive package application, the investment in a tissue paper production line, with nominal capacity of 70 thousand tonnes per year and integrating equivalent converting capacity, with an estimated value of approximately € 120 million. With this project, the Portucel Group will have a global production capacity of 130 000 tons of tissue per year.
    The Group intends to develop a business model based on direct integration of pulp into tissue production and the location of this investment will be the Cacia mill site.
    Over the last months, several preliminary assessments were conducted, including viability and pre-engineering studies, in order to identify the more adequate technical solutions for this investment, both in terms of location and nominal production and converting capacity.
    If the necessary conditions to substantiate this investment are met, Portucel foresees the possibility to start production during the first half of 2017.
    (Portucel Empresa Produtora de Pasta e Papel SA)
    15.10.2015   Van Genechten Packaging in Poland on growth curve with cutting-edge sheetfed technology    ( Company news )

    Company news KBA Rapida 106 follows two large-format Rapidas

    Van Genechten Packaging recently fired up a new medium-format Rapida 106 at its production plant in Poland. It is the third press in six years that KBA-Sheetfed Solutions has delivered to the printing plant in Chełmek, near Krakow. It joins a Rapida 145 and a Rapida 142 which have been in operation there for some time. They are used for the production of large-format board packaging. The new B1 press now permits the production of highly finished premium packaging with the use of UV ink, finishing with interesting coating combinations and the use of challenging substrates, such as non-absorbent substrates (foils).

    Photo left to right: Andrzej Wasielak, regional sales manager at KBA CEE, Robert Kaczmarek, director of VG Polska in Chełmek, and Jan Korenc, managing director of KBA CEE, in front of the Rapida 145 and Rapida 106 at Van Genechten Polska

    With a total of eleven production plants Van Genechten Packaging is an international packaging group specialising in high-quality board packaging. It also owns an extrusion factory. The Polish printshop has belonged to Van Genechten Packaging since 1998 and employs 190 staff. The packaging products produced here predominantly for the food industry can be found all over the world. Robert Kaczmarek, director of VG Polska in Chełmek: “80 per cent of our customers are international firms. We produce packaging for food, but also for personal hygiene products and the cosmetic industry.”

    Modern press room
    Along with qualified staff, a well-equipped, cutting-edge press fleet is necessary in order to fully support the company’s customers worldwide. It is made up of many post-press and finishing machines, however, technology from KBA has long formed the basis of its printing activities. The first jumbo Rapida, a six-colour Rapida 142, went live in 2009. It was joined three years later by a Rapida 145 with seven inking units and a high-speed package. The printing company recently invested in a B1 press. The firm chose KBA technology once again. “It is said the first press is bought by the management board, but the second and third press depends more on the solid cooperation and service received. This was the case with us,” Robert Kaczmarek remembers.

    Although decisions to invest were coordinated by the Belgian headquarters of Van Genechten Packaging, in-depth discussions took place in advance with local subsidiaries who use the equipment for production. This was no different for the Polish plant. “We also had a say with regard to the presses selected and their configuration. Along with maximum automation, for past investments we also placed great importance on options that enable us to produce those products that we were not able to produce before technologically. Furthermore, the press had to be easy and intuitive to operate. The technical solutions found in the Rapida 106 make it possible for us to expand our service portfolio and handle more challenging jobs from customers who expect a larger variety of production capabilities,” says Robert Kaczmarek.

    High-end technology for maximum production diversity
    After comparing several offers, the company chose a KBA Rapida 106 with seven printing units and twin coaters. It features numerous measuring systems for quality control as well as extensive automation kit, just like the two existing large-format presses. “We thus have a high-end press equipped with a raft of innovative technical solutions which are also easy and comfortable to operate,” explains the director of the printing plant in Chelmek. “What is more, the press is energy efficient which has a positive effect on our production costs. A further important factor is service. We are convinced that KBA looks after us better than other suppliers. According to the experience collected throughout our entire packaging group, KBA is a reliable business partner among our strategic suppliers.”

    Jan Korenc, managing director of KBA CEE adds: “We are proud that such a renowned packaging producer as Van Genechten Packaging trusted once again in the solutions delivered by KBA. Van Genechten Packaging operates 20 presses worldwide that were manufactured in our facility in Radebeul. We are pleased that the plant in Chelmek is able to significantly enhance production capabilities with the new Rapida 106, especially with UV printing and finishing. Just like the two existing large-format presses, the latest investment also contributes to the further expansion and development of VG Polska.”

    Multiple awards
    “As one of the printing companies with the highest growth rate in Poland we have been listed in the “Forbes Diamonds List” several times and have received the Business Gazelle, a renowned prize awarded by the Polish economic newspaper “Puls Biznesu”. Longstanding business partnerships, such as that with KBA, increase our development even more,” says Robert Kaczmarek. In addition, VG Polska is a producer and co-producer of a raft of award-winning packaging. Packaging produced in Chełmek for McDonalds won a Worldstar award from the World Packaging Organisation.

    VG Polska’s experience is based on the solidity of its parent company which was founded in 1834. The success of Van Genechten Packaging’s brands and their differentiation is driven by a high level of customer orientation and high-performance innovations. Supply chain management including optimum logistical efficiency is a part of the packaging approach. Projects are processed in close proximity to the customers as the firm’s production plants are scattered throughout Europe. Furthermore, group-wide networking delivers benefits when it comes to handling international projects. The company’s sustainable philosophy based on the principles of corporate social responsibility comprises topics, such as conserving resources and energy-efficient production.
    (KBA-Sheetfed Solutions AG & Co. KG)
    15.10.2015   UPM joins China Sustainable Paper Alliance to promote responsibly sourced pulp and paper     ( Company news )

    Company news The 10th of September 2015 marks a significant turn towards more responsibly sourced paper and pulp products in China. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), The Chinese Forestry Industry Association and the leading producers and buyers of paper and pulp products have established The China Sustainable Paper Alliance (CSPA) to promote the development of responsible sourcing and sustainable forest operations within the forest industry in China.

    UPM is one of the 10 founding members of this Alliance. The members represent both domestic and international companies covering the whole supply chain of China’s pulp and paper industry.

    “China is today the world’s largest producer and consumer of paper products. At the same time the country faces challenges of deforestation and shortage of timber”, says Ma Yuanyuan, Director, Marketing, Communications and Environmental Affairs, UPM Paper Asia. “UPM as the leading producer of office papers in China acknowledges its significant role in enforcing sustainable forest industry and this also is the main driving force for joining CSPA,” Ma continues.
    WWF China hopes CSPA to show the way to sustainability for other industries in China. “WWF launches this regional sustainable alliance, aiming for an overall increase of supply and demand of certified and recycled paper products in the Chinese market. We are also expecting that this initiative can inspire a transition in other industries in China", comments Dr Li Lin, Executive Program Director of WWF China.

    The demand and supply of sustainably produced paper and pulp products to a rise with CSPA
    The companies who join the CSPA are required to produce and purchase responsibly sourced paper and pulp products. In practical terms the companies take care of forests sustainably, know the origin of wood and ensure that all wood is legally logged. The Alliance also aims at increasing consumers’ awareness of the value of public recognitions as well as certified and recycled paper products.
    “UPM is already today a frontrunner of these values. UPM Changshu Mill in China is in both the PEFC™ and FSC® international forest management schemes and our paper grades have been rated on highest level in the WWF’s Check your Paper system,” Ma tells. “UPM was actually the first paper company in China to achieve the FSC® certificate. Joining the CSPA is yet another step in enforcing sustainability on the Chinese market,”, Ma concludes.
    (UPM Changshu Paper Mill)
    15.10.2015   Valmet to deliver its 200th online fiber analyzer to New-Indy Containerboard    ( Company news )

    Company news New-Indy Containerboard, LLC will start to predict and control sheet strength with Valmet's fiber analyzer solution. The Valmet Pulp Analyzer, also known as Valmet MAP, and a Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer advanced process control solution will be installed at New-Indy Containerboard's 1,000 tons per day containerboard machine in Ontario, California, USA. The project will be implemented during the fourth quarter of 2015.

    This will be the first 100% recycled furnish containerboard machine in the world to employ the prediction of important linerboard and corrugating medium sheet strength tests through online fiber analysis. It's also the 200th online fiber analyzer delivered by Valmet globally.

    The order is included in Valmet's third quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    Better prediction with modelling
    Kris Anderson, Production Manager at New-Indy, explains the multiple benefits the mill staff foresees: "With strength prediction and model-based controls we expect that we will get more speed from the board machine and run lower basis weights, hence fiber savings on some grades. That is where the return of investment is. We will get a better model of our sheet strength properties and that will improve our quality variability in terms of STFI, Concora and Mullen tests. This modeling capability was a key factor in our decision to buy from Valmet."

