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Buyers' Guide (producers' and converters' products) - Papers in reels, uncoated

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Germany Grimma  

Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH

Paper and board converters

Papierverarbeitung Golzern GmbH

Telephone directory papers · Newsprints · Unbleached papers · Wrapping tissue papers · Tissue papers · Kraftliner · Testliner · Corrugating medium · Papers for corrugated boards, misc. · Wellenstoff - Waste paper fluting material · Common papers, schrenz · Kraft wrapping papers · Wrapping papers, printed and unprinted · Packaging papers, misc. · MG papers, machine-glazed papers · Ream wrapper papers, ream sealed papers · MF papers, machine finished papers · Kraft papers · Mixed kraft papers · Ribbed kraft papers · Food packaging paper and board · Recycling papers · Special papers, specialty papers · Interleaving tissue · Ecological papers and boards · Cut-outs · Packaging materials all kinds · Tissue products for hospital needs · Medical crêpe · Narrow rolls · Paper finishing, trimming, reel winding · Commission processing, wage-cutting

Italy Altavilla Vicentina

Burgo Group spa, Sede legale

Producers of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper and board

Mechanical groundwood pulps all kinds · Lightweight printing papers · Web offset papers, uncoated · Newsprints · Machine coated papers, woodfree, special coated · Machine coated papers, wood containing · Art papers · LWC papers · Web offset papers, coated · Label papers, one-side coated · Continuous stationery paper · Writing papers · Exercise book papers · Label papers all kinds · Offset papers uncoated freesheet · Poster papers · Book papers, wood containing · Digital printing papers · Wrapping tissue papers · Kraft papers · PE coated papers