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    07.10.2015   Investment for better paper quality – Production started successfully     ( Company news )

    Company news Mondi has completed a rebuild of the PM21 paper machine at its Syktyvkar mill in Russia. The investment will enhance the quality of Mondi’s ProVantage Komiwhite and ProVantage Komipak brands.

    The purpose of the modernisation was to improve the quality of ProVantage Komiwhite and ProVantage Komipak in terms of burst and Scott plybond parameters, runnability, glueability, printability, roughness, profile variations and overall appearance. With the successful completion of the PM21 rebuild, Mondi customers and end-users will benefit from attractive, high performance packaging solutions.

    The rebuild included modifications of the wire and press section as well as a modernisation of the sizing equipment. In addition to improving the product quality, these upgrades will increase the production capacity and the energy efficiency of the machine.

    Maciej Kunda, COO Containerboard, commented: “The modernisation of PM21 is an excellent example of our commitment to optimising processes and products continuously in order to meet customer demands. This latest investment has further improved the quality of our premium paper grades ProVantage Komiwhite and ProVantage Komipak.”
    (Mondi Packaging Corrugated)
    07.10.2015   Announcing the world’s first easily dispersible wet powder cellulose nanofiber samples    ( Company news )

    Company news OJI Holdings has successfully developed technology to produce powder with ultra-high fluidity

    OJI Holdings Corporation (OJI) has been advancing research targeting core technology for cellulose nanofibers (CNF). The development of production methods for the world's first CNF in the form of easily dispersible wet powder has made it possible for OJI to start supplying samples of this product. Since CNF exhibit high viscosity when dispersed in water, they have expected applications as thickeners.*1

    Currently used thickeners are supplied as powders, while CNF are supplied as slurries (low concentration liquids) due to restrictions in the production process. These CNF slurries have extremely high viscosity, making them difficult to handle, and, because of their high water content, can only take a limited volume of additives. Transporting CNF containing such large volumes of water is problematic in terms of environmental impacts and cost. The wet powder CNF newly developed by OJI is a world's first. Containing zero additives, its volume of solids content is 20%
    or higher for easy solubility in water. Compared to standard thickeners, wet powder CNF also possesses high thickening effects that are on a par with CNF slurries (comparison made with OJI's CNF slurry). Furthermore,
    OJI has successfully developed wet powder CNF with extremely high fluidity, thanks to the use of additives, which accommodates customer needs for easy handling.

    Use of this type of wet powder CNF has the potential for broader applications and lower environmental impacts from energy used in transportation, which is expected to accelerate the commercialization of CNF. Going forward, OJI will add improvements targeting the needs of users as we continue our development of ever more appealing products.
    (Oji Holdings Corporation)
    07.10.2015   Latest BOBST developments in gravure technology for coating applications presented during ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Symposium and Open House in Italy

    A latest generation aluminium coating line at Bobst Italia’s production plant in San Giorgio Monferrato, ready to be delivered to its new owner in Europe, provided the perfect opportunity for BOBST to hold a major two-day event that would gather in Italy local and international players from the converting industry.

    The symposium sessions were held in the morning at a conference venue in the hills of Monferrato close to Bobst Italia’s facility. BOBST specialists and guest speakers from Taghleef Industries and Actega Rhenania addressed the technical advances and opportunities that the latest coating and drying technologies, substrates and coating formulations offer to meet the challenges faced by today’s converting industry.

    Detlef Merklinger, Head of Product Line Coating for BOBST, welcomed the guests, together with Michele Vitiello, Managing Director of Bobst Italia. He then introduced BOBST Business Unit Web-fed and the organization and activities of the Coating Product Line he has been managing within the Business Unit since his appointment in June 2014. BOBST’s core competences in coating are found at Bobst Italia, which is also the Group’s center of excellence for gravure printing, laminating and extrusion coating technologies. The current BOBST range of coating machines reflects the over 50 years of know-how and experience that the company boasts in coating applications and the numerous installations that have been put into operation worldwide since 1960. Detlef Merklinger also introduced the competences of BOBST in terms of technologies that are most relevant for coating lines: winding, coating, drying, laminating, web handling and automation.

    These main competences were subsequently looked into in more detail in the presentations that followed.

    Gianni Zanatta, Product Manager, Product Line Coating, Bobst Italia, presented BOBST’s range of gravure coating systems, from the traditional open doctor blade system to the state-of-the-art pressurized enclosed chamber doctor blade system. The detailed presentation went through the pros and cons of each system depending on the application. Based upon the analysis and comparison of the performance of numerous parameters, including speed, changeover time and cost, the advantages of the pressurized enclosed doctor chamber system were demonstrated.

    Mirko Rinco, R&D Manager, Product Line Coating, Bobst Italia, spoke about the BOBST development of a floatation and a roller type, dryer for temperatures over 300°C. This innovative dryer for high temperatures was also showcased on the ROTOCOAT aluminium lacquering machine shown during the open house in the afternoon. This presentation looked in depth into the pros and cons of conventional drying systems and described the BOBST proprietary drying technology, which combines both impingement and floatation nozzles. The design criteria, working principle, technical data and advantages in terms of accessibility and maintenance were all presented and analyzed in order to demonstrate how BOBST dryers provide the perfect combination of drying efficiency and web stability.

    Alexandre David, Sales Manager, Product Line Coating, Bobst Italia, concluded BOBST’s presentations by introducing the aluminium lacquering machine shown at the Open House. This ROTOCOAT machine was developed to handle a number of different applications which include: wet lamination for the production of cigarette inner liners; 2-stage lacquering for products like foils for chocolate; and 3-stage lacquering for products like foil for cheese. The line has also been pre-prepared to include dry lamination in the future, in order to expand the range of applications that can be run on the machine.

    BOBST’s presentations were complemented by insightful presentation speeches given by representatives of Taghleef Industries and Actega Rhenania,

    Emanuela Bardi, Junior Product Manager at Taghleef Industries, looked in depth into bi-oriented polypropylene films. After explaining their production methods and component properties, she went on to illustrate the importance of film coatings, as well as their different types, ranging from sealability and machinability coatings, through to barrier, conversion, functional, enhancing and tactile coatings. The advantages of these coatings were presented, including not only the additional barrier, or enhanced mechanical, properties of the substrates, but also their impact in relation to further processing of the film, such as better printability and higher machine speed.

    For Actega Rhenania, a company of the Altana Group, Michael Lucas, Head of R&D, and Stefan Brandhoff, Technical & Area Sales Manager took the floor to present the company’s coating formulations for substrates in the packaging and printing market, and applications for flexible packaging for products like consumer goods, pet food and pharma, as well as rigid solutions such as bottle caps and can ends. The first part of the presentation dealt with the different types of coating profiles, whilst the second focused on very useful and practical information about good housekeeping from pre-press to on-press and post-press which enable best performance of the coating formulation and application process. Examples of troubleshooting were also given.

    After lunch, the event moved to BOBST’s production plant to see the ROTOCOAT aluminium lacquering machine, an impressive double-deck, 45 m long, 8 m high production line. The machine features three coating stations for direct gravure coating with closed chamber doctor blade and semiflexo coating, along with three dryers which can reach up to 350°C air temperature depending on the application requirements, over a total dryer length of 45 m.

    The demonstration on the ROTOCOAT was a dry run to exhibit the line’s web handling capabilities in processing a sensitive 20 micron, 1020 mm wide aluminium foil reel at 400 m/min with perfect, defect-free, rewinding. The performance of BOBST gravure coating technology was then shown during a wet run on the CL 850D coating and laminating line in Bobst Italia’s Competence Center.

    This successful two-day event was the latest occasion for BOBST to show the scope of its commitment to the development of state-of-the-art solutions for the coating industry.
    (Bobst Italia SpA)

    Company news Expera Specialty Solutions, LLC (“Expera”) announced the shutdown of assets related to the Old Town pulp mill (“Old Town”) in Maine. Expera acquired the assets in December 2014.

    Expera purchased the facility after the mill had been closed indefinitely by its previous owners.

    “Expera successfully restarted the mill,” said Russ Wanke, President and CEO of Expera Specialty Solutions. “However, since the restart, the decline of the Canadian dollar exchange rate combined with a significant increase of new pulp capacity has led to a material drop in market pulp prices. In addition, wood costs have not moderated in Maine commensurate with demand decline. The combination of these forces does not allow sustainable operations even with a dedicated and talented team of employees.”

    “The employees of Old Town have worked hard to make this operation viable,” Wanke continued. “We are working with the employees to assist them with the impacts of this decision and unfortunately these market conditions were out of their individual control.”

    The Old Town mill will be closed by the end of December and Expera is working with the Maine Department of Labor to assist the affected workers.
    (Expera Specialty Solutions)
    07.10.2015   Smurfit Kappa announces new European management structure    ( Company news )

    Company news Smurfit Kappa, one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of paper-based packaging products with operations in Europe and the Americas, announces a new management structure for its European operations led by Roberto Villaquiran (photo).

    Effective 1 October, Roberto Villaquiran, currently CEO Corrugated Europe, will assume the new role of CEO Europe with overall responsibility for the existing European Paper and Corrugated divisions. Roberto will report directly to the Group CEO, Tony Smurfit.

    Reporting to the European CEO will be two new Chief Operations Officers (‘COO’) in Paper Europe and Corrugated Europe. Laurent Sellier has been appointed to the new role of COO, Paper Europe; and, Saverio Mayer to the new role of COO, Corrugated Europe.

    Roberto Villaquiran, incoming CEO Europe, commented: “I am honoured to accept the role of CEO of our European business. Our vision is to be the packaging solutions partner of choice to our customers, and we believe this integrated European structure will further enhance our capacity to deliver outstanding service and value.”

    Tony Smurfit, Group CEO, added: “We expect our new European structure to contribute meaningfully to the continued growth and development of our business. Performance reflects both the quality of your team and the strength of your business model. We believe the strength of our team and our unique culture will continue to define our business and to drive superior performance.”
    (Smurfit Kappa Group Headquarters plc)
    07.10.2015   Valmet to deliver new pulp cooking system to Clearwater Paper's Lewiston Mill in the USA    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will deliver key technology to Clearwater Paper's Lewiston, Idaho, Mill upgrade project. Valmet's delivery includes a CompactCooking G2 pulp cooking system, a new plant for generating polysulfide and a minor upgrade of existing bleach plant.

    Construction of the upgrade project is planned to begin in October 2015 and expected to be completed in September 2017. The order was included in Valmet's second quarter orders received 2015.The value of the order will not be disclosed.

    This delivery is part of Clearwater Paper's USD 160 million project to install a continuous pulp digester that will replace 12 batch digesters. Benefits from the project include significant reduction in air emissions, improved pulp quality, increased production and a more efficient utilization of wood chips.

    "The efficient utilization of raw material is a vital part from a sustainability perspective. We decided to base our new cooking process on polysulfide to optimize yield. The concept and process included in the CompactCooking system from Valmet was a perfect match to our targets," says John Deuser, Project Manager in Lewiston.

    "This is our second new cooking system project in North America in recent times, and confirms the capabilities of our CompactCooking G2 process. We are proud to be given the trust and opportunity to be the main process supplier for both the cooking plant as well as polysulfide generation plant in this important project. We are prepared and confident that the systems will meet all the expectations of this project," says Mona Henderson, Business Manager at Valmet.

