Paper wedding - the 1st wedding day

The first wedding day is also known as paper wedding. This is because the marriage is still "thin as paper". This alludes to the fact that after one year, the marriage is not yet so stable, but - just like paper - can easily tear.

Paper wedding - the 1st wedding day
© Photo by Pexels at Pixabay

However, there is also another beautiful meaning of the paper wedding. Because the marriage is at the same time still a blank sheet. The couple is yet to write their common history in the years to come.

The first anniversary as a married couple is celebrated with pleasure - The marriage is still young, one has nevertheless already mastered the change from the pair, to fiancés and finally to the married couple.

Of course, paper in particular plays an important role in the first wedding anniversary - whether in the gifts or decorations. In keeping with the significance of the first wedding anniversary, gifts are made of and with paper. Love letters, photo books, picture frames, cards, books, even flowers made of paper. Decorations can be made with confetti, garlands, paper candle bags, pompoms (honeycomb balls), etc.