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Newsgrafik #121606

New SVP, Consumer Boards, effective December 1st   (Company news)

M.Sc. (Tech.), MBA, Ulrika Kurtén has been appointed Senior Vice President, Consumer Boards, effective from December 1st, 2018.

Kurtén will be responsible for the Consumer Boards business and she reports to CEO Markku Hämäläinen.

Kurtén is switching over to Kotkamills from The Dow Chemical Company´s Sales Director position in USA.

Niilo Pöyhönen, the current SVP, will return to his position as a Member of the Board of Kotkamills Oy. He will also consult the Consumer Boards business for the time being.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Meet Kotkamills at FachPack Exhibition  (Company news)

We warmly welcome you to meet the Kotkamills Consumer Boards team at FachPack, the European trade fair for packaging, processing and technology on September 25th – 27th at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany. You will find Kotkamills at stand 5-430 located in hall 5.

Kotkamills Consumer Boards will be presenting their AEGLE® range of Folding Boxboards at the show, including the recyclable barrier coated packaging board products, along with the ISLA® Duo cupstock for the production of easily recyclable plastic free paper cups.

The world is changing at a rapid pace towards a plastic free future and this will require new innovations to meet this demand. Kotkamills recognize these changes and have created packaging board products that meet these challenges. In addition to traditional folding boxboard solutions AEGLE® Pro and AEGLE® White, Kotkamills’ AEGLE® Barrier Light and AEGLE® Barrier Plus bring a new and innovative approach to consumer packaging with their water based dispersion barrier properties. All of the AEGLE® range of products (including the barrier grades) are free from fluoro chemicals and plastic coatings and can be easily recycled in the normal waste stream.

Moreover, Kotkamills' ISLA® Duo cupstock does not contain plastics. ISLA® Duo can be easily recycled with normal paper waste requiring no additional treatments to remove plastic coatings, thus ensuring cups made with our material form an integral part of the circular economy by allowing the valuable wood fibres to reused.

You are welcome to meet our sales representatives and technical customer service professionals to learn more about our innovative, plastic free solutions for the packaging and food service industries.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Kotkamills adds a new member to its family of plastic free consumer boards  (Company news)

Kotkamills’ family of AEGLE® consumer boards is complemented by the freshest member of the family. AEGLE® Barrier Plus promotes the wider use of non-plastic packaging solutions. Easily recyclable AEGLE® Barrier Plus packaging board is especially suited for packaging greasy food, sandwiches, bakery products and frozen foods.

The packaging industry is one of the key players in preventing litter ending up in the oceans and nature. Traditionally, packaging industry uses plastic barrier layer on packaging board in order to prevent grease and fluids from absorbing into the packaging material. Alternatively, organic fluorochemicals can be used as grease barriers but they might be harmful for the health. Degradation of plastic can take up to hundreds of years in natural conditions which means they are a burden for the environment for a long time, even ending up in the food chain.

Kotkamills AEGLE® products do not contain plastic, harmful fluorochemicals or waxes. The barrier layer of AEGLE® consumer boards is a water-based polymer dispersion which enables easy recycling since no plastic needs to separated from the wood fibre. AEGLE® products can be recycled with normal paper and board waste. Easy recyclability guarantees the precious material to remain in circular economy.

“AEGLE® consumer board family got its first family member as AEGLE® Barrier Light was launched this spring. We are proud to announce that the product family is now one family member richer. Our plastic free packaging boards answer to a number of societal challenges, for example preserving the precious materials in circular economy and the prevention of added litter in the environment.” Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen states.
“Food industry demands packaging solutions now and in the future. Our job is to create sustainable solutions that offer consumers a pro-environment choice with small everyday choices. Conscious consumers chooses a solution that is sustainable and better for the environment when it is made easy to access and use.” Hämäläinen ends.

Kotkamills is strongly involved at the forest and packaging industry’s PulPaper fair from 29th to 31st of May at Helsinki Messukeskus. On Wednesday May 30th Niilo Pöyhönen, Senior Vice President, Consumer Boards and Saila Kettunen, Director, Barrier Boards are giving a presentation on Kotkamills’ new products and solutions at the fair’s Future Square stage. On May 31st an excursion from the fair to Kotkamills’ factory will be arranged. Kotkamills’ new products are on display at PulPaper on stand 6g91.

Kotkamills is a responsible partner that delivers renewable products and performance to its customers' processes via product innovations created from wood, a renewable raw material. Our product range includes fully recyclable consumer board products AEGLE® and ISLA® and one of the key brands of the company is Absorbex® an innovative laminating paper product for the laminate, plywood and construction industries. Moreover, Kotkamills offers ecological, technically sound and visually attractive wood products for demanding joinery and construction.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #120284

Kotkamills en route towards a plastic free world – one coffee cup at a time   (Company news)

ISLA® Duo cupstock is Kotkamills' solution to an ever-growing problem. It does not contain any plastics or waxes that are harmful for the environment or health. Easy recycling makes ISLA® Duo cups an integral part of the circular economy and makes sure that the valuable wood fibre can be reused.

The world is changing at a rapid pace towards a plastic free future. Development requires new and innovative solutions that can answer to new demands. Consumption and recycling are consumer's choices, but it is up to manufacturers to provide products that answer to these challenges. Kotkamills' ISLA® Duo answers to these specific challenges.

"World's coffee cup markets are vast. No sustainable and responsible actor has provided plastic-free and easy-to-recycle products. Coffee cups covered with PE plastics can be recycled but globally it has been difficult and inefficient due to the separation process of plastic. It is great that Kotkamills can lead the way and act as a Game Changer in the industry", Kotkamills CEO Markku Hämäläinen states.

Plastic free cupstock
A traditional single-use coffee cup includes a barrier layer made from plastic, which prevents absorption of liquids and greases. The barrier layer in ISLA® Duo products is a water-based dispersion coating instead of PE plastic. Being plastic-free enables the products to be easily recyclable in normal paper and board recycling, and the wood fibre can be reused fully. ISLA® Duo cupstock doesn't contain any waxes harmful for the health nor do they cumulate in the nature like plastic.

"Circular economy and keeping valuable materials in use as efficiently as possible are a key piece of the future. In this issue Kotkamills wants to act as an example and lead development. ISLA® Duo is enabling a plastic free future where recycling is easy and a part of our daily routines”, Hämäläinen concludes.

Kotkamills is a responsible partner that delivers renewable products and performance to its customers' processes via product innovations created from wood, a renewable raw material. Our product range includes fully recyclable consumer board products AEGLE® and ISLA®, and one of the key brands of the company is Absorbex®, an innovative laminating paper product for the laminate, plywood and construction industries. Moreover, Kotkamills offers ecological, technically sound and visually attractive wood products for demanding joinery and construction.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #120170

Kotkamills' packaging materials boosting the circular economy  (Company news)

Vast amount of unrecycled waste from packaging materials end up in the oceans and nature. Kotkamills is strongly involved in turning the packaging industry towards efficient circular economy. We are launching new easy-to-recycle plastic free consumer boards at PulPaper / PacTec fair in Messukeskus, Helsinki. At our stand 6g91 you will have a possibility to familiarize yourself with our easy-to-recycle products.

Kotkamills' Senior Vice President, Consumer Boards, Mr. Niilo Pöyhönen and Director, Barrier Boards, Mrs. Saila Kettunen will also give interesting presentations on Kotkamills' products and solutions on May 30th, 2018 on the Future Square stage. Moreover, HRD Manager Kalle Honkanen of Kotkamills will participate in panel discussion "Future competence needs in the bioforestry industry" on May 31st, 2018. Please see the Future Square programme here.

In case you are interested to see our mill, there will also be organized an excursion from Messukeskus to Kotkamills factory to Kotka on the 31st of May. Read more on the excursion on here. Welcome to meet us also in Kotka!
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #119471

The Board of Directors of Kotkamills Group Oyj has decided to make a pre-feasibility study for a ...  (Company news)

...paper machine investment to increase the production of Saturating Base Kraft (Laminating Papers)

In order to prepare Kotkamills Absorbex Oy, a subsidiary of Kotkamills Oy and the leading global supplier of Laminating Papers, to meet the increasing demand, as well as to replace the discontinuing production volume of Paper Machine 7 in Tainionkoski, Imatra (Stock Exchange release on the 3rd of July 2017), Kotkamills Oy has started the pre-feasibility study of a new Paper Machine 3 (PM 3) in Kotka. The final decision of this possible investment will be done by the end of year 2018. The capacity, cost estimation and start-up timing of the the PM 3 will be published later on subject to the positive investment decision.