    Technical details about CompactCooking G2
    The cooking plant is the first stage in a chemical pulping line where lignin is chemically separated from the fiber. CompactCooking G2 is Valmet's 2-vessel continuous cooking system mainly consisting of an impregnation system and a digester for cooking of chips. It is characterized by its simple, yet sophisticated design, a flexible system that is easy to operate. Valmet's ImpBin impregnation technology with its unique features enables higher kappa level operation with low reject content. Using a 2-vessel design ensures well defined impregnation as well as cooking zones. Effective impregnation in combination with the benefits of the CompactCooking process produce pulps with high yield and excellent pulp quality.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    06.10.2015   UPM and Sykes Study on Ecosystem Services Provides More Insight into the Environmental ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Impacts of Wood-based products

    UPM and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) have been developing a method for assessing ecosystem services derived alongside the production of wood-based products. This pilot study focused on the environmental impacts resulting from the growth of trees used for the production of one tonne of pulp. In this study, the carbon sink effect, water protection and the sustainability of native forest species were analysed in detail. The study confirmed that the forest area from where pulpwood is sourced yields multiple benefits besides just wood raw material.

    The study examined the amount of wood required for the production of one tonne of softwood pulp at UPM in Finland, as well as the time required for the trees to grow. The trees purify over eight million litres of water and absorb over 4,000 kg of carbon dioxide during their lifetime.

    The majority of Finland’s 20,000 forest species also inhabit areas used for wood production. Hundreds of species, such as moss, lichen and insects, depend on trees used in pulp production. Forest renewal secures the long-term survival of these species.
    UPM’s operations are based on using wood in multiple efficient ways to produce not only pulp, but also sawn timber, plywood, composites, papers and label materials. The company also uses industrial by-products and residues to produce energy, biochemicals and renewable diesel.

    Pioneering perspectives on sustainability
    “With the help of ecosystem services, the environmental impacts of land management and raw material production can be described in a more diverse manner. For our study, we selected indicators that relate to the most important global environmental issues, such as renewable natural resources, climate change, clean water and biodiversity. All in all, the benefits derived from forests are highly diverse, extending from products we can collect to recreational enjoyment,” says Timo Lehesvirta, Director, Forest Global, UPM.

    “Projects like this are essential for the evolving bioeconomy in Finland. Companies should include the evaluation of natural ecosystem services in their management systems, and develop this into a responsible and productive business. The indicators or methods for measuring ecosystem services are not yet agreed upon anywhere in a commensurable fashion. Our research marks one step forward,” says Petteri Vihervaara, Senior Research Scientist specializing in ecosystem services, SYKE.
    06.10.2015   BOBST uses state of the art engineering and manufacturing techniques to produce the ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... world’s largest vacuum metallizer

    Once again, BOBST’s engineering capabilities have been put to the test due to a requirement from a customer to design and manufacture the world’s largest and widest roll-to-roll metallizer. Nearly all of the 100 strong workforce based at BOBST’s site in Heywood near Manchester, England have been involved in some degree in the project to see the General K5000 4850 metallizer from design through to completion and ready to ship to the customers site in South East Asia. BOBST has been able to achieve this engineering feat through a combination of a dedicated workforce and the latest state of the art engineering simulation tools and most advanced manufacturing techniques.

    A machine that stands for maximum efficiency (productivity) in the metallized film industry, the K5000 is equipped to run large diameter rolls at high speeds whilst keeping the film cool through its unique heat management system and protecting the film’s barrier properties. The K5000 can deposit aluminium at a rate of 860m/min at 2.2 OD to obtain an excellent coating uniformity and good barrier properties at a low operating cost. The evaporation source has wire feeders on both sides to prevent wire wander and its large coating drum provides high collection efficiency, up to 22% higher than competing models. The already renowned Bobst winding mechanism provides an exceptional web handling system which coupled with a reduced roller contact with the metallized surface leads to fewer defects.

    “This machine has been designed to produce high quality metallized films with high output at the lowest possible operating cost; we are proud to be able to help our customers to protect their margins in such a heavily commoditised industry. The purchase of this, the largest metallizer in the world demonstrates the trend in the market for wider and wider machines and also BOBST’s ability to set the standards in vacuum metallization and be the frontrunner in the market.” commented Steve Carey, Managing Director at Bobst Manchester.
    (Bobst Manchester Ltd)
    06.10.2015   IGAS in Tokyo: Alegro, Vareo and Primera Attract Great Interest    ( Company news )

    Company news Muller Martini’s booth was well attended on all six days of the IGAS show in the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

    The great interest of the visitors, including many leading figures from Japan’s graphic arts industry, was due not least to the fact that Muller Martini gave live demos of three machines. In addition to the Alegro A7 featuring MC technology, a book data center (BDC) and line control, a second softcover system was also presented: the Vareo, which was launched this year and provides maximum flexibility at a speed of 1350 cycles per hour. The many visitors to the stand were naturally particularly curious about its innovative technology – the perfect binder is the first where each of the three clamps is equipped with its own servo motor – and followed the demo attentively through their headphones.

    Muller Martini gave tours of its booth three times of day, at which, in addition to the Alegro and Vareo, a Primera saddle stitcher with numerous quality control systems such as “Secure Binding” (product verification using AsirCode) and Trim Watcher Plus, a station for book format and thickness measurement of trimmed products that is specifically used in Japan. Due to the massive interest, visitors has to register for their tour of the Muller Martini booth, and not a single person failed to turn up.

    The continued importance of the IGAS fair, which is held every four years, was shown by the wide range of nationalities of the visitors to the Muller Martini booth. They came not only from Japan, but also from several other countries in Asia, including China, India, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as from Australia and as far afield as Africa. The great visitor interest was also reflected in the many new projects that were lined up and existing investment plans that were firmed during the event.

    In addition to the showroom, where unique and attractive sample products were shown, the joint press conference given by Bruno Müller, CEO of Muller Martini, and Yasuyoshi Miyazaki, Managing Director of Muller Martini Japan on “global market trends” and “our future is digital and offset” to numerous Japanese journalists specializing in the printing industry was also well attended.
    (Müller Martini Marketing AG)
    06.10.2015   Fujifilm announces new LED UV inkjet printer 'Acuity LED 1600 II'    ( Company news )

    Company news Features improved productivity and enhanced image output

    FUJIFILM announces the introduction of a new version of its highly successful Acuity LED 1600 wide-format LED UV inkjet printer, with the new Acuity LED 1600 II benefiting from improved productivity and enhanced image output.

    The Acuity LED 1600 is a versatile wide-format LED UV inkjet printer launched in 2012 which has gained wide market acceptance due to its ultra-high quality, its ability to print a wide range of roll and rigid media, and its application flexibility. The simultaneous multi-layer printing with white and clear inks has also allowed print service providers to improve production efficiencies while offering the ability to create new value added print applications.

    The Acuity LED 1600 II features a new fast printing mode of 33m2 (355 sq ft) per hour, which is 50% faster than the previous model, addressing customer demands for faster job turnarounds and lower output cost. Furthermore, the addition of the automatic jetting calibration function based on printhead gap and the vacuum mode has improved the printer's media adaptability, thereby expanding its applications and reducing media loss.

    Main features
    1. New output mode for delivering high speed printing of 33m2 (355 sq ft) per hour
    2. Two-layer printing (white + clear) and three-layer printing (colour + white + clear) when combined with ColorGATE's “Production server”
    3. Featuring the automatic jetting calibration function based on printhead gap
    4. Adding two new vacuum modes for different media (for thin / low-resilience media)
    5. White and clear ink heads can be disabled when not in use to reduce maintenance costs.
    (Fujifilm Europe GmbH)
    06.10.2015   SIL assessment of GEMÜ products    ( Company news )

    Company news Together with the independent testing organization EXIDA, GEMÜ has assessed a selection of different products in accordance with SIL.

    This assessment according to SIL covers the functional safety of the products and is used to evaluate the systems in relation to the reliability of fail safe functions. The result is safety-relevant design principles which must be complied with in order to minimize the risk of a malfunction. SIL itself is a measure of the probability that a system will correctly fulfil the required fail safe functions for a specific time period.
    In addition to pilot valves, the GEMÜ products assessed include globe and diaphragm valves and electrical position indicators.
    By assessing the product selection referred to here, GEMÜ is complying with its customers' requirements primarily from the process and manufacturing industries. With the data made available, these can now carry out assessments of entire plants.
    (GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG)
    06.10.2015   New ANDRITZ digester at Suzano helps mill achieve new production level and higher ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... energy efficiency

    International technology Group ANDRITZ successfully completed the supply and ramp-up of a new digester for Brazilian pulp and paper producer Suzano. The continuous digester, installed at Suzano's mill in Suzano city, São Paulo state, started up in May 2015 and replaces existing batch digesters as well as a continuous digester, thus further reducing production costs. It is designed to increase the mill’s output of bleached eucalyptus kraft (BEK) pulp by 33,000 metric t/a, to a total of 550,000 t/a.

    "The learning curve for the new digester went really well and after 10 days we already reached nominal capacity,” says José Alexandre de Morais Suzano’s Industrial Director. The investment project was executed precisely as planned with no loss of production. All of the connections to the new digester were made during a regular maintenance shutdown planned for the mill.

    The equipment supplied by ANDRITZ helps to further improve pulp quality while at the same time cooking yield is increased, thus leading to lower wood consumption. Due to the improved bleachability, bleaching chemical consumption is decreased. In addition, the new technology reduces natural gas consumption at the mill. The investment was considered important by Suzano to modernize equipment installed in the 1970s.
    (Andritz AG)
    06.10.2015   Barry-Wehmiller acquires Bielomatik paper processing group    ( Company news )

    Company news Barry-Wehmiller Cos., Inc., capital equipment and engineering solutions leader, acquired the Bielomatik paper processing product line from Bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG. Bielomatik operations will be integrated within BW Papersystems, a global supplier to the paper and board sheeting, paper converting, and corrugating industries. The sale became final Oct. 1.

    Bielomatik’s paper processing line business is Barry-Wehmiller’s 78th acquisition. Its integration within BW Papersystems’ German operations will create a $430 million global group serving the paper and corrugating industry. With this newest addition, Barry-Wehmiller’s revenues will approach $2.4 billion as it expands worldwide.
    Bielomatik’s paper processing product line includes machinery for sheeting, book production, spiral binding and ream wrapping as well as finishing equipment for digital printing.

    "The acquisition of the Bielomatik paper processing line business provides BW Papersystems with an exciting opportunity to build an even stronger, sustainable global sheeter, packaging, and stationery business,” said Neal McConnellogue (photo), president of BW Papersystems. “We are grateful to add 150 new team members whose knowledge, talent and proven legacy will benefit BW Papersystems.”

    BW Papersystems is a combination of four companies: MarquipWardUnited, the newly named WillPemcoBielomatik (formed of Will-Pemco and the newly acquired Bielomatik paper division), Kugler-Womako and Curioni, plus the well-known brands of SHM and Wrapmatic.

    Bielomatik is globally known for its paper processing equipment to sheet and wrap folio and cut-size material from small to large formats and from fine paper to board. The range includes complete solutions for exercise books and writing pads in schools and business around the world. Its Book on Demand (BoD) binding line offers fully automatic production of high quality books in short runs down to a quantity of one. Bielomatik will bring new technology to BW Papersystems with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. RFID is used for Smart Labels and Smart Tags to track and trace luxury products, contact-less ticketing in public transportation and other authentication purposes.
    The addition of Bielomatik further enhances BW Papersystems’ global engineering collaboration and ability to provide comprehensive process knowledge and expertise in fine paper and board converting for its installations around the world. As with all Barry-Wehmiller companies, BW Papersystems offers a lasting commitment to its customers with a high focus on delivering world-class spare parts, upgrades and service packages to customers.

