Heise RegioConcept: Advertise and thus increase the visibility of your company!

You would like to improve your media presence in general - also independently of our homepage for the paper industry - and increase the visibility of your company on the internet and social media?

Online Marketing with Heise RegioConcept
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Our partner Heise RegioConcept offers small and medium-sized companies what they need for their regional and local visibility: With a clear conscience, we can recommend our partner from the paper industry to our colleagues from Heise when a new website or a Google Ads campaign or other online marketing steps are to be taken. Within the scope of online marketing for the paper industry, we can offer these services in particular together with Heise:

  • Professional web presences,
  • Online shops,
  • Company apps,
  • search engine optimisation SEO,
  • search engine marketing SEA,
  • social media marketing and
  • optimal findability in directories and online industry portals.

Are you interested? Then please feel free to contact us. We will gladly connect you with our partner for professional online marketing!

Phone number +49 40800801719 or via contact form.

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