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News - Favini Srl, Headquarters and Mill

Newsgrafik #119846

Favini nominated for Luxe Pack in Green for their Sustainability Channel dedicated to ...  (Company news)

... the company's green numbers

Favini is pleased to announce that it is a nominee for the prestigious award, LUXE PACK in Green, during LUXE PACK Shanghai 2018, the event dedicated to the latest global trends in the packaging sector.

Photo: During LUXE PACK Shanghai exhibition, Favini showcases the new Majestic Gold Fever paper

LUXE PACK in Green is the award given every year to the company that has shown particular attention in the development of innovative packaging which at the same time is respectful of the environment. A highly qualified jury selects the finalists and the winner based on the materials used, the processes developed, the efficiency of the technology and the sustainability criteria adopted.

This year Favini has been nominated for its Sustainability Channel. This dedicated channel summarizes the company’s commitment to the environment in the period between 2009 and 2016: 7 years of constant activities to improve control of emissions to air, optimization in the management of water resources and energy consumption. Additionally the channel features the important projects that are carried out specifically aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities.

Always attentive to trends in the field of design, luxury and fashion, Favini confirms itself as a trend setter in luxury packaging: In fact it is during this edition of LUXE PACK Shanghai, the new Majestic Gold Fever paper is presented. An exclusive surface, where the purity of gold meets the world of packaging, to create elegant and precious nuances. Applications in the world of luxury, fashion and communication are endless, including exclusive event invitations, classy precious box packaging and of course for shopping bags that will never go unnoticed.
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Newsgrafik #118324

SECURE ZAP by Favini  (Company news)

At Luxepack Monaco, Favini presented a brand protection solution: style and security for packaging and tags.

Speciality paper makers Favini, in partnership with speciality paper distributor Strand Paper, have developed a new paper-based material for protecting your brand against counterfeiting.

A premium uncoated SBB board with a special security feature that allows you to distinguish the genuine product from a fake.
The engineered paper-board contains a tagging that reacts to a portable reader emitting sound at the point of contact. The result is a board perfect in the area of brand protection, in particular for carton box design.

The excellent whiteness and pleasant surface texture, makes this high quality paper with SECURE ZAP the ideal product for producing premium/luxury cartons for spirits, health & beauty, jewellery, fashion and design products.

This new paper with SECURE ZAP is designed for Strand Paper to work with the litho and digital printing process in combination with various finishing processes.

The premium board with SECURE ZAP can also be offered in solid black through indent making. It is part of a wider portfolio of products available across Europe distributed by Strand Paper.

Secure-Zap stands for the security feature for brand protection developed by Favini together with additional solutions.

Luxury goods with high monetary value, such as designer watches, handbags and perfumes, aren’t the only products that are affected by counterfeiting. The black market also places great criminal value on printed identification and security documents, such as passports and visas.

As a specialist in manufacturing graphic specialty papers, Favini is in the ideal position to integrate its technical and security features into papers to support genuine brands and security documents.

Branded goods and security documents can be protected with specialist security techniques – making the original distinguishable from the fake. These techniques, which are difficult to copy, can be integrated within packaging and papers to make the product clearly identifiable as the genuine item.

Favini offers brand protection for the whole range of luxury items from sportswear to teddy bears, including everything else in between. The paper specialist is also ideally placed to integrate its technical and security features into the paper used for secure paper documents.

Favini Secure Suite is the modular range developed by Favini that includes the following security features that can be used either individually or in combination for even greater protection:
-Watermarks, fibres and chemical reagents are used as general security features to protect products and documents;
-Instant verification systems (Secure-Zap, -Dust, -Check) use markers, lens, laser pens and beepers to check authenticity;
-Secure Skin features a micro emboss containing logos or patterns and other micro text only visible with a 15x magnification lens.
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Newsgrafik #111778

Leather to paper: Out of Favini research comes REMAKE  (Company news)

Favini confirms its commitment to luxury by presenting a new paper made out of fibres obtained from leather-making processes.

Favini, a global leader in the use of natural raw materials to produce innovative graphic specialties for the packaging of fashion and other luxury goods, presents REMAKE, the revolutionary paper that includes fibres obtained from leather-making processes.

This innovative paper is produced with 25% by-product from the leather goods industry, 30% FSC-certified post-consumption recycled cellulose, and 45% FSC-certified virgin cellulose fibre.