    With this addition, BW Papersystems now employs more than 1,600 people throughout their international operations. As a whole, Barry-Wehmiller has more than 11,000 team members among 100 locations worldwide.
    “We are pleased to bring our people-centric leadership practices to our new Bielomatik team members and look forward to working alongside them in creating long-term value for all of our stakeholders,” said Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller chairman and CEO.
    (Barry-Wehmiller International (B-WI))
    06.10.2015   Clearing up at Laakirchen Papier AG following the fire at PM 10 ongoing; Repairs started immediately    ( Company news )

    Company news The fire at Laakirchens PM10 only partially damaged the paper machine. Repair works started already.

    The extent of the damage caused on PM10 by the fire on 24th September is not yet exactly defined. After first assessments the damage will be in the range of a few million Euro. A technical fault has been determined as the reason for the fire and detailed investigations have revealed a broken power train demolishing hydraulic tubes as the cause. Consequently the hydraulic oil leakage caught fire. The cause for the breakage of the power train is under investigation.
    The extent of the damage of some of the machine components and the period of supply is not yet known, therefore an assertive statement about the down times scale is not yet possible.
    However according to current state of knowledge Laakirchen targets to restart PM10 by end of the year 2015.
    The second paper machine PM11 is not affected by the fire and continues production.
    (Laakirchen Papier AG)
    05.10.2015   RAKO-Etiketten ramps up narrow-web rotary screen productivity with third SPGPrints ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... RotaLEN® laser engraver

    Picture: Stefan Behrens, head of preprint at RAKO-Etiketten, with the company’s third SPGPrints RotaLen laser engraver

    RAKO-Etiketten, one of Europe's leading suppliers of self-adhesive labels, has installed its third SPGPrints RotaLEN® laser engraver for digital imaging of nickel rotary screens. The investment will enable the German converter to meet the increased demand for screen printing jobs and maintain throughput levels averaging 55 cylinders per day.

    The RotaLEN engraver features a CO2 laser that ablates the emulsion of the screen cylinder in a one-step dry and fully digital process. The workflow, which uses no chemicals, film or water, allows screens to be imaged and prepared for production within one hour.
    Installed in 2005 and 2007, the two existing engravers have been dedicated to imaging reusable seamless nickel RotaMesh® and RotaPlate® screens, to meet the demand for features such as tactile varnishes, the no-label look and vivid colours.

    However, as Stefan Behrens, head of pre-print at RAKO-Etiketten explains, the demand required further investments: “Between 2010 and 2015, we experienced a 30 percent leap in throughput to 18,000 screen engraving jobs a year. On one level, this was driven by the growth of our rotary screen business: customers increasingly recognise the importance of the process for communicating a cosmetics brand’s luxury promise, and for achieving high point-of-sale impact. Also, customers have been moving to shorter, more frequent repeat deliveries, instead of placing large, single orders.”

    “We’ve succeeded in meeting the quality and high volume expectations thanks to SPGPrints’ RotaLEN technology, with its precision and simple, clean workflow. We had no hesitation in choosing RotaLEN again, on the basis of the existing engraver performance, the long life of the screens and the outstanding support we have had from the manufacturer.”

    In most cases, RAKO offers rotary screen in combination with flexo or offset, via SPGPrints’ Rotary Screen Integration® modules that accommodate the nickel screens. These provide a single-pass solution for applying the opaque white when creating the no-label look, and for varnishes between 12 and 200 micron thickness. Varnishes are an effective way of adding vividness to underlying graphics, such as an icon or a band name. RAKO has formulated its own ‘High & Clear’ varnish that uses a special coating medium to offer clarity and the haptic effect.

    Growth in rotary screen has also been driven by the need for more sophisticated labels that require a combination of screen effects, with some presses featuring four rotary screen printing stations.

    SPGPrints’ nickel screens have the strength to maintain print stability above 100m/min and the resilience to be reused, thereby saving consumable costs and time, especially when repeat orders are needed. On average, RAKO has about 700 imaged cylinders, ready for immediate recall.

    “We appreciate the support provided by the laser engraving technical team at SPGPrints Austria. They have always been available at short notice to assist with troubleshooting or technical expertise. We see them as close partners in this venture,” says Mr. Behrens.
    (SPGPrints B.V.)
    05.10.2015   Clearwater Paper Announces Executive Changes    ( Company news )

    Company news Danny G. Johansen to Retire and Patrick T. Burke Named Group President

    Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE:CLW) announced the retirement of Danny G. Johansen as president of the company's pulp and paperboard division. Patrick T. Burke, who currently serves as the company's president of the consumer products division, will assume the newly created consolidated role of group president overseeing both the pulp and paperboard and consumer products businesses. Mr. Johansen is expected to continue to serve the company until the end of March 2016 to assist with the transition.

    "Dan's 42 years of service has not only been instrumental in helping shape our company, but his lifelong career as a positive and results-driven leader will serve as a legacy in the forest products industry for decades to come," said Linda K. Massman, president and CEO. "On behalf of everyone at Clearwater Paper, we thank Dan for his countless contributions to the industry and the company."

    Prior to joining Clearwater Paper, Mr. Burke spent nearly 30 years in manufacturing, warehouse operations and supply chain management leadership positions for PepsiCo, Quaker Oats and Ralston Foods. While at PepsiCo, he managed the Western region of Gatorade with total sales of $4 billion. Mr. Burke received his Bachelor of Science from Jacksonville State University and his MBA from Ohio University.

    "Pat's drive and success bringing operational efficiencies to every part of our business is exactly what we need for our continued success," said Massman. "Consolidated division leadership is another step towards building a more efficient and agile company that best serves our customers' needs and can deliver more value to our stockholders."
    (Clearwater Paper Corporation)
    05.10.2015   Papyrus signs an agreement to acquire OSPAP in Czech Republic    ( Company news )

    Company news Papyrus has signed an agreement to acquire the Czech paper merchant OSPAP. This as part of its strategy to grow the business in paper, visual communication and packaging distribution in major European markets. OSPAP, that has continued to operate since its owner PaperlinX Netherlands Holdings B.V. was placed into administration in the Netherlands, is a successful and well-established company with a broad customer base. The acquisition will enhance the geographical footprint of Papyrus in the region, improve the service and portfolio offering, and create higher efficiency for both customers and Papyrus.

    Completion of the transaction remains subject to the approval of the relevant competition authority.
    (Papyrus AB)
    05.10.2015   Munksjö inaugurates a new crepe machine in order to extend the electrotechnical paper product ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... offering

    Munksjö, a world-leading manufacturer of advanced paper products,
    inaugurated a new crepe machine at its production facility in Jönköping, Sweden. The mill is part of Munksjö's business area Industrial Applications.

    Electrotechnical paper is mainly used in the electric transmission and
    distribution industry. The new machine will enable Munksjö to better meet both current and future customer needs in addition to the wide range of insulating kraft paper products already offered and supplied.

    The new crepe machine will double Munksjö's production capacity of
    electrotechnical insulating crepe kraft paper and will be the only machine in the world able to produce up to 3,000 mm in width. The paper is mainly used in the bushing industry. The investment is part of the business area's strategic development plan.

    "Through the inauguration of the new machine we continue to lead innovations in the technology of insulating paper. Munksjö has always been at the forefront of innovation within specialty paper which has been enabled through our own production of specialty pulp for electrical insulation." says Martin Lundqvist, President Electrotechnical Paper.

    Munksjö started to manufacture electrotechnical paper in 1909 and has since then developed many innovative products for the electric transmission and distribution industry. Today, Munksjö's paper is used on all continents: in submarine cables at the bottom of the English Channel, in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and in South America's hydroelectric plants.

    Munksjö's electrotechnical papers are advanced paper products and the customer requirements are individual. There are no standard products in Munksjö's offering and the electrotechnical paper is manufactured and converted according to specific customer needs and also fulfills the requirements of relevant international standards.
    (Munksjö Paper AB)
    02.10.2015   Historically strong earnings for Södra     ( Company news )

    Company news Södra reported a strong earnings trend for the first eight months of the year. Operating profit rose to SEK 1,660 million (1,012), sales increased to SEK 12,186 million (11,429) and the operating margin was 14 percent (9).

    "Södra is performing well. A healthy second four-month period has finished with a historically strong overall result for the Group for the period through August. This is largely due to high price levels for finished goods and mainly to a favourable currency situation - but also because Södra is becoming an increasingly efficient, innovative and value-generating Group," said CEO Lars Idermark.

    Operating profit for the second four-month period amounted to SEK 718 million (509) and sales to SEK 5,943 million (5,591), which yielded an operating margin of 12 percent (9). The improved earnings were due to positive demand for Södra's products and a favourable currency situation.

    "The Södra Cell business area continues to deliver a very strong performance. Stable and efficient production at the mills, while we are investing SEK 5 billion to increase production, is impressive. The profit trend for Södra Wood is more problematic. Efforts to improve operational efficiency are progressing well, but lower prices and weaker market conditions are putting pressure on profitability. Eventually, structural changes will also be required to improve profitability. Several minor measures have already been implemented, such as concentrating more of our business operations into fewer and larger units," added Idermark.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    02.10.2015   Fibria selects Veolia to supply all three water units for pulp mill expansion in Brazil    ( Company news )

    Company news Veolia, through its subsidiary Veolia Water Technologies Brazil, was awarded a contract to build three units for demineralized water production, raw water treatment and effluent treatment at Fibria’s new pulp production line located in Três Lagoas in Mato Grosso do Sul, a central western state of Brazil.

    Fibria is a Brazilian forest-based company and world leader in eucalyptus pulp production. The 26-month EPC contract signed with Veolia is for Project Horizonte 2, which involves the construction, at the Três Lagoas Unit, of a second production line with annual pulp capacity of 1.75 million tons. After the expansion, whose start up is expected in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Mato Grosso do Sul unit will reach full annual production capacity of 3.05 million tons of pulp. As a result, Fibria’s total annual pulp production capacity, considering all of its units, will increase from the current 5.3 million tons to over 7 million tons. Fibria's total investment in the expansion of Três Lagoas is equivalent to about $ 2.5 billion.

    Veolia will design and build the three water treatment units using cutting-edge, patented Veolia processes. The first unit will use reverse osmosis and condensate polishing to produce 16,600 m3/d of demineralized water to supply the boilers. The second unit will feature the Actiflo® high rate clarification process combined with TGV filters to treat 185,000 m3/d of raw water before it is used in the pulp production process. Finally, the effluents from the pulp plant will go to a third unit where the AnoxKaldnes™ BAS™ process will be used to treat 166,000 m3/d of wastewater. This last unit will be designed by Veolia business unit Aquaflow who is specialized in effluent treatment for the pulp & paper industry.

    The effluent treatment plant was designed to comply with the most stringent environmental standards enforced in Mato Grosso do Sul, ensuring that the discharged water meets the highest levels of quality. All three water treatment units are to be equipped with processes known for providing efficient, stable and robust treatment in a small footprint, reducing construction costs.

    Ruddi De Souza, General Manager of Veolia Water Technologies’ design & build activities in Latin America, said: “All around the world, Veolia partners with industries in their search for improved environmental and economic performance. We are very proud to be involved in this project with Fibria, and to work with them towards expending their production in a cost-effective way while conforming with the state of Mato Grosso do Sul’s very strict environmental regulations”.