After the possible start-up of the PM 3, Kotkamills Oy is maximizing the integration advantages of the Kotka site. In addition to the efficient investment cost of PM 3 to the already available infrastructure, the energy and fixed costs per produced volumes of the whole integrated site would be lower than today. The possible investment would have a positive impact on the profitability of Kotkamills Group.

In addition to the possible PM 3, Kotkamills Absorbex Oy will subcontract certain Laminating Paper grades from one or more European paper companies. First Laminating Paper trial reels from an external producer have already been delivered to a customer of Kotkamills Absorbex Oy.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #118124

Kühne Verpackungen für Luxusartikel  (Firmennews)

Bild: Zeit zum Feiern: Die gut elegante und dennoch robuste Flasche des preisgekrönten Gustav Dill Vodkas kommt in einer ebenso attraktiven, leichten aber besonders festen Verpackung aus 800 µm dickem 450 g/m² Faltschachtelkarton von Kotkamills. © Kotkamills

Es war ein erhebender Moment für den in finnischem Familienbesitz befindlichen Spirituosenhersteller Lignell & Piispanen, als der neue Gustav Dill Vodka bei der International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London auf das höchste Treppchen kam.

Die Auszeichnung war ein willkommenes Geburtstagsgeschenk für das Unternehmen, das kurz nach dem Wettbewerb sein 165. Firmenjubiläum feiern konnte.

„Natürlich wusste ich, dass wir mit einem Spitzenprodukt antraten. Dieses überragende Ergebnis hat unserem Verkauf dann auch neuen Auftrieb verliehen“, erläutert Harri Nylund, CEO des traditionsreichen Familienunternehmens Lignell & Piispanen. „Finnland feiert in diesem Jahr 100 Jahre Unabhängigkeit, was für uns einer der Gründe für die Entwicklung des Gustav Dill Vodkas war. Die Auszeichnung ist somit auch eine Anerkennung für Finnland.“

Mag sein, dass Vodka nicht zu ersten Mal mit Dill abschmeckt wird, aber sicher hat bisher dafür niemand eine derart aufwendige Produktentwicklung betrieben.

„Statt besonderen Tricks haben wir Hunderte verschiedener Kombinationen von Dill getestet, bis wir die optimale Mischung aus frischem und getrocknetem Dill und Dillsamen herausfanden“, berichtet Harri Nylund. „Außerdem nutzen wir unsere eigene Aromadestilliertechnologie, mit der wir geschmacklich alles aus dem Dill herausholen.“

Gewinner auf ganzer Linie
Ein preisgekröntes Produkt braucht auch eine luxuriöse Verpackung, angefangen bei der Flasche. Der renommierte finnische Designer Jaani Vaahtera wurde beauftragt, eine Flache zu entwerfen, die das reine Wesen des Vodkas reflektieren sollte. Das Design selbst hatte allerdings keinen Einfluss auf das Wettbewerbsergebnis, da die Preisrichter bei der Degustation weder Flasche noch die sonstige Verpackung zu Gesicht bekamen.

„Die Flasche ist phantastisch. Dennoch hatten wir uns zunächst nicht allzu viele Gedanken über die Verpackung gemacht“, erinnert sich Harri Nylund. „Wir wollten lediglich eine gut aussehende feste Geschenkverpackung, die das Produkt nicht nur vor Abnutzung und Stößen schützt, sondern auch vor Fälschungen und Hinterhofproduktion.“

Deshalb sollte das finnische Unternehmen Starcke, ein Spezialist in Sachen Verpackungsdesign und Markenschutz, für das Produkt eine kühne und intelligente Verpackung entwickeln. Schon beim ersten gemeinsamen Projekt gelang der Sprung auf das Siegerpodest.

Bei Starcke war Ilkka Harju, Head of Design & Innovation, für den gesamten Prozess verantwortlich. Wegen des relativ hohen Gewichts der Flasche sollte die Verpackung eine hohe Festigkeit aufweisen aber auch eine äußerst gute Bedruckbarkeit. Harju wusste, dass dies mit Faltschachtelkarton, wie er normalerweise für derartige Produkte verwendet wird, nicht möglich ist.

„Für unsere Kunden ist natürlich das Aussehen und die Haptik der Verpackung am wichtigsten“, so Ilkka Harju. „Aber ästhetische Verpackungen brauchen – vor allem, wenn Heißfolien und andere Prägungen gewünscht werden – einen festen, hochwertigen Karton. Deshalb wandten wir uns an Kotkamills, dessen neue Kartonmaschine eine große Flexibilität bei den Kartonspezifikationen gewährleistet.“

Machen wir!
Starcke, Orapac und Lignell & Piispanen waren beeindruckt, als Kotkamills unverzüglich nach der ersten Kontaktaufnahme und einer Erläuterung ihres Bedarfs damit begannen, eine den Vorgaben entsprechende Kartonqualität zu entwickeln.

Das Ergebnis war ein fester 450 g/m², 800 µm dicker Faltschachtelkarton. Laut Ilkka Harju kann man das Material als leichtes Schwergewicht beschreiben, da es die Flasche, trotz eines geringeren Gewichts und besserer Gesamtleistung als mit alternativ verwendbarer leichter Wellpappe, gut schützt.

„Die Entwicklung des Kartonmaterials dauerte gerade einmal ein paar Wochen. Ich kenne Fälle, bei denen so etwas bis zu einem Jahr gedauert hat“, betont Ilkka Harju. „Wir sind von der Leistung und Qualität des Materials in Druck, Spezialbehandlung und Weiterverarbeitung äußerst beeindruckt. Probleme wie Bruch und Staubbildung, wie sie gewöhnlich mit dickem Faltschachtelkarton auftreten, gab es keine.“

Die für die Verpackung von Gustav Dill Vodka verwendete neue Kartonsorte wird im September auf der Londoner Luxury Packaging und im Oktober auf der Luxe Pack-Messe in Monaco vorgestellt.

Die reguläre Produktion des neuen 800 µm dicken 450 g/m² Kartons Aegle White ist noch nicht angelaufen. Yrjö Aho, Director, New Business Development bei Kotkamills, sieht Aegle White als eine Art Konzeptkarton, der – ähnlich wie Konzeptfahrzeuge – auf wichtigen Messen präsentiert wird.

„Das Wichtigste bei diesem Produkt ist jedoch, dass sich unsere neue Kartonmaschine als noch vielseitiger erwiesen hat, als erwartet“, so Yrjö Aho. „Der 800 µm dicke 450 g/m² Aegle White ist vermutlich der festeste und leichteste skandinavische Faltschachtelkarton auf dem Markt.“

Und was meint der Kunde dazu?
„Ich finde, Flasche und Box sehen gut aus und ergänzen sich gegenseitig hervorragend“, meint Harri Nylund. „Es ist eine Freude, dieses Produkt in aller Welt zu verkaufen.“
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #117856

Niilo Pöyhönen appointed Member of the Board of Kotkamills oy  (Company news)

Mr. Niilo Pöyhönen M.Sc. Econ. has been appointed a Member of the Board of Kotkamills Oy, effective from August 1st, 2017.

Mr. Pöyhönen holds working experience of several decades in managerial positions in the board and packaging industries, lately in Pyroll Group and before that in Stora Enso. His vast knowledge of the board and packaging businesses, as well as wide knowledge of clientele, strengthens the competence of the consumer board business in the Board of Kotkamills Oy.

“We are very happy to obtain Niilo Pöyhönen’s unique experience to support Kotkamills’ future as a forerunner in the packaging board business”, states Chairman of the Board of Kotkamills Oy, Mr. Hannu Puhakka.

“It is great to be able to join Kotkamills team. The long awaited dispersion coated barrier board solutions of Kotkamills comprise a competitive and environmentally sound alternative to the traditional plastic-coated cup stock, board used for packing frozen food and other packaging board products. I believe that I will be able to help in launching these new solutions on the market”, says Niilo Pöyhönen.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #117224

AEGLE landet in der CosmeticBusiness in München  (Firmennews)

Vom 21. bis 22. Juni öffnet die CosmeticBusiness in München ihre Türen um der Kosmetik Industrie die neuesten Innovationen zu präsentieren. Wir freuen uns ankündigen zu können, dass Kotkamills zum ersten Mal auf der Messe präsent sein wird um der Kosmetikindustrie einzigartige Lösungen rund um die Faltschachtel vorzustellen.