The result is a luxurious, recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper that offers excellent print and conversion performance, making it suited for a wide range of applications, from brochures and cards to shopping bags and packaging for the fashion, luxury and creative applications.

In addition, the leather particles that are visible on the surface of the paper give it a distinctive look and a soft, surprisingly velvety feel, making it ideal for the most creative of projects.
The production process for REMAKE is a perfect example of up-cycling. This complex process transforms the waste material into a high-value product ideal for luxury packaging.

In keeping with Favini’s green philosophy, the production of REMAKE saves an estimated 25% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to another paper with similar characteristics. Any unavoidable emissions are then offset in their entirety by the carbon credits which are purchased by Favini. These credits finance valued projects whose primary objectives will improve the environment by absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere.

“Currently, leather industry waste is used to produce a regenerated leather or as fertilizer, and a portion is sent to landfill. Favini has developed a new process for the treatment of leather by-products in order to obtain a recyclable, biodegradable product that can be combined within traditional paper-production techniques. Our research and development labs never stop testing potential sources of industrial waste for use in the production of new papers. We are proud to have been able to achieve such a high-quality paper containing leather by-products. Thanks to REMAKE, we can increase our focus on high-value products for niche markets and on methods for reusing the by-products of other manufacturing segments,” said Eugenio Eger, CEO Favini.
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Newsgrafik #111585

Favini presents Crush Bean, the new eco-friendly paper  (Company news)

In partnership with Pedon comes the first 100% recyclable food-industry packaging made out of bean by-products.

Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, together with Pedon, based in Vicenza and now one of the leading players worldwide in grains, beans and seeds—united by their green philosophies and their dedication to the environment—have created Crush Bean, the first 100% recyclable paper made using bean by-products. This paper is designed for food-industry packaging and is certified for direct contact with foodstuffs.

The creation of this new ecological paper falls within the scope of the ethical project “Save the Waste”, which Pedon is promoting in order to support a culture of corporate responsibility from the manufacturer to the consumer. This project also ensures the use of non-GMO seeds grown by thousands of local farmers as part of the program to support farming and the economy.

Backed by hundreds of hours of research and fine-tuning, including 25 years of experience in the field of ecological paper, Favini proved to be the ideal partner for Pedon in launching this unique new product. Crush Bean comes from bean by-products, thereby reducing the use of virgin cellulose of tree origin by 15% and lowering greenhouse-gas emissions by 20%. The result is GMO-free, FSC-certified ecological packaging paper that features 30% post-consumption recycled fibre.

Crush Bean is Favini’s first paper to be suited for applications in which the packaging comes into direct food contact. Ecologically speaking, this avoids the need for double packaging, making for a truly environmentally friendly solution to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials. The graphics on the packaging, developed by Lucaprint, have been printed using ecological ink, and the transparent window in PLA is made using plant-based by-products, so the total packaging is 100% recyclable.

The development of this new eco-friendly paper is the natural evolution of the experience Favini has gained through the production of Shiro Alga Carta, this paper is produced using excess algae found in endangered lagoon environments. Favini then extended their offer and developed Crush which is an extraordinarily innovative ecological paper made using various agro-industrial by-products and which has been met with unprecedented levels of success around the world in recent years.

“We are proud of what we have achieved together with Pedon and of having created an ecological packaging paper within such an ethical, socially beneficial project as ‘Save the Waste’. Obtaining such high-quality paper out of a by-product of limited value is a new form of upcycling, or creative reuse, that is perfectly in line with Favini’s green philosophy and is another step forward in the quest for alternative materials,” said Eugenio Eger, Managing Director Favini.
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Newsgrafik #111345

Favini posts first-half growth Revenues up 4.3% to 82 million euros  (Company news)

-Eger (photo), CEO: “Revenues continue to grow as performance also improves, driven by the excellent results achieved in the release sector. “
-EBITDA improves by a strong 23.9%. Graphics specialties and converting products performed well.

Favini, a global leader in the manufacture of innovative graphic specialties using natural raw materials (e.g. cellulose, algae, fruit and nuts), has published its financials for the first half of 2015.

The company continues to grow apace with revenues reaching 82 million euros, up 4.3% from the 78.6 million of 2014, while also confirming the group’s dedication to international markets with exports accounting for over 70% of total sales.