    Kevin VanPembrook, Valmet's North American Product Manager, says: "This order not only represents the 200th Valmet MAP sold since it was launched in 2005, but it is the first of our newly re-designed Pulp to Paper Optimizer Solution for low-consistency refining at the paper machine. This solution gives additional benefits for our customers, because it continuously predicts their final paper or board strength, and offers a multi-variable control platform to optimize it.

    Technical details about the delivery
    Valmet Pulp Analyzer's fiber imaging module is equipped with technology that enables the analysis of fiber fibrillation created during refining as well as many other fiber properties important for predicting board sheet strength tests. The fiber furnish samples are taken by Valmet SD 103 process sampling devices at multiple points in cycles of a few minutes. In addition, the analyzer is equipped with the CSF freeness module.

    Valmet's Pulp to Paper Optimizer Solution is a multi-variable advanced process control that manages low-consistency refining conditions to consistently achieve final paper or board functional specifications.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    15.10.2015   'Fibres & Paper 2030': A successful journey to our industry's future    ( Company news )

    Company news With the Roadmap 2050 and Two-Team Project of CEPI, the paper sector has confirmed its role as innovation driver in Europe by setting important technological and environmental trends. The sector has now looked even further ahead in the future of paper and its value chain: Based on the findings and results obtained by the two CEPI initiatives, future requirements and application areas for paper and other fibre-based materials were identified in a recently completed national project called “Fibres & Paper 2030“.

    Over a period of 15 months, representatives from trade associations and companies worked together to describe future markets and business opportunities for the year 2030. The main challenge was to do this in such a way that practically useful knowledge can be derived for course-
    setting strategic decisions and new, attractive business options.
    In project meetings chaired by “travel guide” Thomas Strobel from the company FENWIS GmbH and Anatoli Davydov, project manager at PTS , the team used the method of “retropolation“, which means they simulated a journey into the year 2050 to look back into the year 2030. They identified eight topics as being most relevant to the sector’s future: nutrition, health & hygiene, mobility, information/communication/education/knowledge, logistics, future cities & architecture, living & working, and general conditions.

    Six brainstorming workshops attended by 103 participants from various fields and sectors led to almost 1500 ideas for new business opportunities. After consolidating and evaluating these ideas, a total of 640 were left. 375 of them were directly related to paper, which means they could be realised with the know-how currently available in the value chain of paper. 275 ideas were indirectly related to paper,
    meaning they are recognizable as attractive future demands but require further research to clarify how the value chain of paper could contribute to meeting them.
    The project results were presented at the ZELLCHEMING conference 2015 in June, and have also been published in the brochure ”Fibre & Paper 2030 – shaping a sustainable future“. Extracts from this brochure can also be found on the project homepage - as an invitation to act jointly for the sector’s future.

    The project partners developed many far-reaching ideas for future applications of fibre-based materials: in the area of mobility, deep-drawn paper-based fireproof interior linings for airplanes or vehicle body parts are conceivable and practically feasible already today. In architecture, there could be fibre-based facade components for cultivating crops, paper pellets for insulating floors or walls, or paper fibres for reinforcing concrete structures to make them lighter and more durable.
    An interesting idea for transport and logistics is packaging materials adapting themselves automatically to the size of packed goods to save transport volumes and reduce CO2 emissions.

    As a sustainable, bio-based material made from renewable resources, paper can form an integral part of everyday life also in future. One prerequisite for this is that we work together in interdisciplinary networks to gather and exchange information about requirement profiles
    and include developers, constructing engineers and designers at an early stage to take full advantage of the new design opportunities offered by “papers for the future“ – true to the maxim of the successfully completed project ”Doing what’s thinkable instead of thinking what’s doable“.
    (Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS))
    14.10.2015   Flushable Wipes and Melange Yarns: Kelheim Fibres to present new products at ITMA    ( Company news )

    Company news Viscose short cut fibres from Kelheim Fibres have proven to be the perfect raw material for the manufacture of wet wipes which meet the new flushability guidelines issued by INDA / EDANA (GD III) and can be conveniently flushed down the toilet - without clogging the toilet or downstream waste water treatment plants.
    During the last few years the wipes producers have been developing a manufacturing process which masters the balancing act between the stability of a wet wipe in use and its disintegration during the flushing process in the toilet. The perfect blend of the raw materials pulp and short cut fibres is essential for the success of this process - in which short cut fibres are responsible for the stability of the wipe. In practice, VILOFT®nonwoven short cut fibres (photo) with their flat cross section have proven particularly successful. They deliver the best performance regarding tailor-made flushability – and score at the same time with their quick and easy processability during the manufacturing process. Here, Kelheim benefits from their long-term experience in manufacturing short cut fibres for wetlaid applications.

    As a result, Kelheim Fibres has now been delivering commercial quantities of this speciality fibre for some time. Kelheim Fibres is the only European manufacturer of viscose short cut fibres, but the Bavarians offer more than just fibres with the ideal properties: Kelheim's viscose specialities consist of 100% cellulose and can therefore be perfectly integrated in all wetlaid processes. After use, the fibres are completely biodegradable. Finally, you have a product which is conveniently disposable via the toilet without the danger of clogging it and which is not harmful to the environment.

    Another innovation from Kelheim promises benefits for the environment, too: Danufil® Proshade® is the name of an innovative new viscose melange yarn resulting from a development cooperation between Kelheim Fibres, Linz Textil and DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH.
    Danufil® Proshade® is a blend of standard viscose fibres and Kelheim’s speciality fibre Danufil® Deep Dye. It is dyed subsequently and then according to the customer’s specific needs. This offers advantages for logistics and warehousing as well as for the dyeing process which can be carried out without the use of salt and deliver savings in terms of water, energy and time.

    Curious? The Bavarian fibre experts will be happy to provide more detailed information in Hall 08 at Booth No A141b.
    (Kelheim Fibres GmbH)
    14.10.2015   3D printing of high-performance, cost-effective, light-weight components    ( Company news )

    Company news Additive manufacturing (AM) is opening up new business opportunities by freeing design from the restrictions of traditional manufacturing processes, enabling customization, and speeding up product time-to-market. Together, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and Nurmi Cylinders Oy have developed a cost-efficient, 3D-printed, reliable hydraulic valve block that is 66% lighter than the original part.

    3D printing, also called additive manufacturing or AM technology, enables the production of objects of nearly any shape without the limitations associated with traditional manufacturing methods. Combined with advanced design and optimization techniques, the potential cost-savings of AM extends to the design phase where simulation can reduce the number of necessary design iterations. This technology also enables small, one-off production runs, which remove the additional costs typically associated with customization.

    A new hydraulic valve block has been developed by VTT and Nurmi Cylinders, with a design that has been optimized to take full advantage of the benefits of 3D printing. The result is a product that is 66% smaller than the original design – leading to savings in weight, space and material. The valve block, which is used to control hydraulic cylinders that move under loads applied via the hydraulic fluid, can be found in cranes for example. Traditionally, the internal channels of the valve block are created with straight, circular drillings in a solid block of material. Additionally, several auxiliary drillings are needed, which are plugged and create the potential for leakages. With AM, the internal channels of the valve block can be optimized to optimize flow and save space, while the potential for leakage is removed because auxiliary drillings are no longer necessary.

    "Using a laser for metal 3D printing is fairly new in Finland. Metal powder is spread one layer at a time and laser-melted at the desired areas. Unique, new materials are under development which will lead to new features and designs not yet commercially available. We have analysed the manufacturing costs and identified cost savings. In the future, this technique will give free hands for a designer, because manufacturing is not limiting geometries anymore," says Senior Scientist Petri Laakso of VTT.

    Together with the private sector, VTT engaged in a two-year project in November 2014 aiming to create new business within Finland with the use of AM technology. The overall project consists of the companies' own projects and a research project by VTT, in which the companies are also participating. Tekes, the participating companies and VTT are providing the budgeted funding of three million euros. The project is part of VTT's For Industry spearhead programme and its SME project startups.
    (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
    14.10.2015   Labelexpo Europe 2015 celebrates record edition    ( Company news )

    Company news Labelexpo Europe reported record breaking results as it posted new visitor, exhibitor and exhibition space figures for its 2015 edition. Held at Brussels Expo from 29 September to 2 October, the show enjoyed its largest edition as it marked its 35th anniversary.