Das Sortiment umfasst folgende Qualitäten:
Voll gestrichener Karton mit gestrichener Rückseite, mit hervorragender Druckoberfläche und exzellenten Weiterverarbeitungseigenschaften.

Voll gestrichener Karton mit ungestrichener Rückseite, mit der höchsten Steifigkeit im GC Markt, hohem Volumen und sehr guten Druckeigenschaften bietet einzigartige Möglichkeiten bei der Faltschachtelherstellung.

Ein exklusiver ungestrichener Faltschachtelkarton, der zum Einsatz kommt, wenn ein natürliches Aussehen, ein exzellentes Druckbild und sehr gute Weiterverarbeitungsmöglichkeiten gefragt sind. AEGLE Zero ermöglicht kreatives Verpackungsdesign, das die Hochwertigkeit von Bioprodukten mit hohem Reinheitsanspruch impliziert.

Besuchen Sie Kotkamills in Halle 4, Stand F18 auf der CosmeticBusiness vom 21. bis 22. Juni im MOC München um das Team zu treffen und mehr über die AEGLE Faltschachtelkarton Range zu erfahren. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #116977

AEGLE Zero. The natural choice.  (Firmennews)

Kotkamills hat sein Produktangebot an Verpackungsmaterialien um AEGLE Zero erweitert, einen ungestrichenen Faltschachtelkarton mit ungestrichener Rückseite. Der neue Karton wird auf der Kartonmaschine 2 im finnischen Kotka hergestellt.

AEGLE Zero ist eine ungestrichene Spezialsorte für Lebensmittel- und Non-Food-Anwendungen, bei denen es auf ein natürliches Aussehen ebenso sehr ankommt wie auf hervorragende Bedruckungs- und Weiterverarbeitungseigenschaften. AEGLE Zero wird aus den gleichen festen nordischen Frischfasern hergestellt wie AEGLE Pro und AEGLE White und bietet die gleichen Möglichkeiten für kreatives Design. Die neue Sorte bietet neben den exzellenten Bedruckungseigenschaften auch gute Steifigkeit in Querrichtung und hohe Wertschöpfung.

„Mit seiner natürlich aussehenden und taktil angenehmen Oberfläche bietet AEGLE Zero gute Möglichkeiten für kreatives Verpackungsdesign, bei dem Reinheit und organische Qualität für die Materialwahl entscheidend sind“, sagt David Ingham, Sales Director Consumer Boards bei Kotkamills. „Dieser Karton bietet echte Chancen für Verpackungen, die sich vom Üblichen abheben sollen, und eignet sich für eine Reihe unterschiedlicher Druckverfahren und Veredlungstechniken wie zum Beispiel Heiß- und Kaltfolienprägung. Mit einem Wort: eine natürliche erste Wahl aus der AEGLE-Kartonpalette von Kotkamills.“

AEGLE Zero wird mit einer Stärke von 305 bis 615 Mikrometern hergestellt und ist ab sofort verfügbar.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #115812

Kotkamills: Change in Industrial Products' organization  (Company news)

As a consequence of Kimmo Kohvakka’s appointment as Director, Consumer Boards business unit, Ville Seppälä is appointed Director, Industrial Products business unit and member of Kotkamills Senior Management Team, effective as of January 1st, 2017.

For the present Ville Seppälä is responsible also for the Imprex business.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #115804

Kotkamills: Change in Consumer Boards' organization  (Company news)

Pirjo Eteläinen has decided to leave her position as Head of Consumer Boards and take sabbatical leave from the business.

In her place, Kimmo Kohvakka is appointed as Director, Consumer Boards Business Unit, the appointment being effective from 1.1.2017.

Mrs. Eteläinen will return to work in the Autumn when she will take up a new position in the company.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #115403

Valmet and Kotkamills sign an extensive automation service agreement  (Company news)

Valmet and Kotkamills Oy have signed an extensive automation service agreement. In addition to supporting production processes, the agreement will secure high availability of automation at the entire Kotkamills mill and especially on the new consumer packaging board machine BM 2. This is one of Valmet's most extensive service agreements for automation in Finland to date.

Kotkamills recently converted its printing paper machine PM 2 into BM 2 to produce high-quality barrier board and folding boxboard. The machine was started up in July 2016. Valmet supplied key technology and automation solutions, including automation, information and quality management systems, analyzers, profilers, a machine vision system as well as process and control development services for the grade conversion project.

"We had a limited service agreement with Valmet earlier. With our new BM 2, we felt we now needed more advise and support, since there is still a lot of development work to be done on the new board machine. And Valmet has strong know-how in automation and boardmaking," says Jan Lousa, Project Manager, Electrical Automation, Kotkamills.

"With the comprehensive services, we will help Kotkamills manage the processes in their entirety, speed up startups, as well as optimize production and end product quality. These services will ensure that the mill can now get everything out of its processes. The service agreement well reflects Valmet's new service approach - the Shared Journey Forward. This offering covers reliability and performance services as well as the introduction of new technologies," points out Emilia Torttila-Miettinen, Customer Service Manager, Services, Automation, Valmet.

Information about Valmet's service agreement
According to the new service agreement, there will be an on-site Valmet service engineer at the Kotkamills mill most of the time. He will participate in mill-wide automation-related maintenance, development and coordination in cooperation with the mill and other partners named by the mill. When needed, the mill will have access to services provided by Valmet's application experts.

Additionally, the agreement includes process performance monitoring and process control upkeep, 24-hour on-call service, spare parts, annual condition check-ups of the automation, quality control as well as process and quality vision systems, analyzer maintenance, antivirus service, regular follow-up and development meetings with the mill, along with reporting through the Valmet portal. Valmet and Kotkamills also signed a development agreement that covers the advanced controls at the digester and causticizing plants.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #114727

Valmet-supplied key technology and automation for Kotkamills started up in Finland  (Company news)

The start-up of Kotkamills' rebuilt board machine 2 (BM2) in Finland took place on July 22, 2016. Valmet supplied key technology and automation package for the extensive paper machine grade conversion project. The printing paper (MFC) production line was converted to produce a range of folding boxboards and food service boards.

Photo: Kotkamills personnel at start-up on July 22, 2016. Kotkamill's CEO Markku Hämäläinen the third from left and Project Director Stefan Fors in the front row kneeling (the second from right). Photo by Johanna Mäkelä.

"Our BM2 is the first machine in the world to have the capability to produce dispersion barrier coatings directly on the machine, producing barrier boards that can be recycled with normal paper waste due to having zero plastic content. The interest in our new sustainable products has been massive. The new machine offers a wide range of interesting possibilities for converters, brand owners and designers alike," says Markku Hämäläinen, Chief Executive Officer of Kotkamills.

"The project schedule was really tight; from the change of the ownership of Kotkamills to start-up in less than sixteen months. That is extremely fast. I am very pleased with cooperation with Valmet and how well-prepared Valmet's project organization was for such an extensive project," says Stefan Fors, Project Director of Kotkamills.

About Valmet's delivery
Valmet's delivery included equipment for stock preparation, a new coating section with two layering curtain coating stations, a blade coating station with roll application, a sizing section with film application and all related coating air dryers. A wide scope of equipment for coating color kitchen and machine circulation for sizing and coating was included. The delivery also included a center driven reel, a two-drum compact winder, modernization of dryer section and calender.

An extensive automation package for BM2 included Valmet DNA machine and drive controls with integrated condition monitoring, and Valmet IQ quality management solution including QCS, several profilers and web runnability monitoring and inspection system. Automation deliveries for the pulp mill and the Chemithermomechanical pulp (CTMP) plant include a number of analyzers and measurements including optimizing process controls for various process stages. CTMP plant and the coating kitchen are also equipped with Valmet DNA automation system.

A performance agreement between Kotkamills and Valmet was made to continuously develop BM2 coating process to qualify as high class coated board. The agreement involves both on-site support and troubleshooting support via remote connection to speed up problem solving.

"The Valmet-delivered equipment has worked well without any major setbacks. We have also made the first barrier coating run with success," says Petri Aspholm Senior Project Manager from Valmet.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #114533

Kotkamills' new Consumer Board machine now in production  (Company news)

Kotkamills’ new consumer board machine, BM2, has started production in Kotka, Finland. A range of folding boxboards will be produced under the brand name AEGLE and a range of food service boards under the brand name ISLA.