EBITDA has posted double-digit growth of 23.9%, going from the 7.2 million of 2014 to 8.9 million euros for the current year, equal to a margin of 10.8%. This growth has been driven by integration of the Arjowiggins business acquired by Favini at the end of 2013, which has helped neutralize the negative impact of the sharp increase in the cost of raw materials.

Graphic specialties and converting products, which combined to account for 54.8% of overall revenues, have also confirmed the strong performance posted in 2014.

Eugenio Eger, CEO of Favini, says: “Revenues continue to grow as overall performance also improves, driven by the excellent results achieved in the release sector. Global demand for these products remains strong on the whole, backed by greater dynamism in the automotive segment.“
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Newsgrafik #110820

Martin Haake signs the new Twill mailing by Favini  (Company news)

Twill, the elegant felt-marked paper, features a vintage interpretation of Venice by worldwide famous illustrator Martin Haake

Favini presents the new Twill mailing.
Characterized by a classical, linear design, Favini’s Twill paper is the perfect partner for sophisticated and elegant communication. The fine texture enhances the tactile experience on both sides of the paper and offers an ideal background for creative solutions.

Favini chose for their new mailing the skillful hands of worldwide famous illustrator Martin Haake, who turns ‘imperfection’ into his major strength. “I am especially touched by things that are imperfect and I like to create images that are also imperfect. If some of my illustrations get too perfect, I have to draw them again”, said the artist. Twill’s perfect linear texture contrasts well with the deliberately ‘imperfect’ style of Martin, who recreates Venice in a retro and poetic style.

Enclosed in the Twill mailing is a gift for the Favini designers and partners, an original mini poster with a vintage touch. Even the cover is a piece to keep and to use as inspiration: the blue tone of Twill Indigo creates an ideal background for the textures printed litho, Pantone 877 and for the orange silk screened areas.
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Newsgrafik #110800

Eugenio Eger, the new Favini CEO  (Company news)

Eugenio Eger (photo) is the newly appointed CEO of the world leader in the production of casting release and innovative graphic specialties made of natural raw materials

Eugenio Eger is the new Favini CEO, a company historically present in the paper market and world leader in the casting release business.

Born in 1968, Eger joined the company in 2002, holding the position of CFO and General Manager, after previously gaining important professional experience at both Benetton Group and KPMG.

“I am proud to accept this challenge. Over the years Favini has proven capable of successfully interpreting the structural changes occurring in its market, diversifying geographically and constantly investing in research and development, to offer its customers’ really revolutionary products and solutions. This has been endorsed by our results: in 2014, we closed with a positive growth (+17%), largely due to the contribution of our casting release division, whose products are used in the production of eco-leather for the fashion and luxury industry” said Eugenio Eger. “We will continue to invest in export markets, which are the most appealing for us: approx. 70% of our turnover is generated in non-European countries. The graphic specialties – for which Favini is renowned – remain as the feather in its cap; in particular, CRUSH and the other eco-friendly products that use agro-industrial residues within their production, continue to gain strength in market approval since their launch.”
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Newsgrafik #105359

Cartacrusca: Barilla paper straight from nature - Favini and Barilla create a high-quality paper...  (Company news)

... with a reduced environmental impact

Brought together by a keen sense of social and environmental responsibility, Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, and Barilla, one of Italy’s largest players in the food industry, have created Cartacrusca (Italian for ‘paper from bran’), the first paper to be made from bran residues that can no longer be used for human consumption. On the back of its experience with Crush, the unique range of ecological papers made from agro-industrial waste, Favini proved an ideal partner for Barilla, which has been looking for ways to make better use of its byproducts, and bran in particular.
The research and development teams of both Barilla and Favini worked side by side to select the most suitable byproduct and to then purify and mill the bran to make it work with paper fibre. The result is Cartacrusca. Instead of being wasted, the bran residues are given a new life as paper throughout Barilla.
Cartacrusca contains 17% of bran residues, replacing cellulose and filler materials to produce high-quality paper which is used for all corporate communications. The colour of Cartacrusca Barilla is taken from the bran which also feature as dots throughout the paper, giving it a really authentic feel. 2 grammages have been supplied - 250g, which is ideal for cards book covers, shopping bags and similar applications; and 100g for notebooks papers, letterhead and print publications.
Giacomo Canali, Packaging Research Manager for Barilla, said, “Barilla has written a new chapter of the Group’s history: the creation of Cartacrusca, a one-of-a-kind paper in that it features the use of bran, a byproduct of the milling of wheat. We have set out into uncharted waters, driven by a keen sense of social and environmental responsibility that we have always felt. Favini proved to be the ideal partner, able to create a custom-designed paper straight from nature, no waste or excess consumption. Cartacrusca was presented and used on October 15th for the panel of Barilla stakeholders, and we are planning on using it again for future projects.”
Michele Posocco, Brand Manager for Favini, said, “We are proud to have worked with Italy’s number-one food manufacturer and to have given life to a new sort of paper with an extremely low environmental impact. Our experience, which has already been demonstrated with Crush and the use of agro-industrial waste, has now broadened thanks to Cartacrusca Barilla.”
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #105292

