CreaseStream Launch CardFolder for Digital Print Companies

CreaseStream have revealed details of their new 2 plate fold station which has been designed to complement their existing automatic, stand-alone creasing machines.

CreaseStream Launch CardFolder for Digital Print Companies
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Source:  Company news

Owner, Graham Harris describes what he believes to be a more affordable way to speed up the process of finishing digital prints, especially around the 200-350gsm areas where folding becomes troublesome...

“After successfully developing our Tri-Creaser Advance technology for our sister company, Tech-ni-Fold Ltd, as a retro-fit device for folding machines, we decided to incorporate it into our own CreaseStream series of products.

Because the device is rotary, and prevents digital stocks from cracking it made sense, but folding was always the missing piece to the CreaseStream jigsaw. After many years of testing different solutions that exist in our industry, we decided to modify a unit with large fold rollers and the results blew us away. Folded sheets of higher grammages are often prone to roller curl and shattering, our system delivers them flat and undamaged”

The CardFolder can feed, crease/perforate and fold up to SRA3, and at an impressive output speed that averages around 12,000 copies per hour. The fold plates are manually set using a very simple colour coding formula that decreases make-ready times whilst increasing customers bottom line profit.

Harris feels the CardFolder will turn heads because of its sub £13,000 price point, and believes the market has room for faster quality finishing technology of this nature.

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