    The opening of the three treatment units is schedule for the fourth quarter of 2017.
    (Veolia Water Systems Austria GmbH)
    02.10.2015   Hit all the right notes with MAESTRO®     ( Company news )

    Company news MAESTRO® office paper re-launch: The new MAESTRO® live in concert

    Mondi, an international packaging and paper company, announces the re-branding of its MAESTRO® brand. New packaging designs of the product will be available in stores from early autumn onwards. The rebranding of the MAESTRO® product range was inspired by the orchestra maestro’s ability to handle all kind of musicians with diverse styles, just as Mondi aims to satisfy diverse customer needs with its broad MAESTRO® product portfolio.

    In recognition of its strong international brand awareness and success, Mondi is revitalising the brand with a re-launch campaign, including new packaging designs, videos and jingles of different music styles. To highlight the unique qualities offered by the individual products, which are designed to meet the needs of today’s business world, every product of the portfolio refers to one musical style.

    “The broad range of the MAESTRO® portfolio offers our customers optimal solutions for every need, just as musicians find the right song for their audience’s current mood. So you can count on MAESTRO® to set the stage for an impressive performance,” says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director of Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.”

    Broad applicability and reliable quality
    Mondi strives to understand and exceed customer expectations and to fulfil their printing needs every day. In order to flexibly cater to customer requests, MAESTRO® offers the right solution for a range of modern compositions in office paper. Elegance, versatility, strength, smartness or an urban feel – whatever needs to be expressed, MAESTRO® office papers have the right offering. “From dynamic contrasts for printing texts and colourful graphics with MAESTRO® extra, or MAESTRO® color with 30 different eye-catching colours to choose from, to efficient black-and-white printing with MAESTRO® standard, the MAESTRO® portfolio enables you to hit all the right notes,” explains Klumpp.

    MAESTRO® papers are optimally suited for diverse office applications, with the portfolio ranging from high white to tinted papers with a high level of opacity and minimum dust generation, which consequently leads to less machine wear and cost savings with regards to maintenance and servicing. The proven ColorLok® Technology for MAESTRO® supreme, MAESTRO® extra and MAESTRO® bulky delivers excellent results on inkjet printers and enables bolder blacks, vivid colours and faster drying.

    Sustainable. Every day.
    Also with regards to sustainability the MAESTRO® brand offers a strong environmental profile. The entire MAESTRO® portfolio is FSC® or PEFC™ certified and thus part of Mondi’s Green Range. Mondi makes continuous efforts to further improve the environmental performance of its products and processes every day. Sustainability is a fundamental and integral part of Mondi’s corporate strategy. Mondi’s Green Range, introduced in 2006, is recognised as a symbol for strong environmental performance in the sustainable paper production, with all Green Range papers FSC®/PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or produced totally chlorine free (TCF). The company’s commitment is underpinned by close collaborations with public organisations and NGOs, resulting in numerous renowned certifications: FSC®, PEFC™, EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel, Austrian Ecolabel, PPI Awards for Mondi‘s environmental strategy and the long-term partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
    (Mondi Europe & International Division)
    02.10.2015   Kodak Focuses on 'Sustained Efficiency' at WAN-IFRA 2015    ( Company news )

    Company news Company aims to take print market forward with revolutionary approach to efficiency improvement and waste reduction

    Kodak is excited to showcase its suite of products at WAN-IFRA’s World Publishing Expo 2015, at Hamburg Messe, Germany on Oct 5th—7th (Hall 4, Booth 540). The company is driving efficiency and customization in the newspaper industry with environmentally sound offset and digital print solutions. At Kodak’s booth visitors will discover how newspaper and semi-commercial newspaper printers are using Kodak solutions to increase their productivity, drive down costs and adopt a sustainable approach to print.

    Kodak’s technology allows customers to keep up with the trends in consumer demand for more personalized news. Samples of customer work will be on show, including newspapers and magazines printed by News UK, Axel Springer, Groupe Sego, DC Thomson, Calprint and El Mundo, plus brand new micro-zoning and variable advertising samples from Sogemedia.

    Key Kodak representatives and customers will be on hand to discuss the company’s latest product updates and partnerships, including:

    KODAK LIBRA VP Digital Plates – Kodak will be showing the KODAK LIBRA VP Digital Plates for the first time on the stand at WAN-IFRA. Compatible with all market-leading violet CTP systems and plateline equipment, the plates maximise productivity and offer the quality and on-press performance required for both newspapers and semi-commercial print applications. Newspaper printers that conventionally process plates can simplify processing and reduce environmental impact by replacing their traditional developer and replenisher with a single, low-pH clean-out finisher. Using the same clean-out finisher, printers wanting to further increase efficiency and save water can use an EasyChem setup that removes the plate wash steps, using either a modified conventional processor or a dedicated clean-out unit.
    KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetters and KODAK GENERATION NEWS Platesetters – These platesettersare built on the trusted thermal technology that printers have depended on for over 19 years, featuring KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, which provides newspaper printers with the quality, stability and repeatability of thermal imaging. Kodak has a full product offering for small to large newspaper printers with a wide range of speeds from 80 to 300 plates per hour, and automation options from simple semi-automatic operation to full, unattended automation with up to 1,600 plates online in up to 4 different plates sizes. Last year, Kodak introduced the Single Cassette Unit (SCU) automation option for the KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter, providing printers with a fourth automation option. This year, TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetters with Auto-Unload (AU), Auto-Loader (AL) or SCU automation options now come standard with dual broadsheet rotation to make integration into existing plate lines simple.
    KP Services (Jersey) Limited – A collaboration between Kodak and Guiton Group Limited, KP Services (Jersey) Limited will print the Jersey Evening Post in addition to the majority of U.K. national newspapers (11 titles in total) for distribution in Jersey and Guernsey. It is estimated that KP Services (Jersey) Limited will print approximately 35,000 newspapers in total each day using two KODAK PROSPER 6000P Presses.
    Sogemedia – Sogemedia is a media company based in Paris that specializes in producing and editing weekly-localized news publications. From autumn, Sogemedia will be using the KODAK PROSPER 6000C Press to create more relevant content based on a reader’s location. Sogemedia can now more easily and quickly print regional newspapers in order to provide localized content to its readers, in addition to offering regionalized advertising opportunities to local businesses.

    Kodak will also be showing its popular no process thermal plate, the KODAK SONORA NEWS Process Free Plate, and rounding up the newspaper plate portfolio with the KODAK THERMALNEWS PT Digital Plate, which lets printers reduce energy usage by up to 60% by removing preheat and water consumption by up to 50% by removing prewash from processing.

    “This year at WAN-IFRA we are presenting a range of new and innovative products for newspaper printing which enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact by streamlining their production,” said Jeff Clarke, Chief Executive Officer, Kodak. “We’ve really focused on understanding our customers’ priorities by creating partnerships and products that answer their needs directly – all without compromising quality.”
    (Kodak GmbH)
    02.10.2015   Composition of Valmet's Nomination Board    ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet's four largest registered shareholders according to Euroclear on September 1, 2015, have named the following persons as their representatives in Valmet's Nomination Board:

    Kari Järvinen, Managing Director (Solidium Oy)
    Martin Oliw, Partner (Cevian Capital Partners Ltd)
    Roger Hagborg, Investment Advisory Professional (Triton)
    Risto Murto, CEO (Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company)

    Bo Risberg, Chairman of Valmet's Board of Directors, will serve as the Nomination Board's expert member.

    Valmet's Annual General Meeting decided on March 26, 2014 to establish a Nomination Board for the time being. Nomination Board will prepare proposals on members of the Board of Directors and their remuneration for the Annual General Meeting. The next Annual General Meeting is planned to be held on March 22, 2016.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    02.10.2015   Stora Enso completes the divestments of its Barcelona mill and Komárom plant    ( Company news )

    Company news Barcelona mill
    Stora Enso has completed the divestment announced on 27 July 2015 of its Barcelona mill, which produces recycled-fibre based consumer board, to the private equity fund Quantum. The transaction is in line with Stora Enso’s strategy to focus its consumer board offering on high quality virgin-fibre products.
    The total cash consideration for the divestment of the shares is EUR 10 million, subject to customary closing day adjustments. The transaction has no material income statement impact.
    Based on the annual figures for 2014, the divestment reduces Stora Enso’s annual sales by EUR 117 million and simultaneously decreases Stora Enso’s annual board production capacity by approximately 195 000 tonnes from the beginning of the fourth quarter 2015 onwards. The transaction does not have material impact on Stora Enso’s operational EBIT and cash flow going forward, and it will improve the operational EBIT and EBITDA margins slightly. The Barcelona mill employs approximately 220 people and was part of Consumer Board division.

    Komárom plant
    In addition, Stora Enso has completed the divestment announced on 31 August 2015 of its packaging plant in Komárom, Hungary, which produces offset printed micro-flute packaging, to Van Genechten Packaging International S.A.
    The total cash consideration for the divestment of the shares is EUR 13 million, subject to customary closing day adjustments. The transaction has no material income statement impact.
    Based on the annual figures for 2014, the divestment reduces Stora Enso’s annual sales by EUR 14 million and simultaneously decreases the annual corrugated packaging converting capacity by approximately 15 million m2 from the beginning of the fourth quarter 2015 onwards. The Komarom plant employs approximately 90 people and was part of Packaging Solutions division.
    (Stora Enso Oyj)
    01.10.2015   Toscotec-supplied MODULO-PLUS tissue machine starts up at ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Paper Product mill in China

    Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Paper Product Co., Ltd. has started up the first of two MODULO-PLUS ES tissue lines supplied by Toscotec at its mill in Liuzhou, Guangxi. In the next couple of weeks the start-up of the second tissue line and of the TT WIND-M high-speed slitter rewinder will follow suit.

    This is the first imported tissue machine to come on stream at Liangmianzhen Paper Product mill, one of Liangmenzhen Group’s subsidiaries, and thanks to the strong partnership between Toscotec and the Chinese producer, start-up was successfully achieved according to schedule. This first new line alone will increase the company’s tissue production by 21k t/y.

    Toscotec’s scope of supply included a MODULO-PLUS ES machine, designed for a speed of 1500 m/min, featuring TT SYD-15FT (4572mm) and double press configuration, Milltech’s steam-heated hood, stock preparation equipment, electrical and control systems, spare parts for the entire plant and a full service package.

    The significant advantage of Toscotec’s technology has been proved to be its cutting-edge Energy Saving drying package: Toscotec’s TT DOES (Drying Optimization for Energy Saving) ensures the lowest energy consumption, with the highest machine performances. Its reliance on steam, as the sole drying energy source, perfectly meets the twofold objective of Chinese producers to profit from the most accessible and cost-effective energy source and achieve maximum production of high-quality tissue.
    (Toscotec S.p.A.)
    01.10.2015   Mondi Group signs agreement to acquire Ascania nonwoven Germany    ( Company news )

    Company news Mondi Group has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding share capital of Ascania nonwoven Germany GmbH (“Ascania”) from Schloss Neugattersleben Group, a private equity investment group for a total consideration of EUR54m on a debt-and-cash-free basis (5.7x LTM EBITDA).

    Ascania is a producer of nonwoven fabrics and nonwoven composites used as components in personal care products. The business operates from one site based in Aschersleben, Germany. Ascania is a key supplier of nonwovens for diaper elastic laminates to Mondi. The business employs around 150 people and will be integrated into Mondi’s Consumer Packaging Business Unit. For the twelve months ended 31 May 2015, Ascania generated unaudited revenues of EUR53m and EBITDA of EUR9.5m.

    Commenting on the acquisition, David Hathorn, Chief Executive of Mondi Group, said: “This acquisition supports the development of our Consumer Packaging business. It will strengthen Mondi’s position as the preferred supplier of hygiene components such as elastic laminates for diapers and enable further growth with innovative products for baby diapers, adult incontinence, femcare and medical applications.”