    Attracting 35,739 visitors, attendance figures were up 12.4% on 2013’s total of 31,795. Visitors came from 146 countries, with most attending from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and the UK. The show also posted an increase in visitors from outside Europe with 19.6% of the total visitors traveling from elsewhere including Asia, North and South America and Africa. Covering 34,566 sqm, the show’s foot print also increased by 11.65% on 2013, while exhibitor numbers rose from 600 to just over 650.

    Held every two years, Labelexpo Europe is the world’s largest event for the label and package printing industry. Dominated by new product launches, the show again saw many major new developments being unveiled including Soma Engineering’s Optima 820 press for labels and packaging and the Gallus DCS 340 which is Gallus’ first ever modular digital converting system: an inkjet printing module integrated into a Gallus machine platform combines the latest digital printing technology with the benefits of conventional printing and further processing technology. Other highlights included new digital presses from leading manufacturers.

    As well as hosting the 12th annual Label Industry Global Awards Labelexpo Europe 2015 also included several new feature areas. The Packprint Workshop was well attended with live press demonstrations. The Smart Packaging Lab covered some current developments. The show also hosted the inaugural Linerless Trail which promoted the benefits of linerless labels with industry partners working together.

    Lisa Milburn, managing director of the Labelexpo Global Series commented: “We would like to thank everyone who took part in this year’s show. The feedback has been genuinely phenomenal and our exhibitors have been extremely pleased with many of the press manufacturers experiencing record sales and lead generation. The main trends coming out of this year’s show are the continued move to package printing as we see more manufacturers bringing short run production printing presses, which backs up our strategy going forward, and the ongoing dominance of digital as more and more hybrid digital printing presses flood into the marketplace. We’ve had an amazing show with fantastic testimonials and it certainly is a fitting way to celebrate our 35th anniversary.”
    (Tarsus Group Limited)
    14.10.2015   ABB to more than double production capacity at Brazilian pulp plant    ( Company news )

    Company news ABB to deliver integrated power and automation solution for new pulp mill, more than doubling plant capacity

    ABB, a leading power and automation technology group, will supply integrated process electrification, automation and optimization systems for Fibria’s new pulp mill in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Civil works on the ‘Horizonte 2’ project will begin at the end of 2015, with the new plant coming online in 2017.

    The Fibria unit in Três Lagoas is already today one of the world’s largest pulp production plants. Once completed, the new mill will more than double the plant’s capacity through the addition of 1.75 million tons of pulp production per year. The pulp produced by Fibria is used for a wide range of papers including tissue, printing and writing.

    ABB is supplying an integrated electrification and automation solution that will be applied in almost all process areas allowing for control and operation of the new mill alongside the existing one. The short-fiber eucalyptus pulp manufacturer awarded ABB the project based on technical and commercial criteria.

    According to Peter Terwiesch, president of ABB’s Process Automation division, ABB’s combined power and automation portfolio means the company is ideally positioned to provide integrated electrification and automation solutions for process industries such as pulp and paper.

    “Having a single control system for two different plants increases the productivity and effectiveness of our customers,” said Terwiesch. “With our integrated power and automation solutions, we are making industry more efficient and ready for the Internet of Things, Services and People, in line with our Next Level strategy.”

    The project scope consists of expanding the primary substation, the gas-insulated switchgear technology, distribution transformers for the plant and power transformers for the generators, as well as low voltage switchgear, variable-speed drives, low and medium voltage motors and DCS.
    (ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd)
    14.10.2015   SCA to acquire Wausau Paper Corp., a North American Away-from-Home Tissue company, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... for USD 513 million in cash

    -Complementary offerings to provide customers with expanded range of professional hygiene products and services
    -Businesses will benefit from combined innovation, sales, and logistics capabilities
    -Enhances SCA’s Away-from-Home premium tissue portfolio, extends North American footprint and production capacity
    -Deal expected to generate annual synergies of approximately USD 40 million

    SCA (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm: SCA), a leading global hygiene and forest products company, and Wausau Paper Corp. (“Wausau Paper”) (NYSE: WPP), a North American Away-from-Home tissue company, announced today that SCA will acquire Wausau Paper for USD 10.25 per share or total consideration of USD 513 million (approximately SEK 4.2 billion) in cash. The boards of directors of both companies have unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement. The merger consideration represents a premium of 40.6% to Wausau Paper’s closing price on October 12, 2015 and a premium of 11.3% to the Wausau Paper 52 week volume weighted average price. SCA has funding available.

    Wausau Paper is one of the largest Away-from-Home tissue companies in North America. With approximately 900 employees, the company manufactures and markets Away-from-Home towel and tissue products along with soap and dispensing systems through its Artisan™, DublNature®, DublSoft® and EcoSoft® brands. Wausau Paper’s advanced tissue technology with manufacturing flexibility enables it to produce its towels and tissue entirely from recycled paper, which will further contribute to SCA’s efforts to create environmentally-friendly products and extend its sustainability commitment. The combined operations will provide customers with access to a comprehensive portfolio of food service offerings and premium tissue and washroom products. Following completion of the acquisition, SCA will continue to honor Wausau Paper’s existing customer contracts and programs.

    “SCA is the world leading supplier of Away-from-Home tissue with the global brand Tork®. The acquisition of Wausau Paper is an excellent strategic fit and strengthens our presence in North America. The Wausau Paper product portfolio complements SCA’s offerings in North America and gives us access to premium tissue in that region. We expect the acquisition to generate benefits for SCA and our customers,” says Magnus Groth (photo), President and CEO, SCA.

    “Our Board has undertaken a thorough process to explore all of Wausau Paper’s options and has determined SCA’s offer creates substantial value and is in the best interests of the company and its shareholders. This transaction is a testament to our talented team of employees and the strong, focused company that they have worked to create. Our customers will benefit from expanded products and services from a company that shares similar values around customer service and sustainability,” says Michael C. Burandt, Chairman and CEO of Wausau Paper.

    Wausau Paper’s reported sales for the first half year 2015 amounted to USD 175 million (SEK 1.5 billion), EBITDA of USD 32 million (SEK 268 million) and operating profit of USD 11 million (SEK 94 million). Wausau Paper’s reported sales in 2014 amounted to USD 352 million (SEK 2.4 billion), EBITDA of USD 38 million (SEK 263 million) and operating profit of USD -3 million (SEK -19 million). On a pro forma basis, giving effect to the acquisition, SCA’s sales for the full year 2014 would have increased from SEK 104.1 billion to SEK 106.5 billion. Pro forma operating profit for the full year 2014, excluding items affecting comparability, would have been on a similar level and amounted to approximately SEK 11.8 billion.

    “This acquisition will benefit customers by providing access to the superior sales, service, innovation and logistics that the combined business can provide. It will expand SCA’s premium tissue and washroom assortment and give Wausau Paper customers the ability to purchase products from SCA’s industry-leading food service offerings - in essence offering customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for all professional hygiene needs. Furthermore, we look forward to welcoming Wausau Paper’s employees to the SCA family,” says Don Lewis, President, SCA Americas.

    The acquisition is expected to generate annual synergies amounting to approximately USD 40 million with full effect three years after closing. Synergies are expected in sourcing, production, logistics, reduced imports, increased volumes of premium products and reduced SG&A costs. The restructuring costs are expected to amount to approximately USD 50 million.

    The completion of the transaction is subject to Wausau Paper shareholder and regulatory approvals. The Wausau Paper board will recommend that its shareholders vote in favor of the acquisition by SCA. Closing is expected to take place during Q1 2016.

    BofA Merrill Lynch is serving as financial advisor to SCA and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP is serving as SCA's legal advisor. Evercore Group LLC is serving as financial advisor to Wausau Paper and Shearman & Sterling LLP is serving as Wausau Paper’s legal advisor.
    (SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget)
    13.10.2015   Munksjö extends Gerbier HDS range with a 35 g/m² paper for lighter flexible packaging    ( Company news )

    Company news Munksjö, a world-leading manufacturer of advanced papers products, has extended its Gerbier HDS range with a 35g/sq m low basis weight paper for lighter flexible packaging.

    Main applications for the 35g/sq m grade include pouches or sachets, for food and non-food end-uses such as sugar, coffee, aromatic herbs or dehydrated products. Munksjö said Gerbier HDS 35 g/sq m offers the lowest basis weight on the one-side coated papers market for such applications.

    Calendering and high-quality coating of Gerbier HDS 35 g/m² bring outstanding gloss and high smoothness for superior visual attraction and intact brand image. Suitable for extrusion with PE or lamination with alufoil and PET, the paper delivers high-quality printing results after lamination and behaves perfectly during converting. Gerbier HDS
    35 g/m² delivers particularly high results with flexo and helio printing. Lower basis weight also facilitates sealing process and delivers optimum rigidity for trouble-free converting.

