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SECURE ZAP by Favini  (Company news)

At Luxepack Monaco, Favini presented a brand protection solution: style and security for packaging and tags.

Speciality paper makers Favini, in partnership with speciality paper distributor Strand Paper, have developed a new paper-based material for protecting your brand against counterfeiting.

A premium uncoated SBB board with a special security feature that allows you to distinguish the genuine product from a fake.
The engineered paper-board contains a tagging that reacts to a portable reader emitting sound at the point of contact. The result is a board perfect in the area of brand protection, in particular for carton box design.

The excellent whiteness and pleasant surface texture, makes this high quality paper with SECURE ZAP the ideal product for producing premium/luxury cartons for spirits, health & beauty, jewellery, fashion and design products.

This new paper with SECURE ZAP is designed for Strand Paper to work with the litho and digital printing process in combination with various finishing processes.

The premium board with SECURE ZAP can also be offered in solid black through indent making. It is part of a wider portfolio of products available across Europe distributed by Strand Paper.

Secure-Zap stands for the security feature for brand protection developed by Favini together with additional solutions.

Luxury goods with high monetary value, such as designer watches, handbags and perfumes, aren’t the only products that are affected by counterfeiting. The black market also places great criminal value on printed identification and security documents, such as passports and visas.

As a specialist in manufacturing graphic specialty papers, Favini is in the ideal position to integrate its technical and security features into papers to support genuine brands and security documents.

Branded goods and security documents can be protected with specialist security techniques – making the original distinguishable from the fake. These techniques, which are difficult to copy, can be integrated within packaging and papers to make the product clearly identifiable as the genuine item.

Favini offers brand protection for the whole range of luxury items from sportswear to teddy bears, including everything else in between. The paper specialist is also ideally placed to integrate its technical and security features into the paper used for secure paper documents.

Favini Secure Suite is the modular range developed by Favini that includes the following security features that can be used either individually or in combination for even greater protection:
-Watermarks, fibres and chemical reagents are used as general security features to protect products and documents;
-Instant verification systems (Secure-Zap, -Dust, -Check) use markers, lens, laser pens and beepers to check authenticity;
-Secure Skin features a micro emboss containing logos or patterns and other micro text only visible with a 15x magnification lens.
(Favini Srl)