BM2 is the first machine in the world to have the capability to produce dispersion barrier coatings directly on the machine, producing barrier boards that can be recycled with normal paper waste due to having zero plastic content.

“The interest in our new sustainable products has been massive. The new machine offers a wide range of interesting possibilities for converters, brand owners and designers alike. Another of the machine’s unique features is the ability to produce board with a silk matte surface, providing brand owners the possibility to make their product really stand out,” says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills.

The Consumer Boards business will serve two main market areas. The first is the market for the production of packaging for food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The second is the market for food service boards for disposable cups and plates. All products are based on Nordic fresh forest fibres and come with the unique possibility of the addition of on-machine dispersion coated barriers to replace the non-renewable plastics traditionally used.

The new machine will provide an increase to the environmental performance of the site by significantly decreasing the consumption of electricity and water compared to the former paper production process. The consumption of water per tonne of CTMP will be almost halved compared to earlier.

Kotkamills’ Consumer Board machine BM2 in short
• Production capacity 400,000 t/a
• Primary products: high-quality Nordic folding boxboard and recyclable barrier board for the packaging industry and food service sector
• Total investment 170 MEUR
• More than 5 MEUR has been invested in the effluent treatment plant, improving the cleanliness of the waste water
• Main machinery suppliers: Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machinery Oy (from the wet end to drying section of the machine) and Valmet (online coating section, reeler, winder and CTMP plant)
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #114292

New gate for heavy traffic to Kotkamills in Kotka  (Company news)

Kotkamills Oy will open a new automatic gate for heavy traffic to Kotka mill area. Opening will be on Monday 27th of June 2016 at 10 am. New gate is located approximately 300 m closer the seaside from recent main gate.The truck weighing scale outisde the gate is moved close to the new gate and is out of use from 20.06.2016 22:00 to 27.06.2016 10:00 due to the construction work. On Kotka Satamakatu before gate area and also on site area will be traffic signs for the new heavy traffic routes.

Recent main gate is dedicated only for passenger- and van traffic and will not anymore be used for heavy traffic.

It is notable that during this summer outside the mill area will be city of Kotka road construction works ongoing as well.

In problems at gate arrival, at the new gate is a Kotkamills gate telephone to ask further instructions. Drivers can also call directly to gate number +358 5 210 1700.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #113979

Kotkamills launches fully recyclable and repulpable consumer board products AEGLE and ISLA  (Company news)

Kotkamills is launching its new range of consumer board products: the folding boxboard range will be covered by the AEGLE brand and the food service range by the ISLA brand. The standard board ranges will be launched in July 2016 when Kotkamills’ new board machine starts. The option of water-based dispersion coated barriers will be added in the Autumn. The new machine will for the first time allow barrier coatings to be applied directly on the cartonboard machine as part of normal production.

“Brand owners and designers are constantly looking for new and better options for creating attractive packaging while answering to the growing consumer demand for ecological products. With AEGLE and ISLA, we offer both sustainable and cost effective solutions that do not compromise the freedom to create unique designs,” says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills.

“With our next-generation barrier boards, it is possible to use the normal paper recycling process, as they are fully recyclable and repulpable. The board itself is manufactured paying special attention to utilising wood raw material effectively, as well as minimising environmental effects with the help of the latest available technology,” Hämäläinen continues.

Kotkamills’ folding boxboard AEGLE is suitable for various packaging needs from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to dry, chilled and frozen food and general packaging. Although lightweight and bulky, the board offers high stiffness. In addition to standard fully coated glossy surfaces, Kotkamills are offering a unique silk matt coating that makes the surface of the board very even and smooth, offering excellent printability as well as enhancing the use of various special effects, such as lacquering and foiling. AEGLE folding boxboards will be available with and without recyclable barriers.

The ISLA product range is intended to be used for the production of food service packaging, such as disposable cups and plates. The fact that the dispersion coated barriers used are fully recyclable and repulpable means that after use, such paperboard cups and plates can be easily disposed of along with normal paper waste. This means that a valuable, high quality fibre source can be recovered and re-used instead of being thrown away; unlike the more normally used plastic coated barrier cups and plates.

The raw material for all Kotkamills’ board products are procured from certified Nordic forests.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #113852

Kotkamills to start the new board machine in July  (Company news)

Kotkamills' construction work of the new BM 2 has progressed to the very advanced stage. The co-operation with potential new clients has proved that there is strong interest in consumer board products of Kotkamills Oy.

As an outcome of the Flying Eagle project a printing paper machine is converted to board machine producing recyclable, repulpable and renewable consumer board products. After shutdown and fast demolition of PM 2, the construction work of the new BM 2 started in February at Kotkamills in Kotka, Finland. The intensive project has demanded extensive work from both Kotkamills personnel as well as from external suppliers.

The start-up of the new board machine will take place during July 2016. The earlier target set already in 2015 was last week of June 2016.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #113682

Produkte von Kotkamills Consumer Board bald europaweit erhältlich  (Firmennews)

Kotkamills hat für seine bald auf den Markt kommenden Faltschachtel- und Barrierekartonprodukte ein europäisches Vertriebsnetz geschaffen. Mit 13 Verkaufsagenturen in über 30 Ländern kann das Unternehmen dank lokaler Präsenz in ganz Europa personalisierten Service anbieten.

Das kürzlich geschaffene Vertriebsnetz besteht aus 13 Verkaufsteams in über 30 Ländern. Ein lokales Vertriebsnetz ist das Kernstück der Strategie von Kotkamills, dessen neue Kartonmaschine im Spätsommer dieses Jahres im finnischen Kotka anlaufen wird.

Das Vertriebsnetz ermöglicht es Kotkamills, in der Nähe des Kunden präsent zu sein und Service vor Ort anzubieten.

„Wir haben die Verkaufsagenturen für unsere Kernmärkte sorgfälltig ausgewählt, in den wir mit unseren neuen Faltschachtel- und Barrierekartonsorten einsteigen wollen“, erklärt Pirjo Eteläinen, Director von Kotkamills Consumer Boards.

Gemäß Eteläinen besteht die zentrale Aufgabe darin, allen Kunden einen exzellenten Service vor Ort anzubieten, besonders denen, die Schnelligkeit und Zuverlässigkeit verlangen.

„Es kommt wesentlich darauf an, dass unser Vertriebsteam sowohl unsere Produkte als auch die Anforderungen unserer Kunden verstehen. Wir brauchen kompetente Vertriebler, die in der Lage sind, den Kunden unsere neue Produktpalette nahe zu bringen und sie optimal zu bedienen. Wir sind überzeugt, dass es uns gelungen ist, das richtige Team aufzubauen.“

Viele der Vertriebsagenturen sind mit Kotkamills Kunden bereits aus dem grafischen Bereich vertraut. Mit dem Vertrieb auf dem britischen und irischen Markt hat Kotkamills Consumer Board Crossleys beauftragt. Die Zusammenarbeit beider Unternehmen geht auf das Jahr 2011 zurück.

„Wir sind hocherfreut, dass Kotkamills Consumer Board uns zur Vetriebsagentur seiner neuen Produkte in Großbritannien und Irland ernannt hat“, sagt Jonathan Blundell, Sales Manager von Crossleys. „ Die einzigartige Technologie und der lokale Service von Kotkamills werden auf dem Markt mit Spannung erwartet.“

Kotkamills investiert derzeit über 150 Millionen EUR in die Umrüstung seiner Papiermaschine auf die Produktion von Verpackungskarton. Die neue Maschine, die Ende Juni die Produktion aufnimmt, ist die erste ihrer Art. Auf der neuen BM werden auf den Karton Dispersionsbarrieren online aufgetragen werden können. Dieses Produkt ist eine 100 %ig erneuerbare, recycelbare und repulpierbare Alternative zu PE-beschichtetem Karton.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #113436


To ensure the continued smooth development of the new Consumer Boards business unit, we are pleased to announce that Pirjo Eteläinen has been appointed Director, Consumer Boards. She takes responsibility for the operating result of the business unit and will continue to develop the sales and support network ready for the launch of the new board machine at the end of June this year. In addition, David Ingham has been appointed Global Sales Director, Consumer Boards, and will take responsibility for the sales organisation and sales overall.

Both appointments are made with immediate effect.