    ‘The flexible packaging market is putting a lot of energy to meet the demanding challenges of brand owners looking for creative ideas, technically advanced packaging, respectful of brand image and supporting the transition to a sustainable society. At Munksjö Graphics and Packaging, we strongly believe that the development of specialty papers will contribute in driving the future of packaging towards more sustainable solutions. Gerbier HDS 35g/sq m is one step in that direction. We're committed in continuing our efforts and bring more in the future’, Alexandra Venot, vice president of flexible packaging at Munksjö commented.

    The Gerbier HDS paper range is manufactured at the Stenay Mill in France. This production site is specialized in the manufacturing of specialty papers for food and non-food flexible packaging, metallizing, wet-glue and self-adhesive labeling. The site is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and has FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification.
    (Munksjö LabelPack SAS)
    13.10.2015   Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe: Price adjustment for speciality papers    ( Company news )

    Company news Due to the continuing discrepancy between market price and cost developments, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH is having to increase prices for all products by 8%.

    The price increase will be effective for deliveries from 1st January 2016.
    Customers will be contacted directly by a representative of the Mitsubishi sales team.
    (Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH)
    13.10.2015   Success story: Voith ProTect ensures safe press felt measurement    ( Company news )

    Company news In the last 24 month Voith has already installed 37 of its ProTect systems that enable press felt measurements to be taken safely while the machine is running. Another 32 such systems have been ordered by various customers in Europe and overseas.

    Measurements of the running press fabrics are absolutely indispensable for efficient paper production. They monitor the condition of the felts and from the data conclusion about irregularities are drawn, so that age-related wear or variations in the felt can be reliably identified during operation. Previously, these measurements could only be done manually. For safety reasons, various paper manufacturers and governments have recently started to prohibit these kinds of manual measurements.

    With ProTect, Voith has developed a solution to replace the manual measuring work conducted by service personnel. It consists of a stand-alone self-propelled carriage on fixed cross beams that can accommodate conventional manual measuring devices for safe use outside the felt run. Pro-Tect can be mounted even in very confined spaces. The system features a battery and integrated water tank, so it does not have to be connected to a power or water supply.

    In combination with Voith’s OnV FeltView measuring system, ProTect covers the entire spectrum of felt measurement requirements. OnV FeltView can also be integrated into the OnView information system.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    13.10.2015   BillerudKorsnäs dissolving sack wins innovation award    ( Company news )

    Company news D-Sack™ is this year’s winner of the Pulp & Paper International award for Innovation in Sustainable Packaging. The judges specifically appreciated how the D-Sack™ solution approaches sustainability from a broader perspective; not limiting innovation to the recyclability or biodegradability of the material. It encompasses the entire value chain.

    The global PPI awards honor leadership, vision, innovation and strategic accomplishments in the forest products industry.

    Resulting from a collaborative project with LafargeHolcim, a global leader in the building materials industry, BillerudKorsnäs developed cement packaging that quite literally disappears, or dissolves upon use. D-Sack™ is a sack that is thrown directly into the concrete or mortar mixer, without being opened. It makes life easier for the users and provides a cleaner, healthier and safer worksite. There is no packaging waste and therefore no cost for waste disposal. It also eliminates cement waste and optimizes the time needed for handling and mixing.

    In short, working conditions are improved and productivity goes up. There is no dust, no mess, no spills and no empty sacks littering the worksite.

    “Sustainable packaging solutions are about the impact, both positive and negative, packaging and its contents have on people and the planet, today and tomorrow. To be truly innovative, we have to understand, measure and solve needs throughout the value chain of the packaging and the packed product. This is something we strongly believe in and it’s an honour to be recognized for it.”, comments Mikael Strömbäck, Business Segment Director, Sack Solutions at BillerudKorsnäs.
    (BillerudKorsnäs AB (publ))
    13.10.2015   Pöyry awarded detailed engineering assignment for APRIL's new paper machine project, Indonesia    ( Company news )

    Company news APRIL Group has awarded Pöyry with the detailed engineering services assignment for the fine paper machine project in Pangkalan Kerinci site in Riau Province, Indonesia. The assignment covers detailed engineering services for the new paper machine and Balance of Plant (BOP). The start-up of the new machine is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016.

    APRIL Group is one of the largest producers of pulp and paper products in the world. APRIL makes products that are used by millions of people every day in liquid packaging, printing and writing paper, tissues, shopping bags, food packaging, magazines and books. The new production line is planned to produce top quality digital-ready fine papers and it will increase the company's capability to produce value-added products from renewable resources for export globally.

    "The global demand for digital paper products continues to grow and APRIL aims to ensure we remain in position to leverage this opportunity. Our product, PaperOne, offers the high quality that the digital market needs and is made from 100% renewable fiber from certified plantations. This investment will enable us to bring PaperOne to more and bigger markets while also responding to opportunities for product diversification," states Tony Wenas, Managing Director of APRIL Group Indonesia.

    "We are managing and executing this project with our combined Asian and European resources to be able to provide APRIL the best available engineering result and latest technology for the mill processes. This project is a continuation for our operations in Asia, and strengthens Pöyry's position as the world's leading pulp and paper engineering consultancy", says Nicholas Oksanen, Pöyry's President, Industry Business Group.

    The value of the order is not disclosed. The order was recognised within the Industry Business Group order stock in Q2/2015.
    (Pöyry Plc)
    13.10.2015   PANKABOARD OPENS ITS OWN SALES OFFICE IN GERMANY    ( Company news )

    Company news Pankaboard Pankaboard, a leading producer of high-substance carton boards and specialty paper boards from Finland, will open a new sales office in Germany, in the region of Frankfurt am Main. The new sales office, Pankaboard Deutschland GmbH, will be responsible for all Pankaboard business in Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland.

    The opening of new sales office in Germany is part of Pankaboard’s business strategy to expand the company’s own sales organisation.

    “The target is to strengthen our local presence at one of our main market areas with own local resources dealing directly and closer to our clientele. The change highlights Pankaboard’s long-term commitment to existing and new customers in the region and enables us to offer even more tailored services to our clients”, says Ilkka Mutka

    The office will be fully operational as of the 2nd of December 2015 with its dedicated team of sales and customer service. Mr Norbert Spiegel has been appointed Regional Sales Director of Pankaboard Deutschland GmbH. The current Pankaboard sales agent in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Karton Konzept GmbH, will cease representing Pankaboard by the end of November 2015.
    (Pankaboard Oy)
    13.10.2015   Smurfit Kappa receives Industry's Global CEO of the Year Award     ( Company news )

    Company news Smurfit Kappa is pleased to announce that Gary McGann, recently retired Group Chief Executive Officer, has been named as RISI’s PPI 2015 Global CEO of the Year.

    RISI is the leading information provider for the global forest products industry and presented the award to Mr McGann at their North American Conference on 28 September, in the InterContinental Hotel in Chicago,

    RISI’s PPI Awards are the only global awards that are dedicated to recognising the achievements of companies, mills and individuals in the pulp and paper sector. Michael Smurfit, former CEO of Jefferson Smurfit Group, and Chairman of Smurfit Kappa, received RISI’s inaugural Global CEO of the Year Award in 1999.

    Mr McGann, as Group CEO, received RISI’s European CEO of the Year Award in 2014 and 2015.

    At the event in the InterContinental Hotel in Chicago, Smurfit Kappa also won the ‘Innovation in Specialty Papers’ Award and was a finalist in the following award categories:

    Business Strategy
    Environmental Strategy
    Innovation in Sustainable Packaging; and,
    Water Efficiency.

    Liam O’ Mahony, Chairman of Smurfit Kappa Group commented: “It is an honour for the Group to be recognised by RISI. On behalf of the Board, I would like to congratulate Gary and his team on this achievement.”

    Tony Smurfit, Group CEO, added: “Smurfit Kappa is a significantly strengthened business today. We are grateful for Gary’s substantial contribution to the Group’s growth and development. SKG’s industry-leading position today is testament to Gary’s leadership over the last 13 years.”
    (Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)
    12.10.2015   Remember this November with Paperex, World's Largest Paper Show in Delhi    ( Company news )

    Company news We would like to invite you to attend Paperex 2015, the 12th international exhibition and conference on Pulp, Paper and Allied Industries is scheduled during Nov 1-4, 2015 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, INDIA.

    PAPEREX is the only comprehensive business platform serving the paper industry and has established itself as a “Business Festival of the Paper Industry” for Best Sourcing, Technology & Knowledge Transfer, Joint Ventures, and Investments across the globe.