The strength and sophistication of Twist in a new visual booklet  (Company news)

Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, presents a new visual booklet for Twist, a product that unites paper and nonwoven fabric and features both great strength and sophistication.
At first glance, the new booklet exudes an air of fashion and glamour. The work was designed by Spanish illustrator Manuel Rebollo, who manages to capture the emotion of the times through his graphical style and keen use of calligraphy as both an aspect of esthetics and a means of communication.
Taking inspiration from his passion for music, fashion, love and feminine sensuality, the artist has illustrated the booklet using vast areas of color that contrast with surrounding whitespace, all of which integrates perfectly into the exclusive feel of Twist.
Twist ensures excellent levels of print performance and is particularly suited to silkscreen printing. Colours come to life to create a thrill for the senses and give the illustrations a unique strength and intensity. The paper blends into the drawings, the metallic details and the embossed elements to create an amazing tactile effect.
Available in a wide range of colours and grammages, Twist is ideal for printing exclusive invitations and greeting cards, as well as for packaging, shopping bags, tags and more for the worlds of fashion and luxury goods, not to mention in the publishing industry for the covers of elegant books or for notebooks that won’t go unnoticed.
The entire assortment of Twist papers is FSC certified and suited for most printing and ennobling processes.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #105069

'Double Take', the new Dolce Vita designer piece  (Company news)

Favini presents the new designer piece for Dolce Vita, the paper that brings the Italian good life to the world of design. Printing like a coated paper but feeling like a natural fine paper, these Italian paper makers know how to make a really special product!
Called ‘Double Take’, the piece makes a visual play with everyday objects – think you are looking at buttons, then seeing one is a plate with salami and tomatoes as button holes; or another is a set of spectacles until one is a racing bike! Encouraged to see familiar objects in unusual settings can bring them to life, in just the same way that Dolce Vita brings unexpected brilliance to a printing work of high quality.
Technically Dolce Vita is unsurpassed. The exceptional resolution, brightness and impact of the printed images are the result of a special pigment designed by Favini. Great technical characteristics of rigidity, strength and a special touch make Dolce Vita a perfect choice for a wide range of corporate communications and packaging.
In keeping with the promise of its name, Dolce Vita is produced using green electrical energy from renewable sources, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions – and of course it is FSC, no need for a double take on the environment from Favini.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #104628

Favini says 'NO' to counterfeiting and presents Secure Suite, the only full range of ...  (Company news)

