HERMA: First conceal opaque, then remove cleanly

- With the new 42Rpo pressure-sensitive adhesive, almost any label material can become both opaque and removable - even thermal papers.

- This means that HERMA now offers what is probably a unique range of removable pressure-sensitive adhesives for different applications.

- Once again, innovative multi-layer technology played a decisive role in the development of the new pressure-sensitive adhesive.

If a barcode other than the original is to be temporarily legible, opaque but removable labels are required, for example for returnable containers in intralogistics. With the new HERMA 42Rpo pressure-sensitive adhesive, virtually any label material can become both opaque and removable - even thermal papers.
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Making labels removable and opaque at the same time was hardly feasible until now when thermal papers came into play. Thanks to innovative multi-layer technology, HERMA has found a way out of the dilemma and added another component to its wide range of removable pressure-sensitive adhesives. The new HERMA 42Rpo pressure-sensitive adhesive can be combined with virtually any label material, including thermal papers. For them, an opaque backcoat is out of the question because of its heat sensitivity. The opaque properties of the 42Rpo, on the other hand, are ensured by a special blue pigment with which the pressure-sensitive adhesive is colored, without restricting its removable properties. "To our knowledge, such a pressure-sensitive adhesive was not previously available on the market," says Ralf Drache, head of sales at HERMA Haftmaterial. Such labels are used, for example, on circulation boxes in intralogistics or within deposit systems, as well as on letter and parcel shipments where codes or information in clear text may only be covered temporarily. "In recent years, HERMA has repeatedly demonstrated comprehensive expertise in the field of removability," Drache continued. "In virtually every application area, HERMA can now offer a removable solution, whether it involves special surfaces or challenging label materials." The HERMA portfolio now includes a wide range of removable pressure-sensitive adhesives. Most of them are also suitable for use in food labeling without any problems. "That alone set HERMA apart across the industry."

An end to ghosting and staining
In the past, commercially available removable label adhesives often had system-related weaknesses - for example, when it came to thermal papers or precious or critical surfaces. In order to change this situation, HERMA was quick to adopt multi-layer technology. With the highly versatile 42Rpp removable adhesive, for example, the feared phenomenon of adhesive bleeding through thermal paper, which can render printed barcodes unreadable over time, is now a thing of the past. But adhesive residues that remain on the glued surface when it is peeled off - known as "staining" - are also no longer a problem. This allows users to apply thermal labels to even high-quality, finished packaging without fear of residue. But the multi-layer technology benefits more than just thermal labels: the removable 42Lpp pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures particularly good removability from glass, metal and plastic. It is highly resistant to plasticizers and shows no tightening even after exposure to heat up to 65 °C - removability remains guaranteed. This property is particularly valuable for users in the glass industry. Ghosting" - a non-sticky, but veil-like and clearly visible residue on glued surfaces - is also no longer a problem with the 42Lpp thanks to HERMA's multi-layer technology. The ultra-light removable 42Upp adhesive, on the other hand, is ideal for labels that need to be peeled off magazine or book covers without leaving residue or damaging the cover.

Strong when removable becomes demanding
Other removable adhesives perform well on a variety of plastic surfaces (42E), are strong for applications where oils and detergents come into play (52C), as is the case with wet wipe closure labels, or have a special suitability for curved surfaces or for applications where adhesion is required around an edge (42N). Finally, the 52N plays to its strengths in cases where the 42N's adhesive strength is insufficient, such as when cardboard boxes or rough surfaces are involved. The UV acrylate-based 42X pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is also removable, offers HERMA printers and label users another valuable plus: thanks to small minimum coating quantities starting at just 1,000 square meters, even special label materials can be designed to be removable. Even partial gumming is possible with the adhesive, for example for labels with tabs.

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