    The transaction remains subject to competition clearance and is expected to complete by the fourth quarter of 2015.
    (Mondi Europe & International Division)
    01.10.2015   CITO at ESU TECHNOLOGY FORUM    ( Company news )

    Company news The TECHNOLOGY FORUM of the EDA (European Diemakers Association) was once again held on 18-19 September 2015 in Luxemburg. Naturally, CITO took the opportunity to present its latest developments. An acknowledged highlight of the event was CITO's ProcessLine product line. The equipment, designed to measure the die clearance of laser boards and the channel characteristics of creasing systems as well as for performing quality control of creasing in packaging, met with great interest among the international audience.

    The newly launched self-adhesive ejector profiles also gained considerable approval from the visiting experts. The profiles have been tested in practice and it has been demonstrated that several million die cuts are possible without the profiles losing their positional accuracy. The self-adhesive profiles from CITO have been shown to save up to 70% of the time needed for rubberising flat-bed moulds. Moreover, self-adhesive profiles for rotational moulds were also on display in Luxemburg. The maximum time saving here is provided by the new Cushion Crease from CITO. These self-adhesive profiles even adhere permanently to half-shells, without the need for any additional steel-clip fixings. This not only saves valuable assembly time but also ensures optimum performance of rotational moulds in productive use.

    Last but not least, CITO also presented its entire range of HS CITO rules in Luxemburg. ProCut – the cutting rule for large production runs, SuperBend – designed especially for extreme bending requirements, SwordCut – the extra-fine-ground rule for special requirements, and MasterCrease – the creasing rule with the best performance for the creasing process.

    Jürgen Marien, managing director: “For me it was once again a great joy to see how our team responds to visitors' questions with such great enthusiasm and professional competence. This is the guarantee that we will continue in future to be perceived by our customers as competent partners.”
    01.10.2015   Norske Skog and NTE enter into a new energy contract    ( Company news )

    Company news Norske Skog has signed an energy contract with NTE (Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk) for the supply of electricity to the Skogn paper mill (photo).

    The new agreement replaces the agreement signed in 2012. The new agreement will, together with an agreement that was signed with Statkraft in 2011, secure Norske Skog Skogn with sufficient energy for the full operation of the plant. For NTE, the agreement represents a predictable supply of renewable energy to one of the company's most important customers. The agreement is on commercial terms and is valid for 16 months from 1 September 2015. The new agreement with NTE ensures supply of 0.4 TWh per year until 31 December 2016.

    - Norske Skog Skogn is important for the Group, for the forest industry in Central Norway and for jobs at Skogn. If we are to be competitive going forward, we must have even lower costs than today. It requires that energy and raw material costs are reduced further. The order situation is somewhat improved over the past few weeks, and can therefore lead to earlier initiation of PM2 than predicted, says CEO Sven Ombudstvedt in Norske Skog.

    - NTE is pleased to have an agreement with a key energy-intensive industrial plant in our region. Norske Skog at Skogn is a cornerstone business in Nord-Trondelag with great importance for value creation and employment. The energy agreement also correlates well with our hedging strategy for energy production, says energy director Kenneth Brandsås in NTE.

    - Challenging market conditions in the industry requires that the mill must have access to stable and secure energy supply at an acceptable price to maintain operations. The agreement with NTE represents considerable power cost savings, which are necessary to maintain competitiveness at Skogn, says CEO Sven Ombudstvedt Norske Skog.
    (Norske Skogindustrier ASA)
    01.10.2015   Felix Schoeller proofing papers already comply with new Fogra standards    ( Company news )

    Company news Fogra’s latest announcement has put an end to the uncertainty around standards 51 and 52. And the paper to match the new standards already exists: the Felix Schoeller Group’s Digital Media Business Unit has produced the first complete portfolio of proofing papers to comply with the new Fogra standards 51 and 52. The fact that it began its research early on means that the Felix Schoeller Group has already developed proofing papers with optical brighteners that meet the new Fogra specifications. Schoeller is now pleased to offer a portfolio of six microporous resin-coated papers and a special-coated matt paper, marketed under the product name TRUST. Six of the papers have certification, the last one is in the process of being certified by Fogra.

    Felix Schoeller Digital Media delivers proofing accuracy for white papers with optical brighteners
    There is a strong trend in white papers with optical brighteners in the graphics and paper market. Fogra has now responded to this trend by publishing its new Fogra 51 and 52 standards. They say that profiles and characterisation data will follow soon. The Fogra 39 standard that was in use to date was designed for neutral white papers without optical brighteners, which meant it was no longer able to meet the needs of the current trend in the paper market and deliver optimum results for print and proofing jobs on the new papers.

    The fact that the light sources used in light boxes in the past did not include the UV parts of the spectrum meant that there were visual differences between the proofs and the final print products, depending on whether they were viewed in light boxes or in daylight. This caused problems in everyday work processes. To address this problem, adjustments were made to the light sources used in the light boxes: they now contain UV light to make it possible to differentiate between papers with and without optical brighteners. Furthermore, the conventional colour measurement M0 has been replaced by the physically correct colour measurement M1 that so many professionals had been calling for. In conjunction with colour measurement M2, the proportion of active optical brighteners can now be determined.

    Now that the new Fogra standards 51 and 52 have been published, there is an urgent demand for new proofing papers that follow the trend towards high whiteness. However, at the same time, they also have to meet the established specifications relating to high light-fastness and the outstanding ageing resistance that accompanies it, not forgetting the frequent wish for a large colour gamut. These four elements together – light box, colour measurement, Fogra standards and proofing papers – mean that the new process is complete and suitable for professional use.

    The Felix Schoeller Group is the first company to offer a complete portfolio of proofing papers to meet Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 specifications. Six microporous resin-coated papers and one special-coated matt paper are already able to meet the highest quality specifications for any surface:
    -Fogra 51:
    TRUST premium | Glossy 250 g/m² | P51411
    TRUST premium | Satin 200 g/m² | P50311
    TRUST premium | Satin 250 g/m² | P51311
    TRUST premium | Flat Matt 200 g/m² | P50511

    -Fogra 52:
    TRUST economy | Matt 150 g/m² | J85270
    TRUST commercial | Satin 195 g/m² | P51910
    TRUST commercial | Satin 245 g/m² | P51210

    The TRUST premium and the TRUST commercial papers already have official Fogra certification. The TRUST economy paper is in the process of being certified. Despite the optical brighteners they contain, the premium and commercial papers have a special product structure that makes them extremely light-fast, which accounts for their excellent ageing resistance. In addition to the large colour gamut that all the papers have, TRUST premium papers are particularly suitable for reproducing spot colours. They are used for all types of proofs for offset, gravure and screen printing. Their excellent properties mean that they can easily be used as colour-liable contract proofs or as samples in packaging mock-ups, for example.
    (Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG)
    01.10.2015   ONLY 2 WEEKS UNTIL MIAC 2015! 3 DAYS OF PROFESSIONAL UPDATING AND BUSINESS!    ( Company news )

    Company news Rapidly changing technological solutions require continuous education: MIAC is the answer to all this! An event not to be missed for all those working in the paper industry sector. 270 Exhibitors wait for you in Lucca in two weeks time!

    137 stand on the ground floor, 23 stand on the upper floor, 270 Exhibitors in total. Visiting MIAC means obtaining a full overview of the technology and equipment available to the paper industry sector.

    MIAC Exhibition planned four "technical meetings" in order to take stock of the situation regarding trend, future perspectives and new available technologies in the paper sector. The participation to the Conferences is free of charge. Simultaneous translation from Italian to English and vice versa is available.

    Some MIAC Exhibitors organise, during the three days of Exhibition, their own Open Houses, in order to show their technology and machinery to the Visitors of MIAC 2015. On the MIAC website you can view the full list of the Open Houses!

    14 and 15 October 2015 | time 09.00 - 18.00 // 16 October 2015 | time 09.00 - 15.30
    (Edipap Srl)
    30.09.2015   Sappi joins Save Food to help fight food waste     ( Company news )

    Company news At the start of June 2015, Sappi Speciality Papers became a member of the Save Food initiative, signalling a firm commitment to better protection of all foodstuffs the world over. Save Food is a joint initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Messe Düsseldorf and interpack, the world's leading trade fair for processes and packaging.

    Through projects, trade fairs and conferences, the initiative aims to increase awareness among decision makers from the worlds of politics, business and industry of the critical need to fight food waste. The initiative was set up in response to the shocking fact that one-third of all food is wasted or lost in transit to the end customer. The amount wasted or lost would meet the world's demand for food.

    Paper with new functions
    "Sappi's commitment to Save Food is in line with our basic strategic focus on innovative and sustainable paper-based packaging solutions. We want to actively help reduce the share of fossil-fuel-based packing materials in favour of renewable and natural raw materials and environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives while at the same time reducing food waste," explains Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager for Speciality Papers at Sappi.

    The incorporation of recyclable components and product protection lie at the very heart of future packaging developments. Innovative packaging materials have an essential role to play in the value-added chain to increase the shelf life of food. Sappi has set itself the long-term goal of giving paper new functions, increasing the share of renewable resources and developing packaging that is easier to recycle, all of which are key contributors to environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

    "We are delighted to have Sappi on board. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging materials, fully supports our goals and is willing to drive forward new packaging solutions," says Bernd Jablonowski, Director of interpack & Save Food at Messe Düsseldorf. Save Food now has more than 300 members from the fields of industry, politics and society. Together they aim to push ahead with innovations, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and prompt debates to find solutions – along the entire value-added chain from field to consumer. More specifically in terms of packaging and process technology, this means pushing for smart and sustainable production and packaging concepts for improving food supplies to the world's growing population.
    (Sappi Europe S.A.)

    Company news Recycled paper machine 1 in the Dueñas factory will have a production loss amounting to 20,000 tons in the next two and a half months, the time needed to implement an investment as planned, but will result in increased speed and production width, from the current 2.25 metres to 2.50 metres after the investment has been applied.

    -The investment will result in increased production speed and machine width, which will be increased to 2.5 metres, thus equalling the width of paper machine 2
    - Standardisation of widths results in increased profitability, as well improving the efficiency of the production process and the service offered
    - This investment corresponds to the second phase of the Proyecto Estucados (Coating project), that will enable paper production with double coating in 2016

    In this manner, recycled paper machines 1 and 2 in the Dueñas factory will have the same width. This will result in the company offering a better service to their clients, based on rationalisation and a more balanced share of the paper produced in each machine. Additionally, this sharing of production implies increased profitability and efficacy of the manufacturing process by specialisation of machine 1 in brown paper and machine 2 in white paper.

    Rafael Ballester, Commercial Director of the Europac Group Paper Division, highlights that “this investment means that each machine can specialise in manufacturing specific paper, which will enable improved planning, optimising production and increasing the efficiency of the process. This results in improved recycled paper service in the Dueñas factory and increased profitability for the company”.

    Coating Project
    In accordance with the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, during this year and the next, a series of investments currently in progress will conclude, among which we can outline the optimisation of the recycled paper machine in Rouen (France), the commissioning of an integrated packaging factory in Tangier (Morocco) and phases II and III of the Coating Project in the Dueñas factory.

    With regard to the factory in Palencia, the production of coated paper destined for the manufacturing of packaging requiring high quality printing began last year. With the aim of producing double-layer coated paper in 2016, characterised by the top quality printing that can be applied onto it. This required the current investment, which enables equalling the width of the two existing paper machines in order to specialise and improve the service.
    (Cartón Dueñas S.L.)
    30.09.2015   Munksjö plans to further adjust the cost structure and books non-recurring costs    ( Company news )

    Company news Munksjö plans to further adjust its cost structure. The plan includes
    restructuring actions that require personnel negotiations at the production facility located in Mathi, close to Turin in Italy.