    Paperex 2015 and collocated Tissueex have received a stupendous response from world over and will repeat the success story with expected presence of over 500 leading Exhibitors from 28+ countries and thousands of trade visitors from 50+ countries. The four day concurrent international conference on "Pulp & Paper Industry: Innovations - Need of the Hour" is also being organized by Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association.

    This Global business platform will connect you with the best of the Paper, Tissue and Allied industry for Variety of Paper & Paper Product, Latest Machinery, Technology and Services

    Further we are pleased to invite you to visit the event and be the part of this “Business Festival of the Paper Industry”.
    (ITE Group Plc)
    12.10.2015   Global sales launch of the new digital press from Heidelberg for the label market    ( Company news )

    Company news -Digital strategy at Heidelberg bears fruit and provides customers with a gateway to new business models
    -Heidelberg subsidiary Gallus is sales channel for Gallus DCS 340
    -Prinect Digital Frontend ensures integration into existing workflow environment
    -Heidelberg and Gallus increase market coverage and efficiency in sales and service

    With the official sales launch of the new Gallus DCS 340 digital press for the growth market of label printing, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is opening up new business models and applications in printing for its customers. The sales channel for the new system is the Heidelberg subsidiary Gallus. The press is supplied with the Prinect Digital Frontend developed by Heidelberg, which the company is already using with great success in its digital presses for commercial printing. Users can therefore integrate the systems into their existing workflow environment. The comprehensive software expertise offers Heidelberg easier access to new and attractive market sectors such as digital label printing.

    The new label press system is based on Fujifilm’s state-of-the-art inkjet technology and is the result of a joint development between Heidelberg, the Heidelberg subsidiary Gallus, and Fujifilm. It is already setting a new benchmark in the industrial label printing market in terms of combining print quality, flexibility, and productivity.

    Gallus and Heidelberg unveiled the press to the public around a year ago and are now launching it on the market following successful field trials.

    “Since our announcement in 2013 on rapidly expanding digital business in collaboration with successful partners and offering new business models and applications to users in the packaging and commercial printing sectors, we’ve come along in leaps and bounds and introduced the first products. The interest and positive response from our customers show we’re on the right track,” says Jason Oliver, head of Digital at Heidelberg. “In launching a digital web press, we have reached a key milestone. At next year’s drupa we’ll also be showcasing digital print innovations for sheetfed printing and thus rapidly expanding our digital portfolio.”
    (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
    12.10.2015   Stora Enso introduces new board grade, Performa Brilliance, for premium packaging     ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso is now introducing a new board grade, Performa Brilliance, for high-quality folding cartons and graphical products. The product is suitable for multiple end uses such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and luxury packaging.

    “Performa Brilliance is one of the best folding boxboards created by Stora Enso and sets new standards for visuals, printability and runnability. The key characteristics of Performa Brilliance include high brightness, excellent smoothness and great visual appearance. Combine this with high quality and versatility and you have a perfect match for any premium brand. The board offers superior whiteness, on both top and reverse side, in the folding boxboard market,” says Jari Latvanen, Head of the Consumer Board division.

    Different from other board grades in the Stora Enso Performa product family, the recipe for Performa Brilliance contains CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp) made from birch fibre, which enhances the board’s visual properties. Stora Enso invested MEUR 6 in their Fors mill in Sweden to enable CTMP production from birch.

    Stora Enso continues to respond to customer needs by developing its service concepts such as the Express Delivery Promise™, which guarantees delivery in five working days. When it comes to environmental credentials, the new Performa Brilliance board is available with the FSC®, PEFC™ and EU Ecolabel certificates. The EU Ecolabel confirms that the board fulfils the European Commission’s ecological criteria for paper and board used for graphical end uses.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    12.10.2015   Munksjö introduces a new clay-coated release paper for composite release liners    ( Company news )

    Company news Munksjö, a world-leading manufacturer of advanced papers products, will launch a new clay coated release paper for double side silicone coating for application as release liner in composites reinforcement materials.

    The new product, Silco 2S Ultrastable, is a double-sideed clay coated paper which can be silicone coated on one or both sides. In addition to consistent siliconizing guaranteed by its high surface smoothness, the product features an excellent level of dimensional stability thanks to the moisture barrier provided by its surface coatings. This means the release paper will shrink and expand considerably less when going through steep changes of temperature and humidity in the manufacturing and converting process of pre-impregnated composite materials.

    Thanks to the combination of strength and light-weight, composites materials are increasingly used as reinforcements by diverse industries such as marine, aerospace, wind-energy, leisure or automotive. Their manufacturing demands high quality release liners due to the technical requirements of the process, as well as the high value of the composite products.

    Munksjö offering for composites release liners also includes Acti-V® Industrial supercalandered release papers for double side silicone coating.
    (Munksjö Oyj)
    12.10.2015   The countdown for Paperworld China starts    ( Company news )

    Company news Paperworld China
    China International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition
    Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China
    15 – 17 October 2015

    The countdown for the 11th edition of Paperworld China has begun and there will be so much happening during the three-day event. The leading international trade fair in China for the stationery, office and artist supplies industry will be held 15 – 17 October 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Hall N1 – N2. Around 500 high-profile suppliers and brands will showcase a wide spectrum of products ranging from paper and printing, stationery, office supplies, back-to-school items, artist supplies to hobby & craft. Ningbo and Taiwan pavilions will be featured again at the show. What’s more, the Creative Pavilion and Oriental Culture zone will offer professional enthusiasts and admirers something even more.

    The unique position of Paperworld China provides an unrivalled gateway for domestic and overseas business development for the industry. In 2015, the show attracts manufacturers and suppliers from 11 countries and regions: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and as far reaching as Europe including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Paperworld China provides compelling evidence that it is a potent tool for acquiring new businesses and strengthening a positive company image.

    Creative Pavilion and Oriental Culture zone offer variations and inspirations
    In an effort to assist the industry players in making their businesses thrive amidst the ever-changing industry environment, Paperworld China sets up two special product areas, Creative Pavilion and Oriental Culture zone, to meet the expanding market demand.

    At Creative Pavilion, which has doubled in size from last year, about 100 suppliers will display a diverse range of handwork materials, equipment and tools. Visitors can also network with individual talented craftsmen and artists who will showcase their exquisite craftsmanship and art pieces from patch work, wood craft, wool felting to modelling and puzzle.

    A series of fun interactive activities will be on offer where visitors can attend classes presented by major suppliers. For example, participants can experience finger knitting and make their own wool felting hosted by the famous Japanese supplier, Hamanaka, and participate in an interesting rubber stamp making class conducted by another popular Japanese company, Tsukineko.

    To get inspired by the collection of masters’ handicrafts from around the world at the Creative Galleria is definitely an ideal schedule after enjoying the creative passion at the DIY Studio. Visitors will view handicrafts which truly require a high level of techniques, such as paper craft and quilling, knit work, patchwork, embroidery, figures, pressed flower painting and DIY jewellery. These will be displayed by a number of esteemed organisations and artists including Yuan WeiLin (China), Li Kaiquan (China), Shen MeiYan (China), Carton King (Taiwan), Maria Cvetanova (Bulgaria) and Saskia Hoeboer (The Netherlands).

    Located in the same hall, only a few footsteps away will be the Oriental Culture zone, where the best Oriental contemporary cultural products will be encompassed. With an aim to promoting and developing the Chinese culture and art pieces, for the first time the Nanjing Museum, Suzhou Museum and the Shanghai Museum will bring their art pieces as well as derived souvenirs to the Oriental Culture zone. The return of the Shandong pavilion will allow visitors to view intangible cultural heritage items and the highly-regarded artists will demonstrate traditional handmade desktop items and the important ancient stationery in China, “Four Treasures of the Study” which are brush, ink, paper and ink stones.

    Spotlights at the Oriental Culture zone will be the informative seminars and a networking event. Seminars will include the “Summit on the dissemination and application of museum collections’ historical and cultural elements” and the “Forum: Oriental culture for hotel marketing in the new trend”. The “High-end tourism commodity customisation – Thailand and China luxury hotels road show (Shanghai station) happy hour” will pull industry players together to exchange ideas and network.

    Fringe programme addresses timely topics
    At Paperworld China, a host series of fringe events are available where experts and professionals will dive into various pressing industry topics. The use of smartphones is moving at a phenomenal rate and online social media also revolutionises everyone’s lives. In particular, WeChat is one of the most popular social media and communication apps in China. To aid enterprises in taking advantage of social media for achieving successful marketing and promotion plans in the region, the forum on WeChat Marketing will be held on 15 October. Industry experts will give their insights on how companies excel in the fast-moving world of mobile apps.