... technologically advanced security papers for brand protection

Through significant investment in research and development, Favini can now present a unique, complete range of solutions that reach the peak of excellence with Secure-Nanolock.
Favini, an Italian firm with a long history of innovation in paper manufacturing and a high level of expertise in the security-papers segment, presents Favini Secure Suite, the exclusive range of technologically advanced paper that features unique, effective anti-counterfeiting solutions for various needs and applications. Favini Secure Suite is designed to protect products from counterfeiting by adding security elements within the packaging or labeling that ensure the product’s authenticity.
In recent years, thanks to constant investment in research and the company’s extensive experience in security paper, Favini, has created an entire range of paper that focuses on protecting luxury products and brands. Solutions to protect against brand counterfeiting are widely used in numerous industries, including clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, jewelry and cosmetics, as well as in the food industry, in pharmaceuticals, IT and art.
Counterfeiting is greatly harmful to companies, consumers and society at large. For businesses, this damage comes in at least three forms. The first is financial in the form of reduced sales; the second is in brand image, which reflects on the quality of the original products as they become confused with the counterfeits; the third comes in the form of unfair competition given the lower costs incurred for research, development and manufacturing.
According to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), global volumes of counterfeiting are on the rise and are expected to reach USD 1.7 trillion by 2015. Counterfeiting does not only harm businesses, but also society in general in that it increases organized crime, reduces tax revenues and has a negative impact on employment. Consumers are also exposed to health risks when using counterfeit products that contain toxic substances.
Favini’s Secure Suite is the solution to fight back against black-market counterfeits. The company’s wide range of Secure Suite security papers for brand protection features a variety of security elements that can be used with boxes, labels, cards and certificates, as well as on other support materials such as shopping bags, company communications and other documentation in order to guarantee a product’s authenticity. Secure Suite is a modular offering that includes security elements that can be used either individually or in combination for even greater protection.
Among the innovations Favini has to offer, Secure-Nanolock is the most technologically advanced, featuring a special hologram with incorporated code that measures less than 500 μm square and is made up of a holographic pattern that includes a hidden message that can be read by computer or smartphone. A specially designed app and software, along with a magnifying glass, are required to read and decode the hidden message. Secure-Nanolock technology includes the ability to incorporate a unique security feature in the hologram and provides a tracking system for both consumer goods and documents. Secure-Nanolock is currently the only security system of its kind and was made possible by the significant investment that Favini has dedicated to research.
Favini offers seven other solutions along side Secure-Nanolock. These include: Secure-Watermark, a personalized watermark that can be used to identify authentic documentation; Secure-Fibres, synthetic fibers within the paper that can only be seen under sunlight or UV light; Secure-Reagents, which is the treatment of paper with chemicals that change color when an attempt at counterfeiting is made; Secure-Dust, micro-elements included in the paper that can only be seen under a magnifying glass and special lighting; Secure-Check Marker, a verification system that Favini has designed that features a special marker used to quickly check authenticity; Secure-Zap, which ensures document authenticity by way of a special paper treatment that can only be seen with a laser pen or an acoustic device; and, finally, Secure-Skin, a technology that features a micro-embossing that contains custom logos, patterns and other micro-messages that can only be seen with at least 15x magnification and which can be applied to paper that has other security systems in order to provide even greater protection.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #104186

Favini broadens its luxury packaging offering: new gloss and embossing for Classy Covers  (Company news)

Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, has added glossy new colors and two new embossing techniques to the company’s Classy Covers collection of embossed papers, which is ideally suited to all binding and finishing processes and is particularly popular for laminating boxes.
The two new embosses, Stripe and Classic Linen, join the original canvas effect emboss. Stripe features an elegant, minimalist pinstripe pattern, while Classic Linen has a refined fabric effect. The new glossy colours – cobalt blue, red and black – and the new embossings make Classy Covers a strong range for all covering needs.
Classy Covers are made using high-quality raw materials that increase the strength of the paper throughout all stages of production. Resistance to scratching, fingerprints and general wear make Classy Covers perfectly adapted to luxury packaging.
Classy Covers are coloured in the stock, so there are no undesirable white cut lines along the edges of the boxes as happens when using paper that is only coloured on the surface. The dyes that Favini use ensure excellent levels of light resistance, essential for packaging that maintains the same brilliant colours across the whole package, whether exposed to sunlight or not.
Classy Covers comes in a great many variations, all of which provide no-compromise quality for the best in luxury packaging.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #104012

Favini at Packaging Innovations London 2013  (Company news)

Business Design Centre – London, 1-2 October 2013 - Stand E 33

Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, will be participating at Packaging Innovations London, the exclusive event for branded and inspirational packaging to be held in Business Design Centre London, on October 1st and 2nd 2013.
Favini will be on hand with Crush, Majestic, Dolce Vita, Softy and the exclusive black range of products.
Crush is the first and only line of ecological paper made from agro-industrial waste, which replaces up to 15% of the cellulose derived from trees. Produced using seven different materials, i.e. the byproducts from the processing of citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, corn, coffee beans, olives, hazelnuts and almonds, Crush features levels of printability and transformability that maintain the high standards of all of Favini’s other papers. This means that Crush can be used in a vast variety of applications, from brochures and shopping bags to cards and packaging, and virtually all of your most creative projects.
In addition to Crush, Favini will be presenting Majestic, the line of beautiful Favini metallic, including the luxurious, elegant Satins, Dolce Vita, the next-generation paper that offers high levels of print performance with a natural look and velvety to the touch and Softy, the innovative material that feels like soft fabric, but performs like paper.
Importantly there will be the range of Black papers, a rich selection of the best black paper that the company manufactures. All collected into a handy booklet to provide a key source of inspiration for graphic designers and other creative professionals, Favini’s black papers give you the full range of this highly popular, much appreciated product category, which is ideally suited to sophisticated, elegant packaging of all luxury brands.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #103898

Crush for the new look of I Coloniali  (Company news)

The entire I Coloniali line is ready to draw in consumers with a new look –contemporary appeal in perfect harmony with its origins and traditional values.

