News - Tervakoski Oy, delfortgroup



News - Tervakoski Oy, delfortgroup

Tervakoski Oy, delfortgroup

News - Tervakoski Oy, delfortgroup

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Delfort Tervakoski paper mill in Finland gets Wedge  (Company news)

Founded in 1818, Tervakoski specialty paper mill is the oldest paper mill in operation in Finland today. Tervakoski is part of Delfort Group since 1999. The mill has five paper machines with more than 100 000 ton annual capacity of customized paper grades. In addition to super thin printing papers, they produce tobacco-related paper, release base paper, electrical insulation paper and other highly specialized grades.

The delivery is the third roll-out of the five mill corporate Wedge™ frame agreement between Delfort and Savcor. The delivery is scheduled to be completed by year end.
(Savcor Forest Oy)