    With the planned restructuring, Munksjö aims to further adjust the cost
    structure and improve the operational efficiency of Business Area Release Liners. The production facility in Mathi is a shared site with Ahlstrom Corporation. The headcount reduction related to the restructuring project is expected to be around 45 employees. Munksjö currently has around 270 employees in Italy. The restructuring is subject to consultation and approval processes in accordance with local legislation.

    The expected annual cost savings of the restructuring amount to approximately EUR 2.0-2.5 million. Munksjö expects to attain the full profitability effect of the planned cost savings gradually during 2016. Related to the restructuring in Mathi, other efforts to adjust the cost structure and other reorganisation activities, Munksjö will book non-recurring costs of approximately EUR 5 million in the third quarter of 2015.

    As communicated in November 2014, Munksjö's EBITDA margin target of 12 per cent over a business cycle is planned to be achieved through efforts and initiatives including; continued organic growth, reinforced market positions in existing product segments, strengthened positions in emerging markets, continued adjustments of the cost structure, measures to improve efficiency in production and further develop the technical service offering. The ambition is to reach the profitability target at the end of 2016.
    (Munksjö Oyj)
    30.09.2015   Official opening of Greenpac Containerboard Mill in Niagara Falls     ( Company news )

    Company news Cascades Inc. (CAS: TSX), a leader in the recovery of recyclable products and manufacturing green packaging products and tissue paper, officially inaugurated the Greenpac Mill LLC (Greenpac Containerboard Mill), located in Niagara Falls, New York . Greenpac is a company created by Cascades in partnership with the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Jamestown Container and Containerboard Partners.

    Considered the most advanced facility of its kind in North America , Greenpac manufactures a lightweight linerboard, made with 100% recycled fibres, on a single machine having a trim of 328 inches (8.33 metres) with an annual production capacity of 540,000 short tons. Built and operated by Norampac, a division of Cascades, the Greenpac Mill employs 135 people.

    "The investment we are inaugurating today is the tangible result of the deployment of our strategic plan aiming to position Cascades as a leader in the packaging industry in terms of both productivity and profitability. Greenpac offers high-performance and innovative products that will enable us to better fulfill the needs of our customers, with one of the lowest costs in the industry," stated Mario Plourde , President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades.

    "We are very proud to officially inaugurate Greenpac today, with the people who have helped make this major project a reality," added Charles Malo , Chief Operating Officer of Norampac. "Greenpac's success since launching operations has confirmed that we made the right choice by investing in modern equipment and technologies that enable us to offer superior-quality products."

    This project was also made possible thanks to the involvement of organizations such as the State of New York , Empire State Development, the City of Niagara Falls , the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency, the New York Power Authority and the New York Department of Environment Conservation.

    Since the beginning of production on July 15, 2013, the mill's performance has continued to improve and demand for its innovative products has surpassed expectations. Combining the latest paper production technologies, Greenpac XP —a new type of recycled linerboard—stands out from the competition with its superior strength and unparalleled print quality while maintaining a lower basis weight than traditional linerboards. An innovative manufacturing process makes Greenpac XP a more economical option for customers as it requires less fiber and gives the paper an unprecedented performance and finish.

    With respect to energy efficiency and the use of water, the Greenpac Mill is an industry leader thanks to the automation of numerous operations, a state-of-the-art water treatment system, high-performance drying equipment and the re-use of process water.

    The success of Cascades' most ambitious project in 50 years is also due to the exceptional dedication of its employees, whose commitment to excellence from start-up has made all the difference in enabling the mill achieving its objectives. Furthermore, the Greenpac team takes great pride in its exemplary health and safety performance, as this is at the heart of everyone's day-to-day activities.

    "We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyody who has played a role in this project including, in particular, all the employees and suppliers who have been involved in building and operating the mill, and our partners in this project, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Jamestown Container and Containerboard Partners," said Mr. Malo.

    Dignitaries, partners, suppliers, customers and employees were on hand as the Greenpac Mill in Niagara Falls opened its doors to the media for the first time.
    (Cascades Inc.)
    30.09.2015   The Judges Have Spoken, and the Winner of the Product of Excellence Award is ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Kugler-Womako´s EcoBinder Book!

    For over three decades, the Binding Industries Association's annual Product of Excellence awards recognized outstanding examples of craftsmanship. Winning this prestigious award is considered among many to be the pinnacle of success in the binding industry. Graphic finishers, trade binderies and custom loose leaf manufacturers entering the contest are some of the best in the world and winning this award truly is an honor.

    The award in the category "Product Design" was received at the Premier Print Awards Gala Featuring The InterTech™ Technology Awards, Sunday, September 13, 2015, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, held in conjunction with GRAPH EXPO 15, in Chicago, IL.

    The product in question is produced with Kugler-Womako´s most innovative machine, EcoBinder, which was designed to introduce yet another possibility to bind books -with paper- and challenge the existing binding methods such as spiral/double-wire/and plastic spiral binding.
    The main features of the bound products are:

    - Excellent advertising and marketing tool, as the paper "rings" can be individually printed and designed. Regardless of the page you turn to, the printed message/ picture remains visible.
    - The EcoBinder book also holds "green" appeal due to the fact that the binding is made from the same material as the book itself. 100% paper book is not only ecologically friendly, but also fully recyclable.

    Having won this prestigious award, Kugler-Womako was inspired to make a special offer at a discounted price for our sole in stock EcoBinder machine. Should this offer be of interest to you, please contact our sales department. You should certainly hurry, as this is a one time deal only and subject to prior sale.
    (Kugler-Womako GmbH)
    29.09.2015   Appvion Introduces kaBoom!™ Colored Papers    ( Company news )

    Company news Appvion, Inc. has introduced a new brand name, new colors, and new basis weights to its line of colored papers. kaBoom!™ Colored Papers by Appvionare designed to add value for printers, converters, distributors, merchants and their customers. They are well-suited for applications including menus, posters, direct mail, brochures, flyers, arts and crafts and business communications.

    “kaBoom! Colored Papers by Appvion are dyed, not tinted, for rich and uniform color, superb printability and outstanding performance,” said Ethan Haas, Appvion’s vice president and general manager of carbonless and specialty papers. He added, “With our fully integrated pulp and specialty paper mill, we control the entire supply chain process. As a result, we can maintain product quality, provide timely service and ensure product supply.”

    For printers and converters, kaBoom! offers a wide variety of brilliant colors such as storm’n orange, yowza yellow, gripping green, electric blue and firecracker red, a range of basis weights, and physical properties that provide excellent performance on offset, laser and desktop inkjet printers. The paper’s durability, stiffness and bulk ensure outstanding performance on post-processing and inserting equipment. Distributors and merchants will be pleased with a service package that ensures availability with shorter lead times and lower minimums. For end users, kaBoom! delivers proven increases in direct mail response and document readership.

    The kaBoom! portfolio includes bond, multi-use, and tag and ledger products available in weights from 12 to 125 lb.tag. All are available in a powerful palette that includes vivid colors and gentle pastels. kaBoom! products are available in sheets and rolls from merchants, distributors, printers and converters.

    kaBoom! Colored Papers by Appvion are made in the U.S.A. at Appvion’s fully integrated specialty paper mill in Roaring Spring,Pa. The papers are acid free, elemental chlorine free (ECF), and manufactured under ISO 14001:2004-certified environmental management systems. FSC® Certified (FSC-C003368) or FSC Certified (FSC-C012633) products are available as are options with up to 50% alternative fiber (post-consumer or post-agricultural waste).

    kaBoom! is available in low minimum order quantities and in custom roll widths and sheet sizes. Appvion will work with customers to develop colored paper products that have custom colors and basis weights. The company ensures timely delivery via its network of strategically located distribution centers, and kaBoom! is backed by Appvion’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    (Appvion Inc.)
    29.09.2015   VGPI signs agreement with Stora Enso to acquire Hungarian Microflute operations    ( Company news )

    Company news Van Genechten Packaging International (VGPI) has agreed to acquire the Packaging plant from Stora Enso (SE), located in Komarom, Hungary. The site realises sales of 14 Mio € with less than 100 people and is specialised in the conception and production of microflute packaging.

    Widening of geographical footprint
    ”The acquisition widens our geographical footprint in Central Europe, with an excellent location just at the north of Budapest”, says Frederic de Somer, Managing Director of VGPI. “It is also complementary to our existing Microflute operations in Belgium, allowing us to become a leading player in this growing segment. The highly skilled people and state of the art equipment enables the Hungarian plant (built in 2008) to offer complex Microflute solutions to its customers. Our strong presence in Western and Central Europe will be to the benefit of our customers, both in terms of supply chain and in time to market”.

    Following the growth of our customers
    ”By this acquisition we follow the demand of our multinational and regional customers who are strongly growing in Central and Eastern Europe, offering them our trusted high quality standards and our rewarded innovation capabilities. This represents the next step of VGPI’s long term growth strategy focusing on chosen markets and driving business with its preferred partners”, says Lorenzo Delorenzi, CEO of VGPI.

    The acquisition is expected to be completed within 1 month.
    (Van Genechten Packaging N.V.)
    29.09.2015   Catalyst Announces Powell River Land Sale    ( Company news )

    Company news Catalyst (TSX: CYT) announced the sale of approximately 250 hectares of surplus land in Powell River, British Columbia, for $4.5 million.

    The forested land is adjacent to the Powell River mill site. While the land was previously harvested by predecessor companies, it has never been the site of manufacturing activity. Catalyst had no plans to use this parcel of land.

    Catalyst Paper manufactures diverse printing papers such as coated freesheet, C1S, coated and uncoated groundwood, newsprint, directory, as well as market pulp. Customers include retailers, publishers and commercial printers in North America, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and Europe. With five mills across North America, Catalyst has annual production capacity of 2.3 million tonnes. Catalyst is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and is ranked by Corporate Knights magazine as one of the 50 Best Corporate Citizens in Canada.
    (Catalyst Paper Corporation)
    29.09.2015   Idempapers SA announces a price increase for its specialty papers    ( Company news )

    Company news The substantial depreciation of the Euro has significantly impacted our raw materials costs, and in particular, more severely for those high volume items purchased in US Dollars, such as pulp.

    Despite all the improvements and investments made over the last few years in terms of productivity, energy and efficiency as well as the important ongoing investment projects, Idempapers, a Belgium based leading manufacturer of specialty papers, has decided to increase the prices all across its range of specialty papers in every markets, invoiced in Euros.

    The selling prices will be increased by 5% as of October 2015 and a further 5% from January 2016.

    This measure is absolutely necessary to maintain an acceptable level of profitability. Our sales team will shortly be contacting all customers to discuss the practical of this price increase.
    (IdemPapers S.A.)
    29.09.2015   Expert team starts immediate accident investigation at Heinzel Paper in Laakirchen    ( Company news )

    Company news A fire on the PM10 paper machine did not cause any injuries and there was no impact on either the environment or the neighbourhood. The evacuation was quiet and orderly. The extinguishing systems functioned. Upon arrival in Laakirchen, an external team of experts started work at once.

    At 5:51 p.m. on September 24th, an employee discovered and immediately reported a fire in the PM10 paper machine. The alarm chain functioned perfectly and the building was evacuated in a quiet and orderly manner. No employees were injured, but there was dense smoke on the drive side of the machine and subsequently flames spread in this area. The extinguishing systems functioned and the alerted emergency services were able to fight the fire from several angles with the result that it was brought under control relatively quickly. In spite of the thick smoke, at no point in time was the neighbourhood endangered and there was no impact upon the environment.
    The cause of the fire and the precise extent of the damage are yet to be determined. The second paper machine, the PM11 was not damaged and was shut down during the fire fighting activities. In the meantime, the PM 11 has resumed production.