Christian Höglund, previously Director, Consumer Boards Business Unit, has left the company to pursue other opportunities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his work in developing the business unit to date and wish him every success with his future challenges.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #113105

Valmet receives two new orders for automation technology from Kotkamills in Finland  (Company news)

Valmet has received two orders for automation technology from Kotkamills Oy in Finland to complement the paper machine technology and automation system orders received in April and July 2015 for a paper machine conversion project. Kotkamills is currently rebuilding its magazine paper production line PM 2 and converting it to produce high-quality barrier board and folding boxboard grades. The rebuilt machine will start up during the second quarter of 2016. Valmet's automation system deliveries will take place in April 2016.

Photo: Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP)

The new orders are included in Valmet's first quarter 2016 orders received and the fourth quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the orders is not disclosed.

"Valmet has long experience and a lot of know-how in automation solutions for the paper industry. We are confident that we will be able to increase efficiency and make the most of the process with Valmet's solutions. The products now ordered match well with and complement the automation concept that we have chosen. We have been using Valmet's automation earlier, so our operators and maintenance staff know it well," says Jari Mäkelä, Manager, Automation and Electrification, Kotkamills.

"Our solutions will enable Kotkamills to improve board quality management as well as the management of the whole production process. Using this technology, the mill will be able to produce high-quality board and improve machine runnability," points out Harri Kohonen, Sales Manager, Automation business line, Valmet.

Technical information about the delivery
The orders include two automation systems, analyzers, measurements, consistency transmitters and optimizing process controls for various process stages in board production.
Valmet will supply Valmet DNA automation systems for the thermomechanical pulp (TMP) plant and the coating kitchen to replace Valmet's earlier-generation systems. For the TMP plant, Valmet will also deliver an online Valmet Pulp Analyzer (Valmet MAP) and optimizing process controls with which the plant can control low-consistency grinding and reach its desired board properties.

Additionally, the delivery includes over 20 consistency transmitters for the TMP plant and the board machine. The latter will be equipped with a Valmet Retention Measurement (Valmet RM3) and a Valmet Wet End Analyzer (Valmet WEM) to control whitewater consistency and chemistry. In connection with the delivery, Valmet will upgrade the mill's existing automatic Valmet Pulp Expert analyzer.

All the solutions will be integrated with the Valmet DNA automation and Valmet IQ quality management systems that are included in the orders announced earlier. One seamless automation system for the process and machine controls from a single supplier ensures that the solutions are a seamless match.

Kotkamills already has an automation service agreement with Valmet, including remote service support. In case of disruptions, Valmet's experts have access to the mill's automation systems through a remote connection.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #112798

Kotkamills awards Kemira with a start-up contract in a paper machine conversion project  (Company news)

Kemira has been awarded a start-up contract in the "Flying Eagle" project of Kotkamills mill in Kotka, Finland.

During the project, the current magazine paper machine (PM2) will be converted into a high performance food service board (FSB) machine. Kemira will supply the start-up with sizing, retention and drainage, board hygiene, and microbe control technologies. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for June 2016, and the production capacity will be 400,000 t/a of high quality Nordic folding boxboard and recyclable barrier board for the food industry.

"Kemira is proud to have the opportunity to participate in the new Kotkamills board machine start-up", says Kimmo Strengell, Marketing Manager, Strength & Tissue Additives, Pulp & Paper EMEA. "With our expertise, service capability and broad portfolio of board making chemistries, we are able to support Kotkamills in reaching the desired quality and productivity targets of the new board grade."

Kemira microbe control programs ensure hygienic quality of the food service board. Hygienic quality control is critical for FSB machines: if the final board doesn't meet the expected hygienic quality standards, converters can reject the whole production. Optimal retention and drainage programs are a prerequisite for improved runnability, productivity and board quality. Kemira sizing technologies are applied to control liquid resistance and to improve the printability of the board.

By converting the paper machine to packaging boards, Kotkamills secures its position as a globally significant manufacturer of forest industry products. Kotkamills' bleached CTMP (Chemi-thermomechanical Pulping), high-quality Nordic folding boxboard and recyclable barrier board products are suitable for various types of end-use applications, such as frozen, chilled and dry food, beverages, cup-stock and plates, confectionery, pharma, and cosmetics. The Flying Eagle contract will further strengthen the long-lasting and strong partnership that utilizes core strengths of both parties.
(Kemira Oyj)

Newsgrafik #112703

Kotkamills: From PM2 to BM2  (Company news)

The Solaris® era was finished in style on Saturday morning January 23rd, 2016, as the last reel of Solaris® printing paper was produced on PM2 at Kotkamills Oy. The moment was nostalgic for many of the employees who have played an important role in the manufacture of Solaris® over the decades. Since May 1987, PM2 has produced 3,5 Million tons of Solaris® that has been used for magazines, leaflets, catalogues, supplements and exercise books in nearly 100 different customer countries globally.

Photo: The night shift of January 23rd, 2016 produced the last reel of Solaris®. From left: Tommi Katajala, Veijo Metsola, Jarkko Ylärakkola, Arto Melto and Pauno Rantala.

Despite the nostalgic occasion the future of Kotkamills is bright. The printing paper machine will be replaced by a modern board machine using the latest technology and will produce recyclable, repulpable and renewable Folding Boxboard and Barrier Board grades. After the demolition of PM2 , the installation work of the new Board Machine (BM2) will be started, and the first reels of Kotkamills’ Consumer Boards will be available for customers after the Midsummer of 2016.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #112527

Kotkamills: New sales representative for Consumer Boards  (Company news)

Secopa S.L. has been appointed as the Consumer Boards' sales representative in Spain and Portugal.

“After years of successful cooperation with the Kotkamills family, we are in Spain and Portugal looking forward to launch and develop the Kotka FBB, FSB and Barrier grades!”
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #112495

Kotkamills: SAPII Srl has been appointed as the Italian representative  (Company news)

Kotkamills Oy has appointed SAPII Srl to represent Consumer Board product range in Italy.

“We are proud to tight back with this historical site, as our relation with Kotka and Finland started over 45 years ago says Mr. Giuseppe Anderlini, Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland for his merits in developing the Finnish paper and board industry in Italy. The Eagle project is one life time opportunity with significant technological developments says Dr. Eng. Michelangelo Anderlini, Director SAPII. Our Team is enthusiastic! Together with our long experience in the board market and our fantastic customers we will make the Eagle fly high.”
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #112364

Metso's strong valve expertise utilized in Kotkamills' boxboard machine conversion  (Company news)

Metso will supply hundreds of valves for Kotkamills Oy's mill in Kotka, Finland, where the current printing paper machine will be rebuilt to produce high-quality and environmentally friendly consumer board grades. The new production line will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2016.

"Metso has unique knowledge and expertise in pulp and paper industry valves. Our requirements for the valves used in the machine conversion specifically target the reliability of the valves and the efficiency of the production process. The production line conversion timetable is short, so proven project know-how and good experiences were important criteria for us when we selected the valve supplier," notes Jari Mäkelä, who is in charge of the machine conversion automation and electrification at Kotkamills.

The valve order includes Metso's Neles® ball control valves, segment valves, and Neldisc® disc valves for shut-off and control applications. The control valves are equipped with Metso's ND9000 series intelligent valve controllers, which can monitor valve performance and enable the planning of preventive maintenance.

"Metso will supply a comprehensive range of valve solutions for the machine rebuild, solutions that meet the customer's needs in the best possible way. The valve solutions we have chosen for the customer's machine rebuild are easy to service and will increase the mill's competitiveness," emphasizes Janne Viljamaa, Sales Manager, Metso Flow Control Solutions.

Kotkamills Oy and Metso share a long history of collaboration, and Metso's reliable valve solutions are utilized in the production process also in the mill's current paper machine production lines.

The order was included in Metso's fourth quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the order is not disclosed. Metso's valve deliveries will start in early 2016.
(Metso Corporation)

Newsgrafik #112247

Kotkamills Flying Eagle project - Keeping the schedule  (Company news)

The Flying Eagle is heading for the runway. At the beginning of December the project organisation will move into temporarily project facilities at the mill. Excavation work for new foundations is already proceeding, even inside the production building. Sections of both machine floor and bottom floor have disappeared, and all this while PM 2 is still producing paper at top efficiency.

A part of the equipment has lost its own foundations while giving way to foundations work for the new winder. The process is still operating very well, even if hanging in the air.