    Traditional retail business is largely influenced by the growing trend of e-commerce business. A seminar on development of brick-and-mortar retail business will be held on 16 October, exploring how a traditional retail business can navigate and benefit from the digital era.

    Intellectual property rights (IPR) are seen as the top concern in brand development and manufacturing business. On 16 October, prominent lawyers from China and Germany will share their experience and cases on IPR issues.
    (Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd)
    12.10.2015   Metsä Board starts installation of new folding boxboard machine at Husum    ( Company news )

    Company news Metsä Board is continuing a EUR 170 million investment programme at its Husum mill in Sweden. From mid-October till the beginning of January 2016 the company is installing a new folding boxboard machine, BM1, at the mill and closing down paper machines PM6 and PM7.

    ”Resource efficiency and product safety have become even more important in consumer, retail-ready and food service packaging. As a result, customer demand for our pure fresh forest fibre based paperboards is growing. We want to respond by offering our customers high-quality paperboards also developed for new kinds of end-uses,” states CEO Mika Joukio.

    Metsä Board is marketing the new board machine’s 400 000 t/a capacity to the Americas, as well as to food service end-uses such as cups, plates and trays globally. The new board machine will also allow the company to optimise production at its mills in Finland and improve overall availability of high-quality paperboards.

    This year many improvements supporting the company’s growth have already been carried out at the Husum mill site, both at the pulp mill and at its own port. Paper machine PM8 has been switched, as BM2, to production of white fresh forest fibre linerboard, with a capacity of 300 000 t/a. Metsä Board is marketing this linerboard output mainly to the Americas and Europe both for food and general packaging. The company is also continuing uncoated fine paper business reels production on BM2, planned to cease by the end of 2017 at the latest. Based on the increasing linerboard production and the closure of paper machines PM6 and PM7, approximately 500 000 t/a paper production capacity will disappear from the market by the end of 2015.

    In accordance with its strategy, Metsä Board is focusing on fresh forest fibre based folding boxboards and linerboards, developed as the perfect fit for consumer goods, retail-ready and food service packaging. Following the Husum investments, the company’s paperboard capacity will exceed 2 million t/a, from the beginning of 2016.
    (Metsä Board Corporation)
    12.10.2015   GAW technologies: Order from Cheng Yang Paper Vietnam    ( Company news )

    Company news Cheng Yang Paper Mill Co., Ltd. has awarded GAW technologies with an order for starch preparation, working station and wet end chemical preparation system for the PM2 at the location Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

    The producer of brown paper (i.e. kraftliner, testliner and corrugated medium grades) was founded in 2003, and became a subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Ltd. in 2008. The new PM 2 will have a capacity of approx. 500.000 tons/year, a width of 6.660 mm and a design speed of 1.360 m/min.

    The GAW scope of supply is similar to other projects that have been handled for Nine Dragons’ production bases in the past and will also include Supervision and Start-up. GAW and the stock-market listed Nine Dragons Group – one of the largest packaging-grade producers in the world – have been linked together in a successful partnership for more than 13 years. GAW has already supplied equipment and services to numerous locations of the group, but this will be the first order at their Vietnamese base. Experience, technical expertise and conclusions from previous installations are taken into consideration at this order as well as new ideas of the customer are incorporated to assure an optimized plant and to secure a smooth production flow right after the start-up.

    A special highlight of this unit is the integration of the APC system (advanced process control) of GAW. This application covers the complete raw material, chemicals and energy expenditure and files the information in a database. The consumption balance – referring to timeframe, production unit and tambour – is analysed and provided via processing algorithms. The data can also be retrieved in the interface-linked MES (manufacturing execution system) of the customer. The shipment is scheduled for middle of 2016 and the start-up will take place end of 2016.
    (GAW technologies GmbH)
    09.10.2015   Pöyry PLC: Martin à Porta takes up position of President and CEO of Pöyry on 1 January 2016     ( Company news )

    Company news Martin à Porta will start as the new President and CEO of Pöyry on 1 January 2016. Alexis Fries will continue as President and CEO until the end of 2015 and thereafter, will continue as a member of the Board of Directors. Pöyry announced the appointment of Martin à Porta on 4 August 2015.

    Martin à Porta will join Pöyry on 16 November 2015, which will allow him to get acquainted with the company before taking up the CEO position.

    "We are preparing for a smooth and quick transition between Alexis and Martin," says Henrik Ehrnrooth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pöyry PLC. "Martin will be well prepared to step into the driving seat as we start 2016."

    "I am excited to be shortly joining the Pöyry team," says Martin à Porta, currently CEO of Siemens Building Technologies in Europe. "I am looking forward to getting to know Pöyry's clients and people, building strong relationships across the whole business and learning more about the areas of expertise that make Pöyry such a unique knowledge organisation."
    (Pöyry Plc, Forest Industry Business Group)
    09.10.2015   Voith: New C-bar HerculeX is the strongest screen basket on the market    ( Company news )

    Company news With C-bar HerculeX Voith is launching a new screen basket onto the market that is regarded as the strongest screen basket that can withstand very high loads. It is made of wear-resistant material and is suitable for various applications in pre-screening and fine screening, fractionation, broke and thick stock screening and also in the approach flow system.

    C-bar HerculeX has very high open screening areas and a special bar geometry. The new screen basket can be tailored to the respective screening requirements and production conditions by varying the widths, slot widths and angles of the bars. Its exceptionally high stability and strength are thanks to its patented hybrid technology, an improvement of Voith’s clamping technology. An individually customizable chrome layer provides wear protection. The screen basket can be used in all Voith and third party screening machines and is suitable for all paper grades. The best screening results are achieved in combination with a Voith rotor application.
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    09.10.2015   Favini presents Crush Bean, the new eco-friendly paper    ( Company news )

    Company news In partnership with Pedon comes the first 100% recyclable food-industry packaging made out of bean by-products.

    Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, together with Pedon, based in Vicenza and now one of the leading players worldwide in grains, beans and seeds—united by their green philosophies and their dedication to the environment—have created Crush Bean, the first 100% recyclable paper made using bean by-products. This paper is designed for food-industry packaging and is certified for direct contact with foodstuffs.

    The creation of this new ecological paper falls within the scope of the ethical project “Save the Waste”, which Pedon is promoting in order to support a culture of corporate responsibility from the manufacturer to the consumer. This project also ensures the use of non-GMO seeds grown by thousands of local farmers as part of the program to support farming and the economy.

    Backed by hundreds of hours of research and fine-tuning, including 25 years of experience in the field of ecological paper, Favini proved to be the ideal partner for Pedon in launching this unique new product. Crush Bean comes from bean by-products, thereby reducing the use of virgin cellulose of tree origin by 15% and lowering greenhouse-gas emissions by 20%. The result is GMO-free, FSC-certified ecological packaging paper that features 30% post-consumption recycled fibre.

    Crush Bean is Favini’s first paper to be suited for applications in which the packaging comes into direct food contact. Ecologically speaking, this avoids the need for double packaging, making for a truly environmentally friendly solution to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials. The graphics on the packaging, developed by Lucaprint, have been printed using ecological ink, and the transparent window in PLA is made using plant-based by-products, so the total packaging is 100% recyclable.

    The development of this new eco-friendly paper is the natural evolution of the experience Favini has gained through the production of Shiro Alga Carta, this paper is produced using excess algae found in endangered lagoon environments. Favini then extended their offer and developed Crush which is an extraordinarily innovative ecological paper made using various agro-industrial by-products and which has been met with unprecedented levels of success around the world in recent years.

    “We are proud of what we have achieved together with Pedon and of having created an ecological packaging paper within such an ethical, socially beneficial project as ‘Save the Waste’. Obtaining such high-quality paper out of a by-product of limited value is a new form of upcycling, or creative reuse, that is perfectly in line with Favini’s green philosophy and is another step forward in the quest for alternative materials,” said Eugenio Eger, Managing Director Favini.
    (Favini Srl)
    09.10.2015   WestRock Completes Acquisition of SP Fiber Holdings, Inc.    ( Company news )

    Company news WestRock Company (NYSE:WRK) announced that it has completed the acquisition of SP Fiber Holdings, Inc. ("SP Fiber"), a producer of recycled containerboard, kraft and bag paper, and newsprint.

    Through this transaction, WestRock has acquired mills located in Dublin, Georgia, and Newberg, Oregon that produce lightweight recycled containerboard and kraft and bag paper for end use in consumer and corrugated packaging.

    "We expect to further improve the service we provide to customers as a result of this transaction," said Jim Porter (photo), president, Paper Solutions, WestRock. "Both WestRock and SP Fiber have strong track records of product quality and innovation, and we are excited about combining our resources to enhance our offering of paper solutions for food service, corrugated packaging and other markets."