The new style for I Coloniali adds a touch of magic to our daily lives through new graphics, new colours, new shapes, and more! In total respect for the environment, the products’ secondary packaging features the new ecological paper, Crush, which is manufactured using 15% agro-industrial byproducts and 30% post-consumption recycled paper in place of virgin fibres. Crush is the innovative paper patented by Favini which uses the waste products of citrus fruits, kiwifruit, corn, coffee beans, olives, hazelnuts and almonds as raw material. Crush is FSC certified, contains no GMOs, and is produced using 100% self-produced green energy for reducing the environmental impact in terms of gas consumption by 20%.

Valeria Scognamiglio, International Brand Manager for I Coloniali through Perfume Holding, said, “I Coloniali has always placed a great deal of emphasis on sustainability, preferring packaging solutions that have a high impact visually, but which are also recyclable and reusable. We’ve selected Favini’s Crush paper because we feel it is a truly innovative product thanks to its ability to unite high levels of recycled materials with a luxurious look and feel, all of which is perfectly in line with the I Coloniali philosophy.”

Andrea Nappa, Favini managing director “After just a few months since the launch of Crush, we are proud to be so well received and to establish partnerships with brands such as I Coloniali, which, like us, focus on innovation and total respect for the environment. With Crush, we have revolutionized the more traditional approach and have given new life to agro-industrial byproducts by providing an alternative use for this waste and raising it to the level of more noble raw materials. The result is a paper that ensures excellent print performance and enables those who choose it to communicate a strong image based on the values in which they believe.”
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #103560

Favini presents SECURE-SKIN  (Company news)

Favini is an Italian company with a long history of innovation in paper manufacturing, it is a world leader in the market of industrial release paper for making artificial leather, has significant market share in specialty paper and a strong know how in security papers.
In the latest years, Favini has dedicated considerable R&D time and resource to develop several innovative and exclusive security features. These special features include particular inclusions, treatments and finishes that assure a high level of security.
Favini reveals one of its latest security innovations: Secure-Skin, a unique micro embossing. At first sight it looks simply to be a decorative embossing, but it embeds a micro text visible with a 15x or more powerful lens.
Secure-Skin can be applied on paper with additional security features for assuring a higher anti-counterfeit protection to bank and ID documents, certificates, labels, tickets, etc.
Besides these applications, Secure-Skin is a useful tool for brand protection: Favini is able to provide high quality papers with a hidden customized micro message, logo or pattern repetition, ideal for packaging solutions where counterfeiting is a major issue - boxes, labeling, tags, product certifications plus associated supporting materials like shopping bags, corporate communication and documentation.
The height of the text can reach 280 micron and the length of a word like “SECURITY” is just 2 mm. The size of the micro text is not detectable to the naked eye, a magnification of 15 or more is needed.
Favini offers a standard Secure-Skin solution and support for developing customized Secure-Skin designs according to the corporate image guidelines and specific needs of customers. The minimum quantity for the customization is around 3T.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #101329

Newly launched CRUSH awarded top prize at Luxepack  (Company news)

Favini received the LUXE PACK in GREEN award during LUXE PACK MONACO 2012 for its CRUSH paper line. CRUSH is a new eco-friendly range of papers made using process residues from organic products to replace up to 15 percent of virgin tree pulp.
The LUXE PACK in GREEN Award is awarded to the company presenting the most innovative environmentally friendly packaging solution.