In addition to the main machinery of the board machine, the scope is quite large. Six refiners in the mechanical pulp plant will be replaced with one single refiner, with a 24 MW electrical motor. The investment scope also consist of a new wrapping line, new core cutting, two new pulpers for chemical pulp, upgrade of coating color kitchen, new building for pulp and core handling (3500 m2), new crane (50 t), new hall ventilation and a lot of supporting equipment.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #111258

AGM 2014: Board Members of Kotkamills Oy  (Company news)

The Annual General Meeting of Kotkamills Oy took place in Helsinki, Finland, on 27 April 2015. The AGM approved the Financial Statements of the company and discharged the members of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director from liability for the financial period of 1 January – 31 December 2014.

The number of members of the Board of Directors was decided to be four persons. It was decided to appoint Johan Grön, Karl-Johan Lindborg, Eero Niiva and Hannu Puhakka to the board for a term continuing until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. In its first meeting the Board elected Hannu Puhakka as its chairman.

Karl-Johan Lindborg is a seasoned business executive with extensive experience i.a. in sales and marketing of board and paper products. During 2000 - 2008 he was President of MAP Merchant Group Ltd, a European paper merchant and during 1996 - 1999 President and CEO of Finnforest Oy. Earlier in his career he has served as senior sales and marketing executive in companies like Enso-Gutzeit, Tampella and Rauma-Repola as well as working for over 15 years in Finncell, a sales organisation for all Finnish pulp mills.

Johan Grön is Vice President and Head of Dewatering Business Line in Outotec since September 2013. In 2011 - 2013 he was Chief Technology Officer and Founding Executive of Xylem Inc. (NY, USA) and before that he was Chief Technology Officer, Fluid and Motion Control of ITT Corporation. In 1990's and in 2000's Johan held senior R&D and process technology related positions in companies like Kemira, Metso Paper and Stora Enso.

Hannu Puhakka and Eero Niiva represent the main owner MB Funds, a Finnish private equity company in the Board of Kotkamills Oy. They have significant experience in acting as non-exective board members and as chairmen in both industrial companies and service sector companies.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #110826

Kotkamills Oy wird zukünftig hochqualitativen Faltschachtel- und Barrierekarton herstellen  (Firmennews)

Kotkamills OY unterzeichnete Verträge im Gesamtwert von 70 Mio. EUR für Lieferungen für die PM 2, die im Sommer 2016 umgebaut werden soll. Die Lieferungen werden aufgeteilt zwischen Valmet Paperikoneet Oy und Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machinery Oy. Das Ziel dieser Investition in Höhe von mehr als 100 Mio. EUR ist die Umstellung der Produktion der PM von Zeitungsdruckpapier auf Verpackungskarton. Die KM wird eine Kapazität von 400.000 jato Karton haben in einem Flächengewichtsbereich zwischen 150 und 500 g/m². Zu den Hauptprodukten werden ein hochwertiger nordischer Faltschachtelkarton sowie recycelbarer Barrierekarton für die Lebensmittelindustrie gehö-ren. Durch die Umstellung der Produktion der PM auf Verpackungskarton intendiert Kotkamills Oy eine Stärkung seiner Stellung als weltweit bedeutender Hersteller von Produkten der Holzverarbeitungsindustrie.

Bei der Auswahl von Verpackungsmaterialien wird mehr und mehr auf die Umweltfreundlichkeit geach-tet. Mit der heute veröffentlichten Investition reagiert Kotkamills OY auf die weitreichenden Anforderungen von Endkunden aus dem Verpackungsbereich, qualitativ hochwertigen, recyclingfähigen Barrierekarton auf den Markt zu bringen. Das neue Produkt umfasst auch die nötigen Schutzschichten, die das Eindringen von Fett, Flüssigkeit oder Feuchtigkeit in die Verpackung verhindern. Die Vielseitigkeit des Kartons wird erhöht durch die Möglichkeit zur Wärmeversiegelung, seine Reinheit und Helligkeit sowie die erstklassige Druckoberfläche. Während des Herstellungsprozesses wird besonderes Gewicht auf den effektiven Einsatz von Holzrohstoffen gelegt sowie auf die Reduzierung des Einsatzes von Energie, Bleichchemikalien und Wasserverbrauch pro produzierte Tonne. Für Innovationen in Zusammenhang mit dem Herstellungsprozess wurde ein Patent angemeldet.

Im Gegensatz zu anderen, üblicherweise eingesetzten kunststoffbeschichteten Kartons, kann der von Kotkamills OY hergestellte Barrierekarton ohne besondere Maßnahmen recycelt werden. Nur Druck-farbe- falls überhaupt vorhanden – wird während des Recyclings entfernt. Unbedruckter Karton kann wiederverwendet werden, indem man diesen zerfasert und ihn direkt im Verarbeitungsprozess der Pa-pier- oder Kartonfabrik verwendet. Das innovative Herstellungsverfahren der neuen Maschine macht es möglich, dass der für Verbraucherverpackungen eingesetzte, wiederverwertbare und umweltfreundliche Karton kosteneffizient und flexibel hergestellt werden kann, ohne dass der Preis des recycelbaren Produkts ein Hindernis für seinen Einsatz darstellen würde.

Die nächste Generation von Verpackungskarton mit einem Kunststoffanteil von 0 % erleichtert das Recycling für Verbraucher, Lebensmittelhersteller sowie Kantinen und Fast-Food-Ketten, bei denen große Mengen von Verpackungen anfallen, da diese dann Plastik nicht mehr separat aussortieren müssen. Dies reduziert somit die Gesamtkosten der Verpackungslösung.

Mit der Ausführung der Investition wird Anfang 2016 begonnen. Bis dahin wird die Papiermaschine 2 von Kotkamills Oy das hochvolumige Druckpapier Solaris herstellen, dessen Auslieferung bis Ende des 2. Quartals 2016 normal weiterlaufen wird. Die Firma wird außerdem die Produktionsmenge von Absorbex Laminatpapier und Imprex Produkten durch die neuen Investitionen steigern. Darüber hinaus werden die im Kotka Sägewerk hergestellten Schnitthölzer einen bedeutenden Teil der Produktpalette des Unternehmens bilden.
(Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machinery Oy)

Newsgrafik #110660

Valmet receives two more orders from Kotkamills in Finland, both for automation technology  (Company news)

Valmet has received two orders for automation technology from Kotkamills Oy in Finland to complement the major order for key technology for a paper machine conversion project announced in April. The first new order includes wet end automation solutions for Kotkamills' magazine paper production line PM 2 that will be rebuilt and converted to produce packaging board. The second order includes analyzers and advanced process controls for the pulp mill.

Photo: Valmet Kappa Analyzer and Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer

The startup of the rebuilt paper machine with new wet end automation is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016. The pulp mill quality improvement project, with new automation solutions is ongoing.

These orders are included in Valmet's second quarter 2015 orders received. The value of the orders is not disclosed. Typically, the order value of automation system deliveries ranges from below EUR 1 million to EUR 3 million.

"One automation platform, from quality, process and machine controls to sectional drive controls, helps us get a good start-up for the project and high availability after the project phase. Our existing know-how of the Valmet DNA system, common spare parts and our service contract with Valmet provide us with many benefits. Having one supplier for the automation system, application and field engineering of the board machine will streamline our work during the project," says Jari Mäkelä, Automation Project Manager, Kotkamills Oy.

"Today, automation solutions are very important tools for the operators and maintenance staff in ensuring maximum line availability and efficiency. Valmet's automation system and know-how enable fully integrated machine controls from headbox to reel. We have had many successful projects with Kotkamills in the past, and this delivery further strengthens our long cooperation," says Ari Pinjamaa, Vice President, Nordics, Valmet's Automation business line.

Technical information about the delivery
The automation delivery for the paper machine PM2 includes Valmet DNA machine and drive controls as well as a Valmet IQ Dilution Profiler. The latter is a profile control system for advanced positioning of the headbox valves to achieve the best possible weight profiles. All the solutions will be integrated within the Valmet DNA automation system, which is included in the order earlier announced.

