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New CEO at Eson Pac Group  (Company news)

The Board of Directors at Eson Pac Group have entered into an agreement with Mr Michael Bolin, who will be replaced in the position as CEO of the Eson Pac Group. With immediate effect, Lars Richardson has been appointed Acting CEO for the Eson Pac Group.

With the recent ownership change and the joint ambition to grow the business into a European Group, the company is entering a new stage of its journey. The Board of Directors have hence come to the conclusion that the moment is right to change the leadership of the Group, and consequently let a new CEO take full ownership of the new objectives and target for the years to come.

“Over several years, Michael has made excellent contribution to the positive development of the Eson Pac Group. When Michael joined the company, Eson Pac was a rather small Swedish packaging company and during his years, it has developed into a true Nordic Player with a promising European bridgehead. Furthermore Eson Pac Group has broadened its product range into becoming a partner for Complete Packaging Solutions comprising cartons, labels and leaflets” says Fredrik Ståhl, Chairman of the Board.
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