EUWID market report cartonboard/folding carton: 2023 has come to an end for many players

"We have never experienced this before."

Cardboard boxes
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Source:  Company news

This assessment, which applied to 2022 in the German market for cartonboard and folding cartons with extreme upward swings in prices, delivery times and production utilisation, also seems to apply to 2023 so far - only at the other extreme. Manufacturers and converters of cartonboard are feeling the weak demand caused by consumption, which is sometimes described to EUWID as "catastrophic".

In view of the traditionally lower demand in the holiday month, the business situation has reached a new low this year. The Christmas business is also not yet felt in the order books. As a result, cautious forecasts for a market revival are increasingly being postponed. Meanwhile, there are corresponding considerations for the end of the first or even the beginning of the second quarter of 2024.

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