The automation delivery for the pulp mill includes Valmet Continuous Cooking Optimizers for both digesters, a Valmet Kappa Analyzer, Valmet Causticizing Optimizer and a Valmet Recovery Liquor Analyzer. All thesse solutions enable the mill to improve pulp quality and provide significant economic benefits.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #110442

Kotkamills: Appointment in Consumer Boards  (Company news)

Mari Carmen López has been appointed Sales Manager for Consumer Boards, Central and Southern Europe, effective as of June 1, 2015. She is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Ms López comes to Kotkamills from Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH, where she held the position of International Sales Manager. She has wide international sales experience and extensive knowledge of the paper industry, including consumer board sales.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #110292

Pöyry awarded engineering assignment for Kotkamills folding boxboard machine project in ...  (Company news)

...Kotka, Finland

Kotkamills has awarded Pöyry with the assignment for engineering consultancy, laser scanning, 3D modelling, detail engineering and site services for the folding boxboard machine project at their Kotka Mill in Finland. The assignment is a continuation of the pre-feasibility services performed by Pöyry and it covers the majority of the required engineering services related to the implementation of the project.

With a focus on environmental sustainability, this project responds to growing customer demand by introducing high-quality recyclable barrier board to the market. Unlike other generally used plastic-coated boards, the barrier board of Kotkamills can be recycled without any special measures. By converting the paper machine product to packaging boards, Kotkamills will secure its position as a globally significant manufacturer of forest industry products. Following the conversion into a board machine, Kotka Mill's capacity will be about 400,000 tonnes per year of folding boxboard.

The conversion work is planned to take place during the second quarter of 2016. The board machine is scheduled to start up by the end of June 2016.

"We are very pleased to be able to continue our productive co-operation with Pöyry, one of the few engineering companies who knows paper industry throughout and can fulfil the whole expertise portfolio needed in this kind of wide project with various innovative process parts", says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills Oy.

"This project is a continuation of the co-operation between Kotkamills and Pöyry. Developing long term partnerships is a benefit for both; client and Pöyry. We are proud to be a part of this innovative project that emphasises balanced sustainability, which is at the heart of our business. This project further strengthens Pöyry's position as the world's leading pulp and paper engineering consultancy", says Nicholas Oksanen, President, Industry Business Group.

The value of the order is not disclosed. The order will be recognised within the Industry Business Group order stock in Q2/2015.
(Pöyry Plc)

Newsgrafik #109940

Appointments in Kotkamills Oy  (Company news)

The following appointments have been made in Kotkamills Oy, effective as of 1 May 2015:
-B.Sc. Eng. Jyri Lippo has been appointed HR Director. Mr. Lippo has previously worked for Nokia Paper Mill of SCA Hygiene Products Oy and has experience from similar tasks in Tervakoski Oy, too.

-M.Sc. econ. Anne Uusitalo has been appointed Executive Assistant. She has previously worked for KSS Energia.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #109728

Valmet to supply key technologies for paper machine grade conversion to Kotkamills in Finland  (Company news)

Valmet will supply key technologies for extensive grade conversion for Kotkamills Oy in Finland. The target is to convert the existing printing paper (machine finished coated paper, MFC) production line to produce high-quality folding boxboard and barrier board grades. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016. The order is included in Valmet's second quarter 2015 orders received. Valmet delivery is a part of customer's total EUR 70 million equipment order.

"Kotkamills is very pleased to have the know-how of Valmet's advanced coating technologies available for the important rebuild project from magazine paper to innovative packaging boards," says Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Kotkamills Oy.

Key technologies for grade conversion
"Valmet delivers key technologies for the grade conversion to enable cost efficient and flexible production of recyclable and sustainable packaging materials. Our advanced coating solutions are a good fit for this demanding project," says Petri Paukkunen, Vice President of Paper Mills Sales and Marketing from Valmet.
Valmet's delivery includes different kind of coating units, new center driven OptiReel as well as new OptiWin two-drum compact winder. The delivery also includes modernization of dryer section and calender as well as related automation-, air- and chemical systems. Automation delivery includes Valmet DNA machine and process control, condition monitoring and machine vision systems.
The 5970 mm-wide (wire) machine will produce folding boxboard (FBB) grades in the basis weight range of 150 - 500 g/m2. The production capacity of the machine will be approximately 400,000 tonnes per year and the design speed 750 m/min.
(Valmet Corporation)

Newsgrafik #109528

Kotkamills Group publishes its new organization effective as of 1.4.2015  (Company news)

Markku Hämäläinen has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kotkamills Oy.

The following management team appointments have been made: Petri Hirvonen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Filip Sundholm, Production Director and Pirjo Eteläinen, acting Sales Director. Management team members report to Mr. Hämäläinen.

Stefan Fors has been appointed Project Director, Timo Tallinen, Technical Director and Jouni Pekonen, Director, Procurement and Mill Services. They all report to Mr. Sundholm.

Kimmo Kohvakka has been appointed Director, Absorbex Business Unit, Ville Seppälä Director, Imprex Business Unit, Pirjo Eteläinen Director, Solaris Business Unit and Marketing Director of Kotkamills, Olli-Pekka Hakkarainen Director, Wood Business Unit and Yrjö Aho Director, New Business Development. Mikael Strömberg continues in his position as President of L.P. Pacific Films. In business and sales related topics they all report to Mrs. Eteläinen for the present and in production and technical related topics they all report to Mr. Sundholm.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #109524

Eagle Industries closes transaction of Kotkamills Oy  (Company news)

As announced on March 5th, 2015, Kotkamills Oy has a new owner. The company has now returned to full Finnish ownership. Eagle Industries Oy was founded for this acquisition.

Eagle Industries Oy is owned by MB Funds, Nordic Mezzanine, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finnish Industry Investment and company management. MB Funds is the majority shareholder.

The competition authorities have approved the transaction and Eagle Industries Oy has closed its acquisition of Kotkamills Oy from OpenGate Capital on March 24th, 2015.

In the acquisition it has been agreed that Tuija Suur-Hamari will leave her position as CEO of Kotkamills Oy. Mrs. Suur-Hamari has made a successful career in the company developing the business significantly during recent years. Independent Kotkamills Oy has kept its market position through challenging economic times and we thank Tuija Suur-Hamari for her work done in developing the company.

Managing Director of Eagle Industries Oy, Ph.D. (Eng.) Markku Hämäläinen has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kotkamills Oy, effective as of March 25th, 2015.

Under the new ownership Kotkamills Oy looks forward to continue the good co-operation with its customers and suppliers. The company will keep on producing sustainable quality products to meet customer requirements and maintain its active role in the business.
(Kotkamills Oy)

Newsgrafik #108467

Kotkamills invests in Imprex production  (Company news)

The leading producer of laminating paper products, Kotkamills, starts an about 13 million euros two-phase investment programme to strengthen its position as the leading global supplier of overlaying films for plywood industry.
In the first phase the company invests in a new impregnation production line in its subsidiary, L.P. Pacific Films, in Malaysia. The new line will start up by the end of the year 2015.
According to the plan, in the second phase of the investment programme in 2016 the company will increase the production capacity of Imprex overlaying films in its mill in Kotka in Southern Finland. In addition to the capacity increase, the new line will also enable the expanding of the Imprex product range.
There are altogether about 90 persons working for the Imprex business area in Finland and Malaysia. The Imprex products are produced by converting the Absorbex paper which is produced in the company in Finland. The customers of the Imprex products are the plywood and the laminate industries.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Appointment in Kotkamills Logistics  (Company news)

Logistics Engineer Juha Ottelin has been appointed Logistics Manager of Kotkamills Oy, effective as of October 1st, 2013. His main duties will be logistics negotiations with suppliers, organizing and managing the logistics team, and development of Kotkamills logistics. Earlier Mr. Ottelin has worked in various logistics positions in UPM. Juha Ottelin will be based in Kotka.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Investment in the modernization of recovery boiler at Kotka mill  (Company news)

Kotkamills Oy invests in Kotka mill’s recovery boiler by renewing the bottom of the boiler and implementing new air distribution technology. The modernization work is supplied by Andritz Oy and the value of the investment is approximately 3 million euros. The renewal work will be carried out during year 2013.
The main targets of this investment are the improvement of energy efficiency and the reduction of air emissions.
Modernization investment will have a decade’s-worth of positive impact also on the production of Absorbex® kraft paper. Absorbex® is produced mostly from the sawdust pulp produced by the company’s own pulp mill. This way the company uses the by-product of its own sawmill, sawdust, to manufacture this export product, often with a life cycle of decades in its end use applications.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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OpenGate Capital LLC Sells a Share of Kotkamills Oy to Powerflute Oyj   (Company news)

