News - Torraspapel Malmenayde SAS, Lecta Group

News - Torraspapel Malmenayde SAS, Lecta Group

Torraspapel Malmenayde SAS, Lecta Group

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News - Torraspapel Malmenayde SAS, Lecta Group

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Torraspapel Malmenayde, Lecta's Distributor in France, partners with Canon  (Company news)

The new business alliance will expand Lecta’s already wide product range.

Continuing to diversify its activities, Torraspapel Malmenayde is partnering with Canon to sell large-format printing machines of the Pro and IPF lines (6, 8 and 12 ink tanks), as well as ink cartridges and other accessories for these machines.

These consumables are compatible with all printing machines on the market and can be used for all kinds of graphic applications, including technical design, canvasses, outdoor supports and fabrics.

The business alliance with Canon reaffirms Torraspapel Malmenayde’s position as a global supplier and expands its already wide range of products: graphic and non-graphic printing supports, machines, consumables, etc. It also creates an opportunity for developing new digital paper ranges and visual communication.

Thanks to the new partnership with the manufacturer of the widest range of printers on the market Torraspapel Malmenayde will be able to extend its customer service with new resources.

The Torraspapel Malmenayde sales team will present the new products in the near future.

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Comic Book Heroes Team Up With UNICEF  (Company news)

UNICEF chooses Torraspapel’s CreatorSilk paper for its comic book “Les Bulles”, with proceeds to be given to charity.

Torraspapel, part of the Lecta Group, has collaborated with UNICEF through its French distributor – Torraspapel France – in a new publication featuring wellknown French comic book characters with the aim of sending out a message in support of children.
The choice of Torraspapel as a paper supplier for charity campaigns and social projects is not coincidental. Its history as a responsible company committed to its communities and the environment is reflected through such diverse initiatives as joining the United Nations Global Compact, the publishing of an annual environmental progress report, collaborating with UNICEF in literacy and children’s education projects, and participating in the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) environmental awareness campaigns, among others.
The comic book “Les bulles pour UNICEF” has been published in France and can be purchased at customary bookselling establishments. It consists of 64 pages printed on 135g PEFC-certified coated CreatorSilk paper and sells at a price of 10.95€. All proceeds will go to UNICEF.
Further details on Torraspapel’s humanitarian and social projects can be found at
In addition, all information regarding the publication of “Les bulles pour l’UNICEF” is available, in French, at (Torraspapel, S.A., Lecta Group)

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