A high level jury evaluated entries on 3 criteria : innovation, environmental impact and fit with the luxury world. Crush obtained the maximum score:
- Highly innovative using waste from food industry
- Replacement of standard materials (15% waste and 30% recycled paper)
- ‘Very nice result for the touch’ and potential printing, it felt like luxury - ‘Finally, being a “local” story made it very attractive, the materials beingsourced close to the manufacturing site adding to its sustainability.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #101187

Favini presents CRUSH  (Company news)

The first and only range of ecological paper made from a variety of organic materials: corn, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, olives, almonds, hazelnuts and coffee beans all become extraordinary paper in unique and high fashion colours inspired by nature.
Favini was arriving at Luxepack 2012 with a big bang – or perhaps we mean squeeze - for the launch of CRUSH, a completely new paper dedicated to the packaging industry.
CRUSH stands apart from the market as being the first and only range paper made with by-products from organic products replacing as much as 15% of traditional wood pulps.
After hundreds of hours of research and fine tuning, Favini has managed to transform process residues from corn, citrus and kiwi fruits, olives, almonds, hazelnuts and coffee beans into extraordinary paper in high fashion colours inspired by nature – and each with a distinct touch created by the differences between the types of material.
CRUSH brings new life to residues from organic products that would normally be processed as fillers in animal food and fertilizers or simply dumped in landfill. Using Favini’s unique patented capabilities these by-products are reborn as a new raw material for making high quality paper. At a time of increasing resource scarcity, using these materials relieves pressure on forest resources and gives them an extended life of up to five time - this being the typical number of times a high quality paper is recycled.
In line with Favini’s commitment to support the environment, this new paper is FSC certified, made with 100% green energy (the electricity is generated in Favini ’s own hydroelectric plant) and contains 30% post-consumer recycled fibre.
Development of this new range of ecological paper is the natural progression of Favini’s know how from the production of Shiro Alga Carta, the patented paper that Favini manufactures using the excess seaweed growing in endangered lagoon environments.
For brand owners, packaging a product using CRUSH provides a new approach to the increasingly eco sensitive consumer, with a special story combining with an on trend fashion pallet and a set of papers with unique touch. For sophisticated and luxurious packaging, Crush gives real stand out power.
Rest assured that CRUSH also does the simple things well - optimal levels of performance in printing and other processes, making CRUSH ideal for various applications - shopping bags, labels, packaging, and any variety of creative communications.
CRUSH comes in seven colors associated with each of the seven raw materials: Corn, Citrus, Kiwi, Olive, Almond, Hazelnut and Coffee. There are 4 grammages optimised for packaging – 120, 200, 250, 350.
The production process and the product are protected by European patent. In addition to the items offered in the range, Favini is ready to collaborate with anybody who wishes to create a paper from their unusual materials.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #100943

Bindakote and Astralux, brilliant white and colours  (Company news)

Favini, leader in the production of cast coated papers and boards for more than 50 years, relaunches its’ famous brands Bindakote (photo) and Astralux with a new image and a fresh breeze. Bindakote and Astralux stand for finest smooth high gloss white and coloured papers and boards perfected for value added print, luxury packaging and labels.
From today the 3 new swatch books are available.
The outstanding whiteness of Bindakote and Astralux is boosted by a unique swatch cover contrasting opaque and transparent inks with the papers gloss.
Astralux is produced with 100% Green Energy, produced in our mill from renewable sources.
Bindakote maintains the traditional wide offer of 1-side and 2-side coated specifications. Superb printing results can be obtained with digital printing and some specialties are certified for HP indigo.
With Bindakote colours glamour enters the scene with pearlescent effects, precious metallics and bright colours as brilliant as fresh paint, among them black on black.
(Favini Srl)

Newsgrafik #69653

PMT Italia: FAVINI started up the SMARNIP® Shoe Press in Rossano Veneto #3  (Company news)

The SMARNIP® Shoe Press supplied by PMT ITALIA SpA to FAVINI Rossano Veneto machine #3, Italy, has been started up with success on January 4th 2011.
Few hours after the start of the machine with the SMARNIP® in operation, the FAVINI managers have confirmed their satisfaction for the results. The production has been immediately increased by 8÷12% maintaining the fine paper high quality standards.
The press rebuild has been managed in a relatively short time thanks to the great cooperation between the FAVINI and PMT teams, allowing to meet the programmed shut down and start-up timing.
Also in this case the modularity and the compactness of the SMARNIP® Shoe Press
resulted to be the key factor to apply the shoe press technology in a machine with limited space.
For PMT this is the reference number 14, were the SMARNIP® Shoe Press has been applied, in addition to other (53) references were PMT supplied the standard PMT-Shoe Press. The PMT experience in the pressing technology, in four different continents, has been confirmed once more finding the right solution for the specific case. (PMT Italia S.p.A.)