    Following the “fire out” signal from the fire services, the local authorities, the public prosecutor’s office, the Labour Inspectorate and CID detectives started initial investigations in cooperation with the company. Member of the Management Board, Franz Baldauf: “Nonetheless, in addition to the local authorities, we immediately commissioned an external team of experts with the analysis of the fire and its possible causes.”

    The expert team consists of external specialists from the production, quality management and safety areas and will be working closely with the local authorities.

    Franz Baldauf: “For us, dealing with this incident and the discovery of its causes are of enormous significance. We regard this matter as being extremely serious and wish to take the correct decisions as quickly as possible in order to adopt measures that will prevent such an occurrence in future.” As soon as the investigations are concluded the results of the local authorities and the external expert team will be compared and further measures agreed jointly.

    A precise estimate of the damage and the amount of time that the affected paper machine will be out of service is currently infeasible. At present, Heinzel Paper customers are being informed about possible delivery delays and redeployments.
    (Laakirchen Papier AG)
    28.09.2015   Södra Cell Mörrum meets new environmental standards     ( Company news )

    Company news On Wednesday 16 September, Södra inaugurated the upgraded biological treatment facility for process water at Södra Cell Mörrum. The investment ensures that the mill will comply with the new environmental standards set by the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), and is part of Södra's major expansion project now being implemented across all three of its pulp mills.

    On 16 September, Södra officially inaugurated a new water treatment plant to meet the latest environmental standards for sustainable industry, in compliance with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

    Pulp production is a water-intensive business, so treating and recycling process water to the highest standard is vital for a sustainable business, and thus an area of high priority for Södra.

    This upgrade includes the addition of a new disc filter, which is used in the final stage of the treatment process. In addition, the system has been expanded to handle higher volumes of the process water in preparation for future pulp capacity increases.

    The environmental impact of Södra's pulp mills is at such a low level that all of the company's pulp can be used for paper products that carry the Swan or EU ecolabels. The biological treatment facility has mainly been designed to reduce emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) to the Baltic Sea. Södra aims to be more environmentally conscious than mandated by law, and to exceed the expectations placed on a modern industry.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    28.09.2015   MAJOR INVESTMENT IN TROIS-RIVIÈRES    ( Company news )

    Company news Picture: (from left to right): Laurent Lessard, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks; Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec; Joseph Kruger II, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Kruger Inc., and Jean-Denis Girard, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region.

    Kruger Packaging L.P. today announced an investment of $250 million to convert the No. 10 Newsprint Machine (PM10) at Kruger’s Trois-Rivières Mill to manufacture 100% recycled lightweight linerboard. This major project, to be carried out with the support of the Government of Québec, was announced in the presence of Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec; Laurent Lessard, Minister of Forests, Fauna and Parks; Jean-Denis Girard, Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development, Minister responsible for the Mauricie region and MNA for Trois-Rivières, and Joseph Kruger II, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Kruger Inc.

    The modernization project will generate significant growth opportunities for the Trois-Rivières facility, contributing to secure operations and the 270 jobs at the mill. The project has received $190 million in support from the Québec government, which includes an $84-million loan to finance the cost of the conversion and a $106-million participation, through Investissement Québec, in a new company that now combines all of Kruger’s Containerboard and Packaging activities. As a result of this investment, the Québec government will have a 25% ownership in this new company which has assets in excess of $600 million, and more than 800 jobs, including 620 in Québec will be secured.

    State-of-the-art Technology
    Over the coming 20 months, PM10 will be completely modernized to incorporate some of the most advanced containerboard manufacturing technology. Once PM10 is up and running in 2017, it will produce 360,000 metric tonnes of 100% recycled lightweight linerboard annually, a portion of which will be sold to Kruger Packaging’s box plants in LaSalle (Quebec) and Brampton (Ontario), while the remainder will be sold on the market. The containerboard to be manufactured in Trois-Rivières is seeing huge growth in North America and around the world, as packaging manufacturers seek to produce increasingly lighter and stronger products.

    Newsprint production to continue
    The Trois-Rivières Mill will continue to produce newsprint on PM10 until two months before the end of the conversion project. Meanwhile, the Mill’s other newsprint production line, PM7, will remain in operation into the future. Overall, Kruger’s three newsprint production facilities will have an annual output of 600,000 metric tonnes, maintaining the company’s ranking among North America’s top newsprint manufacturers.
    (Kruger Publication Papers Inc.)
    28.09.2015   Industry 4.0 - The future of intelligent paperproduction    ( Company news )

    Company news The total digitization of production, already called the “fourth industrial revolution” by experts, is now also making its appearance in Austria. Röchling Leripa Papertech – leading innovator of wear parts made of plastic for paper machines – was the first company to address the forward-looking theme of Industry 4.0, and developed a new “smart” product line called ROBASMART.

    Most people are now already familiar with the common term “smart” from mobile phones (smartphone) and home automation systems (smart living). But even the working world of the future in Austria, or indeed world-wide, will be defined by the total digitization of production. “Smart” machines that are equipped with processors, sensors and wireless connections and can thus communicate independently with one another will support production and manufacturing in future. They will organize themselves independently and optimize the flows and the manufacturing of the products. Thus, stock levels and production levels will be checked by the smart technology and the production machines will independently re-order and re-tool themselves In addition, the reaction to faults or failures can be fast, flexible and autonomous.

    ROBASMART also works according to the “smart” principle. Individual values are read by means of a mini-server specially developed for the purpose from the wireless devices and sensors with which the wear parts are equipped, and passed on to the control cabin of the paper machine. Any corrections that are found to be necessary can then be carried out manually or fully automatically with the SMART system, which can be switched on and off. The familiar surface design is retained and is expanded with additional information. The individual components of the paper machine can be fitted separately and also retrofitted at any time.

    Röchling Leripa has its own in-house center of excellence equipped with testing machines, so that the latest findings from research and development can be immediately tested in realistic conditions that are close to what is encountered in actual practice. The ROBASMART products were also tested and inspected in this manner before the market launch. Apart from the user-friendliness of the system, above all, the safety and economy of the smart products are very important. Preventive maintenance is not required any more, since the corresponding notification and warning systems allow action to be taken only when required, which in turn ensures longer production uptimes. Wear parts are replaced when necessary, maintenance intervals are controlled exactly and the order planning improved as a result. The smart products can be employed as decision aids and have a positive effect on the economic viability of the entire production process. In addition, they contribute significantly to increasing the paper quality and significantly reduce the consumption of water, energy and fiber.

    A start is being made with the two product lines SMARTROLL and SMARTTABLE. In the area of the forming section, sealing strips are fitted with sensors that measure the temperature, wear and noise (SMARTROLL). As regards the press section, dewatering elements - which can be adjusted horizontally and vertically - are digitized. This facilitates customized and qualitatively even better production of individual paper grades. All the information on the new smart product line can be found at

    “It is our vision to make many wear parts in the paper machine ‘smart’ in the coming five years”, says Peter Eckerstorfer, CEO of Röchling Leripa Papertech, about the future of Industry 4.0 and ROBASMART.
    (Röchling Leripa Papertech GmbH & Co KG)
    25.09.2015   Verso Announces Additions to Blazer Digital(R) Offering - Verso Expands ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Blazer Digital(R) Line to Meet Needs of Xerox(R) iGen(R) Series of Digital Presses

    Verso Corporation (NYSE: VRS), a leading producer of digital coated papers, announces the expansion of its Blazer Digital® economy digital coated paper offering with 10 new sheet sizes specifically designed for the Xerox® iGen4™, Xerox® iGen® 150 and new Xerox® iGen® 5 digital presses.

    "Verso has been a leader in manufacturing digital papers since digital printing technology first emerged, with specialized expertise, dedicated production capacity and one of the broadest offerings of digital-specific products in the industry," states Mike Weinhold, Verso's Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development. "Every one of our digital products is designed specifically for digital printing."

    Blazer Digital® is an economical, coated digital paper with weight and finish choices similar to conventional folio formats. Offered in gloss and satin, text and cover weights, it provides good performance on dry and liquid toner, production color laser printers and digital offset technologies.

    Verso continues to focus on the digital print market and align its grade offering to better meet the needs of digital press owners. With the growth of the Xerox iGen series, Verso has added 14.33" x 26" stocking sizes in 80 lb. and 100 lb. gloss and satin text and 26" x 14.33" stocking sizes in 80 lb., 100 lb. and 110 lb. gloss and satin cover to its Blazer Digital® offering. These new sizes are stocked in our warehouses and are readily available.

    "These additional sheet sizes allow customers to diversify the type and size of high-end color printed materials using one of the industry's largest digital sheet sizes," said Dennis Essary, Verso's Director for Digital Papers. "It's now possible to digitally print collateral such as six-panel 8.5" x 11" tri-fold brochures, postcards and greeting cards, or extra large book covers and jackets with Verso's new 14.33" x 26" sheet size."

    Along with the Blazer Digital® economy product, Verso offers premium digital products such as Futura®, Sterling® Premium Digital and Sterling® Premium Digital for HP Indigo, each with pleasing optics, exceptional surface quality and budget-friendly pricing, and Productolith Pts. Digital® for heavier-weight packaging. Verso also produces award-winning TrueJet®, a specialized line of digital coated papers for production inkjet presses that not only optimizes quality but also is designed to deliver significant savings in ink costs. From Futura® to TrueJet®, Verso can meet your coated digital paper needs.

    To learn more about Verso's entire product portfolio including digital, sheetfed, web and specialty papers, visit us at Booth 3667 from September 13 to16 at GRAPH EXPO 15, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.
    (Verso Corporation)
    25.09.2015   Pöyry awarded EPCM services assignment for state-of-the-art pulp mill, Fibria, Brazil    ( Company news )

    Company news Pöyry awarded EPCM services assignment for state-of-the-art pulp mill, Fibria, Brazil

    Fibria, the largest eucalyptus pulp producer in the world, has awarded Pöyry with the assignment for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services for the Balance of Plant (BOP) of the Horizonte 2 project in Brazil. The services cover the required interconnection between all process areas, turbo generators and steam distribution system, water intake and effluent outfall systems, cooling towers, air compressors, chilled water system, central air conditioning for the mill and other complementary systems.

    The annual target capacity for the mill is 1.75 million tonnes of eucalyptus-baled bleached pulp and the start-up is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017. The new pulp mill will be located in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul State, where Fibria already has the Horizonte 1 pulp mill producing 1.3 MADtB/a since 2009. For Horizonte 1, Pöyry was responsible for the concept development and environmental studies, as well as for the BOP and EPCM services and overall project management.

    This state-of-the-art mill is based on the use of best available technologies and best environmental practices. With this expansion, Fibria's total production capacity will increase from 5.3 million to more than 7 million tons of pulp per year. The existing mill is already self-sufficient in energy production and the Horizonte 2 Project will produce a surplus of 120 MWH.

    Pöyry has been involved in the project since January 2011 when it was awarded an assignment by Fibria for the environmental and conceptual studies for the project.