Photo: Tuija Suur-Hamari,President of Kotkamills

OpenGate Capital, a private investment and acquisition company, and the owner of Kotkamills Oy, announced today that it has sold a minority share (10%) of Kotkamills Oy to Powerflute Oyj. Powerflute is a forest products industry company operating a paper mill in Finland.
Mr. Andrew Nikou, Chairman of the Board at Kotkamills and OpenGate Capital's Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer stated, “OpenGate Capital remains the majority owner of Kotkamills and, as such, continues to be very enthusiastic about the business and the recent positive developments. I am proud of Kotkamills and its successes, this will represent another important phase of growth for the business."
"As long-term shareholders of Kotkamills, we're confident the alliance between Kotkamills and Powerflute will yield positive results across many aspects of the operations," said Mr. Julien Lagreze, Kotkamills board member and Partner at OpenGate Capital.
Commenting on the investment, Powerflute’s Chairman Mr. Dermot Smurfit said, “We are delighted to have become a shareholder in Kotkamills. We regard this as a strategic investment for Powerflute and look forward to supporting the current owners and management in their efforts to improve the performance of the business and help it to realize its full potential.”
Ms. Tuija Suur-Hamari, President of Kotkamills stated, “We are looking forward to the partnership between Kotkamills and Powerflute. I am confident that we will find synergies and learn insights that will benefit both our operations and customers.”
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Kotkamills: Appointment in Human Resources  (Company news)

Anne Nevalainen has been appointed Manager, Human Resources.
She has an extensive background in different positions in Kotkamills Oy and formerly in Laminating Papers Oy.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Keijo Kaalimaa appointed Sales Director for Solaris  (Company news)

Keijo Kaalimaa has been appointed Sales Director, Solaris, effective as of 1 January 2012.

Mr. Kaalimaa previously held the position of Technical Customer Service Manager for Solaris products. He has an extensive background in Solaris technical service, development and customers.

Keijo Kaalimaa will succeed Mr. Tapio Leskijärvi who will retire in March 2012 after a long career in the business.
(Kotkamills Oy)

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Successful start-up of recycled fibre processing plant in Kotka  (Company news)

On 1 April 2011, Kotkamills Oy celebrated the start-up of its recycled fibre processing plant in Kotka. The project was completed according to schedule and the new pulping line, which mainly uses recycled fibre-based consumer packages as the raw material, was inaugurated amid great festivity. Recycled pulp from the new line is used for the production of Absorbex® Eco, an ecological paper for laminates, and will replace 20% of the chemical pulp in the paper production. (Kotkamills Oy)

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Appointments in Malaysia and Kotka mills  (Company news)

Photo: Timo Tallinen (left) and Mikael Strömberg (right)

Mikael Strömberg has been appointed President, L.P. Pacific Films Sdn. Bhd., effective as of 1 January 2011. Mr Strömberg previously held the position of SVP, Production, Kotkamills Oy. He has an extensive background in paper production and phenolic impregnation.
Timo Tallinen has been appointed SVP Production, Kotkamills Oy, effective as of 3 January 2011. He joins the company from Fortum, a Finnish energy corporation. Mr Tallinen also has previous work experience with Kotka mill. (Kotkamills Oy)

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Kotkamills Oy invests in ABB’s integrated Collaborative Production Management system  (Company news)

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group will deliver a Collaborative Production Management (CPM) system to Kotkamills Oy. The system supports Kotka paper mill’s production planning, warehouse, quality and process information handling as well as order management, invoicing and sales. The new system will replace several previous systems and thus brings improved quality, savings and controllability to the mill’s operations.
”Integrated collaborative production management system increases the visibility of the order-production-delivery process thus enabling the fast reaction time for the possible changes in the processes. The integrated solution will increase the amount and usability of the information needed in the decision making process. The optimal use of materials and production capacity increases profitability”, says Jyrki Juvonen, Production Line Manager from ABB.
”After thorough preliminary studies, Kotkamills Oy decided to replace most of its current order-delivery process systems with a new highly integrated collaborative production management system delivered by ABB. The new system will fulfill the current challenges of Kotkamills Oy by meeting the company’s needs for functionalities and cost competitiveness. Also ABB’s reputation as a reliable supplier for high quality collaborative production management systems eased the decision making process. Kotkamills Oy expects from the new system user-friendliness, operation reliability, as well as fast and reliable production and warehouse management. In addition to this the equipment and solutions are expected to bring cost savings both in maintenance costs of the new system as well as managing the processes at the mill”, says Peter Danielsbacka, Project Manager from Kotkamills Oy. (Kotkamills Oy)

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Appointment in Kotkamills' finance organization  (Company news)

BSc.(Econ) Jussi Mäkelä has been appointed Manager, Cash management and Credit control, effective as of November 15, 2010. Mr. Mäkelä has previously worked in similar tasks in the company Savon Sellu Oy. He reports to Petri Hirvonen, Senior Vice President, Finance & IT. (Kotkamills Oy)

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Kotkamills invests in recovered fibre (RCF) processing plant  (Company news)

Kotkamills uses recovered fibre as one of the raw materials in the production of Absorbex® Eco. In order to ensure the present and future raw material balance and quality control, Kotkamills is investing in a pulping plant for processing recycled packing materials.
The new plant will enable the use of recovered fibre at Kotkamills on a larger scale than today, and the overall quality of the recovered fibre used will be under our control. We will be using state-of-the-art and innovative technology, the functionality of which has been ensured through several trial runs. The fine screening equipment that was built earlier will also be utilised in the new process. Furthermore, the processing of RCF will include reject handling in which the impurities are not only separated from the process but also further recycled.
Construction work on the new plant started in September 2010 at Kotka mill and the start-up of the plant is scheduled for the beginning of Q2/2011. (Kotkamills Oy)

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Kotkamills Oy: Appointments in sales organization  (Company news)

The following appointments have been made in the sales organization of Kotkamills Oy, effective as of July 5th, 2010.
Kimmo Kohvakka has been appointed Sales Director, Absorbex.
Ville Seppälä has been appointed Sales Director, Imprex.
Tapio Leskijärvi continues as Sales Director, Solaris.
Mr. Kohvakka, Mr. Seppälä and Mr. Leskijärvi report to Pirjo Eteläinen, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing.
Visa Kutvonen has been appointed Sales Manager, Wood. He reports to Olli-Pekka Hakkarainen, Mill Manager, Sawmill.
Pirjo Kaalimaa has been appointed Sales Manager, Absorbex. Markku Tikkanen continues as Sales Manager, Absorbex. Mrs. Kaalimaa and Mr. Tikkanen report to Kimmo Kohvakka, Sales Director, Absorbex.
Jussi Uotinen has been appointed Sales Manager, Solaris. He reports to Tapio Leskijärvi, Sales Director, Solaris.
Darja Rolser continues as Sales Manager, Imprex. She reports to Ville Seppälä, Sales Director, Imprex. (Kotkamills Oy)

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OpenGate Capital Closes Kotka Mills Transaction  (Company news)

Leading Finnish Laminating Paper and Wood Product Company Presents Future Growth Opportunities for Global Private Investment Firm OpenGate Capital, a global private equity firm, has closed its acquisition of the Kotka Mills division of Stora Enso, a multi-billion euro, publicly traded Finnish corporation, along with Stora Enso’s laminating paper operations in Malaysia. The transaction also includes Stora Enso’s related business operations in Tainionkoski, Finland. Today, OpenGate Capital unified and rebranded these entities under the name Kotkamills, enabling them to continue selling high-quality specialty papers and wood-based products to the global laminate, plywood, construction and magazine industries under one new company.
Kotkamills President Tuija Suur-Hamari said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with OpenGate Capital, which shares our long-term commitment to the business and pride in our 135-year heritage. Our team is eager to initiate new capital investment projects and new product developments with the support of OpenGate to ensure our future growth plans and continue to meet our customer needs around the world for years to come.”
Kotka, Finland is the global headquarters of the company. The new Kotkamills is committed to continuing to provide customers with the utmost quality and service, and to managing and developing its business in a sustainable manner. Ongoing research and development are also key priorities, as well as maintaining the consistent superiority of its primary products for which the company is known, including its Absorbex, Imprex and Solaris brands and various wood products. The largest part of the business, the laminating paper division, is experiencing robust demand year over year and is a strong global market leader in its product categories. Kotkamills generates approximately €250 million in annual revenue and employs about 570 people. (Kotkamills Oy)