News - Bracell Celulose Ltda - SP, Bracell Group

News - Bracell Celulose Ltda - SP, Bracell Group

Bracell Celulose Ltda - SP, Bracell Group


News - Bracell Celulose Ltda - SP, Bracell Group

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Bracell Group rebrands Bahia Specialty Cellulose and Lwarcel Celulose under ‘Bracell’ Brand  (Company news)

Bracell Group, which is part of Singapore-based RGE, has announced that it will rebrand its operations throughout Brazil under the newly refreshed Bracell brand. Effective immediately, Bahia Specialty Cellulose (BSC) in Camacari, Bahia, and Lwarcel Celulose in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo, will operate under the unified Bracell brand. Bracell announced the rebranding shortly after it commenced work on ‘Project Star,’ a major expansion project at its pulp mill in the state of São Paulo.

“We have operated one of the industry’s most respected specialty cellulose producers, Bahia Specialty Cellulose, right here in Brazil for over 15 years,” said Per Lindblom, Executive Vice President, Bracell Group. “Our acquisition of Lwarcel Celulose in August 2018 now provides us with a platform to become one of the most dynamic and fastest growing dissolving pulp and cellulose operations not only in Brazil, but in the world.”
The New Brand – Bracell

“We are changing the face of the cellulose industry, so we will naturally evolve our brand”, said Marcelo Leite, Managing Director who has managed the company’s operations in Bahia since 2016. “The Bracell operations in Bahia and São Paulo are at the heart of the cellulose chain, producing high quality raw materials which are the key ingredients used to create a range of items we use every day, around the world. Bracell’s materials are used in a range of products, from textiles, baby wipes and eyeglass frames to soft ice-cream and pharmaceuticals, and industrial products such as high-performance tire cords.”

The newly refreshed Bracell brand logo reflects the company’s commitment to the industry and Brazil. The formerly lower-case ‘b’ becomes a capital ‘B’ to symbolize Bracell’s ambition to become the largest dissolving pulp producer in the world. The capital ‘B’ also represents the company’s pride to operate in Brazil and its focus on producing value added cellulose that aims to become synonymous as ‘Brazilian Cellulose.’

‘Project Star’: Mill Expansion in São Paulo State
Bracell’s pulp mill in Lençóis Paulista (formerly Lwarcel) has also officially launched ‘Project Star’, an ambitious expansion effort to increase its current production capacity of 250,000 by an additional 1,250,000 per annum to reach 1.5m ton per annum. Work on the expansion has already begun, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. By the time of its completion, Project Star is expected to represent the largest private investment in the state of São Paulo in the last 20 years.
Location and Employment for São Paulo Expansion:
-Over a two- to three-year period, Project Star will employ up to 7,500 workers during the peak of deployment with a fixed average of 3,500 workers; upon completion, the operation phase will employ up to 2,100 direct workers on a permanent basis in the mill and forestry;
-The epicentre of the investment will be concentrated in Lençóis Paulista and Macatuba;
-The expansion investment is expected to create employment opportunities not only in Lençóis Paulista and Macatuba, but also in nearby Agudos, Areiópolis Borebi, Bauru, Pederneiras, São Manuel, Barra Bonita, Jau and Igaraçu do Tietê, and throughout the state of São Paulo.

Mill Expansion Features and Sustainability Commitments:
-The new mill in Lençóis Paulista will feature best-in-class technology that will have a flexible line designed primarily to produce dissolving pulp;
-The expansion project will feature the latest designs in a ‘new generation pulp mill’ which represents the first of its kind in Brazil to incorporate a bio-refinery concept to reduce waste and realize value across all potential streams;
-The bio-refinery incorporates circular economy and closed loop approaches to production; this approach controls material inputs to maximise recycling and recovery of materials, minimise waste whilst greatly reducing the environmental footprint; specifically, this results in low water consumption, low emission and no fossil fuels.

By the time Project Star completes in 2021, Bracell will have annual production capacity of 2.0 million tons of dissolving pulp, and will employ 7,300 direct and indirect employees.

“This is a historic day for all of us at Bracell,” added Pedro Stefanini, Managing Director at Bracell São Paulo. “We’re driven by an ambition to become the largest dissolving pulp operation in the world operating at the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. We will create much-needed jobs and career opportunities for thousands of people in Brazil as we grow, and also set the world-leading standards for the sustainable use of renewable resources.”
(Bracell Ltd)

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APRIL to acquire Brazilian pulp producer Lwarcel  (Company news)

Consolidation on the pulp market goes on

The Brazilian pulp market is poised to see more consolidation. As reported earlier, Brazilian eucalyptus pulp producer Lwarcel Celulose has been negotiating with different companies on a potential merger. Several Brazilian newspapers now report that the company is in advanced negotiations with Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings (APRIL). The Singapore-based pulp and paper group has the exclusive rights to purchase Lwarcel for BRL2bn (roughly €465m), writes Jornal do Brasil. APRIL did not wish to comment on the subject.

Lwarcel Celulose produces bleached eucalyptus pulp with a capacity of 250,000 tpy at its site in Lençóis Paulista in Brazil’s São Paulo state. An expansion has long been planned to increase capacity to between 1 and 1.5 million tpy. Lwarcel Celulose is part of Brazil’s Lwart group, whose three subsidiaries are involved in chemical manufacturing (Lwart QuímicaI) and recycling (Lwart Lubrificantes) of oils and lubricants in addition to pulp production. The group employs around 3,000 persons.

APRIL belongs to the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group which is also the parent, amongst others, of speciality pulp producers Bracell and Sateri. APRIL operates plantations as well as a gigantic pulp and paper mill in and around Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau province on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The mill has a capacity to produce 2.8 million tpy of pulp and 850,000 tpy of paper.

The planned acquisition is indicative of ongoing consolidation on the pulp market. Only recently, the merger was announced of the world’s two largest hardwood pulp producers Fibria and Suzano Papel. The merger will give rise to a giant entity with a production capacity of 10.8 million tpy of bleached eucalyptus pulp and 1.3 million tpy of paper and board. The transaction is yet to be finalised pending approval from regulatory authorities.
(EUWID Pulp and Paper)


Pöyry awarded basic engineering services assignment for Lwarcel Celulose pulp mill project in ...  (Company news)

... Brazil

Pöyry has been awarded an assignment by Lwarcel Celulose, a Lwart Group company, for basic engineering and logistics studies for the expansion of its pulp mill at Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo. Lwarcel had earlier engaged Pöyry's services in the conceptual and pre-feasibility analysis for the project.
As part of the expansion, Lwarcel intends to build a new production line at the same location of the current mill. The line will bring an additional production capacity of up to 750,000 tons a year; currently, the annual production is 250,000 tons of short fibre pulp from eucalyptus - raw material used in the production of several types of paper in Brazil and abroad.
In addition to the new production line, the project also predicts the increase of the company's planting area, going from 38,000 acres to 90,000 acres of planted eucalyptus forests. This expansion will generate economic and social development, as well as contributing to the preservation of native and spring areas.
"Pöyry has been working with Lwarcel since 2008 on studies for alternatives, logistics, feasibility and conceptual design, furthermore we have been engaged in environmental impact studies" emphasises Marcelo Cordaro, head of Pöyry's operations in Brazil.
The assignment further strengthens Pöyry's position as the world's leading engineering solutions provider for the pulp and paper sector.
The value of the order is not disclosed. The project will be included in the Industry business group's second quarter 2013 order stock.
(Pöyry Plc)

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