    The transaction is expected to generate significant synergies and be accretive to WestRock's earnings in the second half of fiscal year 2016.
    (WestRock Companies)
    09.10.2015   The new converting plant of Swedish Tissue in Kisa (SE) is fully operational    ( Company news )

    Company news Today the plant is the most automated production site of the Sofidel Group. The innovative
    solutions integrated into production process have allowed the company to save approximately 40% of space

    Sofidel is pleased to announce that the upgrading works at Swedish Tissue site in Kisa have been concluded.
    The new and innovative converting plant is now fully operational with two active production lines: the first line is focused on toilet tissues, whilst the second line can produce both kitchen towels and toilet tissues. Works began in January 2014 and completed in June, when the initial tests were carried out.

    This project was particularly challenging as its implementation involved the diversion of the Kisa river by approximately 300 meters.
    The plant is also distinguished for the extremely innovative choices made in terms of automation of the production process. By adapting techniques that have as yet been mainly used in the food & beverage sector, Sofidel developed an automatic reel conveying system process for the first time in its history, which transfers them between the paper mill and the converting plant, and the fully automated control system of the finished product: from the line ends to the loading bays via the warehouse. This choice has saved approximately 40% of the space.

    As for production, the plant produces Private Label products intended for the Nordic markets, in particular: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.
    Currently, the investment has required the recruitment of 25 new resources.
    With over 100 years since its establishment, Swedish Tissue represents a historical paper production site. The construction of the new converting plant is a significant indication of how important this production company is for Sofidel and demonstrates the company’s desire to strengthen its position in the Nordic countries.
    (Sofidel S.p.A.)
    09.10.2015   Valmet celebrates the 50th Kappa Analyzer start up in South America    ( Company news )

    Company news The 50th Valmet Kappa Analyzer in South America was successfully started up in May 2015 at the CMPC Guaíba pulp mill in Rio Grande do Sul state, south of Brazil. Installed in the mill's second fiber line, a greenfield project supplied by Valmet, the Kappa Q analyzer measures Kappa and brightness from 6 points starting at the blow line through to bleaching.

    According to Andrea R. S. Busnello, Fiber Line Process engineer, "The Kappa Q analyzer provides us with fast and reliable information. Based on the analyzer measurements it is possible to get a better process understanding, calculate the right amount of chemical, reduce the raw material variation impact and it also helps to achieve the final pulp quality".

    The Valmet Kappa Q utilizes patented sweep technology to measure kappa and brightness with a unique two-point calibration method. Capable of measuring critical properties - lignin content, brightness, pulp fiber and shives, the analyzer is easily expanded according to measurement needs and the number of sampling points.

    CMPC Celulose Riograndense Ltda is part of the Chilean group, CMPC, one of the largest forestry-based companies in Latin America. Its mills in Chile and Brazil produces around 4.3 million tonnes of pulp per year (Hardwood and Softwood).
    (Valmet Corporation)
    08.10.2015   Spanish label converter Adamtec invests in SPGPrints' DSI UV-inkjet press at Labelexpo Europe    ( Company news )

    Company news At Labelexpo Europe, Adamtec, a label manufacturer of Valencia, Spain, has purchased a six-station SPGPrints DSI digital UV-inkjet press, to meet the demand for short production runs from customers in the food, chemical and automotive industries. The 330mm (13in.) press features the standard CMYK, white and a digital primer.

    Jaume Crespo, General Manager at Adamtec, comments: 'From the trial results, and the support from SPGPrints' technical people, it was clear that DSI could give us the flexibility to offer variable data and the quality to deliver the consistency and high-impact branding solutions on which our brand and customers depend. Another influencing factor was the performance of SPG's inks, which gives us an opacity equivalent to screen-printing and strong resistance needed for industrial situations.'

    The DSI press features as standard intermittent LED pinning between each colour station to ensure immediate curing and ink stability at fast speeds, and a chill drum to stabilise film substrates. This feature is of great benefit to Adamtec, which supplies high quantities of PP labels to the food and chemical industries.

    With the addition of the DSI press, which will be installed in December, Adamtec shows its commitment to deliver quality labels to its customers. Adamtec will continue to deliver longer production runs with its two existing Flexo presses.

    Mr. Crespo says: 'With the acquisition of the SPGPrints' DSI UV-inkjet press, we will be able to print individualized labels in the same production run, which we believe it is great value to our customers, and therefore a strong growth area for us. Our automotive customers, for instance, are seeking serialised battery labels and the ability to tailor information for each region. The DSI press will enable us to adapt label designs at short notice, and schedule these jobs with minimal material waste or setup time.'

    SPGPrints is located at Labelexpo stand 8A10.
    (SPGPrints B.V.)
    08.10.2015   Papcel: New project for Okulovskiy Bumazhnik, Russia    ( Company news )

    Company news In May and July 2015, the PAPCEL Group signed contracts concerning modification and completion of the stock preparation line and reconstruction of the PM for the customer Okulovskiy Bumazhnik in the Russia Federation.The paper mill currently produces fluting/liner papers with two paper machines in operation. The reconstruction concerns modification of the PM 7. The objective of the modernization is to increase the overall machine capacity. At the same time, the stock preparation line will be modified from which the finished stock is pumped to both PMs.

    The aim of the reconstruction is to increase the machine output by 25 %. From this reason, the wire table will be modified and, in particular, the press part will be completed where a new pick-up press will be installed. The existing JUMBO presses remain in the position of the second and the third presses. The total reconstruction is carried out in cooperation with the group of companies PAPCEL/ABK. A professional technological audit of the machine drying part will be performed in cooperation with the technologists of the ABK division.
    Within the reconstruction of the stock preparation line, the PAPCEL Group will supply an entirely new pulping node with a high-capacity pulper LCV-50 (waste paper processing), equipped with a complete system of the paper stock washing and dewatering. The capacity of the pulping stage is constructed for 420 tpd. In addition, the part serving for the stock coarse separation will be modified.
    This is a second successive supply realized within the installation of the high-capacity pulping node. The first installation of a higher series pulper, i.e. LCV-65, was carried out at the end of 2014 in Murom division, where the customer increased, thanks to the line modification, the total capacity to 600 tpd.
    (Papcel a.s.)
    08.10.2015   Pöyry awarded permitting engineering assignment by Siberwood for greenfield pulp mill in Russia    ( Company news )

    Company news LLC Siberwood has awarded Pöyry with the 'Proekt', i.e. permitting engineering assignment for the construction of a new modern integrated pulp mill in the Krasnoyarskiy region in Russia. 'Proekt' is an official stage in the approval process of construction projects in Russia. The assignment shall be completed by April 2016.

    The pulp mill will produce northern bleached softwood kraft pulp (NBSK), bleached hardwood kraft pulp (BHKP) and dissolving pulps. The overall capacity will be 900 000 t/year. The mill will be self-sufficient in heat and electrical power. Construction shall be completed by 2019. The Siberwood project has been evaluated as a priority project by the Administration of Krasnoyarsk Region. By using Best Available Technology (BAT) that meets International and Russian Environmental Regulations, the project will contribute to improved living standards for local citizens.

    "Our purpose is to realize a greenfield pulp mill project which shall become globally significant and indeed the biggest in Russia. For production of about 1 million tons of finished products, the mill will consume around 5 million m3 of low-grade wood currently unutilized in the region. In this respect, the new pulp mill will provide sanitary effect to the region's forest cluster. In the future, the modern complex shall become a platform for development of satellite biotechnological production facilities", says Sergey Malkov, CEO of LLC Siberwood.

    "Pöyry is delighted to participate in such a significant project. With our combination of world class expertise and deep local understanding, we are able to support this very interesting project", says Nicholas Oksanen, Pöyry's President, Industry Business Group.

    The value of the order is not disclosed. The order was recognised within the Industry Business Group order stock in Q3/2015.
    (Pöyry Plc)
    08.10.2015   Valmet-supplied LignoBoost plant now handed over to Stora Enso's Sunila mill in Finland    ( Company news )

    Company news Stora Enso's Sunila mill is now running the Valmet-supplied LignoBoost lignin separation plant. As the last part of the handover process, the lignin dryer, was taken over by the Stora Enso team on September 15, 2015. The LignoBoost plant is integrated with the pulp mill to separate and collect lignin from the black liquor. This is a significant step in transforming the Sunila mill towards an innovative and customer focused biorefinery. The plant has been running since January 2015 and production has been ramped up during the year.

