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Pulps and mechanical groundwood pulps

01.01.01 Mechanical groundwood pulps all kinds
01.02.01 Bisulphite pulps
01.02.02 Sulphite semi-chemical pulps
01.02.03 Sulphite pulps, unbleached
01.02.04 Sulphite pulps, bleached, short fibred
01.02.05 Sulphite pulps, bleached, long fibred
01.02.07 Sulphite pulps, chlorine-free bleached, short fibred
01.02.08 Sulphite pulps, chlorine-free bleached, long fibred
01.02.09 Sulphite pulps, bleached
01.03.02 Sulphate pulps, unbleached
01.03.03 Sulphate pulps, bleached, short fibred
01.03.04 Sulphate pulps, bleached, long fibred
01.03.05 Sulphate pulps, semi-bleached, long fibred
01.03.06 Sulphate pulps, unbleached, long fibred
01.03.09 Sulphate pulps, bleached
01.04.02 Fluff pulps
01.04.03 Magnefite pulps
01.04.05 CTMP, chemi-thermomechanical pulp
01.04.06 Chemical pulps for paper-making, paper pulps
01.04.10 Cotton linters pulps
01.04.11 Abaca pulps
01.04.12 Bagasse pulps
01.04.13 Bamboo pulps
01.04.14 Eucalyptus pulps
01.04.15 Straw pulps
01.05.01 Dissolving pulps
01.05.02 Chemical pulps from annual plants
01.05.03 Pulps, misc.
01.05.04 NSSC pulps

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