IRANI starts major modernization of PM2

In order to increase production, quality and safety, IRANI has just started a major project on PM2.
The modernization - which will be carried out by HERGEN - will completely replace the existing Drying Section, including the MG Dryer.
The package also includes a new Pope Reel, a new Lumpbreaker Roll and improvements to the Fourdrinier, Press Section and Rewinder.

IRANI starts major modernization of PM2
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Source:  Company news

Increase in production
All existing cast iron Drying Cylinders will be replaced by steel fabricate dryers with a larger diameter. The bigger drying area, combined with the better heat transfer of the Smart Steel Dryer Cylinders produced by HERGEN, will result on an impressive production increase.

Increase in quality
The current MG Dryer built in cast iron with a diameter of 3000 mm will also be replaced by a steel fabricated cylinder, with a diameter of 4200 mm, with plain internal surface and condensate collector suitable for this application.

The metallization of the new MG Dryer will be done through a special process that results in a high surface hardness, very low porosity and excellent surface finishing (super finishing). This metallization will guarantee the high quality of the final product.

Increase in safety
The tail threading system features the ropeless concept at strategic points, increasing operator safety.

It is a great pleasure for HERGEN to further strengthen the ties of this partnership of many years with IRANI, a company that seeks excellence in everything it does.

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