    "Through the lignin extraction process we have replaced a great amount of natural gas with the dried lignin produced in the new LignoBoost plant, and by doing that reduced our carbon dioxide emissions. We are developing this new product and working together with our customers to start external sales," says Sakari Eloranta, Senior Vice President, Operations and Investment Projects, Stora Enso Biomaterials.

    "This is the second commercial scale LignoBoost plant in the world. We continue to develop this technology, as we see a great potential in utilizing lignin in various uses. Lignin powder can be used as raw material at the mill for firing or it can be converted into other materials and products. Lignin separation will at the same time improve the environmental performance of the mill," says Anders Larsson, Director, Bio materials, Pulp and Energy business line, Valmet.

    LignoBoost lignin separation technology
    LignoBoost is one of Valmet's biotechnology solutions that responds to the growing interest for utilizing bio-based raw materials. LignoBoost is Valmet's patented method of extracting lignin from Kraft Pulp process' spent cocking chemicals, the black liquor. By treating the black liquor with carbon-dioxide and a strong acid the lignin is precipitated, which is then washed and dried. Lignin is an organic polymer and has a heating value similar to carbon. Lignin is besides cellulose and hemi cellulose the most common material in wood.

    In addition to LignoBoost, Valmet has several bio initiatives including products such as bio coal, solutions for second generation ethanol, pyrolysis oil as well as direct and indirect gasification of biomaterials.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    08.10.2015   Lecta at the Frankfurt Book Fair     ( Company news )

    Company news Lecta will showcase its paper ranges designed for the publishing industry at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

    Lecta will participate in this year’s edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest event for the publishing industry worldwide, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 14 to October 18, 2015.

    Attendees will have the opportunity to experience Lecta’s wide range of coated and uncoated papers for publishers firsthand and discover Lecta’s new book, “Bodies”. Through surprising colour-rich and deep-contrast photos, the book shows how the body, like paper, makes you listen, feel, look and love. The book contains images printed on a variety of Lecta papers, making it easy to see the different print results that can be achieved and simplifying the choice of the most suitable paper for a given piece of work.

    Lecta’s most recent launch, its new GardaMatt Smooth coated paper, with high whiteness and excellent smoothness, will be prominently featured at the stand.

    Join us at the Frankfurt Book Fair, pavilion 4.0, stand G77, October 14-18 2015. “All you need is paper”.
    (Lecta Group)
    08.10.2015   Canfor Announces the Purchase of Anthony Forest Products    ( Company news )

    Company news Canfor Corporation (TSX:CFP) announces that it has entered into an agreement to purchase Anthony Forest Products Company located in El Dorado, Arkansas (“AFP") for a purchase price of $93.5 million US which includes approximately $15 million US of working capital.

    AFP operates 6 facilities producing lumber, engineered wood and wood chips with a combined capacity of 250 mmbf equivalent. AFP owns a sawmill located in Urbana, Arkansas which produces premium Southern pine lumber and has an operational capacity of 150 mmbf per year. It also owns laminating facilities in El Dorado, Arkansas and Washington, Georgia, which produce beams, columns and other glulam products with an annual combined capacity of 75 mmbf, and owns chip mills in Louisiana and Texas with a total annual capacity of 800,000 tons. AFP also owns a 50% interest in Anthony EACOM Inc. a joint venture with EACOM Timber Corporation, located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario which manufactures I- joists, with an annual capacity of 54 million lineal feet.

    AFP’s trailing 12 month EBITDA through August 2015 was approximately $16 million US, while EBITDA for its most recent fiscal year ended April 30, 2015 approximated $19 million US.

    Concurrent with the acquisition, the Company has priced a US$100 million long term debt financing with Prudential Capital Group. The senior unsecured notes will carry an interest rate of 4.40% and will have an average maturity in 2024. The financing will close on October 2, 2015.

    “We are proud to add AFP to our family of Canfor Operations in the US South” said Canfor Corporation President and CEO Don Kayne, AFP has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service and with facilities located in abundant and high quality fibre supply areas in Arkansas, Louisiana and Georgia this partnership adds exceptional value to our growing US South presence”

    The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter 2015 and is subject to customary closing conditions.
    (Canfor Pulp Limited)
    07.10.2015   Voith awarded Green Controlling Prize from Péter Horváth Foundation     ( Company news )

    Company news With Green Topics to More Efficiency

    Voith has been awarded the Green Controlling Prize by the Péter Horváth Foundation. During the 29th Stuttgart Controller Forum, the technology group was presented with the accolade for its longstanding, consistent commitment to green controlling.

    Since 2008, Voith has been identifying the economic and ecological efficiency potentials of its business activities, making them measurable and controllable and systematically implementing appropriate improvements. As a result, the company has been able to boost its competitiveness and reduce environmental impacts. Measures to improve energy, water and material efficiency have brought Voith annual savings amounting to € 6.5 million, while every year, a total of 52,704 megawatt hours energy, 737,078 m3 water and 1,907 metric tons material have been saved. “The Green Controlling Prize shows that we are on the right track and that business success and acting sustainably go hand in hand. We are absolutely delighted to receive this award,” says Torsten Kallweit, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Voith.

    The basis for the improvements is Voith's Green Controlling Solution, which is derived from conventional controlling processes. In this context, the key success factor is the standardized, group-wide implementation of the system with the help of an appropriate IT solution. As Kallweit explains: “We aim to be specific, transparent and measurable – throughout the entire Group. From the outset we were convinced that a lasting economic and ecological contribution would only be achievable on the basis of a conventional controlling solution.”

    Voith’s system maps the traditional data capture, analysis and reporting process and at the same creates a high level of transparency within the company. “An additional benefit is that the extensive transparency provides pointers to best practices and creates a competitive spirit between the company’s various locations,” says Kallweit. At all levels, from Group headquarters through to the individual locations, the focus is on both economic added value and ecological benefits. In each case, the results are benchmarked against specific targets, which resulted in the improvement in the recent years. Voith has also other ambitious goals for the near future: by fiscal year 2017/18 the company wants to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent, waste by 25 percent and fresh water consumption by 10 percent relative to sales (based on fiscal year 2011/12).

    The Green Controlling Prize
    In keeping with the theme “Get into the black with green!”, the Péter Horváth Foundation awards the Green Controlling Prize annually in collaboration with the ICV - International Controller Association. The accolade is presented every year for the most innovative and effective "green" controlling solution for shaping and managing ecological strategies, programs, projects and measures in companies and public institutions. The award was presented during the 29th Stuttgart Controller Forum by the Foundation’s President, Prof Dr Péter Horváth and Siegfried Gänßlen, Chairman of the International Controller Association (ICV).
    (Voith Paper GmbH & Co KG)
    07.10.2015   MP cuts ribbon in Wellington    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: Left to right: Michael Schmiedt (BP Agnati), Rebecca Pow MP, Alberto Brivio (BP Agnati), Richard Coward (Group Managing Director, Rigid Containers) and Thilo Konig

    On 23rd September 2015, we hosted a press event to celebrate the inauguration of our state-of-the-art corrugator in Wellington, Somerset, following a £5 million investment. Cutting the ribbon at the ceremony was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Taunton and Deane, Rebecca Pow MP.

    Mrs Pow gave a short presentation and outlined the high-level plans in place to enhance and further develop the South-West as a region for many businesses. She explained that plans are already in place to improve Junction 25 of the M5 as well as create a new link from Ilminster at the end of the A303 to improve traffic flow to Taunton and the M5. She also explained how the region has seen many new companies choose Taunton and district as their new ‘homes’ and there are many housing development projects to ensure there is adequate housing for the employees of many of the new companies to the region. Mrs Pow mentioned several companies that were using Wellington as their base, thanks in part to the proximity of the M5 and the access that grants to Devon and Cornwall.

    The expansion of the site in Wellington has been fast by anyone’s standards. Established in 2013 as a distribution hub for its customers in the South-West of England, the company had always said it would ramp up the capacity of the site so they could install a range of box making machines. Once the printing and die-cutting machines were installed during late 2013 and early 2014, corrugated sheets were produced at the company’s Desborough (Northants) headquarters and shipped to Wellington for printing and assembly. “We realised quite early on that eventually, we would have the required capacity to install a corrugated board making machine at the Wellington site,” explained Richard Coward, Group Managing Director. “In early 2015, we were satisfied that the volumes were being achieved that justified the purchase of a small corrugator — we chose to work with a leading Italian machine-maker, BP Agnati, and specified a Quantum corrugator.”

    The majority of the 65 staff employed at the Wellington facility are from the local community. The company is aiming to employ around 100 people within a year. A detailed training scheme has been put in place to ensure operators achieve the highest levels of productivity in a safe and friendly environment.
    (Rigid Containers Limited)

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