    "This assignment strengthens Pöyry's position as the world's leading pulp and paper engineering consultancy, and is the result of bringing together expertise from across a number of complementary disciplines within Pöyry" says Marcelo Cordaro, President of Pöyry's Regional Operations Latin America.
    (Pöyry Finland Oy Energy)
    25.09.2015   Södra takes new steps with ground-breaking, eco-friendly material     ( Company news )

    Company news On 22 September, the first pilot machine for manufacturing products from the ground-breaking bio-composite DuraPulp was inaugurated. With DuraPulp, Södra is able to offer a viable alternative to fossil-fuel based products.

    DuraPulp is a biodegradable and renewable material that is malleable and mouldable. It can be used for a wide range of applications and sophisticated designs. The material is stable, water resistant and highly durable. DuraPulp has been developed by Södra and will now be produced on a pilot machine so that customers can trial the material for themselves for the first time.

    On the threshold of the future
    The inauguration represents a first step towards industrial-scale production of DuraPulp and bespoke products. Both the material and its products are very different to those made from traditional cellulose recipes and require a high level of technical expertise in the manufacturing process and technical support for customers, which Södra will provide. The foundations for a facility that can be used for technical presentations are currently being laid. It will also be made available to new customers to help their product development process.

    DuraPulp is a mix of cellulose and a corn-based polymer called polylactic acid (PLA). It is completely new to the market. DuraPulp represents a potential solution to the replacement of fossil-fuel based products offering the chance to create bespoke new solutions rather than off-the-shelf options. DuraPulp is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to plastics with major potential in terms of product design, user-friendliness and durability.

    A sustainable future
    Södra has been working on the development of sustainable new materials to replace fossil-fuel products for some time. While DuraPulp's basic components are simple, the process of forming the actual material is considerably more complex. Using the right technique, the polymer melts and bonds with the cellulose, while also reinforcing the cellulose fibres.

    Demo products produced with DuraPulp to date include the award-winning Parupu children's chair, exclusive packaging and industrial components.
    (Södra Cell AB)
    25.09.2015   Metsä Board celebrates winners of Sustainability Award, and Beauty, ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ... Healthcare, and Beverages Awards in 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards

    Four cartons using boards from Metsä Board have won awards in the 2015 Pro Carton ECMA Awards, including the top honour of the Sustainability Award, in a year when the focus was on the unique sustainability of cartonboard. Metsä Board’s products were also used by winners in three categories: Beauty & Cosmetics; Beverages; and Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.

    “We are delighted the sustainability of cartonboard has been recognised across the field, and how it is adaptable to so many innovative ways of bringing consumer benefit, shelf appeal and cost effectiveness to market,” says Mika Paljakka, VP Sales EMEA, Metsä Board. “We would like to extend our congratulations to everyone who participated in the vision, design, and production of the winning cartons.”

    The Sustainability Award was presented to Fazer Alku New Mill Products for its cereal box, described as offering a decisive advance in terms of sustainability. The judges praised the design and convenience as well as the high cartonboard ratio that makes the pack ideal for recycling. The carton uses Simcote from Metsä Board.

    Winner of the Beauty & Cosmetics category is the Müller Soft Star Tissue Duchesse pack, which uses Metsä Board’s Carta Elega in a round cylinder shape. The judges felt it was highly original in shape and construction, with tremendous impact on shelf. They were also impressed by its tactile soft feel, embossing and textures that gave the pack desirability.

    In the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals category, the winner is the Multipack for Clinical Trials produced for Hoffman La Roche, using Carta Elega from Metsä Board. The judges were impressed by how different bottle shapes and sizes were securely held in place, without the need for foam or other cushioning materials, just clever cartonboard engineering. The effect on sustainability was also considerable, as there is less waste, reduced shipping costs and 100% recycling by using cartonboard as a mono-material.

    The winner of the Beverages award is the YO Syrup Carton Sleeve produced for Eckes-Granini - an eye-catching wrap-around design printed on Carta Solida from Metsä Board. It was felt that the protruding ribbon adds a playful touch and acts like a signal never seen before on a shelf of syrup products. The judges commented that it was perfect for the kids target market and a very well thought through structural and graphic design.

    The annual Pro Carton ECMA Award competition attracts hundreds of entries, with the jury looking for excellence in design, convenience, brand communication and the major role cartonboard plays as a sustainable packaging material. The winners were announced at the Award Gala on 10 September 2015 held in Bucharest.
    (Metsä Board Corporation)
    25.09.2015   Feldmuehle Uetersen continues to implement its successful longterm strategy by making its ...    ( Company news )

    Company news ...debut appearance as an independent papermaker at FachPack 2015

    Feldmuehle Uetersen, a paper mill with a rich heritage located northwest of Hamburg, has made great progress since becoming independent in February 2015. Products from the company’s segments Board Solutions, Liner Options, Labelling Applications and Flexible Packaging will be showcased at the FachPack 2015 trade fair.

    Since July 2015, Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH and Kämmerer Osnabrück GmbH are owned by FK Paper Beteiligungen GmbH and Querino GmbH. With the acquisition of both companies emerges a new, significant and long-standing market participant in the German paper industry.
    The change of ownership, which includes all the shares of Feldmuehle, represents a significant step forward towards an even more sustainable and stable future for the papermaker.
    Dr. Christopher Höfener, Managing Director of Querino GmbH, is delighted to sustainably continue the business as a privately owned company.
    As a partner in the Munich-based Perusa GmbH, Dr. Höfener helped to procure and manage the business.
    This step was motivated by his passion for papermaking and its numerous future possibilities in packaging and in technical specialty papers. “The company will continue to implement its successful strategy. We will focus on continuity,” says Höfener.

    In connection with the transaction, the shareholder Dr. Klaus Freihube has now been appointed Managing Director of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH. With this step, the new shareholders are personally taking charge of the further development of the company and actively support the long-term growth strategy drawn up for the economy.

    Uetersen’s strategy is paying off:
    Thanks to the excellent reputation of Feldmuehle and the quality of the products, several new customers have been gained since Stora Enso gave up its ownership, and both paper machines currently have a high utilisation rate. The number of sales personnel has increased significantly, and Feldmuehle continues to expand its operations.

    An exceptionally high service level, ‘Made in Germany’ quality, and a product portfolio fine-tuned to the expectations of the packaging and graphical industries are part of the credo of Feldmuehle Uetersen.
    The product portfolio includes SBS boards, liners, label papers, flexible packaging papers, technical speciality papers as well as two-side multicoated art papers.

    The Board Solutions segment consists of MediaCard, an SBS board featuring an
    excellent high-white, bright and silky smooth surface. It is ideal for a wide
    range of packaging and graphical applications, including folding boxes, playing cards, shopping bags, cards and covers.

    The Liner Options segment features MediaLiner, a bright-white graphical topliner for corrugated board packaging, sales trays, displays and other lamination applications.
    MediaLiner’s uniqueness lies in its suitability for both offset and flexography printing and its usability for pre-print and direct printing using either sheets or reels.

    As a label paper producer, Feldmuehle Uetersen has for decades been the
    Labelling Application partner of the beverage, food and non-food industries. The company offers a broad portfolio for both returnable and non-returnable packaging containers, including LabelSet – the leading high wet strength and alkaline resistant label paper.

    The Flexible Packaging segment includes the one-side coated LennoFlex, the versatile all-rounder for various flexible packaging applications, as well as LennoKraft, a white coated kraft paper for end uses such as single- and multi-
    wall bags and sacks.

    The Technical Specialities segment consists of tailor-made solutions designed jointly with the customer for specific requests or requirements.

    The Graphical Printing segment offers Exceo, a white, bright, two-side multicoated, woodfree art paper with glossy or silky surface designed specifically for the needs of publishers and printing houses.

    The mill has a track record of comprehensive expertise and extensive experience. The location, within the metropolitan area of Hamburg, is ideal for flexible deliveries, even on short notice, to the core markets of Central Europe, particularly Germany, as well as overseas thanks to the excellent sea link offered by the port of Hamburg.
    The size and modernity of the paper machines and other equipment furthermore provide excellent capability to quickly adapt to market conditions and customer needs. It is flexibility, customer service and quality that make Feldmuehle Uetersen a reliable partner.

    “The Feldmuehle strategy has a clear focus on profitable growth and innovation in all product segments,” says Director Sales & Marketing Eckhard Kallies. The traditionally strong business areas of labelling and art papers have been complemented with packaging during the last few years. Thus Feldmuehle already
    has a significant market share in graphic liners for corrugated board, SBS
    board and flexible packaging papers, and its market position will be further expanded and strengthened in the future. “The divestment from a large corporation left some hurdles that still need to be overcome. Particularly the cost pressure in raw materials requires even better and more efficient processes, but also inevitably calls for price increases in all product segments.” To accomplish this, says Kallies, “We will, on the one hand, offer customer benefits through standardisation and, on the other hand, we will start invoicing special transactions and services. An extra cost will be charged for special formats and roll widths, for example, and also for ‘fast deliveries’. Furthermore, we will enforce minimum purchase quantities. The implementation of these measures requires negotiations with customers, which will take place during the fourth quarter.”

    Visit Feldmuehle Uetersen at FachPack 2015 in Nuremberg, stand 432, hall 7A.
    (Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH)
    24.09.2015   Valmet to supply a tissue production line to Renova in Portugal     ( Company news )

    Company news Valmet will supply an Advantage NTT tissue production line and an automation system to the European tissue brand Renova. Renova is the first tissue producer in Europe to invest in Valmet's Advantage NTT tissue technology for the production of textured and plain tissue products.

    The new line, to be installed at the Torres Novas mill in Zibreira, Portugal, will allow Renova to increase its paper production capacity with 50%. The start-up is scheduled for the end of 2016.

    The order was included in Valmet's second Quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed.

    "We are eager to see the result from the combination of Renova's proactive innovativeness and Valmet's sustainable Advantage NTT technology. Its flexibility provides endless possibilities to produce special designed textured tissue products," says Mr. Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova

    "Our Advantage NTT technology has established a strong market position in high efficiency innovative and flexible tissue production. We are excited to support Renova to bring their tissue products to the next level. We are looking forward to working with Renova and making this project a benchmark on the European tissue market," says Jan Erikson, VP Tissue Sales, Valmet.

    Technical information of the delivery
    The new tissue machine will have a design speed of 1 800 m/min in textured mode and 2,000 m/min in plain mode. The production line is optimized to save energy and fiber as well as add possibilities for product differentiation and increased capacity of premium quality products.

    Valmet's scope of delivery comprises a complete tissue production line including an Advantage NTT tissue machine, with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. It will also be featured with the Advantage tissue technology including, an AirCap hood with a WetDust system. Basic and detailed mill engineering, complete stock preparation and process ventilation are also included in the scope. Furthermore, the delivery will include a Valmet DNA Automation system.
    (Valmet Corporation)
    24.09.2015   Bekaert Solaronics will install a UniDryer®V3 at Technocell Günzach, Germany    ( Company news )

    Company news Bekaert Solaronics is partnering with Bellmer for the installation of a UniDryer® V3 system in PM14 at Technocell Günzach’s paper mill in Germany. The extensive revamp of the paper machine is scheduled to take place in the 4th quarter 2015.

    This installation is part of the Technocell Günzach’s project to expand the production of pre-impregnated papers, a key growth segment. After the rebuild, the paper machine PM14 will produce both pre-impregnated PRIP® as well as nonwoven papers coated on both sides for wallpapers.

    The objective of the installation in the Günzach mill is the non-contact drying of a new specialty paper. The UniDryer® V3 offers a rapid heating, high energy efficiency, high compactness and ultimately a better paper quality. The system will be equipped with Gem12E, the latest generation of Bekaert Solaronics emitters that allow an increased drying efficiency by approximately 10 % compared to the regular Gem12 emitters.
    (Solaronics SA)

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